Shane tells Dan that no matter what happens with the Veto today you are good!

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Done for the Season
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 13 (Thursday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Sept 12 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Dan and Ian
Last Evicted Houseguest ? (no idea who they are)

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Big-brother-14-live-feeds-september-13-2012-211pm 2pmShane is in the kicks room packing up his clothing. Dan is just waking up in the HOH room and heads down stairs. Danielle gets up from the HOH bed and starts eating snacks and packing up her stuff to bring it down from the HOH room. Dan says to Shane I don’t want to keep asking but we are good right?! Shane says Yeah, I don’t know if you want me to swear on Dozer or not? Dan says no that’s cool. Shane says that he isn’t sure if the nominations will stay the same or not, I haven’t talked to Danielle about it but either way you are good.

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Big-brother-14-live-feeds-september-13-2012-219pm 2:20pm – 2:30pm Danielle and Dan are in the arcade room. Danielle is complaining about how an HOH isn’t even crowned today, why can’t I keep the HOH room. She says I have only used it for two days. Dan agrees and tells her to go ask. Dan tells Danielle that he needs to pack. Danielle asks why he needs to pack? Dan says that he doesn’t want to be that guy, like how Frank didn’t pack. Danielle nods her head. Dan leaves the room and heads into the stereo room to pack. Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!
2:35pm – 2:45pm Danielle goes through the kitchen and asks Shane if she doesn’t wake up, could he wake her at 4pm. Shane asks her if she is going back to bed. Danielle says yeah, I don’t feel too good. Shane says okay in an hour and a half… Danielle goes to the kicks room to nap. Dan is in the stereo room packing. Shane is eating lunch in the kitchen and Ian is showering/shaving and getting ready for the live show tonight.


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Yeah, I didn’t realize that either. Too funny.

Ian's goodbye messages

Frank had his stuff packed. when Frank was evicted from the BB, he grabbed his bag and big teddy bear with him.


It wasn’t this time he was on the block, it was the time he was up against Janelle.

Ian's goodbye messages

there is not going to be any shocking moments in tonight’s eviction. Ian is GONE. do you people not remember that Dan placed Ian on the block last week. Dan wanted Ian gone and now Dan doesn’t have to get blood on his hands to take Ian out. Danielle using the POV tonight will be beyond stupid.

Joe's E Coli Food

I hope the Sleazebag Dan gets voted out . He would lie to his wife to win the game


What a goofy statement. I would lie to my wife for $500k. She’d surely forgive me when she saw the check.


you better believe it for 500K


Bahahaha me too and you are right would forgive me too, and be happy about it!!




This may not be a good move for Dan. Shane has almost no chance of winning that final questions HOH, but Ian probably will, so Dan is giving up a probable $500,000 for a guaranteed $50,000. There may even be a slight chance of Ian not taking Dan. Then again, it does build up his resume, and I’m sure Dan has a plan, but generally, I disagree with this move. I suspect production is pushing for it, so if it makes great TV, then, I’m in.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Am I missing something?

Is Danielle really going to use the Veto?

And then, is Dan really going to vote out Shane?


Rumor has it that Dan may want Shane gone.
Ian will take Dan final 2
Danielle will take DAn final 2
Shane will not

Ian/Dan/Danielle final 3 HOH endurance would be a epic battle on the feeds tonight..

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Thanks. I guess we never really know what Dan is going to do until he does it. Of course Danielle would have to take Dan off the block, and I’m not sure if she will do that. I know there was talk of Shane even talking about getting some trust from Dan by taking him off the block, but Shane must be really dumb if he pushes Danielle to do that. Wow, I guess we will see what happens tonight.


If I were Danielle an, after swearing he wouldn’t Dan evicts Shane, and after all the other crap he has pulled over the season, he is the last person I would take to F2. I would tell him, you better pray that you and Ian beat me because hell would have to freeze over before I took you to F2 now.


What? Being Dan’s on the block with Ian I have no clue what you’re talking bout. I’d assume as long as Ian doesn’t have veto, Ian is going home.


Last night, Dani told Shane that it would be better if Dan votes out Ian, so Shane doesn’t get blood on his hands. Shane thought it was a super idea.


I would honestly respect Shane and Danielle if they blind-sided Dan. It would be one of the BEST blind-sides in BB history. ugh….maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Those two morons need to remember that Dan has already WON this game. I would not mind if Ian or Shane won Big Brother. If Danielle or Dan won, I would definitely be very disappointed because Dan just manipulated people and got Britney out (which to be honest was not a big move) and Danielle did whatever Dan told her to do.

Roisin Dubh

Wow the Dan fans are gonna chant for your death in telling the truth, It was a good move. it was the only move he had to play, but for God sake’s it’s not the greatest move in BB history. Doesn’t take much to impress his followers I guess.


Completely agree. Dan played a sloppy game, early on. It took Dani risking her game to save him, and since Britney left, he controls these zombies.


I’m so happy for Shane. He gets to play the role he’s been auditioning for all summer. ‘The Pawn’ … Go Shane!!

Footprints in the Swamp

I may have a stroke before tonight’s episode airs!!!! I want Shane gone soooooo bad so that he can get out of Danielle’s head NOW!!!! Love to see Ian and Dan in final 2, that way the BEST two players can have a shot at the money!!! <3 <3 <3




Agreed!! Who would Frank vote for if it was Dan and Ian final 2??? Perfect


My gut tells me he’d vote for Ian. In his mind, I’d guess he’d be thinking that Ian at least had the balls to stand up to him while Dan backstabbed him repeatedly.

Roisin Dubh

He would vote for Ian in a Heartbeat. Dan’s gonna have trouble with the jury this time around. If the newbie he was up against had the brains or the stones to say” I didn’t get a don’t go up on the block and worry about eviction 3 week pass in the beginning ” that gives everyone the perfect excuse to deny him. But these guys are morons, but that one statement being heard out loud would end Dan.

steve m.

Ya its a game with limited rules. Not real life! Let Dan play this game.

Amy N

I really hope it’s Dan and Ian in the end. At first I was Dan/Danni but if she can’t read the signs that Shane is using her to win, well everyone does, and picks him instead of Dan then…I don’t even want her in final 2. It’s going to be an interesting show this evening….come on MIST, do your thing!!!


It’s interesting to see all the different opinions everyone has on here of who would beat who in a final 2.This might be the first year in some time that i can’t say for a fact who would have the jury votes.
I personally think
Ian beats anyone
Shane beats Dan and Danielle
Dan beats Danielle
Danielle beats no one
America’s favorite is hard to call too.I voted for Frank about twenty times,but i think Britney might have a good shot at it,and maybe a couple others could be in the running


Shane will not beat Dan or Dani. Shane has a shot with Dan only because he won the game before. Shane did absolutely nothing in this game.


At first I was really wanting Ian to go home tonight but the thought of Danielle and Shane as the final two is just really sad. Hopefully Danielle uses the veto and Dan surprises them by voting out Shane. It would serve them right, I mean they rarely think things all the way though. Did they forget that Dan won the last time with all of the jury votes going for him. I could still see Brit and Ian voting for Dan even if he was the one that sent Ian to the Jury. This is just really bad strategy by Danielle and Shane.


This is where being a BB fan comes into play versus those who were found or casted. Danielle’s strategy has been to make moves that are Dan approved. Shane’s strategy has been to win comps and stay socially under the radar.

That’s why Ian’s strategy has been really disappointing the past couple of weeks. He’s a fan of the game. He should know what to do. He needs to sell Dan up the river.


I agree with you 100%. That’s the main reason I get frustrated with Ian. Dan has always thought about how to put themself in the final two, I think Ian could have done the same. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s misted or just too cocky from eviciting Boogie and Frank.


To me Dan is greedy. He already won, let someone else have a chance. Just sayin’

Bill from Orange Beach

Although many of you do not like Dani, I hope she does not use the Veto and take out Dan with Shane. See it would show she does know how to play the game. I think if it gets played like that, she would be able to say how she was able to make some major plays in the game. Ian I think will fold under this pressure of being final 3. Shane doesn’t know if he is coming or going have the time and I think he will fold as well being part of the final 3. Dani seems she may be able to win this. Yes she is insecure and has her issues but I think she will be the winner of BB14.


Shane is done! I don’t know if Simon or Dawg got it but at about 11;30 bbt this mornin Dan was starin at the wall and was like “you’re times up Shane” and then “finally, I got my second shot to take you out son”


Feeds showed trivia at that time for me…

Pliney the Elder

oooops placed this comment on the wrong page..
I do not want Dan to win.. but he probably will. I keep hoping that Shane would put 2 and 2 together and realize he is the target.. but no,
the show will be over and the check cut before Brittany realizes she trusted Danielle and was played.. And that block of Vermont granite that Shane is using for a brain might never figure out that Dan and Danielle were never taking him.. and Dan’s giant inflated ego, his constant smarming of Julie till she told him to knock it off.. his Dr sessions where we have to hear his plans and schemes make me sick. I think I’d almost rather watch Danielle pick her face than watch one more of Dan’s messages to the viewers about his book, his website and his plans for the crowning of Dan.. he will still never be the best player. He is a poser. And Ian is too immature to realize this entire show wasn’t put together to allow him to make it to final 2 with his hero. Sad sad sad.. I will still watch next year because I am mesmerized by the delusions of these people they get to be on this show. they come in as normal humans and exit as complete idiots.

Shane ” you are the weakest link…”..


Unfortunately Ian is going home.

Distant Observer

I wanted to see Ian n Shane as the F2, with Ian Winning, but since Shane or any of the remaining house guest have about zero critical thinking skills or strategy……be gone with you Shane…what a fool….ya ok Danielle put me on the block…I trust Dan…LOL , Then there is Danielle…lets see Shane will take her to F2 as will Dan…she is set. But it’s looking like she is going to blow that and it could end up Ian n Dan F2. So will Dan switch the guarantee of F2 to himself or will Danielle keep herself safe? If Daniel uses the veto it will go down as one of the dumbest moves in BB history.

Ben D

Cbs tonight should be a 2 hour episode!!!!


Shane all the way!!!


All Dan is doing is making the final three in his favor now because before the final three was in Danielle’s favor with Shane and Dan both promising to bring her to the end. Dan knows that no matter what Danielle and Ian will take him to final two because there’s no way Danielle could beat Ian in the final two. Personally this is going to be a great move by him. Now let’s go Ian your about to get your second lifesaver now make it count.


Dan told the cameras earlier that Shane is going home– This could be one of the best BB episodes in a very long time :-)


The smartest thing for Danielle, Shane, and/or Ian is to take Dan to the final, because they will definintely win against him. It has been said numerous of times, that they wouldn’t vote for someone who has already won the game. Regardless of the moves Dan has made. They would be stupid if they didn’t take him to the final two. Although, Danielle, won’t win against him, but Ian and Shane will. Food for thought.


Ian shaves?