Big Brother Canada Eviction and HOH Spoilers Arlie Vs. Adel


Tonight Arlie and Adel are on the Big Brother Canada chopping block. Arlie tried very hard to stay in the game and almost was able to pull it off with the gremlins and Allison. Unfortunately those looking for a HUGE turn of events will most likely be disappointed. It’s highly doubtful that Arlie will stay. As for the power blocks left in the house you have a real mesh of fake/real alliances. EVERYONE is in an alliance with everyone else Most are fake.

“Real” Alliances
Sabrina/Racehlle + Allison
Heather/Neda + Jon
Heather/Neda + Jon + Adel
Sabrina/Racehlle Aka Gremlins
“Fake” Alliances
Heather/Neda + Jon + Allison
Neda/Jon + Sabrina/Racehlle

The game has now come down to having to win competitions to survive especially if your name is JON.

My predication

Arlie goes home
Racehlle wins HOH

Twitter Rumors

Arlie is evcited Neda wins HOH (from @hamsterwatch)

Confirmed results

New Twisto Twist (Cause we haven’t had enough)

Canada was the 7th and final jury vote.
Live feeds will be down TOmorrow morning maybe all weekend 🙁

Neda votes to evict Arlie
Allison votes to evict Arlie
Rachelle votes to evict Arlie
Sabrina votes to evict Arlie
Heather votes to evict Arlie
Arlie is evicted

HOh Winner is Neda



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Who will Neda put up I wonder?
-I hope she puts up Sabrina and Rachelle, hopefully Neda wins the veto and takes Rachelle off and put up Allison and Allison is sent packing.
-Or will she put up Adel and Allison, just to keep the Gremlins happy for now and gather votes to evict Allison.

I’m just speculating but either Sabrina or Allison need to leave in my opinion. Jon is so lucky this week.


I will be surprised if she puts up Rachelle. She saved Rachelle as she wants to play both sides. I have a feeling she may put up Allison or Sabrina to make both alliances happy!

adel is smart though

I agree that put up germline. Rachel has to go to break up the germline, otherwise they are getting too strong when down to the numbers. Sab is liar but it is easy to know what she will do as she is selfpride. but Rachel doesn’t talk so it is hard to forcast who she relly will go with.


Rachelle would be lost on her own though and Sab is a danger to everyone’s game. I’d take her out first. I’d have taken her out earlier.


I really want Allison gone because she honestly doesn’t add anything to the show for me. BB had to sort of push her to do something and she only made a move with the Scarlet POV.

However, I am hoping Neda finishes the Final Five once and for all and backdoors Sabrina this week.

She should put up Allison and Rachelle, telling each of them they are pawns and not to tell anyone (to secure her fake alliances), take off Allison with POV, and backdoor Sabrina. If they put her up instantly she will have way too much time to plot and can sway votes, etc.

If Sabrina wins POV, then send Rachelle home (she will take out Neda or Jon in an instant).


No POV in an instant eviction.


Neda reads lips.


Sorry. that was a comment not a reply.

Neda backdoored kenny,called for the hit on arlie

neda got rid of kennys condiments and personally knocked him out of the hoh then backdoored him

arlie was CRUSHED by Neda after she called for the hit on him

then she won hoh in very impressive fashion

one billion hundos


team heather, jon and neda

adel is smart though

I heard that Arlie has been evicted…….. Nada won HOH. wondering who she will put up ?


She will put up the gremlins and one will go home. I bet they’re wishing the kept Arlie right now.


They deserve to go home after not keeping arlie, I can almost see that Sabrina bawling her eyes out this week. Allison has been Neda’s target for a while now and after using the red veto, she only made herself more disposable to Neda.


i wouldn’t say im a fan of the gremlins, or allison, but yes they are all entertaining!! this is such a sweet jury!


Who will be the first to say, ‘we should have kept Arlie’!


As Neda won HOH she will be the one that gets the Emmett/Jillian “strategy session” = Win all the competitions (cheating only hurts you if you get caught) and lots of make out sessions will get you to the finale ..then bank on someone pulling a topaz (milkmancing 101)

Pinocchio Obama

LOL Dawg.




Neda told Jon that she would backdoor Allison if she won HOH so I expect that to happen. I was a big fan of Allison but now not going with Arlie and trusting Jon and Neda she deserves to get the boot out of the house. Such a let down…


Fear this week will just be a nail painting snooze fest


Foot scrubbing is the new activity.


Pulling out Sabrina’s ingrown hairs is the new activity.


Super stoked that Neda won HOH! Now let’s get down to business and get rid of your real opponents – Sabs and Allison. Ratchet will just follow whoever will talk to her.


Simon, Dawg… Is @hamsterwatch ever wrong when providing spoilers?


Arlie was an idiot, he exposed himself way too soon. Neda will backdoor Allison, I’m convinced of it- for one thing, no one likes Allison so no will care if she leaves so it won’t make any waves. Neither will Heather but I think Neda likes Heather more and trust her more, so it won’t put a target on her back by the Gremlins if she gets rid of Allison, so that is what she will do.


As much as I hate to admit it, I was actually voting for the Arlie/Gremlins/Allison alliance to work out. Arlie staying would have made things interesting!


Sabrina is far too fickle and borderline psycho to be relied upon to make a plan or deal and stick with it. The one thing she has proven is that she has never honoured the Jon/neda deal they claim to have, by pulling in Allison and telling her everything Jeda tells her about the plans.

another name

well since the hamsterwatch spoilers haven’t been wrong:



Anyone see some similarities between Jon + Neda and Emmet + Jillian, in terms of being power duos?

Neda = Emmett (the strategic half)
Jon = Jillian (comp threat)


goodbye allison. u fucked up.


Allison deserves to get shipped back to the rock in a box marked breakable. She has a mental breakdown from the possibility of a backdoor which triggers her to lay down a massive game play only to pull the punch and not follow thru. She gotsa go, don’t know why she is so high in the polls. I’m rootin’ for ya Jon, you got balls, but you better bring yer a-game buddy.


On a lighter note, wasn’t the Marsha the moose task with Adel a good one? I thought it was pretty funny, and Adel’s little fight with her was pretty cute. It’s on bitch! 🙂 Just love the tasks, very entertaining! Sad Arlie is gone. Maybe Neda will put up Jon, since he’s a threat like Arlie was. lol


I’m glad that you saw Adel’s fight as a joke. I think Adel tries HARD to be funny and awkward funny and he failed epically last night with that fight but the task was hilarious lol.


Marsha kicked his ass, which made it all the funnier!


So dumb that this group is now in power because of a twist. They owe everything to candada for flipping the game for them


Even after the twist, the kendrew side was high on numbers, they just couldn’t win anything…and their alliance keep dropping them..
So, yes, Andrew was all due to Canada but the rest is not, the other side won back to back to back and played with numbers…


Does anybody know exactly why Allison is obsessed with being friends/allies with Sabrina? If she would like up from her deep spell that Sabrina has then maybe she could do some real damage. At times I want to root for her as a fellow health care professional but I cant understand her. Also I would like to see a house without Sabrina and see how Rachelle is going to be. I would love to see a Heather/Neda final 2. I hope to God that Arlie and Allison wont be a bitter jury member.


When Allison comments on her observations of HG’s behaviour and states things like she sees it all the time I hope to god I know noone in her care. She is brutally cold hearted.

Nana Jo

I am convinced that Neda’s only true allegiance is to herself and she will stop at nothing to win. I wouldn’t be surprised if she attempts to engineer it so that the remaining two are herself and a gremlin, which would basically assure her the win. That would also ensure that only one gremlin is on the jury. If it ends up a Neda/Jon final 2, I think Jon would win. I really, really don’t want either of the gremlins or Allison to win. Other than that, I’m okay with any of them, but I have to admit that I’d be thrilled if Heather or Adel took home the big prize.

As for the Jemmett strategy session…. what a complete waste of time! Jillian won by default and their so-called strategy consisted of winning HoHs and a milkmance which was incredibly boring to watch!

New here

How do we know who won who got evicted….are the shows not live?.? Sorry newbie don’t hate


I like Sabrina. She is a good game player.


The joy that is BB! Not…………….not…………………… not!!!

The only one I didn’t want as HOH wins it. ROFL. I think the week would have been way better if a Gremlin had won. So here comes the early guesses.

Jon and Neda target Allison. Hardly a genius to figure that one out. She isn’t going to target Heather as I even think from Simon’s list above that’s a real F3 at least for Jon. Jon isn’t being kept by Neda til the end unless she’s forced to. That’s a key component to the next couple of weeks. Neda needs a plan!!

I truely believe she thinks she has this thing 1/2 won. All she needs is Jon gone. The question is when and how. The plan determines it IMHO. I think she will get someone else to do the dirty work. That obviously is the Gremlins. Does she convince Jon that Adel is unreliable and needs to go. Neda needs 2 targets and 2 people up tomorrow. That’s the tricky bit as she needs a gremlin pawn not named Allison IMO. If we say that Adel goes up with a pawn and Allison’s the backdoor target we have a scenario to work with. She puts up Sabby and Roro she effectively won’t be able to work with them next week so Jon boy gets safety that I don’t think Neda really wants. She has to keep the Gremlins happy and that means Sabby happy.

Neda has to find a way not to put up Sabby in particular. She’ll take it personally. If she is the real target fine put her up. Other wise she’ll be p*ssed! The Allison deal was just to sure up Arlies eviction. Miss moron actually bought that BS. God Allison is a terrible player DOH! Adel doesn’t care about anything he’ll just goof along wasting valuable house space as a useless idiot! He likely won’t be offended he’s going up courteousy of his own alliance. Man is a born idiot for sure. As for Roro if there is a talk before noms where Sabby and Neda discuss a Gremlin pawn she’ll serve up Roro before herself but only in a scenario where Allison is the backdoor target. I can’t wait to see what production has planned and how the golden edits are handed out this week. Better than a 50/50 chance they’ll forget the backdoor and just put up Adel and Allison. Jon better get real worried if that happens as Neda has her soldiers lined up to take him out. God she could do it this week coming. I’d laugh my azz off at that idiot if it happened.

I like Deli in any combo atm. I think unless Joneda are coming at the 3 Gremlins head 1st Neda will buffer the Gremlins. Likely saying Allison the target and Sabby or Ro the pawn with Deli. I don’t know if this sends Sabby into panic mode but I’m hoping. They dropped the ball not keeping Arlie big time. You only get so many chances to make good decisions. I think these 2 think there bullet proof at this point. Arlie said a BB truth earlier this week. You can never get to comfortable in this game! I’m not going to hope for to much as this could be a snoozer week. Just hoping we get a Neda and Sabby alone moment where Sabby tries to work her special brand of “Montreal(Laval) Mist” on Neda. If she can change Neda the vile douchebag’s mind on noms or target she is one impressive pig!

Team “no one” FTW!


Lol…as much as I wanted Arlie to stay and go after Jon/Neda…this is the only scenario that would have been the next best thing…not because I was rooting for Neda to win…but because I want Allison to feel the embarrassment of getting screwed by Neda this week. She was so sure Arlie would make her look like a fool…nope honey, trusting Jon/Neda did that. And her walking around the past two days acting all comfortable and cocky…I hope it bites her in the ass. Not to mention Sobs letting herself be completely manipulated…hours after telling Allison that they can’t trust or believe anything Jon says. I hope Neda puts them both up there.

I wonder if Arlie would have beaten Neda in this HOH comp…and I wonder how long it takes the three stooges to say, “We should have kept Arlie”..

The irony is that they thought Arlie would make them look bad…but saving him would have been the best way to redeem themselves…game-wise. Now all three will just look like twats that got played…

Ugh…I’m not looking forward to Neda’s HOHitis, though.


Why painful simon?


Lol I thought you were jonedas team..I like her she’s got balls 🙂


LOL…as much as I wish it was Arlie in the war room right now…it is Neda. I am sure she will be having her strategy session in there…but she also has her HOH robe, some food and beverages…maybe even her letter? I think it would hilarious if she has to stay in there for a few days. She has already complained about being bored…even though the monitors are on and she can see the house. It must be driving her NUTS that she can’t parade around flinging her power in their faces right now.

Still wish Arlie was in there with a chance to come back…but if Neda was stuck in there all week…that would be almost as good!


Sigh…borrowing another term from Dingo’s Hamsterwatch…Neda is going on my ignore list this week. I don’t think I can handle the ego that is about to take over the house. My only enjoyment will be watching the three stooges’ regret at their recent decisions…

Nana Jo

Sing it, sister! I completely agree with everything you said. Neda’s HoH will be a cringefest. Her head is growing bigger each day. Please God, let me be watching when realization finally dawns on Allison that she has screwed up big time. Also, I think Neda’s goodbye message to Arlie was unnecessarily harsh.


I hope emmer/Jillian will give hints about all Hg’s left in the house in Hoh winners advantage


i hate neda but these idiots deserve to go home because they got ridd of arlie .. if they had kept him they had the numbers . allison bye girl ,, but i would love to see rachell and sab face when neda doesnt nominate adel and heather even though neda said she would lol

I hate Alisson

If Neda wins hope she put Alison & Sabrina. Otherwise she will be fuc%ed again. If she put sabrina & rechelle, Alison wins veto take off one of the nominees. Ugh hope she makes the right decision!


Allison should be the one they all want to take to the final 2- because no one will vote for her, no one think she deserves to be there with all the breaks she has gotten, so she would be the perfect one to bring to the final 2. Neda is an idiot bringing Jon because I think he would win over her because it’s obvious she is a bitch.


YES!! did Neda actually win HOH?

another name

i would like an honest answer to this question:

commenters said repeatedly that part of the reason Kenny and Andrew were a$$holes was because their eviction messages to the houseguest were over the top rude and unnecessary.
after hearing neda’s salting the wounds eviction message to arlie, is she an a$$hole too?

just wondering if we hold everyone to the same standard.


Andrew and Kenny’s comments were always personal, Neda’s was game related, it was pretty cold I’ll give you that


I was one of the people who said Kendrew showed their true colours in their jerky goodbye messages and I have to say Neda was a jerk in her’s too.

another name

personal talk or game talk, contextually, i just figured if you kick someone, not when they are down, but when they are all the way out: that’s a sure sign of poor character.
the only reason i asked is that i don’t usually pay attention to the comments made for the evicted hg. i won’t remember neda’s by tomorrow. but i do remember reading over twenty comments online about part of the basis for hating Andrew and Kenny was their eviction commentary. had to ask to see if someone whose alliance has a higher likability would be given a pass.


i personally did not like andrew and kenny for their attitude in the house. they would get mad, call women b*tches and say offensive remarks at the drop of a hat. i don’t even remember their goodbye msgs, except for andrew looking mad as usual. neda has not said personal remarks. although her msg was cold, it was all game. arlie should respect her game and i bet he would have done the same had he got her out!


Yes, one of things I disliked the most about 1st 5 was their smugness…and this is what has turned me off about Neda in the past few weeks. I WAS rooting for her…but the more she became comfortable in the game, the more her unfavorable side came out…

(I actually got a glimpse of that side in her intro video on the first night and thought I would not like her at all…but then she seemed likable for most of the game…and I was surprised by that. Now she has turned out to be exactly how the first impression I had of her was…)


As a person who is staying under the radar in the house(not this week though), she needs to show her game to the jury.
I thought her message was very cold but on point. It was totally game related so i didn’t see as jerk at all. As a ”superfan”, i hope he wont be bitter.
This message by the way is to the dude who has been prancing around saying he is going to ”crush their souls”, and was ready to serve Jon’s head or whatever in a platter blah blah, I didn’t see anyone call him a jerk for that, just passionate…..


Neda will put up Adel And Sab and try and backdoor Ali preety predicable


Why is Neda in the War Room?


She is probably going to get her strategy session…but it would be so funny if she has to stay there all week. She is already bored and must be dying to hold high court with her minions…


Really????? Another week of watching Marylin in power. Her head is already big enough. BARF!


Is Neda in the war room because of the strategy session?

Please don’t tell me she isn’t getting her HOH room again…… lol


I wonder if the feeds are blocked because there might be an instant eviction or something over the weekend… That could be why she is in the war room right now…


I could see this cold shark use her HOH to slit Jon`s throat. That is how cutthroat she is.


Allison in post evic msg to Snarlie – “Lil ole me took down the mastermind”. WTF is she talking about? Neda took out the mastermind by planting it in Jons skull. Allison must have gotten a hold of some of Adels whacky backy.


I know…I laughed out loud when she said that. Umm…you weren’t even the swing vote anymore, Allison…and you were passed out drunk on the bathroom floor when that plan was hatched. You had absolutely nothing to do with its conception or follow through…


She’ s a legend builder alright.

another name

not sure if it’s been announced yet: double eviction week with first one being insant eviction. or so it says on slice website.
instant eviction usually means no pov…. so if neda tries backdoor, that would be a big mistake.


I feel so sad, there is no one left that I like :'( So disappointed in the season and the cast.


Very upsetting Arlie is gone, the show won’t be as interesting for me now. Gremlins will probably go up, bet they are wishing they kept him now! Arlie probably won’t vote for Jon in the jury so Jon also shot himself in the foot there. No idea who to root for now :/


Im thinking Neda is in the room to see emmet and Jillian.


If Allison was smart, she would realize where Neda is, and she would go to the Gremlins and try to set them up to talk bad about Neda so Neda can hear it. Jon just told her that Neda is probably watching everyone and Allison said she didn’t think she was far so surely she can put 2 and 2 together.


Allison knows there is no audio on the screens in the war room. But she does not know that Neda reads lips.


The live feeds being blocked all weekend?

Can someone place confirm!!!!


I’m officially no longer care who wins now


I think neda is in the war room until after her session with jemmet…then Saturday will be an instant eviction and another hoh comp…just what im gathering from the prediction slots on the BB website. So I think neda will nominate allison and sabs. Not sure how the house will vote I think allison might go. There’s definitely no pov so im excited for sunday 🙂


I miss Arlie!


Love Arisa! I think she’s a great fit as a BB host.