Big Brother Over the Top Week 2 America’s Nominee and Veto results

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 10-17-00-736

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 10-16-59-112

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 10-18-47-987


America nominates Monte for eviction

Veto Players are Alex, Dani, Shane, Scott, Monte and Shelby

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 15-06-25-271

Jeff’s in the house.. OMG .. where’s my cat to share this moment with me.

Jeff- In case you didn’t know I’m here to host the Power of Veto competition.
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 15-22-27-079

1:03pm Veto contest

Jeff is the host. there is a laugh track.

Danielle’s punishment = get golf balls out of the pool whenever Big Brother tells her to
Alex’s punishment = disadvantage in her next HoH competition
Shelby = Caddy costume, carrying around gold clubs for a week

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 15-37-44-115

Shane wins the veto

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 15-17-34-674

3:17pm Talking about Putting Kryssie up as a replacement nominee..
Monte says he’s been loyal to Shane. Scott says Shane is the swing vote this week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 15-17-06-240

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 19-01-17-264

6:39pm Monte telling them he doesn’t feel confident about Shane. Shane’s vote will not be for Monte it’ll be for “Ya’ll”
Monte – if America doesn’t vote for me I’m OK she’s the tie breaker..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 19-48-47-613

8:00pm Shelby’s caddy costume

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#FailWeek #TeamAlex…I’m giving Alex the care package!!! I hope others really consider her for it, because next week she is going to need it!

Franks fumes

Alex is a really smart cookie……shes gonna be just fine…….. If Monte goes this is gonna make for new alliances with former enemies……things will get better for her once the “glue” (Monte) that holds the plastics together is gone…….Alex is gonna go far….

Dirty Harry Reid

I’m voting Alex the care packade too.


The next care package is the only one that does not benefit one player or side very much. Whoever gets it I think only decides what type of veto is at stake for everyone. Keep that in mind.


Dirty Harry Reid,
I see where you’re coming from bc I absolutely love Alex. She’s my favorite houseguest in there and possibly my favorite houseguest from the last several seasons. I want her to be safe too. That said, please don’t vote for Alex to get the next care package. The next care package is useless, and if we give it to her she won’t be eligible for one down the road, when she REALLY needs it. The next one just let’s the recipient choose what kind of veto they’re playing for. It doesn’t even mean she’ll win it. He|l, she might not even be playing in the Veto next week. We don’t know.
***On another note, I’m PI$$ED Shane won the veto. Now, Monte will probably be going home this week. He’s annoying, but he’s a vote for Alex, so I want him there. This whole season is BS when it comes to America. They’re totally stacking the deck in Jason’s favor and it’s BS! Don’t get me wrong, I love that we’re involved, but not this much. We should not get a vote for eviction. We could pick the have-nots and a nominee for eviction, but voting too. That’s to much. Jason’s fans are gonna take what could have been a really good season with a really good cast and make it boring AF. It’s literally gonna be somebody from Alex’s side going home week after week. Doesn’t matter if they win HOH or not. The saddest part is, nobody’s ever gonna put Jason up for eviction bc they’re scared of the repercussions from America. Especially knowing we pick the winner. So we may as well cut him a check now. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!


The next CP is useless, I’m hoping Jason or one of his minions get it and pick the power that will backfire and see them on the block

True Dat

The misfits are playing to America perfectly. Danielle and Jason have a plan b ready to go. Who will be their next target. I guess all’ so fair in BBOTT. They pulled off plan a almost without a hitch.


This is why America should not play, only spectate.

BB Circus Show

it’s still a circus show either way, just look at bb18


I hope Monte stays. Monte is a sweet guy.

I don’t care if Danielle or Kryssie go home this week. They are both mean girls – especially Kryssie. Kryssie is a master manipulator twisting words and constantly confronting people. What she did to Scott was so unnecessary. That’s his game to be honest – nothing is wrong with that.
And Jason – why did he get so upset with Shelby for choosing the other couch to sit on and then attack her for wearing a t-shirt and dress combo (which by the way, is a cute outfit). It was truly crazy. Mean.
My 3 favorites from week one have turned out to be the ones I want gone. MEAN people.
So disappointed in Jason, Danielle & Kryssie. Grow up.


I guess we’ve all forgotten how those four girls and monte talked about danielle the first week. How could shane fall for her? Lol

Both sides have been awful but the self righteousness from the klan is appalling.


I agree 100%. The night group is now the mean group; Dani and Jason are just bit*hes! Dani acts like a 5 year old sticking her tongue out when Monte is putting, grow the eff up! Jason acts like a little bit*ch with Shelby and the couch this morning and putting all the chocolate in a bag under the couch in the yoga room with plans on “giving her the trash when she gets voted out”. This is complete BS with America getting one nomination IMO. Getting an extra vote, yes but the other is too much.

Any chance this was all rigged by production, after the day group all got chosen for the VC they decided to put every negative option other than the POV? Looks awfully suspicious to me! Thoughts/opinions?

BB Circus Show

illuminati confirmed


Steph, it is Big Jason this season. Scrap all the comps and twists, don’t even bother with fan votes, just let Jason pick who he wants gone each week. Yawn. Bring on Big Brother Canada, the only Big Brother left that features the 2 noms format the entire season.

sunny dee

jason has always been like that hasn’t he?

I had a chance to see a youtube excerpt, Jason looking at the wall, then runs out and tells 3 or 4 people, oh look, those two look like they are the same person!! classic ‘i know liz is a twin’ stupid game move play. did not learn anything from season 17, and how day and he did not use the info to their advantage, hold onto it, never know when you need it. especially if you are not linking up to them at the beginning, you want to hold onto it, see what they are going to do, then when it comes to replacement nom time, you say, oh, you know, i know you two are related, don’t put me up and your secret is safe with me. maybe a bad example, but nevertheless,

i wish i could see more videos of the show, it really brings it to life. glad that it worked out to vote out cornbread, and not sure why danielle keeps ending up on the block.

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

I agree. I’m fine with either girl going home.


This format is dumb. Having both a returner and a third nominee in this format ruins it. Americas vote for eviction was enough to alter strategy. Game is going to be handed to Jason for the win.

Franks fumes

All this doom and gloom this show changes hourly the dynamics never stay the same……this is not Derricks season where everyone but him were comatose all season …..hang in there friends this shit is gonna get good!


If Alex crew win the next 4 HOHs, but by the end of those 4 weeks they are all sitting watching from home would you still say it is going to get good in terms of the format being a success? If it continues to happen at what point is it deemed not a success? You are either a super optimist or you haven’t fully considered how unlikely it is what you are saying or you are trolling.

Franks fumes

Obviously your Alcoholic Anonymous.


Obviously you lack intelligence.

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

I hope you are right Frank.


The last proper BB USA season was BB14. Every season since has had between 4 and 9 weeks of more than 2 noms due to MVP, BOB twice, Road Kill, America’s 3rd nom. It is unnecessary in my opinion. I really do enjoy the Canada version format more because, despite twists, they keep it as just 2 noms every week of the season. I wonder why the producers of BB US don’t just stick with the old classic format. I would love to see it return.

Franks fumes

Chris Rock said it best about Monte…..”Hes not racist because he doesn’t judge people by the color of their skin…..only by the width of their nostrils.(Chris Rock HBO special “Bigger and Blacker” 2005) watch it its awesome. I see the shit talk on both sides and both sides are equally guilty in my opinion…….its race card pingpong!

BB Circus Show

yep! it has nothing to do with Justin’s 11 arrests


Perhaps CBS are thankful this season is internet only with so much race talk after what happened on BB15. Robyn Kass did not cast Over The Top. I think future casting is going to be even more carefully considered now.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

It is good to see Jeff again.

Franks fumes

LOL Simon…….if you eat more than a little it taste like soap!

Cindy Withanesse

For fuck’s sake! Really? They need to bring back this dick? As if he isn’t shoved down our throats during the regular season. Somebody at CBS sure loves to beat off over this guy.

Big Jeff

I miss Simon during comps saying “no feeds…feeds? no…no more feeds for you!” haha

Big Jeff


Production got their wish - another Alex team HOH, but another of Alex team going home (needless, ridiculous, unfair, season ruining)

Completely and totally utterly ridiculous.

I don’t give a sh!t who you like or dislike.

Alex has played well as HOH and should have one of her targets go home, not lose a number. I really feel sorry for her as she definitely does not deserve to be rickrolled after putting in so much effort to win HOH.

Big Brother is about winning HOH and sending a target home not a bs popularity contest or having to win 2 comps in a week or you lose a number.

This is unfortunately not going to happen as this week and every week an Alex team member is HOH, America or more specifically Jasons large fan base are going to continue to screw them over.

Good job production you morons, its going to be 2 weeks in a row now the HOH has a number go home, who knows its probably 3 weeks in a row next week.

For fan voters if Krissy goes on the block, those wanting Danielle or Krissy out, we have to decide who is more likely to go and put all our votes on 1 person, dont split the vote, decide Krissy or Danielle, not both.

From what I can see on feeds and Twitter, looks like Monte will probably get the majority of the vote for Americas eviction.

Let’s get Dani out, she’s a spoiled little 5 year old. Oh and a mean girl. Kryssie can go next, she never shuts up!

You realize this an experiment……..similar to other versions of BB around the world where viewers have a big impact on things…..I have favorites on both sides of the house and am anxious to see some of them work together…..its totally your right to hate on this version but the last 3 seasons of regular BB were just terrible any change is welcome to me.:-)


This would have been a great experiment, without Jason. As it is, Jason is basically co-HOH every week and has two eviction votes because of his fan base. How so many people can like this guy is beyond me. His gameplay is non-existent and he is a really nasty, judgemental person. In any case, I’m not likely to continue watching this if it’s just going to be week after week of seeing the opposing side to Jason picked off and eating slop because of America’s vote, regardless of winning HOH. It’s just an extremely unfair situation and if CBS just wanted this to be the Jason show, it’s a good thing they offered the free trial as their subscriptions aren’t going to grow.


I totally agree Saskfan. I am wondering if everyone not in favor of Jason’s side getting such favoritism/advantage, emailed CBS to say scrap the 3rd nom twist or I am ending my subscription, would it have any impact if enough people did it? The takeover twist of BB17 ended extremely quickly so it’s a possibility, you never know, they might do it if there are enough complaints.


Lol no. CBS never cared. I’ve had the feeds for several years, people are always threatening to never watch the show, cancel feeds, they don’t care.


Hopefully 3rd nom twist ends soon, but by then the damage will have already been done to the season. I thought the cbs motto is cbs cares? Obviously not.

Scott should be going home, if someone from the day group goes. He’s the reason Dani didn’t leave last week.


Jeff’s getting better with age. And my three cats agree.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Ouch. LOL

Production got their wish - another Alex team HOH, but another of Alex team going home (needless, ridiculous, unfair, season ruining)


Jason vote favoritism update(his advantage so unfair, its given his untouchable side the luxury to be able to throw HOHs and still control who goes home, and freedom to bully Alex side into submission)

Simon/Dawg my first post at 4.16pm above under this screen name above will be my only post under this screen name

Please remove the post at 4.18pm which says ‘yahoo’ as it is someone pretending to be me

Any other posts using this screen name will not be mine


Since the house is split in the way it is the twist could make the game very predictable. However, I don’t agree that the twist was put in place to save Jason. The twist does not prevent Jason from being nominated or voted out. There was no way to know before the show started how people would align or which alliance would have the numbers. Usually there is a large group of newbies who want to target the vets. Last week, if Scott had chose Team Monte, America’s vote wouldn’t have mattered. It could have been a 5-5 tie and Kryssie would have gone home. That side of the house were too quick to flip and vote out one of their own. The twist isn’t responsible for that. If they had kept CB they would be safe again this week. It wouldn’t matter who the 3rd nominee was or who America voted for because they would still be able to get out their target with a 5-4 vote. There is also the potential for the 3rd nominee to win POV which means one of their targets would have gone home. I haven’t been a fan of all the twists on BB. I hated BOTB. But as far as twists go, this one isn’t the worst by far.


We need to vote out Danielle, I cant stand Kryssie either. Danielle is the one that is far worse causing unnecessary drama. Don’t get me wrong Kryssie is just as bad, but she can stay one more week. Otherwise Alex’s hoh is a waste, and she worked really hard for it. Come on America lets take out the trash(Danielle).


drama is what makes the feeds entertaining. Monte and Dani should stay, the drama between these two are just starting to heat up.


Trash? Really? She’s just a houseguest on a online reality show. Who are you to come someone trash? You really need to take it down a notch.


You know who and what Stephanie is.


Yeah I said trash, its ok for Jason’s crew to call the other side trash and countless other nasty names. Danielle is a terrible person that believes she is entitled to everything.


Danielle thinks it is The Bad Girls Club. I agree she is very trashy and uncouth.


Wake up America! (Shout out to Godfrey bbcan) VOTE OUT THAT PICKLED DICK OF A COCONUT DANIELLE!!!! SERIOUSLY! Mind you I liked the other side but its not fair how they can say all the prejudice remarks and people aren’t calling them racist or prejudice or thieves. How is it the old hag Neely didn’t get blown at for accusing Justin of stealing 99¢ leggings of but Pickled dick says one thing about a comment and that possum was throwing Justin’s name all over. WE DON’T NEED OR WANT ANOTHER ZAKIYAH! Sorry for renting but when the bitter unpopular kids in high school all went upstairs I got so rattled and shut my feeds for the night! Tired of hearing Danielle.


When you’re tired of renting, you can always buy.


Lol It’s just an online show, honey. It’s a Walmart version of the real Big Brother.

Maybe you should get some fresh air, or take a nap. It’s not that deep, and it’s a little weird you feel the need to call someone you don’t even know “trash”.


Hoenelle is Trash! In the words of Paul “Roll the tape!” 10/11 4:22a pacific camera 2. Two weeks is all it took! This is why I can never be on my favorite show lol. I need bb addiction rehab! I even watch all the bb international shows.


SORRY, cant get over the krackle incident from last night. Watching the feeds and laughing my ass off. I really love how entertaining Jason and Justin are.

Jason vote favoritism update(his advantage so unfair, its given his untouchable side the luxury to be able to throw HOHs and still control who goes home, and freedom to bully Alex side into submission)

Jason has now been favored by all 6 fans votes so far this season…

1. Jason voted into the house over Jozea
2. CB 3rd nom, who was against Jason
3. CB Americas eviction vote, the same way Jason was voting
4. Krissy gets a care package so that she would save Jason
5. Monte, Morgan, Scott are have nots who are all not on Jasons side
6. Monte 3rd nom, who was against Jason

His 7th vote to favor him will occur on Wednesday when America vote to evict who Jason wants out. The 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th votes to favor Jason will occur next week after someone from Jasons team gets the care package, then America puts the other three eligible members from Alex side on slop, that being Alex, Shelby, Whitney, then America noms who Jason wants up, then America votes to evict who Jason wants gone. So by the end of the first 3 weeks, all 11 public votes will have been in Jason and his allies favor, with every nom and eviction vote going his way, all care packages going to his team and have nots being everyone he is not aligned with, and never anyone he is aligned with.

Jasons side now has the luxury and freedom to do whatever they want, they can throw the HOH each week and still have a good chance of sending home an Alex team member each week until there are none left – and gloat, laugh, mock and bully the others saying that America hates them which is not the case, its only because their advantage of Jason winning every fan vote is so extreme. If someone aligned with Jason wins HOH its virtually a lock that one of their targets go home. If someone not aligned with Jason wins HOH, there is a good chance not only will one of their targets not go home, but they will lose someone on their side.

Just wait until next week when Shelby, Alex and Whitney are all on slop making it all 6 eligible people not aligned with Jason to have been on slop this season and nobody from Jasons side – Jason and co are going to be bullying this group of girls to tears, cooking and eating meals right in their face, sh!t talking all season. Jason will not once be on slop this season and his power will be absolute. Surely fans dont want to see this continue? If Jason wasn’t acting this way or if he actually earned his advantage via game play then sure good for him, but its just been gifted to him. Scrapping the 3rd nom twist will take alot of his undeserved power away and level the playing field which is how the game should be. I am just wondering why production want Jason to have this big of an advantage in the game when they could easily end the 3rd nom twist(aka Jasons co HOH rickroll power), maybe all these advantages he has is his ‘appearance fee’ from production for getting him to agree to play this lesser version of Big Brother rather than being on a proper summer season? Production are insulting fans intelligence, trying to con us to think it is a North American season, but with such heavily manipulated rules to the point it is actually much more of a UK or Australian season. It is actually worse than a UK or Australian season as there is such major bias and favoritism for one player and his allies.

A message to all former BB players who are telling all their fans to vote to favor Jason every vote: you are contributing to ruin the legitimacy and quality of the season. A message to fans who are voting: If any of this annoys or frustrates you as a fan of the game of Big Brother then vote accordingly – lets not make it a popularity contest and vote to reward those who deserve it, as America is jury this season, it would be good if we can vote to help the best players to the end, it is our role to give the $250k to the best player of the season. I just want a fair season for all players so that the season can be the best it can be and that good players who have deservedly earned power wont take a step backwards, but instead will gain momentum in the game as that is what is supposed to be a fundamental part of Big Brother.

Holy… have a lot of time on your hands. And a lot of hatred for Jason lmao. You are soooo shook. Wyd?

Jason vote favoritism update(his advantage so unfair, its given his untouchable side the luxury to be able to throw HOHs and still control who goes home, and freedom to bully Alex side into submission)

Just pointing out the facts in terms of what has happened each vote and what is likely to continue. I was a big fan of Jason and his After Dark crew on BB17. He is hilarious. I am not impressed with some of his behavior this season, but I don’t hate anyone on the cast. What I do hate is this season quickly becoming very one sided and too much of an advantage for him. If he earned his advantage I would have no issue. I just want to see HOH targets go home, and the season reaching its potential.

Opinions are like a$$holes everybody has one…..and they think theirs don’t stink!…..I’m digging this season.

I think most fans just want to see it be fair for all players, which is absolutely not currently the case.


But wait, Alex has an unfair advantage by secretly having a sister in the house that will always vote with her, will never put her up and will work with her throughout the game.

BB OTT is rigged for Alex. She has the unfair advantage! Blah, blah, blah.


Winning every vote when there are 4 fan votes each week with by far a supremely larger fan base than anyone else is overwhelmingly more of any advantage than the sisters have. It amuses me anyone would think that the season is not heavily slanted in Jason’s favor. He has all his fans, the gay vote, former players who are telling their large fan bases to vote for him, and alot of the casual vote as the only returner. Jason is co HOH every week and has 2 votes – his own vote and Americas vote and will never be put on slop this season and he and his allies will get all the care packages that matter and can with an advantage.

LOL take a look at the season twists and he is the only returner with a huge fan base. Even 3rd nominee cannot be replaced if taken off the block making it more difficult to back door him if you try to target him. The format is for sure designed to help him get as far as possible.

Sort of obsessing is an understatement. The more they go on and on about Jason, the more I like him. And I really didn’t even like him at all before.

Speaking about rigging or production interference, I just watched a tweeted video of Paulie at an interview on a public stage with an audience somewhere saying the following about BB18 jury house:

“Um, you know, there was a lot of things that went on behind the scenes of the jury house, you know, a couple of people from CBS, um, actually got let go because they were, um, putting information into the jury house that shouldn’t have been there.”

I am not going to link to it. If you look hard enough you will find it. No idea if it is true, but thought it was an interesting comment.

would this be a good time to remind long-drawn-out-name-guy that jason was voted in by america, and that there is no point in ever thinking that america is going to vote him as 3rd nom at any point in this season?

i think that would be obvious.

he does have an advantage >>> america’s vote will favour him until or unless he does something really wrong. such as blabbing about the sisters instead of using it as a strategy.

i find him to be very obnoxious and offensive. He plays the ‘i’m gay so i can’t be a bigot’ or whatever, then makes obviously derogatory comments & insults about various kinds of people. It’s not fun, not cute, and not funny. But the alternative was Jozea, which is no alternative at all. at least Jason is a fan of the show, and i’d rather a hateful obnoxious a$$hat to a fame seeking narcissist.


It will be interesting to see how long the 3rd nomination twist lasts.

would you rather

Is hilarious!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

So does this mean Kryssie goes up?


I wonder which side America would vote for if Jason didn’t come on this season.


Last night Justin told everyone about Neeley accusing hi of stealing her leggings. She even searched his bag. He said he search everywhere for her leggings because he didn’t need to have an angry black woman after him. Why isn’t either one of them being called a racist?

Justin's Ho

Dady ain’t racist! He ho anybody!!! His best ho is white!!

sunny dee

oh, and glad america voted monte on the block. i like when america/canada gets some input and knocks someone down a peg.


I vote to reward good strategic players efforts who have earned it to help them progress. Here is what Americas collective involvement has done this week…Not only will Alex as HOH not have a target go home, she loses a number this week, the second week in a row this has happened to her side after winning HOH, now she can’t play HOH next week, then if she is still in the house the following week, she has a disadvantage in the HOH as a result of this weeks punishment in the veto competition. She is a massive fan of the show, and I imagine myself in her shoes, it would be hard to take to be so undeservedly screwed over to the extent she has after being one of the best players of the season.


He’s an idiot. I see some of these new commenters I’ve never seen on here before in 4 years of being on here daily, swamp the comment section. I’m convinced some are related to Alex/Morgan. Don’t let some of these comments fool you, most people are voting Monte and want him out. Right now most people aren’t worried about which side, they just want the people out that are awful on feeds. I haven’t even “picked a side” yet, its too early for me.

Just like it’s too early for some of the comments on here about how great Alex is. The game just started, maybe she’ll be good, maybe she won’t be as the season goes on. It’s still too early to be calling anyone great.

But Monte is definitely on the outs as far as the majority goes.


The “they must be related to one of the house guests” line is strange. If it is constructive comment, let people comment. I am not going to accuse you of being a house guests relative for any of your views on the season. If you are a casual or a big fan, or if you care about the season or not, some will be more passionate than others. The comments section is here for a reason. Some posts are a few words, some are a few paragraphs. I am all for good discussion and realize everyone is not going to have the same opinions.


Obviously this is a COMMENT section of a blog, and people are going to comment lol. That’s kind of the point. I don’t have a problem with long comments, or several comments by one person. That happens every season. I never said that was an issue so you kind of jumped to conclusions on that statement.

However it’s pretty obvious a particular poster, I won’t name names, has some sort affiliation with a (or a couple) particular houseguest. It’s obvious. You can believe it or not, I never cared.


It seems like you do care otherwise you wouldn’t bring it up. Just for the record, I am not related to any house guest. Talking about jumping to conclusions, accusing people of being related to house guests without proof is odd. Go look at reddit – I have just read some posts that took 5 minutes to read the whole post, some people are passionate about Big Brother, it has always been the case. Also I would be against any player having this big of an advantage no matter who they are and would be against any HOH being undeservedly rickrolled no matter who they are. I care about the entire season being great as a whole, much more than any of the individual players, but it is looking like this season is sinking fast.


Interesting that Jason is being nice to Shelby now. 2-face little b!tch.


Oh no! Someone is being “two faced” on big brother. Imagine the horror!

WTF? An Observation

Man is the same site I loved this summer? It seems there are a lot of haters of all varieties …just constant negativity about everything this season and thumbs down for the most thoughtful posters…..I’m not sure if this is same place as last summer:( But Simon and Dawg will keep me coming back!


Seems to be a very divided house, fairly divided fans too. With so many fan votes it should be expected there is gonna be alot of arguments about who is a better person. All I care about is that the actual best players get far so we can vote for a deserving winner. If Jason or Alex or anyone has played the best game at the end, they will get my vote. I will vote for substance and quality of strategic game and entertainment and likability combined. I will not vote emotionally solely for who I like more.


This Jason Show is not fun to watch anymore. I am losing interest by the minute.

Katie Girl

Alex should put Kryssie up and Monte and his pythons should offer Justin safety next week if he votes Danielle out this week. This way the following people vote Danielle out: Morgan, Shelby, Whitney, Scott and Justin. Justin is the swing vote here.

Monte will have votes from Shane, Neely, Jason, and America.


So here is how the HOHs side has fared this week after veto punishments and how it will go next week –

The HOHs side loses a number, and Alex can’t play next HOH and will be put on slop once her HOH ‘reign’ is over, and has a disadvantage in the HOH after that, Monte is a have not and also can’t play in the next veto if he miraculously survives this week, Shelby has a week long punishment carrying golf clubs and will be put on slop next week, Scott is a have not and has to stay in sand for 24 hours, Morgan is a have not, Whitney will be put on slop next week for her birthday.

That seems fair.



That’s why you have to win comps. That’s a part of big brother. Always has been, always will be.

You failed to mention that Danielle has to do her punishment for how long? It’s not a difficult concept, if you didn’t win, you’re punished. That’s the game.


if kristy is the replacement nom lets keep her
im vote out monty here why kristy cant get a packages monty can
too we can put kristy up America nom next time monty we cant
that’s why America vote out im picking monty


I think America should vote your dumb a$$ out! Even if english is not your first language the HGs names are at the top of the page. At least make an effort!


I’ll just leave you with this thought. BB is not a game of fairness where everyone gets a turn like T-Ball. If you want to stay in the game you need the right balance of game moves, wins, and you need to be social. In the end only 1 person will win. I’m liking OTT and find it a refreshing change. All this talk about sides means very little because they will all cut each other, form new alliances, and fight to stay until the end. May the best man/woman win. Go America!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Love the T ball line.