“I just don’t believe him that he wouldn’t come after me next week.. babyD is choosing to stay loyal to other people”

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier DX and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: Xavier used the veto Kyland nominated DX

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Big Brother Spoilers – DX going up. Fun times

9:10 am Claire wakes up to use the washroom She whispers to herself
Claire – I just don’t know what to do with DX.
Claire – I’m on the freaking block I can only push so much
Claire – being on the block is not fun
Claire mentions that Kyland, SB, Alyssa, and Xavier are working together now. “Aww so annoying”
Claire – I just can’t push DX that much.. I can push him a little bit.

10:18 am houseguests getting up for the day.

10:22 am Ky whispers something about votes. If it comes down to one vote they’ll vote for him to stay. (something like that hard to hear)

10:28 am Ky now creeping on Hannah
Ky – how are you doing?
Hannah – Good
Ky – good

10:31 am DX and Sb
DX – I have a good idea where your head is at but.. ahh.. there’s a lot I didn’t want to say early I want to see if it changes anything.
DX – going all the way back the days before I won HOH it was. It was not uncommon to hear your name as a house target. When I won HOH I made a deal with Alyssa and X
DX on the wall that they wouldn’t go on the block.. I won HOH and there was a lot of pressure for a king to go home and two from specific people they were looking at you

DX – that never made sense for my game.. I promise you I had you back fully.. after I put up Christian the entire time there was people outside of Alyssa and Christian that tried to flip the vote.. (X and TIFF)

DX- I understand going into next week 3 people are a tie. The person I am closest to in the house is Hannah. IF she does hit the block and leaves this house I lose my closest person. That would leave only 2 people that are close to me. If I lose Hannah I on;y become closer to you and Ky otherwise I don’t have anyone to play this game with. If I ever do hit the block I’m going to go home.

DX – I don’t know what your conversation with BIOGD was but when you are HOH people have all the more reasons to say what you want to hear.
DX – I trusted you and that is not something I turned on this week because you are HOH
DX – I believe pretty strongly that if BIGD did win the coin of destiny next week it will be you and Ky on the block. Even just logically let’s say I didn’t hear anything about it. If I am out of the house BIGD probably won’t target TIFF, Claire, or Azah they are not strong competitors in his mind. X is already on the block the only three people are you Ky or Alyssa. Do you agree with that or no?

SB – I see what you are saying there..
DX – If I am still in this house I have a good shot at beating BIGD in the coin of destiny. If you do not put me on the block this week I will promise you I will not come for you in 2 or 3 weeks whatever you want. Which those 3 weeks I’ll probably go home. I love this game SB. I don’t want to go home

Sb – that’s a lot to think about it’s a hard decision.. umm.. obviously, I really love this game too I want to be here as long as I can. I want to make s decision that allows for that and I don’t think it’s possible for me to know what the right one is. So .. I mean I don’t want to have any regrets either way. I appreciate you coming to talk to me and telling me where your head’s at it helps me make a decision

DX – do you believe me when I say I’m not coming for you
SB – umm. . Yeah but that’s not so much on you that’s on me. I’m not the type of player that finds it’s easy to trust other peope
Sb says it’s not surprising people in the house wanted her out because she did win the wildcard and she’s a “King”
Sb – People know I win competitions it’s very possible I end up on the block very soon
SB – just because people were coming for me week 3 doesn’t mean they are coming for me now
SB isn’t going to focus on who was trying to get her out week 3 she’s going to focus on who is coming after her now ‘Who is the biggest threat to me”
DX – there is a target on both of you. If I stay in this house to work with you guys to decrease the number of people that view you as a target. While I’m in the house having me here does protect you and to a lesser extent Kyland.
DX – I’m sitting here because I took out Christian.. I didn’t understand it at the time He was protecting me in this game. SB I will not .. you will not hit the block I promise you

DX says if he tells her who told him about Alyssa flipping the vote it would likely help him but he won’t because he Promised that person to keep it a secret. He points out this shows he’s a loyal person.
DX says if he wins the coin of destiny next week he won’t use it against people she feels comfortable with.

DX pushes for Hannah to go up. “if Hannah leaves this game you and Ky become my closest allies I would never come for you”
DX – I’m telling you you are someone I want to work with, in this game.

Sb – you made some good points I have to think about it some more
SB – do you have any reasons to think Claire or Tiff would come after you in the next even three weeks?
Dx – just like you said in this house I only know where they stand with me I don’t know where they stand with other people I don’t know where I fall on that totem pole.
DX – 3 weeks is a long time I don’t know where they will be in three weeks. they are good players if they see a move that is best for their game they will take it

Sb says she needs more time.
They hug
DX leaves.. Sb locks the door

Sb let’s do a little exercise.. the coup d’etat doesn’t exist. If Azah wins HOH next week and this is just based on my personal perception of the game. IF Azah won HOH her target would be Kyland I think she might be someone what hesitate to put me up she would ultimately do it.
SB – if BIGD wins next week I have a good sense he’ll go after Tiff adn Claire. I could be wrong (Wrong)
SB – If Ky wins he’s not putting me up.. Claire I think will come after me and Kyland.
Sb – Alyssa and X I can’t say for sure but right now I feel like with BIGD pretty confident.. then Tiffany and Ahhnnah will not put me and Kyland up..
SB – Four will fight for me and 3 that will fight against me .. one person that is a wildcard that is Azah.
Sb says she either has 4 people for her and 4 against or 5 for 3 against
SB says she doesn’t completely trust Babyd but right now she’s going to. If he stays Claire or Hannah go that is one less person after her. .
SB – okay
SB – if babyB stays and I can trust him I can have Azah as a wildcard. BiugD won’t come after me, Ky won’t, Claire will, baby D no, Alyssa and Xavier I don’t think are coming after me.
SB says Xavier and Alyssa become wishy-washy if DX stays
SB – my number went from a solid 4 to a 5 but 2 might be upset that I didn’t take the shot at babyD.. I just don’t think the numbers work out in his favour.. I don’t think it makes a difference for me.
SB – he thinks he can win the coup d’etat but I don’t trust him keeping me off the block.. He says he’s really close to Ky but this is Big Brother.. He doesn’t have a lot of options..
SB – if Ky and me are on the block together I don’t have BAbyD’s vote..
Sb thinks Babyd will send her home if she hits the block and babyD will convince Claire and Tiff to keep Ky over her.
SB – when I think about all the things he said.. even if I believe he would keep me safe there’s no guarantee he wins HOH or the coup d’etat.

11:08 am Ky creeps on Azah

11:10 am Ky and Sarah Beth
SB – Derek came to talk to me
Sb – he’s fighting to stay..
Sb – he thinks BIGD is coming after us
She gives him a summary of her conversation with DerekX
Sb – I’m choosing to beleive what I’m being told from the three of them they are going after Tiffany and Claire.
SB – keeping him doesn’t shift any targets from us.. if he’s here he’s not taking a shot at me he’ll use his influence
Sb – BabyD has a lot of influence in this house he would keep you and send me home
SB – if he gets rid of me he thinks he’ll pull you in .. what’s ky going to do play the game by himself?
Ky – I feel personally closer to Tiff and Claire but I feel less safe with them.
Sb – I just don’t believe him that he wouldn’t come after me next week even if he said he wouldn’t it wouldn’t make sense for his game to do it
Ky says DX will win power and blame it on BIGD
SB says it will be horrible if BIGD wins the power and puts them up but if DX stays in the hose and wins the power only to put them up that will feel even worse.
SB – I would rather have the former in every way
Sb – another thing that is unfortunate with babyD is choosing to stay loyal to other people. this is big brother I need people loyal to me. They need to tell me all the information they know. those are the people I want to play with.
SB mentions how DX won’t tell her who was talking about Flipping on SB
SB – he basically didn’t make a case for himself there’ nothing I can do.. (he’s protecting Tiff)

Sb begins to practice her nomination speech for DerekX
SB – I might lie to Tiff and Claire and say he threw them under the bus.. he’ll leave and can’t defend himself. (Cold)
SB – I will be telling everyone I want Claire to stay
Sb – I want Claire to think I’m putting babyd up because I want her to stay (lol)
They talk about Hannah going up and Claire thinking she has the votes to stay.
Sb – if she thinks she has the votes to stay over Hannah she’s delusional she doesn’t know what is going on in this game.
Sb says if Claire is willing to ruin her game to keep DX off the block DX has to go.
Sb brings up that Hannah hasn’t talked game to her “what is she doing?”
Sb – why doesn’t she fight for Tiff to go up?
Ky – she doesn’t think Tiff would go up over DX
Sbn – why would she think that?
Ky – she’s smart
Sb says she can see through DerekX “The house will be different without him. How confident are you about the vote”
Ky – Very
Ky says Azah and DF are voting out DX.

11:55 am Tiff
Tiff – DX is going on the block and I’m really sad..

12:09 pm Feeds cut to puppies for Veto Ceremony.

1:00 pm Feeds return

DX – can I just eat food now that I’m on the block?

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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No fave yet

Me too! Her hair is lame too.


Hi Tiffany. Didn’t know you were on this site. ?

Artraneen Gardner

I agree


My 7 year old has the same glasses lol


I am sure that it is to hide her facial expressions since she wore them during that long-ass conversation with Kyland very early Friday morning


Me too and also dislike her creepy baby voice very much, very annoying. Almost can’t believe it is real.


It goes with the little baby pink dress she wears.


Yeah, remember she said that her mother is probably mad that she wears them…because “she is covering her pretty eyes”! She certainly loves herself!

BB Fan

“I’m sitting here because I took out Christian.. I didn’t understand it at the time He was protecting me in this game” – Derek X

See even Derek X through his OWN WORDS
Is REGRETTING that he targeted Christian and sent Christian out because Derek X now realizes that christian was protecting him ….. what I have been telling everybody all along is completely confirmed!

DX made bad decisions and put himself in this position.
You could see this coming for DX!
I said it over and over that targeting Christian would be a MISTAKE for Dx and now he ADMITS it LOL I kept saying that it was going to be a mistake and nobody believed me!

Derek X completely ruined his game because of this and his own decisions!

Side note: DX said production tried multiple times to get DX to play for safety in the HRR this week and he still refused!

Further emphasizing that DX has done this to himself!

Hopeful for a Good Season

Absolutely correct. Dx threw is shield outside. He was asking for this.

BB Fan

Thank you for understanding the point.

I’m sure Derek is regretting now saving Kyland week one And helping Travis get out the door too because Kyland has been plotting DX’s eviction all week!

Stuck at home

Omg why are you one every comment section with the same comment about DX. Why are you so crazy about this?

And in an interview on youtube, Christian said he was literally going to target DX the week after if he won HOH.

another name

I only have one problem with the Dx should have kept Christian idea.
After Dx, H, Al, Ch made their deal, both couples talked amongst themselves with both Dx and Ch saying ‘unless i take the first shot.’
When SB was nominated after Dx won HOH, who became Christian’s number one target?
Even in conversation with X and Al when she was explaining their future plan, Christian said ‘same but I’d target Dx.’

We know that Christian and Dx were targeting each other. So for us to say Dx should have kept Christian, are we not saying Dx should have let Christian take him out?


He was right to go after Christian as Christian was going after him and would have taken that shot

BB Fan

“I’m sitting here because I took out Christian.. I didn’t understand it at the time He was protecting me in this game” – Derek X

Not the case and not true what you’re saying – because Christian wanted keep DX as a shield!

Not to mention it was Derek X who was the one who was 1st saying that he wanted to target Christian all the way back in week three!
When Christian was in power in week four he didn’t take the same mindset that Derek had in week 3 ….. which is why Christian didn’t back door Derek!

Derek has made his bed he has done it to himself to get backdoored and evicted this this Thursday because of the bad decisions he made when he was in power!

Even in his own words above Derek X Is saying that he is regretting taking out Christian because he was protecting him!!!

BB Fan

Targeting The Kings for Derek X was a mistake because he made himself appear untrustworthy to that team by betraying them and putting two kings team members on the block and lying to them about not backdooring Christian when he was supposed to be in the royal flush alliance with that whole team!

He opened himself up to be in complete trouble Derek after his week 5 HOH when the kings players got into power- now look where we are.

Derek X in targeting the kings when he was supposed to be an alliance with them is the reason why DX is NOW IN SERIOUS TROUBLE this is all DX’s fault and when someone in the kings were going to get in power after week 5 he was just confirming himself to walk out that door when a kings player got HOH which is why this is all on Derek X he is the one that put up multiple people in his alliance!!

Which is why he is untrustworthy and someone that is being targeted to go for eviction this week by A FORMER KINGS PLAYER!


I feel like this show difference between Royal Flush and Cook Out. I understand what people are saying different levels of loyalty and fact CO has been under radar. Though I do wonder if people r scared to call out the CO.The jury response will be interesting.

another name

SB is not a valid argument for why he’s in trouble when saying a former king.
The crap she’s telling herself about oh he targeted the kings? She was IN ON IT.
Remember row row row your boat?
She’s saying this stuff because SB alone constantly makes up false narrative so that she can justify herself with any lie. You have to craft the story in your head to make the lie convincing is the modus operendi she is using.
This false justification she’s telling herself is being done in order to not say what she said a week ago. She’s a jealous petty insecure person, and she didn’t like Dx because he reminded her of people she knew back home. As well, he was spending too much time with Ky and she wants Ky to herself. The Kings thing? She knows it’s crap. She’s one of the leading people that said from week 2 to week 5 that Dx is an incredibly bad liar. Suddenly he’s a Machiavellian class liar?
Yeah. She’s spinning narratvie to justify.
We can go back and forth on the effects of Christian’s eviction (I’d rather not because seriously, neither of us are going to change our minds), but that does not change the fact that Christian WAS targeting Dx.

Dx got Christian before Christian got Dx. Everything else after isn’t should have kept Christian, it’s should have played better to secure his position once he got rid of Christian.

As far as Christian wanted to work with Dx… no.
Week one: wants Dx gone because he believed the crap Brent spread to Frenchie was Dx’s fault.
Creation of the Royal Flush: he said he didn’t want Dx involved, but was convinced to keep his enemy close by X and Al.
Week he made the deal with Dx? He out and out said, this is fake, we’re only doing this so they don’t target us next week. That was the same reason Dx did it.
Christian said his target was DX weekly, and multiple times a week. To rewrite history using the falsehoods Christian and Dx were telling each other in order to each lull the other into letting their guard down doesn’t hold water.

BB Fan

Actually it does and the glass is full because Sarah Beth is trying to do Alyssa and Xavier a favor and gain their trust back after DX PUT SB IN AWFUL POSITION WITH HER kings TEAM WEEK 5!!!!

SB had to do what DEREK X wanted that week otherwise SB would’ve gone home week five! And she almost did because there was almost a vote flip!

DX Put her in a horrible predicament that week because one pawns do go home and that’s what DX did to SB that week When there was almost a vote flip to send SB home! Pawns are completely justified going after the HOH that put them up on the block especially when it’s in a case such as what Derek X did where he put Sarah Beth in an awful position to go against her kings team in order STAY in the HOUSE which is something she didn’t want to do but had to do otherwise AGAIN SB WOULDVE GONE HOME THAT WEEK BECAUSE THERE WAS ALMOST A VOTE FLIP TO KEEP CHRISTIAN!

If she didn’t tell DX what he wanted to hear about ok I’m a pawn for you DX
then SB would’ve gotten voted out!
How can you not see that SB is justified for targeting DX when she almost went home on his HOH when they were suppose to be in alliance in yet DX is the one that was causing mistrust having her keep it a secret! IN WEEK 5 DX was COMPLETELY BLACKMAILING Sarah Beth as a pawn and making her not work with her team in order to stay in the house while she was on the chopping block !

SB was in a horrible position because of Derek it’s so freaking obvious to see why she wants to target him!!!
Sarah Beth owes Derek X nothing except for a backdoor for all the crap DX PUT SB IN DURING WEEK 5!


Christian wouldve went after DX the week after his HoH.

BB Fan

False- Christian wanted to work with DX which is why he didn’t back door him week 4 while DX IS THE ONE WHO STARTED THIS BACK IN WEEK 3 and outright said all the way back in week 3- July that he DX Wanted to target Christian who was in his flush alliance ! This is all on DX!
And the reason why DX is getting evicted this week is all his fault because of his decisions!

“I’m sitting here because I took out Christian.. I didn’t understand it at the time He was protecting me in this game”
– Derek X
Literally Derek X in his own words is realizing that he screwed up during his HOH! It doesn’t get any more obvious than that that he is saying he is in horrible to get evicted because he that made a bad move during his reign in power by taking someone out who was protecting him.

Spare Me

It doesn’t matter what DX says because he wasn’t privy to the conversations Christian was having with kings about targeting him.

BB Fan

Where do you get off on this and not realize that Derek X with HANNAH WERE 1st ONES in week 3 that started this whole thing about going after Christian!

DErek X screwed his game up by going after somebody Christian that wanted to keep him as a shield!

Week three Derek X wanted to target Christian already and then by week 4 Christian HOH he kept shooting down the idea of wanting to take Derek X out that is all the proof you freaking need that Christian wasn’t trying to target him and that DX STARTED IT!


I agree Derek X made some major mistakes. However, I can’t bring myself to give you a “thumbs up” because I don’t care for all the “He started it. It’s his fault. I told you so.” comments in reply to other posters.


Thank you for agreeing!

BB Buddy 1

No, it’s because DX isn’t making alliances to protect himself. Christian would have gone after him, even if nobody else did. He was coasting way too much, he should have just played the roulette.


Okay…we got your point already. Please stop trying to pound it into our heads by repeatedly posting the same thing over and over. So he f¥€ked up. That doesn’t take away the fact that everyone really likes him and wants him to stay. ENOUGH ALREADY, PLEASE!

BB Fan

Riddle me this why do you like someone in DX that has done the dirty work for Hannah and Tiffany?!?

And yes Tiffany because Derek protected Tiffany when he didn’t tell Sarah Beth before renoms that it was Tiffany who wanted to flip the vote and get SB out!

Why vote for Derek X as America’s favorite when he all he has done is the dirty work for Tiffany and Hannah and given the cookout everything they wanted and made this season a complete steamroll !?!?


You are clearly obsessing over this. Why are you taking it so personally? Chill out!


We’ll vote for him because we love him, got it. Enough said.
Dx for AFP!!!!

Amanda chandler

Not EVERYONE likes Derek X.** I sure as hell don’t like his sneaky ass. All he Does is slither around.. (under the guise of gametalk), gathering information to bring back to tiff, Clair & Hannah .. and then await marching orders at HOH/VETO* to appease Tiffany & Chadda’s NO COMP-WINNING behinds !*** Thursday is JUDGEMENT Day. Git your POPCORN, cuz I’m sure as hell gon’ git MINE. a big ‘ol BUTTERY Bowl.****


Will you let it rest already??? You are getting ridiculous and becoming annoying with your repeats. We all heard you the first time, and the second time, and the third time, and the fourth time, and the fifth time, and the sixth time, etc.

The Beef

It’s what he does. Last season he was on the Nicole F. is the greatest player in the history of Big Brother band wagon, and she will “smoke all other players like a cigarette” was his favorite saying. We had to endure about 1,000 posts on why she was so great, and why winning comps wasn’t necessary to be a good player, and THEN she actually won a couple near the end, and the man went crazy! All of his posts are basically cut and paste of his previous posts, with a few insults changed here and there to spice things up.

He’s usually a one trick pony though, always stuck on the one subject or topic that he repeats over and over and over and over and over. Last season it was how great Nicole F. was. This season it’s how big of a screw-up DX is, and how he really messed up back-dooring Christian. It’s just what he does. Kind of like Houka picking some crazy underdog as the winner and making the wild predictions of how they are going to win the game. lol

BB Fan

Nicole Franzel is a better player than Janelle
Beef it’s not all about competition wins fool

Buh Bye

Dude. Your giant hard-on for DX is getting very, very old. We get it. We all get it. For God’s sake, the cows get it. You think DX screwed himself. Got it. He’s leaving Thursday and then you can go back to pounding sand.

BB Fan

Correction The hard on you speak of is YOU AND everyone Constantly giving Derek X approval of how great he is that
YOU ALL WANT Derek to get the title of America’s favorite which is absolutely nuts!
Derek has shown time and time again that HE was Hannah and Tiffany’s puppet FOING THEIR DIRTU WORK and yet you all want him to be America’s favorite just pure insanity your logic!!!

Amanda chandler

I AGREE. I Can’t STAND Derek X.


I agree Too! Derek X isn’t that great and doesn’t deserve AFP being Tiffany and Hannah’s lap dogs.


Why do they have to give a speech at all for renom. TV time? Just say it and leave for goodness sakes. Who is she trying to convince and who cares? Bye guy.


Tiff and Hannah need to decide if they want to win Big Brother or just get to F6. DX has much better odds than Claire to win comps and control the coup d’etat in their favor. If they don’t convince Azah and DF to keep DX this week, then just cut the check for X and enjoy jury.

BB Fan

It won’t happen DX will be getting backdoored in 10th Place

another name

Devil’s Advocate only:
So, Dx stays. What is his plan?
He assumes that SB, Al, X, Ky are a four working together.
So he targets the four.
What did he say? He’d put up X and Sb with Al as renom?
So SB or Al goes. That’s his big coup d’etat plan?
The cookout is still bonded.
Where did that get him? Where did that get Tiff and Hannah when X already assumes Dx is a puppet of theirs?


All good questions! Assuming that both Ky and X stay loyal to the CO, then it’s irrelevant whether Tiff/Hannah keep DX or Claire. My argument for Tiff/Hannah keeping DX is for insurance in case Ky and/or X refuse to give-up their pawns and turn on the CO. By keeping DX, they have a proven comp winner and someone with the coup d’etat power, so they have insurance that SB and Alyssa really will be cut.

another name

Ah, but they were already discussing the possibility of striking against Hannah and Tiff.
IF the general feeling is Hannah and Tiff took the first shot through one of their assistants?
Boom. Hannah and Tiff disinvited to the cookout.
Keeping Dx doesn’t actually ensure that X or Ky are more willing to get rid of Al and SB though. It makes each of them dig in their heels deeper, and furthers the feeling that already exists that Hannah and Tiff would keep Dx in order to stage a pre-emptive strike against X.
That’s why Ky wants him to stay. That’s why Tiff and Hannah prefer he’d stay.
The entire movement to keep Dx is a movement to get rid of Xavier. asap.
If the cookout folds, who is most in danger? Tiff. Nobody in the cookout would save her, especially if she took the blame for cookout breaking.
Sorry if I’m rambling and taking both sides in each of the possibilites.
I’ve never been very good at being devil’s advocate.


Haha! You’re actually doing a great job as devil’s advocate! I agree with you that X & Ky will dig-in their heels even more to keep their “plus ones” if DX stays. But my argument is that DX has a better chance of winning HOH than Claire does (assuming past comp wins are a prediction of future comp wins) and DX also has a good chance at the coup d’etat. This means that Tiff and Hannah are protected for another week. Moreover, DX will either take-out X (best case scenario for Tiff/Hannah) or SB/Alyssa (worst case scenario, but at least X or Ky loses their “plus one” advantage).


The problem is that Tiff/Hannah/Azah think X is a god. None of them would dream that X is presently planning against them. All of them think that they have X’s personal loyalty.


I’ve been watching feeds. I think Couch feels he has power because he has coin of destiny play coming up. Also I don’t think he would listen to Tiff after their conversation. Actually won’t listen to any woman. Right now only Hannah has chance to win Coin of Destiny Friday. Unless something major happens DX is out. We find out HOH and then Friday see how noms and COD plays out. Then onto Veto Saturday.


Unfortunately, you’re right that Couch won’t listen to Tiff or Hannah. He’s gonna hand the $750K to X and line-up for his participation trophy.


Azah told Big D she made a 4-week deal with DX to keep each other safe & is worried about Ally/SB getting too far in the game — implying Ky (and indirectly X) are keeping them safe. She wanted to discuss keeping DX instead of Claire & Big D told her if she votes for DX it would be saying f*ck you to him, Ky & X and if she does that he’s done with it (Cookout). But what he really was saying to her is I’m done with you, Hannah & Tiff.

That’s an aggressive threat to make with someone you supposedly are in an unbreakable alliance with. So she can’t discuss her opinion or have a voice in the alliance — it’s HIS way or she’s out & it’s over. He also got in her face when she was upset he only went for prizes & money in the POV while she only went for punishments to try to win POV & save X.

I agree with what you’re saying but the problem is production is helping couch in this game the bullsh*t $100 for example — I mean is it a stretch to believe she’s not going to hand him the Coup d’etat next week & he’s going to target Tiff/Hannah & lie about it saying he didn’t win it?

I’ll hope production recognizes the house without DX won’t be as entertaining & taking out Tiff next week would be on par with Janelle & Kaysar leaving back-to-back last season for me.

After this weekend I lost some interest anyway b/c TPTB are interfering too much. Even though I can see production shifting to want to keep Baby D – I don’t know where the fourth vote is. Hannah is the easy vote. Tiff would flip, Azah could stay true to her word but that still means one of X, Ally, Big D or Ky have to also vote that way. NO WAY X is taking all those punishments to ensure Claire leaves & Ally wants revenge. With the above threat from Big D that leaves Ky BUT he pushed for DX to go up so I’m not sure how TPTB get there with a rational story arc.

My worry would be Tiff getting blamed for all four votes & X wanting someones head as payback.

What I know for sure is I need any combo of Tiff/Hannah (Claire/DX) winning HOH & COD next week. I had huge hopes for SB at season start (and even the start of her HOH). I don’t mind a player who demonstrates the ability to deceive or be cold and calculating but she’s so smitten by Ky it’s uncomfortable to watch.

On the other hand if DX leaves – my hope is Claire either won Big Bucks in the POV or gets money in the next HOH & then wins COD. It would be SWEET payback if X/Ky/DF push to keep Claire believing they don’t need to keep the comp shield in the game only for her to get the anonymous HOH. If X was up nominate Ky/SB – then win POV take down SB & put up Big D. Now THAT would be highly entertaining!

I’m also hoping DX recognizes Ky is the one who sold him out. He knows SB’s noms changed after Ky spent all night in the HOH so he must know Ky rubber stamped his back door. Here’s hoping he fills in Tiff fully on all the secrets Ky has told him.

P.S. SB just told Tiff I told DX last night I wasn’t putting you up that I wanted you & Claire safe. It’ll be a 6-1 vote with Chaddah the lone vote or maybe Ky making 5-2 to which he says it’ll be 6-1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm will Tiff tell DX that Ky was in on this back door & already saying he will NOT vote to keep him?

Meanwhile Ky is already asking DX to come to him first if he elects to use targeting Ky as part his pitch (MICROMANAGING ASSH*LE) & tells DX he hasn’t completely decided on his vote yet.

another name

It’s funny that AZAH was the one telling Couch they HAD to vote out Dx in order to guarantee themselves 2 more weeks, because Couch doesn’t like Claire as Tiff’s shadow. Now Azah remembers her deal? A deal she made with an HOH while he was HOH to keep herself off the block?

I’m from the school of say whatever you have to say and promise whatever you have to promise to an HOH to keep yourself off the block, however any deal you make with an HOH when they are in power is invalid because of duress. If an HOH has their hand wrapped around your throat, say EVERYTHING you have to say, but every promise is breakable to an HOH if he tells you you are a consideration to go on the block.

Just Sayin'

I think Tiffany might have had a really good chance at winning this season, if not for the cookout ironically. As it stands now kyland or X will easily beat tiff in the end, and she’s made too many enemies within the cookout to make it to final 3. Had she allowed herself to choose alliance members based on who she wanted, instead of well why she picked her members, I think Claire and Dx would have taken her to the end


Wouldn’t it be funny if the flipped the script and voted X out? Of course he’s no threat…..

another name

Rambling Thought Process That Likely Makes NO SENSE
(not even worthy of a Tinfoil hat warning)

Remember Thursday night?
What did Ky say in the storage room? Right after cams returned.
Claire and Dx on the block this week. He said this to another Cookout member (X?)
SB initially has other ideas.
And she doesn’t want to listen to Ky talk all night, she wants to get her sleep.
D/R call.
SB and Ky stay up all night and she doesn’t get sleep.
Her other ideas are gone.
that’s the pattern. That odd D/R call thing happened a few times.
Just saying.
So, who ends up on the block?

And who is running around trying to curry viewer favor by trying to save someone he said he wanted on the block Thursday night long before SB even did her first One on One.

So how does Prodo trying to get Dx to play roulette change what I’m thinking?
They wanted more than one person playing?
They saw the voting results 2 weeks running, and wanted to make sure they at least gave Dx a head’s up?
Ky arguing with production again pissed them off because flying monkeys don’t like primadonnas?
They’re scrambling because they thought Alyssa was going to win the HOH in their storyline plotting, and the storyline isn’t going to make sense and going to take a LOT of weird edit cuts?

How to twist the vote?
If you are Ky you want Claire gone and have for a while.
X is going into xile, so you have a chance.
play up Couch’s fear of a womenfolk uprising?
play on Azah’s emotions?
Have to get both if you are Ky, because you are thinking Tiff won’t want to lose her jury vote, so can’t vote out Claire (She probably would actually).
What is the result?
Does Couch’s self interest in getting the High Roller prize exceed his fear of amazons?


X’s exile is the only chance of the vote flipping to keep DX. It’s 24 hours during which Tiff, Hannah, and Ky (if he decides to keep DX) have to work on Azah and DF. It could be in Ky’s best interest because DX is so gullible, he’ll be thankful to Ky for saving him and do his dirty work in the coming week.

another name

And that dirty work is breaking the cookout and taking out Xavier, not taking out SB for him.
Seriously, I think Dx stays. I’m just saying what are the ramifications?
Long view? Domino effect.
Seriously. I think I drank decaf today.
I’m not sure if i’m making sense.


You’re actually making sense to me! (not sure about anyone else). LOL.