Sam – “girls what are you doing.. it’s so weak running to a man like this.. “

Big Brother Canada Spoilers The Blood Veto was only Valid for 1 week. Kyra could veto the evicted Houseguest. Kyra did not use the veto. KIKI has been evicted (5-1). The new Head of Household competition is endurance. Cory is the Head of Household

8:46AM Dane and KIKI
Dane – I think the blood POV will be used today.. I hope.. I’m pretty sure that’s gotta be happening today
KIKI – It’s just f*ing sh1t it’s sh1t that Kyra has changed their f*ing mind so many times on this

Dane – I was talking to ESTI we should have done this a completely different way but it’s too late now
Dane – you walk up to the HOH shake Sam’s hand and say game on b1tch I’m coming at ya
Dane – you go to Anthony, Cory .. you keep me because i’m going after that b1tch and Adam
Dane – you let me stay it’ll be a show it’ll be a bloodbath
Dane talks about it being too late to go with that plan so she needs to stick with saying Cory/Anthony.

Dane says Anthony now knows KIKI said his name so she needs to try and switch Adam and Kyra’s vote.
DAne – Say I’m going strong Against Corey you guys have nothing to worry about
Dane brings up Cory spreading rumours about KIKI going after them
Dane – And sam you think Cory like you she thinks you are a manipulating b1tch .. she thinks you can control Adam and she doesn’t like the way you treat Adam
Dane – you have to make them believe you are going after COry and Anthony 100%
Dane – yeah it’ll be sorry if Cory and Anthony hear… I dunno this is going to be your last kick of the can before eviction..
Dane explains KIKI really needs to get Kyra and Adam to think Cory is after them and you and you are after Cory.
Dane wants her to say that KIKI and Esti are both not going after Adam/Kyra they are after Cory.
Dane adds her to bring up to Adam/Kyra if Mark stays and he wins HOH he’s not putting up Anthony and COry because they just voted him to stay. He will be targeting Adam/Sam/Kyra.
Dane goes on coaching KIKI to get Adam/Kyra’s vote.

Feeds go down for a couple hours..

10:28CAM 3 cooking breakfast joking around

Adam says he can’t believe how Dane keeps up in such good shape, “Looks like he’s on juice man”
Dane – I’ve been working out for 20 years man.. you’ve been working out 2 .. keto diet..
Dane – I’ve played Hockey all my life ..
Adam – look out serious he gets..

they laugh..

10:30am Sam and Kyra
Tossing around insults about KIKI for her eviction tonight.

Kyra – KIKI as a person I respect you as a player not at all you’re my best friend when I hold the power when I know IN fact you are running around saying my name. You can lie as much as you want but it’s clear to me you thought you were doing Canada a favour getting me out.. But guess what I’m doing Canada a favour getting out this weak lying player that just follows Dane around like a puppy dog..

Sam – Blood veto what are you.. Blood veto what can you do .. I know because I can’t say anything else..

Sam brings up KIKI telling her that COry is coming after her.
Kyra says Esti and KIKI are following Dane around.

Sam about KIKI/Esti – girls what are you doing.. it’s so weak running to a man like this..
Kyra – weak weak …
Kyra mentions that Sam did the same thing
Sam – it was different.

Kyra says the guys alliance thing was obliviously a seed planted by Chelsea to sow paranoia and KIKI feel for it.
Sam – yeah
Kyra – everything was paranoid lies..

Adam comes in to tell them breakfast is ready
Sam – ohh my man in shinning blue..
Sam chases after him to the door saying “I’m going to getcha”

11:30am Feeds down….

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Love that sam badmouths kiki esti running to guys but she is no different. Would like nlood veto to be used. anthony and adam go on block and adam go home just to see sams HOH get blown up.

blood money

if not put up adam and dane


Yes they should put up Anthony and Dane! Shake this up!!!!

another name

where did chelsea get the idea there was a boylliance?
sam. kyra. is the d/r still giving them tequila?
who, besides kiki/stef spends every waking hour trying to find new ways to attach themselves to a man in the game?
sam. kyra. no, really, is it tequila or have they moved on to hallucinogenics?
what caused kiki to be distant from kyra: kyra got too you should be my showmance.
what is the root cause of kyra wanting kiki out: kiki didn’t want to be kyra’s showmance.
everything boils down to the weird conversations when feed started with kiki going on and on about not being able to handle kyra being so pushy, clingy and aggressive. add this to kyra in week three saying kiki should just man up and not say no when kyra wants to make out.
for sam, what is the root of sam’s game? sam pulled women in to start a woman’s alliance on night one. sam dumped the women as soon as chelsea didn’t become adam’s showmance, opening up a spot. sam has made her whole game into how do i get that man to love me.
so production wasn’t happy that chelsea wouldn’t showmance. insert sam. who grew up in the same town as adam. a town of max. 23000. and they say they never met or saw each other before. a town with two highschools. oh. okay. they are close enough in age in a town that size with only two highschools that they’d at least recognize each other. i digress. if production wasn’t pleased that chelsea had a boyfriend and wouldn’t showmance, do you think production was pleased that single kiki wouldn’t showmance with the whining adidaspotato? think of the storyline coup that would have been in the eyes of production. the proudly bisexual showmancing with the gender neutral.
I honestly don’t know whether the people in this season are willfully stupid, or if storyline has been created long before the events of the week happen. i begin to wonder. is it that evenings and weekends the house guests are off the leash of the story line editors that have gone home for the day, who then reel them back in the next day by telling them to stop looking at the man behind the curtain? given that the d/r some weeks bears no resemblance to what is going on in feeds for the same period of time, and the d/r is heavily influenced / scripted…. i can’t help but think the disparity has to be recognizable to the house guests, and they are just willfully playing along.
the thing is… they aren’t playing along convincingly to me. it’s like entire conversations that have been seen on feeds suddenly never happened. there is no thought process. there is no acceptable change in platform. it’s just an abrupt change of opinion with no basis.
i don’t buy it.

another name

btw: campaign logic error that kiki never considered. to the 5 i’m voting with the house voters: there are seven votes this week. sam doesn’t get a vote. the only person that has declared their vote definitively is este. since the only vote that has been declared out loud and not said voting with the house is este… that makes her vote the house. so… are you voting with the only person that has declared their intent? or are you voting with the person all of you have said should be evicted next week, that doesn’t even get a vote.


Who comes up with this nonsense? Adam and Sam are NOT from the community. They live an hour away from each other. There are more than two highschools here. Jasus Christ!Guess what??? we got indoor plumbing too.

another name

from what i remember, there’s queen elizabeth and holy spirt in cbs. did i miss a high school there… it’s been a while.
know there’s indoor plumbing. not a tool.
they live an hour away from each other now.
it was them. on feeds. that said they grew up in same town.
where am i supposed to think different if that’s what they said?


Loved Kyra pointing out that Sam also follows a man around.


Funny too how Krya follows Sam around. Guess that’s ok because Sam is a woman? lol


I cannot believe how freaking stupid all the girls are in this season of b b Canada. I’m a guy and I can see through all the bullshit they are gettingm these dumb girls to suck into. Lol

another name

blood veto. an opinion:
the blood veto will allow kyra to use the veto after the vote has been announced. or not to use it and carry it over to the next weeks.
it will be good until the first half of week 8 (the first single eviction of the standard triple eviction week).
the edit has now called kyra the underdog on the episode. they have invested in editing kyra as someone people would root for…. that nobody is actually rooting for. but they WILL keep pushing the kyra is an underdog to all of those unsuspecting episode only watchers, until they get the desired response.
(think of the save ryan edit from season 6, where feed viewers knew if ryan was saved erica would be evicted, but episode watchers had no clue due to the edit, and voted to save ryan).
they switched the premise of the blood veto from a canada vote to a unanimous decision while feeds were off (feeds off plot developments are always a red flag is production pushing an agenda to me), instead throwing in the ridiculous bed vote. why? because they knew there were not enough people that would vote for their “underdog” to get it.
original premise of blood veto was to be that each person that wanted it would stand at their podium and plead their case to the camera. they showed kyra in the blood veto lounge practicing a plea the night before. the pleas would be aired on the website, as a video. and then viewers would get a chance to vote. this was monkeywrenched when comments on social media and the website regarding the production ‘investments’ weren’t getting the positive feedback that the edit has been pushing, so they quickly changed things up, and threw in a bed vote that was really just an insult to viewer’s intelligence.
that’s my take on the entire blood veto. it isn’t going to change the game. it’s going to help production’s investments stay for another week or two. if it were a gamechanger from the status quo of stupidity and confusing amnesia, big brother would be hyping up the power. they aren’t.

another name

if spoilers are true. i’m incorrect on my blood veto opinion about duration of power. if spoilers are true…. it just turned out to be a flop power.

Julie Ferguson

I think the blood veto is going to make ktra use it no matter what. She will have to pull someone down and re nom someone…hence BLOOD veto. If So, I hope she puts Dane up against Kiki…hopefully everyone will vote him out or Anthony…hes too sneaky and makes everyone else talk for him.


Julie Ferguson I agree. I think it’s called the Blood Veto is because it has to be used. It would be epic if Kyra did put up a player or players like Dane, Anthony or Adam (unless Adam is protected because he won the Veto.) Sadly I think Kyra will choose someone like Cory or Damien.


Kyra is way to much of a pussy to use the blood veto. She’s going with the rest of the sheep. These girls are way to stupid to see how they are all getting played by the pretty boy goof alliance.

blood money

so simon where m commen?i se oher commen getting pu up!so i gues onl favourable commen onl like anoher name or gu from canada!





blood money

onlu popular ppl can commren on here geez aka simon don dobare mone o hem know


Tell them to try a free version of “grammarly” which they can download and will underline problems in their text. 🙂


Would be nice if the Blood Veto was right before they vote and no time for people to find out who the others are voting . Would be very interesting


If the blood veto was only good for one week and could’ve made such a big hit on the house (i.e. based on above Kyra could have taken out ANYONE she wanted to replace evicted house guest with) then why on earth wouldn’t she use it?

Sure seems like Kyra wanted Kiki out more than anyone else – otherwise what a waste. I wasn’t aware Kyra hit on Kiki early in the season (as per “Another Name” post on here. I guess that would explain (but not make it right) why Kyra was so aggressively going out of her way to make fun of Kiki behind her back this week. Certainly, the old adage of a woman scorned applies here:

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”.

Still, this was EXCESSIVE by Kyra & I for one will be so happy this week when the pair of Sam/Kyra get the proper karmic payback. Not sure which would deliver the best karmic retribution- would Mark taking out Sam drive home how ignorant they were? Anthony/Cory? or Este since Sam despises her most?


So my initial reports weren’t correct— Kyra could only change up the evicted guest with who was staying. So Kiki never had a shot b/c even if she somehow had got the four votes she needed Kyra would’ve switched it to keep Mark.

The fact Kyra needed to take a shot at Kiki as she was CARRIED out the door showed just how petty she is (and again in her GB speech). CAN’T WAIT for Kyra to get evicted & I’m so disappointed they made the jury.

As a side bar, I’m curious how the house will interpret the cheers Kiki got & the boos/groans Kyra got with her petty little speech.


Anyone know where to find Arisa Cox’ dress?


So the shade from Kiki thrown at Dane was fair b/c she expected his support and during the course of the week, the things which kept coming back to her (rumors/statements) were often only things Kiki, Este & Dane were privy to.

Factor in Damian & Kiki are super close – I witnessed him telling her “I don’t think you have the votes” & shortly after Dane was still playing dumb. B/c I only caught part of the above convo the other thing is it’s likely Damian told her Dane was telling him they needed o vote her out to save their own games.

That’s the problem when you have more than one alliance – Dane did (IMHO) care about his deal with Este/Kiki & Damian but he made the PB alliance first. The problem was the damage he caused to Kiki’s game & let’s assume he also prob denied being in an alliance with the guys so that would also explain her anger. The fact he wasn’t willing to throw her a vote even though she was leaving probably also stung.

Add on the pettiness of Kyra enjoying every minute of trashing Kiki (calling her a liar which was rich given Kyra lies CONSTANTLY) & the smugness on her face and it probably fueled Kiki’s anger.

The one bit of good news ————- when Kyra made her statement about not using the blood veto the audience booed her throughout. (HA – there is karmic retribution) which is probably why “they” ran to hug Kiki & made the comment “we love you” as she was going out the door. Just STFU Kyra you spent all week calling her stupid & reveling in how you would embarrass/humiliate her so stick with what your good at.

Assume she’ll be the first to drop this week given the comp isn’t suited for her which means she’ll be on slop (bets she complains all week about that fact?). Given what happened tonight I’d bet Dane won’t want to let go of the pipe & it’s geared more to lighter weight players with strong cores.

My bet is Kyra & Mark drop first – Anthony/Adam are both physical but their muscle/weight may be hard to hold up (ditto for Damian) longer than others. I wonder if it came down to Este/Dane if he would let her win or not trust it now b/c of what Kiki said. It does feel like a perfectly tailored comp for one of Este or Cory to win though.


Not sure it’s verified but I heard Cory won HOH


Too funny — Kyra who just called out Kiki for being a constant liar is already scrambling.

She told Cory that Adam & Dane were the ones who said to backdoor Cory last week. Now Kyra is trying to convince Cory to lie & blame it on Kiki b/c she’s afraid of Dane. She also messes up by saying to Cory well Anthony said we could lie & blame Kiki remember? (Anthony did say that fwiw) but Cory says ‘NO, that’ is not what he was saying”.

If Cory passes along hat Kyra just said to her to Anthony watch him use that to spin how Kyra is only saying that b/c she must’ve been the one pushing for you to go up. I mean we just know Anthony will find a way to spin this to save Dane/Adam — but will Cory be as gullible as all the other girls.

Sam is also up Cory’s ass already & both Kyra/Sam are trying to cover their asses while also getting Cory to target Dane.

Should be interesting to see how much influence Anthony has over Cory.


Anthony has his work cut out b/c Cory just told Sam that her & Adam aren’t going on the block & are safe. Sam LIED to Cory & said Adam never suggested she get backdoored (when Kyra already confirmed that he did).

And Sam better be careful b/c she just told Cory & Anthony how she was blindsided by Kiki saying their names (when the reality is that entire campaign was discussed with Sam & Kyra). Sam better hope Kyra didn’t tell Anthony or Cory that info prior (I thought she did)


OMG, seriously ?! Like WTF Sam? She has heard Dane and Adam twice now speaking on their own when they thought they were alone. Adam went back on his word with the Veto, him and Dane wanted Sam and Chelsea out and she picked up on the same talk Anthony uses all the time, when Adam was talking to her in the Have-Not room. And she still doesn’t believe in the boys alliance? She deserves to go to Jury once KiKi leaves the house. She’s not playing with a full deck.

Christina Hunstein

This is the worse season yet. I have watched bb from the begin (american and canadian) . And it the same crap every year . Boys alliance and girls just follow. Find stronger women.


That is the difference between Big Brother and Survivor . . on BB they all talk a big storm, but when it comes down to it, no one makes a a big move. They always just follow the power couple !!!! Same ole, same old . . at least on Survivor, they make big power moves ! Shocking moves!!!!!!! BB has become so lame . .no one does anything . .they all just follow like ducks . . . and Sammy . . .I wish I was a fly on the wall when you get home and watch the feeds . .to find out how your boyfriend played you the whole time !!!!!!! It’s ok for you to be up Adam’s ass kissing and hugging . . .but NOT okay for Kiki to have a male friend also ???? And Kyra . . you really think you are something, but you are not . . cannot wait to see you back doored . .and to find out that Chelsea was right all along about the boys alliance !