Sabrina – “We’re going to blindside the f** outta them.. we have the brains we have the muscle”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 19-24-55-208

9:24pm Hot Tub Arlie and his Gremlins
(Sabrina and Rachelle have a HUGE dislike for Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel. Arlie is able to use this to sway the gremlins onto his side.)
Sabrina is a bit worried that Jon and Heather will be mean to her once they keep Arlie.
Arlie – “I’ll hang out with you throughout the entire game.. 24/7” Arlie says he’ll protect them he’s a confrontational person.
Arlie – “IF you saved me in this game theres no where else for me to go”
Rachelle knows Arlie won’t turn on them because it makes sense for him to stick with them.

Arlie didn’t know Allison’s Veto was a secret that is why he thought she didn’t go up this this morning.

They are pissed that nobody from the HOH has come down to try and split up this conversation. Arlie says the group upstairs is laughing at them right now.
Arlie – “Holy F*** girls I cannot believe you are wanting to keep me now”
Arlie – “Do you understand this conversation will be the conversation of the season”
Sabrina – “I agree”
Arlie – “This is the talk… this is the super fan sh1t.. “
Rachelle – “How the hell are both the gremlins safe this week”

Sabrina brings up how Jon is going to be mean to her
Arlie – “I will attack him more savagely than he can attack you”

Arlie tells them about his alliance with Jon called the goof troop, it started 4 weeks ago.
Adel rolls in.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 18-48-26-997

9:51pm HOH Heather, Jon, Neda and Allison

Heather says just because Arlie is going doesn’t mean the sloppies are breaking up they are still an alliance. Heather says if it’s endurance for HOH they all hold on until the Gremlins drop then they are in the clear. Jon says they get the Gremlins out next then final 5.

Allison asks them this Thursday the plan is Arlie goes home and if it’s double eviction take out one of the Gremlins. Neda says yes.

10:04pm bedroom Sabrina and Racehlle

Sabrain I Hate those people.,. Neda walks around like queen sh!t.. I would rather duke it out against them then be a foursome with them.

Rachelle cannot believe they are not talking to them trying to secure votes.
Sabrain – “Unless they are trying to talk Allison into doing something
Rachelle you sho9ud get Allison
Sabrain – they are stupid if they don’t; think she will talk to us.. She just used the veto on us.
Sabrain – If we don’t win I would rather give the money to Arlie than Jon
Rachelle Agrees.
Rachelle is really worried they are going to turn Allison against them.

Rachelle says Jon’s going to regret putting up Arlie. Sabrina brings up how big of a head Neda is getting. “She’s so Annoying”

Sabrina says she hates Adel and Heather “I don’t want to work with people I hate.. and I don’t; think they will do anything for us”

10:05pm Kitchen/storage room Arlie and Jon

Arlie tells him he was honestly going to stick with Arlie for another 2 evictions

Allison and Jon meet up in the storage room. Allison says another reason why she used the veto was because she wanted to see who Jon would put up.
Allison – “You put up the right person, she asks him who first told him to backdoor her”
Jon says it was Arlie that brought it up then the entire group thought it was best.
Jon – “I was debating it i’m not going to lie”

10:23pm HOH Adel, Heather and Neda

Adel says Rachelle thinks Neda and Heather like her more than Sabrina. Big Jon rolls in and Adel give them a run down with what he heard being said in the

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 20-25-52-573

10:25pm Allison and Rachelle

Rachelle I think we have to keep Arlie.
Allison laughs..
Rachelle – “it makes so much sense”
Allison – “what did he say to you”
Rachelle – “It keeps us in the game longer if we get rid of Adel it’s only Heather and Neda in the HOH and if they do win the are getting out Arlie not us”

Rachelle – “We will probably win HOH and take out Jon”

Rachelle explains Jon, Heather, Neda and Adel are very tight group.
Allison would not put it past Arlie to say he’s with us and then switch sides.
Rachelle doubts Arlie will – “whose he’s going to work with… he’s not going to Jon he just put him up and Neda is with Jon, Adel will be gone”
Sabrina asks her if she agrees to keeping Arlie.
Allison – “in a way yes..”

Arlie rolls in puts his laundry away looks at them smiles says “just talk away” and leaves.

Rachelle says If Arlie wins HOH he’s going after Jon not them. Arlie comes in says he needs a full hour to talk to them and he’ll blow their minds. reminds Allison she is at the bottom on the other side, “I will kill to take Jon out of this game”

Jon leaves.

Rachelle – “We are going to change this game.. if we do nothing we’re at the bottom and Jon/Neda are going to the finals”
Rachelle doesn’t trust Arlie one bit right now but she knows he’s going after people other than them.

They agree Heather, Neda and Jon have a final 3.

Allison has no idea who was the one that wanted to backdoor her. Allison says Arlie tells her it’s Adel but Jon, Heather and Neda say it’s was Arlie.

Rachelle is certain it was Adel that wanted Allison Backdoored.

Allison knew this morning when she heard about the plan to backdoor Arlie that she would use her veto on Sabrina and they would have the numbers to choose to evict someone.
Allison thinks ina way it’s stupid to keep Arlie because if he makes it to the end he will win the game. Rachelle – Right now we’re not getting anywhere near the end.

Sabrina joins them. Says there is 1000 percent no way no matter what deal they gave us tehre is no way the NEda/Jon/heatehrAdel foursome will break up.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 21-05-14-376

(Jon called Sabrina the b*tt pl*g of the first 5)
Sabrina – ‘We’re going to go down in history,.. Everyone is going to love us for this”
Allison wants to know when do they get rid of Arlie. Rachelle says they need Neda and Jon gone first.

Sabrina – “We’re going to blindside the f** outta them”

Sabrina – “we have the power we have the brains we have the muscle”
Allison doesn’t want to stay 100% right now but she’s leaning towards keeping Arlie.

Allison says her plan all along was to make sure they were all off the block so they controlled this weeks vote.

Allison tells them if she wanted to cross over to the other side she wouldn’t have used the veto today and done “All this”

Sabrina laughs says if Arlie turns on her this time “I’m going to drown him in the hot tub with the f*** bubbles on.. I don’t care..”
Allison says there is no way Arlie will turn on them until the end that is why they need to have a real plan to get him out.

Sabrina – “we’re here to win a game and make money and put on one amazing show”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 21-07-21-806

11:05pm Bedroom Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle
They agree to send Adel home. Sabrina says they must Pinky swear.

Allison “I swear on my whole family this is legit promise.. I’m not going to screw you over”

(Video coming it’s long)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 20-40-50-817

11:41PM Arlie heads to bed early

11:44pm HOH Neda, Jon and Heather

Jon says Arlie is confident that Jon will be going to Jury the following week. Neda says if Adel, Heather or her win HOH Jon won’t be going up.

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team adel

Adel bro, sorry g but have fun in jury. Love u cuz


The pic that is posted above of the pinky swear…that is the face of Sobs that “Sir Picks A lot” is going to find staring in his window one day…


Judging from that last pic of Sabrina ……Who is CREEPZILLA NOW!!!!


I am loving the gremlins right now 🙂


Why is everyone liking Allison again? Not liking the feeds or chats because it’s all the gremlins and Allison Have not liked all 3 of them since the start.allison is only here because of production and that’s why the gremlins(trolls) are still there


EVERYONE is there because of production. They do cast the show, after all.


I don’t like the Gremlins not even a bit!! Crappies


This season is turning out badly it started so well for me. Allison is playing for Andrew at this point or she is just saying it to get Sabrina on her side i dont think she is that smart. I just hate Allison, Rachelle, Sabrina they just dont seem like good people Sabrina is just still saying horrible things about people shes one worst house guests i have ever seen in big brother USA, or Canada.

All we can do now is hope Heather or Neda win hoh and Gremlins continue sucking at any competition for hoh or veto.


I disagree. This is the best move for Allisons game. She’s the bottom of the totum poll in the sloppy second alliance, if she goes through with this plan then she’ll be king shit in this new alliance. I’m not a fan of the gremlins at all but they are making a smart move here. The sloppy seconds got too cocky/aggressive after knocking out 3 big players in a row, now they’re going to pay for it. It’s the name of the game.

Anita Cox

You are such a hypocrite. Listen to the shit that Neda says about people. I don’t disagree that Sabrina spews crap but they all do. Some of you people just seem to ignore the so called good people. It is a frigging game! They are all lying putting other people down etc.. At least Sabrina is playing the game not sitting back like Neda worried about what blood gets on her hands. I would never ever vote for her in the end she is the ultimate floater and does not deserve to be there. I will also be glad to see that vial crude Jon leave. Very abusive to women by dropping his pants and showing his junk….disgusting


Looking great for Arlie. The only problem I see for him is that it is only Monday night. Anyone who has watched a lot of BB knows that things often change on Wednesday night. I hope they stay the course. I was a Jon, Neda and Arlie fan until Jon and Neda jumped the shark and threw Arlie under the bus. Know I’m all Arlie all the time. Adel is truly a nice guy but the fact that he has no idea what game he is playing makes me feel like it is his time to go.


Allison just said she’s not gonna say 100%C percent that she’s keeping Arlie here and then basically one minute later she’s pinky swearing and promising on her whole family that she’s with them. What the hell?

Sabrina, nothing in the world is gonna make BB viewers love you. I’m so over the Gremlins blaming everyone else for their failures in this game,


so i guess Adel is going home, now i have no one to root for except maybe Neda. Allison has screwed over the sloppy seconds, i dont know why she is in the position she is in…i have no doubt production once again interfered and probably “hinted” to Allison to look through the flower pot for the secret veto and probably told her she has to use it regardless, stupid Adel offers to go up(over confident much, Adel?)

One thing i dont understand about bb is this whole logic of final 4, final 5 deals, its nice to know that people are all sheep and rely on fake alliances to get them through. What ever happened to fighting for yourself, what I mean is they keep strong players like Jon or in this case Arlie because he is a strong player, well if it gets down to final 4 or 5 that same player is gonna take them out! These players are moronic they are satisfied with making it to jury to pick the winner, instead of getting rid of strong players so that they will stand a better chance of winning.

Thats the one thing i hate about big brother is alliances, season 1 was okay but this is just out of control!! It makes the game boring when everyone votes with the house like a bunch of sheep. Personally if i was in that house i wouldnt mind having a target on my back for going against the house because i would believe in my self to win competitions


You wouldn’t even make it to jury.


I disagree and think this is one of the best seasons ever!! Last year sucked with everyone voting with the house and Jillian and Emette winning the last what 4 comps. We never know what’s going to happen who would have thought a week ago that both Sabrina and Rachelle would be off the block?? It’s awesome so many people playing the game. Neda always knows when something is up …. she deserves the win. Arlie is an awesome player too. Allison just has been lucky … she should n’t have been there and now she has all the power. She needs to team up with Arlie or Adel … as there is n/j, n/h, s/r, leaving just allison or arlie or adel. I am hoping Allison is smart enough to know this is her only chance to get rid of Arlie who will win if he gets to the final 2. There is no beating Arlie. But I think n/j will go after allison as soon as they can. frick s/r look like they can make it far!!! but will never win.


Allison has two options…

1) Get rid of Arlie this week and then she will more than likely get voted out next week. Jon/Heather and Neda may make it to final two.
2) Keep Arlie, survive the BB house for another week or two, Arlie may win the whole thing.

In the situation that she is in, I don’t think she should be thinking about Arlie possibly winning the game if she votes to keep him. She should be thinking about how she can make it in the game the longest. If she takes out Arlie now, I don’t see here making it to final four.


While she would never beat arlie if it came down to it, saving Adel would be the dumbest thing she could do. He has repeatedly shown that he doesn’t trust her and he has an alliance. Saving him, she will still be at the bottom of the back. Arlie at least gives her a chance and the NUMBERS.


Sounds like someone’s bitter his favourites are in a bad spot. Why would Allison keep Adel when she knew for a fact she was gonna be nominated until they decided to save her for next week? If anything she would be the smart one kicking Adel out the door and taking her chances with Arlie, who will be going after John! If you think you could play BB without an alliance, you’d be out the door within the first 2 weeks. Not sure how you think the house is all voting the same? Last year was boring compared to this season! A lot more backstabbing going on! Don’t worry though, once Adel leaves, production will bring in another twist to help out John, Neda, and Heather just so thinks stay interesting!


With the new alliance of Sabrina, Arlie, Allison and Rachelle, I really hope Heather and Neda gets pumped up and win this weeks HOH. They then nominate Allison and Arlie, with Arlie winning veto and sending Allison home. Given that what she did is a good gameplay but I just can’t root for her (and want her gone) because if not for this twist she absolutely did nothing. Damn, I can’t believe the underdogs Neda, Jon and Heather are back on being the underdogs just after a week.

Russ from Van

I can cheer for Arlie. He is a die hard fan, a game player, strategist, and entertainer. I hope he can go far and even win.

What I can’t stand is to see Sabrina, Allison, and Rachelle have success in this game.

The three of them are a horrific compilation of the qualities you want to see in Big Brother players, and people in general. I am dying for this season not to be destroyed by the three of them.


Allison, for all her faults, is still one of the nicest people in the house. She’s never said a bad thing about anybody.

Neda to me is a lot more unlikable. She grows more conceited by the day.

Just earlier today, when she was talking to Sabrina in the bedroom, they were talking about Kenny and how he lies. Neda, believing herself 100%, straight up tells Sabrina “I know, he was lying all the time. That’s why he got sent home. I just couldn’t take it anymore. That’s why Sarah went home too.”

She actually believes that she’s solely responsible for Kenny and Sarah going home; as if it wasn’t the blatantly obvious thing to do. Kenny and Sarah went home because they themselves drew the line in the sand, and the power shifted against them when Heather won HOH. But it was ALL Neda according to her. You can even hear it in her goodbye messages: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t trust you, that’s why you got sent home…”. She thinks it’s been 100% her this entire time. She’s probably the most conceited person the house; she’s just a lot better at hiding it than others.

Healthcare Professional

Neda was the swing vote for Kenny and Sarah to stay.


I don’t get why people judge the “players” based off if what they do in the game, they’re are in there to win money, backstabbing is part of the game. Dan didn’t become the best player in BB history by being a good person in the game, outside the game, I’m sure he’s a good person and same with others.


No actually if they did not have those dis -qualities would never end up on BB game. What you see it’s what you get .
I’m not judging them they can behave however they please but in my book they’re not ppl with great qualities and good heart period.

Russ from Van

I see your point about Dan not being a good person in the game, and how the game is different than real life. Game moves advance you.

But I can’t respect the unnecessary bashing of Heather as a game move. Is having a breakdown where you are ready to quit while holding a secret veto, and then having other houseguests misinterpret that as Arlie spilling secrets a good game move? Is giving a h*ndjob to a guy who is on his way out the door a good game move? Is Rachelle being unable to make her own decisions and be a puppet to another person something to respect? What about Sabrina’s constant lying, delusions, and poison? You think she’s only like that in the game?

I think how these people play this game tells us alot about them in real life. That being said, I’m cheering for Jon, Arlie, Adel, Heather and Neda to win this thing.


Rus: exactly % 100 agreed.


I dont think Dan is the best player ever … Will and Boogie beat him hands down … where do you know of a two person alliance that both won BB ?


I wanted Jon, Adel or Heather to win the game so bad. Well… we’ll see


I feel sorry for Adel


Allison is such a horrible game player. Why does it matter who’s idea it was to backdoor you? No one is going to tell you the truth. You go with the plan that will keep you in the game longer.

Arlie is there best bet and I am looked forward to seeing Arlie and Jon go head to head. I don’t think Jon is ready.

I never thought I would say this but… go gremlins??? Well, I only like them this week because they plan to keep Arlie.


Gremlins! Lol. They should be called Notorious Pig and Snoop Tupac Insecure!


I really hope Adel does not get evicted, but if he does….



Same here I want him to stay 🙁
even neda /jon/heather


And why exactly would we want to vote Adel back in? So that we can see that he his completely clueless about BB? Yes, the viewers will like to see that some more. SMH


I don’t believe he is clueless, his social game is brilliant. Even the fight he started tonight pointed out to Sabrina how ALL the lies he heard were coming from Arlie and Sarah and then he pointed out she wanted to take out Allison and Rachelle. Adel is planting that seed KNOWING FULL WELL Sabrina will not be able to drop it so all Rachelle and Allison will hear about is this fight for the next 24 hours.

Adel does the most around the house in terms of cleaning, laundry and cooking (regardless of what Sabrina says/thinks).

With the help of the DR it will raise issue if not to the clueless Rachelle it will at least to Allison who has to wonder to herself. I may be getting into bed with someone who said they sold their soul at the door and someone who will sell me out immediately. The devil you know may not be as bad as the devil you don’t know but she KNOWS Arlie/Sabs are caustic.

Since the DR has helped Ally throughout this game I’m hoping they’ll get her to thinking about this.

The other factor is how Rachelle is going to react when John says you promised on your brother’s LIFE which you said you would never lie about. I honestly believe Rachelle is thinking about post game and all the promises Sabrina has made to her but she has to know Sabrina would slit her throat to get ahead.

Also, how is everyone saying Ally is a good person if she is lying straight to Heathers face, who repeatedly saved her and wants to work with her.

Anyway, I do think DR will still try to get in Rachelle and Allison’s heads OR they’ll make sure the next comp is tailor made for Heather or Neda. I honestly hope they win because it will be hilarious to see how quickly the Gremlins turn on Arlie and Allison.



Johhny (the European one!)

so… did I get this right? Getting alcohol poisoning to the point where she wasn’t even responsive was Allison’s biggest move in this game? And the most successful? Wow.

Without that, she’d have been backdoored, gotten herself off the block, a pawn would have gone up, and she’d have been a sitting duck for next eviction.

Now, the whole game changed. Thanks to who? ALCOHOL POISONING. Thanks, DRUNKEN COMA.


There is still ALOT of game left…. Anything can happen! I do like Arlie but I HATE Rachelle, Sabrina and Allison!!! Winning in the name of Andrew?!? So disgusting… I really hope Neda or Heather win HoH…their lives are on the line!!!


I hate that the possibility of arlie getting a comeback which I think is awesome with the exception of it teaming with the heinous gremlinsand Allison is that is gonna be at the expense of Adel leaving. At least I’m happy that Adel is a good person inside and out of the game. I like Jon and neda but ift will be karma if they get screwed, they don’t realize that the arrogance that they accuse the first five of is the same thing that they are doing and could cost their game.


Yeah, but Dan didn’t act like a immature 12 year old that constantly degraded and made fun of people. He had a good social game and treated people with respect. All Sabrina and Rachelle did all game was lie and talk vicious about people that they were jealous of and that threatened their insecurity. It had nothing to do with game strategy. When things didn’t fall into their lap, they instantly wanted to quit, until again because of Neda and Allison, fortune fell into their lap again and they somehow think they masterminded it. Their sick, immature people. Now people are cheering for them to win. Makes me laugh, no one has any loyalty anymore. People here just jump on the bandwagon with whoever is winning at the time. Sad!


Watching the live feeds and watching Jon is so funny. He knows he totally screwed his game! hahahaha

Betcha he wishes he had a time machine right about now. 1 Hundo buddy!

True Story, Bro

Neda would make a great lawn dart.


they have had too many twists to vote someone back in now. Dont think they will do that this year. Arlie is a comp threat but so is Jon, i guess no more goof troop huh lol


I know everyone is hating on Allison right now, but Heather/Jon/Neda have openly admitted that they’re going after Allison next week even if she votes with them to evict Arlie (and she knows this)…. so why in the hell would she go along with that and evict someone who won’t go after her next week?


I am still rooting for the Jon, Neda, Heather alliance. Way better than the gremlins!!! Game-play wise and just better people wise…

another name

big difference between jonedheather and gremlins: the gremlins insults are more caustic.
game play: what has jon done? he’s made five alliance promises, broke four of them so far. he is neda’s muppet.
what has neda done? she threw out syrup. and manipulated her muppet into making the biggest mistake of their game.

sure, the first five were not nice people. okay. but how nice were the sloppy seconds? they got just as cocky and arrogant in the same amount of time as it took for everyone to hate the first five, but they couldn’t last two whole weeks without imploding on each other.

seriously: the only player that has actually DONE anything thus far that is noteworthy for being a game changer is production, who might as well be a contestant. hell, no one else can even clean up after themselves without production making it a task.

Name jr

I agree with you. That being said, your first statement is exactly how people justify the hate for the gremlins. I think most people can get past the arrogance. Everyone who had power in this game have had their cocky moments. Being in a comfortable position can do that to many. What I personally can’t look past though is the unnecessarily abrasive behaviour and personal attacks.

Deceiving, manipulating… That’s can be part of the game. But making unnecessary comments about how someone looks or sounds is uncalled for. And that is why most will have a hard time having any sympathy for the gremlins and the 1st 5.

And yes, to be fair, the sloppies really did get cocky after getting power. But as far as I know, they hadn’t spooked down to making unnecessary personal attacks like the gremlins do every night when they’re bored.

another name

believe me, i’m not justifying or condoning Sabrina and Rachelle’s insults and attacks on others behind their backs. not in the slightest.
I just hold all of them to the SAME standard. when jon hypocritically calls rachelle a slut for flirting with guys in the house while having a boyfriend at home, it’s just as much a behind the back insult. it gets applauded because people like jon more than rachelle. I don’t subscribe to that point of view.
Sabrina talks behind heather’s back. truly rotten inappropriate things. Heather calls Sabrina an evil whore, and takes part in the entire night of here’s why Sabrina is evil. how are they better for talking behind Sabrina’s back? if they wanted an intervention, they should have invited Sabrina, otherwise it’s just as bad as what Sabrina and rachelle do.
likability is not a pass for behaving badly.
viewers are ‘lucky’ to hear the nasty comments of rachelle and Sabrina. they know the extent. the other players don’t. when viewers argue but Sabrina and rachelle are worse, they are using their advanced knowledge the others don’t have. that makes that particular judgement biased.
so really, i’m just saying bad behavior isn’t excusable. period.


I agree with you about a lot of things, but I do think it’s unlikely that Heather would ever have called Sabrina an “evil whore” if she hadn’t been subject to her attacks. It was an immature and mean thing to say, but I think it was entirely reactive. If Sabrina hadn’t treated her like dirt for weeks, I highly doubt Heather would have stooped that low. I base this on what I’ve observed of Heather on the live feeds. Frankly, I’m amazed Heather hasn’t snapped more.


im watching these feeds, and it’s blowing my mind that joneda and heather think there’s NO CHANCE that allison is going to keep arlie in this game… i have no idea why they think this…


Ugh! I hate when people get HOHitis! Why didn’t they just get rid of one of those girls that were nominated? Did you really think they were all of a sudden on your side? When ur on the block you will do or say anything to get off, make any deal you have to at the time. Jom was wasted for most of his HOH, and went from wanting to backdoor Allison, and then Arlie. Adel, pawns go home – why would you volunteer? Why would you trust the gremlins with ur big brother life? Just because a person is HOH, doesn’t mean who you want out goes. I really hope Adel doesn’t go, but that’s what happens when you get too cocky! I truly wish Sabrina or Rachelle would be going, as I hate to even look at them. I guess there has to be controversy. This is entertainment.


That was a super-fan move by Allison. Taking control of the votes gets you control of the game, either way she’s the swing vote, meaning she buys herself another week and the opportunity to choose which side she goes with.


Haha, true. The crying episode was a good way to work Jon with the Newfie thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she skates in the F2, as she has squandered some jury votes with her flip-flopping, I don’t think a lot of HGs really respect her game. (maybe gremlins now).

Young Veto

See you later Adel

RIP Sl*ppy Sec*nds


How are we supposed to watch live feeds without adel

Young Veto

to be honest, i hate the gremlins, but it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for them

if adel goes, hope they win HOH next week, so we can get a different vibe in the house

Healthcare Professional

The Gremlins will make the house insufferable. Sabrina is awful!


Here is Allison’s problem- she is at the bottom of both alliances.
Jon/Neda/Heather/Adel/Allison- the others would sacrifice her first if they had to
Arlie/Sabrina/Rachelle/Allison- again, the others would sacrifice her first if they had to
so she really doesn’t benefit from either alliance
She should go and try to make a final two alliance with Heather- but pretend she is in the Arlie/Sabrina/Rachelle/Allison alliance- try to make a deal that she will keep her alliance from getting rid of Heather first if Heather can keep her alliance from going after Allison

another name

the ONLY problem with the logic of what you propose between heather and Allison:
Allison IS the bottom of her 4 man totem pole, so doesn’t have the power to ensure heather’s safety.
heather IS the bottom of the 3 man totem pole, so doesn’t have the power to ensure Allison’s safety.
two bottoms don’t make a top (just ask Kenny – ok bad joke).


Honestly, I can understand why the gremlins are disliked/hated. But I don’t think Rachelle can be equally held accountable for the things that Sabrina says and does. Rachelle just admitted to Allison that she doesn’t consider herself very smart during their alliance discussion, and I think that’s why she’s been sticking with Sabrina this whole time. I think Rachelle knows laying low is the best thing she can do, similarly to how Neda has been playing the game with Jon. So Rachelle lets Sabrina handle the dirty work for her. Sure, Rachelle might say nasty things from time to time but it tends to be when she’s reacting to Sabrina’s comments when they are the only ones around… You have to admit that when a friend of yours says something you don’t agree with, it’s risky to oppose them because it shows you’re not 100% committed to them.

All I’m trying to say is that there’s a lot about her that we don’t know. She could really be as rude as Sabrina or she might just be a very one-dimensional follower, I have no clue. But I do think she should be cut some slack. I think she is starting to think for herself now, but hasn’t been able to do anything big yet. People are hating her just by association with Sabrina… but did we not see Rachelle turn on Sabrina when she was the only one to vote Sabrina for eviction not long ago? I think she’s known for a while that she has to get rid of Sabrina the second she isn’t useful to her anymore. I’m not saying Rachelle necessarily deserves to win the whole thing, but she’s lasted this long for a reason and I think people haven’t given her the benefit of the doubt.

At least give that some thought Canada! I’d feel bad to see her leave the house with the entire country hating on her, when she hasn’t really done that much wrong (other than support Sabrina… which I understand is terrible).

I don’t even have anything against the rest of the house either… Arlie does scare me a bit. I just think the gremlins, Allison and Arlie are being smarter than the sloppy seconds right now.


Slobrina & her nose picking is frigggen grosss, Anybody who trusts in Big Brother Arlie willl Loose his voice is sooo annnoying i hope Allison votes off Arlie


this guys have sloppy manners on national television & its a turn offff!! Adel is the most hygenic on the show the rest have sloppy dirty habbits Slobrina & rachelle pick their nose wats withhh that ewww Jon keeps touching himself & caught a yeast infection & al in all Adel is the Cleanesttttt


Y is allison the only one getting all the little perks i dont get it. She was in a secret room, then she got that alcohol challenge thing w jon, the scarlett Veto & now shes highest on this other twist Big Brother WAKE UP


The gremlins are entertaining & without their drama (mostly slobrina’s) the show would be boaring also Slobrina has a nice laugh despite her annoying ways she does seem like a nice person & has very jolly spirit…i wouldn’t be soo madd if Allison & the gremlins were final 3, or Jon Heather Neda (although neda seems very micro managing & nuerotic at times) one thing they have in commom is they’re all obcessed w saying all say “1 hundred or 1 billion percent” lol & they all kinda swear alot & (not so much heather) & alot of them have poor manners wayyyyy to much nose picking for my liking!! Never the less i’m enjoying the season alot of ups & downs but its a great final 8!


Rachelle has a beautiful voice she sings amazing!!!


Is Allison a classic floater? She seems to do whatever, I hope she doesn’t win the game ugh. Kinda impressed w Sabrina lately though she doesn’t give up!


As much as I enjoy Arlie for the entertainment I can’t stand the fact Allison has been given so much power just for giving hand jobs.

Seriously I cannot handle seeing the Gremlins and Allison stay in this game and if they turn the vote to keep Arlie they are idiots anyway. When will they ever get him out again???? NEVER, just hand him the cheque.

I love how Rachelle has known all week that Neda was fighting to keep her and Allison cried that she was going home to Neda/Heather so they kept her and then she screwed them to work with the girl who called her a whore and ugly.

I can’t believe BB production would want to keep the most despised people (Sabrina/Rachelle and Allison) in the house risking them all making it to final 4 only to see the most liked (not just my personal opinion but also all the polls) to keep the bottom 4 players in all the polls. Because it will be Adel, then either Neda or John leaving followed by Neda/John.

If Allison is truly planning on doing this then thank BB production for taking all the most loved people out of the game. Fortunately for me NBA playoffs are starting so my friends and I will all just stop watching since I’ve had a hard enough time watching the Gremlins and Allison this long. I switch the screens whenever they are on especially whenever Allison or Sabrina are eating (which is ALL the time) Allison’s jaw clicks and Sabrina can’t keep her mouth shut while chewing or her hand out of her nose.

I’m hoping Neda figures it out, calls a house meeting and says to Allison if you are keeping Arlie remember this is the guy who has been making fun on Andrew all along and was the one who wanted to back door you. And I know you love Sabrina but this is the girl who called you a whore, ugly and begged us to back door you. Then says to Sabrina Arlie’s been laughing at you in DR saying how stupid you are & how you took credit for everything but meanwhile he thinks your a joke. And you Sabrina lobbying to get out Allison first and begging John to take you off the block over Rachelle and bragging about how she was so stupid she would just do what you wanted.


Thanks for RUINING the season BB.

Just my angry two cents


I just can’t listen to Sabrina. Already she is back to saying nasty things about Neda and Heather meanwhile they did try to be nice to them this week and Neda fought to keep Rachelle. Hearing Sabrina ALREADY BACK to saying how her game is so wonderful and how much Canada will love her makes me sick.

SHE did nothing!!!!!!!!!!! Allison used the veto and Arlie is the one with the plan. Just like with the First five she is going to take credit. Arlie is brilliant but apparently she doesn’t listen: Didn’t she hear what he said he did with Andrew? He’s doing exactly the same thing to her but she’s too vain and ignorant to recognize it.

I hope the audience BOOS loudly when they vote on Thursday, so much so that it gives Allison pause as she’ll be the last one entering the room to vote and maybe she’ll change her mind.

What Allison needs to do is approach Neda and say look. You can’t blame me for wanting to play the game and stay in as long as possible but I know if I vote to save Adel you are going to vote me out. IF SHE WAS SMART then she should have told Neda/John that she was crying b/c she knew she was getting back doored and had the secret veto but she also knew using it was going to put her on the bottom if she wasn’t there already. Then she should say, I don’t think keeping Arlie is a good idea but I also don’t believe you won’t vote me out first even ahead of the Gremlins. If I believed you Heather and I could make a final 3 then I would 100% vote out Arlie but you have to convince me of it.

Neda can then say I wish you remembered you made me cry last night and I went out of my way to keep you and now you are going to F me. Had you explained this to me today I could have reassured you. I can tell you honestly you scare me as a player because you are the only female who is strategic and physical. BUT I NEVER said cruel things about you only that I was scared of how great a player you were. So lets make a pact I will take out John at F4 because we need him to protect us if you will take out Arlie now. I promise we will take out the Gremlins, Adel and John ahead of you & I will get Heather on board to confirm that as well. You’ll probably beat us but I’d rather have you my side and play to the end with you.GIRL POWER

WHY don’t these people appeal to the others humanity and egos??? Game play PLEASE. For those that find this entertaining I don’t, I would see right through Arlie’s ass kissing but then again I guess that’s why they pick people like Sabrina to be in the game.