Kyra “I only play with people I think I can really trust & I don’t think I can trust you”

9:10pm Bedroom. Dane and Esti.
Dane – I just want to get Sam out of here so f**king badly. Like she is sitting in her room just chilling all day. Just because you’re in power 1 week, doesn’t mean you’re powerful! I mean you need to be out listening, watching .. not sitting in your penthouse suite just chilling. Yo.. Chelsea did the same thing. It was you Chelea, Adam and Kyra always in her penthouse suite while us peasants were planning to get you guys out. And you guys didn’t even see it coming. You were shocked when I put up Chelsea. And now she is doing the exact same thing. And now they’re sleeping together. Esti – I mean everyone already know. Est – how do you know what you’re saying to him, doesn’t get back to Sam.

10:10pm Havenot room. Kiki and Kyra.
Kyra – why do you run to Dane after ever conversation we have? Kiki – I talk to Dane and we just have a really good relationship. We talk game but not all the time. Kyra – but literally right after every conversation we have. Kiki – this is my back against the wall and I have no reason to lie. Me staying in this game benefits you because i am not gunning for you. Kiki – I need Esti in this game. Dane’s had my back. Sam has saved me with the POV. Kyra – this is a very risky game and I only play with people that I think I can really trust. And I don’t think I can trust you, I don’t. I also don’t think I can trust Mark but Mark isn’t really a threat to me. So we will see where the house lies.

11pm Havenot room. Kiki and Anthony.
Kiki – I am really trying my best here. I don’t want Cory to feel like I’m coming after her because I’m not. Its really difficult for me to campaign to Cory. I am not going to lie, I have a really difficult time with it. But I am not gunning for you. Anthony – here is the thing.. that night when we first sat down, I told you that I knew that you said my name but when you took yourself out of the box you had to realize what it was for .. if anything. Now I told you I am not an emotional person. If you had to say something, you had to say something. I know what it is, I know what we been trying to do. I get it but now if we’re going to keep it.. 1 million. Mark, I think it is kind of weird that no one knows where his mind is at. When I talk to people I am very vague and I don’t say anything incriminating. When I talk to people about Mark, no one has any idea. When I talk to Mark, he is like oh I’m a wildcard. I’ve been playing the game bad. No you haven’t! Its just your social game is not good. If you’re in jury, there are four other people you’re going to choose over me. Are you going to choose Esti over me? Dane, nope not going to choose me there either. Damien, not not going to choose me. Kiki – I wouldn’t argue you with that one.

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Guy From Canada

At least Kiki knows she is on the way put the door…. She wanted to play a physical game and win comps to stay in, what people like that dont realize is that this game is an hour or two of comps and 5 days of social afterwards. I get week one scewing up on that but come on she should have realized this by now how to play when campaigning…..Sad to see Kiki go but I’ll be happy once Sam is out


Not sad at all to see Kiki go. Her going is entirely on her bad gameplay. Her campaigning sucked, she can’t be bothered talking to people she doesn’t like since the start of the game (everyone other than Este and Dane) when she knows it’s necessary in a game like this and she had the blood veto in front of her and she GAVE UP on it. She truly deserve to go home.
Sam actually kinda managed to infiltrate the PB through Adam and indirectly causing cracks over there. Like she could actually survive until the PB implode. I know her best move would’ve been Anthony with Dane as the target but that is the all in move and A. Require her to admit to herself her desperate position and B. Doesn’t guarantee her safety once she does shake up the board. Like even if she succeeds the others can turn on her and be like “thanks for getting out a big player for us, k bye now!”.
Still her game is terrible, but definitely better than Kiki’s.


I can’t stand Kyra and Anthony .. The rest are OK


Throw in crotch grabbing Adam as well. – All 3 need to go. The perfect Triple Eviction right there.
Thank you for the updates Simon. haven’t watched, much of the Live Feeds this Week.


Kiki on crutches (no clue what happened).

Dane told Este that Kiki doesn’t have the votes but his reasoning changed several times & Este called him out on it. Dane is trying to blame Kyra primarily and also trying to get Este refocused on Sam specifically (& Kyra). Este knows Kiki has Damian & her votes so the fact Dane isn’t going to vote for her & is actively trying to get Damian to switch his vote won’t sit well with Este this week. (although she won’t say or do dick about it).

Adam bitched to Mark about Anthony’s request for him to throw HOH and to suck it up re: going up on block with Sam this coming week. Mark agreed telling Adam that Dane will do what Anthony tells him (love him or hate him Mark is a smart dude b/c just in that one statement he’s showing Adam support and throwing Anthony/Dane UTB as being tighter than they are to them – lol). Right on cue, Anthony came into the conversation so Mark told him he doesn’t think any PBs should go on the block if they have the HOH power so Anthony backtracks & agrees (this also might be based on his convo with Kiki who pointed out how Anthony/Cory could easily end up on the block together).

It’s been humorous watching the campaigning this week as Anthony tells Kiki his name came out of her mouth, Cory is ignoring her based on lies Kyra/Sam have told her and Kyra has been condescending to her the entire week.

Poor Kiki has to say nothing all the while knowing Anthony is the one who told on Este/Kiki finger shooting at the camera to take out the showmance & Kyra told/spread copious lies/rumors. The capper of the day was Kyra telling Kiki “you should have offered me a deal to use the blood veto (the same BV she isn’t allowed to discuss) or to keep you safe but you didn’t even bother & I can’t trust you b/c all you do is lie”. THIS is solely about Kyra wanting more camera time & ammunition she can use to take upstairs for her constant ridiculing of Kiki.

It is so hard to watch feeds when Kyra is on them. Her smugness & over exaggerated self importance grates on my last nerve. Her calling out Kiki for lying, being disingenuous & not trying to work with them is beyond POT MEET KETTLE. Especially since Kyra promised Kiki her vote at week start & keeps saying the house is undecided. And Kiki has to sit there knowing not only is the house decided but Kyra spearheaded her oust. In particular, Kyra’s whole “I”m trying to treat you as a human” is such f*cking bullshit”, Can’t wait for the inevitable karmic payback headed Kyra’s way.

another name

re kiki on crutches:
falls under the category of helen was pushed.


Hoping beyond all hope Adam/Kyra do NOT win HOH b/c I can’t wait to see the smugness fall off Sam/Kyra’s faces as they discover they were the masters of their own demise and while they spent the week making fun of Kiki ‘s misfortune it was really them who was getting played.

Still wondering about this blood veto but based on how Kyra spoke to Kiki there is no way whatever it is that it will be used on her (if there was Kyra wouldn’t be talking to Kiki the way she is). Given how ignorant she is even if Kyra gets to re-nom she would pull down Mark & put up Dane likely & that would result in Mark, Adam, Anthony (who would tell Cory they have to keep Dane) & possibly even Este keeping him over Kiki. Still, if we are to base anything on Kyra’s actions/words the way she spoke to Kiki definitively says she has no intention of using it on her nor did it seem likely she would use it on Mark so I think the power carries over to this week. Therefore it will give the house a reason to put up Sam & her to flush out the power.

This HOH is going to be very interesting on several fronts. Adam can’t really afford to win b/c he has deals with virtually everyone in the house other than Damian & the PBs will be pissed if he wins & doesn’t take out Sam. For as much as Anthony/Adam said they’d throw HOH to Mark I doubt Mark will want to win b/c he knows he’s safe this week. Dane should be happy to throw it to Damian, Este, Mark, or even Cory as he’ll trust they would all target Sam but I’m not sure he’ll throw it b/c he’s also paranoid about the BV. Feels like it’s about time for an endurance comp which should bode well for all the non PB players except Kyra (plus Dane/Adam).

another name

how to manipulate episode only viewers perception of a houseguest: a case study of Adam.
Wednesday episode presented a moral dilema for adam: stay with the pettyboys, or go with the new 5 alliance.
why is this editorial misrepresentation:
the plan was always pull kiki off the block, and save mark by voting out the replacement nom.
the entire cory plot and subsequent revelation was left out.
so there was no moral dilema, there is no reason for viewers to feel a rock and a hard place attachment to adam that actually humanizes and adds a sympathetic moral complexity to his struggle. it’s a cut and paste edit meant to aid his popularity with episode only viewers.