The Gremlins plan to save Arlie, “Crazy how sh!t changes so fast”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 16-40-21-686

7:39pm Hot Tub Heather and Sabrina

Heather is really nervous that Adel is going to go home. Neda is nervous as well says Allison using her veto today was a clear sign she’s not loyal to them.

Neda says if Allison and the gremlins join up and keep Arlie it’s those 3 against Heather, Jon and her.
Heather – “I’m really nervous”

Jon comes in, They tell him they’re “Sketching out” about Allison.

Neda still thinks they made a really good game move.
Jon doesn’t sound fully convinced, “You think”
They start playing up Arlie’s abilities in the game, Jon says everything Arlie does is a calculated move.
Neda – “He’s f*** in the head”
Jon – “genius”

Heather says she’s confident Arlie is going this week but she feels if Allison wins HOH she will put up two of them.


7:53pm Storage room Adel and Allison
Adel says he’s not close to Jon but once Arlie is gone he might be able to get closer. Adel says once they get rid of Arlie the following week is double and they can take out the two Gremlins.
Allison says that Adel is not going anywhere so not to worry. Adel says if he stays this week there’s a future between them in this game. Adel points out that duos are so powerful in the game. Allison says people wanted to backdoor her this week she wants to make sure she’s with the right people.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 18-31-28-442

8:17pm Arlie and the Gremlins

Arlie says he talked to Allison and she’s considering keeping him. Arlie mentions how he’s been thinking for awhile he was in trouble he always knew he was on the bottom of the alliance, “Go ask Allison I told her all about it”

Sabrina asks him why were they going to backdoor Allison. Arlie doesn’t know the full reason he didn’t want Allison to go.
Sabrina points out that the “Whole” house will be after them if they keep Arlie. Arlie laughs “The WHole house”
He points out that he’s been in the talks with Jon, Neda and HEather they have no plans on keeping the gremlins around.

Arlie says if they keep him here he will go after the players that put him up, jon, Neda and Heather.

Sabrina – Did Jon and Neda say anything about taking me out.
Arlie – It was always the plan.. one of you were going home.
Sabrina – and you see them getting rid of us next week
Arlie – YES that group is so tight especially now that they are getting me out

8:18pm Adel, Heather and Neda havenots

8:30pm Adel and Rachelle
Adel asks if Arlie is campaigning or if he’s saying sh!t about him.
Rachelle says Arlie is trying to save himself nothing against Adel, ‘Everything you expect him to say”
Adel – Do you think Sabrina will listen to him
Rachelle – no she would be stupid
Adel tells her she can’t put all her eggs in one Sabrina.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 17-34-12-135

8:31pm Hot tub Arlie and Sabrina
(Sabrina is sounding convinced keeping Arlie is what’s best for the gremlin’s game.)
Arlie – “I’m telling you girls we would crush them.. “
Sabrina – “It makes so much sense
Rachelle – “Our crew would be stronger Allison is strong too”
Arle – “If you can tell Allison we’re real.. “

Sabrina tells her it will be easy for them to convince Allison to vote him to stay.
Sabrina says Heather, Jon, Adel and Neda are so tight.
Rachelle thinks Adel is at the bottom of that four group. Arlie says Neda and Heather are very tight. Sabrina thinks they have a final 2, final 3 with Jon. Arlie – “Neda is ruthless she’s emotionless”

Arlie – “This will be the cool f*** move”
Rachelle says they will probably win the HOH next week
Arlie – “I’M A F***ing BEAST”

He tells them it’s “Real Talk” right now he’s never been more real. Arlie- “I want jon’s head on a f*** platter”

He explains to them it’s insane thinking he’s going to go against the gremlins and join up with the people that just tried to backdoor him.

Arlie – “It’s WAR I think we can do it Girls”
Sabrina “The Gremlins save Arlie”
Rachelle – “Crazy how sh!t changes so fast”

Sabrina asks Rachelle if the gremlins will get further with Arlie or without.
Rachelle breaks it down by keeping Arlie If Neda or heather win HOH they will put up Arlie and a gremlin. If Arlie goes home they will put up two gremlins.
Rachelle says it’s best for their game to keep Arlie.
Sabrina mentions its 4 vs 2 in the HOH.
Sabrina – ‘They’re ruthless why can’t we be”

Arlie asks them where they sit with Allison.
Sabrina says she has ALlison’s back 1 billion percent and Allison has their back.
Arlie brings up how big of a super move this will be, it will be a real “F*** you” to heather, Jon and Neda. This really gets the gremlins excited as they still do not like them very much.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 18-31-28-442

(Video COming.. It’s Long)

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OK I know I haven’t been following as closely as last year but can someone please tell me what the heck “one hundo” means?


It’s Canadian talk for “100 Percent”.


LOL I thought it was just Newfie talk cause’ I’m from Toronto and I’ve never heard that in my life!


That’s Canadian talk?
I just thought it was North American slang in general.
Come to think of it, people in my school, and my sister use that term plenty of times.


Best week in the house yet.
Even though a gremlin isn’t leaving the house just yet, everyone is playing with strategy and emotion. Floating won’t get you by this week.

another name

oh no. heck no. it’s not Canadian talk. the vast, overwhelming majority of Canadians use the word hundred. really.


I’m Canadian, and i’ve never heard that term used before by anyone.


Not Canadian as far as I know.. unless it is a bastardization of something that may be slang..m I think he makes up words, kind of like Sprint with “Framily”… I cringe almost as much when I hear Hundo…


Correction: It’s “Jon” talk for 100%. 🙂


Um no, that isn’t “Canadian” talk. Are you even Canadian? It’s just how Adel talked from day one, and since they’ve only been around each other, all the hg’s talk the same now.


It’s hockey boy talk.


Love watching the feeds when there is actually some respectable game talk. None of these players will ever be confused for Dr. Will but at least they are trying. I bet the gremlins and Allison change their minds a dozen times before the eviction on Thursday.



What Goes Around Comes Around...

LOL if this plan follows through. Was really rooting for Jon but I can’t believe he let Neda convince him into backdooring Arlie with that many people left in the house still. Now look how this is going to play out you dumb bitches…. Arlie will win that HOH next week guaranteed and it’s going to be big trouble for you NEDA and JON. Would rather see Adel gone, only for the amped up drama should Arlie stay.


The Gremlins and Allison would be foolish not to save Arlie. The game would be more interesting if Arlie stayed and got revenge on Jon anf Neda.


Production will make it happen where Arlie stays (I hope). Adel has run his course.


Production interferes way too much but in this case it was Jon and Neda making a horrible decision during Jon’s HOH.


Is it wrong that im so excited for the jon/allison/gremlins alliance?? Cant stand the gremlins and have always thought arlie was annoying, but im so over the sloppy seconds arrogance. Plus, i have come to really dislike neda. She is a true undercover biaotch. I guess i just want them to be taken down a peg. I’m just sorry adel may go. He’s a good dude, even if he doesnt know jack about this game.


Exactly! I’m only rooting for Heather and Jon on that side at this point.


WHoops, i meant arlie/allison/gremlns alliance….. not jon. Jon can go. Looooved him in the beginning, but now that i know neda is running his game….see ya!

mark anthony

jon took a swing at arlie and missed. they say the deadliest punch is the counter and i don’t see jon dodging it.


Damn… Sabrina said the best line ever…. Sabrina – ‘”They’re ruthless why can’t we be”

Let the games begin!!!!!!!


Stabby has been ruthless the whole time apart from a brief phase of self-pity.




Cant say i feel sorry for jon he should have made his own moves not let neda tell him everything getting arlie out was too soon should got at least one Gremlin
out this week before turning.

There only hope in game is that Rachelle might flip on Sabrina now i think Sabrina is set in stone. After that they need hoh or its over him and neda are on the block.


I still like Arlie and want him to stay but I dislike Allison and her lack of game and (ability to stay sober) now and the Gremlins are so self-centered and vile about Heather that I could never root for them. Tough call. Arlie vs. Jon/Neda/Heather. I do believe Allison and Rachelle can win challenges though.


I doubt Ro will win any more.
They’ve done the standing like a braindead zombie comp and she won.
As for Alli, I think she does doubt her comp ability for good reasons.
Too big for endurance.
Too nervous.
Not fast enough for mental even if she does have the facts in her head.


Does anyone know if The Gremlins are talking about this amongst themselves? I need to know if they’re actually considering it before u get my hopes up


I love it….now we have some real game play with both Arlie and Adel campaigning hard….may the best man win, or should I say the best man stay. Have to say I like both Adel and Arlie, but it would be exciting (from a fan perspective) to see Arlie get back with the Gremlins and take out Neda and Jon (way to screw your game Jon….should’ve stuck with Sloppy Seconds for one more week).


If Arlie stays I just hope that Neda or Heather wins the next HOH and send Arlie or Allison out next. If that does not happen Allison (aka production) completely ruins this season for me. I just can’t root for any of the gremlins and Arlie.


I actually like the Gremlins 0.99% more now that they’re planning to save Arlie


So is Ali siding with the Gremlins? Please say yes, I don’t want Arlie to go…!!

another name

things that would be completely illogical to happen:
Sabrina saving Adel. it’s gotten to the personal level not a game level as far as Sabrina thinks.
Rachelle (Sabrina’s muppet) acting on independent thought. she’s a soldier not a leader.
Allison thinking being the bottom of a 5 way deal is better than being bottom of a 4 way deal.
therefore any twist that saves adel is a manufactured fix.
still standing by my prediction.


I love how hard they are all playing. I really hope arlie can pull this off with the gremlins. That’ll be some good bb:)


i highly doubt the house will keep arlie,that would be a stupid move for everyone…. arlie needs to go home this thursday, if they dont take him out now he will get to the end and win this season… arlie wins against anyone if he get to the end….. house guest dont be stupid take arlie out now….

Johhny (the European one!)

Sorry for backtracking, but could someone enlighten me what exactly happened for Jon to switch from wanting to backdoor Allison to wanting to backdoor Arlie? Who was he talking with? Who influenced him?
That huge and sudden switch still feels kinda weird to me…


Late last night, Neda and Heather found a drunk Allison crying in the HOH bathroom with Arlie. She was worried that she was going home NEXT week and Arlie didn’t deny it…which set her off on a crying fit. Heather and Neda mistakenly thought that Arlie told Allison the plan to backdoor her THIS week…in order to win her jury vote. They got pissed off at Arlie for telling her…even though he didn’t…and convinced Jon very late last night to switch it to Arlie.

They tried to wake Allison up to tell her that Arlie wanted to backdoor her and they refused and were going to backdoor him instead. She was too drunk to listen…so they told her first thing this morning. The gremlins both just told her that it was a lie and that Arlie was the last to know about the Allison-backdoor and he didn’t want to do it. This just convinced Allison to go along with the plan to save Arlie and work with him and the gremlins…

Johhny (the European one!)

oh… wow. alcohol is quickly becoming the biggest Force in this game!
thanks for the info!


Heather was the mastermind behind this.then she spoke to Neda and got jon on board to replace Arlie with Allison.


Sigh…well…the gremlins are on board…especially since they have noticed that no one has bothered to include them tonight. But Allison is up Jon’s ass and just told him that another reason why she used the veto was to see who he would put up…and she thinks he made the right choice.

Damn it…the only thing getting in the way of this gremlins/Allison/Arlie alliance is Allison’s stupidity. I hope she doesn’t screw this up…Sobs better work her magic over her. I am impressed with what Allison did with the veto…but my confidence in her doesn’t stretch much further than that.

I guess we will have to wait to see what she says when the gremlins get a hold of her…


Todays convos brought to you by…………………………… wait for it ……………………………………… PRODUCTION. If your an Arlie fan don’t buy into this yet. If you an Adel fan ditto. Simply put we got 3 days of production inspired talk til Thursday. After all they need the footage for Thursday. Haven’t seen any sign these BB geniuses realize they don’t need 4 persons to run the game from here on but 3 as I’ve explained in a couple other threads.

I come at it this way. The whole lot was ready to turn on Allison and keep the Gremlins this week. None of these douches are loyal to anything. Any and all will get what they deserve if they end up on the jury. I’d shed no tear for anyone including Heather who had no problem screwing Allison over as well. So what makes better game? Save Arlie makes better game IMHO. Adel has worn out his BB welcome. Jon and Neda going out in a DE next Thursday would be epic. Allison and Arlie next week just fine with me. Just keep Sabby around so I can vote for her as Canada’s fav. It’s a douchebag season so why not the ultimate douchebag/puppet master winning it all. The last great villain win was evil Dick in my eyes. Sabby would do the “Dickster” proud. And like her or not that pig is playing the freaking game!

Adel stays the games not done by a long shot but it will be more fun , 1 Hundo, if Arlie stays. And we are all sick of 1 Hundo!!!


That’s my comment above regarding “Todays convo……………….” forgot my name. 🙁

Well here’s something for all feeder fans to consider. Earlier Sabby and Roro were celebrating F2 for the Gremlins in private. Lots of folks here don’t like Sabby/Gremlins with or without Allison but just go with it as I am. If Sabby gets F2 with anyone any fair minded BB fan who votes on who played the best game cannot deny at that stage it would be Sabby hands down! Give her the money and start the parade. I loathe the woman but she is getting my votes if she’s F2. “Don’t hate the player hate the game”!! 😛

Thing is if you understand the game why be worried at all that it could happen. Sabby has been a comp nothing all season. Roro and Allison might be able to pull off a string of comp wins maybe. F4 down what has Sabby got? F4 the person who is not nominated after the Veto ceremony decides who gets evicted. Roro wins HOH and POV and lets Sabby evict the only likely scenario she is 1 Hundo safe at F4. The 1st 2 parts of the 3 part challenge are traditionally Endurance and Physical. Sabby has little chance on either. She loses both she isn’t in 7 questions. The good news is unless it’s the 3 Gremlins F3 she gets F2 with Roro and the other person likely wants to sit beside her though I think a smart player getting to F3 picks Roro to sit beside F2. A do nothing robot if you can’t get 4 jury votes versus that trash bag your 1 terrible player. Sabby needs a lot to go remarkably right to sit F2 so just relax and enjoy the journey. Douchebag Neda is just getting started, Jon has made himself the number 1 target 1 Hundo! Gremlins can run out the season with 3 straight HOH wins. Just keep your blood pressure in check and accept the pig deserves the money and the title if she sits F2 1 Hundo percent!


Wow… in the beginning of the week… I thought this was going to be the most boring weeks… this is actually really the most interesting week of all… Jon’s HoH failed big time… he did nothing this week but make his target bigger this week and if Arlie does not go, then he will very well be a goner if Neda or Heather does not win HoH…

Nana Jo

“Honest to God, I swear on my …..” Between them, houseguests have sworn on the lives of children (Sarah), grandmothers (Sab), autistic brothers (Ro), boyfriends (Heather), dogs (Jon) and body parts (Sabrina’s head). About as meaningful as “hundo” …and bud …and Sabrina taking an oath of allegiance to eat slop for the next two weeks. What? She didn’t do that! Right, exactly…never. This is turning out to be as silly and entertaining as a game of musical chairs. Right now the chair has been pulled out from under Arlie, but he just might sit on Adel, with the help of a couple of gremlins and She-who-drinks-a-lot. I love Adel and want him to stay, but I’m worried for him … really worried.

Johhny (the European one!)

lol! great post. love the “She-who-drinks-a-lot”… and swearing on body parts!

Nana Jo

Thanks, Johnny!


gremlins need to think end game… who can they beat easier in the end arlie or adel…. everyone needs to think long term not just this thursdays hoh… i cant believe they are actually thinking about saving him… arlie can win physical and metal challlenges, its to risky for gremlins and allison to keep arlie in the game…. arlie would turn his back on this two the moment jon heather or neda wins hoh…

another name

in long term assessment of who you can beat, you still have to consider how to get to the end.
keep adel: you are out the door if anyone but you wins hoh. ever.
keep arlie: arlie is a bigger target than you if anyone wins but you. and so is Allison. you are target 3 or 4 if anyone but you wins.
with the adel crew your best chance is make it to top 6.
with the arlie crew you have a better chance of getting rid of jon if one of your strongest gets hoh. the next week they can’t play for hoh, chances are one of your strongest goes. you just made top 5 and you are in the largest alliance.
if you make top two and you are a gremlin you have to against another gremlin or the Canada vote ends your game.

team adel

Sorry cuz, u dug ur own grave g


Never in the million years would I be rooting for a gremlim-arlison alliance, and now I’m kinda am. I hope Arlie stays. Jon made a stupid move even if Allison didn’t use her red veto. I’m happy for Allison, at least she used it to the best possible way she can and she IS the majority/swing vote.


If Allison didn’t have the red veto, Jon and Neda were going to be in a great position with SS and the gremlins. The move they made (backdoor Arlie) was a great move on their part. The veto twist that THEY DID NOT KNOW ABOUT is what messed their game up.

Russ from Van

This season is taking a HUGE turn for the worse right now.

Allison having a mental drunken breakdown, somehow misguided and trashed Neda and Heather into believing Arlie spilled the plan to backdoor Allison. Neda has been too paranoid and playing this game way too hard. Allison’s now rewarded for this by not being backdoored, and then she in turn gives life to Sabrina to continue using her poisonous persuasive ways on the two of the weakest minded players I’ve ever seen play this game. She falls backwards into this fortunate situation, and then tries to take credit for it like it was some big master plan!

If Neda and Heather can’t pull out an HOH win on Thursday, this SEASON is going into the sh*tter and I will be totally choked!


Week or 2 ago I could not stand the Gremlins but now I’m like, lets really shake this game up. Allison and Arlie with the Gremlins now seems like a good group to team up. I still do not want any gremlin to win it but I also have to to despise Jon and Neda.

Russ from Van

Jon, Arlie, Neda or Heather HAVE to win to give this season and game a sense of legitimacy and karma.

If Allison, Sabrina or Rachelle end up winning this game, it would be one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the Big Brother franchise. It would just be a life tragedy in general.


Weirdly, the only thing that might save Alli is her appalling lack of judgement.
– the sketchy drunk blubberfest and the “you’re suspect” vibes it maintains and enhances, forcing her to see she’s #Last
– her enchantment with Sab/Ro
I sincerely doubt she’ll win the next HoH, and I think she very legitimately doubts it too.
She’s no Arlie, able to play both sides. Saving Sabs is what it is and done.
She can do more than grab a lifevest – she can climb right into a lifeboat with Sab, Ro, Arlie.
There are no “right people” for her in there, only those to ally with from week to week.
An unlikely alliance of Sab, Ro, Alli & Adel would be quickly smashed as none are likely to win.

The other’s notion she’s some sort of comp threat may create a “keep your enemy closer” situation with the Joneda faction, but all it takes is Sab spilling a Final4/5 deal with Joneda to Alli and Sab will pull Alli her way.
Maybe she’s done that as I type. I don’t know. I can’t take anymore Psycho Slobrina and Ratchild the Mutt.

Nana Jo

If BB doesn’t work out for Allison, she can always apply for starring role as the lush on ‘Housewives of Newfoundland’!


O brother get rid of whinny sab. I thought she would be gone along time ago. Cant stand her.


I miss Ika