Big Brother Over the Top POV Ceremony Results “I’m not mad at you”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 13-28-47-858

1:00pm Shane uses the Power of Veto on himself. Alex nominates Kryssie as the replacement.
Danielle, MOnte and Kryssie are nominated for eviction.

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1:10pm Storage room Alex and Kryssie

Alex – I know you are not going home this week America loves you.
Alex says Monte is going home they need to distance themselves
Alex says she couldn’t put Scott up because of how he’s been isolated.
Kryssie – I got have seen it from space.. You should have at least pulled me aside first
Alex was worried that house will blow up.
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 13-31-51-487
Kryssie says she’s disappointed.

Kryssie – I’m not mad at you…
Alex – there was a person to put up that made a lot of sense.. Everyone wanted me to put up Shelby..
Alex – I’ve heard her name get thrown out by a lot of people
Kryssie – I’ve been honest with you she’s gotta go
Kryssie adds that the only chance she had to save Monte was to put Scott up, “If you guys are done with MOnte… “
Kryssie – you’ve made a wise choice in the game.. You need to distance yourself from here he already put his foot in his mouth.

Alex – I don’t want you to think I’m picking on you..
Alex says Kryssie will not get America’s vote putting her up was her best bed.

Kryssie says she needs to talk to Neeley cause Neeley is going to be pissed.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 13-45-00-132
1:24pm Alex and Justin
Alex – I know MOnte has to go home this week.. America won’t vote out Kryssie she’s good
justin – I got ya
THey hug..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 13-46-14-066
1:27pm SCott and Alex
Alex – I pissed off the entire house to save you
Scott – thank you
Scott – you will always be my number 1 If I win Veto…
Alex – thanks.. what time to you get off this thing
Scott says another 6 hours.
Alex – have you had to use that porta potty
Scott – I’ve used it twice..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 14-01-38-338

1:35pm Misfits (Neeley, Danielle, Jason, Shane, Justin) Talking about targeting Alex next week. Neeley is pissed that they put up her best friend in the house. THey laugh at Monte’s speech where he asked Shane to use the Veto on him and to “Let the house decide”
Neeley is now coming after Alex.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 13-42-39-611

1:40pm Backyard Alex and Whitney
Alex says Kryssie handled it very well.
Whitney asks about Scott. Alex says Scott and her talked he said he grateful and he’s not putting them up.
Alex says Jason will look at things as game moves whereas Shane and Danielle look at things personally, ‘I don’t care they can be mad at me all day long”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 13-47-24-940
1:47pm Danielle, Kryssie, Neeley, Justin, Monte (Monte is behind them near the backyard fridge)
Danielle saying that it all rides on America. It’s a 4-4 split right now.

Justin – If Monte is still in this house I will lose my sh1t.. I don’t care.. don’t give any f****s
Kryssie says she doesn’t believe Alex saying that they want to get rid of Monte.
Danielle says America wants Monte out of the house, “We all want Monte out” (Some Canadians want the showmance out)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 13-56-07-050

1:52pm Morgan and Whitney
Talking about how disrespectful Danielle is.
Morgan – what are we 5 years old..

Shelby joins them says Monte thinks Shane will vote out Kryssie
Whitney – that’s stupid.
Shelby – that plan is not be tight with Monte act like we’re voting him out
Whitney – why does MOnte believe everything coming outta everyone’s mouth
Morgan says she thought MOnte was goign to be a super player and he’s totally not

Whitney – he’s too trustworthy.. he looks for the best in people and in here you can’t do this..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 14-35-46-065

2:34pm Shelby and Alex
Shelby says Danielle was impersonating Alex outside. They talk about how they had to put Shane and Danielle up because no matter what the other side says they know they are going up.

Shelby says Monte is probably going home but they still have to try and save him.
Alex hopes America is watching and knows Monte isn’t racist and Danielle is disrespectful
Alex – just the way she’s been behaving.. it’s so disrespectful..
They start to complain about Danielle and dishes drama.

Alex says all the other side does late at night is talk shit about them. Scott told her. Alex calls them two face..
Alex – makes me really trust them

The agree if Shelby wins the HOH Jason will be her BFF again. They plan on studying tonight.

Alex says the vote is completely up to America. Shelby can’t believe how dumb Monte is thinking Shane will vote for him. They mention how Monte has started to work on Neeley but he’s wasting his time.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 15-17-55-430

3:15pm Morgan and Monte HAve nots
MOrgan tells him to stop trusting Shane.
Monte – Neeley is really really torn right now.. She loves all three of us..
They agree to keep Neeley thinking.

Monte – I trust Neeley way more than Shane.. once he figures out he’ll do anything to save Danielle.
Monte – I wold have been sweating bullets if Scott was up..
Morgan – we really have to help Alex out.. we owe her big time
Monte says he’s happy Alex put Kryssie up it’s giving him the best shot to stay in the game.
Morgan says Kryssie handled being nominated very well.
Monte – she thinks I’m goign home.. maybe she hasn’t done the math yet.. it’s a tie

Morgan says the house doesn’t think Danielle is the target and they don’t think there’s a 4 person voting block. (I think they do)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 17-46-44-739

5:46pm Storage room Monte and Morgan
talkign abut Monte working on Shane to get him to vote out Kryssie. Tomorrow morning Monte will go up to Shane in private work on him. They agree that America will start seeing Danielle being “Full of herself”

Monte – Worst case scenario Neeley and Shane don’t swing our way there’s still America’s vote.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 19-25-52-101

6:11pm Jason, Shane, Justin
Jason says Scott is voting out Kryssie not Danielle. The entire side of the house is voting out Kryssie.
Shane says he’s been telling MOnte he’ll vote Kryssie out just so he will shut up
Shane thinks he can get Scott, ‘I’ll just have to downgrade him”

Jason says all the other side of the house is doing is pissing Kryssie off more. \
Shane going on about Alex should have put up a pawn.. Danielle joins them. They tell her everyone on teh other side is voting out Kryssie.

Danielle – doesn’t make any sense to me..
Shane – Scott is flippy floppy…
Jason says it’s unlikely the other side will get power next week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 19-32-44-407

7:30 – 8:00 Live Diary room .

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-11 19-56-11-061

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The showmance has gotta go! Suckface all nite long……gawd!


Gots to agree with you. It gets a little ridiculous when they hang all over each other 24/7 within a couple of days of meeting. Well unless they already knew each other……..Nah, production probably would use that to promote another twist. Liz and Austin got to be disgusting as well, but at least it took them a few weeks to start the constant contact. This showmance has to go!

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

I think you will get your wish.

Botox Pelosi

Time to send Danielle back home.

Little Timmy

Bounce Danielle them Neeley.


I really feel bad for Alex and her side because they don’t stand a chance thanks to bringing a vet on. I like Jason at times but why would they bring a vet on when Ameirca has a huge impact. Neeley and Kyrssie are now pissed off because Alex put Kyrssie up. They had no intention of voting out Scott anyway. This is the first time I’m saying this but this season is starting to suck. its not that I like one side versus the other side, I just like a fair fight.

Lying Arrogant Hillary For Prison

Alex might of made a mistake but she sure is looking good.

Fair Fight

I think it’s been a fair fight. The Plastics have been in power for 2 weeks, put up 2 Misfits each time, and America (which only gets one nom and one vote) has put up people from the Plastics side to even it out. If not, then the Plastics would have mowed through the Misfits side easily. People are assuming if the Misfits get in power that they will mow down the Plastics which, apparently, isn’t fair. It only appears to be fair if the Plastics get to mow down the Misfits. However, I don’t think that will happen at all. Once the Misfits get in power, America will still try to keep it fair and nom one of the Misfits. Bank on it. We love underdogs, and when the Misfits no longer are the underdogs, the tide will change.


I like the late night crew a little better(Jason & Justin), but I also like Alex she’s a gamer and not afraid to make big moves, which I like and respect. I don’t like Monte, he is too trusting and thinks he runs the show at times, not a good game player. But I also feel the HOH has a target and feel that one of their targets should get voted out. Therefore, I am voting out Danielle


Alex is a gamer but she made a big move in a divided house without the numbers. She keep yelling she didn’t Fing care what America wants, blah blah blah. She’s burned her bridge with Krissie and Neely–not smart. Take Monte out and the Plastics will have to decide if they are going down one by one or will start playing the game. I think Whitney sees the writing on the wall and may be the one to survive late into the game.


#SaveAlex #Saveherside…if Monte goes alex is out next!!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Good point about saving Monte to protect Alex.

Don Con-stipated

I miss Corn.


Just voted 20 times for Danielle, fingers crossed

Lying Arrogant Hillary For Prison

I understand the Dani vote but I’m voting Monte.


I am with you Steph, I am voting out Danielle. I am voting the same way as Alex because she earned her HOH and she deserves her target being evicted.


Would be great entertainment if America could possibly blindside Danielle when she is so sure she is staying. The looks of shock on many house guests would be hilarious and will make things really interesting.


Danielle should get evicted this week. If you don’t like Monte thats fine, I don’t like him either. But we can get him out another week.
Right now is a great opportunity to evict Danielle, and the Misfits will be shook. The misfits are getting a big ego.

Hillary Lies Matter

It looks like the vote will be close between Dani and Monte.


You are screwed unless you align yourself with Jason, you’ve got no chance. They need to take away America’s nomination and keep America’s vote, then it will be more fair. Otherwise, no point in ever winning HOH. If the votes continually go one side then I’m done with this.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work, you are very much appreciated.


Dirty Harry Reid

The entire Jason thing is unfair to the other players.

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

Jason has a lot of pull.


I like Danielle as a player. She’s actually playing the game. I can even tolerate the showmance…they are actually playing the game together. Unlike BB18 where the showmances laid around all day/night having sex.
I have no idea what folks see in Jason.


You keep asking why they would bring Jason in this year? I ask why they keep bring sibblings onto the show. What drama does it cause, especially when the others don’t even realize it. At least when it was twins switching back and forth it was fun to see how long it would take before they were found out.

Botox Pelosi

Neither one in fair.


Let’s go America. Vote Danielle out!
This showmance is getting on my nerves. I find them to be obnoxious. All they do all day is lay on top of each other. And Danielle speaks so nasty about others.
Save Shane America – he’s really a nice guy.
Alex for the final win….she is playing the game.

Lying Huckleberry Hillary

Kryssie doesn’t look too happy.


I like giving the idea of giving America power but the Americas nomination is a bad idea. This will probably be the 2nd week that someone not nominated by the HOH goes home. Americas Vote and Care packages I’m fine with.


Meh at least I can vote to take out the people I can’t stand, like Monte. Him being gone would make the feeds a bit more enjoyable. I can’t deal
with someone that purposely runs over an animal. I hit a squirrel once when I was younger by accident of course, and cried my eyes out. Lol.


you are what is wrong with this pu$$y country. I wouldn’t look to hit a squirrel on purpose but I sure as fu&k wouldn’t need to pull over and have a good cry. I knew this would happen when they started handing out participation trophies. bunch of sissies and panty-boys.


First of all, I’m a female. Second, I was only 16. Actually you know what, I might cry if I hit one now. Idgaf if you think that makes me a “sissy” or not you freaking weirdo. Normal people don’t get enjoyment out of killing innocent animals. So stfu and go admire your stuffed roadkill you probably have sitting around your creepy house. You old bat.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I agree that someone going home that was not nominated by the HOH is kind of weak.


Watchin’ Kryssie apply make-up and all I could think was lipstick on a pig! She is on the block I hope she keeps her chins up. She said she went shopping for food and underwear. I am thinking lawn and leaf bags? Hopefully those two-ply bitches or the flex ones. Said she is going to crush her boyfriend when she gets home. Poor bastard must be thinking “again?”

Get A Life

You’re far more disgusting than Kryssie is.


I never said she was disgusting! I said she was a pig. Jeez stay in school people:) Reading comprehension.
Try hooked on phonics to start. Good luck and God speed.

Don Con-stipated

Bye bye Danielle.


Daniele flipped the votes to evict cornbread last week and yet you want to evict her to support Alex because Alex is a gamer? You want to evict Daniele because the misfits are getting cocky and obnoxious and yet you are saving someone who had made racial remarks and branded daniele as someone who can’t play with the southern girls just because she’s biracial? You want to get rid of dani because it is getting lopsided and yet there are six klan members left and six misfits still inside the house, how is that lopsided?

Daniele and Krissy are already getting on people’s nerves, even Jason is getting the public turn on him, once Monte is gone there will be more wiggle room for Justin and Dani to align with the plastics. Sacrifice the racist and then get rid of Krissy next week will be the best scenario.


Ok now they are Klansmen? Like these young ass-hats would even know what a Klansman was if one came in and burned a cross in the living room!!!! You and that Tim cat are some crazy race baiters. Too freakin funny though…………the Klan LOL let me know if you spot any Nazis or Gestapo agents.

Idiotic rants like yours, Carlos

……. Make me want to evict Danielle even more.

Monte is an annoying moron — I completely agree, he never shuts up. But he’s far more just plain stupid than he is racist. All this race-baiting nonsense is getting old….. “six clan members?” Come on, man.

Actual racism still exists in this world, but if some continue to use it trivially as a manipulation tool, people are gonna stop caring when the real thing happens.


Unfortunately I know exactly what you mean. Some of the people on here saying the same things over and over are making me go toward the other side. When I didn’t even really like or dislike those people in the first place. A lot of people on feeds are saying put Alex up next week, and now Im starting to agree with them.


Danielle is a smart player but the reason it is lopsided is because of Jason being in the house and his fan base. I don’t think many people like Monte but we also don’t like the way everything good is going towards Jason’s crew and all the bad going the other way. If it were not for Jason’s fan base it wouldn’t be that way. If Jason was on Monte’s side then people would probably cheering for the late night crew because then they would be the underdogs.

Danielle gots to Go!!

Please America let’s vote out Danielle, she is a nasty, nasty person. I can’t take her anymore!!
I think Alex is a very smart BB player, hopefully they can keep Monte around to be a target shield and extra vote for them, (if they can finally convince him not to trust Shane the snake!!)
I can’t wait to see Danielle’s face when she is voted out, because she thinks her sh!t don’t stink!!!!!!


Agree 100%


5:33 PM Kryssie talking about her St Panties day party.
I hear it was the biggest party in town! Also talking about some fetish community?
Holy Christ you would have to be a strange mo-fo to want to see her in some jack boots
Maybe she is a real pisser?


Go home Danielle!
You are not a nice person. Immature to say the least.
You and Kryssie painted Monte as a racist but he’s not.
Unfortunately, the recap show just showed Shane saying he’s voting Monte out. 🙁


Sounds racist to me. Danielle, Neely and Justin were not liked in the beginning, now everyone wants to get rid of them in that order, and I guess it is just coincidence that they are not white


Hell Yea! That must be what it is right? Once they are gone they should target who? The gay guy? Yea and then who? The “ugly” people? They will be finally left with the beautiful people, the beautiful people?
Sieg Heil? Or is it the commies? Maybe it is the Klan? Is BB a secret recruiting station for the new world order of Klansmen? See doesn’t it sound really stupid? Maybe just maybe they as you said were not well liked from the start so they are easy targets for eviction just like many others in years gone by of all different races and sexes.


Voting out Monte will weaken The Plastics Alliance. The Misfits need to keep cool heads and get the other side out one by one. Also, they really need to watch out for Scott because he is playing Andy’s BB15 game and have to watch what they say around him. Hoping Neely, Danielle, Kryssie, Jason, or Shane get the next HOH.


Hey Shane, have you ever watched BB? Guess you’d rather ride with anybody rather than Alex. Wakeup dude, she’s playing the game and you and Dani are in a showmance! You don’t look very intelligent right now!


Watching Danielle and Shane’s live diary room is making me nauseous. She really doesn’t think she does anything wrong, and he is just stupid. Its time to split them so that we can get back to the game.


I am pissed, Danielle didn’t have a chance on this board, from the start she was labeled another Zakiyah, and when she got in a showmance that was it, but Nicole had a showmace both of her seasons, and it was so “cute”, and she played such a good game. Monte and the plastics are excused for what they say and do, but not the non whites, “the others”. Please tell me what they can do to be called a good player, not play the game? Sit back and let the cute white girls talk about them and send them home. And the way they labeled Justin a sexual predator is rediculous, and why was it so disrespectful to Morgan and not the other women in the room? Rant finished, although I have a lot more to get off my chest.


Love Scott’s diary room explains why Danielle deserves to go, please vote to get her out .


The late night crew really thinks America loves them. If you look at some of the polls on other sites you will see that is not the case. Shane just mentioned it in the DR. No Shane, you are on Jason’s side (for now anyway) and Jason’s fan base is voting for anyone on his side. I don’t understand why these people can’t figure this out.


Is kryssie delusional, the night crew is so self righteous and do no wrong. Are you freaking kidding me


Here goes Danielle leading the personal attacks again with the night crew against Monte. They are truly mean people and its just uncalled for.


But I guess it is ok because as stated above they are “non whites” and “others” (WTF ever I personally don’t like them for their game play or lack of and how they talk sh*t about others talking sh*t) But like everything everywhere it can only be because about race or sexual preference to be able to fit into the PC agenda.


Can we just talk bout Shelby’s live diary room, freaking hilarious. At first I wasn’t a fan of hers but I am now, I guess you could say she has grown on me. But that rap was on point, great job girl. Vote Danielle and create some entertainment for tomorrow night


If this season plays out the way I think it’s going to I can’t wait until the late night crew turns on each other.


I voted Danielle, after BB18 I’ve had enough showmances.


This is so lame. That side has been “in power” for 2 weeks and they’re not allowed to get anyone on Jason’s side out. This is beyond rigged for him to win.

And what has Monte actually done? From reading these updates he appears to have been vilified for being perhaps a tad boring and not as much of a degenerate as the backyard crew.


I see you don’t have the feeds. Monte is arrogant, narcissistic, and just an all around jerk. Sort of Paulie like. Maybe if we didn’t just endure all those weeks of Paulie on season 18, people wouldn’t be so gung ho about getting him out right now.