Sabrina tells Andrew the plan to Back D IKA “BUT Allison has to go next week”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

POV players are Rachelle, Heather, Allison, Kenny, Jon and Sarah and the host is Sabrina

6:31pm Storage room

Kenny, Neda and Racehlle talking about how much fun last night was.

Out in the living room random conversations.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 15-39-44-098

6:39pm IKA and heather

IKA says her decision during HOH was not supported, she didn’t feel bad because she thought Heather didn’t like her. IKA – “I do regret my HOH.. though”

Heather says she’s one of those people that believes things happen for a reason. Heather thinks IKA made a personal move. IKA didn’t want Heather on the block she wasn’t in control. Heather says she figured because it wasn’t a logical decision.

IKA says all she has is Adel in the game.
Heather is surprised she thinks IKA has the girls to.
IKA says there wasn’t a fight or anything she’s just not with the girls anymore.

Heather tells her she wouldn’t have gone after Rachelle. IKA – “I know”
IKA is certain she is going next week, she understands how Heather feels.
IKA -”I Swear on my kids I regret it”
IKA says everyone thinks HEather is a liar and is being fake that is why IKA never believed her

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 15-50-56-745

6:47pm Sabrina and Rachelle HOH

Rachelle asks when she should start telling people she wants IKA gone

Sabrina- “When you put up IKA everyone will know”

Rachelle is scared that IKA will stay in the game and she’ll be f***

Sabrina says HEather will “Lick your bu**” after we tell her you saved her.

Sabrina gives her the speech to say to IKA…
“I don’t want to have this discussion with you and this is the exact reason you are going on the block.. You try to intimidate me and I’m fed up with it. I want to play my own game and with you here you keep influencing me and I realize we are a sinking ship and there is two people that are going to protect me more than you can… SNAP tell her that.. and say leave me alone.. ”
Rachelle adds “You said it yourself we’re a sinking ship and you don’t trust us”

Sabrina tells her not to worry they are in it together IKA is going to freak out on her to.
Rachelle nervous they won’t have the votes and the house will flip.

Sabinra counts the votes tells her Sabrina, Sarah, Alison, Kenny, Andrew, and Arlie to evict IKA
the people that may vote to Keep IKA are NEda, JOn, and Ade.

Rachelle and Sabrina agree telling Kenny that JOn was targeting Andrew was a great idea.

Rachelle wonders what they should do if Heather wins and comes off the block. Sabrina doesn’t think that is a problem they’ll just stick with the plan and put up IKA. Rachelle is worried the house will decide to take out Allison.

Adel joins them says there is no way he’s using his power. He promises he’ll only use the power if him or Rachelle are in danger. Rachelle reassure him he is not going up no matter what

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 16-10-54-636

7:08pm Sabrina, Sarah and Andrew

Sabrina tells Andrew and Sarah the plan is to backdoor IKA this week so they have to make sure the POV is played.
Sabrina says she told Rachelle to do this yesterday and she listened.
Andrew – “Good”
Sabrina – “Kenny knows… But we have to keep this secret”
Andrew is happy starts dancing around..
Sarah is worried about JON not using it the power of veto
Sabrina agrees says they have to make sure Jon does not win it.
Andrew say theres no way Jon will NOT use the POV, He’s sure Jon will use it to save Allison. The girls are relieved.

Sabrina – “I got her to put her friend up on the block .. you gotta remember theses things.. if me and her are in the line of fire you put out your f*** dick on the line .. BUt Allison has to go next week”
Andrew says ya sure perfect.

Sabrina points out 2 more people have to go for them to have complete control of the game.

Andrew leaves.. Sabrina and Sarah talk about Kenny telling too much sh!t to Racehlle. Sarah knows points out how Kenny has fixed it a bit today. Sabrina agrees.

Sabrina brings up that she thinks Kenny hates her.
Sarah swears on her F***” kids he doesn’t hate her. Sarah thinks it’s because Sabrina has it stuck in her mind that Kenny hates her so when he’s joking around sarcastically it she doesn’t think it’s a joke.

Kenny joins them and describes how he says things joking around and people take is seriously..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 16-50-12-095

7:47pm HOH Sabrina, NEDA, IKA and Rachelle (Feeds cutting in and out a lot in the video.. )

IKA thinks it’s awkward right now, She wants to know where they all stand. NEda says if she wins HOH she will not put any of the girls up because the three girls in the room are the only ones she can trust.

IKA wants the girls alliance to get back together says it’s their only hope, “If Rachelle didn’t win two of us would go up.
Rachelle is just worried now because IKA said day one if anyone turns against the girls alliance IKA is done, “You said that day one”

IKA says Heather isn’t a threat because she can’t even “Walk or talk” Ika say the guys will keep her around.

Rachelle says she’s still got everyones back but in terms of the girls alliance she doesn’t know.
IKA thanks god that Rachelle one the HOH but even if she did win she still feels off.

Sabs Asks if they should go their separate ways
NEDA doesn’t want to she still wants to work with the girls
Neda proposes they continue to work with other people but still work together.

IKA says she doesn’t want to work with people that do not want to work with her.

Kenny rolls in looking for some toilet paper.

IKA completes her thought says she is not the type of person to force herself onto people or to have people feel obligated to work with ehr or talk to her.. She wants to know “Straight UP”

IKA saying she only trusted Sarah because Sabrina trusted her, “I trusted her through you”. IKA is made that Sarah did a major betrayal to them and everyone in the house is nice to her about it, “Including you three”
IKA – “I barely had two conversations with Sarah.. I barely spent time with her.. All she was doing was getting information from me for the guys.. “

IKA starts raising her voice when addressing SAbrina.

Rachelle feels that IKA doesn’t trust her, “Do you trust me”
IKA – “Not 100% not after what happened I don’t trust anyone 100%.. I never saw that coming AT ALL”

Feeds cut to HUSH HUSH

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 17-48-20-980

8:46pm HOH Bathroom Sarah, Rachelle and Sabrina

Sarah says she’s going to tell them something and she doesn’t want them to freak out and she’ll understand if they don’t believe them but she swears it’s the truth.

Sarah – “I just want you to know obviously she’s worried”

Sarah “She sat beside me and said Girl if I knew the things I know now I would have done the same thing you did… she’s very sneaky but when you are making your decisions.. think about it”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 17-49-21-832

Sarah leaves.. Sabrina says they have to get IKA out
Rachelle – “You think it’s the smartest thing to do”
Sabrina – “yes it’s the smartest thing to do”
Rachelle – “better than Allison”
sabrina – “ better than Allison.. “

IKA, Jon, Allison, Heather, Adel, Neda then it’ll be down to us six (First 5 plus Rachelle)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 17-57-02-577

Kenny comes up Sabrina says the plan is to take out IKA.
Kenny – “Ya it should be, great IDEA.. Everything IKA says is a lie.. she’s shown it to us time and time again”

Sabrina tells Kenny if they do this and get out IKA he’s gotta look out for her and her girl Rachelle.

Rachelle says it’s going to be a awful day tomorrow. Kenny tells her not to worry they’ll all hang out with Rachelle making sure she’s not alone.
Rachelle – Hmms and haws
Kenny – “Oh my GOd everyone is going to vote IKA out”
Rachelle says she’s not going to tell IKA she’s the target until the POV has been used and IKA is on the block. (LOL good plan) Rachelle tells him about IKA trying to reform the girls alliance. Kenny says she’s been lying day in and day out to everyone.

Kenny is going to murder himself to get this POV, his only competition is JON and jon’s tired and hungover. They both agree that they can’t look at Jon the same way.
Rachelle – “We’re going to take off Allison right”
Kenny – YA”
KEnyn – “She’s going to f** flip”
Rachelle -” Everyone is going to be confused.. nobody knows” (Kenny acts like Andrew doesn’t know)

Kenny says if he wins HOH he’s going to go after Jon. Rachelle says it should be Jon and Allison next.

Kenny starts talking about how much of a beast he is in competitions. Rachelle thinks she’s the second strongest girl. Kenny points out how strong IKA is in competitions says she more reason to get her out. Kenny doesn’t think Adel is much of a threat in competitions, “not the sharpest tool in the shed”

11:10pm Hush hush They must be playing the POV

12:25am HUSH HUSH

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so when Rochelle says she wants to play her own game, she meant Sabrina’s…. right?


Pretty much


Everyone who loves this site remember it’s not too late to donate!


I don’t even know what to say about Rachelle, she really thinks she’s making a good move. It’s pitiful, and cringeworthy. She keeps saying she’s “scared to backdoor Ika” because “Ika will be mad” and Sabrina responds by saying “she’ll protect her ( Rachelle)”. That laughable! Sabrina cries constantly and is always emotional.
Sabrina is not going to protect Rachelle when Ika starts arguing with Rachelle. In fact if Ika and Sabrina get into it Sabrina will probably cry and hid behind Andrew or Kenny,


Would love if Rachelle surprised everyone by putting up Sabs as a replacement if veto is won and played.


That would require independent though from Rochelle. Lol So not going to happen.


If this plan goes through I’ll be pissed. What is the whole reasoning behind backdooring Ika, anyway? She proved her loyalty to so many people with her HoH, it’s surprising that the week after they all want her out.


Rachelle is dumb.


Rachelle is very dumb! At least as a BB player. I don’t think they are thinking straight about the GAME. Sabrina lies so much but these aren’t even lies to help her game. She just seems like a pathological liar.

Allison said she was a big fan of the game but yet she has NO GAME.

Ika deserves to go home for trying to put Heather up and keeping Paul. Her excuse was ‘Paul will take out the guys’. One, Paul would have to win HoH to take someone out. Two, why get rid of Heather when she had no alliance. You keep people like that and have them on your team. I use to like Ika but not anymore.

I can’t wait until they really start playing the game and take out big players instead of the weak.


“Rachelle is very dumb! At least as a BB player. I don’t think they are thinking straight about the GAME. Sabrina lies so much but these aren’t even lies to help her game. She just seems like a pathological liar. Allison said she was a big fan of the game but yet she has NO GAME. Ika deserves to go home for trying to put Heather up and keeping Paul. Her excuse was ‘Paul will take out the guys’. One, Paul would have to win HoH to take someone out. Two, why get rid of Heather when she had no alliance. You keep people like that and have them on your team. I use to like Ika but not anymore. I can’t wait until they really start playing the game and take out big players instead of the weak.”

Rachelle is very dumb. Of course sabrina is a liar, she is obese and is convinced she is a model. That is like Paul trying to say he ws a body builder and at least that would be a believable lie because he is physically large. Ika wanted to keep paul to take out andrew and kenny something he would have done if he did win. Paul was also a buffer because as long as he stayed in the house he was public enemy number 1. Knowing andrew and kenny was gunning for her it was a smart move on her part. There is no harm in keeping around a player who will be more targetted than you, it is actually quiet smart. That being said by not putting up andrew or kenny the hope would be they don’t gun after you anymore when they see you aren’t coming for them. Heather made sense to get rid of precisely because she has zero allies and if you get rid of someone with no alliance there are no consequences of sending them home. Sending home heather would not make anyone in the house mad, everyone ignores her, no one would care if she went and no one would be p.o.ed to come after you. But putting say andrew and kenny on the block can have 6 people coming after you. Heather simply is not trust worthy. She is a player who talks behind everyones back and is very two faced. Although it isn’t shown on the after dark, or the show its obvious from the feeds in the first few weeks that she was trying to get into the girls alliance by smack talking them all behind their backs. She even said openly in the first episode she was trying to manipulate people and did her fair share of smack talking on the feeds talking down all the girls.

Ika and Adel are the only ones left in the house who will make any power moves, heather and allison sure as hell aren’t. BB needs to save IKA this week to save the season. It has already lost 2 very interesting houseguest for 2 weeks in a row. Unless you want to watch heather sit in a corner for the next 3 months or rachelle do nothing or allison sit on the couch listening to andrew boring stories I suggest you agree.


Who exactly did she prove her loyalty to?


This is the third time the first 5 is competing for the veto…Ika doesn’t even have a chance to save herself, and the only person who won’t use the veto if he wins is Jon. Is this rigged or something?


They each had a 5/9 chance of being chosen – not too bad. and the longer they stay in tact the larger the probability of being chosen to compete will be. And I’m pretty sure Rachelle chose Kenny. People here hate the first 5 but they’ve done a fantastic job positioning themselves in the house tbh


best result would be heather wins pov takes herself off

ika goes up

but allison voted out 5-4 due to arlie flipping on first 5

then neda, jon, heather, arlie, ika, adel crew intact going against the other 4 first 5 plus rachelle…6 on 5

or jon wins veto and takes heather off the block and its again 5-4 in their favor with ika saved…or jon doesnt use veto and heather still saved 5-4

if any of the other 4 win veto then ika is likely gone

if they do attempt to back door ika standby for ika going full force head to head with sabrina/rachelle/sarah…its gonna be a crazy 5 days


I really hope either Jon or Arlie votes to keep Ika just to see Rachelle and Sabrina sweat! I hope Heather wins and saves herself and Allison go home. She is so useless!


They ran out of slop at the BB House, Sabrina ate it all.


Lol… that’s hilarious 🙂


Sshhhh! The plan is to tell everyone that Heather used it all to make slop cookies, and now she has nothing to eat.


I want to see a dragdown between IKA and Flabrina. If nobody in the house calls her out soon I just can’t bear to watch how this season unfolds, and the only girl I see doing it is IKA. Hopefully Allison, I’d like to see Allison tear a strip off her, but I am losing hope. The girls are so stupid. I feel for Neda being forced to work with them, or try to. Sarah doesn’t get that final 5 is great, but then what? Is she going to beat Kenny, Arlie and Andrew in the endgame. No. Once its down to the 5, Kenny and Andrew are going to chose a horse to ride, and the one that is least likely to help them get to the end will be gone first. Arlie could win a competition, and Sabrina would be easy to beat at jury. Sarah is playing for fifth and ensuring that Andrew, Kenny or longshot Sabrina will win the game. I don’t even know why Rachelle is in the house, she is just a puppet for the guys to play with. I would much rather have seen some of the early boots from last season like Kat or Aneal, even AJ.


I really hope Arlie and Jon think about the benefit of keeping Ika if she ends up on the block. She will be pissed at Sabrina and Rachelle and she will go after the boys with a vengeance!
Otherwise Ika is gone!


I really hope so she stays! Production should do something about it. Otherwise sabrina and kenny are going to make f2 ( which I hope they are not .. both of them have real bad personalities and don’t deserve it )


sarah wants kennys dingleberries so bad,
i swear that on her kids


I sure hope you are joking. *barf*


Totally disagree


I just saw Kenny on the feeds saying that he can beat Adel in anything and they will have all their plans go their way. And this ladies and gentlemen is going to be the downfall of the First 5. They are too confident and they are only planning for scenarios in which their people win HOH and POV. How about when someone else wins HOH? What are they going to do? They dont plan for all scenarios and none of the first 5 think about consulting Arlie. Arlie feeling neglected is why he is starting his own side alliance. Andrew and Kenny just sit around and let Sabrina and Sarah to come back with information. I cant wait till Arlie destroys Kenny in Andrew’s game 😀

Love this site ya’ll!!


I am loving Arlie. I hope he can pull of whatever it is he’s planning.


F*ckin’ eh! Kenny is all beard and no brains.


I think Kenny, Arlie, and Sarah are logical thinkers. Kenny is in danger of becoming too cocky for sure, though. Arlie will eventually explore his other options (which I’m not sure is too smart tbh) Sabrina is manipulative, which is great for them now, but she’s eventually gonna lose track of her lies and it’ll bite her. Andrew’s the one who’s low on brains.


“They are too confident and they are only planning for scenarios in which their people win HOH and POV. How about when someone else wins HOH? What are they going to do?”
Don’t you see they dont need to win HOH or POV… they can control most of the house in the case that they dont win. So sickening to admit but they truly are running the house atm. Rachelle is a puppet to Sabrina, Allison is a lost cause who will likely do what Andrew tells her to, Jon will likely do what Arlie tells him to. I highly doubt that when it comes down to it Jon would make a big move, right now i just dont see that happening. i just feel like the ppl who they cant control arent winning comps and the numbers arent in their favor to make a big move … I just hope Ika doesnt go this week!!

Does anyone now who was picked for the Veto??


f5 has controlled every eviction so far, for someone who only 1 hoh of 4 they are doing pretty good
-sent anick home
-probably ika

Given the girls alliance and paul has won 3 of 4 HOH’s and none of the f5 went home, you have to admit they are doing pretty good they have a right to be cocky. If IKA go home adel will be all by himself at best he can have arlie, btu jon won’t commit suicide and join them.


cannot wait for these arrogant f tards andrew, kenny, sabrina, sarah(and their slave pet rachelle) to get taken down a peg…it will be interesting to see how they handle things when they strike trouble and are under the pump

just a note about production: i find it absolutely ridiculous there were three separate groups entering the house, which in my opinion is way too big of an advantage for the first group going in to be able to immediately form an alliance including arguably the 3 best male players, and the most vocal female social player, without any other houseguests even in the house yet, so no chance of being caught…one of the skills of forming an alliance is being stealthy about it and choosing the right people…and the fact arissa told the first group is this going to be the first alliance this season when they entered, it almost seems staged, like production wanted them to be an alliance…in my opinion it should be every man and woman for themselves, all enter simultaneously, and then see what happens…the decision to split into 3 groups for the entrance i think has negatively impacted the season


pretty sure they always enter in group (on the American one). Many people go into the game looking to start an alliance with the first person/people they connect with, whether it be who the enter with, who they end up sharing a room/bed with or who they bump into on the way to the freaking bathroom. idg why people want to cry conspiracy all over the place.


the point is that it was way too easy for them to form the alliance with zero chance of being caught or discovered as there was nobody else in the house…the other 9 who entered in the 2nd and 3rd group were not afforded that luxury…its pretty simple surely?


Arlie and Adel for the final 2 😀


I really hope Jon wins the veto and keeps the noms the same, and then him, Arlie, Adel, Neda, Ika, and Heather form an alliance that will go against Andrew, Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina, Allison, and Rachelle. But that’s probably way to much to hope for this season lol


I feel so bad for Ika, first she was betrayed by Sarah and now she will be sent home by her, very dumb”friend”.. I know she messed up but WOW!!! i hope Arlie flips a switch and turn the table on them.


god i hope Ika survives but odds are against her in every way. BB needs controversial, impulsive people like Paul and Ika because that is what makes the game unpredictable. If all the entertaining people are gone we are gonna get bored to death with people like Allison aka the new Jillian lol. Its gonna be weeks and weeks of voting with the house, boring convo, drunkeness in desperate attempts to make it entertaining, twistos twist for same reason….I bet somehow some way they will bring back Scott and maybe Nate, if not this year maybe next.


Sabrina says to Rachelle we will be the final 6, yeah and then they will vote Rachelle out 2 to 1. Then brainiac Sabrina will be gone for the same alliance who she did the dirty work for.


cant wait now the house can simply be split in 2 head to head

if rachelle actually back doors ika, seriously the feeds will be cut for hours

may get a bit insane dude

take away all sharp objects or anything that could be used as a weapon in there because ika will go off, you never know she may even attempt to drop sabrina and rachelle, just based on how worked up she already is after the sarah vote incident

just wondering what the most brutal reaction to an unexpected backdoor is in bb history of the usa seasons?


I think Ika knows what is going on, in her gut, many houseguess describe having a feeling of knowing when they are going to go up or be voted out, rarely is someone totally blind sided unless they are like heather who is virtually excluded from all meaningful conversations. Ika even said to sarah yesterday she did not want to be ignored like heather and isolated meaning she had a clue. She seems smart and is close with neda so might have an idea that sabrina is trying to backdoor her.

Even just look at IKA in the picture below from dawg big brother where ika has her hand at her mouth with a concentrated face on and allison has the veto around her neck, she has a real unhappy face on, I think she knows she might be going up and the target. She evens says she isn’t with the girls anymore and that she only has Adel. It must be obvious at this point that if she went up she has a good chance to go home. Ika won’t explode, she is smart enough to ee whats coming. And she doesn’t have an explosive personality. A player like Andrew or sabrina or sarah is more likely to explode.

Miss M

I really hope there’s a twist soon to switch the power around. Kenny, Andrew & Sabrina pretty much run everything…..
Last season of bbcan was SO much better!


It’s a shame that Sabrina is such a catty b*tch because she really has control of this game…. if she didn’t have that jealous girl/over dramatic personality she’d be a great player. Shame because with the one she has I loathe her.

As for the rest of the F5, they are cocky… but I honestly see them all making it too jury. Though, I think the first 3 jury members will be sent to the secret room and then one will be voted back in.


an ika backdoor is serious fireworks…sabrina on slop, sarah on anxiety meds, rachelle chewing her mouth off at the slightest amount of pressure, and ika ready to go off

if ika gets taken out maybe allison dumps andrew before he dumps her and joins the other side after hoh winner is known and its in her best interests to switch

otherwise the showmance lasts another week? sabrina will love that ha ha

jon, arlie, adel, neda, allison, heather makes it 6 v 5…or 5 v 6 if she stays

hilarious kenny doesnt know he has lost arlie

this game is insane dude


Sabrina is not a person I would want in Jury. Kenny should start paying mind to her abilities. If he thinks he is F2 with any of the 5, except Arlie, Sabrina will work in jury against him.

Upsidedown Pancakes

If the next HOH is a bacon eating contest Sabrina has a great chance to win.


Uh Ika what have you done to your own game ? I so want kyle to be the twistos and to come back !


Not gonna happen because they told him outside info while he was on the stage (that allison was voted in by Canada). In order to reenter the house he would’ve had to have been sequestered immediately.


Too bad ..I did not know . Well crossings my fingers there is nothing wrong just to have a dream:)


but they could tell all the houseguests that when the vote back in happens so no advantage of info is held by a returning houseguest


Can’t wait until karma bites Sabrina in the ass. Whenever Sabrina gets evicted, I hope to God that she gets back-doored.


Could the POV possibly be played tonight?


What could be happening in the house? Is Marsha back? Did she bring a friend? Did Adel use his secret power? We have no idea! The possibilities are endless! We have been on the HUSH screens for 2 hrs now!


I’m eating my cheeks just like Rochelle does lol. So nerve wrecking!
By the way thanks for this great live feed .


I know…but if it’s any consolation, the blowout after Ika is put on the block is going to be worth all the cheek-eating, nail-biting, chain-smoking, one-jar-too-many; anticipation. Let’s hope. : ( )


Uh yes 🙂 All Hell is Going to Break Loose’.


I know a lot of people don’t like Ika, but I really think she should stay in the house. She is really good at competitions and even though her HOH was not “hers” and she didn’t make any bold move (now she regrets it -__- ), I still think she would be the ONE to break the F5 alliance because Sarah’s “ultimate betrayal” has really awakened her mental game rather than her emotional game, where she was looking out for the girls.

Too little…too late… ?? If Ika stays, she will def. not be with the girls, except maybe with Neda, and it would make the game so much more interesting because she’s the only one who calls out Sabrina’s b.s.


Who is Rachelle???? Why is she on the show. She basically handed her HOH to Sabrina and kicked Ika to the curb. Rachelle is putting her trust into the most manipulative liar in the house (Sabrina). I know Rachelle might think that its smart to this or she keeping herself safe, but she’s screwing herself by setting herself up to be another one on the F5 chopping block list.

Adel, Neda, Arlie, Ika, and Heather (yes Heather) should really be in the house at the end.

Heather needs to stick up for herself and stop being a floater. Its like Rachelle and Heather are only their to get evicted for the F5 alliance one week after the next. Heather is being more active now, but the strategy of laying low, is a bit overrated.

Sabrina needs to be backdoored during a double eviction.


Who ever wrights this has to learn their to’s from their too’s


Someone else needs to learn their who evers from their whoevers, and their writes from their wrights 😉


** Whoever

** wrote that


I thought Sabrina was this season’s first troll!




Does anyone see a way that Jon gets a sniff of Sabrina’s rumour regarding his and Allison’s alliance? The only one I can think of leaking it is Rachelle to Neda and she is on Sabrina/Kenny lockdown.


Sabrina’s so jealous of Allison it’s scary. A lot of people blame Ika for being bi*chy ( which she is ) but the head of the snake is Sabrina.
To me, she is the DEFINITION of a high school girl. She has talked sh*t about almost every female in the house. Particularly Allison and Heather. Her smack talking has almost nothing to do with strategy but is 100 percent personal.
She disgusts me. The only reason why she hates Allison is because she hates herself. She’s ugly inside and out and see’s Allison as a threat because she has low self esteem.
She needs to go, and it has to be soon.


KK – I agree with you.

Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening soon in the house…unless Arlie or Adel win HOH and she doesn’t play VETO and then gets backdoored. I hope this happens (fingers crossed).


Where a Chevrolet power shift when u need it..


This is why Girls alliances never make it to the end in Big Brother. ( Minus Allison and JUn from bb4, even though they hated each other ) They spread lies, start drama when it isn’t necessary and think personally instead of strategically. And yes, the person behind all of this drama is Flabrina.
Jealously is an ugly thing and she shouldn’t break down others just because she hates herself and is not as thin as Allison and Heather.
I hope she gets evicted in a double eviction, back doored. That is sweet justice.


This is actually a serious question: Has anybody ever won US/CAN that was (dare I say), overweight? The final 2 are usually strong physically, right? I don’t know how else to word it. In my mind, it immediately knocks Sabrina out of final 2 because she can’t even sit up straight so I can’t see her doing any winning at all (POV or HOH). ????


She may win but it will be on some “memory” luck of the draw game if she does, Even if she was to go to F2 she will not win as everybody in jury will have had weeks to figure out all the lies she has been spinning.


Allison won Veto!


Alison has won veto


I guess that worked out since they were going to take alison off the best sinerio was for alison to win the pov and take herself off that way the blood will remain with rachelle. I can’t wait till the pov ceremony ika is going to go crazy she seems the out of control type we saw how mad she got when paul put her up and she wasn’t really the target this should be awsome


Does anyone else notice how Ika has trouble speaking? its like her thought process is slow, so many pauses.