Paulie “At this game I do not slip but at 3am last night America saw who’s n!p?!”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 17-11-37-583

5pm In the kitchen – Corey, Nicole, Paulie, Vic, Bridgette, Paul, Z, Da and Natalie are hanging out chatting about random thing. Paul and Natalie play the who can make who laugh first. Paul tells Natalie I’m going to super glue your eyes shut and spit in your ears. Natalie says I’m going to feed you catfish and sugar. Paul whispers in Z ear. Then Z says to Paulie I’m going to rip your stupid c**k off and glue it to your forehead. Paulie then makes a loud noise and this face:

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 17-16-47-750

Z tells Paulie I’m going to cut off your Italian sausage and put it in my spaghetti and meat balls. Paulie says I’m going to rip those pretty little lips off you and wear them as a c**k ring. Natalie says this game is amazing! Paulie says at this game I do not slip but at 3am last night America saw who’s n!p?! Z says I bet you can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Paulie says I’m going to take a scented candle and drip in down your chest. Z starts laughing and Paulie wins.

5:35pm Natalie and Nicole in the hot tub. They compare stories on how annoying Vic is. Natalie says I honestly think that he started liking you and now that he’s seen you with Corey, he’s jealous.

Meanwhile in the kitchen – Vic is annoying people with the spatula trying to go as close to their faces as he can without touching them.

6:10pm – 6:20pm Nicole and Paul talk about how annoying Vic is. Paul says the next time you want to annoy him when he says something .. tell him “You don’t know that!” He gets so pissed. Paul goes into the kitchen and tries some of Vic’s nuts. Nicole joins them and complains that Vic didn’t cook all the burgers. Vic says just burnt the nuts talking to them. Paul says you don’t know that!? Vic gets annoyed saying that he can see that he burnt them. Nicole says you don’t know that! (lol)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 18-09-28-252

6:20pm – 6:30pm Bathroom – Da and Z – Da says that Paulie hasn’t talked to me since the ceremony… but he has been laughing and joking with Bridgette. Z says I would go to him and ask where’s you head at. Da says I’m just trying to think of what I did to make them flip. Z says I feel like I would go to him and asks him what’s up? Da says I’m trying not to read into it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 18-22-00-789

Da talks to the camera and says that she’s going to take a nap so that she can be up all night too. Da says I think he thinks he is running this house .. and he probably is .. but I don’t kiss nobody’s a$$. What if there is nothing to fight and I am perfectly safe. And that he did put me on the block That’s what you don’t know about this house. Late night is when all the milk is spilt so I’m going to take a nap and then mix and mingle.

6:45pm – 7:05pm Z, Bridgette and Nicole plan out pranks to pull on James. Their pranks are 3rd grade level. The first prank they plan to pull is to wait until he’s deep asleep. They’re going to put baby powder in his hair and then spray it with hair spray. Bridgette says the other one they should do is put glitter on his deodorant so that he has glitter pits.

Paul and Paulie get into the hammock. Vic says its his turn and climbs on top tipping them all off. Vic then starts spraying Natalie with the hose. Big Brother tells him to conserve water due to the drought. Vic says he’s bored and can’t do sh*t in the house. Paul pleads with Paulie and Z to keep saying “You don’t know that” to Vic when ever he says something factual.

In the bedroom – Corey tells Michelle about how he was sitting in the kitchen and Vic came by and threw out all the havenot trail mix sitting on the kitchen table. Corey asked him why he did that and Vic said if you leave it out I’m going to throw it out. Corey tells Michelle that if Vic is ever a havenot, I’m going to f**k with him so much.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 19-13-17-057

8pm – 8:15pm James and Natalie are laying in the hammock. Natalie tells James about how in the kitchen they were saying James was the one that brought the bag of marshmallows out into the backyard. Natalie says it was Paul that brought them out here but he was too drunk to remember. Natalie says defended James and said it wasn’t him. James says and it was Michelle that ripped the bag. I’m going to call them out. I’m going to squash that. Natalie says its freaking marshmallows, get over it! GO request some more. Natalie says everyone in here is so fake. It should be called fake brother. These people better watch out if Bridgette wins HOH. I’ll put in a good word for you. James says she’s joked 3 times about putting me up because I put her up. Natalie says I’ll make sure she doesn’t. If she wins, I’ll tell her everything.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 19-57-07-808

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Captain Crunch

#1) I have a feeling if Bridgette stays and win HOH she’ll just follow Paulie’s lead and do what he says.

#2) I wish we could vote for the same people to get the packages b/c honestly the majority of the house doesn’t deserve a care package.

#3) I see Nicole time ending like it did in her season, trusting the boys alliance and then they turn on her and she starts crying wondering why when all the signs were there.


A female goat is called a nanny. That’s why Fran Drescher sounded like a goat when she laughed on that show The Nanny.


FYI you don’t know that.




has anyone noticed? before his his first eviction, Vic was always in and out of the kitchen’s and storage room’s fridge and cooking the hell out their food supplies. it’s nice to see that he is cooking for everyone but damn, this guy comes back and now he is grabbing everything he can get his hands on to cook. lol…this dude is making 5 pizzas at once, rice, potatoes, chicken, pasta, bacon, eggs in one cooking setting…. Vic is cooking like he’s on an episode of iron chef on the food network.

Count Chocula

I would love to see Bridgette win, align with the girls and put Paulie and Victor on the block. That would be epic.

Powder Puff Girl

I am hoping Bridgette is just gaining Paulie’s confidence then “clips” him. Hopefully she will win HOH put up James and Michelle or Z or Paul, then backdoors Paulie. She has to stick to him right now as no one else is coming to her with an alliance. Da, Z, Michelle want her out she has no choice but stick with him to stay in the game. She is playing well right now she just needs to do more intel.


Bridgette is still smothered in Frank voodoo. Before he left, he told Bridgette to trust only Paulie. She will be evicted by Frank’s advice. Paulie will use her (like Max-Z, Nicole) & then vote her out. She can win comps so her time in the house is going to be short. Paulie intends to go to F2 with Max-Z. No one will vote for her.
Only hope is that crazy Paul wakes up & sees that Paulie is a huge threat. That crazy loon would really shake things up if he got mad at Paulie.
ACP2 is a waste. Voting for James to win ACP3 – Safe Week.


Right now paulie is the only one really coming to her and talking game. Paul does sometimes (to cover his butt) and Vic kinda sorta does. So that’s really all she has right now. I think if she wins hoh she’ll go after the people that Frank told her to go after.


I wish Frank would have told Brig to stick with Paulie long enough to gain trust, then get him out. Paulie will win that big check unless someone starts some dialog.


Really? The same Bridgette who moans incessantly about being ‘bullied’? She will do no such thing. IF she wins, she’ll put two girls up (or whomever Paulie chooses). Most of the girls spend too much time mired in bs instead of strategizing or even noticing that the guys don’t even attempt to hide their alliance. They are just that comfortable with it.

Paulie won already

Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that all of the houseguests would vote however Paulie wants them to if they win HOH next week. I think Nicole, Corey, Vic, James and Zakiyah (in the unlikely event she could win it) would unquestioningly put up whoever he wants. Bridgette would because she has not much other choice and she has said the girls would be her targets.
I think there is a tiny tiny really small chance the Michelle or Natalie might not, but Natalie would probably do whatever James said, which is whatever Paulie wants.
Michelle would put up Bridgette and not sure, maybe Natalie, but not Paul or Paulie.
This is all assuming Da’Vonne goes home.
This is why, even though I am not unduly fond of Da, I want her to either not be voted out or to get the round trip ticket, and also why I am casting all my votes for Care Package at least until I see who the HOH winner will be. If she is not voted out and wins HOH I think she would put up Nicole and Bridgette so this is not much of an improvement over any of the other choices. If she IS voted out and comes back in, she would be guns blazing and JUST MIGHT put up Paulie. Paulie and Nicole, because she just can’t let go of that Nicole thing. If she has the eliminate two votes thing, she could cancel two votes to take Paulie off the block.
Is there a flaw in my logic anywhere?

Only can wish

I agree with you on the last part. Paulie would throw Nicole under the bus, roll over her, back up over her, pick her a$$ up and do it all over again. He’s the type that would do ANYTHING to make it to the end. He’s in competition with his brother. He’s got to prove himself.

Never Cared

I can’t wait for this dipsh**’s reign is over



Uncle Teddy

Never cared

Thank You

I can’t like this enough.






It would be great if nicole is voted out after day and she’s stuck in the jury with her for a week alone


is the jury starting yet? i think we got at least one more eviction to jury (more likely it’s two more evictions). i realize they’ve had a nine person jury since season 14, but such a large jury has been a bit bloated. they also usually like to start with a double eviction so that the 1st juror isn’t completely alone, and they haven’t announced anything yet.


I think so too. I think next week will start jury due to the battle back. Julie always says when it’s starting and she hasn’t said it yet.

Justin beaver

I think Coach Corey is running this game and letting Paulie take the heat. I also think he got Nicole to let him in the backdoor. Cue the Michigan jokes.


I swear this is bb16 Derrick:Paulie Victoria:Zakiyah Christine:Nicole Zach: Paul but more cocky Cody:Corey even dumber James:Caleb oh no another bad season

Go Dolphins

Who’s Frankie lol

Tiny trump hands


Stinky Fingers

Corey is Frankie as well, they are both gay and annoying

sunny dee

can’t nicole be nicole? seems like she’s making the same mistakes, and will end up scrambling because she thought she was part of something bigger, and then they take out Corey (hayden) and meanwhile Michelle (Christine) backstabs her in a double evict.

only works if Nicole has the return ticket tho 🙂


Still praying for Day!!! Ratcole, I hope they boo your ass when you get evicted…just like they did to Christine!!

No Name

Michelle will be the one to get booed if anyone gets booed.

And I hope it crushes her.

Vet Purge

Dump Da’Vonne then James and Nicole.

If these girls don’t team up now they are all dunzo.


Z is a teacher? She will most likely be an unemployable one after this.

Jealous much?!?

What an awesome role model for young girls…


I want to see da voted out. Then come right back in and work with Bridget. That would be fun. And get Z and M on the block

Howard's gonna rape me

My dog starts barking when Nicole whines. Then he runs to the door and rings the bell to go out.


Nicole really does need to get those nostrils opened up. Not being mean but it is a minor procedure. Just a few stitches inside the nose after some tissue removal. Would help her nasal twang too.

Only can wish

I wonder does she snores? She seriously look like she has a hard time breathing. It is funny though, seeing her snot-locker with those glasses on, all she needs is the mustache.


huh,,, oops sorry i must have fallen asleep. Is BB season 18 still going?

What a borefest.


Is it Thursday yet? Da wondering what she did for the house to flip. She can’t be that oblivious. Damn she acting like she had some damn near perfect game that should not be questioned. Da game or lack there of reeks. Da campaigning late to night y’all. Watch out. She going have her BBF James the wuss in some late night convos. Y’all we going have the rest of brooding minions do her campaigning here tonight. Da this is your week to go. This better be a complete blindside Thursday or just tell her she’s going now. We need the drama. The feeds are boring without Frank. Da this is your week. Bye.


you know how exiting this season is? when Frank got home after being evicted, instead of catching up on the BBseason, he IG a photo of him and his girlfriend catching up on game of thrones. even Frank is not interested what the hell is going on in the house.


Maybe his girlfriend wants to forget about those week her boyfriend emotionally cheated on her with that girl on that TV show.


Yes to Da leaving no to Frank as America;s Player.

Not 2 Da

I love Da being on the block. She will be going off soon. Tick Tick Tick BOOM!


And Nicole’s incessant whining is not annoying?
Zakiyah changing her kotex in front of the whole world and putting her hands in the communal bowl of chips is not annoying?
Michelle, jealous, mean, vindictive
Corey leading zakiyah on
All these things are annoying.
I hope Da’vonne blows up everyone’s game and gets the comeback card. Then I hope she wins HOH and puts Paulie and Corey on the block. Bunch of assholes.


Hahaa hope you feel better. I do just reading your post.

Here at home

This season I wanted it to be newbies but when I found out that Frank, Nicole, James and even Da’vonne were returning, I changed my mind. Logically, they should have bonded together and skated through but no, somehow that just didn’t happen. Frank went alpha male and got evicted. Da’vonne can’t keep quiet (especially about breaking up the couples) and Nicole is helplessly relying on what the guys want. My only hope is James who is playing under the radar.

Any predictions on America’s Favourite Player? Right now I’d bet James.


Right now I sat Bridgette but it will depend on how long she lasts. The AF winner will be someone who lasts long into the game and makes at least one big move.

Backseat Driver

AFP should not be James……he’s wrapped up in a showmance which will go bust as soon as they turn off the cameras on the final night…..he’s got NO gameplay to call his own…..very disappointed in him this season. I know there are fans of James who don’t agree but he’s floating from my viewpoint.


Atleast Day is going to step up her social game, she is teetering on the truth (Paulie running the house and wanting her out) but isn’t sure.
This season started out great and it went to shit.

Let’s hope the turning point is Thursday night with that round trip ticket.

Does Z and Michelle really hate Bridgette?

I don’t get all the hate that Bridgette is getting from Z and Michelle. I read somewhere that Michelle heard something about her eyebrows? As for Z… I don’t know. But yes, I just don’t get it. I don’t think Bridgette is mean. I mean, she aligned herself with Frank but I don’t think she was ever mean.


I don’t remember the whole conversation but very early on I think even before Josea was evicted that crew was sitting by the pool. Bridgette said something like knocking Michelle out, resuscitating her and then something about shaving off her eyebrows while she was passed out. Apparently Michelle had passed out before the show started airing so it was not funny. And yes, it was mean. But I don’t think she is truly a mean person, she just got carried away and wanted to fit in with the others at the time. And I commend her for confronting Michelle in the bathroom and trying to mend fences, that took guts.


I think Paul made those comments about michelle but I’m not sure


Nvm Paul made the comment about Michelle looking like buzz lightyear


It actually was Tiffany that Bridgette was talking about… She said that she would resuscitate TIFFANY and then shave off her eyebrows….. Then because Big Meech feinted…. when it got to Meech….Meech took it as if Bridgette was talking about her. It was all twisted down the grapevine. The reason Bridgette does not remember saying that about Meech is because she was talking about Tiffany. this is how things in the BB house get twisted. It was such an insignificant comment that Bridgette never remembers saying, because it wasn’t that important.

Powder Puff Girl

There is a post on Reddit about bulling Bridgette – It is a detailed timestamped list .. the links have been posted on this site before..The following eyebrow transcript (about Tiffany not Michelle) was included in the post. There is also a video of the incident which reads better due to facial, body language.

The original Bridgette Eyebrow Conversation (June 27 at 12:20 am)
[Zak enters the scene in the backyard with Messiah, Bridgette and Bronte]
Messiah: They sent Tiffany out here to listen to us
[Small talk about the crowd in the kitchen making pizza and Zak is there mentioning she’s sleepy]
Messiah: [James is] giving me weird eyes. [He goes on for a bit about James looking at him and them sending Tiffany out to spy. Paul comes out to the group and they fill him in…]
Messiah: [Tiff] got caught off guard because Natalie went to talk to her.
Paul: Look at my eyes. I f–kin hate that girl so much. If she died right now… [The group is caught off guard but laughs except for Messiah] That is how much I hate her. I f–kin hate her.
Bridgette: I’d resuscitate her. Then I’d shave her [makes motion to eyebrow] … noooo
Paul: I’d shave both and glue them on…
For some reason Zak told Michelle this convo was about Michelle


In a word…JEALOUSY plain and simple…mean girls are usually mean girls because of insecurities and jealousy.

Another Anonymous

Everybody keeps talking about the mean girls (and they ARE disgustingly mean), but Paulie, Paul, and Corey are every bit as brutal in they way that they talk about the women behind their backs.


“Never cared.” I seriously have never even slapped a person but that boy needs a punch in the throat!


Mean no. Just annoying.

Not 2 Da

Is it weird that I hated Frank but love Bridgette?


Ugh.. I don’t want davonne to go. But she has to kno her mouth is the issue. I see this a season going the exact way as season 16. Paulie and paul will drag Bridget to the finals like Victoria and cut her end game. I’m over This season. They are playing safe. No big moves. No fights. I miss the old seasons… Evil dick and kaysar!!!!$

sunny dee

people seem to forget that victoria didn’t win comps, so that means that Zak is the new victoria, no one else. Bridget is more of a Danielle, tucked under the wing of a vet who may not have used her to betray her at the ending, but still recognized that she could win stuff and that is a better partner to have than someone you are just dragging along. that’s what i don’t get about the stronger guys, it would be far better to pair with a stronger (but smart) female, because a lot of the time other guys dont’ see the women as threatening in any way. (note how often they assume that the women are better at mental, and not physical, and yet girls have won physicals, and guys winning mental lol)

most people assume that cuz she is a fan, michelle is more likely to win the next mental comp. as it is, no one seems to be studying anything, so no idea who might even be close. james rarely is, he never studies, from what i remember, tho maybe he started this year, or at least runs thru it with natalie who doesn’t know it is important, and he wouldnt’ want to risk her safety

anyway, be happy to see day go home. at the beginning of the game you can’t alienate 90% of the house, smear the ones that you could have been working with, and expect there won’t be backlash).


I hope da comes back and win hoh. I wish she stop telling James shit,he is so naive. I miss rachel and Janelle these girls are weak..Nicole is the annoying one in the house but her day is coming


I’m really not trying to be mean but as purely an observation. Paul did look like Hitler last night in the pool. It’s the hairdo I guess.


wish they could bring back frank tiff and bronte to replace bridge meech and victor it would be far more entertaining to watch


Does Davonne read her bible every day or just when she’s on the block so that the others will think she’s a good Christian and won’t vote her out?


For a person who says she doesn’t like victor much. Natalie sure has his name in her mouth a lot.
Why does Paul want to gaslight victor?
I thought he was his friend.


Victor could have Nat anytime he wanted
her, But then so could most any man. Lost
all respect for her. She appears to love to listen
to Paul’s dirty serxual chatter.

Nat Nat's FT's

Please someone, ANYONE get a freaking clue and put the Pee Pee’s up on the block together. I want to see how that “friendship” and ” never cared” works in a situation like that…

Stinky Fingers

Paulie looks like a Jersey Shore reject, He is the type of guy every girl judges other guys on, he uses woman and then discards them with no regards. I know in the house you have to do things you wouldn’t normally do, but I have a feeling Paulie really is douche hat in real life. Would love to see him and corey go.


Nicole’s playing her season 16 game again. Trusting the boys and hanging into their words. Just to be put out .. Which is feet cause her voice is grating on my last nerve


imo this bb season had great potential but has quickly become downright unwatchable.. feels much more like a bad season of the real world..


I’m hoping Michelle reaches the conclusion that Paulie is in control. Then she needs to be able to work with Bridgette. I think it could work. I think Michelle and Bridgette are the only ones able to go after Paulie.


Bridgette Natalie and James should overthrow the annoying PP’s. Get rid of Paul first that leaves Paulie more vulnerable. Clip them asap! Morons

Powder Puff Girl

If they could work together, they would past the sniff test as no one would suspect them working together. Jealous Michelle is short sighted cannot see it happening.


Yep in big brother your enemy is your best secret alliance. Michelle’s too dumb and jealous to see it. Superfan? Nah


I see Michelle is starting to realize that the guys are tighter than the girls and looking to dump them soon. Is it enough for her to work past her issues with Bridgette? It’s my hope because I don’t see anyone else in the house going after Paulie. I fear the final stretch could end up just like season 16. I’m hoping whoever goes home this week returns because the guys may have tipped enough of their hand for some of the girls to be able to work together. Part of Da’Vonne’s problem is she’s not a bridge builder.


Ugh! So sick of Paulie and the way he degrades Zakiyah, and I think she is slowly going to realize that he’s the head of the snake! Come on, house guests, get your heads out of his ass and get him out of the house or else that 500K is his!


Z is degrading herself on her own LOL

Shelli's Chompers

The game where they say something “funny” to see who laughs first? No. Game’s dumber than pot ball or whatever it was called.


I like a man with a hardy appetite.
Victor has a lot of energy and he’s bored.
He also works out and needs to refuel.

Tiny bubbles

I wonder what Da’vonne is going to do.
She needs to come up with something pretty quick. Why isn’t that stupid James helping her out?
They messed up when they got rid of Frank. Ha ha . oh well.


this is a wasted week. It is a sure sign go weakness and sheepish characters. Look at the person being targeted…. Da’Vonne. What a huge target. She can not win a physical challenge, she can not win a mental challenge and her only hope is a dumb luck challenge. What a frightening person to keep in the game. Who’s game can she blow up??? nobody’s at this point because no one really listens to her (btw James should have listened to her and targeted Paulie as one of the couples, but James at the core of who he is… he is weak and go’s with the easiest path and that was breaking his deal with Bridegette.).

I could respect Paul if he targeted Vic, because he is obviously a comp beast or if he targeted Nicole as a backdoor because then he could say that he was freeing up Corey’s game. Targeting Da’Vonne a woman who can’t win, that no body listens too and Bridgette that is all alone… weakness. People need to wake up and evict Bridgette because she is just a number for Paulie, that he feels he can beat and control…. or they will voted out. I really have no respect for most of them as players I think that they are weak people being run by Paulie. They need to realize if they want to win they have to vote out Bridgette and take out Paulie if they have a chance or they will lose.

Oh well, another weak week. I hope next HoH brings a power flip.


This is BB16 all over again its not even the good parts of that season .
Paulie = Derrick
Jozea = frankie (barf)
James = caleb
Frank= devin
Paul= zack
Corey = hayden
Michelle = Christine
Bridgette = victoria
Maxi-z = paola
Day = jocasta
Bronte = joey
Gleen = donny
Nicole = Nicole
Tiff= brittany
Victor = cody
Natalie = amber maybe ???


This observation gets made about twelve times a week.

sunny dee

who was Paola?

otherwise good lineup, tho Victoria = Natalie unless you make it Zak, Bridgette then becomes Amber. Amber could win things, or come close. Victoria never, just like Zakiyah.

Bon voyage

They should give the house a dog and some games to play. Anything to cut the monotony. The game is always boring this time of the week. They’ll be stuck on Repeat until Thursday.


these people should try some self awareness. Complaining about how others act when they are on the block. Then let them start reaping they sow and they start acting 10 times worse. Da wants to know where she went wrong Just like the rest of them. Hey. Let’s vote out the biggest target in the house. What happens then. If you can’t create another target then you just might become it. It’s not rocket science.


I’m glad to see Bridget and Natalie having fun together & being friends. More entertaining than watching those girls pop those boys’ zits. GROSS. I can potentially see Natalie having influence to bring her into the “James/Natalie” alliance (alliance is a strong word). But outside of that slim chance, work your game, Paulie. He’s either acting like a tool or he IS a tool… But he’s playing the game! And has the rest of them playing his game.

Let me see Bridget & Natalie pull fly under the radar long enough to get some power (long shot) & take a shot at PP, and they will get some respect in this over grown sorority house. Clip ’em. Sorry not sorry. Never cared.


Is Paulie still final 2 with Corey? Or is his new ride or die Paul? Hard to tell.


I can’t tell either. I wonder if he switched to Paul because #1 he’s easier to manipulate #2 he’s such a loud mouthed moron it takes some attention off of him. Whereas Cory is low key, doesn’t ruffle feathers, is not going to do Paulie’s dirty work. Doesn’t win comps lol. Seems like he switched to Paul and started morphing into him. I also wonder if they all haven’t quite decided. I know Paul thinks he has a definite final 2 with Paulie; Cory may be waiting to see how it pans out whether he goes final 2 with Paulie or Nicolle.


I wish Bridgette was leaving. Sick of that kid.

Don Ho

I love how Vic wants Nat out lols. He wants her in jury because he knows he will be in jury to before James. I feel bad for the guy. I larfed out loud with the spatula in everyone’s face hahaha. How annoying can you get. Then BB tut tuts him for the water shortage BAHAHAHA. (yes I know ban on watering blah blah it was funny! ) He climbs on the hammock and tips it over….dying!…omg this guy is a total turd some times. Its his turn to be shunned lolololol.


Glenn for America’s Favorite Player!