“I wanted to pull off some great move like I put up You [Ky], Tiff, and X.”

strong>HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier DX and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: Xavier used the veto on himself. Sb nominated DX in his place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – This vote might be tight still looks like DX is going. The Cookout girls are in trouble. Discuss..

2:00 pm BIGD and X
BIGD warns him everyone thinks Alyssa, Ky, X, sb are working together
X – We’re aware of that
BIGD wants a plan in place so they can take out SB.
BIGD – DerekX has made it clear he’s taking out SB
X says tiff and Claire are after SB as well. Keeps pointing out that DX is too strong of a player to not take the shot at him right now
X – there are plenty of people in this house that will take a shot at him
Feeds cut when we’re back Azah is talking to Xavier saying DX leaving this week is best for their game.
Feeds cut again.. When we’re back X is telling her how the girls, not winning the competition right now are capable of winning. Alysa comes in.

2:10 pm DX and Hannah
DX points out that when he leaves all the HOH’s and Vetos have been won by those four Alyssa, Ky, SB and X.
Hannah – so was this Sb’s plan from the beginning?
DX – she says it wasn’t
Hannah – you gave her 5 thousand dollars
DX – I know I don’t think I can watch this season back..
Hannah – I was ready to BOX her
Feeds flip.. When we’re back Alyssa is with them saying “Sorry if there’s anything I can do please let me know I understand”
Feeds cut when we’re back. Dx is talking about his pitch. Feeds flip again to X and Azah. (hard to follow these feed flips)

Azah – I told him Ky if you can pull this off I won’t be mad at you anymore.
X – everything I’ve done in this game has been for the 6.
X says Ky had to put in a lot of work to keep two cookouts off the block.
X- it all kinda worked out
Azah – good job daddy
X says that sometimes SB would question what Ky was telling her but he was reinforcing the same thing and it worked. “She needed to hear it from both of us to feel secure in the decisions she was going to make” (At one point X was a potential nom for SB but Ky was able to reprogram her)
Azah – how is your relationship with Ky
X – solid we both are doing what we can to make sure the 6 happens. Sometimes the ways he goes about it is unclear. I don’t think he’ll do anything to jeopardize that
Feeds flip

2:26 pm Sb and DF
Sb going over the rules of the last High Roller power. DF sounds stressed by it.
DF says he’s trying not to talk to Ky
SB – you have people convinced they think you are really coming after him (LOL)

Sb – if DerekX goes home and comes back with a battle back I’m self evicting.. If Thursday night DX finds the votes to stay I’m just going to follow Claire out (Never a better time to flip the vote then.)
SB – the only person that will vote to keep him is Hannah
Sb – it’ll be 6 to 1 I’m not worried about it at all.

2:39 pm Tiff and Dx
Tiff – you know I would much rather have you in this game the only way I can do that is to flip this house. I really honestly don’t care about flipping it I would rather flip it for you over anyone else that is going against Claire. I know that SB has what she thinks is a team of 6 against a team of 4 you are
Tiff – me, Claire, You Hannah that’s is how she sees it. it’s her Ky, Kings, and the Jokers. She wants to keep me and Claire’s trust she doesn’t want to come at me she weakens my defense she’s not afraid of Me, Claire, Hannah.,
tiff – the only way to keep you here is me, Hannah, Azah
Tiff – IO tried.. the one thing he said I didn’t have an argument for. He (DX) tried to flip the vote last week
DX – I didn’t
Tiff – I didn’t know how he knew that
DX – SB told him.
Tiff – try to convince him that didn’t happen.
Claire comes in talks about her DR and the feed cut. When we’re back. Claire is with them chatting.
Tiff tells DX he’s the one walking out the door “In your speech, you have to say something that people will no longer trust her”
DX is down “100% I will do that”
Tiff – I want her to be the target next week. She plays like it’s weak and she plays like ehs’ emotional. She’s protected
DX will use his entire speech about why you can’t trust SB
Tiff – I want you to hear this Claire I want you to be part of this assassination.
Claire leaves..
Tiff doesn’t know if SB is trying to pull Claire away saying that Tiff, Azah can’t win competitions.

DX – Ky told me if it’s a unanimous vote he’ll give me a vote. we need to convince him it’s a unanimous vote
Tiff says they’ll need Hannah to convince him everyone expects her to vote to Keep dx.
Sb comes in..

2:56 pm Df and DX
DF – I’m trying to figure out what’s best for me. I don’t trust any of these mother f**8ers
DF – I was on the block last week. I was on the block this week and I feel I’ll be on the block next week.
DF – whos looking out for me?

DX – if you help me this week you have me for the rest of this game.. You know I can win comps
DF – give me time to think.. I ended up on the block last week. I’m trying to figure out who is working with who..
DF – you have Hannah you have Tiff..
Feeds cut. (this is happening a lot right now)
DX – if I win that coin flip if I say you’re good with me you are good with me.
DF – let me think about it I’ve been trying to layout the weeks coming up

3:00 pm Claire
Counting votes she knows she has Alyssa, X, Azah, and Tiff. She’ll have to talk to Azah more. “I should be good”

3:35 pm relaxing in the backyard.

3:37 pm DF and Ky (Lots of feeds getting blocked and lots of planning for double powers)
Df – plans moving forward for next week because now we have a power what do you think?
Ky – Ohh also.. we had a meeting us four the girls and X. Sb and Alyssa.. we pushed them to believe that Tiffany also has the power. They are less sure on Hannah but pretty certain on Tiff.
DF – SB is my target plain and simple (LOL)
Ky – yes that’s ideal
Ky – ohh I never did the search what am I doing
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
DF – This is where my head is at. It’s bittersweet OK Derek has to go of course.
DF – we have to make sure us three you, me and X don’t win when there are 7 people. If I do win I’m not worried about that next week
Ky – because you’ll have me and X and Azah.
DF – I need them to like act.. I had a conversation with Derek he knows that I know that he tried to flip the vote last week. I told him straight up it’s hard for me to keep you, we made a deal.
DF adds that DX wanted Brit out because she’s this strong competitor he never thought of the “skill sets” DF had to bring to the table. “YOu were willing to throw me out”

They talk about Claire putting DF and Ky on the block. DF says she’s the other person that tried to flip the vote on him.
Df anticipating getting the power says “I’m trying to pull of this plan and we have one shot”
Kyland – if You and Tiff tell her [SB] it’s not me she will believe you over Tiff. Don’t sweet it
DF – if I win HOH I put you and ..
Ky – Claire
DF – Claire up .. or
Ky – Tiff and Claire
Df – hold on.. yeah .. F***
DF – I wanted to pull off some great move like I put up You, Tiff, and X.. so when I play I can take both y’all down put up SB and Claire so it looks like.. no .. scratch that. (Jesus)
Df – you, claire, and X are up
Ky – Secret HOH
Df – Both.. (LOL he’s making plans for next week that involves him winning HOH and secret HOH)
X joins them..
DF says if he can’t get out SB he’s going for Claire.
DF says the boot list should be DX, SB, Claire then Alyssa. He thinks Alyssa might take out SB. (LOL)
X says they’ve already planted the seed with Sb that Tiff may have enough money for the coin flip.

X says the goal of the house is to get Sb out next week which means Alyssa, Claire, Ky, or himself can’t win “one of the others has to win otherwise he can’t win it”
DF – I feel it’ll be luck
X – what if it’s endurance? What if it’s slip n slide..
Ky – that is my nightmare
Ky – Alyssa can beat..
X – Alyssa will do good
Ky – that’s why Azah or Tiff have to..
X – I do know if Alyssa wins she’s going after Claire
Ky – what if Claire wins the veto.
DF – even if Alyssa wins I can still win the power
Ky – yes of course we just can’t bank on the coin
Ky – the one thing we cannot let happen is Alyssa or Claire they can’t win.
X says “People” need to be prepared if they can’t win HOH and Alyssa does then Claire is going up. (Tiff is people)
Ky – people need to understand that they need to win HOH
DF – the goal is to pull this off with no problems
Ky – of course..
DF – we need to figure out how the three of us are going to get to the end.
X says once they get to 6 they’re all playing in veto and they can just win out
Ky – I don’t know any vetos that those three are going to beat us three.. Literally… OMG literally
DF tells them they have no idea what the comps will be there might be a balance bean “make us all look stupid”
Ky defends his balance beam performance. “18 seconds according to baby D)
Df – I’m going to try and go for this HOH
feeds cut When we’re back.
DF says he’s voting DX out
Ky says they need to push the 6-1 vote.
DF says he’s not good at competitions “I’m just good at using my mouth”
He goes on to deny to Ky he meant anything sexual.

4:32 pm Relaxing outside

4:44 pm DX and X
DX doing some light campaigning “Ahh f** this game”
They laugh
DX – can you keep this between us If I stay I’ll play the coin of destiny 100%
X – you are America’s favorite.. that’s dope
DX – I’m not playing a shady game.. I’m honest
X – when you won Hoh was your goal to take out Christian
DX says that was his goal from the beginning before he won HOH There were some people that said Sb.. another person was pushing for someone other than SB. I made those noms because I wanted to buy more time. Now I feel F***ing stupid. I put my trust in all the wrong places.
DX – you for sure will be on the block next week
DX says that is why he knows X wants the HOH and power to be trusted.
DX – I can control the original nominees and the replacement nominees..
DX – if you help me this week you and Alyssa are good.
X warns him about throwing people under the bus says he appreciates him sharing about his BB bucks.
X gives him some campaign suggestions.

5:30 pm Tiff and Ky Playing chess.
Kyland says he feels like she’s building a trap for him in the chess game.
Tiff – Kyland. I am definitely building a trap for you.. Now that we understand that I feel better.
Kyland – that was the most ominous sh1t I’ve ever heard in this house now I’m scared
they laugh
Tiff – You should be

5:35 pm DX and Hannah
DX going over his campaigning points. Says he was in the HOH listening to music and he saw BIGD, Ky, and X all walk out of the have nots together.
DX says he thinks he really broke his trust with BIGD last week.
DX brings up the chance that Ky throws him a sympathy vote and that flips it.
Hannah brings up she told Claire even before he went up that DX has her vote. DX says his last-ditch effort will be to campaign against Ky and SB. He’s going to wait until X goes into solitary.

6:06 pm Hannah to the cameras after talking to DX “I feel so bad”
Hannah – this is the most guilty I’ve felt in a very long time. If he goes home this week and I could haev done something to prevent that. I’m going to feel directly responsible for sending him home.
Hanna – I respect him so much..

6:25 pm Ky and Tiff
Tiff – is there any possibility for him to stay this week?
Ky – it’s not my decision. I just can’t imagine any scenario. It good for me like it’s good for you it just makes the 6 harder.
Ky – if you see something I don’t
Tiff – who is your ideal HOH
Ky – honestly if Azah just because..
Tiff – what happens with Azah.. who would she put up next to SB?
Ky – me
Tiff – if SB wins Veto?
Ky – Alyssa .. Claire..
Tiff – for some reason i keep thinking that Claire is gone.
Ky says it worked out perfectly for them to get DX out. If X or Alyssa had won the HOH he would have played in the roulette but because it was SB he didn’t

6:40 pm Tiffany tells the camera she loves DX but this week he’s got to go. Next week she will get rid of SB>.

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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I watched about 10 minutes of the feeds with X, Ky, and DF in the have-not room (well, I probably watched 5 minutes of them and 5 minutes of feed cuts). The convo was all about how the 3 of them are doing all the work and the CO girls need to start doing something. Lots of arrogance. Bad look.


I didn’t hear how they sounded but is it not true that Xavier and Kyland have won 3 HOHs and technically 2 Vetos?

Tiffany, Azah, and Hannah have yet to win an HOH/Veto. Azah complained a LOT when she wasn’t thrown an HOH and Tiffany cried as well (it was her own fault she Da’Vonne’d herself *and let’s be real Day was on fire on that competition while Tiffany lost on her first go round*).

The Couch should STFU though because he has also not won sh*t….

Tiffany and Hannah more than pull their weight on the social aspect of the game (Xavier and Kyland do that too though and win comps) but they do need to start winning competitions if they want to have a legit shot to win this game.

Game fan

Tiffany still does a LOT more than big D.

another name

More fractures you say?
Blame Hannah for the coin flip?
She shouldn’t have told anyone she didn’t actually play. That’s something you take credit for after the twists are over, not in the middle of the twists.
Admission that getting rid of Dx is so the women no longer have a comp win provider (Alyssa hasn’t won a comp she wasn’t thrown, relax).
Couch still on about Claire Ky noms, take down Claire and replace with SB. sideye. still think that’s potentially problematic for cookout… but hey, i’m also on my twelfth consecutive heat warning advisory day, and seriously think I drank decaf this morning… so it very well MIGHT just be me.
Ky and Tiff whispering about Couch thinking he’s the only person playing the game.
Um. My thought on why Couch is saying this and kvetching about the women doing nothing? Draw attention to the women as targets because they could take his Layup final 2 chair away from him.


The friend I watch BB with says, the cookout has changed the game. It has a group determine to ensure a person of colour wins. Not that he’s against a black person winning. He thinks it would have been a very different game without the cookout alliance. More House Guest playing to win rather than making decision to help others win. He feels this isn’t really a game anymore. It’s a twist that is unfair to the HG not in the cookout. Imagine the complaints if a group of white people decided to take out all the blacks. Just saying. The season had so much promise. But is turning into another one to forget. Good news Survivor is back in Septtember


There just would have been a different alliance. All of these houseguests are interesting in their own way individually. I still say that this has been one of the better seasons in some time

Emily Sunshine

I think anyone with a functioning brain can see it for what it is. Instead of course winning on merit they are giving a feel good pity win to a POC. If I was a person of color I would almost be offended by the notion. They have had the headlines and articles written as soon as the season started. When Tiffany said “find an opposite and stick with them” I stopped watching the shows. If that was reversed the show would be playing disclaimers before episodes. Sad that a good game has come to having alliances purely on skin color, that’s when you know all integrity is lost.

TC Lover

It’s crazy how people keep talking about the cookout alliance and how racist they are lol. Yeah right. Think y’all are reaching. Imagine being in their shoes with over 20 years of the show producing only black winners with majority of the game being dominated by all blacks for years and this year the casting finally gave the whites a fighting chance to go far in the game. Come on y’all would have been on the same mission quit lying to yourselves. It’s always fun if the shoe is on the other foot isn’t it? You can’t blame the cookout for finally changing the game ONE TIME in over 20 years. Give me a break lol


I think you are missing the point here. You are seeing reverse racism on your screen three nights per week coming in loud and clear and it is quite sickening to watch anymore. Can you imagine an organized union of whites consciously announcing their intentions to remove the person’s of color? Shit would bypass the fan and hit the windmill! Usually when you watch the show it is fun to guess at some point who the winner will be but this year you knew as of a few weeks ago it was going to be a person of color. Having a person of color win is great but the Taliban approach takes the fun of guessing out, as you are now left with 50% of the cast who has an actual chance to win…


It’s always about skin color. It’s just this time they’ve had the ability to recognize it cognitively. Normally everyone gets out the BIPOC people first through unconscious bias.

Cookout is a racist alliance

Not true, most of the POC throughout the game have made it at least to jury, only on 15 with Aaryn/GM and 21 with Jack/Jackson have black people been outright targeted because they are black.

Most of the black players in the past 5 or 6 seasons just weren’t that good, and before that they almost always went pretty far into the game.


On reverse racism I recommend watching the short clip of comedian Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet) – Reverse Racism on youtube. Maybe it will help you understand.


The CO alliance is racist by not including Hannah at first, she’s mixed as is Ky. They don’t include Alyssa who is Latino & I believe I read she’s black, Then Dx who represents the Asian community. CBS said they were going to make their shows 50% POC & then 50% white, which they did. The 6 CO plus Alyssa & Dx makes the 8. The cookout should be 8 strong if they had been true to all non whites. Now is the time for Tiffany or Hannah to break away & play the game they want to & show what a great BB player they can be! True fans! I want a player to win, which ever color that is just like past winners on Survivor.

Spare Me

Hannah was always included. They just didn’t tell her because of her age and loose lips.


delete duplicate


I could not agree more. It’s a total sham. It was evident when production protected all black players for a month by putting them on teams with white players. What a joke!!! Pathetic!


At least, people should find solace in the fact that surely, this “Bring Your Own Pawn” strategy will never work again. I can imagine poc HG next season saying on the first day in the new house that they hated the Cookout and don’t want to play like that so they don’t get targeted. I can imagine POCs evicting other POCs just to show that they don’t want to play along those lines. There will likely be better diversity with hopefully more Hispanics represented in the house.

All in all, I think this season brought a new dynamic to reality TV, and although it got boring after Jury with less shocking moves to feed watchers, I think even more people will watch next season’s premiere just to see what unfolds.

This season has become a steamroll, but I think the next seasons will be better for houseguests to not put blind trust in people they have only met for 24 hours (looking at you, SB). Can’t wait for when Ky betrays SB, haha.


If the cast wasn’t as diverse this season and the Cookout wasn’t in the game then it would be the same as previous seasons, where the big white alliance picks off everyone who doesn’t look like them first. It just wasn’t fun to watch anymore. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but certain members of the Cookout have played a better strategic game that I’ve seen in a while and they’re literally getting everyone else to do their dirty work. They’re playing the game, just not the way you want them to play.


But woke cbs has promised all shows 50 percent poc. So same thing could conceivably happen on survivor.


DX just had to let the little kid in him win that wanted to play the “coin of destiny” (or something like that.) The adult DX was figuring it out. But the child was having so much fun he felt safe. Trusted people who wanted him out. Even asked their advice about his game. I think he will feel very foolish when he finds out .Too bad as he is good at comps. If it wasn’t for the cookout, I’m sure someone would have seen him as an asset and shield to help get them to the end. Anyway, SB won’t be far behind him.


With the new Monarchy alliance, Tiff is now vulnerable to Alyssa and SB now that DX is gone. I’m highly confident that the producers will add a last minute twist just to make sure it’s not a cookout final 6 (this is a “No risk, No reward” season, after all). And a cookout final 6 will make the season’s theme look silly.

I’m very, very sad that DX is leaving, and I’m sure many tears will be shed on Thursday by the houseguests. I expect Tiff to lose it and bawl her eyes out genuinely.


These girls are soooo stupid, especially the “cookout” girls! Do they not realize that the 4 guys will pick them off one by one?? Do they want a person of color or a female to win?? If it’s the first, it will be a male winner, sorry. Side bar…..Ky arrogance is horrible.

Game fan


another name

The way the entire cookout is jumping up and down all over each other to talk to the cameras about Dx’s fate…
You’d almost think he won a viewer vote.
Deadpan. Like that ain’t why.
100% pandering.


True — except Tiff has said from the beginning if she was playing her own game there was a group she’d rather be aligned with & Baby D was at the top of that group. She also really liked Christian & tried to flip the vote for him lol. Out of everyone I believe Tiff really would prefer he stayed & expect genuine tears (even prior to his oust).

Hannah – is supposed to be his #1 but I’d bet she knew he was closer to Tiff & Ky so that’s prob why she’s pushed his oust to X, DF & Ky for two weeks now. She HAS to know keeping him was smarter but she didn’t do anything to help save him. She briefly flirted with trying to put a target on her own back but only slightly. It was more surprising that his last minute pitch was to paint her as the option – – wonder if that Tiff’s idea b/c she knew the CO would vote out Claire instead? hmmm

Azah genuinely likes him but not enough to honor her 4 week safety deal? (I thought her game was centered in honesty?)

Big D talks out of both sides of his mouth anyway >>>> get out the women >>>> vs comp beasts have to go. I do think these two actually get along though.

Was X actually pandering? If he was that must’ve been a first.

Ky trying to say anything — just stfu!!.

TC Lover

The cookout alliance is classy with their strategy. Notice how not once have they made racist remarks about non cookout members. They’ve kept it clean and based on strategy unlike in the past when the white dominated alliances treated POC like shit and made racist remarks. The cookout is playing a game and they have a mission, but yet they show they’re humans too

another name

Tiff to Dx: do you consider yourself white?
week 6 was the first time anyone in the cookout (X in this case) ever even stopped to consider Alyssa is a POC. Black Puerto Rican father… and they don’t even consider her a POC for 6 weeks.
Df to Ky: I don’t trust little sister.
Ky: I know, she and I are both mixed.
I’m not saying this to argue the point, or to even argue the cookout or the mission.
I’m just saying there’s enough micro-aggressive commentary to halt a call for sainthood.

Miss Impression

Question.Where are you getting this information that Alyssa’s father is black?

another name

answer: perhaps I was misinformed.
Week one when she was put on the block, I was on social media and there was an uproar that Frenchie had put up the only latin houseguest, whose father was a mix of black and puerto rican. If that is incorrect, You have my apologies.


And x or ky said to Tiffany about dx “one of him has already won”. There’s many more things said about Sb Whitney Brent that were racist.

another name

Ky last night to Hannah:
Thinks he and Hannah are better able to be logical and detach from their emotions than Tiff and Azah because they are mixed.

Jaymie lee

They specificallyvare targetting White players for having the wrong skin colour so yes racist. Just bc they are Black doesnt mean they get a free pass. They specifically said lets start an all Black alliance. No one can name 1 White alliance ever that was protect the whute race or Culture. Not1.

TC Lover

Every major alliances in the past that controlled the game had been white alliances. They didn’t need to say they were specifically voting out POC. They still voted POC out one after the other. Majority of those white alliances deliberately left out POC out of their alliances because they didn’t share commonalities. Just recent example: the committee. The only reason they didn’t vote dayvonne, Bailey, David and Kevin off first was because Janelle, Keysha and Kaysar weren’t playing their( the committee) game so they became bigger threats in front of the POC. Also this was ALL STARS and they all new America was watching. But it was blatantly obvious that they committee made that all white alliance.

CBS Blew it

Day, Bailey and David were terrible players , would you want to align with them ?

F*uck your reverse racism bullsh*t

Oh come on Jaymie. Most seasons had an all white alliance. They don’t talk about it as the goal of having a white or white-passing person win because being white has never been anything but an advantage in big brother. Go scroll the top 2 every season sometime.


Instead of saying POC, why don’t we really call it like it is…black. We are ALL POC. Some are mixed, some are white, some may be Asian…whatever. This is the token BLM version of the show and the Cookout have made it know. Well, good for them. So unfair to anyone not black this season…maybe they can come back to play the REAL GAME another time.
Still, count me out!

Mona Lynn

Funny every season for decades I’ve said “So unfair to anyone BLACK this season…maybe they can come back to play the REAL GAME another time.” and the first year 1. They actually cast enough blacks in one season to even make an alliance 2. They actually form an alliance and stick together to finally make it far in the game, it’s all of a sudden a problem! Crazy how when the roles are reversed it’s a problem but when it’s not you, you don’t see the “unfairness”. TO EVERYONE READING THIS WHO FEEL THE COOKOUT IS AN UNFAIR ALLIANCE, WELCOME TO BIG BROTHER. Same game different shade.


Once DX leaves ratings will tank. It’s turning into a hard watch. What started with so much promise has turned into a bore fest.

Amanda chandler

I betcha it won’t.

Hopeful for a Good Season

As it appears the cookout will get their way. The order that I would like to see them win are.


X has always been my winner pick

Buh Bye

If SB is even slightly as vindictive as she comes across, she’s going to be one bitter juror when she realizes how Kyland totally used her all season. It might “game play”, but I doubt she’ll see it that way. As a matter of fact, I could see all the women voting against Ky just due to his dismissive personality. Jury management is critical. Thoughts?


Who’s in charge of the Live Feed button?? Too many breaks! Who’s in charge of the cameras?? You keep changing away from important convos going on to someone staring off into space. C’mon


Eww…I didn’t see it covered but just saw the clip of Hannah reading Sarah Beth’s HOH letter without her consent (while Derek X was her lookout smh) and I’m appalled!

That is a personal letter that should have remained private unless Sarah Beth gave someone her approval to read it. She read everything she wanted to share to the house anyway besides one P.S. line from her girlfriend. People KNEW that was to remain private so why the hell would anyone think it was ok to rummage through her HOH room when she wasn’t there in order to read it?

The fact that Hannah and Derek X refused to respect her privacy is so low imo and I can’t respect that move at all. Derek X tried to act like he was against it and didn’t want any culpability of knowing about this moral crime but dude was the f*cking lookout and was egging her on so no he needs to repent!

I honestly want the DR to inform Sarah Beth of what they did and tell everyone so it is 1,000% understood that that sh*t is unacceptable in the future.

Bottom line do NOT f*ck with other people’s sh*t! I just thought that was a given but apparently people will do anything…..SAD!

Derek X’s karma is coming this Thursday. I hope he has a thrilling week alone with Britini… 😉

I hope Hannah follows him out soon although it’s pretty much a given the non black contestants will get the boot. Even if they win HOH they target the exact opposite people that they should smh…

Xavier is winning this season imo. Kyland and Tiffany might give him a run for his money but I doubt it because The Cookout 6 are stupid to let Xavier get to final 3 let alone final 4.


I thought I was only one to see that. People keep telling me to give Hannah my votes. I can’t do that. What she did to SB is bad. I won’t give my votes to BigD because the way he treats women. I know X has no BB bucks but he’s my winner pick so he gets my votes


I hope it was covered on this site and Jokersupdates so people know how shady Hannah is and same for Derek X…

As for the votes I don’t even bother with it. Production will do what they want anyways and or enough idiots will award people like Britini and The Couch with the most money…….

TC Lover

This stage of the game is when usually people start to win comps. Prejury is when most people downplay what they can do in comps. There’s still time to take Xavier out, but not when you still have Sarah Beth, Alyssa, Claire and dx in the mix. Any crack in the cookout alliance at this stage will give rise to someone outside sneaking into the endgame and that’s not the goal of TC. Trust me, non of them will take Xavier to the end. Hanna, Asah and Tiffany are in better shape to win the game. Xavier will take out Ky and vice versa. DF won’t win next to any of them.


PS… onlinebigbrother.com is the best. but still… eff these fun time.