Scottie “This is the part where you’re going to hate me, I’ve already put it in motion.”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett & Scottie Have Nots

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5:10pm – 5:55pm HOH room. Fes, Haleigh, Angela and Tyler. Fes – before I talked to Scottie. She was in the kitchen with a big smile on her face. She said okay I am ready to play this game and I know who you should choose as a replacement nominee. And then listen to this .. she said if you do this for me, I will quit smoking. That was her pitch. Who do you want on your team. Me or Haleigh. Do you want someone who can hold on to a tree for hours or Haleigh who only takes and never gives. And then she was like pinky promise. Haleigh – what did you say? Fes – I was like this is a big offer .. I’m going to need to think about this one. Haleigh – she said the same thing to Rockstar.. I’m ready to play this game. Angela – well she isn’t playing with me. Haleigh – what does that mean I take and don’t give? What does that mean? Angela – when we were outside she asked what you were going to do and I was like I don’t know but if I was him I would put up someone next to Scottie that I knew wasn’t going to go home. Fes – but that is uncool what she just did. She was like make your parents proud and help me quit smoking. She said the day Haleigh goes home you and I could go in the storage room and rip up all my cigarettes together. Haleigh – do you want her to quit smoking really bad? Fes – no. Angela – why does she think this game revolves aroudn her habits. Are we playing house? Who can clean the bathroom the best. Who contributes that most? Haleigh – I don’t understand why she dislikes me so much. Fes – that’s why I can’t put up Sam .. she would go home. I was like is this the best pitch you can do. it’s been 61 days and now I can trust you!?

Fes – I was like yeah okay I send Haleigh out and then Sam is smoking the next day. Motherf**ker! I would look like the biggest idiot. She is probably in the DR lighting up and being like got his dumba$$! I was tempted to do it just to see if she would rip up her cigarettes. Haleigh – oh really?! I am just glad we saw all this before they were able to do anything.

Angela – so what happens when one of us get a chance to put them up.. (Fes and Haleigh) we deal with that bridge later? Tyler – yeah. They go home, what are they going to do? Angela – true.

5:54pm Bedroom. Scottie and Haleigh. Haleigh – what did you want to talk to me about earlier? Scottie – I don’t know the best way to put this because you’re going to hate me either way. You’re going to hate me. Haleigh – why would I hate you? Scottie – because by design you hate me. Haleigh – I would never hate you. Scottie – I need you to disassociate from me because I am going. Their taking out the pairs. Bay and Rocks had something. Swaggy and Steve had a deal. People are going after the pairs. Haleigh – why would I disassociate from you? Scottie – what good would it do for you to associate yourself with me. Haleigh – because your my friend and I’m not going to let you go through this myself. Scottie – this is the part where you’re going to hate me, I’ve already put it in motion. Haleigh – what do you mean? Scottie – I’ve already told people that you’ve been playing me and let them believe that. I am literally being knocked out by my own team right now .. its not a good look for you to be with me. Haleigh – I don’t understand. Scottie – you don’t understand why its a bad look for you to be near me? Haleigh – no, everyone knows you’re my friend. Scottie – not any more. I told them all we’re enemies now. The group with Angela believed me. Haleigh – no one believe you. What did you say.

6:05pm Scottie – I spun some bullsh*t about you being my target. Haleigh – is this because you talked to Sam last night? Scottie – I have tried to play this game with my heart and it is just getting ripped out in every f**king direction. Haleigh – do you believe that .. that I am playing you? Scottie – I don’t believe that. Like I picked you to play. Someone somewhere is trying to f**k me. So I said let her go, let her play her game. I don’t want the drowning man syndrome. Haleigh – we don’t even know if you’re leaving. Scottie – who am I going to beat in a boat. Haleigh – apparently Sam thinks you would beat me. Scottie – did she pitch it to Fes? Haleigh – yes. Scottie – she told me the same thing which is why I pitched whatever I was supposed to to Fessie.

Haleigh – what did you tell Fessie? Scottie – whatever Sam told him. About you playing us and you’re basically Kaitlyn 2.0 and stuff like that. Haleigh – you said that?! Scottie – yeah I am trying to make them think we’re enemies. That’s why I’ve been back here pouting all day. That’s why you have to go to him and say Scottie is weird and has to f**king go. Haleigh – did you say that because you think that or.. Scottie I would never play you. Scottie – I am f**king tired of hearing it all. Its ripping me up. Haleigh – I have literally defended you and had your back this entire time. Scottie – that’s why you need to let me go. All of your friends are going and soon it will just be you and Fes. You need to start building bridges with other people or you are going to go soon. I am a sinking ship. Haleigh – well if Sam and Brett are telling you to do this then that is two people that want me gone. What are you to say in your speech? Scottie – I’ve decided to say that I have nothing to f**king say. I am literally going to just lay down.

6:14pm Backyard. Tyler and Brett. Tyler – they’re not targeting you now. Brett – yeah, now that I won the veto. Tyler – no for next week. Brett – who are they targeting next week? Tyler – Sam. Because she is in on the help Scottie plan. And I think he is going to put up Kaycee. They want Scottie to go. He dug his own grave. Brett – They actually tried to get me to use the veto on Scottie. I was I am NOT doing that.

6:25pm HOH room. JC and Fes. Fes – Let Scottie freak out and let Kaycee be smooth.. and Scottie will go. If he doesn’t go then I don’t know. That would mean 4 people voted for him to stay.. because I have to break the tie. JC – if that happens go to the DR and voluntary leave. Fes – Damn if Scottie goes this week your boy made the biggest move boy!! Brett – I don’t know if we will get the vote for him… all these girls are licking boots for him. Why didn’t you put Haleigh as a havenot? She has only done it once. Fes – you have too. JC – I am pissed you’re a f**king b***h. I would have acted confused like Brett, Tyler, Sam.

6:30pm Bedroom. Haleigh and Scottie. Haleigh and Scottie. Haleigh – I am not mad because I have had your back. Scottie – you are ligidimately beyond nice to me and I don’t understand. Haleigh – because you’re my friend. You’re just a nice person and you’re funny and we talk about things that aren’t game. Scottie – those are my favorite moments in the house. Haleigh – I’m not mad at you .. I’m just sad. I am sad because you’re on the block. Sad that Fes put you there. Sad that no one trusts you. Sad that people think I’m not really your friend. I’m just sad. Haleigh starts crying. I am sad that I didn’t put Sam up because I listened to Rockstar.

7pm Scottie goes into the storage room and digs through the garbage bags. He pulls out shoe inserts and goes to find Haleigh in bathroom. He gives them back to her. He tells her he accidentally threw them out.

7:18pm Bathroom. Tyler tells Kaycee that she has the votes if she goes up. Kaycee – I will talk to Fes tonight and try and get something out of him. Like I’ll go up but keep me safe next week.

7:38pm Brett, Haleigh, JC, and Fes talk about how they think JC was America’s player. JC – I’m not. Brett – yeah that was convincing. Brett – it could be running around spraying people with shaving cream. JC – I only sprayed Kaitlyn. Brett – oh and Tyler and me and Rachel. Haleigh – make a dish that no ones ever heard of and say you eat it all the time. Bring all of the sodas into the kitchen so everyone drinks one. JC – that was day two! This started a couple weeks ago. Haleigh – oh so it started a couple weeks ago?!

7:49pm Kitchen. Haleigh tells Kaycee if she goes up she has her vote.

8:15pm Haleigh is cooking dinner again for everyone. Fes comes out of the diary room with the snap chat sunglasses.

8:28pm Kitchen – Angela and Fes. Angela – I mentioned it to Kaycee and she is fine with it. (being the replacement nom) Fes – okay I am going to talk to her before. (the veto ceremony)

8:43pm Sam, JC and Brett working out..


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Double Ds

Was it just me or did I see JC in the shower with Angela on Sunday’s show??? fan

I thought so too


I saw them once after a comp when everyone was waiting on the shower. Some doubles up on showers. but they had some type of clothing on I’m pretty sure.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Was he shaving her legs????


thats very funny


Yup they showered together, butt naked.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Scottie, you poor delusional sap.


I mean he really thinks he’s in a pair with Haleigh? Like the delusion that takes is almost unfathomable…without her saying a word, he convinced that she spends so much time with Fez and let’s Brett rub her down just for game, but he’s her real partner.

Then again, maybe now we know why he’s gone a quarter century without figuring out how to get a girl to even kiss him…I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts he’s proposed to his pharmacist, thinks his dental hygienist is leaving her husband for him, and is certain in reality he’s beating every girl off with a stick if they even happen to make eye contact…

Double Ds

Jc may never be HOH, but he is in control of this week.


He’s my new favorite to win this thing!

Who said that!

Congratulations Fes on your big move against yourself.

Rae Ammirati

It was hysterical to hear him in the DR saying that,,I was laughing so hard of how clueless he is. JC really is the puppet master…I love it fan

JC is absolutely killing this week! Its not that he has not been playing smart and also manipulating, but this week, he elevated his game a few notches. Not only has he got Scottie on the block, he has also managed to sew a decent amount of doubt between Hay and Fez. Soon, Fez will be his big dumb puppet and his alone. Just not sure if he will get to pull those strings long after this week. I doubt that L6 won’t see right through his manipulation tactics.

I really feel like that when it gets down to Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, Brett and JC, no one will be able to really manipulate anyone else. They will all know the score. Tyler will have to win HoH, followed by veto’s in order to get to the final 2. The girls will likely try to take each other. I am not sold that Brett or JC may not be a possibility to take to final 2, because they have for entertainment purposes been a bit cruel to the jury. But it may be something that some of those hateful Jurors could surprise all of us and respect that aspect of the game that they were totally outclassed on.

However, when it gets down to the last 5, for JC’s sake, I hope he follows Brett into the jury house so someone has his back and he doesn’t have to catch too much hell from the morons making up the jury. I do think that if those 2 go in back to back, it could go a long way to getting the jurors to understand how the manipulation worked, and why they shouldn’t be upset with the rest of the house anymore than they are mad at themselves. They just have never seen the game as it truly existed all season, and the team effort and team trust the other side utilized was on a level that has rarely been seen before. Not only will the jurors be on the cast that will go down as one of the most memorable and re-watched seasons of BB history, they will also be the poor fools who had shown exactly how distrust within even a larger alliance early on in the game can be completely dismantled by a group of people that truly understood the game.

I also think it is clear that this might be the best casted house ever on BB regular edition. If anyone of JC, Brett, Tyler, and possibly Angela and Scottie were in with typical casts, they would all probably have been final 2 caliber players. This group is definetly the best large alliance of all time. And any 2 of them have shown the ability to manipulate at the level of some of the greatest like Chill town on BB7 All Stars. In my opinion they are just that good. Hopefully, BB can find another great cast next year. And eventually find a good group that can actually help fill out another cast of BB All Stars. I do hate when they bring back only one or a few returning players with a new cast. But a full house of returning and very capable members would truly be another epic season.


Every time he speaks I wanna pull my hair out, so clueless!!!


lmao. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Foutte that’s you.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Fez: “I would look like the biggest idiot!” (That SS-IDIOT Ship has sailed Fez.)


Scottie is going all Charles Dickens on us. He’s pulling a Sydney Carton – “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. Suck on that you Scottie haters! He is going all noble on us!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

A shame for him this wasn’t a school play.


OK….just finished watching the tv show AND…..

JC!!! Had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!! He has replaced Tyler as my #1 (for this week anyway). He is the “Puppet Master” this week! He plays Fessie like a fiddle. Hooked into the jealousy angle & played it for all it was worth. A pleasure to watch. HA!

KC going up & Scottie to Rocks & Bay.

Fessie & Hay will go up next week & Fessie will go. If it’s a double, Hay & Sam go up next…..Sam will go. Her pitch to Fessie was the wildest one I’ve ever heard!

End game….Tyler & Angela.

Great season!!!

Rae Ammirati

I agree, ,JC was great, and Fes listened to JC rather than Hailey who definitely has a grip of this game. She was right to try to get Tyler out and now she knows this is so stupid, But that’s Fes, I love this season.


I agree about JC!! I was cracking up over everything he said. When Sam was teaching JC some southern sayings and JC repeated them….. I fell out laughing! It was a great laugh because of JC on tonight’s episode.
On the other hand when Fes sees what JC said about him he’s not going to laugh!!??


Agreed JC could take this thing!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Favorite JC moments on the show, doing sign language along with “He’th tho sthupid.” and “I make Fessy VERY YELLOUS of Scottie. He’s my little b!tch.” He was a riot! And it took his leading Fez into the belief that Scottie wanted him out so he could have Hay to himself (which could have been true); KC & Brett really sold it as well with the vote flipping. L6 is gangster! (But they need to handle Sam. And quick.)


JC was hilarious. I never thought it would actually work but Hayleigh unintentionally helped ensure it would, by the totally narcissistic, entitled way she tried to control Fes instead of using her brains to reason with him, get him checking stories, etc. She’s like, “But Scottie has MY back. If you put him on the block, that hurts ME.” Me me me me me, Fes! What about me? And MY friend Scottie? Sooo persuasive. LOL!! I wonder if her assumption that Fes will just always do whatever she tells him was just the extra help JC needed. This team Foutte, man. Should’ve called themselves team FUBAR.


Wait!! Is brett lying again or is that still, I’m not sure anymore. Did fessieboy/haileigh really try to get him to use the veto on scottie? That sounds about as bright as sams plan to get fessieboy to put up haileigh as the renom. LOL This is just to funny and pathetic at the same time. No one on the block who has a brain would ever use the veto on the other person. This has been the best season in a very long time, I can’t believe how the hive side has been playing right into everyone elses hands and not doing what is beneficial to them. It’s funny to watch JC screw with little fessieboys head, at least haileigh is catching on to him and if she ever does win another HOH she would actually put him up this time, hopefully not caring what fessieboy says since he didn’t care about her not wanting scottie to go up on his HOH. I would actually love to see sam/jc on the block together, just to see which one would come out the craziest..LOL.


Sam ask him if he’d use the veto on Scottie.


Haleigh is catching on to Fes’ jealousy, but she is clueless to his reasons why. He is from a devout Muslim family, and they are traditionally very protective of their spouses and women. It’s just a byproduct of his upbringing. Couple that with Haleigh’s Texas college girl indepencace and you have a recipe for disaster. I’m from 2 hours away from Texas in the heart of Cajun country Louisiana and I can tell you, Texas and Louisiana girls are highly independent. Fes is doing as he was raised and Haleigh is doing as she was, and unfortunately for them, it’s a clash of cultures, not to mention a showmance mistake worth $500k.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He was really digging her bringing food up to the HOH to him. They fight over EVERY thing (maybe my husband and I use to argue alot, I really don’t remember that far back lol). Then boom, they’re making out. She has no idea. He wants to make all the decisions for the little woman but he needs someone with brains to help him through life.


How many left nuts does fes have…i believe he’s already gone through several and I think he ed fem nut both nuts on something yesterday?

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

His left nut has been writing checks it can’t cover … he’s several left nuts in debt. fan

I do not understand how this game just got another layer deeper on crazy stupid plans…but somehow, Scottie and Sam have managed it.


the facepalming from Fez and Tyler was hilarious


What I would love to see happen. Kaycee goes up as pawn. Scottie goes to jury.

HOH, L6 throws it to Kaycee. Kaycee puts up Sam and Fess, telling Fess he is the pawn. If Fess doesn’t get POV they blindside and send him home. If Fess gets POV then nominate Haleigh and send her home. If Haleigh gets the POV and saves Fess, throw up JC as pawn and send either JC or Sam home!


The first part is a good idea but I’d much rather see Sam go before Hayleigh now. She’s gotten on my last nerve and I can’t take her anymore. And the way she always turns on her allies so quickly.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

They better check the drawers and closets for voodoo dolls and hexes. Sam shall not go quietly into the night.


I would put haleigh and fes up…one of them are going versus risking saving both with a veto…sam can go anytime…shes not a threat…just a little crazy…


Scottie’s is breaking my heart. He’s been back stabbed by his alliance and he’s still trying to help Haleigh……on tonight’s show it looks like she is trying to tell Fessy he’s got it all wrong about Scotty, but he’s not listening. I hope she ditches him.


Thank you. I was beginning to think I was the only person who liked Scottie. I always find to heartbreaking to see people avoid the person who will be leaving. Scottie knows it’s his time and I hate that he hasn’t had anyone in this game except Steve and a little bit of Hayleigh. That is a long time to be in a place where people never trust you or like you. I am going to still root for him because he is the only person left I can stomach.


I agree but also think he did this to himself a little bit. Rather than moving around talking to others, he attached himself to
Steve and only Steve right away.


Scottie is making s last ditch effort to stay. He’s Done with Haleigh.


Paul was wicked but it was done in a way that didn’t seem so mean and cut throat, level six has taken it to a level that’s hard to watch. Reading this and the previous update takes it beyond game, they already know Scottie is going home but yet they put Hay through all that. Scottie just went along with it to try and help his friend before he parted. I truly wish Hay woùld self evict and leave Fez to the wolves or some magic veto pops into Scottie’s lap.


Nah. Level 6 is playing the game. Paul was indeed mean and cut throat.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

I thought the BB edits would be a little convoluted. But production got right to the point. Fezzy is the dumbest motherf@cker to ever play this game. scottie brett and jc made fezzy look like the biggest doosh to ever set foot in the BB house. Your family will be proud loser!


If they can convince Fes to put Sam up, and Scottie completely targets Fayleigh…

Sam goes home.

My fingers are crossed!


EvelDick on Twitter claims his contact that works the jury house claims Bayleigh is pregnant. He says this comes second hand, so take it for what it’s worth.

If teue, how do you think BB will use it for ratings?

I’ve heard from someone that knows people working the jury house and reports I’m getting is that she is pregnant… But that’s second hand, so take it for what you will


Can i remind you guys that Big Brother is just a game so calling people stupid douche all the names in the book is not acceptable i bet you guys wouldn’t do better in the BB house. Just saying


That’s part of volunteering for a nationally televised game show, you’re opening yourself up for all kinds of criticism, deserved or not.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Hey Guy, Go F yourself. We dont need a lecture from you. Move along snowflake


Just watched this evening episode.
I don’t think I gave JC enough credit…
It was his idea for brett to say he was the lone vote to keep Rockstar.
JC wanted scottie on the block and he worked it to get it done…
Fes is JCs big dumb puppet lol
JC the puppet master lmao
Who would have think it

Who said that!

Haven’t you been watching?


This season has shown that your alliance does not have to win comps to control the house.


Dr Will proved that seasons ago. He would throw comps all the time.

The bubbles in fes's head go POP!

What the hell is wrong with fes? JC isn’t even making sense in that conversation and yet fes is still clueless??
It’s so irrational. I feel like I’m being punked.
As for hayleigh… I have no words…
just keeps getting worse and worse…


Fes is this years Liz.


Even Liz wasn’t this clueless.


It’s acceptable o go from one side to the other..but
1) Don’t get caught doing it and
2) don’t do it because you think it’s the way to get the person you’re obsessed with.
The problem..Scott…is you wanted to believe SO badly that Hay didn’y throw you under the bus 2 weeks ago
in a *legendery move*
She crooked her finger and back you ran to her.’re a shield and a number for Hay. Yes..she likes you as a FRIEND and..YES..she’s in a showmance with Fess.
And she’s NOT taking you to final 2.
Sometimes the Rat doesn’t get the cheese/


I still don’t get why people are against Scottie. He has done the same thing that Tyler has done, ie pretend to be good with the other side and then take information back to his alliance, but because he’s not one of the cool kids, he’s a rat. When Tyler does it, it’s good gameplay. Double standards. smh

He’s actually not playing a much worse game than Tyler. Tyler is playing a great game, but it’s not been perfect, HIVE is just too clueless to catch on.

So yes, everyone knows that Scottie voted against Swaggy while wearing a Swaggy-C T-shirt, but he knew the numbers were against him anyway, and If it was Tyler that did that, lots of people would have been posting positive comments about Tyler.


Scottie spilled info to L6 about he hive. Then to the hive…he spilled about level6.
Tyler NEVER spilled about Level6.
Scottie showed no loyalty to anyone.


He’s not Brett or Tyler, so of course he hasn’t mastered how to have a conversation without revealing too much. I don’t think he is intentionally being disloyal, he has voted with his alliance each time except for the Swaggy vote.

Going based on information leaks, then the whole Hive is disloyal because they all leak information to the other side, and that would also make Fes more disloyal than Scottie, because Fes tells JC everything, even though JC has told him that he also talks to Tyler.

Who said that!

Shouldn’t Kaycee become concerned that she’s the pawn of her group.


She is too dumb to notice…

Feel how you feel

I feel bad for Scottie too. He’s the only one that hasn’t gotten on my last nerve.
One side of dumb dumbs. The other side so smug smug.

another name

don’t mind me… i’m still a little burnt by the episode d/r edit.
I’m no fan of Fes. Never have been.
Though Fes doesn’t know it, Scottie has low key been trying to get Tyler and Brett to target Fes for a week or two. It’s a bad move, but it’s not the worst move to nom Scottie. Like everyone couldn’t tell that Fes would nominate the two guys that spend time with Haleigh. oh come on.
I want to like Scottie. but.
His overabundance of spillage everytime he flips, only to flop back to Haleigh a few hours later is just so sloppy. It never stays secret. If you’re going to do the traditional float from side to side when you’re in danger… don’t wear a neon sign. How would anyone be able to trust a guy that has flipped, spilled every bit of tea in the pot, then flipped again the first time a specific girl looks in his direction? it’s silly. it’s obvious. if it isn’t game ending it’s another ridiculous fix attempt like waiting until fes and scotty talk. then having scottie say, ‘what’s taking so long hurry up’ with the d/r immediately calling fes for noms.
I’m ambivalent about Haleigh but leaning toward dislike. I hate her edit. It’s fictional. I don’t hate her game if she owns it. she never will.
Haleigh’s we’re friends only protests. get off the pot or at least don’t bogart it.
It’s obvious that she let Scottie stay over in the hoh on the last night of her week for two reasons. 1) draw suspicion away from her showmance with Fes. 2) to pull Scottie back in closer in case he noticed Fes had been sleeping over because she thought there was a better chance of Scottie winning the next hoh. It’s her pattern.
Did she or did she not entertain the idea of an alliance with herself, Scottie and Brett? An alliance that excluded Fes. She did. Did she or did she not push for a faux girls alliance during Angela’s hoh specifically to put Tyler and Scottie on the block together? She did. She even wanted Tyler to stay in the scenario.
Okay. I’m finished venting. As you were.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I agree with you. Don’t hate Scottie, but his game hasn’t been great. Erratic, I’d say. I feel for the fact he probably does have a thing for her and his heart hurts, but that’s real life and not even BB. Just a weakness seen and seized by the opponents. Haleigh is young, That’s about my only defense. She has some smart-ish moments and always blows it (like the house meeting for Bay’s agenda – so stupid; letting RS think for her, that ridiculous bath tub conversation with Tyler). The Hive and everyone associated with it have been a disaster start to finish.

another name

I know i’m quite a bit older than haleigh (like double her age). I know times are different. but i also know 21 isn’t an excuse. Great, moments of brilliance until someone yells wine or squirrell then it’s time to circle the drain again until d/r fixes the mistakes with flashcards. moments of clarity followed by inaction or foolishness are just well aimed brain farts, and weekly it’s like her brain went to an all you can eat at taco bell. And most of my growing dislike for her… isn’t for her. It’s for the grand canyon of disparity between her game on feeds and her game on episodes. I mean… who are they kidding with those edits???

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Yes I’m more than double her age. We forget, Tyler is only 23. She could have used her youth to her advantage by appealing to everyone’s ego and gleaning from their “wisdom”. She’s quick to assert herself at every turn and it’s usually not necessary.


I think Hayleigh genuinely likes Scottie as a friend and gamewise. They might have been able to do some damage against L6, but Fess is bad for her game. This showmance is probably dead by the time they get to jury. Ruining her game is going to cost him.

Scottie is underestimated. The few times that he has explained himself, everything he says makes sense:

After the Steve vote and Kaitlyn’s betrayal, he holds back a little bit from everybody.
He holds back a lot from Fessy, because everything that gets told to Fessy ends up being told to JC.
Tyler does not tell him his moves beforehand, he only finds out after.
He has tried to tell his alliance before that JC flips votes.

The problem is more so with his alliance than with his game play. It’s not as good as Tyler’s, but it’s not as bad as people are making it seem.

another name

i still say the information seepage he gives when he’s in danger (angela with veto) then crossing his fingers and jumping back to haleigh… then doing it again with information seepage to everyone when he’s on the block this week, then right back to haleigh… that’s just too much of a tactically stupid move to overlook.
he had plenty of opportunities to ride the middle more, or jump into the other side much earlier. I’d say being on the wrong side of the first three votes including the stupid trending decision when he KNEW his team was going to lose the vote and including failing to get your primary target during your hoh… you’re doing something wrong, and you need to readjust your game. Failing to correct errors made by week three, and continuing to follow the same course in week 8? That’s his own failure.


I see your point. Actually, I think he was done with Hayleigh this time, up until he spoke to Angela. Angela is one of the people who had told him Hayleigh is playing him. She told him about Hay and Bay suggesting he go on the block and then on the feeds today she told him that Hay has always had his best interest at heart. He caught that. I believe that’s why he ran back to Hayleigh. At that point it was for damage control, but I also think that shows he’s smart. I think what looks like him being a rat is him readjusting his game, or at least trying to, but his alliance is just too dense. So yeah, he probably should have readjusted and make a complete flip to the other side the first chance he got.

another name

what he fails to realize is Angela wasn’t being altruistic. She’d just made a pretty fake deal with the hoh brain trust. If Scottie outed anything Angela told him… dead fake deal. She’s still thinking Haleigh would target her again, and a nom speech could affect renom. She doesn’t want to be renom herself.


Actually he realized that Angela’s was not being altruistic; that’s exactly my point.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

The little guy JC was right! This really was JC’s HoH and not fezzys. Without winning a damn thing JC is pulling tons of strings in this game.

Right on!

I just watched the tv episode. It was painful to watch big dummy fez. Poor Scotty, a good guy getting blamed.
Hey puppet master, jc keep bragging but I’m gonna love when L6 votes you out in the coming weeks like a used tissue. Best season in years. Cheers,
More merlot please!


Poor little Scottie scuttles back and forth between both sides like a little rat. He set himself up to be a target.

Darrell G Irick

here is how i believe it will play out the rest of the season…..

order of eviction:
Fess or Haleigh
Haleigh or Fess
Final 2 Tyler and Sam

Tyler wins the game.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’m with you except Sam needs to go before Brett and JC. I think Tyler could beat any of the remaining Hive members – KC will be considered a floater even though she’ll get RS’s vote for being gay. Angela, all the girls hate her. Brett, he pissed off enough people I think Fez would reward Tyler for his comp wins; Bay and RS will see Tyler played a great game without being mean to anyone; JC would give it to Tyler. Haleigh & Sam are wild cards. Neither would vote for Angela. Both might vote for Brett over Tyler, 50/50 chance. He really needs to take Angela to the end.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Dang it – it’s late and my brain is tired. I meant I think Tyler could beat any of the remaining L6 members, not Hive members. Charlene the Spider could beat the Hive members.


Really hoping Fes puts up Sam and Sam goes home. Scottie needs to stay, that is way better for Fes’ game. Scottie stays and wins HOH next week he can go after Brett and would keep Fes safe.
Scenario if Fes puts up Sam:
Votes to evict Sam- Haleigh, Angela, Tyler
Votes to evict Scottie- Brett, Kaycee, JC
3-3 Fes breaks tie sends Sam home. fan

No way they take out Sam before Scottie. I could see there being the votes to take out Sam before the remaining Hive members. Especially if she continues the full blown crazy with Brett. Brett has to be getting his own hives from some of the creepy shit that Sam has said to him this week. So I could see him and Tyler really having to consider voting her out before she either attacks them or completely blows their games up. Its just a matter of how much of this they can tolerate to see if its worth voting out Sam before Fes, because that is a risk. However, I think there is clearly no doubt that Sam would go home if they get Fes out before Hayleigh. Hayleigh all by herself is no threat at all, and she will not be able to convince anyone that it is in their best interest to make a deal and work with her over the people they know they can trust. I really do not see them thinking that they can’t find an opportunity to eliminate Tyler or Brett when they get an opportunity to after the fail the first time not to win a comp to save themselves. It may not happen, but keeping Hayleigh really doesn’t increase their chances to eliminate Tyler or Brett either.


I hope we get to hear Fessy explain his reasoning to anybody that’ll listen at least another 1,000 times this week. Big. Dumb. Idiot.


i have a question..
do tyler and angela have a showmance or something?
is something goin on between them

Rigged Game


Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

They have been cuddling and holding hands at night. It looks to be a real attraction but they are playing it real cool so others don’t suspect. fan

I do think they like each other. But I do think to a point, they are both trying to lure the other in as an opportunity to use the relationship as a way to get them out of a sticky situation in the final 5. Just my hunch, but I think both realize that they are in the middle of playing a game that can win and neither are going to risk it. Maybe something will happen if they are in the final 2 and get a night or 2 alone in the house. But that is the only way that we really know for sure.


So…if Scottie convinces Fess to put up Sam…even if Scottie still goes….Sm’s game will have BLOWN up.
Because Scottie will have 3 days to spill the Sam has been playing the game from out of the gate.
When Scottie won HOH she ran up to him..said DON’T put me up..pinky swear.
Has final 2 with Scottie, Fess, Tyler and Scottie. Prolly with Bay and rocks as well.
Her * I don’t know how to play, I want to help you win * is going to hell.* for the lies.
Her doing everyone’s will come to nothing.
Because even if Scottie goes..Sam will be a TARGET.
Cover blown.

another name

she doesn’t have a final 2 with scottie unless that was part of last night’s tomfoolery. she had a three way alliance with tyler and scottie. she doesn’t have a final two with fes.
sam’s deals so far:
final three with tyler and scottie (defunct)
final three with kaycee and tyler
final two with tyler
plan b final 2 with brett
plan b alliance with brett and jc (unknown to her fake)
plan b alliance with scottie and brett (unkown to her fake at moment)
she didn’t have a final 2 with bay or with rocks.
she has pinky promise deals out the ying yang. but they are for safety or votes.


Scottie said she made a final 2 with him when he was HOH.

another name

Scottie lied. lol. it was a three person deal. she was hiding in the crouch spot behind the bed. tyler and scottie were on the bed.


Do you think Scottie is really being truthful to Haleigh? Or is this his plan to stay? Out of everyone in the house that would be put up, his best chance would be against Sam with the way she’s been acting.


scottie is delusional….his over confidence and weird behaviour deserves to go…i dont even think he is really some nerd either as he does decent in comps and isnt clumsy then acts all alpha male and braggadocios…his ways of speaking in riddles like some deep mystery confident guy is pathetic as well…still, the move to put him on block is retarded if u were fes or hayleigh–hayleigh should have refused to be around fes to ensure he didnt put up scottie…brett’s sheer ability to bs and the level 6 co-ordination is insanely good in addition to the idiocy and poor handling by scottie and fes and hayleigh to easily be played…if brett makes it to end thru multiple bs he will achieve dan status


Scottie is a nerd. I don’t think he is being fake at all in his game play. His awkwardness yet overconfidence is due to his nerdy side (a lot of nerds are actually like that, because of deficits with their ability to read social cues), but it’s also not unheard of to find the occasional nerd with athletic abilities.

His game play is erratic, because he is genuinely trying to figure out where to fit in each week.


“If scottie goes” that’s Fas biggest move in the game!!! He is beyond delusional. lmao
in Zach’s voice he is the “fruitloop dingus” of the entire season.