Arlie “This week I’ll probably side with 1st5.. I’ll do anything to win this game.. ANYTHING”

POV Holder: ? Next POV 29
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 20-22-34-070

11:12pm Sarah and Arlie Hammock

Sarah says she has been trying to get to know the people he is close to. She’s been trying to get close to Heather and she loves Jon.

Arlie says he’s unsure about Heather for the long term but right now she’s fine. Arlie thinks they will have to cut Heather before she makes her move, he’s certain she will make a move.

Arlie says he’s the swing vote this week for the two side, “I’ll probably side with 1st5 either way I go I’ll lie to the other side and pass the buck”

Arlie adds right now he’s safer with the 1st5, Sarah agrees.

Sarah feel that Kenny Is relatively honest with her. so she thinks if Kenny had secured Heather he would have told her.

Arlie points out that Kenny is playing so hard right now he might be keeping some things from Sarah, ‘I know how smart he is he’s literally the smartest person in the house.. he has an amazing memory and a very strategic mind” Sarah agrees “She’s so smart he might be leaving key pieces out of this game”

Arlie – “Rachelle sucks at this game she has no loyalty to me and you..Allison is second on that list.. NEda is third but WAY lower on that list.”

Sarah says she’s talked to Neda enough that she thinks when the time comes they can trust each other.

Arlie says they are in the best position and so is Kenny. Arlie points out that Rachelle has started to be attracted to Kenny in a big way.
Sarah wonders if kenny has become overconfident in his position on the game.

Arlie brings up Rachelle saying that her boyfriend is going off to school when she gets out of the house and they will probably break up. Arlie mentions how Kenny was part of the conversation, “She legit likes kenny”

Arlie – I Literally catch her staring at him”

Sarah asks Arlie other than keeping her emotions in check is there anything else she should be doing. Arlie says she’s playing a great game, she just needs to make sure she doesn’t stir up any sh!t.

Sarah says the last three days she was PMSing, “Jon said PMS wasn’t real I almost killed him” Sarah adds she’s starting to feel back to normal, ‘A big part of it for me is to keep my emotions in check and try and have my feeling of how much I miss my husband and kids under control”

Arlie says when he’s laughing at people making funny of Heather behind her back it’s all game.
“I don’t find any of that funny at all .. I’ll do anything to win this game.. ANYTHING.. I’m in game mode 100% of the time”

Sarah says when he tells him how hot he looks she actually means it it’s not game
Arlie – Thank you”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 20-40-00-486

11:36pm NEDA and Jon Bedroom
NEda asks him what would happen if Kenny leaves.

Jon thinks it would suck big time and he would have to readjust his game. Neda thinks it might be alright because it would mean Sarah is closer to him. She adds Andrew, Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle would form a tight group.
Jon – thats four we have, me, you, Heather, Arlie, Adel, Sarah .. we still have numbers”
They are agreeing to keep Kenny over Andrew.
Neda wants Andrew gone because 1) his voice 2) it will break up that group of four he has
Jon – “Andrew is a really insecure dude eh.. he’s really insecure it hurts me a little bit I don’t like people like that”
Jon brings up how Andrew talk to the girl in the house. “I have two sisters and if he ever talked to my sisters like he talks to you girls .. “
Neda says she has to bite her tongue so much and production has asked her about Andrew before..

Jon – “I want to start playing this game NOW.. that whole IKA thing scared the sh!t out of me”

NEda says Canada totally likes Jon, She thinks if Kenny wasn’t close to Andrew they would probably like him.
Jon agrees.
Neda says Adel sketches her out “theres something he’s not saying.”

12:05AM Have nots Adel and Jon
They are feeling good about Canada’s HOH
Adel is saying that Canada likes underdogs people that have to fight and struggle.
Jon – “Canada don’t like d!ck either bro “
Adel – Canada doesn’t like Bullies from day one childhood.. this could be epic for our team

Jon – “were going to make some f** noise boys


12:10AM bathroom
Jon and Sarah the embrace

12:20AM Andrew gives us a show a special treat for the ladies

12:10AM Rachelle and Sabrina Hot tub
meh.. Sabrina and Rachelle want Allison gone, Rachelle since oh Canada and holy crap she can sing unfortunately she has trouble getting out of the room.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 21-32-52-305

12:30AM Sabrina doing her laundry


12:40AM Houseguests are having trouble falling asleep Andrew walking around doing his thing.

1:01AM Andrew and Allison Showmancing
Andrew grabs her stomach and asks how their food baby is doing, Allison calls is pablo.
(Video coming)

Diary room leak

Allison is called into the Diary room. she was sleeping.
DR = Production

DR – Hi Allison how are you
Allison – sleeping
DR – Big brother appreciates your patience I just want to talk for 2 seconds
DR – Whats the shirt believe in the shield.
Allison – The Shield are the boys from last year.. I love the shield i;m a huge Peter fan they were hilarious and they tried real hard.
DR – we’ll get you to bed quickly.. theres a moment when you were in out of the hot tub.. Andrew is freaking out a little bit.. what’s Andrew saying and what are you saying.

DR – it was last night he’s just worried you were talking him off the ledge
Allison – So andrew is kinda talking himself out of a rut he’s convinced himself that canada is going to put him up on the block and i’m helping him stay positive.

BR – you said BU what does that mean.. do you think he’s not being himself.

Andrew is worried his is not being portrayed as someone other than himself.. like an a$$hole or a douchebag even though he jokes around like one. I told him to be himself and however he is portrayed is all he can do..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 23-00-12-553

2:00am Allison and Rachelle

Allison is thinking Canada’s vote is going to break up two people, mentions JOn and Neda. Rachelle says if they ask Sabrina about Andrew then it’s weird. (Allison must have told Rachelle that the Diary room woke her up at 2am to ask her about Andrew)
Allison – “I wonder if Jon and Neda were asked about each other”

Allison says Sara, Neda and jon were called into the Diary room.. Feeds cut.

Rachelle – like you and andrew, kenny and andrew, Neda and Jon
Allison – or you and Sab .. like obvious twos you know what I mean.
Rachele – Do you think it’s actually Canada’s vote though?
Allison – I was wondering that as well I guess we’ll see tomorrow
Allison is worried if Andrew goes up it’ll devastate him. Rachelle has noticed Andrew has been really down.
Rachelle mentions how Gary stayed in the Big Brother House much longer than he should have, “Twists” (She actually does the air quotes)

They’re having trouble figuring out if they are being portrayed as funny. Rachelle says people always tell her she’s funny and weird.

Rachelle says before she wasn’t worried about the twist but now she’s freaking out. Rachelle wishes they had found out the order of the “buzzworthy Thing” it would give her a better idea of who is popular.

Allison says last season when they had to vote she usually voted for big players that were funny and entertaining.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 23-23-05-700

praying for a feed leak tomorrow night

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests and soon after blocks the feeds for the scheduled live feed block until after the Sunday night episode airs..

BBCAN2-2014-03-29 07-00-31-833

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-29 19-49-13-403

Votes are in, you’re HOH but you don’t get to see anything fun

*** FYI Slice is blocking the feeds all weekend starting tomorrow morning and going until Sunday night.
*** Last year we had a leak so we might find out the results tomorrow night.

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Johhny (the European one!)

12:30AM Sabrina doing her laundry:
That picture reminds me of a Dan Aykroyd sketch on Saturday Night Live… He was playing a refrigerator repairman… He was bending forwards a lot…


Watching after dark, Sabrina is literally clinically insane. I can’t believe the things she says and how every conversation revolves around how people think about her and she thinks that she is so great. I don’t know if she actually believes it or if she’s trying to convince herself. You’ll see the excuses that are going to flood out of her gross mouth after she is nominated. She will blame BB that their portraying her in a horrible way on the shows, meanwhile it’s the opposite. Most of the votes for her will come from the hardcore fans that watch the show 24/7. If anything the tv telecasts have been showing her in a good light ( which I don’t agree with). She’ll blame her nomination on everything other than her own disgusting personality and behaviour. She’s so delusional. I so hope the house guests evict her. I can’t handle seeing and hearing her anymore.


She’s a narcissist. Textbook case.


She’s a mean Ugly Betty.


Plug a loonie in and see what she does.


I love the laundry picture.


the reactions to the 2 noms will be very interesting

i expect sabrina v adel fireworks…arlie will have to pretend he is devistated ha ha

if any 2 of andrew, kenny, sabrina are noms, then arlie, adel, heather, jon, neda are going to be smiling on the inside, they when they can get out of the view of the others they can openly celebrate amongst themselves


Sorry, but you can’t tell me that Arlie doesn’t look like a low budget brokedown version of John Travolta.

Chaos Is Imminent

its about to go down, the sunday 9 pm ep should be insane dude with major fireworks and heated exchanges, i can feel it

if 2 of andrew, kenny or sabrina nominated it will mean allison, rachelle, sarah will be pissed off

i want to see arlie, heather, adel, jon and heather all get up and start doing the robot dance

arlie can put his pinky finger to the edge of his mouth dr evil style and say,”im now a step closer to one hundred gajillion dollars, moo ha ha, moo ha ha”

heather can say, “canadas noms choices are as sweet as my cookies”

adel can say,”oh yeah, thats awesome canada! shout out to fearless leader paul, kyle and ika, thanks for helping us underdogs take down the evil crew”

jon and neda each point at one of the 2 noms saying in the style of nelson munce from the simpsons,”haw haw, canada hates you! we are kidding, dont get mad ha ha”


I’m really curious. We have a great time on this site talking about the Live Feeds and seeing how the houseguests act apart from the Main Show. A lot of us enjoy watching the Live Feeds, too. So, knowing what you know about sites like this one, and all that you know about Big Brother, would YOU want to be on the show yourself?

Thumbs Up for yes.
Thumbs Down for no.
Post why or why not.

I’ve really wondered about this myself. There are aspects of it that I really hate, like having the public dig into your life. I like my privacy. Other than that, I would absolutely LOVE to be on the show. So, I’m a Thumbs Up, I guess.


I wouldn’t be one of those people walking around in my underwear or anything like that. I’m very modest. As for skills, I don’t know if I have any for this game either. I’d mainly be there for the experience. I know people hate contestants like that, but, oh well… My “role” in the house would be the nice guy. Character and integrity are really important to me. I’ve been told I’d be the “nice guy that makes everyone laughs and pulls pranks and scares people!” That’s pretty accurate.

My absolute favorite person of every BB is Jason from season three in the US. He came in third. But, the game is SO different now and I don’t know how his game would transfer to today’s version.

I wouldn’t be afraid to make big moves though. Not in the least. But winning HOH wouldn’t be on my radar for awhile. I’d love to be a recurring guest in future years for things like The Side Show or other events, though, because I really love the whole concept of this game.


Jason and Danielle are the most underrated alliance ever. They hooked up during the first HOH competition and stayed loyal until the end. The two of them should have made the end together. People talk about Danielle being the best player to never win, which I agree with, but Jason never got the kudos he deserved.


I would want to be on the show for the experience and because I am such a fan, but only the Canadian or Australian version. I would never want to the on BBUS. But, I don’t think BBCAN accepts applications from NY.


Max – I’m right there with you. I live in the US (but further north than the BBCA house!) but wouldn’t want to be on the US version, even if they have all the best challenges. In the US, it’s all about being RUTHLESS.

I really like BBUK and BBAU the most because those houses are more about who you are AS A PERSON because the public votes to save. Personally, I like that better.

BBAU would be my first choice. They have an INCREDIBLE house and the audience really gets involved and is super nice. The public in BBUK are VICOUS! In order, I’d go into AU, UK, CA then US.

Because BB is blocking Live Feeds this weekend, it’a a good time for me to watch BBUS Season 8. I haven’t seen that one yet. There’s a website that has links to every TV show and movie imaginable so, that’s where I’ll be this weekend!


Love BB8 – but warning it’s pretty ruthless.


I want to see ever BB game imaginable! 🙂


Being on the show would bring out my inner axe murderer.


On a positive note –
I am liking Arisa much more this year, like
One Billion Percent.
I don’t know why, but last year she was BUNK.


Maybe it was just a learning curve on her part? Most diehard BB fans can be quite critical (myself included), and I think Arissa is finally finding what works for her and Canada. I still think she needs to find a new stylist…girl is hot, but the people that dress her don’t do her any justice!


Simon and Dawg – I have been an avid user of your site and love, love, love what you guys are doing. You let us diehards who don’t have the opportunity to watch the feeds consistently during the day stay caught up. You should be given sainthood for having to listen to these people all day, everyday – the mute and skip buttons have become my best friend this season! Thank you so much, you guys are awesome at what you do!


I felt that she was uncertain about her job. I wonder if she was a BBUS fan before taking this gig.


Arissa was on her own reality show somewhat like The Real World in Toronto called U8TV the lofters

Delilah Jones

I would love to be on the show, but I do not think I would do well in the game. I am not a good liar, and I am definitely not good at manipulation.

I am totally fascinated by the aspects of what makes for a good bb house guest, but do not have the qualities to be one myself.


I would love to be on bbcan but I have a low tolerance for bull and no poker face so I’d probably end up self evicting week 2 🙁


Hi Jack, I voted thumbs down. When I was a child and when I raised my own children, it was taught and taught that cheating and lying your way through a game was wrong. Cheat and lie at school playing a game and you’re punished. Cheat and lie at work and be punished. The people who excel at this game are the people who don’t excel at life. Sabrina isn’t playing a game for the cameras, she’s acting like the sociopath she is in real life and so is Andrew.


It would be a fun experience but I would not fit in well to that situation. I am a female but do not participate in the makeup event. So I would be toast immediately.


thanks for the great work

is that the last post and last vids until sunday night?



ok thanks simon

cant wait until the sunday night episode

if the veto is used i assume the 3rd highest nom vote getter will go up or 4th if the 3rd vote getter uses veto on one of top 2, rather than a second vote

i hear rumours there may not be a veto comp, or it might be a weekend eviction – i hope not as i want to see an andrew v kenny or sabrina veto and the whole week of likely andrew, kenny, sarah, sabrina meltdowns on the feeds

im cheering for jon and neda


Neda sold out Jon to Sabrina who then told Andrew about Jon’s plan to get rid of him. She was also an equal member of that disgustingly wretched girls alliance. She spent countless hours hatefully bitching about other people in the house and walking around house like a miserable bastard. Neda is a total fake. She admitted that she’s only now being nice to Heather for strategic reasons. Her supposed friendship with Jon is especially painful to watch because of how fake she is to him. Remember this is the stunningly two-faced girl who thoroughly enjoyed hanging with those other three gobby bitches Rachelle, Ika and Sabrina.


your posts are not very well though through, and it appears youre really not watching properly whats going on(hence so many down votes on your posts)

the only thing Neda said about Heather was that she was ruining her game by speading lies, and anyone would be annoyed by that, its perfectly understandable…Neda has since realized it was Sabrina making that up, and since then Neda and Heather have been fine in how they feel about each other as people, and are on the same team game wise…re Heathers voice every houseguest has mentioned it is a bizarre voice in that she goes in and out of high pitch…i would be annoyed by the voice too, but despite that most now realize she is a sweet girl and whenever Sabrina, Sarah, Rachelle and Ika would make mean comments towards Heather, Neda would refuse to say it as well and countless times I heard Neda say to them…get off the hate train

if you really think Neda is being fake with Jon you really cannot read humans very well…they are without question the 2 most genuine people in there, and their connection and mutual respect is the strongest of any pair in my opinion


AntonyG you are like the sabrina of bb posters

spewing alot of bs

andrew knew jon was targeting him because he told various people, including ika, he didnt like Andrew, it didnt come from Neda, who has been protecting his best interests, and vice verca




HEy Andrew, news flash!. Sarah is a happily married mom of two and doesn’t want to see you air thrusting in her direction in your tight briefs that leave little to the imagination. Moreover, she certainly doesn’t want you fake propositioning her into bed with you. I can’t wait to see you on the block. Bye bye Mr sexual harassment panda who picks his nose and plays with the boogers.


you must be smoking crack….sarah is the biggest dirtbag in the house!

Real deal

How is Sarah a dirtbag??!! You have a problem in your brain PFFFTTT.
She is nice and understand and is playing a good game.
Stop hating because you are a jealous SOB


nice and understanding?? must not have been watching the live feeds in the last month!
sarah has planted her lips to kennys ass and she has NO game!!!and now that canada is watching and voting she is talking to people in the house that she NEVER talks to its so weak and hard to watch..i wont even bring up the horrible shit she said about heather and ika…
and i think maybe pfffttt was wrong about you smoking crack i would say its probably METH!


I can’t understand how any woman or man could be attracted to Andrew. The nose-picking is maybe is not attractive. Maybe there is a fetish for it? How could Allison….? Ugh. This girl (superfan) has let so many people down.


Seriously though! I do not understand how she can be okay with his terrible habits- if I ever caught my man picking his nose/ass/crotch as often as he did I wouldn’t have stuck around! What really made me lose respect for her was when she apologized to her bf for what she was doing with Andrew. If you truly respect and love someone you wouldn’t so nonchalantly disrespect them like that – game or no game.


Do they normally wake people up for diary room sessions? That would really suck.


I love how Arlie says it’s just game when he laughs at the insults behind Heather’s back…to one of the people slinging the insults. Ha! Also…yes, Sarah, Kenny is keeping some info from you…

These two claim their allegiance to the 1st 5 this week…for now. Once they see it is all 1st 5 on the block and confirm Canada is against it, they are going to jump ship so fast that the remaining 1st 3 are going to be the 1st 2 before they know what hit them.


Oh, arlie how can you side with the first 5 when we are putting two of their asses on the block (andrew & sabrina with kenny or sarah being the replacement)


I think Arlie is going to be surprised that there are two of the 1st Five up, and act accordingly.

At least i hope so. Sarah was saying if two of the alliance go up, it’s a clear sign Canada doesn’t like the alliance. I hope she follows through with that thinking and starts to distance herself more (or permanently) towards Adel, Big Jon, Neda, and Heather.

If Arlie joins that side too, so much the better; but i hope the shift causes the first five to fracture beyond whomever goes home.

I’m so sick of them thinking they own the game.

I want to see Sabrina have a meltdown. I want Kenny out, honestly; but i’ll be happy to see Andrew go too.

Adel is the only one who’s nailed what everyone on this board is stating – that it’ll be Sabrina, Kenny or Andrew. I haven’t seen anyone else say it.

He too said to put Kenny and Andrew up.

And he can always prevent Kenny from competing with his veto..

Here’s to hoping anyway


No, Arlie also has it nailed. But then again, he really doesn’t care because he feels safe.


As far as I know, Adel’s power allows him to pay in a POV competition as the seventh person, he does not have to remove one of the six players. That means he does not have the power to remove Kenny from playing the veto, just to reduce his chances to win from 1/6 to 1/7.


I thought when he read it out loud (when he won it) it said he could pull someone down, and play in their place.

Guess we’ll see.


Finally someone who gets it!!! He can’t pull a player out and take their place, that wouldn’t be fair to the people on the block. But he can play as a seventh player. The power he got wasn’t that great, he made it out to be much more, and everyone thinks this is his last week to play it. I bet a few people start sucking up to Adel big time once the noms are done. Adel got lucky, he didn’t have to play it and he won’t have to come clean now until the end when it won’t matter. I am hoping he is not dumb enough to use it.


Yes, he can replace a veto player. He can’t replaced the HOH or the two nominee’s but he can replace any of the other 3 players with himself. (4 Players, this week.)



its not only Adel thinking what all the fans are thinking in terms of who will be nominated, and who Canada dislikes

Arlie, Heather, Jon and Neda all seem to be thinking that way too


Im going to miss Ika’s diary sessions 🙁

little mouse

did anyone else notice the cold sore..herpes..on allison’s lip ..omg aliison you are a nurse does the game mean that much to you that you would allow mr gordon to even put his lips near you. Could you not say sorry andrew i can’t kiss you when you have open sores on your lips and explain it out to him..disgusting i don’t think your boyfriend will see that as just a game..but on the up side i think sabrina is going on the block ..the down side they are blocking us out on the live feeds until bb airs on sunday night..c’mon bb i want to see a sabrina melt down


Is uninteresting included in ‘disaster’?

Miss Manners

I don’t know if you’re ‘new’ or not, but the houseguests can claim to be anything they want when entering the house. Anything can be made up about their lives as far as marital status, career, education, etc. Take it with a large dose of coarse salt. Do you think Sabrina’s really a hairdresser? Do you think Rachelle is really someone who does yoga everyday or that ….. well, you get the idea.


No. I 100% don’t think Rachelle does yoga. After watching her work out last night, she is so terribly un coordinated, there is not a yoga doing bone in her body. I also don’t believe that Sabrina works out everyday as she claimed the other day. Unless it is doughnut arm curls, followed by cake crunches.

sarahs saggy vag

HAHAHAHAH sarah is already on the move looking for a new alliance…god what a slut….flirting with everyone…i really hope her husband is watching all this..what some people will do for a little cash!


It’s a lot of cash.


Your morals and integrity are alot more important than money!!

Real deal

Why are you hating on Sarah?? She is playing the game looking for the best alliance.
She isn’t flirting like crazy, just goofing around.
Stop being so jealous. I am sure she has a strong and confident man and a loving marriage.

your lame

i feel bad for sarahs kids and husband what she is doing with the guys in the house is wrong!
you can play this game as a mom/wife and still have respect for yourself and others!
and i think it is safe to say no one is jealous of her in any way, i havnt seen one good quality about her yet!


I seriously doubt Sarah’s children are watching the feeds. She comes across very well on the edits so if they are watching the shows they are probably missing her and rooting for her.
Also, she does better hanging out with the guys as they do not get into the cattiness that was portrayed with the girls alliance….yet.


I never like her & Arlie not a bit !
This so called F5 they’ll sell their souls for money.




What an awful comment. Why wouldn’t she try to align with anyone she can? She and Arlie are playing smart. I don’t see flirting…just friendships and goofing around. I am sure that her hubby is watching and is fine with her in this game. I find Allison and Neda acting way more inappropriately with the guys. Allison is in this showmance while she has a “boyfriend” at home. Neda can’t seem to keep her hands off Jon. But Sarah merely talking to all the guys makes her slutty???? WOW!

Your dumb

No elle what makes her slutty is: 1)having an obvious crush on kenny-kenny said to her if you werent married id totally”do you” then she said i agree and hugged him-sitting on the couch with kenny lying in her lap stroking his beard while talking(blah you really need to go back and watch the feeds) 2) always touching jon while talking to him rubbing his leg telling him how hot he is 3) telling arlie how hot he is rubbing his head and leaning on him(ika never touched any of the guys in the house) she is TOTALLY flirting you would have to be blind not to see it! And that my friend is what makes her a slut!!


I agree…neda and allison have nothing to do with this they are not married!


I am not yet a fan of Sarah’s but the hating on her for her interactions with the guys is going over the top by many of the commentators. Can we not at least try keep these dialogues focused on game strategy and not projected morality judgements.

So far she is playing a pretty sound game. The guys trust and respect her as do the girls. This last point is what makes her a dangerous player for the other HG’s. She and Arlie are in power positions without being noticed as such by the other HG’s.

Sarah is playing a much more sustainable game than many others within the house and she will go far in the game.


Sarah is playing a game, she hasn’t done anything wrong. Everyone knows she is married, she knows her husband AND kids watch. Believe me she censors herself for that purpose. Making comments that she makes is not flirting, flirting is getting the attention of someone for a purpose. If you watch her Youtube vids. Sarah is crazy anyway. But her comments to the boys are gameplay and all in fun.

Dumb ass

You need to shut up and go watch the feeds b#%ch!


It doesnt matter how (great) they make her look in the episodes its what she is doing on the live feeds that will come back and haunt her in the future!
I think sarah may have some kind of mental problem because one minute she is flashing kenny her boob and the next she is crying about the horrible stuff andrew says (we saw what she did to heather)
Sarah says that she hates bitches and bullys but what she doesnt realize is that she is both!


is capable of adult conversation minus profanity
is almost unfailingly polite even to shit-heads
would not embarass you with her table manners
has shown more grace under pressure than anyone there
probably has more inner fortitude than First 5 combined
is as forgiving as could be expected of anyone under those circumstances
is not a “priss” as shown by her “grittier” remarks

Note: I have said nothing about looks

Just by example she taken most of them to school and left them behind in detention !

Miss Manners

Clearly a man would be won over by ‘little ‘ole me’ Heather. She’s not as entertaining to me as she is to you. She’s your dream girl maybe but to watch, she is absolutely a complete waste of time. The ‘look how cute I can be’ game is not lost on a lot of us. She’s playing a game and she’s playing it like ‘cute little escort’ would – what do you need me to be tonight? I’m not saying she is an escort but that the role she selected is really not ‘viewer’s choice’ in my books.


I find her entertaining by contrast.
She hasn’t adapted well to House dynamics.
By that I mean, she lacks the “reads” of, say, Arlie.
She hasn’t had the circumstantial luck of Sarah or Neda.
She’s been a target and victim of convenience and snowballing lies.
I think she lacks “game”, as in deceit, douch-baggery, egotistical bluster, bullying and insight into how far others are willing to compromise their “outside” behaviour to advance.
However, I dare say she’s been more entertaining than Rachelle, who strikes me as more the “escort”, or Neda, in the sense of adjusting to adversity while lacking allies.
Her avoidance of histrionics, emotional outbursts, scenery-chewing and confrontation has been appropriate given her position.
The “viewers choice” – Allison, has not played any better, IMO, nor is she “entertaining”.
It will “entertain” me to see how long she can survive among the wolves and the sheep and if she can adapt.
And no, she’s not my “dream girl”…………………………………………………………………..
just The Golden Goddess Of Awesomeness !!!!!

Miss Manners

All those traits are Adel too. You are just weirdly obsessed with little miss Heather. Blow up dolls might be just the thing for you.


I thought your first response might only seem insulting, due to the limitations of this medium.
I realise it wasn’t.
I offered you an honest assessment/opinion and you respond with that.
You are, of course, free to express any opinion you wish.
My opinion is that you are humourless and rude “Miss Manners”.


There’s nothing wrong with differences of opinion.
I offered you one with both pros and cons about a HG.
You respond with an insult.
The anonymity of the internet is great, isn’t it ?


IMO … ppl are underestimating Heather, Neda, and Allison. (they are smarter than ppl are giving them credit for)
Just because they are not obnoxious and they are low-keyed, does not make them bad players. Just a different strategy.
Sometimes blending into the background or playing it down is a good thing.
Wait for the dust to settle, then make your moves. …. It’s what Arlie is doing also.
Personally I’d like to see Neda, Heather, or Adel win BBCA


Omg I love and adore Heather . Maybe she doesn’t have the skill (lying .cheating.back. stabbing. Manipulating .skinny dipping. ….) for Bb but she’s the most loving/caring with most manners in there.
Last night after she helped sabrina with food then she sat on the couches .Heather is asked why she isn’t eating, she says she wants those who haven’t eaten yet today to have it first. So sweet girl


Wow, jealous much???

Heather isn’t pretending to be anybody. She’s not pretending to be “cute little me”, she just is that. The girl builds forts to play in, that’s absolutely adorable. She’s ridiculously cute, and 100% genuine, and you’re just jealous of her.


There you go Malibu sugar daddys …. Sabrina even does plumbing.


Rachelle sang O canada beautifully ( thumbs up)


It’s CanaDA, not CanaDUH, you half twit!!!
Had she pronounced the words even remotely accurate, I would’ve finished watching her sing the entirety of our nation’s anthem. I love our anthem but when someone makes a mockery of it, I cannot. I literally cringed!!
And why is always puckering those snakes for the camera? UGH!!!


She knows Peter is watching.

biggy big

I felt it was very manipulative of Rachelle to sing Oh Canada, like she’s patriotic or something and Canada being HOH would admire it…..not! She has ZIP for personality, thinks she more than what she is, makes fun of heathers voice yet she has a very monotone voice herself. She has the personality of a coffee table.


Rachelle is very you young and she was bored, antsy, she likes to sing and Oh Canada is the only song they will let HG’s sing.
Stating her singing was manipulative is ridiculous.

biggy big

If you state that “it is the only song they are allowed to sing” then why wasn’t she singing it days before? It coincides with Big Brother making Canada HOH


She isn’t doing it because Canada is HOH, she is doing it for fame. She said her sole purpose was to be discovered while on BBCa. She has been trying to belt out a song since she has been in the house, only to be stopped by the big voice. This one she knew she could get away with. She could go hide behind a trash can like Amanda and no one would ever know she was missing.


Since Canada can’t play in the POV, do you think they will replace us with Adel? Maybe that was his power and he didn’t really tell Ika the truth because no one was supposed to know that Canada was going to be HOH.


Rachelle is a big bully for continually making fun of heather and imitating her voice! Thumbs down!


Andrew is a nasty pig with his nose picking and pelvic thrusts , a special treat for the ladies indeed I almost threw up in my mouth! Thanks !


Allison and the sheyld have one thing in common they are both the most overrated thing of their seasons


ha ha, so right you are coco


what is sarah doing?
I like her out the final 5 now i see this oh my gosh… what a disaster,,, what a marriage … did sarah left her morals and intergity at the front door tsk tsk tsk


so who does everyone hope to see win HOH after Canada HOH is finished….

I hope it is Adel or Neda


Next week I want HoH to be Adel, Jon, or Neda — team BUNK BUDDIES!


most sites online show that the likely two people to be put up are Sabrina and Andrew and If POV is used than it would be either Kenny or Rachelle that would go up…. looks like our under dogs are safe this week:):)


No we aren’t safe at all! We are more likely than not going to see 2 of 1/5 up on the block. Adel can still end up as the renom if Kenny wins and uses POV. Those polls you mention are all single digits for everyone after Kenny in 3rd. Our poll here has Ratchet 4th and less than 4 percent did you notice.

There are folks that like Kenny and the rest of 1/5. They just need 4% for anyone else that might save Ratchet/Sarah from 4th. And thanks to good old Arlie saying he’d stick with 1/5 this week on the vote get anyone but Kenny up as a renom we freaking lose. If Ratchet finishes 4th in the voting and ends up next to Sab we(Canada) get a wasted HOH with Ratchet going home! Ratchet is a useless robot and that who gets evicted not Sab. Arlie saves her and screws his whole second alliance option permanently. You only get a chance or 2 against this strong of an alliance(1/5).

God forbid it’s 1 of the outsiders up as renom. 1/5 has 5 votes without Arlie. At this point we have a 50% chance of a wasted HOH!
Nothing to celebrate at this point IMO.


Yeah, one problem with the voting scheme in this situation is that a lot of votes are probably dispersed between 3 of the 5. Any supporters of any of the 5 would probably throw their votes at Adel. He could be in danger. He would need both Sarah and Arlie to save him if that was the case…and I’m not sure they are ready. Also…they all still believe he has a power.


It’s totally fine if Rachell gets voted out, she does not need to be carried through his game any longer….. I would not call that scenario a waste. Why give her any chance to even spend time in the hurry house? And her vote as long as she is still in the house will be toward 1st 5 alliance, so she needs to leave.


I cannot wait until nose picker Andrew is out the door..seeing this hyena with Allison is making me vomit litterally


Surprise surprise – Allison loved Peter. I called it earlier; she’s part Liza (and she’s got cankles).


I watched Liza’s interview with Paul and she told him that Allison reached out to her on social media before she went to the house. She must be a huge Liza fan. I can’t believe how horrible she is in the house, at least Liza was plotting with the girls to get rid of the guys!


allison is a freaking joke… i want andrew gone so i can see what allison will do… she would probably just move on to arlie…


Allison is hooped if Andrew leaves.




The fact that the feeds will be blocked when the houseguests find out is so unfair. Were the HOH why can’t we have our feeds?!
Sadly, looks like Andrew and Sabrina are going to be nominated. I’m praying that San wins the veto so Kenny can go up……..scratch that. I dont know! Ugh. Canada I hope we did a good job with the votes!

Johhny (the European one!)

“Were the HOH why can’t we have our feeds?!”

You bring up a very good point!


BBCA blocked the feeds because they realized that Canadian BB voters are capable of critical thinking
and have the guts to make the right move, just like they watched Ika and Rachele do.
So Ingenious Canadians …. You voted for Sabrina to go up with Andrew (looks that way now) Great move!
Scenario 1(what could happen if you think more than 1 step ahead) …
Kenny wins POV … pulls Andrew down …. Adel goes up… Adel goes home
(votes Ken/Andr/Sarah/Arlie/Ali/Rach) aka F5 + 2 now … good going!
End result … Kenny Andrew and Sabrina still in game and F5 + 2 still kickin … stronger than before
Don’t feel to bad Canada … We have the same IQ problem in the US, if not worse

Say What?

Pretty self righteous for someone who is purely guessing. I highly doubt this is the ONLY possible scenario. Or maybe your crystal ball is better than mine.


You forgot the scenario where Adel replaces Kenny with his Veto pass if he gets picked. Maybe you should get you IQ checked or at least learn how to write so you don’t come across as a massive dick.


Geeezzze … Relax ppl …
All I’m saying is Kenny and Andrew should of gone up with Sabrina as the replacement.
That way either Kenny or Andrew would be evicted even if veto is used.
With Sabrina going up there is too much wiggle room.
(if you do not like what I write or how I wright or my spellin) join the club….don’t read my post or give me a thumbs down
do I give $h!t? I’d rather have ppl laughing n thinking …but sometimes communications break down n not everyone shares my twisted sense of humor


Adel does not have the power to replace anyone in POV comp, he just has the right to also participate in comp as the seventh player.


Yes, you are correct. He only has the power to play in a POV of his choice (that’s how he read it in the Buzzworthy episode). It is not a replacement power. I suspect it is for a situation where he suspects he might be back doored. That’s why he told Ika it wasn’t really that great.
The replacement stuff is an Adel/Ika spin that kept amping up the powers. Apparently some of us believe the various versions of its value.


Kenny May not be picked to play. If he is, Adel can remove Kenny with his card ( unless Adel was already picked). Kenny still has to win. My guess is that if he plays, he will want to win to keep himself safe, but he will be conflicted about using it. He knows we’re voting to put up the 1st 5. He will think that taking down Andrew or Sabs will mean that Arlie or Sara go up. He may not use it even if he manages to win.


Watcher, your probably right, the best thing would have been to put Kenny and Andrew up as noms, with Sabrina as a backup. Would have been the safest way to get one of the first 5 out, but I think everyone wants to see Sabrina’s meltdown after realizing what Canada thinks about her. But there are a lot of big ifs that our plan isn’t going to work.
1st- Kenny would have to be picked to play in the POV
2nd-Kenny would have to win the POV
3rd-he would have to play the POV, which would be a big risk, cause he’s Risking putting up Sarah or Arlie and disrupting relationships and tickin off Canada
4th- he might wanna throw the POV
5th-Someone other than the first 5 would have to be voted by Canada to be 4th place
6th-the house still might vote for Sabrina to be gone
And 7th-an unrelated comment, do to the fact that George Bush was voted to be President by the US public twice, I’m pretty positive Canada has a much, much higher IQ average than the States!


That was what we all wanted to see the most… The Sabrina Melt Down! Thanks BBCA for taking that from us.

As far as the IQ comment, It is not my intent to insult anyone. I was just being sarcastic/twisted humor.
“We have the same IQ problem in the US, if not worse” as I wrote …and for voting n politics…it’s an illusion..
I could go on n on but I’ll spare everyone
To me ppl r ppl … I could care less where ppl come from, skin color, preferences, looks, etc…..
The question I ask myself is … is that person well intended and good hearted? That’s what counts to me.


Very true Watcher, agree with everything you said, apologize for the IQ comment , but anytime I can take a shot at Bush I take it, that my twisted sense of humour. And I know exactly what you mean about the delusion, like you said we won’t go into it, but I both agree and know exactly what you mean.


Ummm Sabrinaisapig…Canada keeps voting in a Harper government so maybe throwing the IQ card around is a bit hollow.

Play The Game

You have stated a great deal of “if’s”….. and if we made all our decisions based on…. we better not do that or this could happen…. where would we be? You take chances and hope you get the results you want and I think that is what “Canada” is doing. Also you didn’t state what you thought we should do!!!


I highly doubt Kenny would save Sab because he will know his precious Sara could go up or even Arlie, a lot of repercussions to using the POV.
Slice claims my vote is x100 because of the points and I voted Andrew/Kenny *fingers crossed*


It is kind of ironic isn’t it. But to be fair BB Can is giving us the same treatment as the other HOH’s this season. No working TV in the HOH room to spy on the HG’s. Annoying but funny.

bb is a house full of crazy

Does anyone else just want to tell Rachelle to shut the fuck up with her Russian lady persona? It’s akin to long nails scraping on a blackboard. Heather’s voice has nothing on that irritating squeak. And that is not a Russian accent. It’s just a childish little squeak. Grow the fuck up!


Seeing more of Rachelle kind of makes one feel more for Ika having to try and deal with this level of immaturity in an alliance.


I’ve been voting to nominate her. I find her awful gameplay more offensive than Sabrina.


Here in the U.S., ANY ethnic impressions are viewed at bullying and hate speech. America has become so overly politically-correct that it’s not funny. People here have lost their jobs for the most ridiculous of reasons. You can’t mention any race in a conversation because people automatically (brain-washingly) take it as “bigotry.” Every day you have to tiptoe on eggshells when you say anything. Honestly, I’d move to Canada in a heartbeat if I could. I know Canada isn’t perfect by any means but I think it’s still much better than the U.S.

How about a swap? We took Justin Bieber off your hands (you’re welcome) so can I move to Canada?


Trade accepted! When should we expect you? Lol


If you live in warm weather, I’ll glad trade places with you


Good. You can go live with Rob Ford.


Sorry, but you can’t tell me that Arlie doesn’t look like a low budget brokedown version of John Travolta.


If you want to move to Canada because you think it is still ok to be racist here, please stay far, far away from this country.


If you have a twitter tweet

@BigBrotherCA the drama on the feeds is what fuels ppl to watch the show. don’t be stupid put them back up. #BBCAN2

thanks @twistoscanada for ur #TwistosTwist now I can’t watch feeds all wkend. I’ll remember next time I go to the store. #BBCAN2

Brick and Ramanda are sponsors to you can tweet or facebook to.

bb is a house full of crazy

So, live feeds are down until Sunday night but does that also mean after dark will not be on either?


After Dark is not showing up in the tv listings, it says ‘Hitch’ will be on instead


I’m confused, is Arlie really going to keep the first 5 alliance, is he just saying this to Sarah or is he playing Adel and Jon?


Arlie is playing them all.


And he’s doing it very, VERY well! Arlie is actually my favorite person in the house. Adel is nice but I think people are over-looking his mean side a little too much. Then again, I can’t blame them because we ALL desperately want someone in the house to like and root for. He’s an obvious choice. But Arlie? Oh, he’s good at this game! I just worry about him aligning with Sarah. She can NOT be trusted.


Jack I agree with most of what you say. Adel though knows when Arlie is playing down his intellect. It will be interesting to watch these two in future weeks. Arlie is sure he has Adel and is pretty comfortable with him, but Adel knows he can’t fully trust Arlie. And street smarts are often underrated by most, including Arlie.


I agree with you completely. Adel IS smart. The only thing I don’t like about Adel is that he insults people on a personal level and is cruel about it. It’s natural not to like and get frustrated with people but to insult people on a personal level isn’t right. I just can’t respect that.


New York as I remember it every summer with my family was the most alive, incredible city. Too bad for the oversensitivity you mentioned earlier. Come visit here and I’ll take you in for a few days Jack.


Trying to hook up on the BB site…..Sabrina’s Mom???? Is that you?


Do you think Canada is getting bashed right now post nomination ceremony? A lot of possible verbal abuse, cursing and middle fingers at the cameras right now? LOL. Wouldn’t it be funny if BBCAN saw that coming so that would be another reason to block the feeds?


But they handled the letter shredding situation with such dignity n class.


I can just see Andrew and Kenny giving both fingers to the camera and going ” F— YOU CANADA!!!”


we have to wait till tomorrow to find out the nominees.. that sucks… I hope they are not manipulating the results… I don’t THINK they will… most likely the nomination ceremony is taking place now… are they afraid of what Sabrina might do to Allison or Heather or anyone for that matter… I wanna find out now…


Andrew and Sabrina will be nominated and if the veto is won by Andrew, Sabrina, Allison, Sarah or Kenny it would likely only be used to save Andrew. If Andrew came off the block I would guess that the 4th highest votes by Canada would be Allison going up as the replacement. I think she has been a complete disappointment in the eyes of the fans that voted her into the house and those same fans will take their opportunity to right their wrong. I think all of the hate Andrew and Sabrina are getting from the viewers is being transferred by relation to anyone else they’re associated with, however, I don’t think Sarah or Arlie are as susceptible to this. If Allison goes up on the block with Sabrina I would guess that the house will vote to evict Allison as there has been numerous talks from most of the house to get her out as they don’t trust her or believe she doesn’t have other motives after entering the house two weeks late.

I don’t see any chance of Adel being nominated by Canada. With 13 house guests in the house at the time of the hashtag challenge he received the most hastag buzz ultimately show his popularity outside the house. Adel isnt going to use his Veto card to play in the veto because he isn’t going to want to expose the fact that he lied to everyone about his power. Using it would just give everyone more reason to target him and effectively destroy any trust that he’s built up to this point. Neda, Jon, Heather and Arlie are already starting to trust him more and all of that trust would be gone if they knew he’s been lying to them about the power.

Who’s going to go home during Canada’s HOH in my opinion? Andrew if he isn’t taken off the block, and if he is it will be Allison going home.


Hi Dawg

Interesting perspective you have above. Brings me to an interesting observation. These online polls would tend to be feed driven IMHO. So what of the primetime viewers? I wouldn’t have jumped at Allison up as a renom but what you wrote makes sense. But only in this sense/scenario. Kenny must win and use POV and as you said most likely on Andrew. If anyone else uses POV I still think Kenny is 3rd in the balloting. But and that is a big BUTT! If the vote is fueled by dislike(a given) and you get a strong douse of “prime time” vote for Allison she may actually beat out Kenny for 3rd in voting.

Your post got me to thinking. Andrew, Sab and Kenny 3rd might not be the obvious result based on the poles online. Allison could actually finish 3rd 🙁 What a wasted HOH that would be! And Dawg keep this in mind as it is unsettling to me. 4th place in our poll at OBB has Ratchet under 4%. Adel could easily be the 4th option as Kenny, Sarah Andrew and Sab do have fans even if they are loathed by feeders. Kenny has gotten a golden edit prime time this season!

Any eviction that results in Ratchet or Allison gone is a wasted HOH. Any eviction of an outsider is a wasted HOH. I’m with you Dawg on your observation of Allison goes up she goes home. So would Ratchet leaving the 4 douchebags intact going forward.

Lastly the feeds being pulled. A really bad decision by production. As for BBAD they may tape before they announce the noms to the HGs. We might get a lot of very p*ssed off(^ME^) folks if we get nothing out of BBAD either. I like the person who commented earlier it’s Canada’s HOH. Pretty spot on in my thinking.


I agree that the prime time viewer and the live feed viewer both have drastically different views on these house guests based on the unedited live feeds and the edited characters BBCA wants to show us in the episodes. The voting results will ultimately lie in which one of these groups votes the most online. Talking about prime time viewers and live feed watchers .. If you’re a prime time viewer and mainly only watch the episodes you might go vote once but the hard core live feed fans would be the ones voting repeatedly .. This makes me believe the votes will end up being heavily live feed based. I don’t see many people wasting their votes on Rachelle. I can also see how the supporters of the first five will target those house guests against the first five when voting. It will be very interesting if we do get a live feed leak like we did last season .. as we’ll most likely be able to decipher what’s transpired when the feeds were blocked… Ultimately I want the most drama to come from this twist so hopefully that happens and its not a flop…


You are really insightful, Dawg. I’m sure that comes from all of your experience watching Big Brother. Personally, I don’t care how the nominations go. All I want out of it is for Sabrina to be in the first round of nominations and for her or Kenny to go home. If Andrew stays in the house, he’ll be easy pickings if Sabrina or Kenny go home. Nobody likes him so the first time he doesn’t win HOH, he’s in danger. Sabrina will be easy pickings, too, so it’s not important if she doesn’t go home. Overall, the SMARTEST move is for the house to get Kenny out. He’s the biggest threat in the house and still has people loyal to him. Kenny’s got to go.


I think you’re missing something… the only way the 4th nominee would go up is if Kenny wins and takes off one of the nominees… if Kenny is not one to win it and Andrew or Sabrina comes off the block… it would be Kenny going up and miss likely going home and not the 4th nominees… the chances of the 4th nominee going up are quite Slim…on the other hand if we find out that the nominees are not 2 of either Andrew, Kenny or Sabrina… then we know our results are rigged and there will be a revolt…


Kenny is pretty smart, and he does care what Canada thinks of him. I don’t think he would use the veto if he wasn’t on the block this week. I think he would try to distance himself from the nominees and find a plan B. If Andrew takes himself off, most likely Kenny goes up and Sabrina probably goes home. I think the only people in the house that would use the veto to remove one of Canada’s noms are Rachelle and possibly Allison.


Allison could win Veto and take Andrew off, leaving Kenny open.


PMS may be real but its never an excuse Sarah. Do you want your heart surgeon to be PMSing? How about your Premier or the judge who decides who gets custody of your children? Do you want a PMSing H0H? What do we have to look forward to next week. Full blown menstrual cramps and teary eyes?? It’s not my fault, it’s my period. Waaaaa. Grow the F up Sarah and take your Ativan.

Mumsy with the fat assy

Does anyone else dislike sarah as much as i do!


I’m so worried about those votes.on Bbc facebook page everyone were so emotional and kept asking for andrew and sabrina to be voted out.. like no stragedy at all ! Just hoping it’s kenny &Andrew fingers crossed


Most viewers of the show only do not know/understand that if you are not on the block, win veto, take someone off the block, that both the veto winner and the saved nominee are safe from eviction. Many live feeders also do not understand this so strategy is challenging even if emotions are removed from this. I bet there a lot of viewers unaware of the 1st 5 alliance or who is in it.
Hopefully what a previous poster stated is correct that live feeders voted more often than casual viewers.

Upsidedown Pancakes

Blocked feeds, a look on the bright side no one has to listen to Sabrina. Dawg/Simon must be happy about that.


Well, we got a Diary Room leak (so far) at least. I’ll be leaving my Live Feeds up just in case! I thought I heard Sabrina weeping and wailing (and cursing) earlier but it ended up being two cats fighting next door. Had my hopes up for a minute!

In the meantime, I’m watching BB8 US for the first time. WOW! Simon was absolutely right in that it’s definitely a fantastic season! Right away they got into things. The house is GORGEOUS! I’d love to be in that house! The hardest thing is not having someone to talk about it with! Argh! And I love that there are people in the house that I actually LIKE! I’m on episode 9 already.

I really love BB Canada because I think Canadians (I’m from the U.S.) tend to be kinder at the core when push comes to shove. Case in point – Arlie’s Marsha Moose task to say negative things to the houseguests. Every houseguest sincerely apologized for what they were confronted with and, at that moment, the real people behind the game came out. They didn’t have a, “Sorry dude, get over it. Whatever…” attitude. I’m not trying to belittle Americans, it’s just an observation of MINE. I just see a little more “self first” attitude in the U.S. I see people here, when confronted (even politely) about something, they’ll go into self-preservation mode first and many times the apologies sound less sincere or empathetic. I lost my job seven months ago and people abandoned me left and right because they were uncomfortable with my situation or thought that I would hit them up for money (which I never would). And these are people that I’ve helped anytime they’ve needed it, even giving whole paychecks to help some. I’m far from perfect myself but I’m definitely empathetic.

Anyway, sorry for the random thoughts! Just in a “thinking out loud” mood today, I guess.

Andrew Nosepicker

Andrew needs to GTFO this week. Kenny will be a smart enough player to for another alliance, Andrew on the other hand should he stay in any scenario, would immediately have it in his head to backdoor Jon. Would pay anything to see a slobrina meltdown should nosepicker go home this week, Then we will finally be able to see what our voted player will be able to ACTUALLY do in this house.


If the live feed watchers are smart, which i think they are, they would of repeatedly voted some variation of the F5 , making it highly unlikely that Adel would be the nom if veto is used, therefor still sending someone of the F5 home,, i voted for sarah arlie slobrina and andrew each a few times


On the previous post Adel and Arlie are talking about questions about Canada. Perhaps this is how POV players are being picked. Those with the most answers correct play, or play for us (HOH) in the veto competition.


Simon and Dawg, I’m a regular live feeder, who usually doesn’t watch Sabrina cause she’s completely repulsive, but last night the other houseguests were sleeping so I decided to watch the chat that Sab and Rachelle had outside in the chairs

And seriously, my hat goes out to you guys for watching her almost 24/7 – she is sooo mean spirited and disgusting (did anyone else see her tell Rachelle to stop biting her lip, then she proceeded to basically chew her hand off while biting her fingernails?)

Between Rachelle and Sabrina bashing every houseguest (especially Heather) and laughing like hyenas, I actually was getting sick just watching them and turned it off

I hope Sab/andrew or rachelle go this week so you and the rest of Canada no longer have to listen to those apes

Team Adel, Jon and Neda!


Kstarr, Allison scolded Rachelle for the same thing about half a minute before Sabrina. Sabrina just did it louder.


Sabrina is a tough one to watch and listen to. no doubt! and she seems to be every freakin where.
I would like Jon for my final pick but …
he needs to seriously put some freakin pants on! … as do they all!
And enough with the pocket pool and crotch scratching.


A point that needs to be remember with the voting is the different values of different levels. I assume that as I am at the Platinum level my votes would be worth 50X.. So the numerous votes I put in for Andrew/Kenny/Sabrina/Sarah in various combinations would have more value than the casual viewer who may be be at the lowest level.

little mouse

i think it is a given that andrew and sabrina are going up. i don’t think andrew or kenny will win pov…andrew won hoh and the pov but both were handed to him. one most definitely by Arlie. Sabrina doesn’t have a chance in hell in winning anything and kenny is no threat in comps, No one will play it from the f5…. they all know it is probably kenny that is 3rd in votes. if andrew or sabrina go the house dynamics will change completely but i honestly believe the best move would be to kick sabrina to the curb. Sabrina is the chinese telephone and gets into the players heads what evil she wants to spread about the player she wants out. she is the house guest that gets them all riled up and whips up the frenzy within them. Andrew on the other hand is useless, he is just a waste of a vote…. honestly who does he have control of..what does he do ..cooks..picks his nose..and speaks about himself and shields kenny without Sabrina he would have no one other than Allison and one vote does not keep you in the house. once the drama queen is gone kenny will have no one to feed him information and create the havoc that he can hide behind. he will have to play the game for himself there is no way Sarah can do his dirty work and i think he is too softhearted to be the slayer . think about it ,,,,,whoever Sabrina wanted gone went..whoever Sabrina wants to hate the most that day is hated Either way if andrew or Sabrina go it will be a better live feed. hopefully it is Sabrina i just think with her gone it will be more of a strategic game and less teenage drama .


As time goes on Sabrina becomes neutered. So she is best saved for another day.


I want to say something positive about Sabrina.
She appears to have strong teeth !!!

Actually, (as odd as this may sound as I don’t like her at all), if she could act I could see her in some sort of weird sitcom.
I’m not kidding. Her character could lead some sort of nasty/nice double life. Think “Chuck” or something.
Just when she’s redeeming herself at the end of an episode by doing nice – oops – out comes the nasty again.
By the way, does anyone think Allison looks a little like Yvonne Strahovski (from Chuck) at times ?

OK. I’d prefer Andrew gone to free up Allison (maybe it wouldn’t matter) but Kenny gone because he’s more dangerous scheming-wise.
If Andrew does go, I want to see how Kenny adapts or if he can survive an “Outsiders” HoH.
I think Sabrina has made herself expendable. Hope she goes before Jury.


I kept thinking who does Sabrina look like. I just figured it out……………..she’s Ugly Betty!!! The resemblance is uncanny. A mean Ugly Betty.


Ugly betty is more attractive. Sabrina, physically, reminds me of a character in “The Grinch”


For all of the hard work these houseguests put into being as polite as they can the past couple of days, it was a waste of time IMO unless EVERYBODY is a livefeed subscriber and already knew their real personalities. Otherwise, Canada what most viewers saw LAST was Kenny calling Ika a ‘dumb bitch’ and Andrew saying ‘hold me back’, ‘stupid bitch’ and most of what Sabrina thought of herself in the diary room and her fake crying etc. Not a good thing to remember just before voting.
Sarah put a lot of effort into explaining her behaviour to every single person thinking we’d all see it but one thing (unless her and Jason have an ‘open’ marriage), she gets pretty intimate with the boys IMO. Considering Jon has a perpetual boner, I’d use more discretion while giving him such an intimate embrace (her in front of him in that pic). I’m kind of ‘old-fashioned’ that way though.


I’m pretty sure Andrew and Sabrina got nominated and Kenny won Veto. Pretty sure. Wikipedia was updated and said that but quickly got taken down (as if maybe it was a secret). Pretty sure that’s what happened though. Pray he doesn’t use it.


Oh fudge. I hope it’s not true. Kenny is the LAST person I wanted to win the Veto. Very smart move on your part to keep an eye on Wikipedia. Kudos!

little mouse

anyone can update wikipedia. obviously that is why it was removed


Yeah no shit all I’m saying is it’s a lead, and possibly true. Thx 4 tha sass tho :*


It’s a little early for the POV to have been played. It’s about 7:30 pm EST as I write this. They are likely still doing BBAD filming IMO. Could be wrong on that opinion mind you. If Kenny did win he’s using it whether you folks think so or not. Only Sarah begging him not to would keep him from using the Veto.
See the other side of not using it is 1/5 is dead! Whether Sab or Andrew is left there will be zero trust for Kenny. His game is in the crapper if he doesn’t use the veto. Who ever is the renom is going home. Andrew will absolutely expect Kenny to use it on him. We just had a wasted HOH as a country if that happens. No strategic voting unless I see Sarah up as a renom if Kenny won POV.


Kenny may not use it if there is a danger one of the other 5 could go up, such as Sarah. Arlie could argue to Kenny it is not worth the risk. 4 of the 5 have expressed Andrew is dispensable (When fear of Kenny and Andrew up together). And it has already been set up by Sarah that if 2 of the 5 go up Canada is not supportive of the 5. Fear of future twists and the possible loss of Sarah may have the veto not used by Kenny should he win.


Kenny would use POV if he had it, but he could just throw the competition.

MIchaelAndrew john

I will be shocked if Sabrina and Andrew aren’t Canada’s nominations!

little mouse

oh sorry also came to say i saw on twitter that allison gave andrew a hand job last night don’t know if it is true dawg or simon you might have captured the footage


Who cares?


I’ve heard Kenny telling Sarah that both Andrew and Sabrina had to go first, in different conversations. So he knows they both have to go sooner than later. He can explain he wanted to give Canada the respect of keeping our nomination as is. Who knows, one of the twits may be we get a jury vote too. I really don’t think anyone will use their POV. I bet they all fought hard to beat Andrew and Sabrina but not win themselves actually.


Kenny and sarah need to go!


Hope I don’t get crucified for this, but since there were no live feeds today I have been perusing this site. As a BB Virgin I’ll share my opinion for what it’s worth (nothing) lol.
With the players that are still in the game as of today I would prefer to see Kenny (for his smarts), Sabrina (for her imagined smarts), and Jon (for his normalcy) be the final three players.
Adel, Arlie, Rachelle, Neda, and Heather have NOT made ANY impression on me whatsoever — aka BORING
and I have found Andrew, Allison and Sarah just wayyyy too full of themselves.

I guess as I get more “tuned in” to the strategies, etc. of this type of “game” my opinions will likely change, but this is where I’m at TODAY. 🙂


The suspense is killing me!