Sabrina “This is the meanest season ever.. do you think I’m like Amanda”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 19-09-32-877

9:55pm Poolside Gremlins, Kenny and Sarah.

they are talking about the game the other side was playing in the kitchen picking who they would marry. Sabrina is pissed by it. (Nobody picked her)

Sabrina says Neda would make a despicable wife at least Sabrina can cook food and clean dishes.

Sabrina – “it’s a compliment nobody chose me I would not choose any of theses people except you Kenny”

Sarah leaves

Kenny tries them to stay positive tells them they will win the next HOH, they just need to sit back and find the humor in it. Rachelle thinks so many of the the HOH’s were by chance.

Sabrina says she’s never been so sad before “Stabbed in heart by people I thought I knew “

Rachelle tells them they cannot roll over

Sabrina – “Doesn’t Canada feel bad for us the whole time we were underdogs.”
Rachelle says Heather is probably getting the sweet little blonde girl edit and Rachelle is getting the evil girl edit.

Sabrina says she’s worried Kenny will side with the “Devils” Kenny tells her there is no chance of that happening.

Sabrina starts to cry says she doesn’t want Sarah to leave and she hates Arlie.

Sabrina “They straight up told me I was a mean person”

Rachelle – “Half the people in their are useless “ (everyone else other than Allison, Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina)

Sabrina wonders if Andrew will ever talk to Allison again after she turned her back on their alliance.
Sarah joins them again.
Sabrina says Kyle was nicer than Jon, Rachelle disagree says Kyle called her a wh*re.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 19-34-50-336

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 19-25-39-216

10:20pm Bathroom Arlie and Jon

Talking about when the instant eviction is. Arlie wishes things more straight forward with Big Brother like they are in Survivor he hate trying to work all these what if’s into his strategy.

Alrie wonders if it’s worth backdooring Kenny or just putting him up.

Arlie is hoping the HOH is endurance and it’s the “pressure cooker” (Pressure cooker was an ultra endurance comp during BBUS season 6. house guests stuck in a plexiglass room where they have to hold onto a button, last person standing wins. Big Brother tempts the players with Alcohol and luxuries while in the pressure cooker.. it was an epic comp)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 19-34-59-903

10:40pm Allison digging into a burrito like a savage.

Deli thinks the pancake looks like the Sock puppet Gonads

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 20-06-10-772

11:00pm Sabrina and Rachelle

Sabrina cycling between full on bawling to full on giggling…

Sabrina – “Oh my god oh my god oh my god.. I HATE ARLIE AARARGH “
Rachelle gets called into the Diary room
Sabrina “I’m not mean they are so mean.. stupid Arlie.. I’m not mean”
Sabrina – Allison oh my god how is she wearing Andrew’s shirt.. oh my god.. “
Sabrain – “how is walking around and not feeling horrible… how does a human do this.. how how.. oh my god”

Rachelle comes back, Sabrina asks her what their alliance is called again. Rachelle – The forsaken.

Sabrina – “This is the meanest season ever.. do you think i’m like Amanda”
Rachelle doesn’t think she is being portrayed nicely she says she said some mean things about Heather.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 20-05-00-055

11:00pm Have nots KEnny and Sarah
Sarah says it really is getting to her how happy the other side is.
Kenny says he doesn’t think if it was their side they wouldn’t be celebrating as much.

Kenny refuses to be a sore loser when you are down everyone else looks up

They start to deconstruct their game.. Sarah wonders that maybe they should have been quiet about their alliance more.

Kenny – “being in jury without you is going to be brutal. Kenny knows he needs to win HOH or POV next week or he’s gone there is no way at this stage he can wedge himself into any of the groups.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 20-33-42-404

11:00pm – 12:30am Bedroom Arlie, Jon, Deli, Allison, Neda

Arlie saying he had a conversation with Kenny when Andrew was still around and he was talking very suspicious of Arlie. At that point Arlie knew he wouldn’t be able to keep the ruse on for much longer.
Jon says Sabrina is claiming she knew about Arlie for a week.
Alrie wants to know what Sabrian has been saying to them.
Neda says that Sabrina is taking credit for being the house mastermind and she’s claiming she never said anything mean.

Allison says Sabrina is bawling out of control, “It was really hard to watch”
Jon and Neda say Sabrian is faking her tears. neda mentions how Sabrain will cry uncontrollably once sec then stop if she get no response and ask you what is wrong.

Allison continues to explain her conversations with Sabrina earlier today, Allison mentions how Sabrain denies saying all theses things and keeps telling her she will see when she watches the episode. NEda says there was a reason why Canada nominated her.
Adel says on of his tweets when he won buzzworthy was “Adel good job for seeing right through Sabrina”
Arlie tells them that Sabrina would always say she wanted NEda out because she was Jons’ pet, “Nothing major.. just stuff like that”

Conversation turns into a venting circle.. Everyone say a bit about why they dislike Sabrina.

Adel – “She’s so full of sh1t it’s coming out of every pore”

Arlie deconstructs how the 1st5 worked, He says he was always the last one to get information. Arlei says the other girls just didn’t like Heather on a personal level, “They were mean I hated it”
Arlie retells the night Heather and him bonded when IKA freaked out on Heather calling her a pimple lipped b1tch. Heather was hiding in the have nots crying and Sabrina barged in “Acting tough’ Saying to Heather “I’ve been talking sh!t about you for the past week” Arlie – “She was pouring salt in the wound.. that conversation was the worst one in the house”

Heather says people use to make fun of her acne they use to call her pizza face. So when IKA and Sabrina started calling her pimple lip it really hurt her. Heather says Sabrina was so upset when people called her fat because people outside of the house calls her that. It’s sad that she would do that to another person in the house about what they are self conscious about.
Allison says she was completely fooled by Sabrina.
Neda says so was she up until they put IKA up.

(Video coming.. it’s long)

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so funny the sloppy seconds are all comparing stories of sabrina’s lies, “omg she’s like a psychopath” “I honestly believe she thinks she’s a good person” haha welcome to the onlinebb comments section bbcan players

Stooge Banter

the bedroom vent fest video featuring all 6 from the sloppy seconds is awesome

discussing some big moments of the season

i especially like hearing arlie and neda swap stories and discuss sabrinas lies, as they each worked with her in one of her 2 alliances, then everyone ripping into sab, including arlie and deli going into detail of the sab v ika stairs/kitchen/hottub fight and arlie discussing the sab v ika and heather fights

very interesting watch, and i like the genuine enjoyment for this crew hanging out together and shared humour


LOL, Sobrina is a full blown psychopathic pathological liar. She talks bad about people behind their back constantly, and says the rudest vulgar things about their physical appearance and personality for no reason. She creates lies and rumours and acts very “mean girls-esque” and she has the audacity to bawl over the way she’s being portrayed? Either she is a delusional, naive, psycho or she’s playing up an act to get her and possibly Canada to see her as a “good” person. Just because you cry, doesn’t mean that anything you say is true. Lol, sorry, no one is falling for your crazy antics.


hahah in the first video around 13:20 sabrina says “i dont understand wouldnt canada vote for us, because the whole time we’ve been the underdogs” i am pretty sure in every episode up to Canada’s HOH sabrina would be so proud to take credit for running the house and being at the top. She is litteraly crazy if she thinks “running the house” (when her alliance not her was) is an underdog.


sabrina is losing it.


Did Rachelle actually say that those in the ”sloppy seconds” alliance are useless? Rachelle…can you even SPELL useless? Or does Sabrina have to come over and spell it for you, since you can’t do anything without her? Can you even wipe your own ass without Sabrina? What a fool.

Her head is filled with grandiose ideas of being a (cough) “model/singer”, and jewelry designer, alongside former “model” and soon to be Oscar nominated (coughing really hard) Sabrina. If my eyes could roll any further into the back of my skull, I’d be blind from the effort.

Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina, and Rachelle are all going to have their day of reckoning when they exit that house and re-enter reality.


I don’t understand why anyone would be against Kenny? He has not been mean to anyone, especially not as mean as this new alliance has been. Do you people even watch the same show I’m watching. Kenny has been the most real and down to earth!

Johhny (the European one!)

I find Kenny to be very likeable.
He has acted in a regrettable way at times.
It is an unfortunate REALITY of this game that “bashing others” and “adopting your buddy’s vile behavior when with him” are very common traits of people in this game. It’s “instant connection” as well as “signalling the jerk that I don’t judge him one bit”.
We can clearly see this with the Sloppy Seconds, who have spent hours and hours bashing on Kenny, Sab , Andrew and Roro ever since they got power.
Many people on this forum are using 2 very different standards when comparing those.
And especially when putting Kenny in the same basket as Sabrina and Andrew, which is just wrong.


you must not have caught it, but kenny said he wished jon’s dog would get run over while he was in the house. in the heat of the moment, he can get as aggressive as andrew.

Johhny (the European one!)

Kenny said that given how many times Jon has sworn on his dog’s life and then went against that, his dog has good chances of getting run over.
That’s very different.
Get over yourself and just stick to the truth, even if it’s about someone you don’t like.
Thank you.


Thank God! Someone else has a brain and can see that Kenny isn’t actually a bad person, he just aligned himself with maybe the wrong people! He did make that mistake but once your so far deep into the game, you cant just turn back and not be friends with Andrew or Sabrina.
I don’t know why people hate on him so much, it really disgusts me because he has been the only one to care about others, to be mature and lets be real, if any of us were in that house things would get taken the wrong way. It seems like everybody hates Kenny and I just don’t understand it!


i think one of the most annoying things about sabrina is that whenever she goes into a conversation, she automatically has to one up people and feels the need to share about her wealth of experience in the area…


Slobrina is insane, does she really think shes a good genuine person ? Please .. this girl needs a reality check. shes gonna have a lot of people hating on her when she gets out of the house. shes the second amanda minus the rasim, well i don’t think she said anything racist.


Sabromit called Adel a monkey during an early rant about her hatred for him. After her breakdown tonight I don’t feel any less disgust for her, but do feel that BB needs to bring her into DR and get her some counsel. She’s on the edge of a psychological break. I do not feel sorry for her, just recognize that she’s in dire need of help, and really, shouldn’t be in the house any longer. It’s not good for her mental health, nor is it entertaining to watch someone go to pieces…


The Sabrina/ Amanda comparison is erroneous. There is no comparison. Amanda is/was substantially less fragile than Sabrina was strategically more adept.


Omg there is really something wrong with sab, they named their alliance Forsaken 😉


You guys do a great job with this blog.

I’m addicted to reading it.

I really appreciate insights like

|Arlie is hoping the HOH is endurance and it’s the “pressure cooker” (Pressure cooker was an ultra endurance comp during BBUS season 6. house guests stuck in a plexiglass room where they have to hold onto a button last person standing wins. Big Brother temps the players with Alcohol and luxuries while in the pressure cooker.. it was an epic comp)|


That comp still KILLS me because Kaiser made such an unbelievably awful mistake in there after being given a second chance.


Ahhh….the pressure cooker. One of the worst mistakes in BB history…aside from Marcellas not using his veto…was Kaysar letting J-Blow win that one. What was he thinking?? Anyway, could you imagine being stuck in the pressure cooker with Sobs? Having her interrogate you the entire time about why you think she is mean? I would’ve ended up like Beau…giving it up for the booze. Get me drunk…I can’t take her anymore…


Man these people sure do get cranky when things don’t go their way. I love how Rachelle and Sabrina think they can possibly be getting bad edits as if we don’t literally get to watch their every bad move and hear every horrible thing they have to say. And common sense dictates that in order to get a bad edit you have to have done something bad, but look who I’m talking about. Logic does not apply.

another name

i don’t disagree with you about rachelle and sabrina being insulting and cruel, and therefore would be portrayed as insulting and cruel because the photage backs it up.
watching the aired episodes and not the feeds would lead me to believe that jon adel and neda have not been insulting and cruel since the canada’s hoh nominations. i’d be completely unaware. none of their trash talk is included in the episodes.
it happens.


I don’t know if Slobina is delusional and thinks everyone else is crazy, or she is worried that she is being betrayed as a bitch on tv so Is trying to rewrite history while freaking out at the same time. Either way she needs to see a physiatrist. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone whine on this show as much as her.

I love when Kenny said they are taking the high road in this game. Lol that was funny!

Oh and for anyone who complains that the people in this forum are too hard and too abusive to the house guests, just watch the feeds. They say far worse things about each other than is said here.


Sabrina is a piece of work. She just doesn’t know when the shut the F up! Oh and her saying that Andrew won’t have anything to do with her outside of the House because she chose to walk away from 1st 5 is crazy. Obviously Sabs cannot separate game play vs emotions!

Wonder how many times she cries with in a 24 hour span. Bet the Production crew and those behind the scenes are making bets!


Sorry forgot to add the person’s name. Allison! I doubt very much Andrew would cut Allison out and never see or speak to her again all because she did what was best for herself in the game.


At this point I really don’t care who will win just glad the truths about Sabrina is out and she can cry all she wants nobody cares lol


This is perfect….even though I want Sabrina to be the next one out so bad, i want to see her all alone with nobody…..this girl has serious issues….yeah ” what I said was all for game..bla blah blah I am not mean”… how is it game when you say that Jon got his yeast infection because of Neda’s nasty v….???that is not game that is being a disgusting excuse of a woman and vile. ” you’ll see when you go home”…..this girl is so hated by the viewers right now, and when she gets out is going to have a real taste of reality. I WANT to feel bad for her because she is someone’s daughter and sister at the end of the day but I just can’t . All joking aside I truly think she has mental problems. One minute she is saying fuck them I don’t care, to crying without the tears , to talking and smirking fine about how she hates the other side to , pretend crying and saying how nice she is bla bla bla. She needs medical attention soon…..and that’s for her own good…this girl is crazy…..and if she takes being called mean so personal, then if I were her I would want to stay locked up in bbc2 house and never come out. Sarah is a hypocrite but at least I can see her looking at herself throughout this season when she gets back home and realize just how wrong and hypocritical she was towards heather specifically. I can’t wait for her to leave, so far my favorite ppl, not just as players but as ppl are Heather and Allison. … girls 2….they R in the perfect position game wise.


Chela I agree. Game aside, She needs professional help.


I expect to wake up to the news that Sabrina was removed from the BBH in restraints and sent to the psychiatric ER @ Toronto Western Hospital.


How could you hate Sabrina so much for being mean, that’s crueler than any statement made in the bob house. I don’t care for Sabrina at all, but wouldn’t wish that on anyone!


I read that Amanda Zuckerman is going to visit the houseguests shortly.


Oh please no. That horrible woman doesn’t deserve more air time. Ugh.


I know that I’m not the only one that feels this but I want Kenny to stay a little longer in this game. He’s the only stable villain left in this game and the way that the gremlins are going, they’re just gonna fall apart. it’s nice to have a good villain in this game and I’d much prefer Kenny to stay over the two bumbling idiots just to get more drama going on his part… hell, maybe sway Allison on over to his side, because let’s be honest she’s starting to play the game now and realize sooner or later that she’s lower on the totem pole than what her alliance let’s on and would best to side with people you can trust the most on a smaller level.


I agree. A good drama or show needs vililans and heroes. Once Kenny is gone, the show will become boring. Just a bunch of people lying around chit chatting all day.

tyrese jones

i enjoy watching sabrina suffer. i hope she lasts for the next 3 weeks so i can witness her breakdown even more. lmao she is everything you wouldnt want in a girl.


Just watched one of the Sabrina crying sessions (I know there are many) and one of the things I noticed is that for all her uncontrollable sobs there are actually very few tears. She either has a medical condition where her eyes do not produce tears or she is totally putting on an act. I think it’s the latter but I don’t know. If she isn’t “acting” and her sobs are real, watch the night she is evicted, she won’t even make it to the stage, they’ll be sending her immediately to the psychologist/psychiatrist for evaluation. I would love to see her be the last of their alliance be evicted because she won’t be able to handle being alone in the house with no so called friends.


It’s a very cool trick to bawl your eyes out for hours and yet not have red swollen eyes and a running nose. How does she do it???


The sloppy seconds are really venting about Sabrina and I love it. Allison is trying to stay positive and not really call Sabs any names which I can understand. I just hope she is not stupid enough to think Sabs is a normal human being. I wish one of them would call her out!


So Sabrina slept between two guys, woke up and said it was because she was so cold in the other room. The two guys said I don’t know it was fuc**ng hot as hell. Sabrina ‘shook Andrew’s hand’ way before Allison.
So the above footage shows Rachelle pulling her hand out of Sabrina’s top. There’s something more to their ‘alliance’ people.
Now, for gameplay – I want Healther to win for sure and have them eating her fairy dust.
I like that Neda is not a ‘yes’ girl and pushover. I love Arlie’s gameplay and weirdness.


Did Sabrina actually say that she is hurt that Allison switched sides? This girl is nuts. She was going to vote Allison out and she has the nerve to be “hurt” by Allison. She is a whole other level of crazy. When she is confronted with the things she has said (after the show) she will not take responsibility and she will deflect by saying “they were mean to me”. She has no insight. I hope she stays far away from social media because she may have a breakdown.

Russ from Van

Allison, ditch the Sheyld shirt!

Those two are a couple of donkeys, trying to milk their 15 minutes of fame for every fleeting second they can.


Why can’t bb gives us 4 different feeds when people are in 4 different rooms and not just when people are sleeping either.


well i’m liking allison a lil bit more this week as it seems she is getting into the game now that her plaything has left the house.

another name

i know this is not something i should write because it isn’t about game play and it’s a bit of a pandering comment.

when i scrolled down and saw the photo of jon, allison and the burrito i burst out laughing.
no, i’m sure jon isn’t looking on so intently to see how much of the burrito allison is putting in her mouth at once.
smells like another showmance.

truly, i couldn’t resist and man do i feel like my morals, ethics and iq just dropped considerably.


Sabrina…. What the hell is wrong with you?????????????????
She has major delusions of grandeur!
She needs serious professional help.


Her whining, bawling and selfish tantrums are really over the top! I am so freakin’ tired of bawwwwling! Really she expected Allison to just sit on the block and not fight because of SCUMBRINA? She gets uglier and uglier the more self centered she gets, the more she lies, the more delusional she is, the more whiny she is and the finally, the more she cries. I can not even imagine she cries like that for anyone else but herself. At least Amanda had more self awareness and owned her shit! This one needs a mental vacation (hello BB shrinks??) just for us viewers sake! I can’t STAND HER and she grates on my nerves. Sheesh, why do I even bother to care about this brat? She is has completely lost the plot and is starring in her own delusional show in her mind. How f’ed is that?

So tell me how you really feel? LOL ! Truth be told , I actually feel better venting! It was better than watching her in her self pity! Thanks!

Luvs the rock

If Allison is a psychiatric nurse then how the hell does she not recognize that “Sobby” is a total mental case!! I hope her employer and co workers are watching her complete lack of judgement and send her back to school for more training. If I ever have a family member in need of mental health treatment I hope they never end up on her watch. Now that her head is out if Andrews ass I hope she starts to play the game. C’mon Allison you’re a warrior make us proud! I was really rooting for a newfie alliance….it could still happen…Big brudder’s watching 🙂

Johhny (the European one!)

Allison knows that she’s in a unique game environment, where everything that Sabrina says and does could be meant to deceive.
I’m sure Allison has some strong suspicions about Sabrina’s “problems”, but a big part of diagnosing people’s mental state is to have a proper diagnose. Allison knows that she’s not in a situation to do that, so it would actually be unprofessional for her to make a “clinical judgement” like saying “as a psych nurse, my judgement is …”.


Allison is not a psychiatric nurse. She is a nurse that works on a psychiatric ward. There is quite a difference in both the training and roles of those two positions.