“People are sitting real comfortable.. Having drinks cracking jokes never been on the block”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Paulie used the Power of Veto on himself. Paul Nominated Da’Vonne as the replacement nomination.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 10-41-16-088

10:03am Nicole and Zakiyah cam 3-4
Nicole – “He is the cutest boy.. Look at him.. Look at him dying he gets cuter and cuter by the day… “

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 10-14-57-720
10:15am BIG meech working on her tan while Natalie runs laps in the background.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 10-28-42-805
10:24am Paul and Da’Vonne
Paul is telling Da’Vonne she’s going up he’s needs a pawn that will keep her cool to make sure BRidgette goes home. (Total BS)
Da – What happened when you asked Zakiyah
Paul explains that Michelle said i’ll do it If I have to I don’t want to be next to Bridgette.. They both said they would do it if they have to I would feel the most confident that you won’t panic and freak out.. I haven’t 100% made my decisions..
Da’Vonne- isn’t it almost show time
Paul – just trust your boy..
Paul – love you momma day
Da’Vonne love you too
Paul leaves..

Da’Vonne – GAme on.. Game on..
Da’Vonne – I think time for me to win HOH and let Vic know what these boys really think of him
Da – Time to shake the game up .. People are sitting real comfortable.. Having drinks cracking jokes never been on the block”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 10-15-34-728

10:25am This is still going on….

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 10-36-07-451
10:29am James and Michelle
Michelle says Da’Vonne is getting set up as a backdoor. They both say she’s not a threat to them. James plays up that he doesn’t know what is going on.
James- poor Da.. if they put DA up how is that going to happen with Bridgette.. I thought a lot of people wanted Bridgette out.. I thought they were going to take Frank out first then Bridgette.
Michelle – that’s what I thought.. Paul basically made a promise.. Sounds like that’s still what he wants. Sounds like Paulie is getting to him though.

Nicole joins them..
James wow I feel like a pimp right now

They talk about Victor having a crush on MEECH..
Meech says it’s because all the other mates are taken.
Nicole – MEECH that isn’t true..
Nicole says Victor is really good looking..

James leaves..
Nicole plays dumb acts like she doesn’t know what is happening. Admits she does know she’s not going up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 11-40-35-682

11:40am HOH Paul and Nicole

Paul – Big Meech and her big f***g mouth.. I try to make everybody happy

Paul – it’s very clear who is doing what.. I’ll just have to deal with it next week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 11-41-56-887


Zakiyah is pretending that she thought it was her going up..
Zakiyah says there’s people that want Bridgette out. Da’Vonne needs to hold it together.
Da’Vinne – I’m going to stay outta the way this week.
Zak – people are flaky as he.l you give them a reason..

Da-‘Vonne – I know
Zak – fake it until you make it.. that caught me off guard..
Da – I knew better..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 11-49-13-189
Paulie is telling Bridgette Michelle and Zakiyah were getting mad at Nicole for cooking with her yesterday.
Paulie – I feel like Da is the ring leader.. Michelle is next in line Zakiyah just gathers information and relays it back..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 11-57-14-548

11:49am HOH Corey, Nicole, Paul
Paul – why doesn’t Da like you
Corey and Nicole say they don’t know. Nicole says a couple weeks ago Da’Vonen told her she’s mad becase her and Z are so close, ,”Dumb girl stuff”
James and Nicole talk about laughing during the POV Ceremony…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-01 11-55-28-556
11:53 London room Natalie and Da’Vonne
Natalie says she’s sorry for laughing..
Da’Vonne – it’s easy too laugh when you’re nor being out on the block so i’m not mad

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even though I want Da out, would love to see the backdoor blindside of Da backfire.


that y paulie want next hoh and get the care package with pov!


I officially changed my mind about Paulie. Now that he is calling Natalie “FT”, and telling James to control his girl because she was so excited to win the care package. I was rooting for him all the way. Not any more.


look the next care package i know whoerver win hoh and pov hold alot powers


Wish Victor and Michelle along with Bridgette could rally up James and Natalie to get out one of the loud mouth Paul’s. Paulie is getting a little too cocky for my liking.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I’d like for Nicole and Michelle to tell the whole house James just called them whores. Isn’t that what he meant when he called himself a pimp sitting with them on the hammock? Time to tell the house and get him out next. Whore is just as bad as a slut. Can’t wait to see it on CBS Wednesday.


Lmao,I don’t like James, but you need to calm down! You’re fabricating stuff like Da!

Pinocchio Hillary

You can spin anything to make a point that fits your own agenda. I’m pretty certain James was only referring to himself. It’s called a sense of humor;)


Frank Eats His Farts doesn’t like James. It’s pretty apparent that he is a frustrated Frank fan who got his candy stolen from him.


Don’t underestimate Da’. The only thing that could happen (in Da’s favor) is the vote coming down to a tie. That way either Paul would prove he’s had no backbone and will lose Da’s respect(jury vote), or he would chose to keep Da and have “the boys” not trust him. Trust me, y’all are gonna want Da to stay because Bridgette just gonna become Paulie’s next minion. And don’t act like that won’t happen. She’s already done it before.


1)Paul will do what Paulie wants…so a tie is nowhere near as dramatic as you want it to be.

2) Not sure what path you see for Bridgette to be brave. She saw her HOH blow up, with Bronte gone, followed by her other allies Tiff and Frank. Unlike the rest of the house who choose to be minions, she has no choice but to take shelter wherever she can find it. Da was a ringleader for going against Bridgette and her friends and the fact that she never saw this coming as she buried people who were threats to others, not her, plus that her allies won’t even make this a close vote….so I really don’t see how you see Da staying as some sort of shift.

3) If somehow Michelle, James, Nat, and Z can actually sway the house to keep Da, they will only do so with the story that she was always the pawn because these 4 are the essence of no-game, Paulie servants….so Paulie and his slaves still rule.

4) Bridgette staying, somebody playing the game and ready to fight (she could have turned rat like the rest at any point, especially after Bronte, and didn’t) is far more likely to create something more than Paulie’s coronation, than Da and her floater alliance.


I agree. If it’s a tie I really think Paul will ultimately do what Paulie wants.


David Koresh oops I mean Paulie and his little cult followers need to be deprogrammed and start playing their own individual game. Grrrrrrrrr snap out of it! I can’t take much more of their moronic behavior:(!!!!


VOTE DA’ FOR ACP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unbattled Block

You mean just like last year when it meant absolutely nothing ? No thanks

An ornery mouse

Won’t help this week – voting ends Friday and she’ll probably be outta the house by then.

It really sucks that there aren’t five people in the house that I’d want to receive a Care Package. I cringe at the thought of Nicole getting one of the latter (and more powerful) packages. I can’t wait until the guys cut her….. little snake.


Da won’t be around to get the care package.

Tiny trump hands

I’ve voting CARE package for Meech. 2 votes is worthless, the vote will be unanimous, but it’ll put a target on her. I’m saving SAFETY for Bridgette and coHOH for James.


it’s so hard to vote for “Meech” to get anything nice. She thinks she’s fooling us all…


Oh my gosh! Please don’t give meech anything!! She’s begging for one and she doesn’t deserve to think even for a second that America supports her! Give to Corey Vic anybody but meech!!!

Pinocchio Hillary

No it won’t. It will only encourage Michelle’s mean behavior! She’s delusional. It will send a message she’s not liked! Better to vote for Bridgette to receive the CP. Michelle will go into a tail spin.


If Da’Vonne is evicted, she won’t get ACP. In my mind, voting for Da’Vonne now to get ACP on Sunday is a wasted vote. She needs a Rachel/Jordan miracle!

My Two Cents

Has Paul even taken off that HOH robe yet? They’ll have to fumigate that thing!


Can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!


Anyone else getting sick and tired of seeing Paul running around in that damn HOH bathrobe?? We get it…you finally won an HOH…get over yourself already!! Why is it that the most insecure little twits always do that each season…yuck!
On the comment side, DA cannot possibly think she’s not getting set up as a backdoor now, could she?? Acting like she’s actually gonna stay there and win something??? LMAO!!


Paul runs around in that robe as a joke. Big Meech wanted to be the first person to wear the HOH robe all week long this season. He’s doing it just to be an ass.


Paul’s is not wearing that robe just to be an a**, Paul is an a**

Tears on my pillow

No Da…it’s not game on, game on!! It’s game over, game over!! You can’t win HOH and shake things up when you won’t be playing in the next HOH!! See Ya!!


How come there’s no video of Paullie and Z and their bumper car show last night?


The film was burned on an open fire


Can someone please clarify the care package situation as far as Da is concerned. Confused as to why the votes go until Sunday, after Thursday’s eviction, which means Da cannot receive a package. Correct? If so, I do not believe the timing of the package is fair! Thoughts?

sunny dee

all weeks start after eviction, so on Fridays. Care packages come on Fridays. So anyone who is not evicted could win.

This week, on last friday, Natalie won, which means if it was a week based package, it would expire after eviction. hers is for the rest of the season, but the other care packages go week to week.

it’s not possible for it to benefit someone for this eviction because of the timing and it’s not meant to benefit anyone for this eviction, especially since we already know what is likely to happen. the votes are going to be pretty much surprises to the voters because we won’t know who won HOH, and won’t know who should have gotten the care package based on that, so it will either twist in our favour, or against our basic wishes.

which is the point, care packages are like Pandora’s box, they could be good or bad


Thank you for clarifying. I must say, I have never been as frustrated as well as disappointed by bb as I am this season! Hearing Paulie’s discussion with Corey, James, and Victor pertaining to the firing squad to just line the girls up and knock them all down! Really? Meanwhile, Z telling Meech, “Oh, Paulie will not vote me out…” Plus, James complaining about Natalie and the bed situation. Really? Really? He stated she isn’t considering his feelings at all. I wish production would air some of these conversations as oppossed to making the men appear to be in loyal/genuine showmances and or appearing to be gentlemen. Which none of them are! Please production show their true colors so America can view who they are voting for. Can not wait until Nat is up, and watch lame James reaction to master Paulie. And Nicole cannot be so naive to believe Cory will take her to the end. Why were these particular vets chosen? Same game play from all the vets. Idiots! I wonder what Cody and Derrick think of Paulie at this point. His nasty comments of FT (fake tits), and other stupid/disrespectful comments.


Firstly, I highly doubt that Da would even get the 2nd care pkg as every board I have read cannot stand her…the poll closes Friday so they will have it given to the selected HG in time for Sundays telecast. Natalie got hers in time for Sundays telecast.
We have to remember that we see things before a lot of the other people, and they have to start the Americas favorite somewhere…I was surprised that the care pkg last week came the very next day, so like I said, have to start somewhere. Of course the 2nd one is more of a game changer possibly, so that may have some bearing…idk

At the end of the Da

You can vote until Friday am. Should Da win the veto, or has the RT ticket upon eviction, she could get CP2 if she gets the most votes. If she leaves the game, person with the next highest votes get the care package.
I do not like Da, but it would be a sh@t storm if she escapes eviction AND gets the CP. Only way I see the house flipping so I’m giving her all my votes.


Does it not make more sense to wait until after the eviction to vote? You can vote until Friday. If you vote now and Da is evicted, the package may well go to someone whom you would not want to have it.


20 votes PER day…

TX rar

That is not what the website stayed earlier. It said anyone evicted with voids the ACP 2 if they won it. I dont know if the evictee has ACP 2 AND has the RT ticket, does it come back in play so they can use it….? (ie. Day has RT and gets ACP2). Kinda unclear on how CBS would let that play out.,,,,

Nicole Rocks!

So nice to see Nicole in such a good mood, and having a nice day…..oh and speaking of Day…..BYE!!!

Mrs. Mac

Nicole is a spineless c u next Tuesday. Of course she’s having a good day, all she ever has to do rat everything she hears to to boys and cup coreys balls all day.

Nicole is an eighth grader...

…seriously, these showmances are totally annoying. I just want Paulie knocked down a peg or two. He was my fav…now he makes me sick. Yuk.

Reality Check

This is about to get entertaining. Da will not be intimidated by this shit from Paul and Paulie.


Paul is just a miniaturized version of Andrew Dice Clay. I haven’t heard the guy complete a sentence yet that’s not laced with vulgarities. Da, you should’ve seen it coming. This is why comp wins are far more important for certain people than just playing the social game.


There goes Da once again telling the cameras what she is going to do. first Da you have to make it through to Thursday without turning even the fish against you, then you need to secure the votes getting them to go against Con Corleone, THEN if you make it that far you need to actually win HOH. Maybe she should tell Vic what they are saying about him now and not wait until after Thursday which will be too late? Too bad for her Vic thinks he is part of the shirtless boy-band and will go running to tell daddy! They will of course tell him that is just Da trying to start sh*t and he will believe them and go make a pizza. No Da instead of targeting Frank you should have had a sit down with him and James when James was HOH and kept the vets working together. THAT was the time to put up Con Corleone and one ball Paul. as usual a Da late and a dollar short!


Shirtless Boy Band lol

Unbattled Block

Prediction…. Da has a meltdown, goes off on somebody publicly, and loses any chance she had of a vote being flipped

In other words…BB17 replay


Nearly a ZERO chance the votes will be flipped. Her only hope is the round trip ticket. Then she’ll need to win comps. Otherwise she’s on the block every week until they get her out for good.

Meech's Peach Sweater

Gotta tighten down on the lag time


I hope Davonne goes this week. I thought she got a raw deal in her first season and felt sorry for her but she is showing her true colors. She’s an extremely vindictive woman. I see her holding a grudge and being like Jocasta in jury who wouldn’t vote for Derrick because she thought he fake prayed with her. She’s going to play the pity me card the next 3 days and make everyone around her uncomfortable.


OMG! Turning on the feeds this morning, nothing has changed, Nicole gushing over Cory (isn’t he cute…) and acting all sweet, “I don’t know whyyyyyy Da does not like me/us?” PP running around as if they own the house, which at this point they do! Z still under Paulies spell, and on, and on, and on! I want Bridgette to go over Da because she is also controlled by Paulie! James, Victore & girls wake up already! Do something different than Paulie wants, please hg’s! Think logically, not emotionally! Uhgggg


I keep hoping that James will wake UP and see the big picture before the PP boys pick off every possible ally he has. It’s like de-ja-vu from last season. Flip the script dude!! He needs five votes to turn this thing around. James, Natalie, Zak, and Michelle would have no problem voting Bridgette out. He just needs to recruit one more …maybe by convincing Victor that he’s being used by PP and that his days are numbered? A grateful Day will gravitate toward the peeps that saved her, shifting the power to 6 against 4. (Paul, Paulie, Nicole & Corey) Things might actually get interesting then.


It’s funny because James is the one being used by PP. Does whatever his masters say LOL


Hoping, I could not have said it better. But, sadly I feel Victor will run and tell PP what is going down, and its all over for what could be an awesome shift in power! 🙁


Yea it would definitely take more then just Da trying to talk to Vic. they need to talk to him as a group and remind him it was Paulie who sent him packing and Paul has done nothing but talk behind his back. How they want to use him to go after Max-Z and Michelle so they still look good for jury votes. It is their only shot and they are running out of time!!!


Hope Da goes! She makes me SICK!!!


U sound real stupid, Pauline thinks he is Derrick and I can’t wait for him to get evicted

Lloyd 2

Well said. Paulie learned from his brother and Der-prick and at this rate, will take home the big prize.

Aww yea

lol the only reason I’m wanting day out right after Frank is all the shit talking she did in the eviction videos. She pretty cocky when things are going her way, but man I’m loving watching her squirm. Looks likes she’s getting the boot but you never know. Be awesome to see an eviction video with Bridgette talking shit, will make my season.


I want her out bc of the whole “I beat you, I beat you” goodbye message.

Ian's Lament

Lines have been drawn. I see it Paulie Corey Nicole vote out Da. Michelle James and Z vote out Bridgette. Swing votes are Vic Natalie and Paul. If Da hopes to stay she needs James to sway Natalie and find a way to drive a wedge between Vic and the guys. I feel Paul would vote Da out in a tie because he has already come this far . Paulie better pull this off or his game will get blown up just like Frank’s.


I think if Da stays she wants to work with Vic.. { When Z made some disparaging remarks the other night about Vic, I noticed Da got a strange look in her eyes, like why are you lying about him} I hope she tells Vic the truth whether she stays or goes. I want Vic to go back and target Paulie, and find out his pal Paul is a weasel.
Does anyone know if Paulie won the Veto on his own, or did Vic let him have it? Vic has strength and brains, if Da can stay in, those 2 could make things interesting.


Victor threw the competition in order for Paulie to win.


If Bridgette stays she will just work with Paulie we need Day messy ass to stay so she can go after a big target. I love Z & Michelle calling Paulie the new Frank hopefully his ass is on the block soon. But damn he is playing a hell of a game.

Unbattled Block

I would not mind seeing Davonne evicted over Bridgette. But these HouseGuests have really become sheeple in the same manner as BB16’s did. I would have thought Production would have learned after 17 other Seasons how to spice things up\

Simon/Dawg Just like i told you guys during BB16. Man i thank you for having to sift through 24 hours a day of lameness just to find us a few good update moments. You guys rock !!


Da, James, Natalie then Nicole will be the next 4 gone. Brings it down to 9 and all 4 of your vets are also gone so they will have no impact on jury.
Until someone puts Paulie up on the block or figures out a way to backdoor him, he’s just cruising along to the finals.

Black girls rock

Really hope a miracle happens and mama Da stays…

DT fan

The more I watch these people, the more I miss Donny. He had more integrity than the whole lot of them put together!

Toilet Cam #1

Nicole and Natalie’s turds are footlongs. Don’t let them fool you..

Toilet Cam #1

They really give me hunger pangs.


this game is getting a bit boring without frank and tiffany around. this house needs shakin up big time


Frank is at home slapping his Nana on her a**!!


My live feeds expired yesterday. I am so lonely!! I do not like Da, but she should get in James, Vic, Meech, & Nat’s ear and turn this around.

I still cannot believe Z is being such a fool. It appears there was quite a bit of “under the cover” action last nite.

Min O'Pause

If Palsy gets itchy crotch and starts scratching his package then we’ll know he banged her. Bring on the Monistat! He may just have toenail or finger fungus.


was Z and Paulie having sex last night in a bumper car?


Won’t be long now for Nicole, Paul and Paulie’s games go BOOM!!!!


This one has to be “clipped” , that one has to be “clipped”
Just stop!
Don Paulieone.


Please have the round trip ticket.
Comeback in the house.
Day win HOH or Meech/ Zak.
Call Corey, Nicole and Paulie out. I would just tell everything she has got nothing to lose… During nomination night.
We need a house shake up.


I’m hoping Da has the return ticket because at this point it’s useless to imagine a scenario where she does not get evicted & to top it off, I hope she wins the care package. I would want to see the tables flipped for once. It feels as though I’m watch the Paulie show& that show is snooze…

Meech's Peach Sweater

Gotta love Da’s mean mugging last night when Nat and Bridget were freezing James crocs and then in the backyard. Priceless


“Paulie – I feel like Da is the ring leader.. Michelle is next in line Zakiyah just gathers information and relays it back..”
Paulie in his head – And we all know there’s only room for one ring leader and one slithering information gathering servant. PPbaby, never cared.

Truly can’t stand these people.


I thought I would like Paulie but more and more I found him obnoxious and annoying…type thing. I’m so sick of PP and “never cared” “clip ’em” “pissed” “friendship” and “type thing” that if I never hear those words again it’ll be too soon. This is shaping up to be a yawner like BB16… Please, no more Calafiore’s in the BB house!

Reality Check

They explain how the houseguest has no backbone when Nicole has no mind of her own.

Sorry Nicole, working in a hospital in real life requires split and quick decisions. How can any ER hospital in the world would hire you if your decision making is so bad?

Sad to say...

…that with the exception of Da, Paulie will control the care package votes of whoever gets it. The only thing affected would be the decision on who gets nominated next. Next week same as this week, just with a different victim on their hit list. Fans here are voting highest for Bridg who will do what Paulie wants, and James, who is is better off getting a later package.

Backseat Driver

I know, I know every year we all complain about the HGs but SERIOUSLY this group is the bottom of the barrel.


I’m still voting for for Day to receive the care package. If she comes back, she going to need it.


I actually want it to be a tie on Thursday I wanna see who’s Paul really loyal to but these idiots will do what con corleone wants them to do if that happens and day gets evicted hoping day has the round trip ticket and turn this game around this is turning out be BB16 again and I never wanted to remember that season .


I think we should all wait to vote after Thursday night. This care pckage benefits one on the block so why not at least wait and see who wins HOH, we will at least have a good idea who will BE on the block before voting expires. Don’t want to waste a care package!!


Paulie is stealing Paul’s identity. It’s hilarious! He’s morphed into him.