“Take the f**king pole out of your a$$. Maybe dance around it & have some fun you pretentious spoiled b***h.”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Have Nots

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Big Brother Spoilers – There was an argument in the BAthroom prior to the POV players being picked. Rocks came at kaycee …

Power of Veto Players were picked: Haleigh, Rocks, Angela, Kaycee, FEs
Hacker picked: Tyler
Host: Brett

12pm Bathroom. Sam – I see the best that someone has to offer and the opportunity for future growth. Rocstar – Kaitlyn used to say that sh*t too. Looking at everyone through a lens of love and light. Sam – well that’s a bit delusional. Rockstar – here’s how I view people… when a person shows you who they are .. believe them. Sam – I view things a big differently.. I save my first though, then there’s rationality and then there’s reality. But none of us will get to reality in this house. Just be real. Bay was like that. Rockstar – I like Bay too. Sam – I refuse to go back on my morals or what I said I would do but I will go back into my real life without regrets. Rockstar – I really wish Kaycee hadn’t come off on me with I’m a grown a$$ woman. Well I’m a woman too. Really, like?! Sam – she said that? Rockstar – she cussed at me and said I’m a grown a$$ woman. I’m like I’m a grown a$$ woman. Don’t come at me like that!! I picked Fes to play but I really don’t want him to win. I want to win it myself. I want them to stop underestimating me. I want to stop underestimating myself. They all think I’m weak and easy to put up. Kaycee has been up Angela’s a$$ this whole time. Scottie is probably a liar but I like him because he’s weird. Brett called me out for no damn reason but he is growing on me like a fungus. Sam – I just can’t wait to leave here. Rockstar – when we all leave here I will only stay is touch with you, Haleigh, Bayleigh and Fess.

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1pm Bathroom. Rockstar and Sam. Sam – he’s not. Rockstar – he’s super smart and strategic. I’d like to think he’s an evil genius on my side. I would like to think he didn’t put me up. I’ve been completely wrong on everything. I haven’t won anything so I haven’t been able to control my own anything. I almost won and then I got beat by a b***h (Angela) with my own name. I would have rather anyone else beat me and put me on the block. From the moment we walked in here I did not hit it off with her. I was like take the f**king pole out of your a$$. Maybe dance around it and have some fun you pretentious spoiled b***h. Sam – but the way I look at it is that’s somebodies daughter, someones sister, that’s someones best friend, you know!? She has her anxieties just like everyone else. And insecurities.. what’s behind her behavior? You just have to look at it, try to put yourself in their shoes. Rockstar – it hasn’t made me a very compassionate person being in here. Rockstar starts to cry – there’s a lot of things that I am outside of here. Sam – I know, its okay. And I know you’re here for a reason. What you’re being forced to do in here is not going to follow you. I know that you have these doubts and fears that its going to come back and get you. Rockstar – I just don’t want my kids to watch this and be like what a loser. Sam – they don’t think that. Rockstar – its a very humbling experience. Outside of you all of these people are so full of themselves that they don’t want to have a real conversation or get to know me or know that I do know things. Sam – they’re missing out.

1:57pm Kitchen –
Fes comes walking out of the bathroom without a shirt. Tyler – Mr. Pectacular here. Fes – when he walked in the door .. I would still drop that motherf**ker.

2:10pm – 2:20pm HOH room. Rockstar, Scottie, Haleigh and Brett. Rockstar – I will tell you one thing. Living in this house has humbled me. Scottie – anything in particular? Rockstar – the competitions and the fact that like everyone in here is young and accomplished and nobody respects the fact that maybe I have some wisdom to .. (Yes, that’s exactly what spews out of your mouth .. wisdom) Scottie – oh you think I’m accomplished? Thanks! Rockstar – yes I think you’re accomplished. Scottie – I really haven’t done that much. Rockstar – I don’t know what you do outside of here but its probably good. I don’t think you’re a pizza delivery guy. Like McCray. I’m used to being respected because I’ve earned respect .. because I’m an expert in my field. (Rockstar’s Occupation: Stay-at-home mom) And nobody .. I feel like I don’t have a lot of respect in here because I’m not like some cocky athletic beast so its been very humbling. I have a lot of life experience. I have a lot of information to offer. But don’t nobody want it. Its been very humbling to be around a bunch of people that maybe don’t and don’t need anything. Don’t even want to know what I have to offer. (Maybe stop the trash talk and say something intelligent) Outside of here a lot of people look up to me (your kids). Look towards my council, call me, even my friends that I would say are ahead of the game I would stay financially like they still call and like Hey I want to bounce something off you and hear what you have to say about this. And in here its not .. its been weird. Its an uncomfortable .. I’m not used to that. I am used to people taking my council. People calling me, writing me and people I don’t even know hitting me up on social media asking me about problems they’re having in their lives. So I guess I’m a life coach without the title (Anyone can be a life coach, take Kaitlyn for example) Take Kaitlyn for example she’s 24 and giving people life advice and people are actually listening to her.

2:57pm HOH room. Haleigh to Rockstar – I think you are respected in here. I just think that you’re not that approachable. Rockstar – what do you mean? Haleigh – second of all I think people think they have it all figured out. I think there are a lot of things that you can teach me. And not everyone is on a personal level with you that they think they can talk about life advice with you. Rockstar – no I know but I think that’s a young persons cockiness .. its not a house of normal people that I am losing against… its a house of real athletic smart people. Haleigh – every single one of us were chosen for a reason. We were chosen out of 60,000 people to be here.

3:29pm Kaycee to Angela – they just put something in storage. Angela – its happening.. (the veto comp) Kaycee – its going to be so sweet when we win. Angela – we have to!

3:35pm HOH room. Haleigh, Scottie and Rockstar. Haleigh – everyone thinks I’m going to backdoor Tyler. At this point I’m wanting it to be Angela or Kaycee because they’re pissing me off. Rockstar – I don’t even think you should backdoor Tyler. Haliegh – I really wasn’t planning on it. I know at this point he is scared that I’m going to .. but I’ve already pissed two people off. Rockstar – Angela is the apex of their thing. Haleigh – Brett said why not take that shot at Angela while shes up there. He also said that he’s not coming after you (Rockstar). Isn’t it weird that Tylers not my target anymore.

4:10pm HOH room. Haleigh, Brett, JC and Rockstar. Everyone is waiting around for the veto to start. JC is yelling things into the HOH intercom. “Faysal is gay!” “Tyler is a woman”

4:12pm Bedroom. Angela and Kaycee. Angela – next week we backdoor Scottie.. And Tyler will be the one to do it. Kaycee – yes! Angela – I have a feeling its going to be some fear factor sh*t.

4:25pm The live feeds switch to the BB re-runs .. the power of veto competition is starting now..

6:30pm Still blocked..

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Kevin Souser

rockstar you r so classeless

Rock Lobster

I love Rocks version of the Kaycee blowup that she told Sam. Rocks doesn’t own any of her crap.

Busta Fooligan

Just own it!


She can’t even own it


Haleigh should quit beating around the bush with the “you’re not approachable” and just tell her “You latched onto Swaggy, thought he was running s**t, and wrote off all the people not in his group…not only that but judged them spoiled, rich, etc, basically dehumanizing them into caricatures…oh yeah, and you put on an Eminem act when the live cameras are on, the antithesis of real…and they probably think it’s weird you left a newborn and weirder yet you don’t talk about the kids, miss them, or hint at wanting to leave to be with them, instead you want to leave because the game’s not going your way”

The 2010 United States Census

There goes Sam again… Being nice to the person about to be evicted.

Kanye Loves Trump

Jury management. she is the only one doing it. She is playing 3D chess on that part of the game and in her goodbyes. Do not underestimate her. She does not have a target on her back and everyone seems to like her. That has final 2 potential.

Cali Girl

Welp, your “name” made me throw up in my mouth a little, but your thinking is so in line with mine.

Kanye Loves Trump

I hear you. But isn’t great that we live in a country where I can piss you off with my screen name, yet we can agree on BB issues? Can I get maga2020 from you??? cmon, just one time and I wont tell…. 🙂


For the life of me, I cannot understand how people seem to buy every lie the mainstream media tells about politicians in general, whether it be a good thing or a bad thing for the politician. Trump has been by far the most vilified politician in history, and all he has done is keep or attempt to keep the promises he made to get elected. I am not saying he is perfect, but my gosh, he has fulfilled more promises with a resistant congress than any other President in my 38 years on the earth.

I Love My Country

The problem is I wish he would stop honoring or attempting to honor the promises he made to get elected.


The problem with your comments is that Trump lies like a rug…and those nasty MSM people keep pointing out all the lies…and Trmpkins don’t like the truth shoved in their face.

Melted Snowflake Alert

Hillary got smoked. Deal with it.

Keeping it Real

Yes, Putin’s efforts to influence the outcome of our election were very successful.


HAHAHAHA just once….please

Cali Girl

Hopefully she turns it around to masterfully played Jury management. Just as Dale Carnegie masterfully taught, humans are creatures of emotion, not logic. (Tyler also gets this concept very well) I’m not quite ready to underestimate Sam just yet.

Hayleigh Looking Like a Cat Lady

I don’t underestimate her but I do think Sam needs to be put down.


I do like to believe her strategy is to pretend she doesn’t care about the game so people will want to bring her to the end and if jury votes off personality not gameplay shell win if not 50k will still go a long way for her.


I was hoping that was the case but after the way she has treated Tyler I don’t think so. She’s very needy and a attention seeker. She is going to be a terrible jury member. She won’t vote for who plays the best game. Her vote will be on who she likes personally that gave her the most attention.


Or worse, who she thinks needs the money the most!


Good thing she probably won’t be one. She’s one of the few that is going for final 2 and frankly the only one who could beat her is JC, although Brett has been working hard at rebuilding relationships and is smart to not be trying too hard to win things right now.

Bye bay

Rock stars kids won’t think of her as a loser- they will just think about their mom yelling “how many d&$s does someone need to suck to get a power around here?” While sitting next to Hay as hacker and Bay with her power, lol. Disgusting.

Kanye Loves Trump

I like to get my d@ck s@cked as much as anyone, but I will have to pass on RockStar.


lol…I agree…on most days ha


She`s a amazing mother….


Is that six dots?


Ya for sure. Leaving a 5 month old baby to spend 2 months losing comps, crying and cussing on reality TV makes her completely amazing!!! Best Mother ever….NOT


I can only hope she’s an amazing mother for her children’s sake. It’s hard to know with the vile disgusting hateful things that have come out of her mouth.


Well, they don’t have to deal with her so that’s a silver lining.

Kevin Souser

brett is a amamzing person


Hes sexy...and thats about it

Kanye Loves Trump

Brett is a very attractive gay man. No doubt about it. Of the 5 gay men in the house-JC Scottie Fezzy Tyler and Brett. I would definitely go for Brett.


Any man that follows a girl around like some lost puppy is not gay. Fessy is simply stupid. Hayseed owns him, uses him and abuses him. A gay man does not put up with hayleigh’s nonsense and abuse. Scenes where Tyler and Hayleigh are trying to sweet talk, seduce, and manipulate each other are way more funny because Tyler is never falling for her and she will be pissed off that her charms are not working on Tyler.

Kanye Loves Trump

They are all in the closet except JC. You would see their true personalities at a leather bar.


They probably have a gig already lined up to go on The Challenge or Ex On The Beach together on MTV. They are there for the same reason, to break into the world of being reality show personalities, which I guess would be kind of an awesome way to spend your early 20s.


Jealous? Sounds like something your idol would say….


Indeed he is…glad peeps r finally coming around

Trackin the Kraken

Its great to see RockWall so mentally brainfarted right before the POV comp. Because there’s a pretty good chance she’s history come Thursday

She may go down as BB’s most clueless Player EVER


No, that would be sweet dumb Fes. He’s still my fave though.

Kanye Loves Trump

Fezzy is world class clueless on an Olympic level.


I think Victoria has her beat, hands down.


I was going to say the same thing.


Is there any chance that Sam got pregnant right before coming on the show? She keeps saying she hasn’t had her period since before hotel sequester. She’s also said she doesn’t take birth control.


Stress can seriously affect a woman’s period.

Kanye Loves Trump

If they used super absorbent tampons, would that help??? What about those pearls that are on tv ads.


It’s probably just stress. It can throw your cycle off.


Did she breed with a horse or something?? LOLO


Wonder why Sam keeps going into the DR approximately every morning after she wakes up?

Kanye Loves Trump

I actually thought she was a lesbian becuase she is so butch.


Whether you like/dislike Rockstar and/or Sam, I always appreciate the coverage of moments when the houseguests show support for each other.


To me, it Looks more like Rock sh*tting on people to earn sympathy and Sam buying into.


Sam probably wishes she was the robot again. Can you imagine havibg to listen to Rocks ramble on all day?

JC Meltdown

Ok, fast forward this week and give Box-o-Rocks the heave-ho already.


Rocks is the worst

Kanye Loves Trump

She will be gone soon. And a new Hive of Hay Fes Scottie and JC will be formed by Allison Grodner with much DR “convincing”…..

RockSalt'S Rocktard

Beg to differ…Bayleigh is the worst. Rocktard is second worst.

Trackin the Kraken

Rocks is so slow, she takes an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes


Haha! Good one!


Simon Dawg
Just left you a little mid season donation for all you do for us. Love and appreciate you both to pieces:-)


There’s the Simon I know and love. Glad to see you took my advice and moved away from defending and loving her like you were (kidding bout the lovin her part :p)

Kanye Loves Trump

I bet you that Brett or Fezzy would love to take that pole….


I serious still can not wrap my head around how people that are on the block act so psycho. They must have seen B.B. before and know how that’s a horrible mistake to act that way. I dunno what Rockstars problem is. She keeps saying there’s other people that could have went up, why her. So she’s essentially saying put up one of the HOH’s alliance members or put up one of her alliance members? It always confuses me how the person on the block feels they are so much more deserving of not going up then someone else. It’s a friggin game, it’s bb, have they not seen the show before? And what’s up with Sam? I use to like her but now I can’t stand her. I think she’s very unstable and a lose cannon. She’s always saying no one checks on me, well boo hoo, it’s not their job to keep her sane. I feel she needs to get out of that house for her own sanity.


A lot of them aren’t fans of the show…and are just recruited. Scottie, Tyler and just a few others are the only ones who watched the show before being cast.

You Only Live Once

Rockstar is a great example of how one creates their own “hell”. Rockstar has many beliefs that limit no one but herself. She is challenged with many self perceptions that she just can’t let go of, hence the whole entitlement/rich/white routine, she has to project and believe that other people are the cause of her misery when it is her own beliefs. People that don’t realize they are responsible for their own happiness, often blame other people for their misery….which in turn is creating your own hell as you have become delusional to your own ability to create your own happiness.

Rockstar lives in her own head and has lack of self worth because she is constantly projecting she is a “victim” and the paradoxical thing is if you believe you are a victim then you keep experiencing being a victim. Hence the being on the block 3 times now…..she truly believes she is a victim to the other house guests.

It is no different from Bayleigh saying Big Bro production is casting her as the angry black person…..she couldn’t realize that she was the angry black woman but needed to blame someone else…..

Rockstar is also a great example of why age is really just a number….as I know 5 year olds who understand the reality of life in a much greater comprehension then does Rockstar. One can have a victim mentality their whole life and never clue into the question of “why does everything happen to me”….Rockstars lack of self worth is why everything happens to her as she projects her victimhood onto other people.

Zingbot Fan

Glass half empty people are just not as happy as the glass half full people. Your victim comment is right on when it comes to Rocks and Bay.

Cali Girl

My glass is always full. The liquid/air ratios change, but it’s always full of both.


When ya smile…the world smiles wit ya

Mueller’s Embarrassed Mama

Agreed. Rockyroad is a prime example of the absolute lack of personal insight suffered by many. Where the mind goes, the butt follows. Hopefully she will watch tapes of the show and learn this valuable lesson.

Kanye Loves Trump

LOL! Great screen name!

Cali Girl

Haha Dawg, you master baiter, you. Has Jesse responded to that tweet yet? *sly, snarky, grin*

Cali Girl


Cali Girl

Damn keyboard ghosts. Eliminate the question marks from my comment. Heh.


When Rockstar said she got beat by a bitch with her own name, she’s referring to Angela, not Kaycee.


Dawg, your commentary is spot on. You are killing it in this thread!!! lmfao!


That’s the truth Dawg….never ending self pity and hate. Also. Sam sucks the life out of me with her rambling and crying. BB needs to hire a babysitter for her ASAP.

Swaggle Tooth

RocksuckaCock is bursting with jealousy and hatred. She tries to portray the cool, freaky chick who is chill with everyone but deep down is mean and cutthroat. I usually always root for the underdogs on BB but just can’t with the Hive. They effin suck!

Rocks Lobster

I hope Rocks at leasts wins enough money to get her beak fixed.


You are truly a mean person. Her family might read this stuff. No need for name calling.


No way her family can read.


Wow Brett is a lovely person and absolutely gorgeous. Why the hell is he wasting time chasing that mustached piece of furniture Angela? Sad.

Snake Charmer

Is kindergarten closed today?

Fraggle Rockhead

At least she spelled snake correctly this time. Progress..

Fehr Mueller

It is Saturday…..

Zingbot Fan

If you think Bay had a meltdown before just think of what she was saved by not having to face Zingbot.

who me?

The bias in here is astounding. Even from the “moderators”. As is the name calling. And being a stay at home mom is a hard JOB. Yes it is a job.


You should see CNN.

Busta Fooligan


Democracy Fan

CNN? Check out Fox News where they take bias to whole new level.

Kanye Loves Trump

Stop complaining. The radical left has cnn, msnbc, 3 networks, The Wash Post, and the NY Times. And you are bitching and moaning about FOX??? Seriously??? We cant have one cable station??? You snowflakes have to control everything?


I agree. I have never seen such a mean spirited bunch of people. Amazing what comes out when you can hide behind a fake name.


OK Dr. deaz.


Ain’t no hiding here

Rigged Game

Take a pamprin snow flake.


Come on man! If you think she’s just a sweet, innocent stay at home mom, you’re delusional. She has beyond attracted to name calling. Do you even watch the show?


RockStar rocks….I love this girl


Frankie Grande?

BB Fanatic

I think there’s a lot of biased unfair negative commentary towards rockstar she hasn’t done anything that the other houseguests haven’t done. They all talk trash especially Angela and Kaycee.



Melted snowflake alert on BB Fanatic.

BB Fanatic

Your name fits you…..


Sorry if I’m a bit clueless, but what does it mean when you call someone a snowflake?


Agreed that everyone talks trash. That is Big Brother all the way around. My issue with RS is that she is always whining about being the victim. Why can’t her side get a break? Why does she have to be on the block more than the others? Whose d*ck does she have to s*ck to get an app? It’s playing the victim that gets on my nerves. It annoyed me when Bay did it, and it annoys me when RS does it. You’re playing Big Brother. It’s not meant to be fair.

Busta Fooligan

Well said San Diego


Not only that though…rockface doesn’t just talk trash. Go back and look at what she has said…it’s beyond name calling. It’s been pure personal destruction and character assassination

Fraggle Rockhead

Um you know BB is videotaped right? I suggest rewatching it from the start to refresh your failing memory.

BB Fanatic

I suggest you do the same….


I’m sorry but I watch the feeds. I’ve never seen or heard anything close to what has come out of Rockstsrs mouth..Bayleigh is a close 2nd. You certainly don’t hear it from Kaycee Angela or Tyler. By no means are any of them perfect but Rockstar is extreme.


There’s no way you’re watching BB20…im-poss-ible


Watch and more importantly LISTEN to the live feeds….Bayleigh and Rockstar acted like hateful witches…..and I know WAY too much about Rockstar’s nasty piercings..


Bet Rockstar gives good head at least, unlike bitch Angela


I’m beginning to doubt this is OTEV today. I was really hoping it would be an early comp, but no.

Kaycee and Angela just heard production enter the storage room with hangars (comp outfits) so maybe it’s coming soon.

Everyone is so nervous/anxious…..Granny, too.

edited to add: Veto start time 4:27 BBTime FINALLY!


Granny what happens if Fes wins, yet another, veto?


All the unicorns in the world die.


The game gets even more exciting!!!!!
Haleigh said she’ll put Kaycee back up. So, in that case…
Not that I want it to happen, but Angela will get evicted, IMHO.

another name

When Haleigh is telling Rocks she can’t be glued to her hip in HOH or people will view them as a duo, and Rocks counters that Kaycee was in Angela’s HOH all the time…
my brain says yeah, Look at the original nominees.
My one wonder:
Let’s say Tyler activates his app. Does the voiceover just say Cloud app. has been activated. Tyler, you cannot be nominated, you are on the cloud. or does it actually name Tyler as the recipient of the cloud app?
Is there a way that the app can be used and be pegged on someone else saving him is my question. If he hadn’t told Sam, and it wasn’t revealed that he was the recipient, it could amount to the perfect crime. I guess it’s hypothetical.


I wonder if it’ll be reactive. So if Tyler activates it and he isn’t named then nothing but if he is the bongs and bells and whistles go off. Or it’ll say the cloud has been activated…now choose and then Haleigh makes her choice. Haleigh may change her choice completely because she has no clue what the power would do…


There was a snafu not long ago when the house monitor projected the Cloud in error. Tyler thought his cover had been blown, but none of the HGs picked up on it. I’m thinking that Tyler being safe from a nomination doesn’t necessarily reveal who won the app or what the exact power is. But, traditionally Julie explains powers that are used. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Cali Girl

Sam has been displaying all the classic signs of being an Empath.

Janet L

Uuuummm……I think you have it wrong. I personally believe Sam is about to have a mental breakdown very soon. She has gone into the DR everyday crying, saying she hears things that are not there, wanting to self evict right before this last live show and still saying she wants to leave. I think if Rockstar is evicted she will leave too. Production should have let her leave when she wanted to go. This could get real bad.


Yep! I’m sure she is.

What I’m reading right now, “The Empath’s Survival Guide”

No lie!

I can relate to Sam for so many reasons.

And Janet, empaths suffer from anxiety which often results in “mental breakdowns”.

Remember when Sam identified her safe space (the bottom cabinet in the storage room) and showed Scottie the location? Empaths need a safe space…a place to escape and recover.

Cali Girl

Granny… I knew we were birds of a feather.

Cali Girl

Not sure why my last comment didn’t post but…

Granny… I knew we were birds of a feather. That book Is rarely out of reach for me. Survival guide indeed.


I reread it at the start of every school year to remind myself how to cope. SInce I teach in a Title 1 school, I have students with a lot of needs, challenges, and sorrows. Put that along with the typical middle school drama and personalities and it gets pretty unbearable at times, but I can’t imagine doing anything other than teaching. I was telling a close teacher friend about this book the other day because I’ve been suspecting she’s an empath too. She said if we are empaths, we chose the wrong career. My answer….”or, we chose the career where we can be of the most help.” 🙂

edited to add: I often have to close my browser and open a new one to see my new posts.

6:36 BBTime – feeds are back! Tyler won. Rockstar came in 2nd place. It does sound like OTEV. 🙂


I think they are giving her medication in the morning. Sometimes her speech is slowed and she has dry mouth. Just a thought.

Cali Girl

So, it’s only 85 degrees at CBS Television Studio City right now (4:14pm BBT). Otev is still certainly on the table. I hope. I hope.

Let’s get these hamsters rollin BB gawds. Sheesh!


It’s not just time and temperature that have me wondering. I was thinking the house has been too silent. No construction noise at all.

I hope it’s OTEV too.

Is It just Me

No, Haliegh, its not weird at all that Tyler isn’t your target anymore. Ever since you’ve been HOH, he’s been misting you like he has EVERY SINGLE FEMALE HOH! How do they not see this? Strongest group of girls to ever play the game, yet Tyler is their kryptonite. I think he just listens to them. Men take note!


i saw this latest post with the pic of Rocksalt smiling and thought the pov comp was over.
Simon / Dawg, don’t scare me like that!

Cali Girl

Woot! Here we gooooo!


“But don’t nobody want it”…RS it’s sentences like this that make don’t nobody want it. Lol

Credit where it's due

A woman (Sam), truly on the verge of a mental breakdown. Making serious physical threats while talking about certain other houseguests. Talking almost psychotically to the camera”You think I’m stupid? I’m not.”(shockingly to me anyways, referring to Brett). Goes to the one person in the house that is actually good for her to go to about her problems, Rockstar.
And Rockstar handles the situation perfectly. Sure, at first you can see by the way Rock smiles at the camera when hugging Sam that she is playing the game, but it all becomes very real, very fast and the Rock essentially talks Sam off the ledge.
So much to the point that today Sam is sounding like a reasonable rational person, and I believe Rockstar when she says that Sam is the only one that she wants to keep in contact with outside of the house.
Say what you want about Rockstar, and there’s a lot of material to make fun of, but the way her and Sam are talking and laughing with each other today, those two would be an absolute blast to sit in the backyard drinking beer with.


Rockstar, I like watching you but you really need to chill the $#%& out! On BB 18, Paul was on the block six times I believe and he and/or someone from his alliance pulled him off with the veto! Yes, it’s hard to be in a house with cocky young people that think their $#@& don’t stink, but you have to have thick skin to be on BB! What you need to do is be nice (even to those that are @%$&×@!$&), be respectful, stop all the pity parties, and start winning some competitions to show the HGs that you’re there to win! Just my honest opinion.


Level 6 is ran by Tyler, they don’t make a move without him authorizing it.. They already handed their game to him. Tyler’s Mist?


More like stroking his ego until they don’t need him anymore. Angela is the brains of there operation, Kaycee is the moral booster who is keeping everyone sane, and Brett is the eye candy/other side PR person. Tyler is someone they constantly have to keep in check and clean up after (as they smile and tell the twit how much they love him to keep him happy of course). If he goes it really doesn’t matter to their game, they can just pull in JC or Sam to replace him.


Not a big RS fan, and her endless whining blaming everyone else drives me crazy… but what’s up with the stay-at-home mom shade? I think there is wisdom that comes from being a good parent.


I’m a SAHM and must say, I don’t think a good mom leaves a newborn for months to be on a tv show. No amount of money is worth losing out on that bonding time, at least not to me. I don’t have the feeds, so wondering how much she talks about her kids. Only time they show her mentioning them on cbs was when she yelled at Brettt about what he said being on her daughter’s bday. She spends A LOT of time whining about herself though.


Having children doesnt always make you a good parent….


I think this is the best thing that could have happened to Brett. He’s in a prime position, even though he still hasn’t won a comp. This re-arrangement with him and sweet, wounded, baby bird lamb has been instrumental in getting hay and rockstar, maybe even scottie to not see him as a threat, maybe even respect him and keep him around. Team Brett!

Cali Girl

EEK! They’re back! Who won???!!! *drumroll*

Cali Girl

L6 looks happy! Team Bigots look unhappy!


Tyler won the veto!!!!!

Cali Girl

Must not have been too physical. Brett is working out?!

K...bb fan

Tyler pulled out the POV!

Cali Girl

Yay! It was OTEV! *happy dance!* Kaycee? Angela? Tyler?! Ack. Speak up hamsters!