Cass “You’ve been gunning to get me out. It is what it is, you don’t trust me. That’s fine!”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-16 10-10-23-102

1:10pm Nikki and Loveita are sitting on the on the couches. Nikki says Phil is a good guy. His loyalty is second to none, unlike some people (Tim). I wonder what Christine thinks of the argument. Loveita says I don’t know. Nikki says at least I’ve given him something to think about. I think I can do 1 more week in this hell hole! One week tomorrow. Loveita says no please don’t go. If you do, I’ll have to. Nikki says I won’t go but I think I won’t persuade people to not put me on the block. I don’t want to be horrid. I’m being horrid to big brother because they’re not listening to me. Nikki and Loveita head to the pool area.

1:25pm In the kitchen – Nikki tells Christine about how she and Tim aren’t speaking. Just that he isn’t going to be there for her any more. That’s what friends do. They’re there for each other. He had to come in and turn it around to be about him. Nikki says Tim said Big Brother lets have a party tonight and not invite Nikki.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-16 10-24-55-909

1:40pm Kitchen – Christine tells Maddy that Cassandra is a stage 5 clinger on him (Tim). I don’t get how he doesn’t see it. I don’t know why anyone would like it. Maddy says maybe he does like it. Christine says they’re super annoyed with her but I don’t know if they’re going to keep her or not. She keeps saying she loves me but she doesn’t. She wants me to go right out that door. Cassandra asks if they know where marinara is? Christine says he might be in the ocean by now.

Tim asks Loveita can you just tell me where marinara is (the spider). Loveita says I was just trying to have fun like you do. Tim says cut the crap and tell me where he is? Loveita tells him to go look for it? Tim tells her to cut the crap and tell me where marinara is!? Loveita says no. Tim walks away. Maddy tells Loveita to go give it back. Loveita go to tell Tim and Cassandra that it was a joke. Tim says people are telling us that it was dead. Cassandra says this isn’t funny. You’re laughing. This isn’t a joke. Loveita tells them he’s not dead. He’s behind the couch in the HOH room. Tim tells her to go get it. Loveita says no. If you want me to go get it, then I’ll go flush it down the toilet.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-16 10-58-48-762

2pm – 2:15pm Cassandra tells Loveita that she knows she’s being condescending towards her. Loveita says she isn’t, she’s just having fun with her. Cassandra says she doesn’t like the way she’s been treating her especially considering how she was to Loveita when she was on the block. I’ve been hearing things you’ve been saying about me. As a game move I think it was smart because you’re not pissing off Jared or Dallas but I don’t like the way you’ve treated me. And everyone sees it. I wanted to work with you and that’s why I wanted you over Sharry. You made your move and I know I can’t work with you. You’ve been gunning to get me out. It is what it is, you don’t trust me. That’s fine. Loveita says I wasn’t trying to be condescending to you. I’m just trying to be nice to you. Cassandra says I am not going to take this personally but what I will take personally is the things that people are telling me you’re saying about me right after they talk to you. I’m not to be trusted. I lie straight out of my teeth. You want me out of this house. I like Jared & Kelsey and like hanging out with them. I’m not in an alliance with them. I also want to work with you. How the f**k did I play you?! You don’t trust me and that’s that. For my game I can’t work with someone who doesn’t trust me. Loveita says I appreciate this conversation. I’ll go grab Marinara and bring him to you. I’m sorry if that offended you.

By the pool – Cassandra tells Maddy and Christine about her conversation with Loveita. Cassandra says she wants to steal all of Loveita’s hairs. Christine says or all her bras. At the end Cassandra says we need to get that b***h out. I just need to win HOH. Cassandra leaves. Christine tells Maddy that Cassandra is making half that sh&t up. Maddy says I now, Loveita is cheeky but..

2:40pm In the kitchen – Jared asks Tim are we confident that we have all the votes? Tim says for Cassandra to stay, yeah. Jared tells Tim it would be great if she won HOH this week so she could just retaliate. Jared asks Tim if he wants to win HOH. Tim says yeah.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-16 11-38-17-342

3pm In the bedroom – Mitch tells Dallas that he talked to Christine and his gut tells him to keep her. Dallas tells Mitch I’ll be a shield for you if you feel like you don’t want to play for that side. I’ll have your back till the end. If you’re on the chopping block I’ve go my arms wide open for you bro. Mitch says Christine is a straight shooter. Dallas says Christine is a floater. I reached out to Jared twice. I am willing to work with anyone and I’m willing to be the shield. I would love to work with you Mitch. The brothers I don’t know. They’re playing all sides of the house. My targets right now are to get them on the block. Dallas talks about the brothers splitting. Mitch says there will be some other side to their twist. Dallas tells Mitch you won’t be third, fourth of fifth with me.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-16 11-58-06-079

Hot Tub room – Phil and Loveita are in the hot tub. Jared and Kelsey join them for a smoke.

3:40pm – 3:50pm Maddy asks Nick how many girls he’s slept with? Nick says like 20. Maddy says she’s slept with 28 people. She says maybe 30, some I’m like did we? Did we not. All of them were people I knew though. No randoms. Maddy says she had a one night stand once but it was someone she knew. He seduced me and then we were getting down and dirty. His d**k was so small. It was so awkward. I left in the middle of the night.

3:55pm In the bathroom – Raul is contouring Kelsey’s b**bs. Jared asks do girls really do this? Jared says I’m going to start telling girls I’ll contour their t!ties.

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Joe 2016

98 days till big brother 18

Guy From Canada

Wow, I love Tims game. Gets them all rilled up, then flips the convo to say he doesn’t even care once he sees an out. Stupid conversation over a spider though…….


the current hoh is a very jealous, petty, mean spirited girl

she is focusing so much of her negative emotion on cass that she is derailing her own game

i like how composed cass is in dealing with it


Interesting. It’s good to know that Cassandra has Media Strategy image consultant representation.


Tim loves animals so the spider is important to him. They had a dog in his season in Australia called Mr Clooney.


Tim knew that Loveita and Nikki had the spider last night. He could have flipped out about wanting the spider last night during the hour he spent in the hoh. He didn’t.
Loveita asked that Tim not say anything to Cassandra to avoid her running around the house causing a scene.
And what happens:
Tim told Cassandra to get her amped up in order to cause a scene and increase the tension between the two of them.
Just another game move to twist people around.


Tim was pretty amped himself. “Cut the crap and bring me the spider.” He was pissed that anyone would laugh about flushing a living creature down the toilet. He knows the Irwin family well, the late Steve Irwin ‘Crocodile Hunter’ was has idol.


He knew where it was the night before. He knew it was okay. It was offered back to him then.
He conveniently got amped to get Cassandra amped.
He started laughing three times.
This was all game to get Cassandra going.


What’s going on with the whole Nikki hating Tim? Is that for real? For some reason I remember them having a conversation about needing to distance themselves. Not sure what’s going on here


Was this ‘argument’ with Nikki in the last post – I missed it – just direct me where I can find the update about it – Thank you guys endlessly for these updates – giving you a donation.


Thanks Dawg.

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks Dawg. I wondered what had happened.


So does Maddy have a boyfriend or not? I read conflicting information and know she has mentioned a Jordan a few times in the house. However, she’s being pretty blatant with Nick which would make me think otherwise.

I need to know if I need to dislike her more than I already do.


I want to know too! That would be so shady if she does. But not hard to believe coming from Maddy. Also, at least 28 people at age 21.. jeeze. How does Nick find that attractive?


Yes Maddy said 28, Nick said 20.
They are the same age.
In my eyes if one is slut shamed they both deserve the same treatment, or neither should.


I can see how my comment may have come across, however, I simply meant that was a high number for someone of her age (any sex)


30 ppl…. Ew.


Yeah she has said that she’s dating some guy named Jordan, and mentioned being horny and wanting sex but only from him a few days ago…I guess she doesn’t care that much for him though


I personally love this season,it entertainment at its finest,like they alliances,fewer floater,lots of pranks coming specially from Tim & Nikki .
We know about all the house guests in there everyday life.
I vote for Tim&Nikki ,I washed BBUK with Nikki and she was also good friend with a house guest ho has Tourrette syndrome and they were very good friends all the way to the end.
Love your postings hope it doesn’t get spoiled with lots of fitting.


I’m so confused – who’s going home today? do we know for sure? Is mitch and joel voting for christine to stay?