Sarah says “Like F**king do something! F**king quarterback of the year!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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2:20pm UP in the HOH room – Sarah says she could tell Bruno “I’m not a threat to you” I don’t know what else I can say. Zach says yeah there’s not much more you can say. Just wait and see what happens. It doesn’t seem like he’s been doing much game talk with anyone. Which probably means he already has his mind made up. Sarah says I’m sure he’s putting up me and Johnny. Zach says we’ll just have to wait and see who gets drawn for the veto. Those guys are 100% on his side. Sarah says if it wasn’t Johnny it would be Kevin. Zach says thats ballsy too. Sarah agree. Zach says it depends on whos in the veto. Zach says yeah you can pick us with out exposing us. Sarah says I might pick Bobby. Zach asks because he wouldn’t use it. Sarah says yeah. Zach says that’s not a bad idea. Bobby and Bruno join them. Bruno goes to take a shower.

Big Brother Canada 3 2015-04-09 11-18-51-282

Sarah leaves the HOH room. Bobby tells Zach that he overhead Johnny and Kevin whispering in the kitchen. Zach asks what about? Bobby says I don’t know, I just heard my name. It might not have been anything. They are definitely working together if they’re whispering. I just wanted to mention it to you and Bruno. It doesn’t change the first noms but if someone comes off.. Bobby leaves the room. Bruno comes to talk to Zach. He tells him they need him to play in the veto. Bruno asks have you talked to Kevin at all? I don’t know where he sits. Zach says Bobby wants to take a swing at him. Bruno says Johnny is gone this week if he stays on the block. Zach says if Johnny comes off then maybe take a swing at K. I don’t think if Kevin won the veto if he would even use it on Johnny. Bruno says honestly Sarah or Johnny.. Sarah isn’t a competition beast but her mouth is deadly. Zach says hopefully its a comp favoured to us.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-09 11-27-27-884

2:45pm – 3pm Sarah talks to Brittnee in the bedroom. Sarah says that she’ll tell Bruno all I have is that I am loyal. Brittnee says who would put up Bruno. Who would be up that you would send him home over them. Sarah says this is so frustrating. Whatever they can all go to the end together and rub oil on their muscles. She starts crying. And these competitions are getting to me. Theyre so hard. I knew I would suck but didn’t think I would suck this bad. I am trying to be social and its f**king me over. Because its making me look like the most manipulative person in big brother history. And I’m the complete opposite. Sarah says that Bruno told me to pick Ashleigh if I get house guest choice. Britt asks why Ash? Sarah says because Zach can tell her what to do. Zach won’t let her take me down. They’re scared of being on the block. Zach you’re scared of being on the block?! Sarah says “Like F**king do something! F**king quarterback of the year!” He’s acting! They’re all just playing safe! They’re playing the most boring games ever! Like I would be in a good mood and I dont even care about being nominated. I want to play this push and pull game. Sarah says everyone is just voting how the house wants. Graig was preventing us from playing this game that’s why I got on board with it. She says she’ll say to Bruno that she doesn’t know if he can relate to these kids because I can’t. I know how much Bruno has given up to be here too. Sarah says she feels so guilty just being here. I’ve done nothing. I spent more money just in makeup and clothes to be here. Brittnee says you already done so much just getting here and being one of the 16!

3pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the havenot competition..

4:50pm The live feeds are still blocked..


Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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sarah is starting to get extremely annoying…


like you don’t have to play the game super hard the first half
cuz those players usually get evicted earlier because they will be seen as a threat


Agreed, but it also points to how transparent JP and Zach’s games are. I could see Brittnee’s wheels turning when Sarah explained that JP said to pick him to play POV, then spoke to Zach changed it to “don’t pick us” then said to pick Ash and told her Ash wouldn’t use the veto to remove her. That pointed out the rather obvious fact that Newport are willing to lose one of them over trying to keep their alliance safe.

It’s an interesting game move by JP b/c if I were Sarah I’d be tempted to respond back so if you and Zach end up on the block next week we wouldn’t try to take one of you down if we won POV? Ummmm hello JP you just tipped your hat that you are either worried you’ll go on the block or (more logically) pointed out to Sarah she/Johnny are lower on the totem pole than anyone else in their alliance.

Should be an interesting week and I wonder if Britt will figure out this rather obvious situation and tell Bruno since she already has a relationship with him. Could be before week’s end one of the boys from the Bromuda Triangle will find themselves on the block especially with the Twist in play. All it would take is Britt, Sarah and Johnny going to Bruno and spilling their guts about what the plans were and how things changed when “they” the 3 of them weren’t in power. Then Bruno would see the writing on the wall i.e. he/Bobby/Willow are the next expendable on their side so that JP and operation double date get to F5.

JP/Zach have played a very good game up until now but I can see the smugness starting to creep into their games and JP made a huge mistake in that POV convo with Sarah. All it will take is some well phrased questions in the DR for her to really put 2 and 2 together. I’m surprised she didn’t click in as I noted to say so if Bobby wins next week and puts up JP & Kevin we tell them not to pick us for POV but if we play and win we leave the noms the same?

All I’m saying is that one conversation could turn out to be the fatal flaw in one of the boys games especially knowing what we do about the twist this week.

Just because (like IKA) I enjoy the drama, I’m actually hoping Britt spills the beans to Bruno and he ends up putting up Zach and JP in the renoms. or Zach and Ashley as punishment for being traitors to the Chop Shop.

But alas that won’t happen and maybe that’s a good thing b/c I REALLY, REALLY want Naela back in the house and if Kevin or Zach leave the powers that be will make the comp something a guy will win and then she won’t get back in.


and like neda played a boring game the first half of the show, and she played an amazing game the second half
zach and kevin are strong males. they need to play a different game or else they will be immediate threats


That is why Neda is a floater.

neda blow

NEDA is worst most annoying floater ever . So glad she didn’t win.roaches


I think we all knew it would be a matter of time before these people that know the game begin to question JP and Zachs decisions. I think both Sarah and Johnny would have a much better chance if they decided they were going to try and merge their alliance with Bruno as opposed to trying to protect Zach and his minions. If it was me, I would be questioning (as she is starting to do now) why Zach and Kevin are protecting Ashlee and Pilar at this early stage of the game, and not her.


It would make for some VERY exciting Big Brother if Johnny and Sarah joined up with Bruno resulting in Zach or JP going out this week. Of course they would probabaly come right back in with the twisto twist looking for blood.


That would be okay.


Zach and Kev are on Bobby’s radar and subsequently Bruno’s.
Now if Bobby was to add fuel to Sarah’s suspicions she may be able to work something with Bruno.

So far JP is the only one still sitting in the bush.


and she makes everyone feel so bad about her too!!


It’s always fun to watch the players get humbled the week after they’re done being in power, lol.


wtf Sarah? one day she’s on top of the world yapping that rat mouth and the next she is acting like she never want to be in this F house/ BB game.

which one is it?


I predict that Newport is in trouble…..drum roll.

another name

something has bothered me since naeha started naming off alliances. still bothers me.
everyone knows there is always a bro alliance. it’s just a given in big brother.
in what universe would you believe that the quarterback wouldn’t be a member?
the brainy geek I can buy as not being on the team… but the friggin qb? he’s like the epitome of the bro alliance member. I can’t get my head around that. at all.


“the friggin qb? he’s like the epitome of the bro alliance”
… so you also agree with Graig, who said that Godfrey and Brit would do poorly in a comp that involves water since “black people don’t like water”?
I’m french, but I don’t consider myself a “cheese eating surrender monkey”. I also don’t automatically assume blondes are dumb.
Try and get your head around that.

another name

uh…. calm down.
1) I haven’t implied or inferred, nor do i hold any racist beliefs. an apology would be nice.
2) I may agree or disagree with some of your posts, but that has nothing to do with you being French.
3) it IS a given that there is always a male dominated alliance. and in practically every case, it is the muscular and physically intimidating hg’s that are members of that alliance. when naeha named off the members of said alliance, it does confuse me why she would not even consider Zach to be a member. if every big guy in the house is a member except one, it stands to reason that they would have considered him a threat and nominated him, likeable or not. since they didn’t, alarm bells should ring.


I pointed out you made an assumption purely based on clichés.
I apologize if you somehow misunderstood this for me accusing you of being a racist. ?!?

The Truth

I agree. When it comes to Big Brother the jock is almost always included in bro alliance. The couples should be separated and the women don’t work well together. After 16 seasons of Big Brother much of this holds true. It would be nice to see something different but I’m not holding my breath.


I thought Sarah was going to be great….she’s disappointing ….if she knows the game so well like she has said….then why oh why is she crying every few minutes? She knows how annoying that is to fans of the show…she is also bringing people down like Britney for one! WAKE UP SARAH ! We also don’t care about the $ you spent….you got on the show! Be frigging happy and play with a positive attitude or self evict!