“She was trying to come at me telling me I was the hacker.. one more f*ing time I will blow the f* up”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – There was an argument in the BAthroom prior to the POV players being picked. Rocks came at kaycee …

Power of Veto Players were picked : Haleigh, Rocks, Angela, KAycee, FEs
Hacker picked Tyler
Host = Brett

9:47am Kaycee, Sam, Angela and Tyler
Sam asks her what happened in the shower.

Kaycee – she was trying to come at me telling me I was the hacker

KAyce – if someone asks me one more f*ing time I will blow the f* up .. today is not the day
Angela says she came at Kaycee before anyone had a coffee.. (Rockstar)
Kaycee – later on she said something about cussing
Kaycee – today is not the day.. I’m a grown a$$ women I cuss I do what I want dammit..
Tyler says now everyone is going to think he’s the Hacker..

9:55am haleigh and ROCK
Rocks – look I love Scottie and I’m here but I’m just saying..
Haleigh – we got Fes.. to play..
Rocks is suspecting Scottie is the Hacker now because he’s wearing a jacket
They don’t think it’s Tyler. Haleigh says it’s Kaycee. Haleigh suspects Kaycee picked Tyler
Rock – do you think Scottie would vote for her to stay (Kaycee.. if Kaycee was on the block on Thursday)
H – I don’t know what Scottie would do ..
Haleigh says they’ll have to see how long Scottie wears the jacket for maybe he just really likes it.

H – I can’t believe I pulled her f*ing chip.. (Kaycee)
Rock – we got to take these pretentious b1tchs down.. kaycee I’m a groan a$$ women.. SO AM I
H – We got to get you off the block first..
Rocks – yeah ..
Haleigh tells her that she needs to stop hanging out with her so much because people are seeing them as duo. Scottie pointed out that you are in the HOH from the moment you wake yup to the moment you go to bed.
H – Scottie said they were talking about it
Rocks – are any of them nice to me at all.. who can I hang out with..
Rocks – Kaycee was up here when Angela was HOH

Rocks – I don’t like Angela, I don’t like Kaycee, Brett has always made me uncomfortable.. Tyler’s a little b1tch I never trusted him.. that leaves Sam and Fes and I guess JC.. (Social game on point)
Haleigh – we got to get you down Rock
Rocks goes on about Kaycee up in the HOH 24 hours a day when Angela was HOH..

Rock and Haleigh looking at the HOH spy screen
Rocks goes on about Scottie wearing the hoodie and it could mean he’s the hacker..
Haleigh suggests the veto is “the spelling one”


9:55am Kaycee and Angela
(It was Rockstar that came at Kaycee about nominating her as the Hacker and kaycee cussed her out)
kaycee says how pissed she was at Rockstar coming to her saying there’s 6 other people she could have picked. Kaycee is sick people acting like they all have to take their turns on the block this is a game.
Kaycee – I think it’s because it was her (rocks) coming at me that got me frustrated
kaycee – the first thing she said was there’s 6 other people that could have gone up .. I was like why are you telling me this
Kaycee – she’s like you haven’t spoken to me at all.. I’m like you are right I haven’t and theses are the first first you’ve spoken to me
Angela – I don’t understand there’s 6 other people.. this is a game..
Kaycee – did you hear what I said.. welcome to big brother
Angela – people think this is a fairness contest .. we’re rotating counterclockwise it’s your turn..

KAycee – I didn’t pop off too I think I popped of just the right amount.. She’s talking about like not to CUSS.. I CUSS all the f*ing time I’m a groan a$$ women.. Don’t tell me what to f*ing say .. she said it’s not fair with the competitors.. Well.. welcome to Big Brother
Angela – i’m so sick of people using that excuse
Kaycee – we’re going to win this veto..
Kaycee – after we win this shit we are celebrating our a$$ off..
Angela – I hope you win it..
Angela – she’ll put Tyler up.. (but with the cloud app who goes up?)
Kaycee – just more blood

10:16am Angela and Kaycee

Angela talking about being a pole vaulter. She was at the Olympic training centre for a year. She got injured in the back had a bulged disk and had problems with her coach so she quit pole vaulting and went into fitness modelling.. Angela says Big Brother Production reached out to her to be on the show.

10:22am Tyler, Kaycee and Angela
A – this is our HOH room
A – what is everyone doing
K – freaking out because they don’t know who the hacker is
K – we got to keep them confused.. they are so confused
kaycee – lets win this sh1t no f*ing mercy… no f*ing mercy..
They agree Fes can’t do puzzles..
Kaycee – we got to fight like it’s our last..

Kaycee says Rocks is probably telling Haleigh a twisted version of their run in.

Tyler – she was shooked
Kaycee – yeah she was.. the things she said.. why you gotta cuss..
Kaycee – did you hear what I said.. welcome to Big Brother
A – this isn’t a fairness game..

Tyler – good thing you picked me because you got picked anyway. I wouldn’t have been picked.
T – with Rockstar that is the same thing she was saying to me yesterday .. there’s 6 other people
T – yes ROCKSTAR .. I understand..
Kaycee – she says stupid sh1t like you don’t even talk to me .. YOU don’t talk to me these are your first words
T – exactly..
A – what wsa the first thing she said
Kaycee – I was standing there .. you know there’s six other people .. I pretty much just lost it from there
A – it’s like a backhanded stab at you
K – I’m like what the f* are you trying to say I am not the HAcker I’m sick and tired of people saying I’m the f*ing hacker I’m not the hacker umm.. I pretty much was just cussing and not too much.. cause I can be way f*ing worse.. I felt like i kept my cool
A – from that comment she deserved it.. that was rude

KAycee – I’m going to keep denying it.. i am not the f*ing hacker..

10:53am Rocks has a sore stomach.. Sam brings her some tums..

11:40am Brett and Haleigh
They both though Sam was going to self evict last night. Haleigh thinks that if Rocks leaves Sam will. BRett hopes that Sam stays in teh game.
Brett saying that there’s not bad blood between him and Rockstar they’ve had their arguments but from his point of view nothing said or done that sticks.
Brett says kaycee is very floaty
Haleigh says Rockstar going to kaycee about being an hacker was not a good idea.. I was pissed.. Rockstar you are on the block..
Brett – yeah you got to be careful

Haleigh – if she goes on my HOH (rocks)

Brett asks her where her relationship is with Tyler She says they are just bluffing each other.
Brett – I’m not tight with Tyler
Haleigh – nobody is.. (ZOMG)_
They agree the only person that Tyler is close to is Scottie. (Brett knows this isn’t true)

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L6 Fans Are Idiots

If Loser 6 wins the veto then I know it’s rigged.

BB Fanatic

Could say the same thing if the Dive wins

Bayleigh is Angry & Evil


Devil's Advocate

Can you explain?


Why bother…look at their handle name….they’re hive fans…mad at the world, mad at any one who works hard and does something for their life, mad at someone who looks decent and cares to try and look good…I can go on and on. There’s just no point with people who have such low self worth and such a chip on their shoulder

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

No need. It’s a Troll.

Fessy the stalker

Hey Swaggy, speaking of lack of intelligence. How is your woman doing in the jury house? You know the one you knocked up after knowing for a week.

Bayleigh is Angry & Evil

Bayleigh has computer access at the jury house?


Omg Antifa has infiltrated the boards

Reality bites

Nothing racist in the above comment. They were both stupid to have unprotected sex after just meeting each other. Race has nothing to do with it.


I don’t get why y’all are obsessed with the fact they had sex?!?!?!?!
……………………….. and they are no longer in the house?!?!?!?!



I agree… This place is full of haters!

Reverend Paul

lol another black kid that will grow up without a father. I would bet every dollar I make for the next 10 years that Swaggy doesn’t stick around lmfao

team fair

Thank you… I was saying the same thing… a bunch of hypocrites….I’m sure there people on here who have had one night stands, had abortions for unwanted children because of night of unprotected sex…but there here trashing Bayleigh and Chris for having sex…something people do everyday…like get it over people…and the fact that they are still talking about them? Jealous much?

Reality bites

Holy crap! Its not something people do everyday! What world do you live in? Its a horrible thing to do. The fact you are trying to make it sound like its normal behavior is just crazy.

BB Fan


Reality bites

In the big brother house? No one has ever had sex that fast. And very few have ever had sex even after a couple months let alone a week. And they were still the but of jokes.
Its just irresponsible. There is no defending that action. Too many orphans in the country because of that type of behavior.

Reality bites

For starters its on live TV!!! Your friends and family are watching. And just because other people do it in real life does not make it ok. There are too manly fatherless or motherless children today because of irresponsible behavior like this.

Trackin the Kraken

Speaking of Mothers, you frosted little Snowflake, does your Mommy know you’re using her computer ? And you can take your race card and shove it up your…. We come here to talk game. Keep the faux-Racism crap to your self


That, or they’re better competitors?


RE: The VETO competition

There’s a strong element of luck in playing OTEV (fishing out stuff and bringing it to the feet of an evil looking giant pig). Because of the luck factor, it’s anybody’s game. However, L6 is fielding:
1. Angela (an olympic level or near olympic level athlete in pole vaulting and fitness model)
2. Tyler (an ultra fit surfer dude)
3. Kaycee (a fast female football player that plays in an organized league as a wide receiver)

Who is team goldfish brains (the hive) fielding:
1. Fessy (an all-american college football player who played wide receiver in college)
2 & 3: Two loads of chunky goodness with little speed or athleticism compared to the other 4 veto contestants.

A thinking person would have to give the edge to the L6 alliance based on all three competitors being fast, athletic types. Team goldfish brains (the hive) has a puncher’s chance because of Fessy and the luck factor. If Level 6 wins and you conclude that it’s fixed for L6 to win… CONGRATULATIONS…you’re smart enough to deserve a place on THE HIVE.


Fessy went to college and was All American?? Oh my that does not bode well for our education system does it?


He’s also a substitute school teacher lol but he went to a small university. University of Tennessee Chattanooga. I don’t even know what conference that is and I live about 2 hours away!


Well, using hive math…they have a between a gopher and a wombat’s chance of succeeding.


I agreed with that up until you said Haleigh is chunky. She clearly isn’t lol. She’s very fit.


I will grant you that Haleigh is not chunky. She is fit by the standards of a regular person. Her speed and cardio cannot be at the level of football players that play wide receiver and have to run really fast patterns, olympic level athletes, or even a super fit lifeguard like Tyler. Everything is relative. Haleigh is super fit next to rockstar. Next to the rest of the four competitors in the veto competition, she IS rockstar. LOL
I’d like to say something nice about Hayleigh and this is from her bio info:
Hayleigh volunteers at St. Joe’s hospital for the mentally ill because her father suffers from mental illness. (a good person to have in there to help Samantha).

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Not to mention that two ton chip on Rocksalt’s shoulder.

Dumb as a box of rockstar

It seems people really agree with your comment. You are definitely someone who knows this game. Great job numbnut! I’m sure life will be a series of great choices for you.


The loser mantra, whenever things don’t go my way it’s because of a shadow conspiracy

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

And they start hurling perSonal insults at other commentators.


I’m pretty sure Tyler has this in the bag. RS will probably be out first unless she finds a letter her first try, I don’t see her winning a sprint back to their spot against anyone. It’ll most likely be between Tyler, Angela and Haleigh.


Today’s the veto omg

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

Come on Kaycee!


I know…I’m freakin out hahaha


GO KAYCEE!! WIn this Veto Level 6!! After Hayleigh’s comments last night that group is deplorable!! Rockstar needs to go! Hope Production does not help them!!


When Rocks came at KC this morning she probably felt she was attacking a weak person. She was probably shocked with the way KC gave it back. Go KC!!

Bay's Dilemma

Now that Bay is gone Angels’a bitchiness is much more noticeable. I believe L6/5/4 are becoming pretty cocky and that could cost them this week.

Swaggle Tooth

They’re not the ones talking abt poisoning ppl so they do bad in a comp. I don’t see bitchiness, I see composure which the Hive lacks


The REAL bitchiness is going to be me telling you what an idiot you are! The gross purple haired witch constantly screeches about whose dick she’s gotta suck to get by each week, in between cursing and talking shit CAUSE SHE SUCKS..the HOH “zit head” questioning peoples game moves, talking poisoning people, gaming and scheming and being PISSED others are doing it and she can’t figure things out..and lets not forget the NUT JOB…SAM. Between Sam and Entitled Bayleigh…who CURSE/CURSED OUT EVERYONE..EVERYDAY..and NOT ONE PERSON has stood up to EITHER of them. NO ONE! and NOW RS wants to go after KC as some SJW pink pussy hat wearing MOFO! I think not.

Bay's Dilemma

WOW! I hope you feel better!
I respect your opinion and I hope you respect my right to disagree with it.
I hope you have a great afternoon and evening!!!


I don’t see them as being bitchy or cocky. I think they are confident they way they are playing the game. They are using good strategy. They don’t go around acting like victims and making disgusting threats.


What a fiesty nut. Rockstar needs to stop acting ghetto and focus on the veto competition, AND FUCKING WIN IT. She needs to win something at this point.

who me?

Sort of like Angela FINALLY did, and Kaycee FINALLY did

Haleigh's Melanoma

Now that Bayliegh is out of the house RS can drop the street pose….until she hits the jury house.

Bayleigh is Angry & Evil

If Hay’s side loses a player during her reign her side is history.


Sadly I think this is right, unless Fes wins HOH or something.


Cmon kaycee!!! Winn the veto! Its your week


Kind of like Tyler to, in case they do want to take down Angela..then Tyler won’t go up, they don’t know Brett is part of their allegiance

Big Jim

Hopefully the power will switch back and forth the rest of the season. Makes for the most drama and entertainment


I totally agree. Although it would be pretty fun to see L4 turn on each other.


How is Sam doing today?


JC is Pervy

Who, Sybil……


Sam and her needing to be checked on….her baby voice..the whining and complaining is over the top. BB should of told the other House guests they need to be babysitters for Sam and divide their time equally. Poor yittle baby Sam …hers needs her binky and a hugs every hour. Sniff Boo Hoo

CJ Thomas

Can Rockass be anymore of a hypocrite? Telling KC not to cuss? Umm.. what does RS do & far worse? Exactly! I’m sick of that group acting like a$$’s they are the mean click u have in school.. pitty party table for 3!? Rockass maybe if you spent less time bitching about the other side & more time hanging out with them then you might have a different outcome. Change your stupid a$$ attitude girl! Don’t blame them for your attitude! It’s all you honey! ??

RockSalt'S Rocktard

Can’t even own it!


this veto i got my money on level 6. obviously. If the hive win , it’s a miracle.

Gimmie a Break!!!

Let’s Go Kaycee get that Veto!!! Then u can save U n Angela n Tyler can use his Cloud app n she has to nominate yet a fourth person n Vote RockCrud out on Hay’s HoH…

Domesticated Breakdown

Thing is she won’t save Angela because she doesn’t know about Tyler’s power, she’ll leave noms the same if she wins

Gimmie a Break!!!

Love Otev comp!!! One of my fav’s… shld be a really good one with all who are playing…


I think JC would’ve done good at OTEV


Crap I can’t stand Angela Kayceee and Tyler. Hay or Fay for the veto win!!!! Let’s get some more L6 out of the game!


Cause your a racist hypocrite idiot…

Stevie J

I agree… Especially angela and kc they rub me the wrong way as well… And not fond of tyler but he’s actually trying to play the game for himself. His minions are just there to assist him. Dummies, yet they think their so smart right now.

Gimmie a Break!!!

Rockstar this isnt a game of pretty pretty please don’t put me on the block cuz ive already been up its Big Brother!!!


Halieghs got a lot of blood on her hands. Oh Wait thats just from her constantly gnawing on them .
Can’t wait for OTEV and watching rocks haul her self up the slip and slide. Comic relief


That’s gonna b the best

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Do we think it’s OTEV this soon? Man, all we need is Zingbot to push Sam over the edge! One little insult and her paranoia will kick back in!
“Who’s making fun of me?”
“Who said that about me?”

I really love Sam, but I don’t think she knew what she was getting into lasting this long on B.B. to say that Bay was her best friend just show me how much Bayleigh played on Sam’s genuine emotions about bullies and fairness.

If it is OTEV, I don’t see Rocks climbing up the ramp to beat anyone! I don’t see Fes finding the right answers to the questions. The other 4 have both the athleticism and the wit for a good competition.

Best scenario is bad for Brett. Kaycee wins. Pulls off Angela. Tyler uses his power. Haleigh already promised Brett, but she could go back on that and say that since the Hacker screwed up her game…But, removing Fes’ vote, Rocks still goes home.

L6 should approach Haleigh with a BIG move! Replace with Scottie after veto and Scottie goes home! Otherwise, they have the numbers to send home her BFF Rocks on Her HOH!

I agree but..

“L6 should approach Haleigh with a BIG move!”

Sure but Scottie is into Haleigh. She could influence his HOH and he’s much more likely to win than Rockstar. She’d be better off letting her go.


She’ll pick JC or Scottie before Brett.


Ha! I don’t think they can bring zingbot in with Sam in the game. I think Sam would do a spear tackle on zing bot and start pounding him!


I believe on Twitter the Vegas insider mentioned it would be OTEV ??

I am harmed

OTEV tonight. Hope there is some shoving and hurt fingers.

“I am harmed” -James BB All Stars

Just for fun!

Team chaos,

Fes wins. Hayleigh tells Tyler I know how Angela feels I just really don’t want more blood on my hands, I’m truly putting Kaycee back up. He some how feels safe not to use he’s app.

Fes takes Rockstar down Hayleigh puts Tyler up…. Now everyone has to decide who they are with

Sam evicts Angela
Fes evicts Tyler
Rockstar evicts Tyler
Kaycee evicts ? (as well as who does she cancel now?)
If Tyler uses he’s app Kaycee goes back up…..Tyler evicts ?
JC evicts ?
Scottie evicts Tyler (for Hayleigh)
Brett (after all the broing with Fes) evicts ?

Just a thought for chaos and old school game play were it’s not one-sided

Yea but..

I think there’s ZERO chance Tyler doesn’t use his APP.


There’s zero chance he doesn’t use the app if he doesn’t have the veto.


You lost me at Fes wins

Just for fun!

But Kaycee still goes up if Fes wins. Now it’s her and Angela…… It’s still chaos.

Even if Brett wins, he’ll have to show he’s not a lone wolf and use it Angela or leave noms the same and risk JC and Scottie not voting with them


I’ma be pissed if one of level 6 people win … damn


Best to be prepared – get a diaper.

Smelling Nasty Rocksocks

Just looking at Rocks gives me a sore stomach. Bye Smelly Rocks. Cannot wait for you to go home on Haleigh’s HOH, HAHAHA

JC is Pervy

Ditto. I’d like her to go too. If she says “we” gotta win one more time I hope someone says your turn……


Lets be honest , people dont like Rocks cause shes ugly and hard to look at. Other than that shes an extremely loyal alliance member.

Mueller’s Embarrassed Mama

Disagree. I think it’s entirely her attitude.

JC is Pervy

Those are just a couple of the reasons she is so unliked…..her nasty, crude and callous character would be the obvious ones. She is a victim of her own behavior and actions. Own it……


She’s loyal but she’s mean and has displayed an ugly personality when she realized things aren’t going her way.

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

She’s loyal cuz she’s an idiot

Haleigh's Melanoma

Cuz she has no other choice.


It’s her personality that makes her ugly.


Exactly all the looks in the world can’t fix ugly on the inside! Please explain that to the pole vaulter


She IS loyal, but has a nasty attitude and whines and complains constantly. She is pretty mean and narrow minded. She does look pretty good for giving birth recently. You may think she’s ugly, but she can clean up nice. Not a fan.


Yes that is all true guys and gals her attitude does suck but honestly every individual in the house attitudes sucks as well. Except Scottie , havent really heard him trash anyone yet. But overall ugly doesn’t sell, I myself vomit a little every time I see her face on the camera. But genuinley she seems like a nice person.

Stevie J

Very easy to say just watching the show and if u don’t like her or her team… But who wouldn’t be frustrated and angry in her situation on the block every week? Do u think u could be best friends with them in that situation?


Sam is losing it.


I have a feeling Kaycee is gonna “win” this veto smh?????

Cali Girl

Awww Poor Rockhead’s karma filled sore tummy. My heart is not bleeding for her Haytard loving guts.


Sam is on the verge…….Has anyone else noticed that EVERY morning, right after she gets up, the DR calls her in. I was just thinking…..morning meds???? Just something I noticed & I am honestly concerned for her. Hmmmm…

Love the OTEV comp. Out of the 3 hive players, I think Hay has the only chance at winning. Rocks won’t win, Fez is too muscular for the find the name & climb back up comp. While Ang, Ty & KC are all pretty strong players. Love that Hay thought production would give her another word comp that favors her. Ha!

Looks like Rocks is going to commiserate with Bay at the jury house. Unless Hay wins it & in that case, L4 has the votes to keep Angela. So bye bye Rocks.

For the millionth time….I love this season!!!!!!!!


Yeah, she’s probably manic.


Yeah, I’ve noticed Sam goes to the DR a lot. She does go every morning which could be for daily meds (birth control, anxiety, allergy….could be anything) or maybe even an agreement with production (her check-in, so to speak). Sam clearly needs to be with her people (family/friends) and feels alone in the BB house. I think after the Sambot issue (and likely wanting to self-evict), production could have assured her they would provide her with as much comfort as possible without breaking any rules and wouldn’t find it unusual to have a check-in session each day at a given time. First thing in the morning is best gven Sam is the early bird and up when everyone else is sleeping.

Production has learned that when cast members self-evict it looks so bad for BB, especially when those people were recruits and not actual applicants.

Also, Sam is not afraid to talk with production about needing things or getting questions answered. She is typically the one to make the requests.

One thing about Sam that is just completely irking me is when she goes off spouting things like, “I feel like the only f****ing adult in here” and “I hate all of you” but then turns around and tells people individually(JC, Angela, Kaycee, Haleigh) when they question her about it, “Well, I wasn’t talking about you”. I can relate with her verbal diarrhea because I have suffered from it myself, but time teaches us that it’s best to think out loud. Spoken words can’t be unsaid. LOL!
I know her snarky sense of humor comes out in play…like when she was telling Brett to get the f***k away from her (teasing he would give her a massage) or telling them all “I hate you”, but at other times she seems to be spewing what she’s really feeling. What a mystery we have in Sam!!!


She said she takes an anti-anxiety medication. (Sorry, I have no idea what she said the name of it is.)

Gimmie a Break!!!

If Hay wins it she’s takin Rocks down n putting Kaycee back up… so not good if Hay win’s it…


I was cracking up over Angela’s reveal of her “secret” to Kaycee. Kaycee responded that it seems like everyone has a secret (Bay’s being 1st black Miss Missouri USA title see a great interview video of her here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IErCRgYDAdM)…the funny part was when Kaycee said she didn’t have any secrets then whispered “Oh I have a secret…I’m the Hacker”

I love Kaycee’s personality. She seems to be such an amazing person!

Another great video was the stroll down memory lane with Julie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmPUiNxjiCo

Haleigh's Melanoma

What was Angela’s secret?


She was a professional athlete in pole vaulting. She started in gymnastics in high school but lost interest and switched to pole vaulting her Senior year (giving up a full ride scholarship in gymnastics in the process). She broke the men’s and women’s records and earned an athletic scholarship in pole vaulting to college but dropped out her sophomore year to train for the Olympics.

While she was training for the Olympics, she injured her back then started as a Fitness Model.


What in the world is Sam doing to her hair on LF right now?


Has Kaycee won anything besides the hacker yet?shes acting pretty cocky or is just me?this is the first year I think I’m not cheering on any side. I hope it keeps going back and fourth it makes it more interesting instead of one side always dominating. I can’t wait till it’s down to the final ones and they have to start turning on each other.


I wonder if Angela knows Christmas


If anybody still thinks the hacker is bad twist after Bay’s bloody-mouthed, nervous breakdown and now the Kaycee/RS fight, you’re watching the show wrong….


I disagree, the drama it causes and the insecurity it introduces is what makes it a great twist. It keeps me on the edge of my seat (HGs, too) and the game more exciting.

Production can’t help that two particular individuals (Bayleigh and Rockstar) can’t handle when things don’t go their way and they “never get a f**king break” because everyone is treating them “like trash,” and the game is rigged for the “spoiled, rich, white, pretentious, f***k a** b**ches”

Cali Girl

You agree with “Ronnie” Granny. You must be using your old pair of glasses. Re-read the original comment. *hugs*


dang! I stand corrected (a little hunched over, but standing).


Cali Girl

Is Brett fishing for info. with Hay or is he letting his pole start leading him around? Hmmm.


Is it irony or karma that Haleigh and RS were talking about putting eye drops in the coffee this morning and RS ends up with the “sore stomach”? Too funny.


100% Karma…I love it.


Fes needs to step up and win vetoand make the self proclaimed veto king tyler cry.

Kanye Loves Trump

Production meddling yet again. Its pretty clear there is no way Grodner is gonna risk Angela or Tyler going this soon. There was a real danger in that happening this week. So she breaks out a tough physical comp that L6 should win easily. JockStrap will be evicted and then Grodner will go to work next week. Its not good tv to see L6 steam roll the Hive. Too predictable. they need the back and forth. So I see Grodner fiddling around next week in the DR to get Hay, Fes, Scott, and JC to form a new alliance. Sam is unreliable and will continue to float back and forth. L4- Angie KC Tyler Brett remains the same. And we are off and running for the next few weeks. Expect more mental comps to help out the New Hive.


Now is the time to get things cloudy and funny. I want Tyler or Kaycee to win the veto. I want Tyler to use his cloud app now and no matter who wins Fessy go’s up. This would be the perfect week to do that. The best part of this is Fessy and Rockstar could be both up on Haleigh’s week. That would be hilarious. I just want to see Rocks have a meltdown when they evict Fes, she will self-evict if that happens after the remainder of the week she campaigned for them to evict her. Other seasons would have given Rocks and Sam their wish and evict them. This Season is pure game and resentment, they will not do the whole “She wants to go… poor thing.” they take out targets. I am so grateful we have gotten to this point of the game and I did not hear “It is what the house wants.” cop out.