Sabrina – “Heather is the most creepiest ugliest girl I’ve ever seen in my life”

POV Holder: ? Next POV 29
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 18-01-30-667

8:59pm Hot tub Sarah and Arlie

Sarah – “You pretend to be nice on the outside than you slaughter them”
Arlie – “that is vicious momzi I love it “

They agree they are in the best position in the game. They think in people’s minds they are in the middle but Arlie thinks they are more on the top.

Arlei says that Adel is warming up to Sarah but his biggest fear is Kenny is her number one. Sarah has been taking it slow with Adel. Arlie agrees is her best bet.

Andrew joins them..
Sarah – “Oh my gosh tomorrow is going to be so crazy “
Arlie – “As long as it’s not two of us we’ll be fine”
Sarah says if it’s two 1st five go up it’s clear that Canada does not want their alliance to move forward. She thinks the next nominee will be another member of their alliance.

Arlie think their alliance is doing what needs to be done Canada will like them. Arlie thinks they have a chance where none of them will be nominated. Andrew says theres nothing they can do about it it’s in Canada’s hands.

Andrew wonders

Arlie tells them about when IKA shredded Heather in every way possible and HEather was in tears. Arlie and Adel could hear IKA yelling in the Diary room. Arlie adds IKA was insulting Heather’s pimples etc etc..

Sarah acts surprised “where was I when this happened” (you were on the stairs listening)

Alrie further explains what happens and Sarah now remembers she was on the stairs.

Andrew – ‘there’s nothing wrong with Heather at all she’s a sweet girl.. a little hard to take”

Arlie agrees.. mentions how heather has been acting more like herself lately and she’s much easier to get along with.

Sarah thinks Heather, Neda and Rachelle are not playing the game so Canada will pick them
Andrew hopes thats the case
Arlie – “It’s a possibility”
Andrew points out as long as someone not in the 1st5 goes up because they have the votes, “As long as it’s not two of us”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 18-19-39-201

9:15pm Sarah and Sabrina

Sarah tells her she doesn’t feel about Sabrina the same way as Kenny. She adds that KEnny is playing the game really hard.

Sabrina wants to know If Jon is talking game to her still. Sarah say no she thinks he’s “F**ked up” from all the slop and for losing the challenge. \

Sabrina and Sarah agree Jon is “So gorgeous” Sabrina says she’s certain neda and JOn like each other.

Sabrina asks her what does Jon know about Sarah’s alliance. Sarah never talks about alliances with Jon, ‘He’s very careful about what he tells me game wise because of my relationship with Andrew”

Sabrina asks her who Jon wants to keep safe or does he mention her name. Sarah says they think Sabrina is attached to Rachelle which is good, “he’s never said specifically he wants to keep you safe and he never mentions he wants you gone”

Sarah – “He’s got his mind focused on Andrew right now”
Sabrina – “Arlie to is cute.. Arlie is Super HOT.. SUPER HOT”
Sarah – “When Arlie puts hi shat on I lose it”

Sabrina – “Heather is the most creepiest ugliest girl I’ve ever seen in my life”
Sabrina “Jon is in love with NEDA that is why he keeps saying I love Janelle I love Janelle because he’s trying to convince himself”
Sarah isn’t close to Neda anymore.

Sabrina thinks Andrew is in the running to go up.
Sarah – “If it’s Andrew and allison we know they are annoyed at Andrew but they support 1st5.. if it’s Andrew and one of us they do not support our alliance”
Sabrain – “kenny has a crush on you”
Sarah – ‘Really”
Sabrain – YES
Sarah – “I think it’s because I get his humor right off the bat”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 18-39-24-272

9:37pm Rachelle and Sarah Hammock

They both claim to have no idea who Canada will pick. Rachelle does her russian babushka impersonation (Sven Lada) the girls watch the guys work out.. and chit chat. Rachelle asks Andrew where he got his muscles. Andrew says that once someone asked him that and he said “Wallmart 50%.. then I just walked away”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 18-47-41-323

9:50pm Hammock Heather and Sarah

Heather says she would never do it but yesterday she felt like barfing just so she wouldn’t gain weight. Allison cruises by on her way to work out, says oh my god next time you think that come talk to me. Heather clarifies she would NEVER do that just thought about it.
Heather describes her boyfriend williams’ body says he’s kinda like Jon but shorter and more muscular. Sarah says her husband is thin but muscular he doesn’t work out as much anymore because he’s been working so much.

Andrew takes a break from working out says he’s going to go into a competition in October and get ‘Super Jacked.. it’ll be the first one I’ve ever done.. probably my last”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 18-58-44-834

9:55pm Hot Tub Jon and Sarah

Sarah trying to get JOn to talk about his feelings towards Neda. Sarah says she adores Jon. starts talking about his feelings with Janelle and how she was the first girl that he’s fallen for, “She’s made me fall in love with her”. “She’s a cool girl I can’t wait for her to meet you”
Jon says she’s close to ‘Ned Balls” but it’s more of a sister deal, “You know what I mean.. she’s cool I enjoy her”

Jon says Neda is a cool down to earth person that he will keep in touch with for the rest of his life. Jon points out that Neda isn’t the type of girl who would do “Anything” in the house. Sarah – “Like Allison” Jon points out she hooked up with Andrew 8 hours after coming into the house.
They agree Allison and Andrew are not real.

Sarah thinks Andrew is deep down inside a good person.
Jon – “If he spoke to my sisters like he spoke to some of the girls here I would break both his legs”

Sarah says Andrew is severely insecure, “Like he’s got something to prove.. when you are really confident and a real badass you don’t give a sh!t what other people think ”

Sarah says Heather is going to be devastated when she hears the things Sarah has said about her in the Dairy room. Sarah adds that Sabrian will be pissed to.

Jon says Heather’s high pitch voice drives him insane.

Sarah thinks Andrew and allison are going to be nominated that or Canada may put up two players that are not playing the game like Heather and Neda.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 19-11-42-068

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 19-17-48-198

“Ned Balls” is feeling sick Jon grabs her a cold cloth.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 19-53-24-250

11:00pm Massages

*** FYI Slice is blocking the feeds all weekend starting tomorrow morning and going until Sunday night.

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NO Sabrina! You are the ugliest, stinkiest and most disgusting human being I have ever seen in my entire life. I cannot f*cking wait to see your watermelon shaped face when you realize how much Canada hates you!


Dido Ratchelle!!! I cannot believe how evil and delusional this girl is. Heathers a beautiful girl, and she has shown herself to actually be sweet and caring. Maybe she doesn’t have the best gameplan, but Sabrina’s jealousy of every girl in the house is out of hand. Since realizing Andrew and Kenny want nothing to do withe her sexually, she’s moving on to speaking of how hot Jon and Arlie are. Trust me girl, you don’t dont have a chance with them either. Someone stated before that by the time she leaves she’ll be in love with the sack of potatoes might actually come true (poor potatoes). I’ve stated on here before that I’m am an overweight Italian female, I was really hoping that the next twist was gonna be that Sabrina was actually a skinny, Portuguese, male so that I wouldn’t be in the same company as her. On the plus size, I’ve been watching the feeds while on my treadmill.


On the plus SIZE??? Freudian slip or on purpose? lol


Lmfao, totally Freudian slip, honestly. See what this girls doin to me.


How dare you insult watermelons!!! They are filled with sweet fruity fat-free deliciousness. Sabrina’s melon is full of lies, hate, boogers and disgustingness.


Sabrina =no forehead=missing link


sabrina is the worst, i just cant listen to her bullsh1t anymore

please simon more jon and neda vids, as much as you can of them please…and more arlie and adel…these are the 4 funniest to watch

i would like to see video of the pics above of jon helping with a cold cloth for unwell neda and their conversation, plus video of ‘neda looking fine tonight on the feeds’ pic that you tweeted, if possible



Game wise it probably is best to get rid of kenny because really is a smarter player then andrew but personally i wouldn’t mind seeing sabrina leave can’t stand her.

Botox Pelosi

There sure is a lot of haters this season. I am Team Heather.


Heather is adorable. I knew Sabrina couldn’t go a whole day without being hateful.


Hmmm…just read that BBCAN is blocking the feeds starting tomorrow morning until the Sunday episode… Here is my guess – they will have another instant eviction like last year because they don’t want us to see how it all plays out… So tomorrow they will have the nominations…maybe a veto comp…or skip it and go right to voting… I don’t think there will be a veto comp because Canada just voted for nominees and a replacement would be hard to re-vote or figure out… Then have another HoH comp before Sunday… This way there will be a double eviction this week…because we are long overdue for one! I’m just pissed we can’t watch it all play out and see the fall out! :((( #downwiththefirst5 #byebyekennyorandrew


Just wondering… What happened to the feeds last year when AJ had the instant eviction?!?


Didn’t have the feeds for AJ’s eviction.


So they were blocked until the next episode like it is right now?!? Hmmm…sounds very similar!


AJ’s eviction was on a Sunday episode, instant nomination (Topaz HOH nominates Andrew and Aj), instant eviction (AJ) he exited to Arissa (no studio audience), HOH played Andrew won and instant nomination Gary and Topaz. Full night.


double eviction the 10th




They never skip veto and i don’t see it being a ff too so if who ever canada puts on the block wins the veto the replacement would be the third highest votes from canada if the third higest wins the veto and uses it on the nom then the person with the fourth highest votes goes up.


How can you say they never skipped a veto before when they did it with AJ last year?!? They don’t have to have a veto comp… Also, they never talked about “the rules” with what happens if there is a veto…so honestly it’s just speculation! I think the reason why they blocked the feeds is because there is more to this…


The ratings for the show are going to be high on Sunday. I can’t wait to see who is nominated! I wish they didn’t block the feeds but I guess they want to save the drama for the show lol.
Well I should focus on studying tomorrow so I can be prepared for Sunday.

Love this site. Thanks ya’ll.


They’re blocking the feeds????!!!!! COME ON I DON’T WANT TO WAIT!!!!!


…but we know the results every week from the feeds! I think something more shocking or interesting is going down this week!!! We’re overdue for a double eviction so I think something sneaky is going down…


will after dark still air on sunday morning 2-5 or not?

will the feeds return after the sunday 9 pm ep finishes, so 10 pm?

do you think it will be confirmed who has been nominated, plus pov results before feeds return sunday night?

Johhny (the European one!)

Sabrina – “Heather is the most creepiest ugliest girl I’ve ever seen in my life”
LOL – well, I guess that means Sabrina does not believe in MIRRORS. 😉


Am I weird to enjoy Heather’s voice? It sounds so nice.


I’m starting to like sarah again.


no thanks

sarah pisses me off on every level

she gets gift wrapped huge safety by others, and she just coasts along without having to do anything


are you kidding me sarah is horrible…she lies about everything..kenny has a crush on you…HAHAHAHAH she has the huggest crush on kenny …they both agreed that if she wasnt married they would hook up….she is one horny lonley clown faced woman!


I have always liked Sarah. She definitely has a personality clash with Heather and I think that’s why so many people on this site don’t like her. She talks to everyone, stayed true to her alliance and is playing the game rather than just sitting around. She is not afraid to apologize when she has done something wrong. She did not shun Paul or Kyle when they were on their way out, but rather sat and got to know them while the rest of the house shunned them. She was the only one (other than Adel) who reacted ok to Ika’s tearing of the letters. She couldn’t blame Ika for what she had done. Team Arlie & Sarah for me. Good people and they are ACTUALLY playing the game, making moves and strategizing. I do not see the crushing on Kenny at all. If anyone is crushing, it is Neda on Jon all the way.


sarah is the 2nd worst to watch after sabrina in terms of annoyance factor

the only game she plays is coasting along with massive safety due to strong players allowing her in their alliance…she is not worthy of such extreme safety without having to work for it

a very fake and not very nice person, who claims to hate bullies, but loved bullying heather and ika…and fake cried when ika was backdoored

is embarassing her husband and kids with her excessive flirting with kenny and jon

cries all the time

has a whinging brutal voice to listen to (much more annoying sounding voice compared to heather) and is always complaing

has ridiculous eyebrows

i think i will stop there ha ha


She certainly did shun Paul. Her exact words were “you’re dead to me”.

Johhny (the European one!)

“*** FYI Slice is blocking the feeds all weekend starting tomorrow morning and going until Sunday night.”

Nooooo! 🙁
Is there any chance of you guys getting some insider information before then? Any Slice employees on your payroll? 😉
(I guess Andrew and Sabrina going up isn’t that much of a shocker, I’d be more interested in knowing if there WILL be a POV or not…)


No, there will definetly be a pov if the nom wins it then they will just use the person with the highest number of votes from canada as there replacement if that person wins and uses it then it goes to the fourth highest votes


Vote Andrew Kenny.. We need a strong player out. House guests already hate Sab. And she will not win anything… eVER.. I know it’s tempting to see the whale.. Wale .. But Andrew and Kenny they will win pov or something. Let’s give the underdogs a chance by getting rid of 1 of the actual strong ppl in the first five. Worse comes to worse we can back door Sab.


I might even go outside while the feeds are down, that’s if my eye’s will adjust


Heather is creepy and ugly!? That’s rich.


This is bullshit! We always find out who is up before the show airs. This is the ONE time that the live feeds should be on right after nominations. They give us the power and then deny us the satisfaction of witnessing the fallout? I don’t care to watch a subdued Sobrina two days after reality came crashing down on her head. I want to see the epic meltdown in real time, damn it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…


This will be pure torture for those of us who want to see her get her ” just deserts”. Epic temper tantrum, and lots of blame on editing etc. will ensue. Why would they deprive us of this after she’s shown such ugliness?


Why are the Live Feeds going down for the weekend? 🙁 I was looking forward to them.


They are probably doing this because the result is probably going to cause major FIREWORKS in the house …resulting in hateful/racist/sexist every-ist
speech and arguments ….or maybe for ratings? All I know is I want to see the unedited version of BB (hence live feeds). -_-

bb is a house full of crazy

Probably saving us from listening to Sabrina calling Canada fat and ugly and the worst people ever.


No they did the same thing last year they want to keep the suspense going and they will do this again when we get closer to the finale not really all that surprised. They don’t want to give it away until they get to sunday


Also, I hope we didn’t blow this by not securing a 1st 5 member in the fourth place slot. If third place happens to win veto and uses it, fourth place would go up and we might be seeing Adel or Rachelle (both were neck and neck in the polls for 4th) go home instead. If Sarah had been voted fourth and put on the block, she would have stayed and first or second place would go. Cross our fingers that third placed doesn’t get picked for veto, and if they do, Adel doesn’t get picked for veto and uses his power to take their place in the competition. That is now our only fail-safe plan to ensure a 1st 5 member goes home…


OMG!!! Chances are so slim that that happens. 3rd would have to get picked for Veto and win. Can’t see it happening. Andrew, Kenny or Sabrina are going home for sure. Maybe 2 of them


Considering who canada is voting for anything is possible and i don’t see it that big of a stretch that the third person could win the veto.

Johhny (the European one!)

Didn’t Arissa say something about some free preview of watching Slice ends on Monday?
Something along those lines I believe… They probably want to show people how “life without the feeds” would be like, so that many subscribe…


Get us hooked…then pull the plug. $$$


the free preview for BELL subscribers,,, bell did the same thing last year!, if your with a different subscriber your fine


any Americans here enjoying this season ? Im just curious 😛

I can’t wait for the live feeds tomorrow, last time I got this anxious for a live feed was when McCranda were about to be put up by GM , delicious feeds 😀

Miss Manners

Has anyone forgotten that Sabrina already slept with Andrew and Kenny during Andrew’s HOH? In between both of them. She said she’d do anything in the post earlier (for money) and this game is no exception. She is just a woman that has no limit, no rule, no remorse.
Filthy disgusting and she always seems to be bragging about what she HAD – boyfriend, dog, modelling career. For the record, she does old Italian ladies’ hair at home – she is not eductated in hairstyling (view the tape of her coloring Rachelle’s hair). Everything she says is a lie. Gawd if I met this woman I would not hold back – Ika got the biggest prize when leaving by saying exactly what she felt.


Ika could have said so much more too. If she repeated the things Sab had said about Allison, Heather … I would have spilled my guts.


How many people think Kenny has NO intention of telling anyone he’s gay?


Nope…I think that will be kept tightly hidden until he is asked flat out about it by Arisa on his last day in his exit interview. He is in too deep and coming clean now would only damage trust with his alliance. I CAN’T WAIT til Sarah finds out! I think she’s believes that Kenny is attracted to her and even if she doesn’t feel the same…or maybe she does…the thought is definitely stroking her ego. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she secretly hopes it is making her husband jealous at home. Of course, he is probably laughing at the situation, knowing Kenny is gay, and how embarrassed and hurt she is going to be thinking his flirting was genuine and that she fell for it.

Of course this is just my opinion…and maybe I am being catty…but she is fake and a hypocrite…and her making her rounds today to have a sit-down individually, like she is the “don” of the house, when she normally couldn’t give two shits about anyone’s thoughts was highly suspect…considering we are voting and she wants to look well-liked and needed. I am surprised they all didn’t have to bow down and kiss her hand before receiving her worldly advice. Lucky them…


awh the whole jon/neda relationship is so cute! and i feel like Neda is such a respectful person because he has a gf, as well as he is but idk i feel like those two spending more time together is only going to confuse them about their feeling towards each other. Love them tho cant get enough of those two ahaha


both very respectful fun loving people who have a good connection and trust and mutual respect and shared enjoyment of hilarious antics

good game partnership for big brother and for me really entertaining to watch


There’s such a double standard. Allison cheats on her boyfriend and everyone loses respect for her. Given, Allison’s and Andrews relationship is very visible with all the kissing etc. but then when Jon is having an emotional affair with Neda, everyone thinks it’s “cute”. Girls, seriously, would you think it was “cute” if you were his girlfriend? ( which is almost, if not, just as bad because Jon obviously knows Neda is in love with him, and Jon is doing nothing to stop it. Either he really likes her too or he’s leading Neda on big time) Hey they are my favourites too, but I just had to put that out there because I don’t know about you guys, but I feel bad for his girlfriend every time I see them together on tv.


Agreed. I was waiting for someone to point out how inappropriate they are. I’m sorry, I do not share and bed, cuddle or tickle my sibling. And they state they have a brother sister-relationship. I like them too, but she is clearly hot for him and maybe overstepping a little bit.


A good reason to keep Sabrina around is to keep the hounds off the other HG’s. Just because you don’t have a relationship with your family that involves horsing around does not mean that others don’t. Your being a bit to judgemental and pious for my taste.
Sniff an oust and start recalibrating to someone else to chew on.


Hey. No one said you had to agree. In my opinion they are doing more than just carrying on. Even the other houseguests are noticing and bbcan is trying to push it as well.


This is where I really respect Dan gheesling. He won and came close to winning twice and he was very respectful of his wife. He didn’t need a showmances to survive.


to the fun police above…

one of Jon’s good friends posted he is very affectionate with all his friends, including female friends, and his girlfriend is fine with it…and is not worried about jons behaviour in the house…neda is a respectful person and always is mindful of making sure he doesnt go too overboard, and he always gives out i love you shout outs to janelle his girlfriend…for those who are not ok with jons behaviour in the house, it doesnt really matter, as Jons girlfriend is not worried by it

im not sure why people are trying to compare Andrew/Allison with Jon/Neda…one pair is heavily constantly making out, spooning and with each other all the time and one pair is just flirting in a harmless comedic fun way, and enjoying each others company and hilarious antics, as good friends and trusted game partners…to have someone on the same wavelength, to trust, and share ideas to keep you sane in the house is absolutely critical, and im sure Janelle realizes this and is cool with Jon and Neda


I`ve noticed that you have posted this exact comment on several pages, so it looks like the only one doing the `policing`is you. Click a few more `unlike`buttons and move on.

First of all, I`m sorry if I hit a nerve on this with you. To be clear, he IS my favorite…I hope he wins! If he wants to marry Neda, hell, how he behaves makes no difference to me, he`s not my bf! That`s great that his gf doesn`t mind!!

As an outsider looking in, it does appear inappropriate considering he has a girlfriend. And, it`s hard not to notice when EVERYONE in the house is talking about it.

Anyways. Go Jon!


no worries

i dont know jon, but i posted what his friend posted here the other day on a few of the pages, because im sure people who missed it would want to know

each to their own, but for me i dont see what all the fuss is about

like you i hope he does well

i would be happy if any of adel, arlie, jon or neda win


Did anyone catch Rachelle singing “Oh Canada” on the feeds? You can tell she thinks she is amazing lol.


Arisa Cox is the morning DJ on 91.7 the Bounce here in Edmonton, and this morning she said that if one of the nominees wins the veto they will put up the third place for votes.


Officially confirming a POV comp? Awesome! Tonight should be an exciting show.


I guess if anyone wins the veto and removes our nominee that the person with the third amount of votes goes up is what I meant to say, but there will be a veto.


Does anyone think that Heather is interesting to watch? I find her really phony. That is not her. In the DR she says ‘little blonde me’ and it’s apparent that she thinks being the little blonde with the overly saccharine voice is fun to watch and hear. WRONG. Rachelle is another level of uninteresting – she’s just DEADGIRL


i still like heather. she shows resilience and is numbers for the good team.

Feeling annoyed...

Can you people criticize people’s game and not appearances!!?? You are talking smack about the house guests for talking badly about them and yet you do the same thing! Very starnge to me that you people act like you know these people when all you have seen are live feeds for 30 days, while they are living in a house filled with lies and cheating….. I’m a huge bb fan but reading your comments is making me sick. It’s too much! I used to love this site but now I think I need a break……ugh!

Miss Manners

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. B’bye.


They’re the ones on stage, not us.


Me too. I can’t believe you got thumbs down for that comment.


I agree with “feeling annoyed’. It’s the first BB I watch and I can’t get over how cruel the viewers are in their comments. Just real cruel remarks with no merit. Nobody really knows these people. It’s ok to talk game but when you start up on criticizing the people personally it’s just wrong!


Whatever challenge happened today apparently included getting to meet a fan of theirs. They keep talking about what the fans told them. They probably talked to people online maybe???

It’s midnight Central Time, and Sabrina and Rachelle are talking by the hot tub and Sabrina is still convinced she’s safe. It’s not even occurred to her that she might. She’s still slagging everyone off, including everyone from last season.

If we don’t get to see initial reactions to Sabrina being nominated, it will be the WORST injustice BB has ever committed. That will literally be the climax of the season so far… if not the whole season.


It’s pretty lame that the HOH doesn’t know who they are putting up before the nomination ceremony.


SARAH….what the hell is the matter with you! You have the nerve to talk about ALLISON’s morals, meanwhile you, a married woman, cannot keep your hands to yourself. You are all touchy feely with Kenny, and now you are all over Jon, hugging him and such. You are constantly drooling over Arlie as well. I have noticed this the past several days, and it is escalating rapidly. I realize talk is cheap, but my goodness girl, soon we’ll find you sliding down the bannister


YUP!….sarah is a total SKANK!


imagine jon’s poor girlfriend at home who has to watch all of this? And this is going on on television where her parents and friends can see it . Janelle must be so embarrassed. I feel bad for her.


nothing is really going on tho?


Aren’t they sleeping together and cuddling in bed?


Name, Sabrina much?


Kenny being dishonest by not disclosing who he really Is, very creepy.


It’s a strategy and so far is working for him within the house. He’s embraced by both sides.

Cop-out Kenny

I totally disagree and think Kenny is repulsive. Every person in that house deserves to know if they are rubbing up with someone they normally wouldn’t. Kenny obviously thinks he would not win if he let them know he’s gay (which is bs). To me that shows he’s weak in his personality and no real self-worth.


i SEE THAT BBCAN has unleashed my flyin monkeys – GO CANADA! Sabrina and Andrew complained about having Canada as HOH. Sabrina says Canada has no idea what it’s like in the house to live there. Andrew says Canada’s vote will be so “uneducated”.



Sorry I meant to post this as a comment, not a reply to yours


This girl (Sabrina) is delusional!!!!!


I agree Sarah is in the best spot, which is why I nominated her a*s. Andrew has zero chance of winning his abrasiver personality ensures he will lose. Kenny is smart but sbrina is smarter and sarah is the smartest, she practically has an alliance with everyone in the house.


This is pretty lame, all they do this season is block the feeds. Slobrina must be dropping alot of foul homphobic racist words.


Here’s the thing. ..
We as Canadian s should not Ostracism them and turn into them . It’s a poor example of all of us. This is a game. .The fallout for the HG on BBC will have to deal with their actions long after they are evicted and I don’t believe all of them will hold their head up for a long time. Some maybe never.. think about it words can stay with a person forever and slowly eat them up fro. The least they know in Big Brother House it’s a game imagine when they get out and see this … Anyhow imagine that… as people hide behind a keyboard slandering they have to live with it in vivid color in the real world.
That’s punishment enough..hold our heads up Canadian and other countries WE have seen the truth of their actions and we are better than to fall into that category. ..

YES I did vote Sabrina ,Andrew and Kenny out and am disappointed in their behaviors especially in regards to the blatant shun to others that was not a game that was their character coming to the surface I agree Sabrina was much to good at it for it to be in the name of the game Now hopefully she will learn from this but let’s not be like her were better than that…


As for production in a sure their just doing their job and with all this hate out there and venomous words perhaps their evaluating what to do so let’s show support n love not hate…

See ya all Sunday BTW were all amazing in a our own ways..peace


So sorry for the Grammer mistakes , I was on my touchscreen…oops


It would be cool if a former comp beast from season 1 fills in to represent “HOH Canada” if there is a veto comp. Tom? Jillian? Andrew? It would be an interesting twist to help secure Canada’s original nom’s.


I SEE THAT BBCAN has unleashed my flyin monkeys – GO CANADA! Sabrina and Andrew complained about having Canada as HOH. Sabrina says Canada has no idea what it’s like in the house to live there. Andrew says Canada’s vote will be so “uneducated”.



I wonder what Jon’s girlfriend thinks about all of this. Jon and Neda tickling each other on national TV. Sleeping in the same bed. Jon constantly flirting with her. I personally think it’s harmless (mostly on Neda’s part, I think Jon has different ideas, but I can’t imagine how Jons GF feels. Sitting there with her family watching her boyfriend tickle Neda on a bed (it was aired on thr actual show). Allllrrrriiighttyyyy thennn Lol.


there is no need to be calling people names or wishing they were dead , this is only a game people !


yeah i agree its fairly harmless

i like the humor they bring to the feeds

Smash stuff drunk

I CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT’S EPISODE. Sabrina will cry…. Self destruct … Self evict….. Self destruct then eat food till vomit again…..MOOOOOOOOOO!

Smash stuff drunk

BIG BROTHER. Really needs to make an easy challenge where alcohol is the reward. I want to see Jon yelling , Arlie streaking, Sarah laughing like an old lady ,rachelle talking like an old lady , and Andrew shovelling snot down his throat. And plz plz plz heather having a refreshing shower. I hope Sabrina pukes oh her own face . Why is kenny so ashamed of his sexuality? To each thier own i guess bit in my honest opinion which i am entitled to , i believe a lack of self control is too blame.