“She told me I was her ride or die.. Ohh thanks Hommie.. Never knew”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-08-22-006

11:58am Da’Vonne asking james for privacy in the HOH

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-04-07-087
11:58am HOH Da’Vonne and PAul
Paul – You alright Momma day
Da – I’m alright.. She’s starting
Paul – Starting what
Da – Campaigning..
Da – I’m not mad at anybody I saw the conversation happening.. Another week of that (Bridgette campaigning)

Paul – I could have put anybody up it would have been 10 times worse.. I’m not saying you are overreacting.. 100 times..
Paul – I’m trying to do something for the good and I’m the bad guy now.. I feel bad I don’t want to put people up I have to

Da – I understand.. If you and I were as tight for the past 3 weeks of helI I’ve been through.. I thought I would be the last option when were we so afraid of Natalie
Da bring sup last week Paul was verbally telling her targets were Bridgette, Nicole, natalie, Victor now it’s changed and she’s the pawn.
Paul arguing that his target is still BRidgette, goes on about needing someone to keep a cool head that he can trusts as the pawn.

Paul says if he had won the veto he would have left the noms the same.. “I can’t ask him not to use it.. Bridgette didn’t win that is what I wanted’”
Paul- I put Paulie up.. Paulie is a good friend of mine as well.. It’s not about just putting someone up it’s about putting on soon I trust uop..

Paul – Bridgette is the f*** target I don’t see any parallel universe where Bridgtte goes home unless people are fuciming lying to my face.. What Grandiose scheme could be happening that involves Bridgette.. What acvn this girl doto possibly sink her ship.. She has burnt all her bridges.. What Trick does she have in her hat..

Paul – I said it in my speech I needed someone that is confident that makes the week go smoothly..
Paul – straight up.. Michelle did volunteer.. But in my head.. I trust you..

Paul – Michelle is a very soft girl she threw an apple at me and cried..
Paul says he owes her one and will be the pawn if she needs one
Da’Vonne- I told you when I picked you I would never put you up and for you to turn around and put me up
Paul – you are working with me to get someone out.. I highly doubt everyone is lying to me.. I can’t see Bridgette doing any sort of campaign.
Da Vonne’ just saying YA YA YA YA through all this bullshit.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-55-16-604

12:05 cam Nicole and Paulie
Nicole about Da’Vonne “She’s so sketchy.. She’s so sketch.. I feel that she should be calm and be nice and those hugs …”

Corey joins them.
Paulie asks if Da’Vonne is going to flip out on her
Nicole is going to try and avoid Da all week.

Corey says James and Paul are worried Zakiyah and Michelle will put them up next week
Paulie says Z and Michelle will put him up
Nicole – they will not.. You know what is bizarre Michelle was going to sacrifice herself to not put Da’Vonne.. That’s loyalty right there..

Nicole says after that Hug from Da’Vonne she’s DunZo with her.
Nicole – Da told MEECH something about me over by the hammock
Paulie- oh ya.. Before the HOH competitions even happened.. Basically the same thing.. The fake Frank mentioned your name the fake Bridgette mentioned your name trying to piece you together with Frank
Nicole – I was wondering why those 3 girls were so chummy during the HOH
Paulie – after we threw out ideas to Paul he came to his own conclusion
Nicole says she wanted to Get Da out so it that’s what she’s using to say Nicole is working with Frank and Bridgette, Nicole won’t lie about it.

They count the votes, Paulie, Nicole, Corey, Victor, James and Natalie. Corey and Nicole want Michelle and Zakiyah to vote the other way.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-17-24-722
Nicole leaves..
Corey – once Da is gone we’re in a good position
Paulie- kinda coast..
Paulie – Michelle’s not a idiot she’ll put 2 and 2 together that’s where Nicole comes in

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-17-49-504

12:17pm a new Victor showmance is starting..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-30-32-110

12:30pm James, Corey and Paulie
James- meech came into the have not rooms.. Corey, Nicole and your man are always whispering together
James – watch yourself with the whispering..
James – me and Natalie we’re fighting.. Just annoyed.. The whole bed situations.. It’s no big deal

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-35-58-222
12:31pm Have nots Nicole, Zakiyah and MEECH
Zakiyah is saying she’s going to stick with wanting Bridgette out. For some reason Zakiyah is claiming that Bridgette betrayed her.
Zakiyah says Bridgette is more of a threat than Da’vonne
Michelle agrees.. .
Zakiyah – I feel that Paulie is cool with her..
Nicole – he wasn’t pushing it..
Zakiyah – He’s pushing like hardcore… let’s get Da out..

Michelle says she’ll vote Da out next week but this week they need to get Bridgette out
Zakiyah – the only person that will vote to keep Bridgette is Natalie…
Zakiyah says it’s Paul’s HOH they have to honour what he wants and he wants Bridgette out.
Nicole says she has every intention to vote out Bridgette.
Zakiyah tells Nicole that Da’s plan it to take Victor out than Natalie, she’s not after any of them. Nicole has heard Da’Vonne mentioned her and Corey, Nicole won’t tell from who.
Zakiyah – I know James and Paul want Bridgette out this week

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-36-23-228

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-41-00-040

Nicole leaves…

Michelle – do you think.. I think they all want her gone
Zakiyah – they do
Michelle – Are they going to do it
Zakiyah – Nicole, Corey and PAulie are going to try hard
Michelle – I know it sucks
Zakiyah – I feel it was PAulie that said that to her.. He said the same thing to me (Da’Vonne wanted Corey and Nciole out)
Michelle – she’s not coming after them.. It’s so annoying..
Zakiyah – they are believing everything..
They are both pissed at Nicole.
Michelle – I feel sorry for day
Zakiyah – nobody wants to feel like that.. They are going to look really damn silly once they look back on everything

Meech – last night on the hammock.. PAulie was like I just want to see how she acts.. Bullshit
Zakiyah – You don’t want to see how she acts you want her to go
MEECH – why lie about it
Meech – are you still close to him or are you growing apart
Zakiyah – I feel for him on a deeper level.. I feel things like this brings another Things out in our relationship.. I can see out differences..

Zakiyah thinks Frank is still affecting the game in the house, she’s blaming Frank on Da’Vonne going up.
Zakiyah – I don’t think Paulie will turn on me I still have to be garudreded..
Michelle – it’s Paul’s HOH..
Michelle – He’s (Paulie) no better than Frank trying to get into Paul’s ear..
Michelle says Corey, PAulie and Nicole are always whispering. Even Natalie and Victor are starting to notice it.
Michelle says Corey is sneaky a lot more sneak than she thought he would be.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-46-25-282

Paul asks the guys for them to please not make it a tie this week.

Paul goes over his conversation with Da’Vonne in the HOH
Paul says PAulie needs to stop giving information to Zakiyah .Paulie says he doesn’t
Paul – I don’t trust that girl…
Paul says they talk game around her and she’s picking up too much.

Paul says Michelle has loose lips. James tells him about Michelle spreading paranoia telling shining light on Nicole, Corey and Paulie whispering.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 12-58-58-351

12:59pm Da’Vonne and James Storage room
Da’Vonne- Please keep listening for me
James- I told paulie if anything changes to come talk to me as a game player.. So you’re good so far.. Not a 100%
Da’Vonne- why isn’t it 100% if everyone wanted her gone
James- hmmmm
Da’Vonne – you know what i’m saying it’s weird..
James fumbles around..
Da- I think Natalie thinks i’m mad at her cause all that laughing.. Please let her know
James- she’s not mad at you..
James starts to talk abou the bed incident last night as being the reason natalie is mad.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 13-14-00-096

1:06pm Paul and Nicole HOH
Nicole (the whiniest voice you can imagine) – whhhhhhhhyyyyyy areeeeeeeee theyyyyyyyyy protectingggggggggg DAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nicole is worried Zakiyah and Michelle will target her and Corey during the double.
Paul – Z will never do anything to me.. Beat me in a HOH or POV..

Paul says one of the reason he put Da’Vonne up is because Da was so confident going into the HOH..
Paul suspects that Da’Vonne threw the HOH comp.
Nicole points out that Da waited to throw her ball last.

Paul says after he wins the HOH Da’Vonne is up his butt, “the only person up my butt.. Pump the breaks hommie.. She told me I was her ride or die.. Ohh thanks.. Never knew”
Paul adds that as soon as noms come up doesn’t see Da’Vonne for 2-3 days. POV happens Paul goes back to Day being Paul’s best friend again.. He notes Da’vonne was the only one crawling around like a headless chicken
Nicole – she was mad Paulie won the POV ..
Paul – she threw Z’s name under the bus immediately.. Right off the bat..
Nicole – why doesn’t that bug Zakiyah..
Paul- never cared just keep that here.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 13-08-10-790
1:08pm James finds his crocs it’s frozen and marinated.
James- I declare war on the house.. It’s on
Victor is with him they are going to prank the house.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 13-23-43-237
1:16pm James gets his revenge.. Puts Natalie’s shoes in zip lock bags with water to freeze.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 13-36-05-267

1:37pm James continues to prank the house for his crocs.. (This one is Natalie’s makeup bag)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 13-40-39-094

1:41pm Natalie makes James Heat shaped toad in a hole. (one of my favorite special breakfasts 🙂 )
James thanks her..
James- this is goign to taste great.. it’s good..
Natalie – next time I make them they are going to be perfect.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 13-43-43-915
1:45pm Nicole – He’s such a dream

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 13-49-00-031

1:47pm Bridgette and Natalie
Natalie – I need to find my sneakers cause I’m f***g fat.
Bridgette – don’t say that about yourself.
Natalie – he stole my sneakers that’s a dfifferent ball game..

They are whispering about working together.. Bridgette says she’s going to fake be sad..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 13-48-11-035
Natalie is looking for her sneakers.. “Did you take them.. James Joseph Huling… WHERE’S JAMES I THINK HE HIDE MY SNEAKERS ”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 13-53-37-224

1:55pm 75yards worth…

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play like paqs bros


The final five’s gonna be PP, Bridgette, and Nicorey. This season got off to an okay start, got much worse real quick, and is clearly only going downhill from here.

Pinocchio Obama

This is the deepest I have ever gone into the gane without knowing who I am rooting for to win it all. At this point I think I want a newbie but I’m still unsure who.
I really like Natalie but her game is so weak it would be hard to justify her earning the win. As of now I think Bridgette is my favorite.


I see nothing wrong with that; they’re the only ones playing the game… why would I cheer anyone else on in this cast? Can’t call any of them likeable underdogs so yeah; I wanna See PP, Bridgette, Nic and Corey play each other right until the end! Da is doing some scheming but she isn’t likeable in my opinion so I don’t care if she goes… Big brother is supposed to be played this way… The house would be a disaster without them playing

Big Jim

Hopefully they’ll tell Da before the live show she’s going. Give her at least that

DaVonne's Braids Look Like Crap

Yes let’s make Thursday eviction as boring as possible Jim. Because we viewers really should worry about the house guests feelings.

Day laughed in the face of Tiff and others when they got evicted. Karma is real. She deserves and will get no sympathy on this board.

Bye Day. You will never be asked back on the show again. Thank god!


Let’s remember that it is a game and it’s not real life. There is no “karma” in the big brother house. Negative things might happen to people who behave negatively, but it’s not karma, it’s a direct reaction from the other houseguests.


I don’t believe in karma but I wouldn’t just put this under something that just happens in the house like a game move etc. Laughing at someone crying their eyes out is just cruel. Not needed in the game.


Perhaps. People who lie in BB may not lie in real life. But people who are catty and straight up mean, or make personal attacks in BB, do it in real life (AKA Paul, Michelle, Z, Da). So That kind of karma.


I dont think that playing big brother would get you any bad kama it just a game.

Your Boy

Hell no, I hope we see Da blindside!

Big Jim

Damn you all are vicious!

Not 2 Da

i want to see her face when she gets blind sided. See loved talking smack in her goodbye messages lets see how well she can take it.


No, she’s been so callous about Tiffany & Bridget getting clipped or being on the block. I don’t feel sorry for her. She’s just not very nice. Her good bye message to Frank was hateful.


Michelle exudes the personality of a wet sock.

Mister pickles

Leech makes me think of Jody Arias and Susan Smith.

Victor Gives Me Ladyboners

What did Michelle say (per Victor, 4:11pm) to James that pissed him off?


I live for this drama. The pranks, not so much….


I agree pranks are for little kids.


James needs to do what he can to force the tie or get Victor to flip.

Although in the short term, he’s better off not rocking the boat, in the long term Da’Vonne is a number for him.

Paulie, Paul and Corey say they trust James 100 percent — and they probably do — but they trust him because he is “loyal.” They view him as another Caleb or Matt Hoffmann, — a guy they can trust for his loyalty, but one who’ll get cut around F5 or F6.

If he’s going to make a move, it needs to be now.

Da’Vonne has a plan to get Victor, but will James turn on the boys and get Natalie to come with him?

I think he needs to lay low

I think James is gonna be just fine unless Mischelle or Z win HOH, which is very improbable and even if they win the probability of him going up is not that high…Normally Id say he needs to rally or he needs to win HOH…but James is not good in campaigning and if he wins HOH now and takes sb big out he ll be immediately the next coz he already on paper took out Frank….I rly do think we ll get every week probabyl sb blowing up their game so James can just lay low coz he doesnt have the skills to lead any opposition


James wont do anything at all in this game,,,he came for showmance and pranks, that`s it.

He`s no smart at all….what happens if DAY comes back??? He needs to tell her they want her gone, but she cant flip out and be gotta be smart and pretend like she does not know what going on…

I only hope is if Z and Michelle tries to do something and give Nicole,Corey,james and Natalia a wake up call…..

Franks fumes

Expecting James to do anything but follow his leaders commands is not gonna happen…face it he is a pleasant Moron.

sunny dee

i think james has seen enough of day to figure out that day’s loyalty is insincere, and she could flip on him as fast as she flipped on nicole. and all based on something a guy who didn’t want to risk being on the block says, who she was hanging on because she wanted to make sure bridget didn’t win so that she could put him on the block. regardless it was true, doesn’t mean that she isn’t so paranoid it doesn’t take 5 seconds for her to believe people she didn’t talk to/work with over trusting those she claimed to be working alongside.

except, as nicole knew full well, day was not working alongside her, or in any way. she had refused 2 alliances that included nicole, she was pretty ready to put anyone’s names in the hat regardless who was HOH, and spread lies and rumours, then when the people she’s been talking about finally find out, share stories, etc, turns out she’s actually surprised they want her out. ‘i have no one’ she keeps saying over and over, to the one or two people that she says is her ride or die, final two, lets go to the end together,


the only problem with this is Nicole and James flipped on Day first. Nicole went to Frank with everything and James backstabbed Da (btw if James had listened to Da and targeted Paulie, Nicole, Corey and Paul, instead of Frank and Bridgette he would be in a better place in the game right this minute.) . It would be easy to see your point if any of these people had shown anything that vaguely resembled loyalty. The fact is the only thing scary about Da is that she can expose the things that they have said, that everybody already knows and they don’t really listened to Da anyway.

Listen it is mute to target Da at this point because everything she could blow up is already known, she has absolutely no power and it is just a sign go weakness by players like Nicole or James who will end up in the jury house with nothing to really show for it except a stipend. this is just a weakness in character all around. I could respect this more if they targeted Victor who can easily win comps or if Paulie and Paul target Nicole so that they could better control Corey… this is just a wasted HoH week. Nicole and James are fools if they keep Bridgette over Da, because a blind and deaf person can see it is Paulie is running the house and Bridgette is another person they have control of… Nicole and James are two players I have no respect for.


Why? You reap what you sow!


I really want Nicole to leave next week


I hope she is fall-on-her-knees (lol) disappointed when it happens. Can’t stand people who start & keep crap going, and then get all paranoid about it. Whiny-a** weasel.


Da’s sense of entitlement makes me not care for her. It doesn’t serve her well.



Double D

CBS…Please let us pick care packages with bad twists for this group of people.

Min O'Pause

We may need to send Palsy a care package with Funginail and jock itch cream and yogurt with active cultures. And a brillo pad.


I really think imho that Care Package votes should go to Bridgette. Some say to give them to Michelle to put a target on her. That won’t work. The other girls are not jealous of her. It will send a message to Michelle and Z they are NOT liked. They already don’t like Bridgette so it won’t make a difference. Vote Bridgette!!!!!


No, don’t vote for Bridgette on this one, wait and vote for her to get #3 or #4, something with more power.
Have been voting for James in case he needs them to save Nat but have toyed with voting Vic, then the boys may get worried about Vic being liked more than them and target him instead of the girls.

Not 2 Da

We should be able to vote someone as a have not for the week and vote one person to wear a turd outfit.


I’m hoping that James and Natalie flip and keep Davonne. It’s a 4-4 tie and Paul freaks out and evicts Bridgette.

If he evicts Davonne, I hope she comes back and wins hoh, that would be exciting. Paulie Nicole and Corey need to go


I just hope ANYTHING happens other than exactly what PP have planned. Boring.


Why do they need to tell day she’s going? Why do they owe her that? She didn’t give two shits about Tiffany or frank ? Now it’s her turn.

Not 2 Da

She has not earned the respect. She thought it was so funny when other people were being voted out.


I hopes Z or meech finally wins one and puts up nicole and/or paulie paulette

Backseat Driver

Dream on…..


Nicole Paul and Paulie are worst then Da but she’s a billion times worse then the house if you listen to them. Ugh


Nicole’s game has become just like christine’s game

Nicole's fan club submission

If you’re a guy who likes to look up women’s nostrils, this pic must be a real bang.


Z is going to be Paulie’s downfall. Don’t know if she is passive aggressive or just plain stupid but she talks too much. Really shouldn’t be telling immature Meech as much as she does.

About to upset people

I hope they all leave Da one of those craptastic childish goodbye messages that she has been leaving everyone. Be sure to say something about her not winning a comp over 2 seasons.


At this point in the game if people are going to Jury(which I think Day is), it is not wise at all to leave nasty messages. You may need that person’s vote in the end

Powder Puff Girl

I hope they do not drop to her level! Paul will most likely leave a nasty he is on same level.


Let the show begin.

Unbattled Block

Nicole (the whiniest voice you can imagine) – whhhhhhhhyyyyyy areeeeeeeee theyyyyyyyyy protectingggggggggg DAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

LOL Just like on DR Interviews She probably followed it up with Butttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt and then an IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Donttttttttttttttttt Knooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Then the waterworks show

Bucket Head

Davonne wants privacy while talking? YET this same little biatch wouldn’t let Frank have 2 minutes to talk game. How the foot swells when wearing someone elses shoes eh. No sympathy when it was someone else. Bye Bye Miss Davonne. If ever someone deserves it.


Day having the round trip ticket and somebody with balls to nominate Paulie and Nicole winning the HOH will save the season.


I want to see Da voted out Thursday but, it would be a hoot if she has the round trip ticket.


I honestly do not understand why every ones likes James.

Linda C

Because he’s playing they game, but nice and not vicious…he always let’s someone know if they are over the top…

Mister pickles

These are the same people who loved Johnny Mac. GooGoo GaaGaa!?!?

Franks fumes

I don’t get the love for James either…its probably a southern demographic thing as that is a huge share of the viewership forBB same who loved Donny the nice guy dumbass from a couple seasons ago. Don’t get it at least vote for somebody that makes an effort to win.


Will they realize they need to “clip” Paulie and fast? Hopefully this thing with Da’Vonne will wake up Big meech (I couldn’t care less about Zakiyah) and they work with whoever is left. I’m hoping Bridgette remains just because I think she has a better shot at winning comps.
Could Michelle work with Bridgette? Michelle is just crazy enough to do it. If Bridgette could work with Michelle and Natalie is on board to target the Paul’s, then maybe I can be entertained. I fear the home stretch could be real boring and predictable though.

Side Show BoB

The hell you have been through the last couple weeks? Like the nasty goodbye messages you gave to people in the last couple weeks? No wait, that was Tiff and Frank.(cant even remember what she said to Vic if anything.) Like trying to fight for your life by trying to get someone to use the veto on you and have no one give you a minute to do so? Oh wait that was Frank. Like being bullied for the last couple weeks? Oh wait that was Bridgette wasn’t it.
I wonder where Paulie is to call her “an idiot” for trying to save herself. Like they made Frank well aware. “You are going home so don’t bother talking to any of us”. The alienation that they do to people bothers me. Crusty the Clown turning into the laughing Clown and now being the desperate Clown is pretty funny. As a gamer, she deserves it and that’s all I am going on….Her blown up Game.


I can’t stand Nicole, she’s is such a dumb B. Falling for a guy that don’t care for her and is gay. Backstabbing her friend when the boys ( cause they’re really no mans in the house) are using her and playing her for a sucker!!! Vote Bridgette out!!!

Corey's A$$hole

Tunnel? Is that what we’re calling me now? Hey Victor!!!


Zakiyah – I feel for him on a deeper level.. I feel things like this brings another Things out in our relationship.. I can see out differences..

Sooo, Zakiyah is deluded.


She IS delusional but she’s also shallow. Cares for him in a deeper level? They’ve not had one serious conversation. It’s all physical chemistry with NO emotional chemistry. Crickets.


Screw telling Day anything, she’s got a big mouth and she did this to her self. She stirred all the shit up with Tiffany & Frank and sat back and laughed about it acting all innocent.
Can’t stand her and will be happy to see her go.


I’m actually quite enjoying this season 🙂 Normally by this point I’m done with everyone. But I’m kind of enjoying the antics. I’m over Da, Zakiyah and MEECH….they can all go to hell. Nicole can go after all of them are gone. But this is fun! I love James getting his revenge and actually having a good time.


And now I want Toad in the Hole ^.^

Mister pickles

Me too.


I don’t know what that means and i’m scared to guess

Powder Puff Girl

Traditionally Toad in the Hole is sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding I grew up on it America’s version is eggs cooked in the centre of toast.


I wonder if that’s what my grandma use to make for me? Only she called it eggs in a basket 🙂


We used to call them One-eye Egyptians. Don’t know why; but regardless, they are delicious!!


Nicole is such a snake. Everyone talks about how much Zakiyah is jealous but they need to look at Nicole as well. She realized that she isn’t the prettiest girl in the house so she turns on the girls to gain the guys affection. Running to the boys every time the girls say something. I can’t wait until they send her behind out that door to talk to Julie with her whiny voice. Please BB don’t ever have her back on here again!!! I had such high hopes for her to this season.


I guess it’s my pipe dream, a dream that the female house guest could actually form and keep an alliance. Can you imagine teasing/ using the boys, and then voting them out? However, any human that bleeds for 5-6 days every month and it NEVER dies, could not be trusted. PLEASE CAST SOME REAL WOMEN!!!!! Someday final 5 will be a all female alliance, but not BB18, these girls are not mentally or physically strong enough. JULIE can we please have a all girl cast?


Can’t wait to see Davonne’s face when she gets evicted!…I hope someone leaves her a nasty goodbye message like the nasty goodbye messages she leaves…

Gordon Ramsey

How did Bridgette betray Z?

Mister pickles

Personally, I think Derrick and Nicole’s offspring would look like possums.


Z barely acknowledges Bridgette’s existence. Lol. There’s no way Bridgette could have “betrayed” her as you have to have at least some sort of relationship for that to happen. Z is extremely cold to Bridgette, now she’s just making stuff up for the sake of making stuff up.


She didn’t. Just more of Z and Michelle mean jealous antics.


Da probably has the ticket back so I am not getting too happy yet…I hope Z goes right after her than Michelle what have they done to talk s*it about anyone, they suck at everything in this game!!


Oh they gave Da the round trip ticket today. There was a random outside lock down for no reason. So they could pull the ole switch-a-roo.

Do you think they would implement this twist and not have it play out before Aug 8th when it expires?…hell no.


Zero reason to have a lockdown to switch it out. They could just as easily switch it one of the times she was in the DR.


They also need access to the individual who actually has it. So yes they need a lock down, to switch both cards.


I used to love paulie and Nicole but now they’ve become just as sure slimy as frank bridgette. I would LOVE to see them go


I was rooting for Da for the stay, not for the win, but at least for the stay. Oh that kid has much to learn, like don’t write a check that your a** can’t cash. In short, you can’t be a player if you can’t win a comp.


… interesting week indeed
Day is pretty much a goner unless she rally up troops like a James & Natalie michelle and have maxi-z on the side possibly get victor to flip but that’s a long shot because he still thinks he’s in with boys and the only way you can get him to flip is to tell him the truth form a alliance with him he’s good at mental and physical comps and include James and Natalie and Michelle because she wants bridgette out anyways have a meeting share information but the overall problem is victor will tell his daddy (paulie)about the whole plan which could blow up in her face and day can’t keep her mouth shut for nothing and her paranoia will get the best of her and causing her to lose potential allies along the way and if the votes flip in day’s favor king paulie won’t be to happy.
James – he needs to listen to Natalie more after frank left he realized he was a bottom of the totem pole which is to little , to late you could’ve made a deal with Frank and he wasn’t coming after you what you could do now to make it further instead of 7th place is team up with day get michelle on board and rally other people to get rid of paulie but since he’s a comp beast you would have to backdoor him but that wouldn’t happen because James is pussy and only listens to paulie .
Victor – he’s good for right now but as soon they have the chance they’ll get rid of him like nobody’s business I think what would help his game and go further is day of all people if they manage to flip the vote he gains a new ally per say and have michelle James & Natalie you can say because idk james and victor don’t get along take paulie out because he’s the only person who could beat paulie at any comp out there.
Paul – I can’t wait till you get evicted oh happy days
Michelle – no comment
Maxi-z – just sit there and look pretty
Con corleone – you better watch your back cause if day manages to stay and flip the vote or she has the round trip ticket your days are going to be numbered as your demise starts to happens
Ratcole – your playing christine’s game ratting everyone out you’ll go far just to get evicted again.
Bridgette – I wouldn’t get to comfortable because you could easily go home this week .
Corey – suprisingly hasn’t annoyed me enough this week unlike most people .
Natalie – I feel like she didn’t need to get the first prize anybody else could of got it and is one of the deciding votes so it’s good to be on her good side and even though she’s a good floater and can stay longer than most of these people and is my favorite houseguest so there’s that.


I just want to say one thing- I CAN’T STAND NICOLE!!!! UGHHH

John Nance

Paul nominating Da is the worst move in Big Brother History. If Da gets evicted and does not get the round trip ticket, Paul days are limited. Do you really think that there “All boys alliance gets to the end that Paulie would ever vote to evict Corey over Paul. Do you really think that Corey will ever nominate Nicole if not taken out by somebody else. No he wouldn’t. Paul is for sure not going to win Big Brother. Da is the only one that has enough sense to get rid of the Duos. Paul is even more of a restart for trusting Paulie, a person that is willing to drop a women that he is cuddling with at night. We will see what happens at the end of the day, James is a coward, Corey and Nicole are sneaky as hell, and Paulie is not too far from frank. What I learned this week is that you can’t practice your religion without being suspected as being sneaky (WTF). And that you can never count on the people that you helped out the most.

Judd's granny

And you can’t make a chicken without breaking a few eggs. Right Dirk?

John Nance

Yeah but its bland af without some seasoning, and that seasoning is Da’Vonne. Right Dirk?


This season they seem to only show 2 or 3 goodbye message. Da’s to me and other people watching I know thought it was funny. People talk horrible about her but her and Natalie to me haven’t talked too horrible about people. Don’t get me wrong she talks about people but not that bad. The boys are mean to talk about Natalie boobs and stuff when she haven’t done anything to anyone. Z, Michelle, Nicole, and Bridgette all talk bad about each other. To me this season sucks bad, Simon and Dawg have to listen to this fullishness all day. I hope Da stay for the action she can bring and save this season. If not It will be the end for me. I can’t take another season where everyone is scared to play and wanna “go with the house” grow a pair or go home!!

Fuzzy Num Num

Da being served the same dish she has cooked for others! Love, love, love it! I hope it’s a tie vote. So that Capt Caveman has to piss her off. Or Bridge. Either way. I just want them all upset. Then I want whoever gets evicted to have the round trip. And if it’s Cabage a patch, I want her to get the care package next week. ( I don’t always dream of big brother, but when I do…) I also want Max-Z to to get a clue and go boiling bunny on Not-Cody. I bet big ol Meeh will be down for that. Yeah, good times.


I am frustrated! Why is no one putting Nicole up she flips every few minutes on everyone and she WHINES like crazy. Paul should have placed Nicole up and not DA. She is one of the ones that could vote the duos out


Wish it was Nicole Z or Michelle up there!

Team HouseAnts

Natalie now thinks she can win AFP and thinks everyone loves her because she got the first care package. So now she walks around with her spoon and says “America” with that annoying fake I’m a 11 yr old cheerleader tone. Playing up to the cameras all day. Pathetic.

Oh and heres a hint. We never liked James lame pranks and you doing them also isn’t gaining you any points.


“wouldn’t mind less estrogen..” Gee victor and you wonder why Natalie called you out on your disrespect to women. And Paulie saying because Natalie doesn’t give bj’s she is useless? I’m sick of this seasons men. A bunch of troglodytes.


Watching Bridgette and how she has turned her game in that House is really impressive. Is it all intentional or just strategy to have people in that House who hated her now appreciate her? I dont know but if it is thumps up for her. She needs to keep laying low for the next few days, I dont believe for one moment that Bridgette has forgiven Paulie/Paul in how they got Frank out…but I think she is also way smarter than people give her credit for. Bridgette needs to wait for the right moment and it would not shock me to see her win an HOH and put up Paulie/Paul. If she makes it to F4 she has a great chance to win it all


Bridgette can’t make F4 by going after P and P. But she can make F5 by rolling with Paulie and Corey. Paul wants F3 to be P, P , Corey. Paulie wants F3 to be Paulie, either Paul or Corey, and a female goat, either Bridgette or Nicole. Following his brother. Corey might go with F3 of Corey, and 2 female goats. So, no . She should not screw up her game to make you happy. BTW , what do you call a female goat? Any farmers here?

Powder Puff Girl

I am hoping she wins HOH puts up Paul and James (she can say to Paul I need someone that I trust to go up) then backdoors Paulie! I cannot see anyone else making this move right now.


I think she’s smart, too. Poor Bronte just struggled with her social game. As Natalie said, she was “Mad Smart” lol. Those three could have done well if they’d privately stuck together instead of going “all in” with James & Frank.

Pinocchio Hillary

Corey ” You can come in my tunnel for free” hahaaa Your Boy needs to come ALL the way out of the closet. Crazy obvious lol


JoJo’s body is insane. She isn’t that pretty…she’s average face but her body makes the world go round.

Bachelorette seems great compared to these BB feeds of this crap cast. There has been a few bad seasons but anyone being honest will say this is by far the worst. Don’t even try to say different as I know some self righteous fool will do:-)


We need someone with evil Dick’s personality in the house stank ass Paulie would be gone,the bastard. Z you are going to feel horrible when you watch yourself after the show is over.


Can someone please tell me what Michelle said to James that is bothering him?


I am wondering that also.

Only can wish

I’m so over these HGS… They need to STHU, OBSERVE, LISTEN and PLAY THE GAME. They talk too much!!! MICHELLE is on to Nicole, Corey and Paulie , but she is telling Z info that includes PAULIE, who gets info from Z about her wanting to keep DA, who then runs to JAMES to get info about who NATALIE is going to vote for, who is cheering for BRIDGET, who is now talking to NICOLE, who is relaying all the info to PAUL, PAULIE and COREY. If you notice nobody is really talking game to Victor. He is in La La land. He’s just taking up space right now. The guys are just using him for a vote and comp, if needed. All the info is getting back to Paulie, Paul and Corey. Thats your Final 3. That’s the way it’s going. SMDH