Ian says Britney told him beware of the mist, winning against Dan in the end would be the hardest win.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Done for the Season
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 13 (Thursday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Sept 12 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Dan and Ian
Last Evicted Houseguest ? (no idea who they are)

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12:20am Dan, Danielle, Shane and Ian are all in the living room talking about who to set Ian up with. Dan says what about Sharon from big brother 9. Ian says that is actually realistic, yeah that is very much my type. Dan says that she super nice I meet her at the wrap party. Danielle says Renny. Ian says oh come on! Danielle says it’s a joke. Shane says Kathy. Ian says she is way too boring. Shane says what about pre-marriage Britney. Dan says something. Ian asks Dan what he said; I will kill you in the sleep! What did you say? Dan says nothing you were good friends. Danielle says that she loves how Ian threatens people, “I will rip your face off!”, “I will kill you in your sleep!” Ian says that he would be so mad if he was portrayed in that way to Britney. Dan and Danielle both say that he wasn’t. They talk about how Lane and Britney were portrayed.


12:35am The conversation turns to talking about past events of the house and then about Survivor. They start talking about how surprised they were about tonight’s eviction. Ian says that Jenn was so salty when Julie announced the early eviction. Shane says that she had no reason to be salty. He says that she only won one challenge and had no reason to win it. Ian recounts the events of POV she won and how she burned her clothes and took slop for the rest of the season for no reason.
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1am – 1:35am They all head up into the HOH room. Danielle re-applies Dan’s bandages on his hands. When she finishes they start talking about how they named the alliance Quack Pack and how Britney vetoed Ian’s first name “Team Outrageous Fun”. Ian comments on how Ashley was a miss fire. Danielle says if she hadn’t gone, she never would have gone home. Ian says that Ashley wanted to win HOH just for the snacks. The conversation turns into talking about ghosts. Ian gets called to the diary room. Ian leaves. Shane says just so you all know if nominations stay the same, I don’t know if they are but I am 100% on board with voting Ian out. Shane says that he thinks Ian knows he is headed out the door. Dan asks what Ian said. Shane says that Ian said he was scared and he said no one in the jury likes him. Shane telling Dan he is safe and Ian knows he is leaving. Dan says that this is what he wanted, us three (Shane, Dan, Danielle) to the end and then to just play it out. Dan goes into the bathroom and tells Danielle good job! Dan heads down stairs. Danielle starts telling Shane that Dan knows about her being a nurse but that Dan doesn’t know Shane knows. Danielle talks about how she might tell Ian privately tomorrow.


1:40am Dan is alone in the kicks room. He starts talking to the camera and asks do I take out Shane or do I take out Ian? I don’t know”. Dan says that he is worried about Danielle taking Shane to final two if he is still there and then says no. Ian joins him. Ian gets into bed and says I think this is my last night here. Dan asks why do you say that? Ian says I just think they are smart enough to realize. Dan asks realize what? Ian says that their odds of making it to the final two are a lot better without me. They might not do that but I just get a sickly feeling. Dan asks how you thought of everything, every possibility? Ian says they could vote me out or you out. Dan asks is there any other possibility? Ian says like Shane goes up and then he is voted out. Do you honestly think she would do that? Dan says probably not. Ian asks if there is any way they would keep me over you. Dan says not logically because everyone knows they can beat me in the end. Dan says just know that I didn’t let Memphis go down. I just don’t want to see you down, we will see what happens. Ian says that if they had more time maybe they could make it work but he thinks the vote will tomorrow. Ian says I am not giving up but I don’t think she will put Shane up. Dan asks do you trust me? I think if you continue to be positive and that you continue think you are going, I will see what I can do. I don’t want both of us going to her about it. Dan says that he doesn’t think he can win the second part of the 3 part HOH. Ian says that he thinks he would be hard pressed to win either of the first two parts. Ian asks what do you think my changes are for staying? Ian says not so good. Dan says I just need to know you can beat her in the second part of the HOH. Ian says I don’t know what that has to do with it but okay. Ian says that it would be fitting if he left tomorrow because Britney left fourth day 69, and so would I. Dan says that he would vote for the best player. Ian agrees and says even if Shane votes me out he would still consider him. Dan and Ian talk about the past events of the season.
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1:55am Meanwhile, Danielle and Shane are up in the HOH room bed talking. Shane tells Danielle that we have got to beat Dan at his game, socially. Shane tells Daniellle that he realizes that Dan hassles her a lot and when he gets in on it too he sees that it is too much for Danielle to handle. Danielle says that she is thinking of using the veto on Dan tomorrow. Shane says that he thinks Danielle should tell Dan that she is mad at Shane and use the veto on him and to confirm their final two deal. Shane says that he wonders if he should try and pitch a final two to Dan. Danielle says that she thinks that is too much, he’ll know it’s fake. Danielle says that she thinks Dan is too smart and they have to be careful not to let him catch on that her and Shane are planning on going to the final two with each other. Shane says if she goes out third then he will take care of her. Shane calls her a numskull for thinking he would make a final two deal with Dan. Danielle says that nobody in this house can beat Ian in the finals. Shane asks do you realize if you win tomorrow’s HOH you will have more HOH wins than me? Shane tells Danielle that he isn’t going to throw the competition unless Dan comes off first. Shane says that’s saying a lot if I throw you that first HOH. Shane says that he thinks Danielle will beat Dan at the second part of the HOH. Shane tells Danielle that no matter what happens at the HOH he is going to act distant from her tomorrow for at least a little while to throw Dan off.


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2:30am Dan and Ian continue to talk in the kicks room. Dan tells Ian that he thinks he is probably the smartest person to be in the Big Brother house. Ian says that he doesn’t know. Ian names off other house guests that he thinks are smarter than him, like Michelle, Matt Hoffman and Brendon. They continue to talk about the past events of the season. Ian tells Dan that he thinks he is gone tomorrow. Dan asks Ian what Britney told him. Ian says that she said beware of the mist, winning against Dan in the end would be the hardest win for me. Dan asks Ian if he would take him to finals no matter what. Ian says yes, I would talk you to the final two. Dan tells Ian he is excited for Ian and Memphis to meet. Ian says it is a cool takeaway from the season, being a part of the Renegades and to briefly be part of Chilltown.


3:10am Shane asks Danielle if she ever thought she would make it to the final 3? Danielle says no but that she prayed every night and was so surprised when she won that last HOH. Danielle tells Shane that he has a very good heart. He tell her that she is very selfless … that not the word I am looking for. Shane says that he is worried about his hands tomorrow if it is an endurance. Shane tells Danielle she needs to hang on. Danielle tells him that she can’t wait to see their kiss after pirate ship HOH. Shane starts talking about Dan and how he has already won the game. Shane brings up how Dan treated Danielle during the funeral and says that it was uncalled for. Danielle says that Dan is the one who is going to get the blood on his hands for sending Ian home. They talk about how they don’t think Britney, Frank or Jenn would vote for Dan to win the game. Danielle asks Shane if Dan has come to him yet and tried to offer a final two deal? Shane says Dan hasn’t brought that up yet. Danielle and Shane both agree that they are taking each other to the final two. Shane tells Danielle that he is 100% taking her to the end. They both say good night.

3:30am All the house guests are asleep.

5:20am They are all still sleeping..

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8:36pm Cam 3-4 Sleeping with the beast to win Big Brother 14.

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134 thoughts on “Ian says Britney told him beware of the mist, winning against Dan in the end would be the hardest win.

      1. Well if she uses it on Dan, she’s either the dumbest person on Earth or the smartest. Doesn’t she remember that Dan wanted to get rid of both Ian and Shane just a few nights ago (and she had to beg to keep Shane)? I wouldn’t put it past Dan to vote Shane out. Now, this may pose well for Danielle because she won’t have to make the hard decision between cutting loose her coach Dan or cutting loose her boy toy, Shane. She has said several times that making that decision would break her heart. So what better way than to have Dan do it and then play the “I had no idea” card. However, if she seriously wants Shane to stick around, then using POV on Dan would be stupid, because the vote could go either way. At least with Shane being the single vote, she’s assured that Ian will leave.

        1. As a simple, logical proposition you would think she would understand that in a DDS final 3 she’s guaranteed second and even money for first, while in a DDI final 3 her odds are dramaticaly reduced. Shane mentioned several times his fear that Dan/Ian have an F2 (which they do) and she completely disregarded the possibility. Given Dan’s history with her that kind of blind faith is hard to believe. I’m hoping she comes to her senses before tonights ceremony, mostly because the Svengali Pimp (Dan) makes my skin crawl.

      2. I really hope she wouldnt jeapordize Shane.She has to realize Dan will vote him out!! Simon,is there another live eviction tonight? Then the final 3 play out Sunday,Wed or Thurs? I forgot how the last week goes.

      3. It would be pretty awesome if she used the POV on Dan, thinking Dan would evict Ian, then Dan evicts Shane. It is probably Dan’s best shot at the win, as both Danielle and Ian are talking about taking Dan to the finals.

    1. There seems to be no reason for her to use it because if she leaves noms the same, she knows Shane will evict Ian. That’s what she wants, for both her guys to make F3.

      I think she won’t use it on Dan because she knows Dan has already tried to make a move on Shane, and she’ll be afraid he’d evict Shane rather than Ian, which he very well might.

    2. I’ve noticed that the majority of posters seem to have negative views of most of the HG’s, but I think that’s because we either see the feeds or read descriptions of them. I have the shows taped, and watching them back I think most of them come off pretty well. I bet the majority of viewers who don’t subscribe to the feeds or read the updates like Danielle & Shane a lot better than the people here seem to.

      I hope show the jury house tonight, especially if Britney & Frank get into it. I bet it starts with Britney asking Frank how that decision to pull Dan off the block and evict her worked out for him. Then he probably blew up like he did after Boogie & Ashley were shown the door.

      1. I subscribe to the feeds, and keep track of all the updates and that is EXACTLY why I cant stand Danielle…. she is absolutely repulsive to me…. i wouldnt screw her with Ian’s d!ck and shane’s a$$ pushing it!!!!

        its not because of her gross tubby, pimply body either…. its because her core being is tainted with soul wrenching disgustability….

        She is monstrously insecure, she is the biggest liar in the house, she’s bossy, and basically just a down right cvnt….

        Insecurity issues need no explanation…. she thinks all her clothes make her look fat…. well we KNOW all her clothes make her look fat– “hey TUBBY, its not the clothes!!”

        Shes a liar…. the only person in the house (aside from Willie) who lied about who they are and what they do, she lied about the breast implants, shes lied to everyone in that house…. brit when she knew she was leaving, jenn when she knew she was leaving…. she takes pride in bold face lies….

        Shes bossy…. she use to boss brit around constantly… get this, do that, hand me this, say that…. maybe if she would get off her fat a$$ once in a while it wouldn’t be the size of Texas

        she has done NOTHING in big brother for big brother’s sake…. every move she has made has been one of a scorned jealous dating show contestant…. her moves were strategy to win, but strategy to isolate shane and get out any female competition so she could play house….

        She has hopefully played an underwhelming third place game….

        Like the biggest majority of the contestants, she didnt deserve to walk into BB to start with…. she shoulda held out for the dating show….

        I am glad Ian gets the cut this week…. bc hes an idiot…. he thought he was soooo smooth breaking his own team apart to work with DAN, it is only fitting that he gets evicted from the QP first….

        Dan is a scumbag throwing his religion and family under the bus…. he is a vulture and as far as I am concerned his word inside or outside of the house is wholly meaningless, I am a pr*ck but would never break an oath to god r on my family only to justify it in the context of the game….. BUT with that being said… him and Ian are the only ones actually playing big brother so… write dan a check and get these idiots off my TV….

        1. I think that my biggest beef with Danielle as a final anything is that every big move she’s made, every time she’s been motivated to win something, she hasn’t been driven by game nearly as much as she’s been driven by either wanting to protect the people who stroke her ego so they can stay and continue to stroke her ego, or by wanting to get out the people who either didn’t stroke her ego, or actually went one better and said a thing or two about her faults. She seems to have played emotionally this entire time, and has been lucky enough to either be emotional at the right time, or have Shane or Dan cover her when she was emotional at the wrong time.

        2. You’ve formed quite the opinion there about someone you’ve been watching online for the Summer. Care to share your life with the world? Let’s start smaller and share your life with us here. Then let us form an opinion about you. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it as much.

          BTW: Can’t take your rant serious when your name is begging to give someone who was eliminated the money.

          1. Sorry, but just have to know… with this site being choc full of everyone’s opinions on everything BB from day one to now, why this post? Just seems like a weird time for the ‘shame on you’ kind of replies I’ve seen here before, is all.

            1. Just happened to be one that jumped out this morning. I’ve said it before on this site and I’m sure I’ll say it again in future seasons.

        3. kid, its a tv show, you need therapy…it aint that serious..you need to leave your house once in awhile…how exactly does Dani affect your life that in any way whatsoever? Does she pay your bills? Does she put food on your table? You have anger issues, it’s a game..you’re acting like the girl planned 9/11 or something…get a grip..

        4. I like everybody left in the game, and while I see post after post about how ugly Danielle is, she looks pretty damn cute to me. Maybe I’m just weird.

    3. Until last night, I was pretty sure Danielle was going to stick with Dan all the way, but after watching the whole Gymnastics ‘date’, and knowing Danielle’s ‘issues’, I’m not so sure anymore. Will she go with the abusive father figure type who’s nice to her sometimes, which she eats up and cherishes, or will she go with the abusive love interest who’s nice to her sometimes, which she eats up and cherishes?

    4. I think the only reason Dan was going to vote out Shane before was because he could not get Ian out when Ian was HOH. I think if Dan has the choice between Shane and Ian he will take out Ian because he knows if he goes to the final two with Ian he is guaranteed second place. Don’t forget when Dan was HOH during double eviction he put up Ian first with full intention of getting him out, until Ian won POV.

    1. Shane is hysterical to be at this point starting to talk strategy with Danielle….if she uses the veto, Dan is going to throw Shane out like yesterday’s newspaper. That leaves two people who have promised him final two. I have to say, even though she annoys me like nails on a chalkboard, Danielle has earned her place in the final three. I cannot believe she has pulled out these comps and aligned with people to keep her safe….. She needs Shane and Dan. Dan needs Danielle and Ian. Ian needs Dan and Shane needs a clue.

    2. It’s surprising how little campaigning is being done. Ian should tell Shane that Dan will take Danielle if he wins, but Ian could promise to take Shane, that wayShane would have two of final three that would take Shane, with Dan in final 3, Danielle has two of three that would take her. As for Dan, he needs to convince her to use the veto- ” putting up Shane would secure Ian’s jury vote” if Dan can get Danielle and Ian in final 3 Dan is garanteed going to final 2.

  1. Looks like Dani is going to dump Dan and take Shane to the final two. I guess she thinks she has a better chance against Shane. She will use the veto on Dan, let Dan get Ian’s blood on his hands. That guarantees her Ian’s vote. Only Ian will vote for Shane. Dan probably picked the wrong person on his team to bring to the end. All it takes to turn Dani is a kiss. Very sad. Really don’t want Dani to win. Would like to see Ian and Dan in the end. She is horrible.

  2. looks like there could be a surprise this evening…after POV i thought ian is gone for sure. all stays the same and shane votes out ian.

    if danielle uses the veto on dan, dan has a pretty big decision to make. he could easily evict shane. because ian and danielle would take him to F2. if dan is able to talk danielle into to use the POV on him i dont know what to say and think. that would be another major move and would show that he is right there with dr.wil!

  3. Are they really that stupid that if she uses the veto Dan will send Shane home!!! Stupid stupid stupid!!! What is she thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Maybe that’s exactly what she’s thinking. She doesn’t want to have to choose and I think she knows that if Dan has the choice, Shane is leaving. Shane didn’t want anything to do with her until she won HOH. Last week he didn’t want to share blankets or even sleep in the same bed with her, now he wants to spoon her all night? I’m hoping that she is enjoying the cuddles, but knows that he really isn’t into her. She did tell Dan that she knew Shane would have to go eventually. To get Shane out without her having to take the blame, making Dan do it is her best move.

  4. If Danielle pulls Dan off so that He can be the one to get blood on his hands, well, she is crazy….as Dan is too smart for her love sick ass!! Dan will evict Shane as he knows that is why she pulled him off. I hope she does make that move as I want to see her face when Julie says…Shane you have been evicted from the Big Brother house!! I thought I’d puke watching her sick ass with Shane on the “outing”….and that kiss he gave her was so damn fake. The conversation about strategy she just had with Shane while they are in bed and she interjects with…I can’t wait to see the kiss you gave me after the pirate ship comp….that’s all she thinks about…especially at a time when she should be focused entirely on game, all she mainly thinks about is dropping those panties for the gay man…all I can say is she is one dumb ass player!! Go Dan…!!! He may have to take her to final 2 but I think he would win over her anyway.

  5. I think if she uses the POV on Dan he will vote Shane out. Both Ian and Danielle would take him to the final 2, but Shane wouldn’t. It’ll be harder for him to win against Ian, but at least he would have a 50/50 shot. If he keeps Shane there is no way he would take Dan to the finals over Danielle.

    Also, how does Danielle not realize that Shane is being sweet to her purely for game reasons? Now he is suddenly wanting to sleep in the bed with her and kiss her. Where is Brit with her harsh dose of reality when you need her?!

  6. Yes yes yes Danielle is going to let Dan get Ian’s blood on his hands and use the pov on Dan so he can be the bad guy and then Dan will make the biggest move of the game, his winning move of the game by evicting Shane right in front of her face. EPIC. If Dan pulls this off HZe WILL BE THE BEST BB PLAYER ever. I wanted him and Ian in final two all along and I just might get my wish but my vote for the win will have to change to DAN if he pulls this one off. Can Danielle really be stupid enough to think Dan will not boot out Shane ? I don’t care I hope she is. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when Dan evicts Shane instead of Ian putting himself in the best position in the house. Lol

    1. Huge move for Dan, I agree. But does that make him the best BB player … or does it make him a great BB player against some really gullible competition?

  7. OMG I cannot believe what I am hearing. If Danielle uses the POV on Dan thinking that he will get the blood on his hands for sending Ian home that would be epic – because Dan most likely would send Shane home. Danielle – surely you cannot be that naive…. If she does that then she is toast.

    1. What will be truly epic is if she saves Dan, hen Dan shocks her by evicting Shane, and then Ian wins the last HOH and cuts her to take Dan. She will have doomed her own game as well as Shane’s.

      The only smart move for her is to leave noms the same, as it guarantees her F2, since both Dan & Shane would take her over each other.

      It has been great for Dan that Britney got evicted. She would never have let him control the house to the extent he is now. The others can’t seem to realize they’re being constantly manipulated.

  8. It would be too funny if Danielle uses it on Dan thinking he will evict Ian and he turns around and evicts Shane. Shane’s not the sharpest crayon in the box, he said “Dan will have Ian’s blood on his hands””

  9. My prediction…Dan will talk Danielle into using the veto on him. Dan will vote out Shane. Dan and Ian final 2

    1. That would make for great viewing, but it’ll never happen. Dan knows that if he and Ian went to final 2, Ian could win, while with Danielle, most of the jury, though they like her, see her as his puppet. And even if they did vote for her to win over him, he’d still be able to claim the title of best Coach. Nope, I think Dan’s sticking with Danielle all the way… the power really is in her hands right now.

  10. shanes needs to bang that thing(danielle) to seal the deal and largely disprove the myth of his homosexuality or bisexuality.

  11. Now,that I know Danielle is planning to screw over the guy(Dan)who told her every move to make since day1.In order to take Shane to the end.I’m not going to feel bad at all when she uses the veto on Dan and Dan evicts Shane.Dan is about to switch it around,where instead of Danielle being the person that everyone wants to take.Dan will be the person,because Danielle doesn’t think she can beat Ian and Ian wants Dan in the final2.But Dan is also trying to set it up where he will let Danielle or maybe his self take out Ian in the final3.That way he will slaughter Danielle in the final 2.He’ll be prepared for the questions and his final speech will be his last mist to the jury members.I knew something was up with Dan asking Ian questions about if Ian can beat Danielle in certain parts of the 3HOH’s.It seems as though Dan doesn’t even have to mist Danielle to use the veto.She’s using it because her&Shane think they’re smarter than Dan.Lol.They’re trying to screw Dan,but their plans are going to back fire tonight.

  12. hold on, stop the clock…..why is Shane down with Danielle using the veto on Dan???? then shane goes up and who knows what Dan does, shane could easily go home Yo. If they are so set on bouncing Ian why take dan down and put shane up letting dan decide what happens???

    1. b/c neither one wants to get “blood” on their hands sending Ian to jury. So funny & I really think Shane believes it & they both have heard Dan say they have to get Ian out. Oh this is funny! I think Dan did just fine getting his “team” to final 3. He gave Danielle the chance to get rid of Shane & she wouldn’t – so now he’ll take of it himself. I really think she’s going to do this thinking it’s a great move for her & Shane. hahahahahah!

  13. Oh please Danielle, use the veto on Dan and do something that would please me for once. Then Dan would be guaranteed F2 with whoever wins final HOH and Ian would have a shot at making it over Danielle. It may be a bad move for what you want Danielle, but America would really appreciate you screwing this up and losing.

  14. Ugh! Ian and Dan my two picks for final two, and now their BB lives are at stake. If either Dani or Shane win, it’ll be a boring winner this season. Ian and Dan have both made interesting moves in this house and they were very fun to watch. Dani and Shane….not so much.

  15. what???? So who is Danielle taking to F2???? Shane or Dan? This is getting so confusing! Danielle is playing a better game than Dan himself lol! She’s covered at both angles as both players will take her to F2..

  16. I hope Dani is dumb enough to use the veto on Dan, so Dan can vote out “the kid from Vermont” and Ian stays. Or maybe its all part of the plan? But according to these updates it looks like Dan would be the odd man out in the final 3 so at this point Dan kind of needs Ian because Ian will really take him to the finals. I would LOVE for Dani to pick Shane over Dan in the final 3 that woul be COMICAL

  17. I’m kind of thinking she will use POV on Dan so he has to be the bad guy with the vote. I am wondering if she’s almost wishing Dan will vote out Shane so she doesn’t have to.

  18. A scenario that I would like to see play out today.

    Danielle uses the veto on Dan. Dan votes out Shane. Danielle is crushed.

  19. Danielle better not use that veto. Dan seems to already have it in her head to use it, and if she does I don’t feel great about Shane hanging around until the final three because, for Dan, he’d be covered from both angles for at least a final 2 if Ian and Danielle were left. Hope Danielle, if she’s being genuine with Shane, realizes that and doesn’t use it.

    In the Final 2:

    Dan wins against Danielle, loses to Ian.
    Shane wins against Danielle, loses to Ian.
    Ian wins against Dan, Shane, or Danielle.
    Danielle wins against no one. She’s playing for 2nd. Her best chance is against Dan, but only if people hold his personal moves and the fact that he’s won before against him.

    The only way Danielle doesn’t get to the final 2 though is if Ian wins the final HoH, so it’s better for her game to keep Shane off the block knowing he’ll take out Ian because then she has two people who would take her to the finals rather than just one.

  20. Dawg – Simon – this might be a silly ? or one that has been answered – is the POV ceremony during the show tonight or prior??

  21. Is Danielle blowing smoke up Shane or Dan’s ass? Shane is playing this good by getting snuggly and I have a feeling Danielle is falling right into the trap. I hope she does use the veto and Dan takes Shane out, but I also want Ian out so I’m so conflicted! I want Dan to win so it’s a tough call what should happen. Dan just needs to win the final HOH, end of story.

  22. So it seems like Danielle’s planting the seed to Shane that she’ll use the veto on Dan.. the justification being that Dan will put the blood on his hands and take out Ian. Meanwhile Dan’s telling the camera that he has to choose who to take out.. Shane or Ian… and it seems like he’s leaning towards voting out Shane, because Dan knows that Shane won’t take Dan to Final 2, whereas both Danielle and Ian will take Dan. But my only worry is… has Dan filled Danielle in on his plan to take Shane out? Will she be pissed at Dan? Or does she know about it already and is just playing Shane? Hmm.

  23. Shane is clearly misted, does he not realize that Dan will cut him if he is on the block. More so then Ian, because Dan knows Shane would take Dani, and Dani would debate it. He could win against Dani and 50/50 against Ian… if Dan is the sole vote… Shane will go home! Stupid move if he let’s Dani take Dan off when he could be the one to send Dan packing and thusly make his first and ONLY big move this season.

  24. OMG! If she uses the veto on Dan,that will be an EPIC fail !!! Dan will vote out Shane in a heartbeat!! Dani will be an emotional wreck,and therefor lose the next HOH changeles,and Dan or Ian will win and take the other to the final two.I will effing puke if that happens! I will freakin flip the freak out,yo! Please ….please! let this chick be smarter than that.She already knows Dan wanted Shane out the other day,hopefully she remembers that.And Shane!? WTF were you thinking,telling Dani to use it on Dan!!?? Holly hell.I didnt think anyone would be that blind or stuuuuupid! Come on Dani!! Pull out the “W”,and see the MIST .When she watches the show back,she’s gonna feel pretty stupid,realizing Dan wasn;t on her side after all.

  25. i think shane is going home last time dan wanted to nominate shane danille told dan no ….. dan said to the camera danille save shane this time but next time he will take a shot and get him out …………….

  26. If Danielle throws Dan to the curb to take Shane to the final two, believe me, once BB is over, she’ll never hear from Shane again. He is so using her. She is such a fool. Dan needs to take care of that situation if at all possible. Didn’t Danielle learn anything from the Brigade?

    1. @ Mazer, what do you think Dan is doing? Staying to help her win the 500 g’s..At this point everyone of them will say whatever to get a chance to win the money. If she is smart she will take Shane because I really don’t think he could win the mental competition but with Dan or Ian the possibility are greater for them to take her out. Plus I’m not sure why Dan would believe he has a shot especially since he has already won and basically everyone has stated him winning the money.

  27. I still don’t understand why Jenn wouldn’t blow up her alliance with dan and danielle. it makes no sense. she was already out the door and she could have easily made a last ditch effort to get danielle out. I cannot stand danielle with every being in my body and it makes me sick she won the HOH and veto. I hope shane and danielle’s peanut brains keep their wheels turning and take dan off the block so then dan can vote shane out and laugh in their faces. omg i can’t wait. IAN FTW.

  28. This is going to be fricking hilarious.
    Dan is going to mist Danielle into taking him down so ‘he’ can be the one to get blood on his hands by sending Ian home.
    Then Dan will evict Shane. The look on Danielle’s face will be priceless.
    I hope it doesn’t happen and Danielle leaves the nominations the same and they evict Dan…but I think Danielle is stupid enough to fall for Dan the sociopath’s lies.

    Maybe he will swear on the bible again, because you know when he does that, he is telling the truth.

  29. Please use the POV Danielle! Then Dan can get rid of Shane instead of Ian, and hopefully Ian wins the next stage and cans Danielle. I will puke if Danielle makes it to the end. It’s almost as bad as watching Rachel win. I was hoping this year would have a deserving player win. The last time that happened was …..um…..probably season 10. Still pulling for Ian!

  30. They can’t win against Dan. He has manipulated the entire house since the very beginning. Best bet would be to vote him out and take Ian to final 3.

  31. So funny when Ian was talking about exposing the dumb ass quack pack when Dan had already exposed it to frank, Dan is an ass to talk on frank when frank DID NOT let it out when frank got booted, I really think its disgusting how Dan tells every single house guests that they have a chance and he will do whatever he can and to keep fighting just to get their hopes up then stabs every single one of them, he should be ashamed of his game

    1. Your kidding right??? He should be ashamed of his game??? He has went from being the number one target in the house day 1 to possibly being in the best position in the house to win the game!!! I think your watching the wrong show if you think what Dan is doing is disgusting!!! This is Big Brother not Be Nice to Everyone!!!

  32. I cannot believe that these two dipshits are actually talking about removing Dan from the block so he can make the single vote to send Ian or Shane home. Shanes half a fruit and they’re both half tards IMHO

  33. I think deep in Dani mind she is tore between Dan and Shane. She just told Shane she think she will take Dan down. She made statement. Let Dan get blood on his hand for sending Ian home. This is a good 2 way move for her. #1. Stated above get the blood on his hands. #2. Take a chance that Dan will really send Shane home. Shane is clueless. From his point of view he should not want to go on block. The clue for me was in the question she ask Shane. Has Dan made a final 2 deal with you. ? Because he has not she is more incline to to keep him.

    1. If Danielle keeps the noms the same then Shane votes Ian out. There is still no blood on her hands. There is no reason for her to change the noms.

  34. Holy cow so Danielle might take Dan off the block and Dan will, of course, evict Shane… I can’t wait to see the look on Danielle’s face when that happens! Tv gold!

  35. dan would probably save ian if danielle chooses to save dan by using the pov!!

    please danielle don’t be silly!!

    and dan would break her heart by taking out shane which might make danielle try to take ian to f2.

  36. I predict that Danielle will use the veto on Dan, thinking that Dan will vote out Ian, making Ian mad at Dan in Jury. HOWEVER, I think Dan will actually vote out Shane. Danielle will be devastated! YES! Dan and Ian will be final two.

  37. That would be great if Danielle uses the POV i think Shane would be gone and as of right now ian has a chance to stay because Dan is not stupid he’s getting paranoid he clearly knows that Danielle or Shane won’t take him to F2 but ian will since Danielle wants the blood on Dan’s hand she’s definitely going to use the Veto and i’m praying that Dan talk to her today and backstab Danielle during the live show.Let’s Go Ian

  38. Too bad Ian did not win POV, I hope he wins AV! Don’t love Dani, but if she does win it will soften the blow when she finds out how much she is hated.

  39. Out of the 4 remaining…Ian and Dan deserve to be sitting at the final 2 chairs. They both played the game the entire season and we’re always active socially and gameplay wise. Danielle did win a few comps but it doesn’t change the fact that she basically played victim the rest of the time and pretty much got pity from everyone and please don’t tell me that was her strategy because it wasn’t. Shane did carry the QP at the beginning but he’s barely been considered a target in the final 25-35 days. Everytime someone had a chance to take him out, they passed up on it and would target someone else. Dan was the only person wanting him out this past week.

    As much as I wasn’t that big of fan of Ian, the kid deserves to be in the final 2 by a significant gap over Shanelle. Dan also deserves credit because not everyone can play this game by backstabbing or attempting to backstab as much as he has and still be sitting in the final 4 for 2 seasons.

    PS: On a side not, I can’t wait to see the fight between Frank and Britney in the jury house. From the little bit I saw from the commercial, I think what Britney said to Frank puts the cherry on top of Brit’s cake of hypocrisy. She calls him out for going back on their deal and getting her out? Frank had a deal with her and the QP but they obviously went back on it and we’re voting him out but he was saved by the twist. Obviously Britney’s the worst person to have as jury because she’s too emotional and doesn’t see gameplay for what it is. If Dan is in the final 2, he won’t get her vote simply because she will be bitter towards him.

    PPPS: I honestly hope Danielle doesn’t win this game.

    1. I am looking forward to the JH fight more than tonight’s eviction. I’m surprised if Britney is acting hurt. I figured she’d just be laughing at him, and how quickly his Dan plan turned around on him.

      I think if Britney wants to point out that Frank’s decision led to his demise, that’s perfectly legit. Dan knifed him the very next round, and if Dan had been evicted instead of Britney, Frank would have won the Otev comp (since Dan beat him in the finals) and survived at least one more round. But if Brit is trying to claim she would have stuck by her deal with Frank after Dan’s eviction, then you’re right, she’s full of it. In her interview with Jeff Schroeder, she talked about how Frank was a bully, and was always bragging on himself and “peacocking.” No matter what he did, it would have remained Frank vs. the QP until he won enough comps to get to F2, or they got him.

    1. thanks for posting that Simon….everyone should do themselves a favor and watch this…best laugh I ave had in a long time…..Will is really talented!!….great job Will!!!

  40. If Dani uses the veto on Dan and Dan saves Ian, he can write off any shot at winning the $500K. Dan’s eviction of Shane will let him know that Dan has a deal with Ian – info he will share with the jury. I really don’t think Dan wants to deal with a vindictive Dani.

  41. I am sick of the thought of The Joker winning. It’s not the money that bothers me as much as the bragging rights and media attention that will be given to a narcissistic player. I dread seeing her return on a future BB or on the Amazing Race. Hopefully she’ll be too busy delivering Princess Kate’s baby or advising doctors when they beg her to help solve their most difficult medical mysteries. Maybe the President will ask her to be the Ambassador to China.

  42. Holy shit-This kid still has a shot to win, but I’m pissed Danielle wants to take Shane to F2 now. Last night on the taping she said her heart chooses Shane and her brain chooses Dan and she doesn’t know which one to listen to and it seems like she’s decided now. When I checked the updates this morning I was like ‘Whaaaaat?? Damn, girl! On a winning streak!!’ and I’m pissed Dan and Ian are on the block, but fuck-Come on Dan!! With Shane gone there is no confusion!! You would be assured a F2 spot!! Come on-Mist the hell out of Danielle and send Shane packing!!! Save Ian!! The dream has temporarily been ressurected!! Can’t wait to see JH tonight.

  43. Danielle knows that Shane will evict Ian or can manipulate him into making sure that Shane does. She can’t control Dan and she has to know that by now. If she gives Dan the power of veto I think she knows full well that Dan is going to evict Shane.

    She made a disturbing comment on the live eviction last night. She said something about playing the player which was a reference to Shane. She also mentioned to Jenn that she wasn’t sure that Shane really liked her.

    My guess is that if she doesn’t used the veto on Dan she is with Shane to the end and will hope that they will have something outside the house. Otherwise she is deliberately signing Shane’s death warrant today if she uses the veto on Dan. This way she can get Shane’s vote. Danielle isn’t stupid and this will be what she’s thinking.

    I guess we will find out tonight. I hope its the former and not the latter because I like Shane and want him to win it all. Dan is piece of a garbage and Ian and Danielle are meh.

  44. Dani is the luckiest person in the house. She should have been gone the first day she failed on the first comp but Dan saved her. I can’t remember the second save but she was saved twice early on after that she has been semi-carried along and has not been a target too often. She played Brittneys game only ten times better!

  45. It mentions twice that Dani will use the veto on Dan essentially putting Shane on the block and leaving the only vote to Dan to decide whether to send Shane or Ian out the door. I cannot understand why Shane would not argue this point and use Dani’s emotional connection to get her not to use it. If they (Dani

  46. I can imagine, Danielle wins the final HoH and hard decision, either her coach Dan or love of her dream Shane. Danielle, use your comment sense. Choose!

  47. Simon, do you think Dan would vote to keep Ian, knowing that Ian will take him to F2 and Shane wouldn’t?
    He may also think that Danielle will take Shane over him. Thanks in advance,

  48. Perhaps what Danielle really wants is for Dan to evict Shane so that she can claim innocence when all is said and done. She is probably counting jury votes and needs just one more so why not Shane’s?

    In as much as I can’t stand Danielle, I’m beginning to think she has been playing Dan all alone, especially after being on the receiving end of Dan’s funeral. Maybe, just maybe, she is actually smarter than we are giving her credit. Could it be that she is the one playing the house right now? After all, she has been on the inside of Dan’s and Shane’s plans for the entire season.

    I hope she does use the veto and Ian gets into the finals—-wins HOH—-and takes Shane to final two. I might even watch the final if things shape up that way.

    1. She could be! I realized yesterday I’ve been underestimating Danielle all season-That’s a good point-It seems like she’s following her heart, but under this love spell she knows she needs Dan in the F2 with her. And Dan evicting Shane will save Ian, assure her a JH vote, Dan will be assured a spot in F2-Hope that’s what goes down.

  49. Really are you sure Ian will take Dan. I’m not Ian was very quick to turn on frank and boogie, and he knows Danielle would be hard to beat.

  50. I can’t wait for Dan to wake up and start misting Danielle to use the veto on him.It seems as though he doesn’t even have to mist her.She wants to screw over Dan,so her and Shane can be in the final2.But she’s in for a surprise tonight,because Dan will evict Shane.But he still plans on taking Danielle to the final2.Danielle is going to be mad that Dan secured his spot in the final2(because she obviously can care less about the person who has helped her since day1).But she’ll still chose Dan over Ian.Danielle doesn’t think she can beat Ian and Ian wants Dan in the final2.So,if Danielle takes Dan off. (Shane&Danielle want Dan to have Ian’s blood on his hands).She thinks Dan will evict Ian.But in reality Dan will evict Shane.If Shane doesn’t give Dan his vote, because of it.Then atleast Dan still gets to final2.If he was to evict Ian.Then Dan won’t make it,because Shane&Danielle are taking each other.9pm can’t get here fast enough.I can’t wait for Danielle&Shane plan to back fire.

  51. shanes in a good spot to get to final 2. he can win the final comps plus danielle would prolly take him. i think he beats danielle or dan in votes in the finale. but who knows, needs to lock in danielle by simply banging her hard once and lay down some groundwork that makes a post game relationship seem imminent. that would throw danielle for a loop and she would vote out dan in a heartbeat

  52. OMG, i cannot believe i was rooting for this nimwhit called Shane……The biggest fool in BB history….what a waste of space!!!!!

  53. If I am reading this right, Dani is considering using the Veto on Dan so that “he has the blood on his hands to evict Ian”. In my opinion there are 3 ways to look at this; 1) she has blind trust in Dan and is going to end up very hurt when he evicts Shane, 2) She is overthinking the game … I don’t think she is stupid, but perhaps not using common sense, or 3) she is trying to out-strategize Dan. This is dangerous because she does not have the DNA to be as coniving as Dan.

    In any case, it will be an interesting show. I like Dan, and I don’t mind anyone else in the final 4 … so I am not pulling for one over the other. Just want to see it pay out.

    I did have to LOL when Shane said he decided NOT to pretend he was gay. Yet he chose to bring clothes that put that question out there every time he wears them.

  54. The best part of BBAD last night was when Shane revealed that his original strategy had been to “pretend” to be gay. Sure. Almost as funny as watching Danielle pout as Shane joined with Dan in zinging her. And her worrying that she might not be able to find time to come back next season when they ask her back for “all-stars”. She is eighty miles of bad road.

    1. I agree with you. Those two of the most delusional contestants we’ve seen a while. If Shane didn’t want anyone to think he was gay, he should have left his sister’s tank top at home :)

  55. Danielle is sitting pretty no matter what.

    Shane wants to take her; Dan wants to take her; Ian would take her over the other two.

    She is in the absolute perfect position. She’s in final 2 anyway you cut it.

  56. Danielle should not use the veto. I can’t believe she can’t see that if it is used Dan would totally evict Shane. He has said over and over again that he is out for himself. Why wouldn’t he evict Shane instead of Ian. It doubles his chance to be taken to the end since Shane would not take him. Although it is a tough choice becase I think if Ian is left in the game he has a good chance of winning the last HOH. So in Dan’t mind it’s all about if Ian will defineatly take him to the end because Shane will obiously take Danielle. Ian’s comments are somewhat vague so I don’t know if he wouldn’t take Danielle also. Although do you guys remember that Shane does have a final 2 deal with Dan that he didn’t tell Danielle about so who knows.

  57. Dan is screwed no matter who goes home.

    If Shane goes home and Ian stays & manages to win the HoH competition & he takes Dan to final 2, Ian wins; if Ian’s smart, he’ll take Danielle to the final 2; meaning Dan gets eliminated.

    If he keeps Shane, and danielle wins the competitions, then Danielle will have to choose between Shane & Dan and we all know that Shane will be picked; all it takes is some cuddling and a few kisses and Danielle is completely yours.

    If Shane wins, he’s definitely taking Danielle; 100%.

    At this point; if Danelle saves Dan; he HAS to win the competitions; giving him the ability to choose who he takes to final 2.

  58. Some of you people must be watching a completely different show than I am.

    NO ONE will beat Ian if he makes it to the final 2 (very good competitor and sympathy for his condition)

    Shane can NOT beat anyone if he goes to the final 2 (decent competitor but no social game at all -just a follower with no balls)

    Danielle and Dan would now be the hardest to call my feeling would be Dan misting everyone for one final time.

    NO CHANCE on earth Dan votes Shane out before Ian.

  59. You guys Ian is not going anywhere i just find out from another site that this morning Dan was watching the memory wall and he whispers “you’re time is up Shane” and he also says “finally,i got my second shot to take you out son” Sorry Simon i love your site too lol but when i’m watching BB i check a lot of sites for infos

  60. Use that Veto Danielle…I am beside myself with anticipation to see it live tonight and watch her face if she takes Dan off and Dans sends Shane to jury house….Who needs Clint Eastwood to see…”Play MISTy For Me”…..lol

    1. I too hope that Dan talks Dani into putting up Shane and votes him out. Dan or Ian deserve the win.
      Dani has let her heart rule her decisions lately and they are not good game ones.

  61. This is absolutely ludicrous if Danielle uses the Veto on Dan. First of all Dan WILL vote Shane out and Ian is less of a threat to get into the final 2 with the 3 part HOH competition. Shane and Danielle would have a fair shot at winning if they took each other to the final…Even if Ian were to get to a final 2 there are too many that don’t like him. He would have had a better shot had he followed through with “Big moves” and taken DAN out after taking Frank and Boogie out. If she uses the Veto Dan should be written that check because everyone got absolutely blindsighted, manipulated and played which is what this game is all about.

  62. so, ian could be safe if danielle and shane put up shane and take dan off (thinking dan is going to vote out ian) but for that to work, dan cant go to danielle and try to campaign to get shane out. he has to somehow say it so they think he’s getting rid of ian. jeez this is confusing. im still rooting for a renegade to win this, better t.v. i think.

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