Allison’s Drunken Rampage “I didn’t agree to this sh1t.. I miss Andrew.. F** Sh!T”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 20-37-45-144

10:36pm HOH Jon, Heather and Rachelle
Jon tells them what he’s doing tomorrow. Rachelle comes off and in her place he will put up Allison. He wants Heather and Rachelle to vote to evict Allison and he can guarantee NEda will do the same.

Jon Leaves.

Heather asks her if she wins HOH next week will she’ll be safe. Rachelle says she has no plans on taking out Heather. Rachelle wonders is Allison knows she’s going up. Heather doesn’t think so.
Heather and Rachelle Agree they are now working with each other.
Heather – “I don’t want you to go home YET”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 20-45-51-090

10:43pm Jon, Neda and Arlie Have Nots
(Jon is drunk)

Arlie – “You like talking drunk game”

Jon tells them he’s 100% down with a final 4 with them, “We can meet in the slums tomorrow morning.”

Jon – “Bam we get rid of Allison”
Arlie – “Allison is gone”

Jon says if they want Allison gone this week he will use his veto but they all have to agree on the votes. Neda says Adel is 100% down with Allison.
Heather – “Done”
Arlie – “Done”

Arlie – “One Day before her birthday bud” (I guess Allison’s birthday is on Friday)
Jon – “Ohh sh1t heartless”
The girls leave.
Jon – We’ve just made a final four with Neda and heather.. We are about to make a final 4 with Rachelle and Sabrina”

They laugh at how they have both side thinking they want each other out.

They start talking about their alliance called “The Goof Troop” and how much money they are


10:55pm Bathroom Neda, Sabrina, Allison

Sabrina crying.. and picking her nose.

10:58pm HOH Room Heather and Allison
heather says she’ s drunk and she loves Allison.

Allison you’re the only person that hasn’t been asn a$$hole to me

Allison never wants heather to doubt that Allison doesn’t have her.
Heather – “I want you to stay”
Allison – “And I want you to stay”

10:58pm Bedroom Gremlins and Neda

Neda saying Allison gone this week, then Arlie followed by Adel. Sabrina thinks it would be better for them to take Arlie out this week. Neda tells her NO Allison goes this week.

11:07pm HOH Allison and Arlie

She’s defending what she did when she entered the game by leaching onto Andrew.

Allison says she’s been told by everyone in her “Alliance” that they are all equal but she knows she’s not.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 21-17-16-407

11:15pm Pool Side Neda and Heather

They are confirming their allegiance to each other. Neda plays down how close she is with Jon, she tells Heather she’s more loyal to her.

Neda and Heather mention their final 2 and how they want to bring Jon to the final 3.

Adel joins them for a second tells them there’s a lot of talk going on people on the outs offering up final 2 final 3’s. Neda – “Sabrina is driving me crazy” Adel leaves

NEda says the only person she trusts 100% is Heather. Heather feels the same way.

Heather says Arlie always comes up to her and says “Me, You and Adel right right” Heather thinks it’s a bit early to be playing that type of game. Mentions it’s like how Paul was playing.

Jon comes by and jumps in the pool shows off to Neda.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-13 20-27-42-187

11:30pm Allison and Arlie HOH
Allison crying and angry she pretty much blows a fuse and is very hard to follow..

She Tells him how stupid of a plan it is to put her up and how he turned his back on her when she thought they were working together.

Arlie says he wants to be her ally but he doesn’t feel like it’s been reciprocated. Allison says she doesn’t know anything. She starts to cry.
Arlie keeps telling her to stop crying.
Allison – “DON’t F*** TELL ME NOT TO CRY”

Allison swears she didn’t know anything that is why she never told him any game talk.
Arlie – “Don’t be too upset”

Allison warns him about Jon and Neda they will never be able to split those two up.

12:00AM Allison knows she’s going up and is acting like someone who doesn’t have a scarlett Veto. She’s also super drunk.

(Video Coming)

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Damn these Newfies cant hold their liquor lol OMG I cant deal with Jon and Allison when they are drunk wtf? OMG if she wants to go home then she should tell people about her secret veto. BYE Girl. Cant take the heat get out the kitchen.
This is a game and for her to be such a superfan she doesn’t know how to play at all. She was too cocky to talk to anybody when Andrew was in the house and now that their is no guy to flirt with, she has no strategy. I cant understand her.


its called strategy…she can’t tell anyone that she has the secret veto. it just makes it seem easier to put up Allison if she’s clearly vulnerable and “panicking”. this way Jon will put her up and she’ll use her veto and it’ll mess up the other’s game.


I can’t wait to see their stupid faces when she pulls out that veto!. I’m not liking any of them right now.


Man, she tried to talk to people. NO ONE would talk to her. I get her frustration. She’s been in there for weeks and on the outs of all game talk. She really hasn’t been allowed to participate at all. I honestly don’t think there has been a single game conversation where her name wasn’t thrown out for nominations, and no one trusts her in any way. It must really suck. Even the people she wanted to play with (Andrew, Kenny, Sarah) didn’t trust her. Coming in late and Sabrina’s mouth did her no good.


A condition of the secret veto was if she told anyone she is instantly evicted. Arisa said it when she came up on the screen and allison took it out the box. Hence she cannot tell anyone it even exist nor allude to any secret powers.


I’m actually amazed she didn’t slip up and reveal the secret, given how drunk she was.


Allison use your veto tommorow! or on Thursday (apparently you can use it be4 eviction, right?)


Neda and Heather are going to be pissed when she saves herself.

I just hope they put up a pawn and vote out Sabrina …. once and for all.

Just an opinion

Neda wants Arlie up, and out – If Allison is up, uses her Veto and leaves Jon in the position of having to pick another (Arlie) then Neda gets what she really wants. It’s beautiful.


Did Allison forget her veto? why has she given up? She can save herself this week and then she gets a chance to play in HOH. WTF?


Look folks drunk or sober since the hint of Jon using the veto Allison has been measuring people. What she just got from Arlie is she got cut loose by Arlie!. If I’m Arlie I wouldn’t want to be on the block after that talk with Allison. How is he going to get her vote on Thursday to stay? LOL

She gets Neda/Jon’s position when she is nominated. That leaves Adel and Heather. She thinks Heather is loyal which gives Heather an outside shot at staying by getting Allison’s vote and 2 others. Adel who really cares 1 way or the other. It’s lining up as a Sabby, Ratchet, Allison run at F3 IF Allison wins next HOH. She may be lonely in that room but those 3 would control the game for a week. Allie put up 2 douches. 7 left she breaks a 2-2 tie with Sabs and Ratchet voting to evict. I really hope she shoves it up Arlies azz along with Jon and Neda. And I’m not an Allison fan 1 bit. I guess there who think Sloppy Seconds are the good guys and gals still. What a load of turd floating in the toilet that is. Here’s the handle you go flush it. The stink so strong I can’t get near the toilet!!!

They are making a STUPID and unnecessary move and it’s going to bite them in the azz big time. I cannot believe the level of stupidity of these HGs. Sabby aside as her games back and she is playing them like a fiddle. Canada will get a vote and I’m voting for her disgusting azz F2 if she gets there. I’m certainly not voting for douchebag Neda. Sweet loveable Heather no Honour either. The 3 guys are just complete idiots. Arlie a super fan someone plant a big wet kiss on my fat azz. How the bleep can you not understand girl majority late barring showmances = boys go to jury!

Who gives a f*ck ……….FTW 😛 😛


Wow, what a basket case. She has an effin veto. Go home ya lush.


You guys she is drunk out of her mind. Out of the whole meltdown Heather is hilarious.

Heather “You are scaring me” “You are scaring me sh*tless” “I’m really scared now” (starts crying)



I think calling her a ” lush ” is stretching it and she has every right to be upset veto or not it was an absolute GIVEN that Sabrina was to go home this week…they are again CRAZY AS BATSHIT if they dont get rid of Sabrina this wk…you wanna talk about a basket case and poor acting THAT is Sabby but wk after wk she worms her way into staying. She is NOT good at comps she is not quite the strategic genius she thinks she is and hanging around with a girl that likes to pee in a hot tub purposely while other people are in it speaks volumes to it….this is not the person to hitch ur train to! Jon has lost.his marbles.if he thinks Sabby is the girl to keep around instead of Allison….Allison is ten times the player Sabrina will EVER be with her fake crying and incessant need to be reassured she is not a bad person and is giggling in next breath…….so.Ally is.losing her shit for.ten secs compared to the fake sobbing Sabby had us enduring last wk and tellin everyone how awful they are ( for.doin essentially same.things she had already done ) I think Allison is entitled to one mini meltdown!

Afterall she flipped to that side because they promised her she would be safe and now.look at what is happening its crazy how Sabby keeps.getting to stay I swear.that.girl had an earwig in yesterday ( mini speaker.fits inside ear for.cues etc for actors) she kept.gettin halfway thru a sentance …stopping and saying ” oh right we should not speak of this ” amd try to change topics. I have always thought sabby had to be productions girl from the get go there is nothing else that would explain her still being in the house , everyone hates her as far as HG go and Canada doesnt seem to be givin her much luv neither!

So Allison is upset …I would be to if I left my alliance because I was….stuck her neck out there only to have her on the block the very next wk!

NO ONE is watching what a cut throat game Neda is playin because she hides behind Jon and doesnt get hands dirty but she is gearin up to send the boys out first.chance she gets. Ally has been upfront and kind even when it wasnt game play Sabrina is going to drive everyone and that does include us viewers absolhtely insane AND likely win the game unless they stop having mass HOHitis and get their heads out of their asses and remember WHY they nominated her!

Prodictions interference is pretty extreme and not.covert.whatsoever….it is what they decide happens , I just wish after Sarah being so kind to everyone inthe house to the extent of not even giving them a hard time for evicting her and make it pleasant for everyone after she stood up for Sabby over and over and got thrown under the bus huge after she left to show their appreciation. I mean they basically told the Gremlins it was all Sarahs fault.and they bought it!

Such a crappy thing to do to someone who stood up.for.others as much as she did.hen you do
So have a good cry Ally Cat and use your veto if u need to….and relish the look on those.lyin buggers faces when u do! Go home Sabrina….honestly if i have to watch her fake cry or pick her nose again I just.may write.this season off. The good players that were also the.most entertaining for us are gone….and Sarahs good heart is missed bigtime i just hope at some point someone tells Sabrina how.much Sarah stood up for her.

Go Ally Cat use ur veto and production…if u are reading these sites…please.stop.screwin with the game , let it play out as it will the HG and your viewers.deserve to see how it will REALLY turn out without your every 10 sec manipulations!!


Wait… why would she be the first in jury? It makes no sense, there’s like 8 people left unless Canada’s doing a vote for some random reason which is even dumber than Sabrina thinking that she’s gonna get a ton of guys after all of this.


There are 8 people left. 2/8 will be in the final 2. 6 person jury. Canada gets a vote. This was said by Arisa last week. Keep up.


I’m from America and can’t find any feeds whenever an episode airs, so I just turn to this page and get my daily fix of what’s going on. Such a shame though, I felt as though Kenny (though being very ignorant and bratty near the end) kind of deserved a spot in the jury and besides, what if someone pulls something to get them expelled… what then? Will the producers scratch the viewer vote then?


At this point Arlie is screwed. If Allison is safe there is nothing he can do but wait to be evicted. I love his gameplay, but he has made to many flaws and Neda can see right through him. Sorry Arlie, but your game ends on Thursday. Time to open your Eyes Buddy!


So you think Jon would actually turn on Arlie?? Neda 100% but I’m still not sure about Jon…


Arlie’s game ends if he got put up after Allison put herself off the block, Heather, Neda and Rachelle would vote him out in an instant. I know many people are hating on Neda right now but if she reaches final two she deserves to win it all. She has heather and jon on a leash and rachelle is just waiting to pick her up. Her biggest threat right now is Arlie but I think Arlie have caught her scent a little too late.


Well Allison is officially nuts…


Drama for the cameras. She’s obviously faking it, putting on a show. Even my 5-year-old fake cries better than that. c’mon.


OMG she ruined her game even more. Tomorrow at the POV ceremony she will pull out her scarlet veto and then Neda and Heather will realise her crying rampage was a ruse. She is acting like somebody who has nothing left but she is safe this week and they will not trust her even more.


You simply do not understand. Slops has told her you gotta go backdoor style fool. She isn’t playing with Neda, Heather or any of these idiots. She needs the next HOH then she works with Sabby and Roro that’s her play and the only one. Sabby and Roro are getting really well positioned. You know idiot Jon will put up Arlie or Adel rather than Heather and the guys are done. Sabby and Roro F2 I like the sound of that. I can’t even root for the newest douchebag member Heather any more and she had likeability for a while. This shouldn’t be BB Canada 2 it should be BB Canada season of the douchebag staring Neda the douchebag and an all star supporting cast of pure BB idiots. Sabby excluded she’s played the Fing game since day one! The so called good guys what a crock of sh*t!!

Open the window to let the air in and flush the GD toilet!


When Allison crying to Arlie whose faces look like , “How did I get another Sabrina on my hands?” Lol
she does not want Arlie to feel like she is a victim.  (Some one explain to me please the difference between a victim and the damsel in distress she has been playing for the past hour?


I have been a big BB fan for many years. I enjoyed BB in the US for many years before Canada started their own version. I think both are great but I like how the Canadian version gets the players sloppy drunk. It is always funny and creates drama. I never understood why in the US version they give them 4 cans of beer and a bottle of wine to split among 6 players. If the US version takes anything from the Canadian one, I hope it is that they start plying their players with liquor and beer. It keeps the feeds jumping..


Drunk people look like morons on top of the fact that is a depressant. This is a horror show to watch. Allison is a train wreck. It’s her own fault for who she glommed onto coming in. I know this is all an act but the excuse is getting old and stupid. As a ‘superfan’ she made the superstupidest moves. Nobody twisted her arm.


allison meltdown are equal to sabrina meltdown …


I dont think there is a jury. I think Canada gets the last vote and after watching tonight…Adel or Neda should win. These idiots are effed up for getting that drunk while playing a game. Drinking is fun for sure…but not when your eyes come off the prize. Sooooo stoooopid


If production just provide them some liquor right before ceremony Allison gets drunk and forgets to use her super veto lol


Why was allison trying to re-open the secret door? Maybe that’s why
She’s so upset. Is her secret veto in there? I thought she put it I her bag
By the bed.

another name

have altered my prediction a little… I originally thought girls alliance would be formed out of the cracks in the sloppies after Allison is nominated. that could still happen, but probably not for one week.
sneaking suspicion is that Sabrina will not go home this week. she’s absolutely useless in competitions thus far, and if a more popular player goes up beside her with less deals floating around, the sloppy jackals will pick off that person.
I’ve been comparing the week to week nominations and evictions from season one to season two. it has been a fairly close comparison (albeit with a one week carryover due to suzette’s fan save last year). the person that will go home will be on the opposite side to the two that just left in double eviction, and most likely one of the people that were most diametrically opposed to the people that just left. that spells trouble for either heather or adel. given the number of adel-centric tasks and his move to play in the pov…. but if I have tapped into production’s patterns at all, adel will be the player to leave this week.
it’s just a prediction.
hey, if i’m wrong, i’ll admit I was wrong. but my gut is telling me the doorbell is ringing for the buzzworthy.


Is Drunk Allison subconsciously guilty that she has to use the Scarlet POV?


Nailed it!


Out of everything she said during her rampage, that’s what I boiled it down to. She needs a bit of confidence in herself….im sure PRODUCTION will help her out with that before the POV ceremony.


LOL Allison! You look a hot ass mess girl. All of these dramatics just makes you more disposable. Wipe those tears -you have a veto and know you’re safe this week.

She’s been wallowing in self-pity since Andrew left. She’s better ship up or ship out!


Just amazed at the comments from people imply Allison is so stupid she never mentions her Power of Veto and crying about going home. Hello, if she even mentions it she will be evicted immediately. Wake up folks, stop being so uninformed of the rules.


It is possible that she totally forgot she had a veto. I don’t think she’s faking it. It’s the alcohol.

Terry Blayney

Holy Moley Ally…don’t know if I want to cry or laugh over all that. But she is cute when she is really really mad lol.


Next twistos twist. Allison has a penis!


You’re the one who calls her a “sheman,” right? What’s with that? Because she’s tall, she must be a dude?


Allison is a loser acting sooooo dumbbb heathers voice drunk omfg id need ear plugs Wats wrong with these drunken fools….Allison did it to herself she came & fell in love w a Prick that canada voted off & claims to be a superfan Karmas bitch! I dont even care who wins at this point they are alll out of order


All this verbal diarrhea is too much…..ruining people’s games.

Don’t drink and talk people…..


Are you kidding with the gums comment? Then you compare Neda to a pedophile that married his adopted daughter? Big Brother is a game dood. Fuckin relax on the bullshit comments. Neda isnt playing the best game ever…shes at least trying to play. You dont have to be nasty. If your gonna post a comment…at least have it relate to the game not looks or pathetic remarks about glasses or teeth? Your probably a 10 right? No? Welcome to reality…nobody is perfect. Who are you to judge? I bet you go to church eh.


it could be an act?


I just watched—-my mistake—–not an act!


holy mental health worker better quit drinking!


Again with the personal comments and attacks? Dont hear ya doin the same with dudes in the house and they have given u lots to attack….its a game not ” fling personal insults at the girls on the sbow” game!


I guess she’s scared that she’ll have to fight for HOH and the next veto alone and have no one backing her up unless she wins. But honestly, this secret veto is a second chance, she’s needs to stop acting like a nutcase!


Simon or Dawg, some loser is using the N word as their username. Just a heads up.


This is exactly what happens when bullying exists..breakdowns from even the sweetest souls.

My heart weeps for you darling


Did anyone notice how Allison kept saying she knew she was going out next week? She never said this week. I bet the HG’s didn’t catch that either, yet they keep saying she knows she is going up as a replacement. Allison knows that she is using the veto and is safe UNTIL next week. Stupid HG.


i think it’s all an act Allison knows what shes doing


Allison: “and all of you suck if you are being a first person individual in this health care professional situation, then that is fine.” probably my favourite big brother quote this season.


Lol, yeah that quote will go down with JFK and Martin Luther King.

Delilah Jones

So the super fan gets drunk, and becomes totally unglued the night before the pov ceremony. She has a total emotional, drunken meltdown, despite the fact that she is able to save herself from the block tomorrow. Wow….. just, wow. I totally get that she was extremely drunk, but …

This is only my opinion, but I feel that production should have called her into the DR about an hour before they actually got around to doing so.

another name

dear “helf-care peshionul”,
I know you’ve felt isolated since entering the house. I know that the second you entered your gameplan was shot when you saw the girls disappear leaving you with the boys.
i’m aware you grabbed on to one of the guys hoping to get in with some kind of alliance. I know you never rose past bottom of the heap in that group.
I know you feel guilty for jumping ship to save yourself, and you feel bad for holding on to your power and not saving someone else with it.
and yes, I know you feel bottom of the heap yet again, and you know you are going to be put up to go home.
in your mind you are thinking great, you’ll save yourself this week, but you’re still gone next week. you know that you don’t have anyone else left on your side, and you will have to go it alone.
all of this is a given.
but please, don’t become a failed dos equis commercial: I don’t always drink, but when I do I become a stark raving ranting forgetful sloppy houseguest.
no one else is going to empower you, empower yourself and drop the self pity and maybe drop the bottle. now go sleep it off before one of Sabrina’s orderlies gets confused and slaps the straightjacket on you. sheesh.


Can Allison use the VETO on Arlie and still stay safe if Jon puts him up?

That could really open this game up…


Simon of Dawg- Can you add a poll option of ‘I hate them all’. I used to be easy to select my favorite HG. Now, not so much.


What’s wrong with Allisons mouth and teeth in her drunken rants? She’s a healthcare professional? She’s an embarrassment!


Yeah, comment about features that are purely genetic. Jeeze. How classy…