Random Camera shots inside the house and A Big Brother 14 First Danielle’s zit free face

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Done for the Season
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 13 (Thursday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Sept 12 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Dan and Ian
Last Evicted Houseguest ? (no idea who they are)

9:29AM Cam 3-4 Lights are on in the Big Brother House. Looks like Shane has escaped Danielle’s bed before the lights cam back on. Everyone else is sleeping except for Ian who just got called into the Diary Room.

cameras are panning all around the house.. Danielle’s Bag (Image Link)

9:51AM Cameras are either showing sleeping houseguests or random crap around the house. Occasionally someone gets called into the Diary Room.

cameras are panning all around the house.. Apples (Image Link)
Cereal box (Image Link)
Sony PTZ Camera (Image link)

10:00AM Cam 3 Danielle’s zitless face

10:30AM everyone is still sleeping..

11:00AM Danielle Showering Everyone else sleeping

11:26AM trivia on the feeds.. HOH Lockdown

12:30pm Still TRIVIA..

12:40pm – 1pm TRIVIA ends but HOH lock down continues… All the house guests are still sleeping..


1:25pm HOH sleep fest continues..

1:30pm – 1:45pm HOH lock down over, Shane heads down stairs to take a shower. All the others continue sleeping in the HOH room.


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Could be an epic day if Dani pulls the stupidest move by taking Dan off the block. Oh how I would leave to see Dan send Shane home!


meant to say love to see

Dark Horse

I agree…may as well keep it interesting for the last days…

I would love to see Shane’s face too if Dan did vote him out.

O Pity Me

That would be so good!!! Shane would be shocked and Dani would cry for a week…..good times!!!!


I’m not sure how much she will cry. i think that has been her plan with Dan all along …. She just doesn’t want to be the one to cast the eviction vote on Shane..


dani needs to put sane up and let dan get him out!!! he is the one tru floater left in the house and i hope she realizes this!!!! Let th true players play…I think Ian should have a shot at it, he has my vote!


I think, Maggie, we may just get to see The kid from Vermont go to jury….glad to see others think of him as a floater too….every HOH that talked to him he agreed with what ever they said or asked of him….he has no frickin backbone what so ever…..His ass will be so….MISTified….when Dan sends him out the door!!!


While I agree Ian and Dan have played a much better game and if Dan gets pulled off the block it would be epic beyond belief, I do not consider Shane a floater. He’s won 6 comps, tried twice to get Frank out only to get Chima’d the first time. He’s played a good social game to stay away from all the drama and been true to his word the whole season. I’d rather see Ian or Dan win, but Shane is not the biggest floater left. I think it’s Dani. Dan and Shane have protected her all season. I don’t know what her big move has been. Janelle I guess.


I think he will be going home too. Remember Danielle’s conversation with Jenn prior to their “date”. She told Jenn she felt like she was being played by Shane. They also showed this conversation on the show. I know, I know, Dani has been totally wishy washy when it comes to Shane … but the fact that production thought it was significant enough to air tells me it’s likely to happen.


I’m preparing for lots of tears and screaming from Danielle tonight if she uses the veto.

I have come to the conclusion that everybody, except for Dan, is a moron.


Thank you goofy…..


Best episode ever!! Here come those zits!


I really wish there was a way for Ian to pull this off – Dan needs to GO!


Dan is a much better player then Ian. Dan took so much heat for that kid and to still be here? Brilliant! Especially when he convinced Frank to convince Jenn to take him off the block. Jenn loves Dan now, it’s crazy! I would love to see Dan win again.


I’m rooting for Dan. He is taking a lot of heat for backstabbing and lying, but who has won this game without doing that. He is also being criticized for reading the bible while he does these things. Perhaps that is how he is separating his “Big Brother” persona from real life. I think Dan is basically a good guy who is doing what he knows has to be done to win $500,000 for his family.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Danielle got me. I told you that the first BB house dog is not going to take this well. I’m going to pee on Danielle’s orange dress before I leave!


I sure hope Dan can convince Danielle to take him off the block with the veto, it’s Ians only chance to stay in the game. Dan has to realize Shane/Danielle will stick together and Ian has been true to his alliance since the beginning so he would be the best bet in order for Dan to get to the final two. I’m rooting for Ian, everybody else just annoys me. Dan and Ian for final two would be the best, they both deserve money for how they played.

Captain Idiot

the more and more i see of her, she grosses me out, i hope when she goes and plays the show back she will see how she came off needy and desperate…..she is gonna betray dan so she can take capt idiot to the finals, and use that as a tool to get him to be her bf.


omg I hope Dan pulls this one off, it would be hilarious to see Shane get evicted instead of Ian… lol


Dont do it Danielle your the best




-1, so back to even, thank God.


She’s the best all right….the best at looking desperate for attention!


My hope is that Dani uses the veto on Dan with the understanding that Dan is going to vote Ian out. Dan instead votes out Shane. Best option for Dan because Ian will take him to final 2, especially if Dan keeps his end of the alliance, and he convince Dani that she won’t win in final 2 against Ian but would against him. It gives him the most chance of final 2 as Shane will definitely take Dani over Dan.

Fear the Mist

I figured I would see Shane’s arm laying there on the bed under Danielle after Shane gnawed his own arm off to get out of her bed. It sounds like Shane could really use the money, but if Dani gets on Twitter, Facebook or any of the BB websites, she is going to blow all her winnings on therapy.


funny made me laugh chewed off his arm …so funny…..


I thought Shane was a wealthy house flipper and former pre-med student. I think the money thing is an act.


Shane a pre-med student? More like preschool! As for being a wealthy house flipper, I’ve heard him say he pays his parents mortgage, but that he has to borrow money from his grandma to pay his credit card bills. Not mention he models, tends bar, flips houses and probably a plethora of other things. I think he just might be the biggest liar in the house.


Shane is treating Danielle,just like Drew(from season 5)treated Diane.Drew didn’t really like Diane.He used her to further him in the game.Shane doesn’t want Danielle as his girlfriend.He’s using her to get to the final 2.It’s a good thing when Danielle pulls Dan off the block and put up Shane.Dan will save Ian.Which means that Danielle plan to screw over Dan,by taking Shane to the final 2,over Dan(she’s been with Dan since day 1)will back fire.

Lizzy B.

You’re ABSOLUETLY CORRECT!!! Shane is using Danielle…


You’re right, but he’s playing dangerous and not covering himself. He needs to be making sure she knows he’s not cool with her using the veto. If Dan is paying attention…and you know he is, he might decide taking Ian is worth the risk. If Dan gets off the block and has even a little bit of doubt who Danielle would choose for final 2, he might pull the trigger on Shane. Dan is thinking end game and that he doesn’t want to face Ian, but he has get to the end first. He knows this and knows a final HOH win is not guaranteed and wants to be sure he has at least one person in final three for whom he is 1st choice

Having manipulated Danielle the whole game. Dan knows that relying on her is iffy. Now I’m not saying Dan will do anything, rather I’m saying Shane is way too comfortable right now.


Bobsky, it’s funny, isn’t it. Ian going “scorched earth” by talking to Shane wouldn’t have saved him tonight. But Ian talking to/working WITH Dan likely will, Dan WILL help people in this game – as long as doing so helps HIS game as well. None of your scenarios ever involve direct convos WITH Dan. You always try to go around him in this game. Dan is like a Mafia Don (or “Mafia Dan”, if you like.) Keep him “out of the BB loop” at your own peril. Dan also always plays “the BB percentages.” Bobsky, you’re SO right when you said earlier that all you really want is some game moves made, to have HGs fight more for the BB win, and not just sit around and do nothing, while the “Dan Freight Train” keeps on a-chuggin’. Right this minute, by not using her POV and evicting Ian, Danielle would be in the BB “catbird seat”, because both Shane and Dan would take her to the final two. That’s EXACTLY where Dan wants to be, but isn’t. YET. For Dan to place himself in the catbird seat instead of Danielle, he needs to install Ian as the 3rd person left, and remove Shane. An absolutely awful move for Danielle’s game. But to her, Dan’s word is now beyond reproach, she doesn’t even bother to double-check/think any of it through herself anymore. Sad. Because if she did, she would see what Dan’s really up to – improving his own BB odds, and reducing hers. Dan’s gotten Danielle to shut her brain down. She’s on “Dan Auto Pilot!”
Danielle has trusted Dan in this game implicitly, since Day 1. Danielle is SO used to trusting Dan, and doing exactly as he says, without question. It’s gotten her a long way this season. As such, her acting differently now would be a VERY hard thing for Danielle. Dan’s “mist genius” here is that he’s convinced Danielle that because there’s no “there” there, regarding a legit Shane romance (true enough), that must ALSO mean that Shane is of NO other use to Danielle in this game. Oh, Contrare!!!!!!! No-mance or not, Shane WILL bring Danielle to the final two. That alone is a significant help to Danielle’s BB endgame.
The true tragedy in this: if Shane and Danielle only did a short “Bobsky-type-of-BB-convo”, briefly examining their own BB situations before today’s veto ceremony, it would be 100% obvious to both Danielle and Shane to leave the noms the same, keep Shane, and to preserve her “final two guarantee.” “Blood on Shane’s hands” has nothing to do with anything here. But they won’t do it.. Dan’s got ’em like zombies, just sleepwalkin’ in there! That’s why I want Bobsky on BB15. We need more “smarts” in the BB house!!!!!!


Drew from BB5 totally used Diane and I believe called her trailer park trash behind her back. Drew from BB5 was recently arrested for domestic violence…against his boyfriend.


This is probably a thought out move on behalf of Dan. Danielle is gonna remove Dan & put Shane. Now Dan has the decision which one goes. So Danielle choose Dan all along.


Danielle drove me nuts for quite a while just like everyone else. But we all have issues and hers is a lack of self confidence. Since the internet began, people have used it as a way to say things they would never say to someones face, and it is just immature…..I have not been immune. But finding someones weak spot and then trying to poke at it again and again just makes you a mean spirited person and what is the point??? To make yourself feel better because of your own self esteem issues???? Doesn’t this then make you no different from Danielle?

Danielle has issues, yes, but so does everyone else. This is no different from picking on the weakest person in school….and it isn’t any less bullying because you didn’t do it to her face. She isn’t mean to anyone….yet she has gotten the brunt of the “pokes” on blogs…..Boogie was very mean and a true bully to people, yet he is treated like some sort of demi-god in terms of bb.

I never wanted Danielle to win this game, until today. If she gets Dan out, she absolutely deserves a win. She wins comps and she is careful about alliances and everyone in the house likes her and has for quite a while. She has game, and it is time for the haters to realize that.


I completely agree with you, and I do not understand how everyone sees her as being so gross, she is a beautiful girl, with self esteem issues, why does that make her so awful, I hope she is smart enough to keep Shane off the block, because there is no way she will beat Dan in the final 2 and I have no desire to see Ian there at all


remove the last coach and let the players play ….I say…..


I always liked Danielle too, but I’m not much of a hater to anyone b/c they all have their bad points, but many good ones too. I don’t think it’s really fair to judge any of them based on their behavior in the house. Also, all season I have thought of Danielle as the new Jordan, in my mind there are a lot of similarities in their gameplays and what went on with them in the house. Will Shane and Danielle see each other outside of the house, who knows, but I think they’re pretty good together, so best of luck to them.


I agree. I think Danielle is a pretty girl. She has some insecurities, but who in their early 20’s doesn’t? Frank blinks excessively, no one mentions that . . . Danielle has a few blemishes, haven’t we all? I’m sure that the people that talk bad about her are super models with nothing better to do.

With the Dan/Shane thing, I think she is probably thinking that if she wins the final HOH she will have to choose, and doesn’t want to put herself in that position. I can see her putting Dan in the position to vote out Shane instead. She seems to play with her heart, and think it would be easier for her to let Dan evict Shane than to have to make the decision and pull the trigger herself. I think she knows that Shane won’t vote to evict Dan, so the only choice she has is to let Dan evict Shane. That makes it so that she won’t have to choose.

I think she is a lot smarter than everyone gives her credit for.


Very well said.


Amen Mufasa!


I agree I think Danielle is a beautiful girl but she does have self esteem issues, and with the things she has said about how awful her dad was to her I understand why. Women always need their dads and when they do not have them most women, not all, but a lot of women grow up with self esteem issues. I hope Shane is not playing with her emotions but I think he is just using her. I hope Dan and Danielle do make it to final two because they have protected each other all season long and have stuck together, but I do want Dan to win!


Well said



Psycho recognize psycho.

Honey Boo Boo Child

Agreed, it takes a basket case to sympathize and make excuses for another basket case, honey chile.


Agreed!! Although I do hope Dan wins again…Danielle is a beautiful girl and she deserves the 50k at the least.


Anyone that can even stomach Danielle must not have watched the feeds or bbad. She is awful on so many levels.


I believe the primary reason so many people rail on Danielle is because she rails on herself unnecessarily for attention; fishing for compliments I believe is the term.

But what really gets to me is her lying. I’m not talking about game lies, either. She’s exaggerated or flat out lied to other people about so many things, not just things about herself but about other HGs as well. That’s the primary reason that I jumped off that bandwagon. She has played a pretty good game and has been protected when not in power by Dan or Shane but I won’t exactly do fist pumps if she wins the game.


Danielle is the bully.


If Dani pulls Dan off the block and then he turns around and votes out shane that would be hilarious. Dan needs the final hoh to win and I think he would want dani in the finals. No one is taking dan to the final two, not ian if he’s smart he’d vote out dan and beat dani. Dani’s only chance to win is shane because he was just a puppet. ian vs dan would be close but i think ian would win due to frank being bitter and britt voting for ian anyways (just like she voted for lane when lane was absolutely terrible). but seeing dan vote out shane and dani’s face would be priceless


@RW.When Dan saves Ian and evicts Shane.Ian will take Dan to the final2,because he thinks he’s Dan’s Memphis.Danielle will be mad that Dan evicted Shane(which screwed up her plans of taking Shane to final2 and screwing over Dan),but she’ll still take Dan to final 2 because she thinks that she can’t beat Ian.If Dan evicts Ian.Then he won’t be secured of being in the final2,because Danielle only cares about having a boyfriend.Therefore she will take Shane.So,Dan will have to evict Shane&save Ian.But he plans on taking Danielle to the final2.Danielle was also a puppet.She was Dan’s puppet.Since,day1 Dan has been controling every move that she’s made.So,Shane isn’t the only puppet.


This might sound crazy, but I think Danielle taking Dan off the block would be a good thing. Danielle never wants to make the choice between Dan and Shane, so she is willingly letting Dan take Shane out, and thus giving herself one more jury vote over Dan. I don’t think Dan can win this game anymore, but only hope for 2nd place.

I think Danielle gets Ashley/Frank/Joe/Shane and possibly Jenn to vote her as the winner instead of Dan.

I think Britney/Ian would try their best to see Dan’s side and even make a pitch for him with the other jurors, but ultimately Frank’s bitterness towards Dan will win out.

The only thing that would change that scenario was if Dan used Danielle’s knowing that the funeral animosity was fake and that Danielle was excited to screw over Britney during his juror questions, and thus turned everyone off to Danielle. I don’t know if Dan would go there, though. Or maybe I underestimate Dan’s evil side.


@BigDanFan.How is Dan telling the truth about Danielle’s behavior during the aftermath of the funeral,being evil?From the moment Dan hit the reset button,he needed to do whatever it takes to make sure he’s atleast in the final2(with the goal of winning this game again).Dan better tell the jury exactly who the real Danielle is.Remeber Dan is playing this game to win.He wants this money for his wife and family.So,you better believe he won’t hold back,when it comes to telling the jury the truth about Danielle.If Dan is in the final2 with Danielle.He’ll crush her with the questions and the final speech.He’s more convincing then she is.He also wasn’t anyone’s puppet,but Danielle sure was Dan’s puppet since day1.I can’t wait until 9pm,to see Danielle put Shane on the block and watch Dan evict Shane.Dan will screw her over before she has a chance to do it to him.Go Dan!


likes this.


And I couldn’t stand Dan during the season, but out of the people who are left, there is no doubt he’s played the supreme game. Every move Danielle has made was only made if Dan allowed it. She had no idea what she was doing coming in here, which is obvious if you go back and listen to their conversations (they’re pretty barftastic, though because, you know, you have too listen to Danielle).

Other than Dan the only worthy person is Ian. I hope Frank gets past his animosity toward Dan and recognizes his game as being better than Shane/Danielle/Ian.

O Pity Me

Like this J.W.


I couldn’t care less who wins. This season has been awesome and I’m happy the final 2 weeks go by quickly. I hated it when it was just the Donatos left in the house for a week. It was boring. Having this many people left and speeding it up means the feeds won’t be just two people walking around the house.

Thanks to OBB, Dawg and Simon for all you guys do. I know it’s crazy with all the personalities, opinions and comments around here but you guys keep it under control somehow.


Oh my God, just yesterday I was saying: Danielle is totally screwed, Shane’s going home and she can’t beat Dan or Ian in F2
Now Dan seems in trouble (but not for long)-The argument Dani could use beside him with tears about being manipulated and carrying him instead of him to her and how many comps she’s won over him (so far, Dan does need the final HOH comp-For his safety and that contributing factor) is good and I know she’ll bring up his safety for four weeks, some points between them, but he’s going to have to play into her emotions again I suppose. Shane and Danielle say they’re planning on distancing themselves from eachother to showcase a wedge between their closeness, but Dan is aware of it and realizes if he doesn’t get “Captain America, aka, dumbass numero uno (in the house)” out the door his final 2 deal with Danielle will be out the door in return. But how can she NOT take Dan to final 2 over Shane-She has a great shot there (even though I’m rooting for Dan to pull it off with the JH). Booting out Ian and having Shane do it gives her a good shot for a S/D finale, but Ian regards Shane as large competition and may vote for him. At the end of the day, I just hope Shane is sitting on the couch with Julie. Danielle might be standing there with a ‘What just happened face’ face-Sending Ian out is her best outcome of this and keeping Ian is Dan’s. They’re both assured F2 as result. I think Ian knows taking Dani to F2 would hold him a win, but he wants so badly to sit next to one of the best BB players and be able to say ‘I beat him’ in the end.


Your so right “ryanshennigan”….Ian wants more than anything to sit next to Dan and his misty haze in final 2….for Ian, its never been about the money, it’s always been about his ego and the esteem he will get/feel by that accomplishment.


Yeah! Ian is the superfan that’s focused on claiming the glory rather than the moolah, and if he does win, it’ll come in hand with his schooling. Dan on the other hand wants that 500k for a second time around and wants it for Chelsea. I really want these two for F2, but it’s a circle-Danielle wants to take Shane but knows she needs to take Dan, Dan wants and needs to take her and Ian needs to take Dani, but wants to take Dan and may also need a F2 with him, but in an emotional aspect for him to really be a winner in his own eyes.


Come on Danielle, Don’t use the veto either of two. Keep the nomination a same.


ALL of you have it wrong……..Dani won’t use the Veto, Shane will evict Ian. There is no way she pulls Dan and relies on him to keep Shane. Dan has pulled too many stunts on her already for her to trust that. Never underestimate the power of a desperate, love struck woman……….she will be ensuring Shane’s safety 100%


@Stephine.Did you read the update before this one?Danielle said so herself.She told Shane she will use the veto on Dan,so Dan can get his hands dirty by evicting Ian.Shane wants her to do it too.They plan to screw over Dan in the end and take each other to final2.But ,what she doesn’t know is that Dan plans on saving Ian and evicting Shane,because he’s aware that Danielle can careless about the money.Danielle only cares about Shane being her boyfriend.So,Dan’s only chance at getting to the final2,is by taking Shane out tonight.Ian will take Dan because he thinks he’s Dan’s Memphis.Danielle will take Dan because she doesn’t think she will win against Ian.But you should go back and read the update before this one.Danielle will use the veto.But she’s in for the biggest surprise tonight.Her’s&Shane’s plan will back fire.I can’t wait to watch it go down tonight.Go Dan!


The thing that kills me every year is the houseguests always target the guys who can win competitions (Frank) or girls who can win comps (Janelle) early in the season then the rest of the time after people like that are evicyed the weaker burt still in the house players talk shit about them. Mostly how terrible their social game was even when its often not true. Then at the end of the season all the people Start talking about jury votes like how this person wouldnt have a chance against that person in F2. And who gets the votes is almost always based on comp wins. If the social game is so much more important than comps then thats how the jury should vote. Instead the votes are always based on bitterness or comp wins. Even tho i think dan hasnt done a lot to win this he did pull a pretty good move to get britney out and save himself then ian lied to get boogie out which was a decent move but besides that the social game play has been non existent this season and thats disappointing. Shane has been dumb all year only doing what everyone else tells him and danielle has been even dumber and extremely hard to watch and listen to. They are both decent competitors but no where near as good as frank or janelle were and danand ian have had decent social games but nowhere near dr will or jun etc. i do think dan played a great game in season 10. I thought the whole cast pretty much was awful. If dan ian get F2 ill be fine with that but the other 2 i cannot take another second of. And if dani takes dan off the block she goes down as one of the top 3 dumbest players ever. Yet she still has a 2 in 3 chance of 50 grand. I dont ever want to see britney in the game again because though i do like her somewhat and shes nice to look at she constantly talks shit about everyone such a middle school jealous brat. Its like ED has said there were 3 coaches and then britney returning to the game. I dont even care who wins just want it to be dan ian in F2. Jodi for americas favorite houseguest!


I think the problem with the social game and strategic moves is that it isn’t always obvious to the jury. Us watching have the 100ft view and can see pretty much everything while the juror only sees the part they were involved in. Dan’s funeral was a fantastic move for instance, but not everyone realizes it was a ploy, and even those that do know don’t really know the full extent. Everyone sees or knows the comp wins so it’s easier to vote based on that.


I see Danielle won the POV does anyone know what the competition was?


what Danielle’s gonna do I have zero idea!!!


Dan just confirmed he is talking out Shane. Another blindside.


“Your time’s up Shane..I finally got my second chance to take you out son.” — Dan Ghessling

O Pity Me



What should have happened at eviction last night…

“With a vote of 2-0, Jenn, you’ve been evicted from the big brother house,” Julie says.
All of a sudden BB12 Andrew bursts in and everyone is shocked. He puts his back against the door as security tries to retain him. He talks at rapid mode.
“Okay, so Jenn, Danielle and Dan betrayed your F4 deal by re-uniting the Quackpack-this really lame squad-and that’s why you’re going home. They all knew you were going. They laughed about it behind your back-Everyone heard and saw it out there. Ian, Dan was prepared to send you out the door last week and Shane, next. Shane, watch your back and stay beside Danielle. Guys, Danielle and Shane are in a closely wound relationship and don’t want you, Dan, to find out because they’re going to make a F2 deal tonight and your best shot is convincing Danielle to use the POV she’s going to win on you. Ian, you’re going to lose POV and your best shot of winning is staying close to Dan. Danielle, don’t use the veto. Dan you’re screwed in F2-You won’t win. Thank you all and have a nice evening. Oh, and Ian, Frank is totally banging Ashley right now and you’ll never have Kristen.”
Security busts in and takes Andrew away. Jenn laughs. Danielle cries. Shane’s mouth hangs open. Ian is pissed. Dan has a poker face. Jenn shakes their hands and leaves.
“Stay classy everyone!”


Oh, God-Funny thing about Andrew’s pre-eviction speech was that it screwed Kristen over rather than the eventual winner and he even warned Brit about the Brigade, but she didn’t believe him.


didnt shane recommend taking dan off in order to “gain his trust” or something moronic like that? shane just wants to be a pawn that goes home it seems

I feel its best for shane’s season to end this way. with him suggesting that danielle use the veto on dan. that is a fitting end to shane’s season


I wouldn’t be surprised. Dumbass, I mean, Shane, has a tendency to release stupidity through that hole on his face called his mouth and doesn’t even have to say anything at all sometimes. Remember Shane just sat there and nodded when Danielle told him not to use the Veto because he owed her and he actually considered not using it for a slow moment. Shane really does have super powers. He has the ability to shock us with his waves of radiating moronic energy.


You guys Ian is not going anywhere i just find out from another site that this morning Dan was watching the memory wall and he whispers “you’re time is up Shane” and he also says “finally,i got my second shot to take you out son” Sorry Simon i love your site too lol but when i’m watching BB i check a lot of sites for infos


@Guy.What site did you get that information from?


on Jokersupdates


just get the sense when danielle wakes up she is good for 3 or 4 mammoth farts possibly even with a lil spray action.

HOH Sheets

I hope not!


I agree with those will think Danielle should use it on Dan and let him vote our Shane! b/c at this point why not stir it up some! and plus Shane does not even like you like that Danielle (talking about going with her heart)! She needs to wake up! She wont win against Shane and she should know that unless the love she has for him drives her to give him the 500,000!!! WAKE UP Danielle! GO DAN!!


danielle wont do shane dirty, theyll vote out ian. she doesnt have the guts to use veto on dan and stab shane in the back. especially if he’s been turning up the sweet talking or even possibly banged her


shanes not going anywhere. is it confirmed danielle used the veto? she wont do it, deep down she knows dan is a sleezebag and shanes a good kid that she is prolly in love with


also if shane f*ck*d danielle last night then no way she does him dirty and uses veto on dan, no way


The part that your missing is that Shane wants Danielle to use the veto on Dan,in order to throw Dan off about those two(Shane&Danielle) taking each other to finale2.Danielle&Shane also want Dan to get his hands dirty by evicting Ian.But,what they don’t know is Dan isn’t stupid(the guy is a mastermind).Dan will evict Shane.Which will prevent anymore road blocks for Dan getting to the finale2.Ian will take Dan to final2,because he thinks he’s Dan’s Memphis and Danielle will take Dan because she doesn’t think she can beat Ian.Most of what’s in my post,is in the update before this one(just in case,you don’t want to take my word for it).


Simon – really confused here. Is Dani setting up Shane to be evicted by Dan so she keeps her hands clean or is Dani trusting Dan to evict Ian so that Dani & Shane don’t take the blame for evicting Ian?

Dan taking Ian to the F3 is a dumb move on his part – he has to put a lot of faith in both Dani (who may be pissed off at him) and Ian. Dan has only won two comps – OTEV (which is kind of a crap shoot along with knowledge) and a question HOH (which I am not sure wasn’t thrown). I actually think that Ian and Dani will be pretty closely matched in all three phases of the competition. If the plan isn’t to go to F3 with Shane and Dan votes him out (especially if he swears not to) – I look for Dani to take Ian to F2 if she wins the HOH. Ian is a devious one at heart and to take Dan almost to the end and bail would by epic (“tv gold”) – so I don’t trust that he would take Dan to F2 – he might just take Dani since he thinks he would stand a better shot against her – after all, a woman has never won up against a man in F2.


Should the scenerio arise that Danielle does NOT use the Veto, and for some odd reason Shane should evict Dan….with the thinking that him (Shane) and Danielle will get HOH and bounce Ian then….surely they both can’t be that stupid….never know with Danielle tho…past few days the “zit on her face” has been doing the the thinking for her and now it has moved its body location and become the…”boil on her ass”….lol…however…it could be that we’ve missed something and her and Dan are in this together and he agreed to let her be the one to save face and him be the bad guy and get rid of Shane so she wouldn’t have to be the one to break his man loving heart.


Yep, there’s the possibilty Danielle is an evil mastermind in disguise and had planned this entire thing out. ‘Hahaha,’ Danielle’s thinking, ‘I’ll take Dan off the block so he can get his hands dirty and send my delicious boy toy home, MUAHAHAHAH!!! Y’all some sukkkas!! I want a harder chance to win half a million dollars and getting to final two with that nerd because I respect this game and want my chances of winning limited. But with the possibly of Ian dominating the competition and choosing me for final two so I can lose, I’ll just have to be more competition and throw an HOH comp to Dan so he can get his hands dirty evicting Ian, MUAHAHAHAH!! Y’all some fools!!! ‘ Then she calls to SHane, “SHAAAAAAAAAANE!” Shane comes. “I’m taking Dan off, okay sweets?” Shane nods like the perfect little idiot he is and walks off. Dani: “MUAHAHAHA!! Ahm the BB QUEEN!!” SHane pokes around the corner, “Wait-What was that?” Danielle bats her eyelashes and her voice is pitched, “Oh nothing. You’re safe this week with me okay?”


dans going to get played. danielles love for shane overides her lack of trust for sleazebag dan. dans quickly turning into one of the biggest douchb*gs to ever play the game and its not even remotely charming or entertaining

Jury was not part of my dream

I really hope if Dan makes it to final two they dont reward his sleazy game play.
Yes it is a game but the stuff he pulled in order to win it was just wrong.


Dan’s got something going on. Usually you try to break up couples, but he’s been pushing hard to make them into one. Why do that and risk Dani’s loyalty to him?


Danielle used the VETO on DAN!!! The feeds came back up and Dan says..I have a second shot at taking you out now.

billy bob

if dan pulls this off and votes out shane he’ll be the best player to ever play big brother fosho.period.he makes final 2 no matter what,and the mist will go to the bb hall of fame.the mist is a demon son,lol but lets not count out shanes pimpin of dani ,shanes pimp hand on dani is strong too,the mist vs the pimp hand,

Honey Boo Boo Child

Not only would it make Dan look good, it would make stalker Dani look stupid, honey chile


Looks like you are talking like you have some sense today! except for the “honey chile”


Dan is screwed no matter who goes home.

If Shane goes home and Ian stays & manages to win the HoH competition & he takes Dan to final 2, Ian wins; if Ian’s smart, he’ll take Danielle to the final 2; meaning Dan gets eliminated.

If he keeps Shane, and danielle wins the competitions, then Danielle will have to choose between Shane & Dan and we all know that Shane will be picked; all it takes is some cuddling and a few kisses and Danielle is completely yours.

If Shane wins, he’s definitely taking Danielle; 100%.

At this point; if Danelle saves Dan; he HAS to win the competitions; giving him the ability to choose who he takes to final 2.

Danielle is in a perfect position all the way around, since Dan wants to take her to final 2 as well.


I agree with the Shane thing. I don’t think he’s gay, HOWEVER, that tight pink shirt he’s always wearing that looks like it could belong to my four year old cousin continues to give me mixed messages.

All jokes aside, I think he truly is interested in Kara and doesn’t want to do anything that could potentially cause her not to like him or w/e.

I do not think he deserves to win though. He has been the new ? . Non existent. That was his first comp win in how long? He won 3 comps the first 2 weeks, then afterwards, he became Jenn 2.0

Dan is a scumbag, and I think that he feels that America loves that ( The DR has probably been feeding him that from the large acclaim he’s gotten for the funeral move). But, out of everyone left, he deserves the win.
I’m tired of people tht haven’t done anything getting into final 3 and winning ( think Jordan, BB11 ). During that time, I let my intense dislike for Gnatalie cloud my judgement as to who i thought should win; which is why I was ecstatic when Jordan won. However, in hindsight, gnatalie had done way more than Jordan ever did and did deserve the win.

Look at me talking like I had a vote in the whole thing lol. But overall, I’d rather have something that did something over someone that coasted to the end.


Oops. Meant to reply to rob c

Rob C

Dan is a major douche bag. He thinks he’s America’s darling in the diary room sessions. He’s very clueless to how he is coming across as a scumbag.

I don’t know why people hate on Shane so much. He is a really nice dude who has had a decent social game and has represented himself well in competition wins. He’s a good guy and the best person out of who is left.

And why do people think he’s gay? Because he won’t sleep with Danielle in front of all of America? People forget his goodbye message to Kara. A gay man doesn’t leave that kind of message.

Shane probably isn’t into Danielle that much but he hasn’t led her on either. He’s teased her a lot. But why would Shane settle for Danielle when he can have someone way better looking in Kara and someone with a great personality to boot who isn’t super needy. Danielle is not in his league.


I agree with the Shane thing. I don’t think he’s gay, HOWEVER, that tight pink shirt he’s always wearing that looks like it could belong to my four year old cousin continues to give me mixed messages.

All jokes aside, I think he truly is interested in Kara and doesn’t want to do anything that could potentially cause her not to like him or w/e.

I do not think he deserves to win though. He has been the new ? . Non existent. That was his first comp win in how long? He won 3 comps the first 2 weeks, then afterwards, he became Jenn 2.0

Dan is a scumbag, and I think that he feels that America loves that ( The DR has probably been feeding him that from the large acclaim he’s gotten for the funeral move). But, out of everyone left, he deserves the win.
I’m tired of people tht haven’t done anything getting into final 3 and winning ( think Jordan, BB11 ). During that time, I let my intense dislike for Gnatalie cloud my judgement as to who i thought should win; which is why I was ecstatic when Jordan won. However, in hindsight, gnatalie had done way more than Jordan ever did and did deserve the win.

Look at me talking like I had a vote in the whole thing lol. But overall, I’d rather have something that did something over someone that coasted to the end.

Rob C

Shane is definitely not Jenn 2.0. I believe he has won 1 or 2 HOH’s and 4 POV’s. That is a pretty strong resume. The reason it seems like he disappeared the last month was because Frank became such a huge target and the war that ensued between him and Dan took all the heat off Shane. Otherwise Shane would have been public enemy #1 like he was in the beginning. It took several weeks to get rid of Frank.

Shane was smart and used that to his advantage to lie low. Dan is a great player and definitely in the top 2 social players of all time but no one should vote for that piece of garbage to win. He cares about no one. At least the other people in the house are HUMAN. Dan is not and should not be rewarded for being dog shit. I don’t believe this game should be about rewarding the most cutthroat player but I guess it depends on your view point :)


I thought the same way that you did a couple of weeks ago but in the end, Dan played the bet game out of the remaining contestants and it should be awarded to go played the best game.

That’s how I view things but everyone’s different,


And tell me Hello why devil worshipers should be rewarded? Dan is an ugly individual. Not even human at times.


You guys are arguing this on emotional points. This game is (should be) about rewarding the person who played it the best and Dan’s attitude is if it takes lying and scheming and manipulating and stabbing others in the back to get to the end, so be it. It’s simple. To Dan, he’s playing a game and he’s doing what he feels he ‘has to’ to win. It gets dirty and rotten at times, but he feels he has no other choice. This is always said, but it’s true: If Dan hadn’t followed through with the funeral fiasco he wouldn’t be standing in the house right now planning his next move, no matter how conniving it was. After the funeral Dan warned us in the diary room his gameplay would become ruthless if that’s what it took to get to the end and that’s the game he’s playing. Not at all does he find joy in hurting others, to him it’s just business, it’s gameplay.


What I wish I could see:

Some evil genius hacked the CBS favorite poll and Julie announces DAWG the winner.

Someone talks to Dani in Chinese.

At the next eviction interview, Wil appears as Julie to do the exit.


I wish I could see that happen also!

Footprints in the Swamp

ROFLMBO!!! Me too!!!!! GO DAWG!!!!! <3 <3 <3


The thing with Ian is that I truly don’t think that he cares about winning. He accomplished his dream of being apart of an alliance that made it to the end w/o turning on each other (Didn’t that kind of fail once Dan threw Brit under the bus? Hm; like I said, Dan does things and all is forgotten lol). Anywho; Ian’s ego is extremely too big for him to not take Dan to final 2. He wants to say that he won against the one of the best. What he fails to realize is that it just might be a close vote between those two.

He’s too busy thinkin he’s the best player ever and how BB will ask him to return to even remotely focus of the endgame.

I think what Dan did to Frank was foul beyond belief however, if anybody deserves to win BB 14, it’s him, with Ian as close second.


I’m reallly hoping Dani veto’s Dan and he dropkicks Shane out of the house. I would feed on her tears.

production rigged it

shane is a complete moron actually telling danielle to use the veto on dan and put him up, doesn’t he realize this determines the final 3 and he wants to take a chance in trusting that dan will keep his word. i don’t know why he’s worried about getting his hands dirty now for, besides that ian has said on more that one occasion that he wouldn’t hold a grudge and vote for who he thinks played the best. if he was smart he would tell danielle not to use it and then blindside dan but he’s too much of a pu**y for that though.


Just my two cents of what the remaining HG’s should be doing before veto:

Danielle needs to make sure Ian is evicted. She needs to decide who she can trust most to do that. For Shane she needs to convince him Ian is unbeatable and can’t be allowed anywhere near the finals. She should point out his comp run, with his intelligence and endurance is really tough to beat. For Dan, she needs to say all the same stuff about Ian, but make certain he is convinced Shane means absolutely nothing to her, that it will be the two of them vs. Shane in the final 3.

Dan needs to make sure Danielle uses the veto on him, then decide if taking Ian is worth the risk in order to make sure he would have 2 people in the final 3 who would take him to the final chair or if he’s certain he can win that final HOH and it won’t matter if Danielle might take Shane and vice versa.

Shane needs to make sure Danielle does not use the veto, assuring her Dan is safe. The he needs to decide if it makes more sense to keep Ian, who would take him to the end should he win the final HOH, or keep Dan knowing full well he will take Danielle. Who does he feel more confident beating in the last HOH? Is he at all concerned that Danielle thinking about using the veto on Dan and putting him at potential risk indicates she would take Dan over him?

Ian needs to finally start playing to win and realize the Quack Pack died on the night of the funeral. He needs Shane to make sure Danielle does not use the veto. Then he needs to show him that Danielle wants Ian evicted because then she can kick back and let Dan and Shane fight over who gets to take her to the end. He needs to tell Shane that if Ian and Danielle are at the end with him, they will be fighting to see who takes Shane to the end. Tell him that him and Danielle still have the odds on their side to go together, but having Ian in the final 3 is Shane’s insurance policy.


Agree on most points, but I think Ian’s best play right now is to convince Dan that he will guaranteed take him to final 2 if he wins (play up the Renegades) and let Dan do the rest (by rest I mean convincing Dani to use the veto and then evicting Shane). Shane’s a lost cause for Ian and a a waste of energy, Dan is his best path forward right now.


Can Danielle beat any of these players in the final two? Shane is using her ….. wish she paid more attention to other relationships in the house before she choose her path. I really think Shane is using her and can’t see them having a relationship outside the house. I am positive at the live show party she is going to have one of her breakdowns when Shane doesn’t give her his undidived attention. Feel so bad for woman ………… wish they could tell “he’s just not that into you”!!! What scares me the most is if Shane votes Dan out tonight. I do think Shane is more scared of Ian than Dan. Come on Danellle — Shane has been telling you that anyone can win against Dan but will pick Shane over him???? I think if it’s Shane or Danielle … Shane wins. 4.75 hrs till the show tonight. Really need dan to win HOH!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!


Shane convinces Danielle not to use the power of veto, tells her he’ll get blood on his hands and vote out Ian. When the time comes he votes out Dan, then reveals that he came into the game playing that he was straight. She goes” You mean you’re gay?” Shane responds ” Duh, my favorite color is pink” Danielle has nervous breakdown on live tv and CBS goes to commercial. When they come back it’s revealed that Dani self-evicted and Dan is in the final 3.

Dan desrves an acadeny award

dan is the BEST BB player ever




If Dani uses Veto she knows that Shane will be gone.. I dont want to hear her fake crying if Shane leaves tonight.. I think it will come back to bite her in the ass. Ian will probably go on and win HOH and take Dan.

Ian's goodbye messages

Danielle best move is to not use the POV. keeping Ian around will not guarantee Danielle a F2. Dan and Shane will take Danielle to F2.

Dan desrves an acadamy award

I really want this to go down yes…kick out Shane.. I like shane but poor guy Danielle ruined his game… americas doesnt even want him as fav player cuz of her..