Shelby “You’re going to be diving into a sea of p*$$y if you go home” Monte “No, I’m going to be hated”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-11 01-36-28-376

8pm Scott comes out of the diary room wearing a golf shirt and pants. He says they gave him the outfit. He says he has to stand out in the backyard “sand pit” for 24 hours. They ask if he has to go out there right now? Scott – no I have time to grab some water and a snack .. such as pickle. He grabs some water and a pickle and heads out into the backyard. Monte comes out and says dang dude that sucks. It’s cold out too. Margan and Alex join them. Morgan – you’re going to freeze! She tells him if he needs anything she’ll bring it to him. He says he’s allowed to layer up.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-11 01-43-12-213

8pm Lounge room – Kryssie, Shane and Monte. Kryssie – numerically the only way you’re safe is if Scott goes up. Monte – and I can pretty much count on getting America’s vote? Kryssie – yes. I don’t think you understand how you comes off. Monte – I don’t. I don’t want to be viewed as racist and all this other stuff. Kryssie – you come off malicious. And for the record I’ve been defending your a$$ in the DR about it and I don’t have to do it. Monte – I appreciate it and that’s another thing I don’t want to get out of here and be boo’d and stuff. Kryssie – this is a big house and the people you think you can trust, you can’t. Monte says Scott. Monte tells Shane – damn dude I didn’t mean to come off like that. I don’t know which way is going to go. Shane – you better pray she puts Scott up. Monte – if she doesn’t, I’m pretty much gone. If Scott is up – I could get at least one of you to vote Scott. Shane – I would vote Scott out. Shane – Kryssie would vote Scott out too. She doesn’t like him after the sh*t he pulled.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-11 01-47-22-642

8:30pm Danielle comes out of the diary room in a golf shirt and pants. She says its almost time for my punishment. They gave me a swim suit. I have to strip. I have to get one golf ball every time I go in and I have to get them with my hands. So I have to go all the way under. Big Brother plays “FOUR! with the sound of a ball hitting the water. Danielle strips to the bathing suit. Neeley sings “the golf ball stripping blues..” Danielle gets in the pool to pick up a golf ball from the bottom. They talk about how she has to do this over the next 7 days. Big Brother plays the sound again and Danielle gets back into the pool to recover another ball.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-11 01-56-15-514

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-11 02-04-20-423

8:50pm HOH room – Monte – Kryssie is scared for her life. Alex – really? Monte – And you promised you wouldn’t put her up? Alex – I did. Monte – if you do that Neeley is going to be pissed. I understand Danielle is a big target and if you want to go for her. If you want to put Scott. Shane legit doesn’t like him. Alex – is there another option? Monte – Shelby? Kryssie and Shane were like basically Scott has to go. Alex – so putting Kryssie up and tricking Shane isn’t a plan anymore? Monte – It can be. Its hard. Shane said he would vote for me if it was just me and Kryssie. When she (Kryssie) was in the room he was like yeah Scott has to go. Monte – The more out of the loop I am with you the better. Kryssie said she would rather I have a chance to stay in the game and redeem myself rather than go out like this. Alex – I wonder if I could convince Kryssie to go up as a pawn to keep you. The two options are trick Shane, which I don’t think its much of a possibility because he’s super smart. Monte – Justin is going to vote against me, I promise you. He wants my butt gone. At this point I know we want to get rid of Danielle. If I go home, I will take one for the team. I will go up against Danielle. Alex – I just don’t want to put up Scott but I don’t want to lose you. Monte – for your game it would be better for you to put up Scott. Alex – if I put up Scott .. I am down to two people I can trust here. Monte – maybe it would be better if we get Kryssie out this week. Alex – I did promise Kryssie I wouldn’t put her up. I didn’t though, I put up Shane and Danielle. I wasn’t really serious about it, it was more to shut her up. Monte – I hate it but Scott will be blindsided. Alex – that’s not in my character to do. Unless I swing Justin. I need to talk to them. He’s told me that he doesn’t trust Shane and Danielle. I plan to talk to him and tell him he can vote Danielle out and no one would know. We can blame it on America. Monte – you would have to put up Kryssie or Neeley next to me. Alex – she (Kryssie) really doesn’t like you. Monte – then put her up. Screw it, I’ve got your back. If she’s two facing me like that. Alex – Shane is playing everyone .. he is a snake and a liar and would vote you out.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-11 02-08-47-898

9:10pm HOH room – Monte – if we put Scott up, I am 98% positive I would stay. Neeley would vote out Scott out over me. Shane and Kryssie would too. Kryssie did shoot me straight a little bit. Alex – you need to pull Neeley aside and talk to her. Pull her emotionally. There is not an easy option. Monte – this could all backfire and they all backstab us and I go home. I think Shane would vote Kryssie out. Alex – I don’t trust Shane. Let me put my entire faith in someone I just tried to evict. I could threaten Justin too and say if you don’t vote with me I will put you up. I almost think putting Scott up is giving them what they want. Monte – at this point I am the most hated guy of the season. Alex – Kryssie is a big player in this game .. she’s been safe twice now. Monte – I am telling you Danielle .. I hate that girl. Alex – if she doesn’t go out I am in trouble next week. Monte – I am on board and I’m not scared. Putting up Scott is a coward move. I’ve handled myself with more class than Danielle and Kryssie in the last couple days.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-11 02-17-24-905

9:40pm HOH room – Morgan, Alex, Shelby and Monte. Monte – Shane still comes up to me and says he’s got me. Alex – I’ll talk to Justin. Monte – if Danielle leaves, that side will crumble. Morgan and Alex – I know! Shelby – she is the one trying to paint you as the racist. Monte – If I go out I would want to go out trying to get Danielle out. I want to go out swinging. They tell Monte he can’t trust Shane will vote to keep him. Shelby – Monte not everyone is as honorable and as trustworthy as you. Morgan – how boring would that be if you get voted out. How boring would that be if that side of the house stays. Shelby – that side of the house doesn’t care about Kryssie. Monte – I’ll tell Shane that I tried you to put up Scott but you wouldn’t and ask him to vote out Kryssie.. when the real target will be Danielle.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-11 02-48-58-173
10:45pm HOH room – Jason, Kryssie, Neeley, Shane and Alex. Jason – we would have the votes to get Monte out this week but if you would put up Scott we would vote him out. Alex – its hard for me to know if I did put him up would y’all really vote him out or am I being played. Kryssie – I’ve heard I might go up? Alex – your name has come up but only as a pawn. Jason – we want to help you not have a target on your back. Alex – so if I put up Scott y’all would not target me? Neeley and Shane tell her they wouldn’t. Alex what is your problem with Scott? Shane – he acts like your friend when he’s not. Kryssie – he is of no use to anyone in this game. Its already been established that he doesn’t care how long he is here. Jason – and Monte will be weaker next week. If we are in power next week Monte would be our target, not you. Kryssie – next week you can’t play HOH and if we win, our numbers are bigger. Alex – if you can all look me in the eye and if I put up Scott you will vote him out. Jason – if you do us a favor this week, we would owe you next week. Neeley – he (Scott) isn’t going to win anything. Jason – we can guarantee you, you’re good. We’re the straight shooters in the house. You don’t want to hear Scott’s name. Alex – he has literally screwed everyone in the house. Neeley – I don’t care, if I win HOH next week Shelby is going up. I don’t care if its the best strategic move or not. Alex – its nice to know if I put up Scott y’all are on board with it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-11 03-13-15-412

11:25pm Backyard – Jason, Kryssie, Neeley, Shane, Danielle and Justing are talking. Kryssie – I am really getting nervous about her (Alex) putting me back up. Neeley – it wouldn’t be smart for her, it would be terrible for her game. She would make way more enemies! Kryssie – did you tell her that? Shane – do you know how terrible it was for her to put me and Danielle up!? Shane – don’t tell her .. see if she digs a grave. Kryssie – if she knows, maybe she won’t do it. Shane – she shook your hand. Justin – its obvious she (Alex) doesn’t want Monte to go home.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-11 02-39-58-028

12am Bathroom – Monte talks to Neeley. Monte – I don’t know what is going going to happen. I don’t want to go out like Cornbread. I would just ask if you could throw a vote for someone else so that I don’t go out 8-0 or 9-0. I’m not going to ask anyone else. I know you’re a straight shooter. I’m pretty sure America is going to vote for me. Neeley gives him a hug and he leaves the room.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-11 03-11-38-159

11:50am – 12:45am HOH room – Whitney, Morgan, Shelby, Monte and Alex. Monte – I’ll talk to Neely and play the sympathy vote. Shelby – no matter what I am voting out Danielle. Morgan and Whitney say same. Monte – if I go that would be bad. I deserve to go out as a fighter. I’m just asking for a chance. I do not want to go out as a trick. That’s what they did with Cornbread. Monte – the house is divided. Don’t give in! Don’t give them what they want. The only chance we have at winning big brother is by getting Danielle out this week. Monte – I don’t want to screw you guys over. Shelby – Monte you’re going to be diving into a sea of pu$$y if you go home. Monte – no I’m going to be hated. Whitney – I would be willing to go home trying to get them out. Monte – I’m going to tell Neeley … after you put up Kryssie that they were trying to get me out. Should I tell her we’re putting up Kryssie? They tell him no, we want it to be a surprise. Shelby – twerk for the camera. Monte – oh I’m going to be twerking all day tomorrow trying to get the votes from America. If this does work I will tell Neeley that I had no idea you guys were voting Danielle out because she is a good person.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-11 03-46-17-339

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Stick to your guns and get Kryssie out!


We need more than one post per day. How about including more info on a regular basis and less talk about your needing to share a Jeff moment with your cat. Umm-k thanks!






OR you could sit and watch feeds 24/7 yourself, or check the highlights on the feeds and not have to worry about what OBB is posting. I’m mean there’s always that option. Smh

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Tough crowd.


This face suck fest has got to go. I agree with Jason……


Ditto, not Jason’s suck of choice.

Nicole's pubic hair

Scott looks like the kid from Mad magazine.


your name = my dental floss….. twice a day every day (three times on the weekends)

Da'Vonne's weave

Come on Corey, we all know you don’t eat pu$$y. You only eat d!ck.


only if it is BBC and it is veiny and ashy!!! yummy ask Jason he will tell ya!


I’m not gonna lie, I don’t want Danielle to go home. Along with Alex, she’s one of the few people who are actually playing.

Earlier she was telling Neeley and Kryssie that she’s gonna tell Alex that the only way she’ll vote for Monte to stay is if she nominates Scott. And then after Alex were to nominate Scott she would actually vote Monte out and reel Scott in as a number by bringing up how his allies nominated him and then voted him out. She’s quite smart.

Botox Pelosi

From the looks of the poll Danielle might be gone this week.


Why only one update per day? It’s a full house, there has got to be so much more going on besides 1:40 am he’s a racist……3:55am he’s a sexist….4:23am Jason on couch smoking.


I agree! It’s like the posts we get when its final 4 and no one is doing anything but sleep.


Like I’ve been saying since day 1 were taking a more casual approach for bott. Some days there will be more some days less. Regular bbus we live blog and commit 100% to, the rest is casual.


YoLO and Hmmmmmmm are the same person replying to their own posts.. great.


Hahaha guess they didn’t realize you have the ability to see that?


At the start of the season we said bott will not be live blogged. We’re just watching 3 to 5 hours a day and catching what we can.


While I would love to see more updates, I appreciate those you do give us . Very much. You don’t have to do this. We could have to watch it all ourselves. Thanks for this site, and your time commitment to it. Sincerely.


Your welcome

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Thanks Simon. You and Dawg rock!

Michelle's double chin

In case you haven’t noticed, less people are checking in and commenting on OTT. Why would they put in the usual amount of work for a signficantly smaller audience? It’s a logical business decision and I’m grateful they are covering it all. 🙂

Thanks Simon and Dawg!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Spot on.


I’m voting Danielle out. She is the cause for all this drama. Can’t stand Kryssie – not a nice person.
Glad they are not putting Scott up,.
Get rid of America’s Vote…. It’s ruining the game.


Totally agree, I definitely am sticking to my guns like Alex and voting out Danielle. She is not backing down to the other side by putting up Scott. This is a huge move to do so early in the game, not to many people would of nerve to do it. Alex is so far doing a great job with her hoh, America just needs to respect her wishes and vote out Danielle. I know Monte is hated by America which I think is bs, but he can’t play veto next week and will most likely be on the block again. In my opinion Danielle is far worse than Monte and can only imagine how much nastier she will become if she stays.


Agreed! I just posted something similar to this on the last update. America has waaaaaay to much power. Voting for care packages and have-nots is all we need. Leave the game play up to the people in the house. They’re there to play a game, we’re here to watch. Imagine watching a football game where the opposing team suddenly gets 7 points. For no reason, other than the fact that America voted for it. You’d be PI$$ED! That’s exactly what’s going on here. I’m disappointed in BB. Production has completely ruined this twist(which could’ve been good) by allowing Jason to return. Did they forget that he had a fan base? If they’re gonna run a season like this there should be no vets. Nobody with established fan bases. It’s not fair and bc of it they’ve ruined the best cast they’ve had since BB7-BB12! Kass finally got casting right and the powers that be ruins it! Go figure! It’s irritating that we’re gonna watch someone from Alex’s side go home week after week. Last week was Cornbread this wk will be Monte. It’s almost better to not win HOH this year. At least Alex’s side. Why you ask? Let’s see……you win HOH…… nominate 3 people, and all 3 of them STAY! That’s 3 ppl plus their friends that are targeting you now. Not fair and really really dumb!!! By letting Jason come back they’ve guaranteed him the win. Think about it. Everything that America can vote for will go his way! The houseguests will not nominate him for eviction out of fear of the repercussions from America. Let’s not forget that America decides the winner. They know that, and they know that if they’re the cause for Jason going home they won’t have America’s vote! Come on BB fans. Let’s make this a good season. Don’t let you liking Jason ruin this season. It’s ok to like him, but let’s not just give him the win. I as a true BB fan wanna watch a good season regardless of who I like and don’t like. I don’t wanna see somebody that sits on a couch for 18 of the 24hrs in a day train smoking and talking crap about everybody get handed a check. That is NOT BB!!! I want somebody that’s actually strategizing, making bold moves, and not scared to pi$$ ppl off to win this.
My rant is over! Lol.

***Please America, get your balls back from Paul(LOL)and vote Danielle out this week or Kryssie! Don’t really care. We(not 1 of Jason’s minions) just need to decide which one. There’s not enough of us to get it wrong and some vote for Danielle and some vote for Kryssie. Jason’s fans out number us 3 to 1. In order for our vote to count ALL of us have to vote for the same person. I think it should be Danielle bc that’s who Alex wants. That and she’s a self centered, overly conceited annoying person to watch. Her saying, I’ll never be a have-not bc America loves me. Really shows how self centered she really is. So that’s who I think we should choose, but I’m up for either of them. We need a way to figure out who we’re choosing though. Thumbs up if you wanna vote out Danielle and thumbs down if you wanna vote out Kryssie.


All I can say to that post is PREACH willow, I voting Danielle she’s not a good person at all.


and Monte is? you killing it gurl


Dani fuc**g someone in the house after 10 days. Meanwhile the LNC are busy calling Shelby a slut. No wonder one of them is a law school grad and the other has an illegitimate baby with a bad NFL player.


It’s honestly so gross to watch a porno, I thought we were watching people playing a game. That’s why she’s need to go


This is how lies get started. They had their first kiss early this morning, with Kryssie and Jason in the other two beds laughing and talking with them the whole time.


Alex- Kryssie is a BIG player in this house……………..Truer words could not be spoken

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think she will be targeted soon.


First born unicorn, Hard core soft porn, Dream of Californication………….


Both sides are the same in nastiness. The “sisters” have an extreme advantage in this game and have the advantage of gaining information from both sides of the house, but yet they both are up in the HOH together scheming among the same group. Monte is just an out and out liar and trying to manipulate them constantly, and they are falling for it. Alex, by putting Krissie up after assuring her safety this week, will no longer be trusted by anyone on the other side. The HOH group is just as bad as the late night crew, with nicer language. Other than that, no difference as far as I am concerned.


No matter what they are going to be targeted let’s just that straight. How Kryssie and others trying to get them to put up Scott and say they will vote him out. When we know they are going to vote Monte out, they are lying. Kryssie doesn’t have Alex’s back regardless, and therefore should not give them what they want.


The same in nastiness?

From Jokers – BBOTT Oct 10, 10:00 (Cam 4) Monday – DANIELLE & JASON say SHELBY is probably sleeping/blowing some1 in production, only way she could’ve gotten on.

Why are so many people still defending Jason and LNC’s vile sentiments?


Oh come on. Both sides are talking trash. I just saw Morgan/Shelby/Whitney last night bashing Danielle for a good 20 minutes. You can’t just randomly pick and choose certain houseguest comments and solely focus on their statements, when they’re all doing it.

Hillary Lies Matter

Right. Both sides are guilty.


Those sisters have the prettiest glasses I have ever come across! #tribute


Alex needs to stop with the comments about the people on the other side not deserving to be there. Up until now I was enjoying her gameplay but she’s not the authority when it comes to deciding worthiness. I like people from both sides and hate to see any of them leave too soon. While alliances are helpful, perhaps they need to play more individually this season rather than counting on an alliance to save them all the time. Be more social and likable and win comps when you need to. Victor wasn’t well liked last season when BB18 started and he ended up as AFP.


beautiful smart BLACK woman who is a strategic player, who managed to expose the (BLATANT) racist rat yet keeps receiving 95% of blame/hate/bashing on this forum and the white guy is getting away with a “crime” yet another time again….and people want to still claim that racism is a myth….

Justin's Ho

Tell um dady!!!


No myth YOU are a flaming racist.


wrong on 3 out of 4 there Timmy-boy


Hey Tim. The anonymity, as well as the allowing of trolls and of those posting disgusting screen names and content, tends to attract deploarables to this place. I think this causes a lot of intelligent people, who naturally can’t tolerate others non-stop ignorance, to not hang around here very long. Please know that there are some of us here that do have a brain and understand what you have been communicating.

Tim Blow

Team Aaryn?


Sieg Heil!!!!! (Hail Victory)


One thing I can’t for the life of me understand why is it ok for Danielle and Justin to make racial comments, and Monte is getting so much criticism. I truly think Monte is misunderstood and doesn’t know how to get his point across the right way. Danielle and Justin have made racial comments in front of everyone, but no one is saying anything about them. That’s just as unfair as this game being in favor of Jason.


I haven’t heard her say anything racist. If you are referring to the James and the hibachi comment that isn’t racist that was because of a convo on the feeds last season where he said a few times how much he liked hibachi. I haven’t heard Justin say anything racist at all.


Wtf do you even have the feeds stephanie?? If so, you’re not watching them enough. I get the feeling you’re just trying to slant people’s views on here that can’t or don’t really watch a lot.


Big brother drives me crazy when the houseguests have 3 nominees and they don’t utilise it, they have the opportunity to pull of a serious blindside but fail to do so all the time.

In my opinion Alex and crew have the opportunity to get rid of danielle.
If they put up Scott and get one of the plastics, I’m thinking shelby to go talk to Jason and Justin and say to them if they get rid of scott they will be making a huge mistake because he’s not a threat to their game, whereas monte who nominated jason, hates justin and considered putting shelby up in week 1 and would probably nominate her to make peace with the rest of the house. The 3 of them should vote to evict him along with americas vote.
If she can lie her behind off and convince them they only need their 4 votes because the other plastics are voting danielle and the rest of the outside crew are voting scott,
they can make it look like a Danielle-2, Scott-3, Monte-4 vote.

Then shelby can vote back with the plastics and make it 3vs3vs3 and alex can split the tie and send home danielle. Total blindside!!!

I think the plan is possible because Jason is a total gamer and if he believed Shelby, he would go for it and justin would do it just because he doesn’t like monte. And she could convince them it would be an exciting vote which no-one in the house will see coming except them and it will make the season entertaining.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I could see that happening.


“One thing I can’t for the life of me understand why is it ok for Danielle and Justin to make racial comments, and Monte is getting so much criticism. I”
Are you mentally unstable?
A group has to have institutional & individual, power and privilege to be racist. Justin and Dani are part of a marginalized, subordinated, and oppressed race of people, who hold no power in our society/world. People should really get educated on racial issues and the proper terms, as it pertains to the structure of our society. It’s really been bothering me, I’ve been seeing this across the internet and facing it in person. Again, People of Color CAN BE prejudice and discriminatory, but they CAN’T be racist. A group MUST have POWER and PRIVILEGE in order for it to be racist.


1.a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another:

“the comments have led to her being called a racist”
synonyms: racial bigot · racialist · xenophobe · chauvinist ·

1.showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another:

“we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at the club”


You can tell a ton of people on here are not really getting to spend much time on the feeds and are only getting snippets of info from fan sites. Having the feeds for BBOTT and then coming over here to see comments shows me just how much people get steered but second hand info and not actually seeing it for themselves.

My Two Cents

I like Alex but she’s totally off-base when she blasts the LNC as unworthy of being there, saying all they do is stay up all night, laughing and smoking. For a group that does “nothing”, they’ve been running the game thus far….without even winning a single HOH.


Only because of Jason’s fans!


If Shelbey was smart, she would be moving away from Ken and the Barbies.

Pretty Please

Simon, Dawg, we would love an eviction poll. Thank you guys.

Hillary Lies Matter

I think Alex is looking pretty good so far. I hope she wins.

Don the Con

I agree. I love Shelby’s ‘grab life by the pu$$y’ and ‘ignore the question and stick to your racist-pandering talking points’ attitude. Oh, and a 9 pt. poll deficit… Trump Train my a$$, more like an Access Hollywood bus. “Dependocrat” for life, Deplorable. Now go start posting like crazy, and replying to yourself – under 8 different usernames ; )

Hillary Lies Matter

Time for your medication Donnie.


Jason was telling Justin and others that the cameras were telling him to go upstairs. Production is interfering with the game again! No surprise. He said he was going into the storage room and the cameras nodded no to him. Jason asked the cameras if he should go upstairs right now, the cameras nodded yes. Funny how things are all falling into place for Jason just like they did for Nicole.


I agree, unless you align yourself with Jason you’ve got no chance. They need to take away America’s nomination and keep America’s vote, then it will be more fair. Otherwise, no point in ever winning HOH.


Hillary Lied Four People Died

Danielle is going to bite the dust this week.