Sabrina thinks Arlie took a bite of a burger and says he should get a penalty vote against him.

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather


12:15pm Sabrina thinks Arlie took a bite out of the burger she made for Rachelle to eat when she’s off slop. Sabrina goes around the house and everyone denies it was them. Sabrina says it had to have been Arlie. She says he should get a penalty vote against him for eating while on slop. Rachelle says I can’t believe he hate a burger! I’m pissed. Neda says he is doing whatever he can to be remembered! Neda says that Arlie is just copying other players from past seasons..

In the bathroom – Adel hugs Allison and kisses her on her forehead. He tells her thank you so much. Allison asks for what? Adel says I just don’t want to go home. Allison asks so I shouldn’t be sketched out that you’ve been chilling with Arlie. Like he isn’t feeding you some plan that’s scary. Adel tells Allison that Arlie was telling him not to pack his bag. Adel asks so you guys aren’t feeding me some reverse psychology or something.

Meanwhile in the havenot room – Neda, Rachelle and Heather go to lay down to sleep. Neda gets freaked out that the backyard still isn’t locked down. She asks why isn’t anyone talking about that?! Neda leaves to find Jon in the storage room. She asks him why the backyard isn’t locked down yet? What could be happening? Is Canada HOH again? What possible scenarios could it be? Jon says there’s tons of time before the HOH.. they have lots of time to set up. It could be at 12am tonight if they wanted.
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4pm The live feeds are still blocked

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125 thoughts on “Sabrina thinks Arlie took a bite of a burger and says he should get a penalty vote against him.

  1. It sucks that there won’t be an endurance competition after everything that happened this week. I would love to see Arlie stay just to freak put Neda and Jon and quite frankly because Adel is useless and I’m over him… For now lol
    I am so excited for tonight’s eviction episode!
    Hope Sabrina wins the meeting with Jemmet, that would be hilarious.
    I HATED the way they edited the show last night! Why not show that Allison was a target? Maybe they want the viewers of the show to see her as a villain type character now cuz we are all over her.

      1. It usually takes longer than a couple of hours to set up an endurance, and the backyard was still open, so that’s unusual. Could it be that the winner of the strategy session is also HOH?

        1. it’s now official on the BB website that the next HOH gets the secret session
          honestly, i was hoping this twist wouldn’t get unlocked… it’s not promising to be all that interesting

          1. How the meter kept advancing when so many were complaning about not getting their points is questionable. Personally I refrained from playing the game outside of watching the feeds…but I was one of those that did not receive points for that.

          1. It’s another twist that viewers unlocked on the BBCAN site where the house guest that wins Head of Household tonight will receive a “strategy session” with last seasons bbcan1 winner Jillian and 3 place runner up/boyfriend Emmett. The strategy session will happen sometime between Friday and Sunday.. most likely on Friday or Saturday before the nominations.

    1. I want Sabs to win the planning session, too. Jemmett is so deserving of some special Sabrina time! They wouldn’t get a word in edgewise. Sabs would use it as a private session to air all her grievances plus promote her ‘awesomeness’. Also, she would see it as a vote of love from Canada and it would be hilarious to see her preening for her “fans”.

      1. give it to rachelle, so that jemmet can get confused about whether to speak to rachelle or her war room bobble head. I still believe rachelle’s going to have to enter a facility to be deprogrammed of her Sabrina induced Stockholm syndrome.
        yeah, that wasn’t nice, but name a strategy she has followed that wasn’t fed to her by Sabrina.

    2. I think the main reason that they didn’t show Allison being the target on yesterday’s episode was due to the time restraints. It would simply be too hard to show allll the back and forth between the paranoid and indecisive houseguests. It would confuse people that don’t watch the feeds.

    3. Regarding not showing Allison’s nominations I bet it was just time restraints more than anything else.
      If I was someone who edits the show, I would definitely want to show them wanting to take out Allison, mostly to prove the idea that Allison is at the bottom of the Sloppy Second’s totem pole. But there was so much to work with for 44 minutes of footage, that they had to chip off that Allison time.

    4. That really was an odd edit. From what I saw on the feeds I was expecting so much more. I know they can only fit just so much into an hour, but still……

      1. I think Emmett would be confused about who he is talking to if it was Rachelle. She is an exact clone of Jillian, physically, without any personality. A Jill-bot.

  2. If Allison wins the strategy session twist with Emmett and Jillian I am going to be so pissed! Talk about being handed everything in the game..

    1. That strategy session is a useless twist. Em and Jill won half the HoH comps throughout their season. The only advice they can give is win and lie.

      1. The only person who could use it is Adel as he has no understanding of the game….you have to lie and cheat to win! He is really nice and seems like the only person is enjoying his time there. Great individual!

      1. She is winning at these polls because everyone wants Em/Jill to Smack Her Up Side The Head for such lousy game play!

  3. Very surprised as well that they left out the Allison meltdown. I was really looking forward to seeing that. There were many other moments they could have left out of last nights show to put that in. Her drunken meltdown was actually a pivotal part of the shift in the house. Bad move BB.

    An endurance comp is very needed right now. Let them fight it out and let the best person win. Endurance is a matter of who wants it more, not who knows how many trees are on the second floor and is way more exciting to watch.

    Bye Arlie. It’s been a weird ride watching you.

    1. agreed, that meltdown of hers was what got to neda and heather to change their target… considering how much effort BB production puts into making drama (like giving them booze at the right times) ….you’d think they would do a better job at showing it.

      this is probably what separates us live-feeders from those who just watch the aired shows, we know these HGs better = more frustration

      I was excited when the live eviction sign didn’t appear this morning, that would’ve been an excellent twist but oh well, it is what it is
      For me, this is somehow the most anticipated episode all season (even the double eviction didn’t make me this anxious)

  4. Yes, the edits can be brutal. I have to explain to my girls who don’t follow the spoilers of what is really going on in the house. I thought they voted all wrong for Canada’s HOH and it was because they just watch the weekly show. grrrrrrr. I also understand they have something like 42 minutes to get into every episode. Maybe they should change the show to 2 hours on Wednesday????

    1. 2 Hours is kind of intimidating and somewhat defeats the purpose of the weekly show. Not to mention, all the fluff that the editors have to grab with that extra 44 minutes, when they get to the Final 5 or 4.

  5. im not totally excited for arlie to leave, but i do want him to go as neda would be more safe and I simply do not want sabrina having any power.

    it made me uncomfortable how mad adel got about failing marsha’s moose task and then how mad allison was when adel used his veto power. they are both poor sports. then allison used her veto on sabrina when she didn’t need to!! allison will hate when she gets out of there with a clear head and realises that sabrina talked shit about her since her first day in the house, voted her out last week and was 100% down with backdooring allison THIS week.

  6. The edit on Wednesday’s episode was simply sickening.
    Given all the effort that goes into having 15 people locked up in a house with ca 100 cameras (?) recording them 24/7, the manpower required to handle those different cameras, the production crew that comes up with all the stuff to keep it interesting / bias the game, I really think BB NEEDS A RETHINKING OF ITS FORMAT.
    I mean, 3x 40 minutes/week, where so much of the time is wasted on repeats, recaps, repeats of the recaps and recaps of the repeats, the tidbits that they show of what happens in the house are insignificant.
    It seems surreal, when watching the “show” (on slice), that they actually “invest” in all that stuff, since those shows are really “minimum service”, with not even a hint of feeling responsible for showing most of what’s been going on.

    Those who only watch the show think that Allison is 100% included in the Sloppy Seconds, and that they NEVER thought of backdooring her. Funny how BB thought it was OK to show Rachelle puking for having drunk too much, when it was Allison’s drinking that was a GAME CHANGER. She would have been backdoored had she not gotten drunk beyond recognition. Allison did puke too, and her “behavior?” was way more entertaining to watch than Rachelle’s. This whole random transformation of the truth for no production/rating value is just disgusting.

    1. THANK YOU. For this rant.
      Everything what I am thinking/feeling and I don’t have to type it all out!

      What a bunk edit last night. SUPER disappointing. Going to the live show tonight, considering asking that question to the producers during Q&A, may not get a proper answer but still going to try and sneak it in there. Really needing less filler and bullshit tasks on the show and more game talk – which there certainly was a lot of this week!! Hating how each year they are seeming to be the production favs who get a free pass through the game and a wicked edit. Hope they nix that for next season because it makes the aired shows completely useless and boring. Producers need to take a page from the US edits, where almost everything goes in, and not a lot differs from the feeds.

      1. good points and I do think the US version does a better job at showing game play because it seems Canada is a little bit more obsessed about goofy nonsense and advertising purposes (the top chef challenge was pointless and it’s going to take up a ridiculous amount of airtime….)

        however, having said that…. the BB US production still has huge biases for their favs in the show…
        remember amanda? her edits were more than generous from her actual nasty personality from the feeds

      2. Thanks for approving… but I can tell you from experience that BBUS has had its share of major deviance between the show and the feeds.
        From recent memory:
        BB14: Frank was portrayed as the “crowd’s favorite superhero fighting the odds”, and they conveniently left out almost all of his numerous bullying (I hate the over-useage of this word, but here it really applied) and just jerk behavior.
        BB15: they deflected all the nasty inappropriate behavior on Aaryn (and, to a lesser extent, GM and Kaetlyn), while Amanda’s was brushed under the carpet. Even beyond that, they used Amanda as “the voice of reason and empathy”, showing how she’d be the wise, nice lady who’d talk to Aaryn about how “her behavior could be seen as racist”…

        It seems like the easy road, once “they” (production) have decided on who’s “the good guy” and who’s the villain, they want them to stick to those roles. Showing the audience that the guy they’ve all been rooting for all this time is just another jerk in the end, apparently brings the risk of hurting the ratings… While I might understand the basic thought behind this concept, I don’t agree with bending the truth to “make it reality”. By doing so, BB decided it’s ok to alienate those of us who know what’s really going on through watching the feeds. What they’re doing with those manipulative edits is simply LYING.

        1. I always heard about Frank being a massive D, but every time I watched the feeds I never noticed it. I believe it’s true, but I just never caught him in the act.

          What was Frank saying or doing that made him such a bully?

      3. There are soooo many things going on. They have a frat party thing, they have a special meal thing, they have this couples date night thing, now they will have the Jemmett thing, the Talla thing, and they had the Chefs canada thing. There are a lot of things that entertain these houseguests, that is really not normal at all in BB, usually they are bored out of their skulls with so little going on.

        these things take airtime in the show, so stuff like considering allison to be back doored (in retrospect this would have been the best move, she would have used her red veto to take herself off the block, and Sabrina would have still been up there, without the votes to even hint that adel would be going home, they would only have had R and Allison to vote for S to stay, Neda, and heather to vote for her to go, with Arlie unlikely to get rid of Adel, considering Adel is no threat to anyone, and taking out S reduces those numbers. He was unlikely to flip again, so was pretty solid with Jon and Neda anyway, so i can’t see him not voting out Sabrina. it was still too early for that kind of thing, and he could then link with R and A after that, as their numbers reduced, to get them into putting up Jon for him.

      1. can anyone hear what allison is whispering near the end of the video as she’s putting on her makeup?
        I can only hear “sorry adel” which makes me think she’s gonna vote adel out….

        1. she was whispering the names of each of the houseguests. she said the first and last name of neda, then heather then adel. guessing it’s a memory device for whatever hoh comp will be coming up.

          1. why would she think knowing the last names of them is going to be at all helpful?

            I can’t imagine any other superfan being this annoying and stupid about how to play the game than Allison.

  7. sabrina is the most annoying houseguest i have ever seen on all the seasons of big brother. i want her to be nominated this week. i want to see her cry and suffer.

  8. Sabrina is absolutely hilarious to watch. Last night during their late night couch confessional where they basically raged on Kenny and Sarah it was funny to see how Sabrina would throw out to Neda and Jon things people told her they said and when they would come back with a “Yeah they told me you called me a liar” or “Yeah they told me you hated me” she would go absolutely ballistic, frantically trying to explain what really happened and jumping around flailing her hands at the injustice of it all.

    Her actions are irrationally defensive. Her actions are those of a guilty person. She was trying WAY too hard to show her innocence. Everyone else was calm but her. She is quite unstable actually.

    1. I read on the other site that she is telling them that Sarah was the one saying to the camera to Janelle (Jon’s girlfriend) that Nedagave him the yeast infection, (i can’t remember the exact wording of what was said, but I DO know that it was Sabrina who said it).

  9. Maybe tonight is a non eviction night like Amazing Race, then whoever wins Emmet/Jillian prize is new HOH. Arlie was the only one studying those pictures that I could see, he has a good chance. Next two evictions would be doubles. They would all poop. LOL

  10. It rubs me the wrong way how bitter Arlie is about Jon putting him up, saying how he will never vote for him this was the worst move ever etc. He got gotten as a “super fan” knowing big brother so well and that it is just a game and always claming how if he gets far enough they might not be able to stop him shouldn’t he resepect the move and not be so bitter about it?

    1. Yep i was thinking about that too. I use to like Arlie but now he freaks me out! ARLIE = BITTER JURY MEMBER because when it gets right down to it, he was blindsided ultimately by a woman who has far more influence over Jon. He hates that Neda outsmarted him as a superfan and I think that he wants to punish Jon for it to revenge on Neda. He’s now filled Adel’s head with hatred and fear of Jon because he wants to make sure he gets credit for Jeda’s demise. The past 3 days of feeds have highlighted Arlie’s freaky hatefulness and he’s way too creepy for me. Cya – wouldn’t wanna be ya!

      1. completely agree with what you said. He is just full of himself. He is a self proclaimed genius at the game, and everyone fell for it- including viewers. I just don’t understand what is sooo great about him.

    2. Arlie believes that Jon killed Arlies, Adel’s and Jon’s game with this move being made to early. His assertion that he would not vote for Jon is more based on the lack of logic of the move and that Jon played someone elses game (Neda).
      Should Jon make it to the end (doubted by Arlie) Arlie would vote for Jon…but it will depend on whether Arlie perceives that Jon is making his own moves and smart moves and who Jon is sitting beside.

  11. for some reason i’m still not ready to apologize for making a false prediction… I can’t shake the feeling that last minute adel will be evicted.
    while it would hold true to the production induced destruction of the first five (yup, say what you want, arlie was a member), it would be the first break from the correlated paradigm of last season to this season. if production breaks the mold, i’d actually applaud the change in formula. but i’m not sold.
    after all, seeing Sabrina vote to keep adel is completely against her nature. they have been set up as arch enemies on a personal / game level.
    Allison giving up numbers and becoming bottom of the alliance again? that also makes no sense.
    but hey, I guess it depends on how they are… encouraged by the comments in dr.
    hey, with the editing of the last episode jumping back and forth in time, and deleting conspiracies completely…. they could keep both for episodes indefinitely. lol. just patch in unused conversations and reaction shots of the evicted guest as if they are still there.
    still, if prediction’s wrong… i’ll apologize.

    1. I predicted the same thing “another name says” Arlie is just acting!! Alison said she wanted everyone to be surprised at who went home tonight (another suggestion by production, maybe) I still say Adel is going home

    2. hamster watch says arlie went home, neda won HOH. I am not sure what was in that trunk in the living room and why he was looking it over and everyone else was ignoring it. Then it was gone.

      Neda is good at the memory challenges for sure.

  12. When I make comments saying this years cast ROCKS compared to last years, and that Peter should be replaced next year by a someone this year, its not just a generic shot at last years cast. Its THE TRUTH!

    Here are is my brief summary on some of the cast from this year compared to last:

    KYLE: intriguing persona, in that he gives off a douchebag first impression to most, but a heart of gold
    ADEL: lovable guy with a real heart, and high energy
    JON: just a guy Canada can relate too hanging out drinking a few brews. Tons of nicknames, catch phases and always says funny stuff.
    ARLIE: wild man, entertainer, strategist and die hard fan
    PAUL: a wacky and insane dude. Mustard water prank was awesome!
    SABRINA: biggest villain ever

    EMMETT: a good looking and nice guy, but boring
    TOM: a wannabe bad boy, but really bland
    ALEC: a copycat and wannabe who tried too hard to show off, and came off as a jackass in doing so.
    PETER: a guy who tried to take entertainment ideas from pro wrestling, and incorporate them in BB to entertain fans, but did so in a lame way. Another wanna be master strategist who isn’t as knowlegable as he thinks, despite having the dorky looks and sex life of a basement dwelling nerd who spends all day learning, strategizing and analyzing.

  13. Allison acted like spoiled brat when Adel bumped her from veto comp. He thought it might be luxury comp so why wouldn’t he use his “special” power? She acts like an entitled bitch and freely admitted she used her much more potent secret power just cause she could. Can’t stand her! Off topic a little, but that house is getting huge as numbers dwindle. It’s going to be weird when there are only three left rambling thru that thing

    1. the actual reason Allison got upset was not out of entitlement. she had been feeling insecure that even though she was a sloppy second, they all considered her an expendable target. in other words, she asked them if she was a trusted team member and every one of them said yes.
      adel removing her showed her that she was bottom of the totem pole. he could have removed Sabrina, or rachelle, or neda or even jon. removing Allison was a declaration.
      given that she was the target, despite the televised edit, up until a few hours before nomination, and she knew it, her behavior makes complete sense.

      1. yeah… adel really shouldn’t have pulled that veto card on her

        even though allison has reason to be upset that she was a potential target, she has no reason to be upset at them for putting her at the bottom of the totem pole because she never did anything to gain a higher position on it otherwise.

        seriously? what has she done that was BB worthy prior to this week?
        even when she was getting the secret veto she took forever to do so AND was given all those bonus hints that weren’t shown in the actual episode

        1. not responding as an Allison fan (because frankly, i’m not a ‘fan’ of any of the individuals on the show) but i’m responding as devil’s advocate.
          the outsider/handj/sloppyseconds formed about three weeks before Allison. Allison was a member for five to eight days. their intent was to get her for numbers. not to include her.
          there was nothing she would have been able to do in that period to show allegiance and worth, except vote with them to evict Kenny. which she did.
          do i think she’s been a master gamesmith? no.
          do i think breaking up a majority alliance before you decimate your enemy is smart? no.
          that can be said of adel for using the card stupidly. that can be said of the eliminate arlie plot. that can be said of the keep adel plot.
          all are extremely foolish moves for the supposed masterminds.

          1. I think we’re pretty much on the same page, I agree with you that this week has been full of bad decisions but if we’ve learned anything this week it’s that a few days is more than enough to make sh*t happen

            and so I’m not replying as an allison hater i swear! (just disappointed because she was a proclaimed superfan and promised to go in with game…. which she didn’t) but if allison really wanted to show worth to the sloppies, she could’ve worked harder to convince them (sabrina’s only saving grace is that amidst all her stupid rambling, she somehow convinces the HGs that she’s ally worthy)

            it’s true that she was the last to join sloppies and they really did it to have the numbers but had she focused more on building relationships with the people of sloppies before they formed… this wouldn’t have been such an issue. She chose to spend most of her time kissing andrew rather than covering all her bases with the other HGs, this is just a result of all those weeks she wasted

          2. oh! and since the plan is now shifted back to getting arlie out… if she votes this way then it just throws all HER “bottom of the totem pole” nonsense into the garbage and she will really have no reason to explain doing what she did.

            However, if she pulls off saving arlie with the gremlins then I will give her some praise for turning the house upside down. If not, I hope she gets drunk again, spills the beans on the war room and gets instantly evicted.

            Again, not hating…. but she’s just very painful to watch (almost to the same level of sabrina…….)

            1. I find Allison more painful to watch than Sabrina. Sabrina has at least a bit of game in her. Allison has none. And the most annoying part is that she believes she does…if her DR’s are any indication at all of how she see’s her game.

      2. According to the rules of his veto card – as he claimed it, he could not remove nominees (Rachelle or Sabrina). He could have only removed Neda, Arlie or Jon. But I do think he had no need to use it, just goes to show how bad of a player Adel is.

        1. Adel could not remove nominees or HOH. He could only remove/replace HG’s picked to play from the black bag. The probable intention of the veto card was to thwart a perceived backdoor of the veto card holder. Gives the holder a chance to play in the veto comp.

      3. apparently he could not remove the nominees at all, so not S or R. And it is unlikely he would remove Jon or Neda, due to their closer alliance. Allison was such a poor spoiled brat sport about it, she should have passed it off as Ok, damn you Adel, you sneaky basterd, and left it like that. The ONLY reason she ended up on the back door list was because she was such a snotty b*tch about the whole thing. Even she could see that Adel is not malicious like that, and he wanted to use the veto, and he was right that it was a luxury veto comp, so even more reason to want to play. plus his name wasn’t pulled and other vetos it has been, how many chances is he supposed to pass up before using it?

    1. It’s a bit vague, whoever is chosen (we’re not sure how yet) get’s a “Strategy session” with Jillian and Emmett.

      1. i’m mystified as to what jillian and emmett could say:

        Emmett: win comps. cheat if you have to. find a girl, and use her to do all of your dirty work so you can look good. whine when you get caught cheating at comps.
        jillian: win comps. find a boy and do everything he says. lie to everybody whether you need to or not. hope someone on the jury screws up.

        is there anything else they could add?

          1. Maybe Emmett/Jillian will tell and give hint on some of the secrets of other Hg’s in the house which will be awesome and an advantage on HOH ‘s PART.

        1. The most bewildering thing about this strategy session is that Jillian could not figure out/understand the session she had with Dan Gheesling. Now that Neda has won this session, and she already has Dan’s book, there doesn’t seem much that this team can add to her strategy. Or wait…they could repeat Dan’s advise and get her to boot out both her F2’s, Jon and Heather.

  14. More comparison from this year and last:

    IKA: a true character, entertainer and good looking lady. Who wouldn’t want to see and hear more from her!
    ANDREW: plays a good villain, but you probably wouldn’t hear much of his commentary through the booing

    AJ and ANEAL: absolutely forgettable.
    ANDREW: a very regular and average guy. I don’t dislike him, but just very plain.
    LIZA: tried to play the role of vixen, but not hot enough to watch on tv on a regular basis

  15. if taking arlie out was a good game move arlie would respect it, but its NOT. with arlie gone jon becomes the biggest target in the house. nobody but neda will wanna take him to final 4.

    1. Jon hasn’t really done anything super sensational, imo. Neda has, but not Jon so much. There is little different with Arlie or without, other than now Jon doesn’t have to compete with Arlie as a physical threat to put him into a bad spot. If Arlie was that close to winning that Veto, it says a lot about how close those two would be in every other competition. Jon has eliminated the competition. At this time in the game, everyone is gunning for everyone else, there isn’t enough players in the game for Jon to escape that with or without Arlie. And having won things, unlike Arlie, Jon would still be number one, not number two behind Arlie. –

  16. The Jillian/Emmett twist could be an eye opener for the winner if they are allowed to talk about conversations and alliances that the winner had no knowledge of.

  17. Arlie is really going home. Sabrina would not be campaigning for a penalty vote for Arlie if she didn’t plan on voting him out. If not that would make a tie and Jon would send him home, so she must definitely be wanting ARlie to go home and it’s not a fake-out.

    1. please take this comment as a tongue in cheek response and not a personal attack in any way shape or form. that is not my intent:
      the thought that someone is basing what is going on in the game according to what comes out of Sabrina’s mouth; that is so ironic. best laugh I’ve had today.
      again, not saying right or wrong, not being insulting to your opinion… but really, that was sorta funny.

  18. Once a Jury member, they must leave their personal ego hurts at the door and focus on who is the best player and why. If Jon goes to the end, he should win. I would not like to see Sabrina or Allison at the end with Jon and out of spite one of the girls winning over Jon. Sarah actually would have been a fair jury member, she surprisingly stuck up for Ika (money/letters) and defended her against the other HG’s. Anyway, if Jon can get through one more week, he will go to the end.

    1. No ! Sarah said straight up that’s the beauty of Jury you can make your vote emotional.
      This Jury system stinks.
      They should be required to logically defend their decision or lose their entire stipend.
      Being lied to, completely fooled and booted out by someone is NOT a good enough reason to deny them a win.

      1. This game is not just about winning competitions, it’s about forming emotional bonds and making alliances. That is why it’s okay to have people in the jury vote based on emotions: it shows that the person in the final two (most likely) won competitions all while maintaining good relationships and alliances. (If it were just about winning competitions then the game could be played in a matter of a couple weeks, just play games and see who wins the most)

      2. but that’s what makes this game so interesting…

        Of course, those who make final 2 aren’t necessarily the best players but how they get those votes is really tricky because everyone is bitter at both final 2s for making it. How do you make people who fought for the same prize as you (and who you may have backstabbed) vote to let you win? If you lose a jury vote, it’s got to do with either your personality and game play which is exactly the point of this game.

      3. i’ve never found that the jury members end up voting based on their personal bias or vendettas. In fact that tends to be the frustraiting thing about it, the ones who backstab everyone, cut off their friends, betray people, in order to win stuff, end up being voted as best player. Last year imo it came closest to being a popularity contest with Topaz, she was voting for a friend, not the best player (Gary, come on, nice but not best). Jillian deserved to win, the fact that I didn’t want her to win and felt Gary was robbed of Topaz’;s vote notwithstanding, she still played a better game in the end, including evicting Emmet, who would clearly have won over her, as they were fairly equal and people would feel that emmet actually worked to form personal relationships, and masterminded jillians’ HOHs etc.

        1. i don’t disagree with your assessment of a jillian vs. Emmett final jury vote….. but jillian didn’t evict Emmett. gary won the final head of household and evicted Emmett.

  19. Production will do something for Alison to win today’s HOH. I’m sure!!! Its fixed for Alison to win :/

  20. Just sad to see Allison align herself with Jon and Neda and not go with Arlie. Neda and Jon were laughing about how good they are and Neda said she is going to backdoor Allison next week and get her out of the house once and for all.

    Wake up Allison, Arlie is your best bet..

  21. NEDA SAYS—-arlies game a rip off from other people???? NOT TRUE!!!—-please I would love for arlie to go to the war room to have a chance to get back in the game!!!

    1. anyone that plays big brother is copying the game of someone else.
      if you plan a backdoor you are copying nakomis and the six fingered claw.
      if you float, you are copying jun.
      really, everyone’s game is a copy of someone else’s game.

        1. lol. i’d love to take that compliment, but I’ve only watched a few different seasons. when time has permitted. i would either get too involved, or couldn’t get involved at all. i couldn’t tell you what happened on the last three seasons of bbus, other than news forecasts about over the top behavior. so sadly, i don’t deserve the rank of superfan. thanks though. :)

    2. I had a similar feeling regarding Allison and her game. I was holding out and giving her the benefit of the doubt hoping she would align with Arlie. Oh well. Anyway, it would be interesting if an evicted player (i.e. Arlie) was banished to the war room for an opportunity to get back into the game. However, for some reason I think the war room will be used for the upcoming secret strategy session with Jillian and Emmett.

  22. I regret voting her in 4 sure! I keep thinking ok–she knows what she is doing–all part of her plan etc..(since she got in!!!)
    I am Sooooooooo wrong! And that drunken thing —geezus! If she hadn’t had BLACKOUT from booze—she would know Arlie could of been the best thing for her! So regretting having faith in her!

  23. I don’t like Neda, but she is showing herself to be the best player in there by far. Sure, I hope she falls down the stairs and lands on Adel’s head, but if she makes it to the end she will be a deserving champion.

  24. Do you guys think Arlie is being sent to the secret War room????

    I feel like its just too good to be true, that he is actually leaving for good tonight……

  25. Given this week will be Jon’s most vulnerable time in the house we all will learn a ton about Neda tonight. I have a feeling she will surprise everyone and WIN HOH and then put up the Gremlins & somehow explain to them she is doing it to hide her true target and not to worry.

    Bottom line if Neda wins HOH today (& like I said my money is on her coming through) then she literally leaps ahead of everyone as the one to beat based on:

    1) playing the first third of the game by being seen as someone who isn’t really playing/floating but also someone who could keep a secret

    2) winning the pivotal Double Eviction HOH (regardless of Arlie throwing it she got to the final round but wanted Arlie to win expecting an endurance HOH)

    3) got Kenny out in her first HOH

    4) convinced Jon to take out Arlie (personally I think a lot of that had to do with her recognizing Arlie purposely lost HOH b/c they both knew the answer so she knew she couldn’t trust him & therefore needed him gone as soon as possible.

    5) pulled the right strings to make sure Arlie left (assuming he does) by pulling in Allison for a final 4 with her, John and Heather while also making the Gremlins feel safe

    6) last night when there was a fear the Gremlins/Allison could still switch back to keeping Arlie she used the opportunity to discuss Sara/Kenny/Arlies lies about Sabrina to make her feel safe AND to play to Sab’s enormous ego (read: narcissist) knowing by sharing all the details Arlie told & giving Sabs an opportunity to try to look honest and “so loyal and nice” would be something Sab would jump at & would turn her against Arlie.

    7) If she wins tonight she shows her entire alliance she is a loyal alliance member & someone they can trust (especially Jon who needs to be protected this week)

    Arlie was right to fear Neda and call her his nemesis, she out played and out witted him which is why he has been trying to sabotage her game prior to leaving. Somehow she spun that situation perfectly (knowing Sabrina would jump all over any story regarding her not being a liar

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