Sabrina deeply hurt by the personal attacks against her “I wasn’t mean I’m only playing the Game”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 17-17-00-921

8:16pm Sabrina and Jon

Jon asks her for no bullsh!t during this conversation
Sabrina agrees but wants no bullsh!t from Jon, She says it’s all real she is not going to bullshit

Sabrina now claims that she saw Arlie flipping 4 days ago.

Sabrina – “I’m upset you think i’m mean.. it hurts my feeling’
Jon says she’s playing a very manipulative game he doesn’t think she’s mean she jsut said a lot of things.

Sabrina says she heard that Jon said she was a “Backstabbing b1tch” and he wants her gone next week.

Jon doesn’t recall saying that say it’s not really in his character to say something like that.

Jon says at the time when he supposedly said that he didn’t want Sabrina gone., he wanted Andrew gone first, Kenny than Allison .

The conversation ends as they walk back inside Sabrain says this is big brother everyone lies none of them are saints.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 17-22-26-197

8:20pm Allison and Neda Storage room

Allison says Sabrina said I was ugly and she can sit there and said she wasn’t mean to me behind her back.
Neda – “She’s a f*** Bitch”

Allison – I’ve seen her be mean.. about heather” Allison adds Sabrina doesn’t recognize the things she said about Heather as mean.
Neda sarcastically says – like heather doesn’t count.. she’s not human

Neda mentions how Sabrina is trying to tell her she doesn’t lie or talk bad about people behind their backs..

Allison and Neda agree Sabrina keeps turning it around to make it sounds like she’s the one that has been hurt and they are the ones attacking her.

Arlie joins them says Sabrina is rattled for sure, “She thought she ran this whole game”
Allison says she talked to kenny and they are ready to fight “Game on”
Arlie – “Kenny is a champ so I Sarah..”

Neda says she cannot stand Sabrina she is going to blow up soon. She;’s held her lip for 3 weeks now.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 17-46-12-461

8:32pm Poolside Sabrina and Sarah

Sabrina says Arlie was working with the other side week two, She says it was Arlie going to Jon telling them all the things they said about the other side.

Sabrina – I did this all for the 1st5 and I would do it again .. I’m not mean i’m loyal to my first 5

Sabrina – Really Arlie has f*** us over since week 2

Sarah says she believed him when Arlie said working the other side was to help their game. Sarah now knows that Arlie’s allegiance was with Jon all along.
Sarah says she wasn’t prepared to play a game like Arlie.

Sarah says the person that f** them was Andrew.. “If he wasn’t an abrasive d1ck all the time.. it wouldn’t have turned off Arlie and JOn from the beginning”

Rachelle and Kenny join them and Sabrina starts in saying the house thinks she’s mean. but she wasn’t mean she was protecting her alliance.

(Lots more in this conversation but it’s exhausting to listen to .. enjoy 🙂 )

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 17-54-11-950

8:33pm HOH Jon, Heather and Neda
Going over the conversations with Sabrina and talking about Sabrina’s “Manipulative game” and how her game is screwed now cause everything has come out.

Neda says if Sabrina keeps up with what she’s saying and how she’s acting Neda is going to snap on her.

Heather knows Sabrian called her chuckys bride, she wants them to come up with a different name.

Jon leaves to run..
Heather cannot look at Sabrina anymore she wants her gone soon. Neda says Sabrina is so manipulative even though they all know this still might be able to spew out a nice speech during final 2.
Neda – As f** up as she is, she has no power at all.
They agree kenny gone first followed by Rachelle.

Heather says that Rachelle poured water on her head yesterday and said it “was an accident”

Heather – Sabrina isn’t even on the block why is she so worried.
Neda – “She thinks she’s the mastermind this season.

They agree Rachelle and Sabrina are very self centred.

They both claim to know once Ika left that Sarah, Kenny, Sabrian, Andrew were in an alliance.

Neda and Heather both realize that Sabrain fake cries a lot and get “Snippy” when they don’t think it’s legit and ignores her.

Neda mention that Sabrian would call Allison ugly in the HOH room then go downstairs and cuddle with Allison and play with her hair.
heather – Thats being mean
Neda – Thats a psycho path

Adel joins them and they talk about Sabrina saying “watch the show” Adel says when they watch the show they will know how much of a devil she is.

Neda comments on Sabrina thinking her and Andrew were put up because they were so strong. they all agree Canada put them up because Canada didn’t like them

Adel leaves..
Heather likes Allison but wants to make sure their core sticks together. They both Agree Allison is too strong to leave until the end because she’ll win the Final HOH.

Heather says she will never forgive Sabrina and IKA for what she said “It was so inhumane”
Heather – “If you don;’t like me just say you don’t like me.. Don’t pretend to be my friend asking me to sleep in your bed then going around to the other girls saying why is Heather sleeping in my bed.. it’s such a piss off”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 18-37-18-539

9:39pm Houseguests eating..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-07 18-40-26-495

With Sarah being slated for eviction Kenny and Rachelle getting closer and closer.
(Random chit chat in the eating areas)
Adel asks Rachelle if she could marry someone in the house who would that be
Arlie and Adel say they would marry Heather.
Rachelle says Jon or Kenny
Kenny says a toss up between Momzi and Rachelle
Adel says she changes to Heather and Momzi
Jon says he changes to Momzi to.

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I’m always rooting for the underdog, but in this case I could careless what happens to Kenny, Slobina and Rachelle. Bye Bye Sarah.


Everyone is so tired of Sabrinas moaning about everything. She thinks she can cry and get everything the way she wants like she has before this show. But no sorry there is no sympathy here.

Secondly Rochelle no you are not pretty sorry, and showing your crotch + having a personality with zero content doesnt make you less unattractive.


Forgot to add I am Team Adel / Neda all the way!


When did Rachelle pour water on Heather? Is there footage that you posted yesterday, guys? Simon/Dawg. Thank you.

Poetic Stanziel (@PoeticStanziel)

Sabrina is the least self-aware person in the world, methinks.

ihate sarah

someone needs to tell sarah and sabrina that all the crying in the world will not make canada like them!


You are a mean person Sabrina. But I also think your a pathological liar, if that can help??!! Urg.


I hope Sabrina isn’t serious. If she is, God help her.


Allison’s gameplay has gotten so much better with Andrew gone. He was bringing her down.


Kenny and Sarah are lucky that production warned them. They are biting thei tongues now, & I’m sure they have a lot of stuff they would love to say. Sabrina and Rachelle are still talking shit. I have never disliked a houseguest more than Sabrina. I pray for her and I hope she grows up.
The outsiders need to get rid of Sabs first and let her sit in the jury house for one week and go crazy.


Sabrina is a narcissistic, pathological liar. She seriously needs help on the outside. I’m honestly worried she will off herself when she finds out that she is literally loathed by her whole country.


She won’t off herself, unless it’s accidently during a contrived “show of remorse” designed to garner pity. As the center of her own universe she automatically knows how awesome she is even if everyone else (from her point of view) is too stupid to recognize that as a fact. The beauty of lacking genuine empathy or remorse is that you’ll never have a low opinion of yourself. But you can still pretend as if you do to get people to do what you want.


I swear that Kenny is slowly looking more like a troll as his power and influence continues to diminish,


Mean Sabrina? Canada sees you as psychotic. I wonder if the girl you bragged about casting spells on in grade 8 would consider you mean.


When did Sabrina talk about that – I’d like to look it up?


I was wondering if they might put a few people into the war room again, and bring someone back. A double eviction would be a good way to quickly fill up the war room in just over a week at the next eviction. Maybe this one or the next double? Might be a little twist heavy to do it right now, but since it’s still a secret room, I can see them using it again.


There is melancholy mood in the kitchen!


sabrina is sobbing right now and I can’t stop laughing, this is the breakdown we were hoping for with Canada’s HOH


What is this BS about production warning Sarah and Kenny? Why would you think they would do that? I highly doubt it and if that ‘leaked’ DR video with Allison is any indication of the questions they ask, they tend to stay neutral.

ihate sarah

kenny…do you think canada portrays me as a bully?
sarah…i dont think so..i mean i dont see it at all are BOTH bullys
hands down the best convo of the night


Please Sabrina, do us all a favour and cry yourself into a straight jacket!


I just heard Sarah and Kenny talking about the scolding they received today, obviously by production, and Sarah is now worried about the reception she will receive when she goes home. She said she’ll probably have to board her house up and Kenny laughingly suggested putting up a sign “Gone Fishing……forever”.

Russ from Van

With the legacy that Sabrina (psychotic) and Rachelle (can’t think for herself) are leaving this season this season, I’d rate them to be some of the most unlikeable villains I’ve ever watched playing the game. Here are some others:

(I don’t remember the seasons they were all on, so here are some descriptions)

-Shelley (sold out newbies for Jeff and Jordan)
-Aaryn (racist brat)
-Amanda (psycho)
-Nerd herd (all losers)
-Andy from last US season (rat face back stabber)

What do you guys think? Agree or disagree?


You might want to add the ‘Staten Island Troll Doll’ – her name eludes me now. Last season BB US – stalker who loved Nick. Remember.


is it gina-marie? 🙂


Oh my God I was hoping nobody would say it. Now you’ve done it – if you say it two more times……you know what happens? Scary.


Neda relating how Sabrina kept claiming that she was really a nice person and you will see when you go home and watch and Neda said she just kept saying nope.  She started crying three times and when Neda did not respond she stopped instantly. Arlie says she can fake cry on demand too. Lol
Crazy chick 🙂


so funny the sloppy seconds are all comparing stories of sabrina’s lies, “omg she’s like a psychopath” “I honestly believe she thinks she’s a good person” haha welcome to the feeds bbcan players


Kenny is the smartest and most strategic person in this house by far. It’s too bad he’s such a disgusting person!
Also, i find it hilarious that sarah is going to leave and she didn’t get to use her slop pass.


I wish Sabrina would go home, not Sarah. I’d like to see the Sarah/Kenny alliance get a little further into the game. It would really shake up the house if Kenny were to win HOH on Thursday.


Do any of the house guests know about Allison and Andrews little handshake?

another name

so, i do believe sabrina has talked behind everyone else’s back. she has. gleefully.
what do you call what everyone else is doing now?
wait… it’s exactly the same.
if any of the people now doing exactly the same thing would stand up in front of sabrina and the rest of the house and say, “sabrina, get real, you talk behind everyone’s back and insult people a lot. so do i, so does every member of this house. i apologize for my bad behavior, you should too.”
until then… they’re all guilty of the same crimes.
don’t bother commenting with ‘but this person or that person hasn’t done it as much’. behavior isn’t measured by degrees. it’s either good or bad behavior. they’ve ALL been duplicitous backstabbing children beyond what is necessary for the purposes of the game. push dislike if you can think of one houseguest that hasn’t at one point or another said something insulting and derogatory. search back in the feeds or in the links provided… there isn’t one. i’ve checked.

another name

btw… what the others are doing, getting together to play lets share reasons we hate sabrina… it’s a pointless strategy.
the strategy they are employing is get your alliance together share notes to isolate the social game player. notice that it is key players involved in each of the coffee clatches.
jon, neda and adel are keying in on heather and allison (the weakest or support members of their alliance in their opinion), the ones they feel might be manipulated. since heather is already all in, and allison doesn’t think she has alternative, it’s pointless strategy. and probably the only outward strategic move neda or adel have actually taken a major part in of their own volition. throwing out syrup and saying help me canada aren’t strategy.
the best way to employ this strategy would be to utilize it on kenny and rachelle. take away the social player’s only avenues. otherwise, it’s egostroking.


Actually behaviour is measured by degrees. There are liars and then there is a pathological liar. There are mean acts and then there are people who plan their mean acts. There is someone who will harm an individual but not cross the line to murder. Sabrina and Rachelle for that matter have taken it to pathological levels. They seethe with anger when they’re not on top and sabotage other people’s happiness. Rachell knew (as from her DR admission) that ‘she might have done something wrong’ by eating the candy. She was hysterically laughing about it later. Sabrina followed Ika to the hottub in an elevated state of anger and lied about the exact things that were said and still thinks she was right. They have both found each other for good reason. There’s movies made about girls like this on Crime Investigation (maybe not/maybe) but I find them to be capable of much more harm if they would get away with it within the Big Brother house. Just my opinion, of course. There are narcissistic personalities and once you don’t like them, they either demand to know why or absolutely want to harm you and take great pleasure from it. I am not saying these two are any of what I described but it sure does come eerily close.

another name

i wish i could agree with you. i’m not going to dislike your comment, because i respect your opinion.
the reason i can’t agree with you is that you describe severity of behavior, not degree of behavior. here is the part of the premise i can’t agree with simply because describing degrees of severity does not make bad behavior into good behavior. when i say there is good behavior and bad behavior, i am saying that severity does not change bad into good.
example: sabrina calls heather names 45 times (made up number, i didn’t count). heather calls sabrina a fat whore (or was it ugly whore… whatever).
heather’s insult is not good behavior because sabrina commit the offense to a more severe degree.
both are examples of bad behavior.

another name

i replied to this post… but it seems to have disappeared. if it appears again, i apologize for the similar post.
out of respect for you and your opinion, i’m not going to dislike your comment because i respect your opinion.
however i would like to explain my point of view to show why i can’t agree with you.
when you discuss severity of bad behavior you cannot alter bad behavior into good behavior because of the degrees you mention.
example: sabrina insults heather 45 times (made up number). heather calls sabrina an evil whore.
heather’s behavior is not good behavior just because sabrina’s bad behavior is more severe.
both are guilty of bad behavior. this is the point i was making.


Sarah looking so jealous of Ratchelle lol.. stupid game player
she is going out on slop with a slop pass to a Survivor castaway being voted off the island with an Immunity Idol in their pocket. 


I hate Rachelle but I don’t get the hate for Sabrina. she might be too emotional but she was just playing the game.


Come on Sabrina, the only reason you are hurt is because you have been had and now they may send your butt home and see you for who you have really been. You are the biggest sore loser . Please stop your whining and crying. Life involves more than just you and your problems! These people have their own minds so grow the f up!

another name

after watching sabrina’s antics for the first time, i received a call from a former co-worker who asked if sabrina reminded me of a girl we both used to work with. the lightbulb went on, because it was true.. they were like twins seperated at birth.
if this insight helps, please feel free to read it. during her calmer moments when she was happy, this coworker i’ll be calling sabtwin explained honestly what her behavior was all about.
sabbtwin said that whenever she felt confronted with her own wrongdoing, she would pretend to cry because her fake weakness would make people feel bad for her and the result would be less punishment. the greater the wrong, or the more things she was confronted with, the bigger the emotional meltdown she would produce. it wasn’t psychopathy, it was simple almost neurotic defense mechanism. she’d learned as a child it worked, and continued to use it because it still worked.
sabtwin would say that lack of control in situations would make her lash out at others, not out of hatred, but in order to feel some form of control by watching the reactions her outbursts created. really neurotic behavior, but neither psychopathic nor sociopathic.
sabtwin also said that she would insult and malign people behind their backs not out of hate, but because the things she said would make her centre of attention, the more vicious the comments, the more people would be entertained by what she had to say. she admitted she knew it was rotten, but if she showed them just how vicious she could be, they wouldn’t dare to point out her own inadequacies. another example of neurotic defense mechanism.
truly,if sabrina is as much like sabtwin as she proves to be every single day, she isn’t a psychopath, she isn’t in imminent danger of harming herself, or others. but truly, she won’t be much fun to be around. expect her to rant and rave in anger, pick one person to be the target of her fury, and malign them beyond anything you’ve ever heard. and watch her hate that one focus of her rage for the rest of her life. not rational, but it will be her way of avoiding blame.
for a good laugh, think of sabina as a waitress whose livliehood depends on tips.


I suspect that’s a pretty accurate assessment of Sabrina. Which is why I really wish she was leaving the house this week. So tired of the histrionics and whining, followed by over-the-top laughter, followed by more histrionics and whining. Enough already.