Arlie – “I would be scared if I was them.. Taking a swing and missing is devastating for the three of them”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

10:10pm HOH Jon, Heather Allison and Jon

Jon says he will self evict if Arlie stays in the game.
Heather tells them about the conversation she had with the Gremlins.
Heather points out that the Gremlins think they have Allison.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 20-18-59-104

10:17pm HOh Jon and the gremlins

Rachelle says she believes the lips she read. Sabrina really plays up Rachelle ability to read lips.
She read HEather and Neda have a final 2, Neda/Heather said they can’t believe the two vetoes were used on the gremlins they also said “backstabbing their alliance”
Sabrina – “We don’t trust Neda and Heather at all”

Sabrina- “1 thousand percent it was said WE ARE GOING TO BACKSTAB OUR ALLIANCE”
Jon says he knew the girls would try and take him out.
Jon asks them what they want to do now

Sabrina says Heather and NEda are sh1ting their pants they just spent a hout each trying to smooth things over for them.

Jon says 100% he would take Heather out.. now right now but in 2 weeks time.

Rachelle says Neda and Heather saying all they talked about was Arlie was a lie.
Jon – “What do you guys want to do”

Feeds flip to Arlie and Adel poolside..

10:43pm Feeds go back to the HOH, Sabrina and Rachelle are selling Jon a final 4 deal

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 19-19-40-652

10:19pm Bedroom Neda, Allison and Heather

Neda crying.. They are denying saying anything about Jon. heather – “I’m not worried about it because I didn’t say sh1t and neither did Neda”

heather – “Obvious she knows the truth if she can read lips”
Neda says Rachelle thinks she read the things she’s saying but its wrong.
Allison -”So she filled in the gaps”
Allison says she’s so sick of all this game talk.. she’s never talked so much game before.

Heather says Arlie is getting ot the gremlins and he knows he’s doing a good job. Allison asks her if she can trust Jon and Neda. Heather says of course. Allison mentions the part about them trying to backdoor her is hard to forget. heather says that was all Arlie.

Allison -Really Arlie was the only one
Heather says yes, her and Neda didn’t want to get rid of Allison but they couldn’t go against their alliance.

Heather is trying to persuade Allison about Neda, Jon and her loyalty to Allison. Heather says she’s been wanting to play with Allison for the last few weeks, “I’ve been fighting for you for the past 2 weeks”

Heather says Arlie is going to win the game if they leave him in the game. She adds that Arlie will take a Gremlin ti the final 2 he’s not taking her or Allison.

Heather – Arelie is going home you me and neda are sending his a$$ home.. I trust you

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 19-54-51-825

10:44pm HOH Jon and Neda

Jon says that Allison has been telling them everything that is going on in the HOH with Allison. Jon says Heather wants him out he knows that. Neda – “Not right now”

Jon mentions how the gremlins are telling him that Neda told them that it was Jon wanting Allison out.
Neda – “I want to punch them in the face right now”
Neda – “everything is being blown out of proportion”
Jon says they have to pull in the gremlins and Allison and make a final 5 deal
Neda says they can’t do that they just made a deal with Allison and heather they can’t keep going around making final 4 final 5’s

Neda – “Allison Masterminded this whole thing”
Neda says Allison just told her she is not keeping Arlie, “She’s a liar”
Jon – ‘What do we do.. i don;t know”
Neda – “I Honestly don’t know.. I think right now we’ve dug ourselves into a little bit of a whole”
Neda – That conversation 5 minutes ago was a f*** up”

Jon – “Allison knows we have a final 4 with the gremlins”

Jon – “I just threw the gremlins under the bus to her”
Enda and they are going around telling her about it
heather comes in and neda says “HON can you give a few minutes I’m freaking out”

Jon wonders if maybe they should just keep Heather and f** it roll with it.

Neda says they can play off the thing they have with Adel and Heather.

Neda says Allison has already made up her mind she’s with the gremlins and they are going to keep Arlie.

Jon asks her why are they bothering making a deal with the gremlins than.
NEda – “that is the only way I can think of to get rid of Arlie”

Neda and Jon both are not sure what to do right now. NEda says Allison really improved her a game a lot with how she used her veto.

Jon – “Maybe we should talk to Allison and call her out”
NEda – “Ya that is what we should do but not in a bad way”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 20-57-46-274

10:53pm Gremlins in the bedroom with Allison
They are briefly going over what JOn said to them in the HOH.
Sabrina saying some good points were made, they might not get another chance to take out Arlie. Sabrina says Neda and Heather have a final 2 and Jon knows that, “He’s freaking out”

Sabrina we can’t be paranoid we have to go with our guts, “Wheres Arlie””

Allison says Arlie has no personal ties with anyone he’s a huge threat in the game. They agree they don’t trust Jon or Arlie.

Sabrina – “They don’t know you are voting for Arlie.. they don’t even think it’s in your head”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 20-32-05-075

11:07pm to midnight Allison Jon and Neda HOH

he asks her where her head is at
Allison says she would be a idiot to keep Arlie, he’s still talking to her about it and she’s still considering it in her mind is she going to do it no.

Allison says the Gremlins are trying to make is sound like she is keeping Arlie and they are on the fence about it.
Jon mentions that the gremlins came to them about the final 4 all they wanted with the gremlins to vote their way and give them 1 week of protection. Neda and Jon keep saying how confused they are.

The Gremlins interrupt them four times trying to get in. . (on another cam Rachelle says “What are they telling her that we can’t hear.. she better tells us after)

Allison says she did trust him before 100% when she thought they were going to keep Andrew. Allison says she’s having issues because she’ heard about all these final 4 deals Jon has.
Neda asks her who she trusts more heather or the gremlins. Allison – “I don’t know”
Allison asks them 100% honesty how on board was Heather in backdooring her.
Jon – “She was the most resistant”
Neda says she’s doing a blank slate what is agreed to tonight is what she’s going to go with.

Allison says she does not trust Arlie 100%
JOn – You will not have chances to get Arlie out of this game.. he will carry himself to final 3 and he will win the final HOH
Neda – He already said his word doesn’t mean dh!t.

Jon says the gremlins are telling them Allison wants to keep Arlie and they are on the fence.
Allison says emotionally she wants to go with the gremlins buit game wise she doesn’t.

Neda says it depends on who the three of them want to work with more Heather or the gremlins. Neda points out Adel is not part of this deal. JOn wants this three to be the core alliance.
Allison – I would never think I had to make a choice between them.

Jon – Take it for whats it’s worth I want to work with you in this game.. it’s legit.
Neda says she’s leaning toward them siding with Heather just because she fought so hard for Allison when they were the sloppies.

Neda says they will go so f*** far if they stick together.
Jon – Final 4

Heather comes by says Arlie and the gremlins are in the bathroom listening in on what is being said.
Allison asks them if they do final 4 what do they tell Sabrina and Rachelle.
Neda – “I don’t know what to say”

Allison says game wise she is thinking of getting out Arlie. Jon and Neda both say they are going to get final 4 if they stick together .

heather joins them..

(This video is long.. uploading)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 21-24-12-633
Gremlins pissed they can’t hear the conversation in the HOH between Allison, Jon and Neda.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 21-08-03-198

11:08pm Bathroom Arlie, Sabrina and Rachelle
Arlie swearing up and down he’s loyal to the gremlins he’s going after Jon, Neda and Heather. He’s going to raw dog them.
Arlie – I will crush every one of them and send them home.
Arlie says he never will turn on Allison and the Gremlins until final 4 “NEver never never.. I’m telling you the truth I’m being real”

Arlie – Jon is F***d taking a swing at me and miss”
Arlie says Jon gets drunk and makes stupid moves in the game.

Arlie says he’s the most loyal person in the game.
Arlie – “Lets f** do it girls”
Sabrina We will never do what they did to you
Arlie – “I would be scared if I was them.. Taking a swing and missing is devastating for the three of them”

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Ilene ulick

OMG. Heather is such a baby and that voice is like hearing nails on a chalkboard Grow up you spoiled brat. You can’t get your way all the time.


Wow… so now its final 4 jon, neda, heather allison. I wonder if that will stay true it seems they want that though but who knows they change so much.

I rather it be this way i dont like gremlins or arlie.


I like the alliance of Jon/Neda/Heather/Alison way better than the other one with the Gremlins. The G’s are unpredictable and scary and Arlie cannot be trusted. He has flipped before and is likely to flip many more times. The only thing is Jon shouldn’t talk game when he is intoxicated and Neda’s mistakes are costing Jon to be ousted.


But it is not a real alliance they are just trying to get Allison to keep Adel…they still plan to get her out next…they are afraid of Arlie coming after them and are saying and promising everything they can in order to see Arlie out the door….if that happens Neda, Jon and Heather will go back on their word all the while saying SUCKERS behind Allison, Sabrinaa and Rochelle’s backs.


Allison, you fool, how can you believe Jon after he’s been caught on so many lies?


This week of live feeds have really screwed me over for my exams


Omg me too. The feeds have been crazy this week. Omg I have a headache. I can’t wait for Thursday.


Aeyesha! Focus! You can catch up later. That is what makes this site so amazing!

Now how could you explain…I only got a 62% because I was studying human behaviour by watching BB. A few classes would actually buy that but I don’t know what you are actually studying.

Anyways, I feel for you.

El Hundo

There’s one thing I know for sure, Allison will be voting last on Thursday


I KNEW Allison’s stupidity would ruin this. Man, I really don’t know if I can bother watching anymore until that idiot is gone. She goes on and on about not trusting Arlie, but she is going to have a final four deal with the one who has been going on and on about wanting her out next. Dumb bitch…

I HOPE she gets screwed and goes next week.


I agree. She has never presented as prime real estate….as there are a lot of vacancy signs in her game.


I cannot wait for this week to be over so we can see where everyone decides to align and fight with!


Allison needs to get her head in the game and keep her heart OUT.

She is and has always been disposable to the gremlins. Can we just vote Allison out already….instant eviction.

I wish Neda got the Scarlet POV. Would have been worth it.

Play the game for you Allison

She has been disposable to everyone. Sabrina and Rachelle are no different than Jon and Neda.


Allison is an idiot if she doesn’t vote to keep Arlie.


WOW. Has Neda and Jon, mostly Neda, pulled their game back up from the dirt?? Pretty impressed here. I wonder if Allison will be loyal or if she will be pulled back into Sabrina’s nasty web again. Very interesting…


This all depends on if they can trust Allison because I think Arlie has the Gremlins.

Did Arlie really just call himself “the most loyal person in this game.” LOL


Can’t believe Sabrina is the voice of reason right now…


Simon to funny and so understated as always. This week is awesome.


Allison and Paul are two people who should not have been cast on this show. Mentally neither cannot handle being on the show. Having the Big Brother mindset is essential to deal with the boredom, work out all the angles of the different game moves, and deal with the huge emotional swings of the game. Bad casting can really ruin huge parts of this game. They are extremely poor players with seemingly no awareness of how to play the game and both have held enormous power in this game and used it foolishly.


Why is it a surprise that Allison sucks at this game…..for Geez sake people, she watched from the war room for a week, and then aligned with Andrew and his crew. She’s a dummy, get over it.


I agree Allisons all over.the place but dont feel the need to make it personal and say she is stupid or dumb…whats stupid and dumb is production keeping Sabrina in the game week after week one way or another….if there is someone that shoulda been gone a long long time ago it is her…Canada agrees as does most of the HG until they are told otherwise from powers that be…..still cant believe no one is making a fuss over the fact allison revealed to kenny that production had a way of making sure he didnt get to play in the POV ( just dont put his name bag for veto picks) this has gone on a long time this is just first time someone has spoke about on live show)…its anyones game right now but in the end it will come down to what they say and that kinda sucks.


Sundowner, I don’t understand your comment regarding the POV chips. Did I miss something?


It was the Sloppy Seconds that had a way of keeping Kenny from playing in the POV… not production. They had Adel’s special power that they could use.

If production was rigging the game against Kenny, they wouldn’t let Allison in on all of their plans…


I feel Allison is in a similar situation Peter was in last year in which he didn’t keep Topaz. This is the end of game for her if she stays with Jon and Neda and votes out Arlie. Just like Peter, she’ll be gone week after botched decision. For some odd reason, I see her doing it though.

just an opinion

Its the end of her game either way. There is NO way Arlie would keep her. If they A & the G’s get anywhere near power – Jon, Neda on the block and Alison BD – or any similar combo with those names. I think Arlie is just crazy – see what happens the second, THE SECOND, someone threatens his game – threats everywhere and vile, just vile speeches. GIVE THE GUY A DICTIONARY!


i dont get why everyone on here loves arlie, he is not really entertaining, more arrogant than anything. I swear he thinks he is a wwe wrestler with all his little sayings and sayings like i will destroy them, raw dog them etc..calm down buddy, waaaaaaaay too dramatic!


Maybe you don’t get is that Arlie, more than most (including the viewers), understands that this is a game but it is also a show. The two are intertwined especially in BB Can. You may not appreciate his antics that are meant to acknowledge the viewers, feeders or not, but some of us do. That’s all. He is just more aware of what BB Can is more than most. And, why not root for strategy?


I think the REAL problem this week is ………….. it’s up to five females to cast votes! Two guys on the block and one HOH means it’s the five girls casting the votes…………….what was a woman’s prerogative again??????????????? 😉


BBVirgin, Virgin or not…I .totally do not understand your comment.


Name…you must be a male or very young female because most females know “it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind”…referring to Allison, Sabrina and Rochelle flip-flopping between voting Arlie or Adel out.

just an opinion

LOL! High 5’s


BBVIRGIN…oh my god I laughed so hard after reading your comment….thanks so much…after a shitty day at work you made my day. 🙂

Russ from Van

Arlie in the bottom video:

About Jon and his plan to back door Arlie: “His drunk game is the stupidest game. It was the stupidest decision and it benefits Neda more than anyone”. That pretty much sums up Jon’s choice.

As much as I’m cheering for Jon and Adel, it would be a great story line for Arlie to stay, comeback with avengance, and run the table all the way to a victory. It would be epic and legendary. It would be like letting Hannibal Lechter loose to wreak terror.

I love how he doesn’t just say he wants to f*ck them over and screw them over. He says he wants to raw dog them, lol.


Maybe the Jillian/Emmett vote is done and they’ve advised Allison to dump that psycho, Arlie.


The weakest twist/meter whatever of the season (or more). Who care’s. Many of the current season’s players are better than either of these two.


This auto?mute on cam 1 & 2 is seriously something that needs fixing. I just don’t understand the reason for it…


Poor management for sure.


When you lose your sound mute your computer then unmute you will get sound back.


Rant #1: Allison is aggravating the heck out me…she can’t trust Arlie and her biggest fear is that she will keep him, he will screw her over and make her look like an idiot…yet she makes a final four deal with the people WHO ADMITTED that they were going to backdoor her this week. I can’t even…

Rant #2: I really want to hear the convo going on by the pool right now but production…for some ridiculous reason…has BOTH muted cameras on them and BOTH cameras with sound on the boring convo going on in HOH. Why not have 1 camera on each scene?? Ugh…


Allison is so stupid if she goes with Jon and neda. If she does I hope she leaves next week!!!


these updates have me going insane … when we need a production rigg we cant get one lol … allison have my head hurting i love adel but i want to see arlie get revenge

peter edwards

lol people don’t worry im watching the live feeds as we speak and allison already realized how jon and neda were lying to her. back to evicting adel. i will continue with updates.


This is the best season ever!!!! I don’t remember not knowing how the votes are going to go even glued to the spoilers. Nobody is voting with the house. Nobody really knows who is with who. Theres really isn’t no powerful alliance. WTG BBC


Is Adel even still in the house?!


I was thinking the same thing.

Arlie the King Obnoxious

God do I hate Arlie! It’s unreal. That photo of him wincing is a symbol of his obnoxiousness.



Shaban is the man! He is making for a very exciting week! How boring it would be without him, it would be the Jon show til the end. Jon and Arlie need to be able to duke it out, and if Arlie does stay, may the best man win. Last year Jemmett were in charge all season, and I did like them both(wanted Emmett to win though), but it made the season quite predictable. This time around I find the power changes constantly making the suspense much greater, because at this point we still don’t really know what Allison will do. I can’t wait til Thursday to find out!! It’s passionate players like Arlie that make Big Brother fun to watch. Simon and Dawg, you guys will need a vacation after this week, I honestly don’t know how you are able to keep us updated like you do, but I am so thankful you do, onlinebigbrother rocks!!


I still think arlie will stay and adel will leave on thursday…. from a story line standpoint it would make more sense for production to keep arlie…. the way the show has been edited leads me to believe that production wants to continue with arlie as a mastermind in the game….. adel storyline about being the underdog coming back from the defeat has pretty much run its course…. they really cant do anything more with adels story line. production will push really hard for arlie to stay.. it would make more sense from a drama standpoint if arlie and his angels battle jon neda and heather… this would make for great tv….


For me it is sad. I like them both, within this season, for different reasons, and would have liked them both to continue further together. Either leaving will be a bigger blow than then any of the previous players.


Arlie is doing the Will Kirby mind games. He has told all the HG’S yesterday when they were all in the living room before his poem how he admires Will’s game play. So this is what he is doing playing it up doing what his BB idol did. He wants the notarity he even said he wants the fans to remember him. This is so juts that the only H G that has somewhat figured this out is Neda!