Rachelle eats a fuzzy peach House goes on slop, Heather “I want my root beer vodka”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 17-30-31-599

8:25pm Hammock Kenny, Momzi and Arlie

Sarah thinks “Its” going to be the next “prize thing” and it’s going to be big. Sarah is depressed says she’s an decision for not using her slop pass. Arlie says it’s a good idea it’ll pay of in the long run. Sarah just really needs a letter from home.

Kenny leaves to go eat slop.

Sarah says she “Loves’ Arlie.
Arlie says he ”Loves” her.

Arlie says he may have been able to talk the other side into not backdooring Kenny.
Arlie says there’s a chance Kenny will stay. Sarah knows but isn’t getting her hopes up. She says Kenny has told her he will hold nothing against her in this game so is emotionally clear.

Sarah – Jon told me thing that led me to believe JOn is catching on to you’re great position in the game”

Arelie says he’s not naive he knows they will eventually figure out what he’s doing he thinks two more weeks and his game will be exposed.

Arlie tells her the best thing for their game is for Kenny to win the Power of Veto.

Sarah – Are you going to take one of those two idiots until the end because they’ll give you the money”
Arlie- “you and jon that’s my plan”
Arlie completely believes that bringing a solid alliance to final three is better than bringing 2 idiots.

Sarah is worried come final 4 Jon will take one of them out and bring Neda.

Arlie has thought through all the angles he still thinks the best is to take a strong alliance to go.

Arlie would be very upset with the game if Adel and Neda made it to the final 3

Sarah says when they were told by Production to pack their bags and head downstairs Sabrina whispered to Rachelle saying she loves her and Rachelle will understand when she gets out of the house and watches the episodes. After nothing happened Rachelle started asking Sabrina what she met

Rachelle join them “Well if I wasn’t going on the block I sure are now”
Rachelle – ‘I’m being punished for eating a fuzzy peach”

Arlie – The punishment should be redone.. not Rachelle’s .. the.. it just has to be
Sarah – Then again it’s probably something we haven’t thought of.
Arlie – I don’t think so
Arlie says part of the punishment was making them believe there was a instant eviction

Arlie says when you opened your “Thing” and you had 700 items of jewelry
Sarah – “I would have said to her take any one of those items.
Arlie says he hates how production is so Strict about things but nothing ever is done. Sarah agrees says that is what is making her mad about last HOH challenge.
They talk about the HOH competition and Sarah doesn’t think it was fair. Before they were told to not hit the buzzers until after the question was asked but the players that didn’t last night won. Arlie explains that this game isn’t fair and it’s not meant to be, “I just accept that”
(This video is huge and is taking some time to upload)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 17-35-40-693

8:33pm Neda, Jon and Heather Bedroom

Neda is ranting about Sabrina.
Jon says if you are a have not why don’t you eat whatever the f*** you want and deal with the cold showers.
Jon – “Especially if you know you are going home”
Neda thinks the punishment will get worse.
Heather – “I’m going to be pissed if it’s instant eviction and I don’t get to celebrate with Vodka”
Heather – “I want my root beer vodka”

Rachelle got a penalty for eating during being a have nots. She gets cold showers for 48 hours.

8:40pm Heather and Neda


8:49pm Bathroom Heather and Rachelle

Rachelle was one of the reason the houseguests got a penalty she ate candy while on slop. Heather lost her HOH room.

Rachelle asks Heather if she’s OK and Apologizes.
Heather -”I understand that accidents are accidents.. I’m not happiest person right now. Rachelle just leave it.. you’ve been on slop before you know better.”
Rachelle – it was an accident.. I was stressed I had just heard that If I would go up I would go home.. I was so stressed out I was not thinking at all.. “
Heather – “I don’t know what you want me to say”
Rachelle- “I apologize”
Heather – Thank you for apologizing.. I feel bad that you feel bad but i’m not going to tell you it’s OK.. people are going to be on slop for POV and I can’t shower.. I have to host” .
Heather I know it’s an accident but I’m not going to be OH HONEY OH HONEY.. really I am upset”

9:20pm Arlie and Allison

9:25 Sarah and Jon

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 18-26-51-895

9:26pm HOH Jon heather and Neda

Heather says she is putting up Kenny and Allison. She will tell Allison she is a pawn and KEnny is the target.
Neda says the best thing is to make sure Allison is not upset about it they have to talk to her and make her feel safe. Their boot list is Kenny, Allison, Sabrina and Racehlle.

Heather says Sabrina and rachelle have been telling her to put Allison up against Kennt.

Heather adds Allison told her to put up Kenny and Jon.

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If Sabrina and Rachelle told Heather to put up Allison and Kenny, why would she do it? Clearly they are telling her this because they do not care if they lose Allison. They will try to keep Kenny. Her best bet is Sabrina and Kenny. Please Heather, don’t take advice from your enemies… Do not put Allison up with Sarah.

Rachelle, and Allison will vote for Sabrina. The only person who would vote for Kenny to stay is Sarah.


***Do not put Allison up with Kenny.


Allison has a better chance to win veto to keep Ken up


Yea if Allison is up she might when veto and use it on herself leaving Kenny up… Then Heather could Backdoor Sabrina and leave the house guests to decide who they want gone.


I don’t think that sarah is a factor it looks like it will be kenny and alison and i don’t see him having the votes to stay it look like it was always kenny against either alison, sabrina or rachelle and she is going with alison. Jon cracks me up the only reason he really wants kenny gone is becasue with him gone he thinks he can control sarah


It should be Kenny and Sarah, or Kenny and Sabrina. Come on Heather, don’t listen to Sabrina and Rachelle!


This show is gay as f**k now..
I hope kyle finds the hidden veto and brings andrew back.


Ya, I really hope “Kyle” finds the veto too!! LOL

Johhny (the European one!)

I had my issues confusing Kenny and Kyle too earlier… 😉
But the thought of Kyle finding a hidden Diamond Power ov Veto under his living room sofa, back home, is actually quite funny 😉
Back to the topic: I don’t think BB wants the DPOV to be used when “Heather’s side” is in power. They’ll wait until Kenny’s side wins HOH again. Seems obvious seeing how one-sided the interference has been so far.
I love it how some people have posted their opinion that “it’s OK that BB struck against the 1st 5 since they would have crumbled anyway”… My question to that: If they were so obviously going to self-destruct, then why the need for production to rig the game against them repeatedly?
Disclaimer: I still strongly dislike Andrew, Sabrina and Rachelle – BUT that doesn’t prevent me from having an objective assessment of the situation. I love Jon and Neda as people, and I love watching their banter. But if their side makes it to the end, and if asked what their strongest moves were in the game, those moves would be “getting saved by production”, “getting helped by production”, and “their enemies getting sabotaged by production”.
Nothing to feel really proud of, imo.

Real Deal

I agree 100%. Production shouldn’t be interfering with the game, let who ever made alliances run with it. But even worse is the BS challenge that Heather won HOH with. They totally rigged it and as I hear on the feeds didn’t even follow the rules that they set out to the contestants. What a joke.


What makes Canada being HOH any different than all the interference in BBUS? Coup’de tat on Jeff and Jordos first season…..Americas player Eric had to vote for Evel Dick to stay, if not for that he would not have won. Rach and Jordo all the sudden saved on the coaches season because bb added a twist and they were teamed up. It’s not bb without rigging these days, HG’s should expect twists and realise the public will likely be involved, if you ask me Andrews disgusting behaviour caused his demise.

Johhny (the European one!)

So… After the huge debate about Jon using the word “queer” without realizing it would be considered as offensive, and using the word “faggot” as an insult, you’re gonna say “gay” as an insult?
LOL – you don’t have the excuse of blurting something stupid out without getting to think about it first.
You type that stuff and then press enter.
Pretty sad.


Its really sad that this got thumbs down.


Rachelle is a beatch! She ate that candy on purpose to spite Heather for being HOH. I hate the ugly conniving little b*tch! Sabrina has trained her well!


I know Andrew isn’t there to be a hot head anymore, but I hope the house freaked on her because they totally flipped shit on Paul when he PRANK drank orange juice when he was a have not and he didn’t deserve it (it was hilarious in my opinion), but Rachelle just blatantly eating a candy is purely selfish.


I would put up Arlie and Kenny, Heather can play up wanting to put up strong male( play up girl power). But Arlie is the pawn (let him know how it feels)
That way first five feel the need to protect their group and if veto played put up Sab, since you need to backdoor her or you have crying every moment.
Someone else commented about this before you need Sab out before jury or she will taint it.

I feel sorry for Heather she still is alone in the game.

team adel

Feel bad for adel, this would make it 15 days straight on slop. Bet he wants ratchelle dead


He’s such a good sport about slop though compared to most of them, he’s got this!


Why is Arlie saying he’d be upset if Adel made it to the final 3? If he made it to the final 3 he deserves to win the game, he’s had a run like nobody has ever had before. In week 2 nobody spoke to him he was shunned. In Week 3, he won a power and completely lied about it and everybody believed him that’s what kept him safe in Week 4. He would’ve gone if he didn’t lie about the power. Lying about the power got Jon, Heather, Neda and Arlie as allies now when back in Week 2 nobody even spoke to him. After this week, he’ll only need his power for 2 more weeks. Because F7 almost everybody plays in the Veto with only one person not being able to and F6 onwards everybody competes in the Veto. 3 of Adel’s closest allies went home 3 weeks in a row and he stood by them when the whole house shunned them. Adel has been such a huge target the whole game. If he makes it to F2 he deserves to win 7-0. No player has had a run like Adel has ever in BB history. It was to the point where the whole house shunned him for standing up for Paul. He’s been a major target since Week 2, anybody who hangs with him went home. I’m amazed at the fact that he’s going to make it to jury. He was supposed to go right after Kyle or Paul. If he makes it to the end he should be awarded the game. He’s not that good of a social player but he’s tried and he’s never floated he’s survived. Lying about the power was Adel’s best move, it gave him new life in this game. If Adel makes it to the end he deserves to win. What is Arlie talking about man? I really like Arlie too, I’ve been supporting him since pre-season, he was my pre-season fave. If he continues to become too comfortable and too confident he’ll be blindsided. He’s reminding me of delusional Peter Brown now. Being so entitled and saying that he’s so good and everybody else is so bad. He needs to calm down.

ihate sarah

because arlie wants 3 “strong” players at the end apparently….


Arlie wants “strong players” to get him through the next few weeks. He’ll cut them loose before final three.


I think his point is that adel hasn’t really done much in the game and he wants people that are not floating by and although his lie was good that will save him for awhile he isn’t really doing anything else. He hasn’t won anything, he hasn’t gotten blood on his hands, he hasn’t manipulated anyone he just has for the most part sailed through so in arlies defense he doesn’t see him as much of a player and that is his point. The chances of adel getting to the final 3 is very slim he has no real allience right now and he doesn’t do well in the comps so i don’t see him making it that far unless of course bb steps in and fixes it. Arlie said it best that this game is designed to not be fair.


Arlie can’t talk, he is floating by to. All he has done is TALKED about his strategy and how he is waiting for the right moment. At least Adel has played game by putting himself out there. He hasn’t played both sides of the house (Arlie has); he isn’t throwing comps has not to get blood on his hand(Arlie has); He is sticking by who he said he would(Arlie isn’t); Arlie is all talk right now- who is floating by so far. ARLIE!


Rachelle is so dumb lol


Wow, Heather has changed so much! I’ve never seen her speak so intelligently! I love Queen Heather 🙂 <3


Whoever ends up on the block with Kenny, I’m really worried about Arlie’s vote! I’m going to be peeved if he votes to keep Kenny in, but I’m kind of excited to finally understand where he’s going with his strategy.


Everyone relax … PRINCESS Heather putting up Ratchelle as a pawn with kenny:) . thank god!


Oops I guess I was wrong … anyway she is smart for puting upAllison/kenny . (If Allison was not up then she might win POV and use it to save Kenny. )


Rachelle you ignorant little twat. If I was punished because of her
I would be verbally abusing her without mercy until Big Brother threatened to remove me.
As for the horror that is The MUMMY –
as soon as I find my Book Of The Dead I will send her back to her Crypt keeper.


My BB Rankings (Best to Worse)

Arlie –Strategically, he is a beast. This man brought cigarettes in the house and he doesn’t even smoke. He brought cigarettes to build relationships. He never gets drunk when BB provides alcohol. And no one can associate him with another player. I think he is treating this like a job 24/7 and never forgets that it is a game. Some may say think things are going to blow up in his face but I highly doubt it. Even if he is exposed, he is low on the list compared to Kenny, Jon, Adel and Sabrina. Arlie may win this. He is so cryptic, even the viewers don’t know who he really is.

Sarah – Outside of her love for Kenny, she is good at this game. she adapts well. She has made many connections with people and is no one’s real target. She knows what to say and when she needs to say it. She aligns herself with strong players.

Heather – I love how she is playing the game. She is never cocky (well, being on the block for two weeks may have caused this humbleness) but she is direct. I respect her because she is one of the few people who realizes that BACK DOORING should never be your PLAN A, it should only be your PLAN B.

Jon – He would be higher on my list if he would CALM THE F*** DOWN! He was walking around like the new king of the yard and this will put a target on him quickly.

Kenny – He has a way of controlling people without them knowing they are being controlled. For some reason Sarah and Sabrina have his best interest in mind, and not their own. The only thing he is missing is humbleness and a better social game.

Adel – The smartest thing he has ever done in this game was lie about his power. I just wished he made a BETTER lie from the beginning. A lie he could have stuck with.

Neda – Throwing challenges and following the crowd is not a good enough strategy for me. If you are going to lay low, at least spread some poison. Arlie is laying low but doing some damage at the same time. While Neda is good at reading people, she has not made any moves that would make her noteworthy in my book.

Sabrina – Would have been a good player if her mental issues didn’t get the best of her. 85% of the lies she told was not for the game, it was due to her being a compulsive, pathological, habitual liar. I truly believe that this is who she is outside of the house.

Allison – Some commenter called her ‘unwanted furniture’. I think part of the reason I despise her is because she came into the house and formed ZERO relationships outside of Andrew. And she still believes SABRINA’s lies.

Rachelle – A commenter referred to her as a ‘rock’. She is not even a floater. She is a rock. That sinks. To the bottom of the ocean.


Interesting that your top two are the people I’m betting will be final two together. They aren’t my favourites but it seems the game may very well go in their favour. If my prediction comes true I’ll want probably root for Arlie, so far he deserves it more than Sarah imo.


Arlie is the biggest threat Imo. He takes the credit for creating the “otherside” alliance . I understand he is playing the game but strongly dislike him.


I miss my big meathead Jon Ps he doesn’t know I’m preggers 😉


Wow Heather PLEASE don’t do that Allison move! I’m hoping that one of her male allies talks her through this to the proper conclusion. Otherwise her hoh is doomed.


Not doomed… It depends who wins veto, it would be a great opportunity to backdoor Sarah or Sabrina.


That would be stupid unless she is going to get rid of the person you are back dooring then back dooring someone will just make her a target and since kenny is her target he is already on the block. I don’t see her putting up sarah but if one of her noms get off the block she may go after rachelle or sabrina


Well, that didn’t last long. I was impressed with Heather’s HOH for 12 hours and now she is talking about putting Allison up. She came crashing back to earth in a hurry.


Queen Heather is about to screw up hard. If she puts Allison up they won’t get Kenny. I can see it now Ratchet/Sabby/Kenny survive along with Sarah. All because Arlie won’t pull the trigger. Allison’s an easy eviction for him. JC Heather Ratchet cost you the HOH room and your listing to her and Sabby? Just when you 1/2 like someone in this house they p*ss you off!

Well one consolation is she’ll be a laughing stock again this week and no one will target her before Adel and Jon and likely Neda. Speaking of these geniuses why haven’t they twisted Heathers ear some. Joneda should be all over her. Adel’s been nice to her and their input in an “alliance”(name only) isn’t being listened too? Smashing your head into a wall is more fun.

When the feeds come back on after the POV comp tomorrow I’m betting not only Kenny won’t be leaving but Sabby won’t get put up as a replacement nom. Nor does Sarah go up. We are going to see Allison versus Ratchet. Ratchet gets zero votes to evict. What a wasted HOH. These people are at best idiots. Allison in late/showmance gone/ why not use her as a vote?


Rachelle told Heather it was an accident when she ate the candy.

It was an accident that she waited until the HoH room was empty.

It was an accident that she climbed the stairs and found herself in the HoH room.

It was an accident that she didn’t see all the cameras watching her.

It was an accident that she didn’t stop eating the candy when she knew she wasn’t supposed to

Suuuurrrre it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, to complete these accidental events, and to make sure it was noticed,
Rachelle accidently eats a fuzzy peach.

This girl is an accident in the house.

What a sad excuse for a BB player.


I mean, I think Kenny and Allison make sense as noms. They have the best chances of winning the veto and if Allison wins, that’s great. She can use it on herself and the house can vote out Kenny.


Kenny and allison is the best choice bc they have the strongest chance to win veto and I believe rachelle/sabrina are so selfish that if they win veto they won’t use it!

It’s smart enough to work.


I want to see Kenny & Sabrina up, but I do think that Kenny/Allison is probably the smarter move. They both are quite capable of winning POV. If only one of them is on the block and the other wins then takes their buddy off the block we wind up with Sabrina/Wallpaper on the block. It would be nice to see Sabrina go, but she’s so transparent it really doesn’t hurt anyone’s game anymore to have her in there. This way if Kenny/Allison win POV they have to use it on themselves and the other one goes or Sabrina if she goes up as a replacement.


Heather needs to put up Kenny and Sarah
No doubt about it . I’d love to see if Sarah would
Actually save Kenny if she won lol

No brainer

Kenny and Sarah … Without a doubt


If heather really puts up allison and kenny she is a grade a certified dunce.

Allison has no one in the house. If she had any brains it should be Kenny and Sabrina or Sabrina and Sarah or Rachelle and one of the previous others.


I’m confused, I thought the whole point was to break up alliances, especially if you are a loner. Allison and Heather are loners. Why put up Allison? That is the stupidest move and an excuse. Heather is pleasing people who clearly hate her and had no problem letting her know this. I would have point bank told Allison, that Sabrina and Rachelle told me to put you up. I have a feeling that BB gets involved, because these people CAN’T be this stupid to take the blame for some of their moves. Heather was probably told that whoever you pick, you can’t say you picked them because someone else told you to.

You are also obviously not allowed to call people out during your speeches when you are on the block. There must be a lot of rules we as viewers don’t know about (they lose their stipend if they break them, maybe?) because I would rat out every jerk as I was walking out the door.