Dane “I am not trying to sewer you or Kyra but it definitely wasn’t you or I’s plan.”

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10:08pm The live feeds return. All the house guests are in the HOH room. They all congratulate Cory on winning the endurance HOH competition as the head out of the HOH room.

Storage room. Sam and Adam. Adam – that’s what the girls told Cory. Sam – don’t worry, you’re fine. Adam – please talk to Cory. Sam – I promise you because Dane looked at me and said that if its not you and Adam its going to be pinned on me. What?! Adam – that’s what I was like .. What?! I swear the f**k! Sam – Dane is going to try and deflect it off of him no matter what. Adam – Yeah, I know. Sam – if we stay strong and say that it came from that direction, they have no choice but to believe it. Right!? Adam – if its you or I and it gets pinned on us … and I could have stayed up there longer.. I am going to lose my mind. Sam – its not, she only has until tomorrow afternoon to make her noms. We just have to stay strong till then. Dane is going to try and pin it on you. Adam – no shit! Sam – and me. Adam – no sh*t! Sam – but it doesn’t, its not true. If it comes back on me I will say yeah I was HOH and I sat there and listened.

Storage room. Kyra and Sam. Sam – we just have to make sure.. Kyra – yeah, we will.. But now its good because its pinning Adam against Dane. Sam – ultimately my idea was never a backdoor. I was weighing options to put people on the block. Kyra – I know. Sam – if you really want to dig down to it.. and you would be stupid as HOH to not weigh your options. Kyra – I know. Sam – plus my names been thrown out a million times. Kyra – don’t act nervous or paranoid now. Sam – we knew Dane was going to pin it on Adam. Kyra – yeah, obviously Dane is going to try and pin it on anyone but himself.. but even Kiki herself said it was Dane. Kyra – And Anthony very much feels like its Dane.

10:30pm Dane and Adam. Dane – honestly, I just heard that it was me and you with the plan. That’s bullsh*t. It not us. Adam – its fine. Dane – you and me can’t go on the block against each other. Adam – no, I know. Dane – I am not trying to sewer you or Kyra but it definitely wasn’t you or I’s plan. Adam – I don’t know how I got into this conversation. I talked to Cory and it seemed like it was you… and it seems like its getting pinned on me. Esti just said that its you and me who started this whole backdoor plan. Adam – so this is what you talked about with Cory? Dane – I just talked to Anthony. Adam – Cory was in there for a long time. Dane – with Anthony.. and then I left. Adam – if my name was in it too why was I not brought into it too. Dane – I said that the plan was not Adam or I. That’s all I said. I said Cory, the morning plan .. Kiki came to me crying and said what do I do. I said you said four names .. process of elimination. She said I don’t want to go against Adam and Sam. Okay that’s two names gone. Do you want to go against Anthony or Cory. She said I don’t want to go against Anthony. I said Okay, that’s your target then. Why? She said because she thinks I started the backdoor plan. Adam – then who went to Cory and said my name? Dane – no one… I just got told from Esti that you and I’s name was the mastermind behind the backdoor plan. I have a feeling its going to be me going up. It just can’t be me and you or another pretty boy. If its me, I have the numbers. Dane – what were you and Anthony talking about? Adam – it doesn’t f**king matter. I am just f**king pissed off because I should have won that thing.

Storage room. Adam tells Sam about his conversation with Dane. Sam – what you need to do .. if you react, you will look guilty. Adam – I want to talk to her (Cory) because they just had a conversation in the room and I was being talked about. Sam – and what Cory does it observe. She has the information and now she is going to watch. She doesn’t want to talk game at all tonight. Adam – I want to talk to Kyra and ask what the f**k!? And if they say I never done it .. then I am going to go to Esti. Sam – yeah I know you want to but you can’t right now. Adam – why? Sam – because its not true. Adam – if I go to Kyra and she says no, then I’ll go to Esti and if she says no, then I’ll go right back to Dane. Sam – we could go to Cory and she will ask the right questions and it will filter out.

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I don’t get any of this


*initially she told Sam that her & Adam were safe (Sam spent her entire time basically digging a grave for Dane
* After the Sam “feel good discussion” Cory’s talks with others resulted in many variances of details. (for example, Sam vehemently denies knowing anything about the backdoor Cory plan while Kyra tells Cory that Adam/Dane were the ones who said it but when pushed says “Sam told her that”.
*By night’s end the comments made by Este, Kyra, Dane, Adam, Anthony served to make Sam look like a brilliant evil strategist who orchestrated everything & used Kyra to do her dirty work. This & Dane who Cory wasn’t feeling based on events leading up to Kiki’s eviction suddenly looked like a scapegoat who Sam/Kyra was trying to set up.
*Dane offered to go on the block if it would help Cory
*Anthony/Dane convos with Cory worked in concert to bury Sam, make Kyra look like Sam’s henchperson and Adam unknowingly fed into the Sam is the puppetmaster narrative while also placing question marks around Kyra.

We know Cory won’t put up Anthony or Damian and Mark seems an unlikely choice. It also seems unlikely she would target Este given Cory is feeling a bit bad about how Kiki left the house (since she now thinks it was her fault why Kiki went off on Dane — ZOMG). Plus nominating Este with Dane would only put a target on her/Anthony’s backs as a “pair” and put them in a position to be reciprocated as nominations next week.

If Cory sticks to the initial “you are safe” Sam chat that would only leave Dane & Kyra to go on the block which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for Dane especially if Sam/Adam don’t get selected to play in the POV. In that scenario, everyone else would throw the POV to him after Kyra is out and then Cory could backdoor Sam. (I kind of think this might be the direction). Kyra will LOSE HER MIND if she is the pawn again but I’ll enjoy it immensely and even more so once Sam is on the block and the two go full on to cut each other’s throats to stay in the house. OH — & how hilarious will it be to witness Kyra & Sam going to Dane/Este to ask for their votes after how they’ve acted this past week?

Normally I’d be annoyed by these hamsters not recognizing the bigger picture but after the cruelty displayed by Sam & Kyra last week toward Kiki, I’ll enjoy watching that smug smile “I have the most power in this game, let me embarrass & humiliate Kiki” wiped off ‘their’ face.


We need to see more of the DR sessions of Este & Cory to see if they are equally snowed by Dane/Anthony. It’s hard for me to believe Este doesn’t see Dane as far less reliable now (although I doubt she would shift working with him). The smartest thing for Este would be to work as closely with Damian as possible & get him to champion Cory for the trio to work together – b/c they could become a factor in the game depending on if they could pull out timely HOHs (like the triple eviction for example).

As fans we can keep hoping one of Cory, Este or Damian would finally get a clue to realize how obvious things are with a female getting painted with a dirty brush each week. THAT & Mark will have zero desire to go deep in this game with two beasts (Adam/Dane) or Mr. Charm (Anthony). So — keep an eye to see if Mark works on Este at all or Damian to try to get something on the side. THIS b/c very soon a voting block will own the power in the house and if there is a counter to the PB 4 it could do damage.

The other factor is how Adam is already selling out Dane (while Dane pointed at Sam & just said Adam is smitten). The PB direct shots at each other is coming – the question is will it be sooner or later?


Way to go Cory.
Observe and time to put up Adam, who will completely bo bonkers, and Dane.




looks like another all talk, no action season,
come on BB21


It’s always fun to see people who were so secure last week scrambling. At least til Monday.

another name

did they really say the comp took fifteen minutes?
man. they don’t make alphas like they used to.
how many times did dane volunteer to go on the block (so he can’t be the renom)?
it’ going to be a long week when cory looks over her shoulder to see what anthony thinks before she answers a question.
the schlumpy whining potato in a tracksuit is a have not. i’m pleased. where’s the babygap anthony jr. ego now? hmmm. i think i greatly dislike kyra. i’m taking far too much pleasure in the fall from the tower.
oh look. the first hoh that isn’t a puppet for dane or adam. and who are the headless chickens made out of burning matches? dane and adam.
yet another week where the boys will be congratulating each other that nobody realizes they are together (while they each look for angles on how to take each other out). safest pettyboy in order safe to most in danger: anthony, mark, adam, dane.
Prediction from last night’s convos would have been:
cory will end up following anthony’s advice: her short list for noms will be kyra, sam, dane, adam. she most likely won’t nominate adam.
damien and mark are the safest next to anthony. este… not much of a factor. the only person pushing este as the mastermind was adam. cory will never question why anthony recommended she get close to kyra or adam, if he knew kyra or adam couldn’t be trusted instead vouching for them. anthony, este, dane, and inadvertently kyra put too much of a target on sam. the only saving grace for sam is will cory keep her word, telling her second convo out of six they were safe before getting to the sixth. rookie mistake.
at least that was as of last night….. by this morning i say kyra for sure. the other one who knows. maybe este. no blood on hands for este or kyra noms. but who knows. anthony hasn’t moved his hands to make the puppet speak yet.


ya go for Esti,be afraid of her she scares you…barf


I have to agree . ..just another All talk, No action season !!!!! Kyra had the chance last night to change up the game big time !!! do these people not watch BB . .there is ALWAYS a guys alliance !!!!!! They will use the girls and then pick them off !!! I hope Corey puts up Adam and Dane . .and either one wins Veto, Sam goes up in their place ! Cocky Sammy !!!!! Can’t wait to see the look on her face when Adam can’t save her!!!!