Heather tells them who her nominees are “Worst case scenario is Allison goes home “

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 18-36-53-044

9:36pm Sarah and Sabrina

Sarah says she swear to god it’s Sabrina and her to the end. Sarah says Kenny is not making it way he’s not going out of his way to be friends.
Sarah – “It’s not me and kenny to the end it’s us to the end”
Sarah still think keeping Kenny is the best option

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 18-44-52-677

9:44pm Adel Neda Jon

They talk about Kenny being the target this week and if POV is played and kenny is saved Sabrina will go up and Allison will go home. Neda – Worst case scenario is Allison goes home”

Adel leaves..

Neda isn’t sure about Arlie right now. They agree they have to take out Adel sooner than later because he can’t keep anything quiet. NEda wants at least one of the gremlins gone before they start planning to get Adel out.
Neda – “Why is he not shutting up…”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 19-25-11-970

10:25pm Arlie and Jon

Arlie wants Rachelle gone before Allison because Rachelle going will crush Sabrina.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 19-18-28-638

9:58pm Kenny, sarah and Sabrina.

Sabrina telling them she is in the worst position. Kenny corrects her says he is.

Kenny tells Sabrina Andrew was coming pretty hard after her that last two days.

Sarah says Allison is the person Sabrina needs to take out she was the one bullying people into keeping Andrew. Sarah says Allison was the one that sealed Andrew’s fate.

Sabrina says she hates Jon’s face wants to punch him in the face.

Jenny says JOn is disgusting all he does is grab his crotch all day long

Kenny – “Neda is disgusting to”

Kenny – ‘Next week Jon and Neda up on the f** block.. we have to go balls to the walls”
Kenny says outside of this game he will “Sock Jon in the face” but inside the house it’s all a game.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 19-36-09-089

10:25pm Heather and Rachelle

Heather tells Rachelle is going up (but not really)

10:25pm Arlie and Jon

Arlie wants Rachelle gone before Allison because Rachelle going will crush Sabrina.

bandicam 2014-04-04 19-43-55-241

10:33pm HOH Heather and Allison

heather says Rachelle’s punishment is that she will spend tonight thinking she is going up tomorrow. Heather says Allison is her friend and she really genuinely likes her..

Heather says Rachelle and Heather are not very nice friends. They were “Friends” with her earlier in the game and they turned on her.

Allison – “I’m telling you right now Kenny will stay”
Heather says if she wins POV she i’ll take Allison off the block. Heather – “Kenny is my target not you”

Allison – “I’m upset because you said to my face that you weren’t going to put me up and I take that seriously”

Allison says she’s going home she is certain, “I know this for a fact”

Heather says if Kenny wins POV she will put another strong player up against her to make sure Allison is safe.

Allison wants Sarah and Kenny up on the block or at the very least Rachelle and Kenny.

Allison wants to know what is going on with Sabrina. heather says Sabrina isn’t a threat. Allison – “use her as a pawn”
Heather won’t use her as a pawn because she’s not putting up with her bulklsh1t.
Allison counts the votes and says Heather still needs one more person to take out Kenny. Heather tells her she will put up Sabrina against Allison if Kenny is taken off the block.,

Heather tells Allison that Andrew made Allison out to be a very big competitor..

Heather invites her to come and spend the night in the HOH and do their nails.. they can fall asleep together.

Allison says no thanks she leaves..

10:40pm Rachelle tells Sabrina heather is putting her up.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 20-01-11-825

11:00pm Kenny And Heather

Heather says it’s either Rachelle or Allison going up She really likes Kenny a lot as a person.
Heather – “I have to put you on the block tomorrow” Heather says Kenny is the strongest player in the game and she’s just a “Little girl”.
Heather tells him there is still the POV for him to win “I have to do whats best for my game”

Kenny says she’s siding with people that are liars. Heather says today people were throwing Kenny’s and Sarah’s names out as targets.

Heather says Sabrina and Rachelle said it
Kenny is surprised by Sabrina.
Heather – Sabrina threw out your name not Sarah’s

Kenny appreciates Heather telling him. He kinda expected it all day. Kenny please don’t go on recommendations with people that will throw you under the bus first chance they get. Kenny says the numbers are not on the other side, He thinks his side will win the POV.

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I really dislike Kenny calling Neda disgusting. Kenny thinks he’s so much better than everyone else. Guess what Kenny? Your beard looks stupid and your inability to be nice to the people you think your so much better than is going to get you kicked out!
If Arlie doesn’t vote for Kenny to go I’m going to be so mad at him because I think he’ll be the deciding vote…


It’s amazing to me that a CATALOGUE model is so arrogant and thinks he is so much better than everyone else. Kenny u can’t make runway because u look disgusting!


I’m confused, I thought the whole point was to break up alliances, especially if you are a loner. Allison and Heather are loners. Why put up Allison? That is the stupidest move and an excuse. Heather is pleasing people who clearly hate her and had no problem letting her know this. I would have point bank told Allison, that Sabrina and Rachelle told me to put you up. I have a feeling that BB gets involved, because these people CAN’T be this stupid t take the blame for some of their moves. Heather was probably told that whoever you pick, you can’t say you picked them because someone else told you to. You are also obviously not allowed to call people out during your speeches when you are on the block. There must be a lot of rules we as viewers don’t know about (they lose their stipend if they break them, maybe) because I would rat out every jerk as I was walking out the door.


Allison going home would be such a waste! I’m not a big fan of her, but it would hardly change anything if she left, I don’t even think I would notice her gone.


I agree but did you also noticed how Heather is a Bad-Ass she is one of a kind..


It may seem like getting rid of Allison is waste, but I think not. We have seen that she is not in any way open to the ‘others’ in any way. She has exhibited the potential of being mean and a possible bully. To be deluded into thinking she could be compelled to join the others would be hugely erroneous. At this point I would rather her not make jury.


(I posted this in the last post before realizing there was this post. Sorry for the double post.)

Rachelle told Heather it was an accident when she ate the candy.

It was an accident that she waited until the HoH room was empty.

It was an accident that she climbed the stairs and found herself in the HoH room.

It was an accident that she knew Heather had candy and she wanted it.

It was an accident that she didn’t see all the cameras watching her.

It was an accident that she didn’t stop eating the candy when she knew she wasn’t supposed to.

Suuuurrrre it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, to complete these accidental events, and to make sure it was noticed, Rachelle accidently eats a fuzzy peach.

This girl is an accident in the house.

What a sad excuse for a BB player.


Hmm… maybe she just meant to cause this chaos out of her bitterness toward Heather. Looks like she’s not done with playing heather… stupid mean dumbo


I don’t know what you were watching, but I saw her walk into a room with Heather, Jon, and Adel in it, was upset, took a candy, Adel mentionned something about Drake (so they must not have realized in that split second), and she walked out.
Wasn’t as planned / devious as your making it out.


By saying Rachelle purposefully ate the candy would mean she actually has a brain and is thinking and scheming. This is not the case, it really was an accident because she really is that dumb to do something like that.


So what’s wrong with Sarah’s mouth today (or courage) – she didn’t approach the HOH once, even out of respect and just expected everyone to save her ass? What the hell? Did I miss her chat with Heather?


She just hates Heather that much, that she can’t bring herself to go talk to her.

I think to hate someone like Heather that much, says a lot more about the person hating than it does about Heather. Sarah has no reason to hate on her so much. She’s just a huge bitch.

Douche hater

Lol …. Sarah prefers to bash Heather . There’s
No way that arrogant women is going to lower herself
To talk to Heather . Like I’ve said a thousand
Time Sarah only cares about Sarah . I will stop
Watching BB if she wins … Just like I would
Have stopped if Amanda had won.I know Sabrina
Won’t win . But Sarah is a Snake and I can see
Her slithering in there . She sets a bad example of
What and how women should conduct themselves.


Really Kenny? Neda is disgusting? She looks like one of the two cleanest people in the house (the other is Heather). That scraggly beard on your face is disgusting.


If we are talking about facial features, neda’s face is a train wreck so I think Kenny knows what’s up


Neda really needs to shut her trap about Adel and Arlie. If anything Jon and Neda are the ones who are being cocky. She’s gonna ruin her alliance and she keeps claiming to “throw” competitions.

Allison is an absolute disaster she goes and tells Sabrina and Rachelle everything when Heather told her that they were talking about her. Allison – superfan my ass. Her favourite BB player is Peter, which explains her marvelous gameplay.


Lol, totally agree…. Neda and Jon need to stick with their alliance….when everyone else is gone then they could start picking people out one by one until its two left….but planing pn getting ppl that are in ur alliance, out is pretty stupid, esp. since there is still a bunch of ppl in the house who wants u gone. Gosh ppl in the big brother house are so impatient. And wasn’t it just the other day Allison and Kenny were calling Heather Names and making fun of her because she didn’t choose Kenny to play in the Veto? why is it all of a sudden that Allison want to be all buddy buddy with Heather. Allison u aint fooling no one, we see right through you, im just hoping Heather does too. But I still want Kenny or Sabrina to go. Im happy with either one leaving.


Yeah, I am quickly falling off the Jon/Neda fan train. Their head’s are in the sand if they each think they will have Sarah and Allison on their side. It’s not going to happen. If it does, they better watch their asses.


What a bleep filled crappy season! People complaining about Canada’s HOH. It’s the only thing that has gone right. I dare someone, I mean anyone, to write how smart Heather is. Please I want to rip somebody hard! It continues to be 1 of the most infuriating seasons of BB I have ever watched and I haven’t missed a US or Canadian episode.

Oh and our resident geniuses Joneda think Adel has to go sooner. You moron have done almost nothing, Neda pure ZERO. You don’t have numbers and Deli goes to the jury with you betraying them. Complete idiots. Talkie..talkie..talkie 2 morons in the BB house.

Dear Production:

I have appreciated you trying to fix your terrible mistake making 1/5. The rest are to stupid to help. Just let them hand the game to 1/4+2. At least we’ll see some backstabbing and consistent douchebag play. And you might as well start by saving Kenny who isn’t getting evicted versus Allison anyway. NO way Arlie exposes himself on a 3 to 4 vote. He says he’s leaving 1/5(4) I say he won’t. Might as well give the extra veto to Sarah. She has a douchebags chance to win in a season of douchebags. Momzi gets 100K. Her kids shop at the Brick and Dadzi fills for divorce! 😛 Would anyone in the house actually go on a trip with her. No worry as she is selfish and certainly wouldn’t invite the whole cast. Oh lastly since the veto has not been explained in it’s entirety yet make it good til F4 and give the holder the power to replace any one not on the block except HOH when it’s used. Send Neda or Jon home this week. They talk like idiots reward them!

Dear Feeders:

I have toiled in hopes of a “victory” for good over evil. Evil is pretty good and good is pretty bad! Let your anger go. Accept that Sabby, Sarah or yes even Kenny will win BB Can 2 and embrace it. We have invested in the inept with fairy tail hopes of sound strategic play. Were getting almost none of it. Why hitch you wagon to talkie buds like Joneda. They don’t even know who their allies are and count can’t count votes. Jon thinks he’s playing with Momzi. She is going to cut off his testicles yeasty or not! You can’t invest in Heather either. She bought not only Sabby, not the 1st to make that error. But she bought the little baby douchebag Ratchet to. Absolutely unforgiveable. These woman treat you like dirt and your actually listening to them. Repulsive and sickening.

And what of Deli and his constant smile. He talks way to much and isn’t counting numbers either. Arlie has done nothing yet to prove through actions he’s aligned with them. Don’t leave OBB, TV or the feeds. Just do the healthy thing and accept those you are rooting for cannot play the freaking game. Forget what they say and follow the actions even if by miracle they get out Kenny Joneda will find a way to ruin it within a week. And don’t let Canada’s vote putting Deli back in the house make you feel warm and fuzzy as he goes out the door. If production read my plea above there will be no one going back in the house a second time this season.

ihate sarah

the sad part is everything you wrote is totally true stan..:(
this is gonna go down as the worst season if one of the 3 snakes wins it!


I find it kind of hilarious that this second season seems like it is going down the same route as BB15. Dont get me wrong..these house guests are 10 times better than BB15 house guests were, but from the way it seems, it looks like they are heading the same route as BB15. Its weird because the producers seen BB15 and thought we are not going to have a season like that, however this season looks closely alot like BB15. I am hoping that isn’t the out come. I will continue to watch to see. Dont disappoint me now Canada!


I’ve been saying the same thing for the past 2 weeks. This season is BB15 minus the racism. Nobody is playing a smart game. Jon and Neda are talking about taking Adel out when he is one of there only true allies. Adel can’t keep his mouth shut. Sarah and Kenny have done nothing in the game, but constantly bitch and complain. Ugh this season is boring.


What about puppies? Do you hate them too?


Shut up, I bet Heathers smarter than your dumb ass 🙂


Did you forget to take your Medication, again?

Bb lover

To me this is a no brainer
Best move for heathers game is to put
Up Kenny and Allison …
If Kenny wins put up Sarah
And vote her out
That way Arlie won’t get to drag Sarah along
And potentially screw over Heather
If Allison wins put up Sarah as well
One less vote for Kenny
Send Kenny home .
I hope Heather does what would
Be best for her game and nobody else’s.
Come on Heather I have faith in you


Yay Heather!! Way to throw stupid Sabrina and Rachelle under the bus!!


I say that Kenny and Allison as noms would be the best option. They’re the strongest of their alliance. If Kenny doesn’t win, he can go. If he happens to win, Allison, Sabrina, or Sarah are options and I’m fine with any of those three going as well.


I like these nominations as well. If Allison does end up going home……GREAT! A house with All girls (and Arlie) would be boring. I hope Jon and Kenny stay around as long as possible. Besides, Allison is an embarrassment…


It baffles me that everyone in the house keeps talking about “the other side” when there isn’t one. They are generally paired off in groups of two, and outside of that they continue to switch allegiances daily so I don’t know why they are so convinced there in some line drawn in the sand between sets of people. Kenny is really blind if he doesn’t think everyone he is close too hasn’t made deals with people from the “other side”

Douche hater


Big brother flop house

Wow put up Kenny and Sarah … Arlie is the deciding vote
He will chose Sarah over Kenny


Hilarious! The 1st 5 egomaniacs actually think they were too strong and that Canada doesn’t want them to win. Well from what I know (admittedly I am not claiming this is accurate), people want to cheer on good people – period. If they saw some integrity (even the littlest) or compassion without bullying, then yes Canada would be routing for them. They are actually convening to reiterate how strong they were at the beginning and still are and when they are HOH, they can say F U. That right there has been the whole problem to begin with. They have said F U, I am the best from day 1.
I already said it earlier but it really pisses me off that Sarah has not approached Heather AT ALL and assumes she’s safe. Must be nice.


Integrity? Like how adel gave up on the dance game with Jon? That kind of integrity?

As for bullying and name calling? Are you serious? So it’s ok for the other side of the house to whisper and gossip in your opinion? You must lead a sheltered life if you think the first five are bullying. It’s the most laughable thing I have heard.


Umm so just curious, what do you call Andrew and Kenny calling Heather and Ika Dumb a** B*****? Cus in my opinion that is just downright disrespectful and meets all standards for being called bullying. Im just curious as to what you call bullying…i would definetly like to know

Please Heather

Put up Kenny and Sarah … Please please


whats wrong with kenny! saying all these personal stuff calling neda and jon disgusting i want to like him but each day he becomes worse
i hear jon and neda bashing sabrina a few times but never saying horrible personal things


He’s always grumpy, but now he’s; on slop, about to be nominated, and having to deal with Sabrina’s attempts at getting sympathy. He’ll probably get worse before the week ends.


Supposedly they hang with the same group on the Rock. Jon and Kenny that is. Perhaps they simply don’t like each other. Kenny suggesting he would hit Jon outside the house is either great theatre or real dislike for Jon. Every hour I’m less and less hopeful these 2 have been playing the house brilliantly and have a secret F2 deal. Sadly I think not!


Is there any ‘fuzzy peach eating” footage? Dawg Simon…???


How does the fukk Allison have so many fans on the internet.


Don’t forget she’s got a lot of boyfriends 🙂
And all newfies


She’s been known to give a helping hand to people in need.


She’s good with her hands


Yup an excellent handyman


Heather … Put up Kenny and Sarah together
. If this is truly what Arlie wanted (Kenny gone)
He would have made this suggestion to heather
Kenny and Sarah have to be split up


Arlie cannot suggest that to Heather. It would ruin what he is trying to set up with Sarah within the other alliance. Sarah has protection via Arlie by having the others thinking Sarah will join the ‘other’s’. If it was not for this point it would be clear to Heather and the other’s to put them up together. Even Kenny pointed out that Sarah was his closest within the house.

Heather is trusting Allison to fight hard for the veto and has promised to take Allison off if Heather wins the veto. It is possible that the other strong player that goes up in that situation is not Rachelle or Sabrina but Sarah.


Thanks canada for voting out a power player and breaking down an alliance so the floaters have a chance. We all know how much better a season is when it’s full of floaters. Yup let’s vote out a strong competitor over say someone like adel who doesn’t even give 100% in a challenge and let’s down his team members. Anyone that gives up on his team says a lot about their character and yet the ‘fans’ support this… Worst season ever! (Except the sheep from bb USA last season)



A you referring to Andrew as a strong player? 😛 You do know Canada never voted out anyone idiot? They nominated for eviction. The HG voted to evict. You know the “strong player” who quit competing after POV comp and had Kenny campaigning harder for him than himself. Stop rewriting history and move on. The rest of 1/5 are still going to own the season no biggie!


Andrew and Kenny have been floating around while Sabrina did all their dirty work since day 1.


I’m actually surprised that more people haven’t
Complained about Kenny Using / or not using being gay
As a game tool . I find it offensive . Gay people
Have fought for equal rights and he is using it
Like a tool . I don’t agree with his choice .


His sexual orientation is his business.

ihate sarah

kenny and sarah just gave an oscar winning performance in the have not room (i cant even believe i watched that)
sarah with her i try to be the best mom to my kids and teach them whats right and whats wrong(honey everything your doing in the bb house is wrong) and how much she loves her husband(we can tell)man everything that comes out of her mouth is bullshit!
then theres kenny with his if your my friend i will do any and everything speech for you.and that he is gay but he doesnt go to gay pride parades(dude your bi not gay)hes such a supportive guy blah blah blah!
these 2 are so full of themselves..its funny that they hate sabrina because all 3 of them(snakes) are the same person!(3 f%ckin peas in a pod)

ihate sarah

and let me guess bb is gonna edit the shit out of it for the next episode and make these assholes look like saints!


Sarah has gotten a golden edit all season no reason to think it won’t continue.


Please tell me that Heather is lying when she says she actually likes Allison? OMG The little bunny didn’t quite learn her lesson yet. Wolves surrounding her everywhere oh my. I just feel frustration watching the convo between her and happy endings Allison.


To be fair, Allison was pretty much the only female that spoke (nicely) to Heather when she was shunned by others. That appeared to be somewhat real, but unfortunately Allison also wanted to be liked by his showmance alliance, so she said some not so nice things about Heather to Kenny & co behind her back.
And now when Allison is not getting her wish, she’s being bully again.


Not buying the good mom story. Cant imagine her life not being about her first.


Sarah isn’t a good Mom. She’s a star struck narcissist who sold out her childrens well being for a few months so she could be on TV. In a week Sarah will be as alone as Heather has been for the past month. Lets see her brilliant game play then. Sitting, stroking the hair, pampering, mothering who exactly??? Sabrina? I wish she would self evict. I can’t even stand the sight of her or the sound of her voice.


As you can see, derogatory comments are very easy to make .So let’s all quit making them and concentrate on the game…..and Tyrese , no hard feelings, just wanted to give you a bit of your own medicine to see how it feels…naughty naughty


Big Brother Canada needs to evict Kenny Immediately for threatening violence on another person (Jon) outside house. He has clearly stepped over the line of unacceptable conduct. Those kind of dangerous statements need to be taken seriously.


A lot of the players have said stuff like this.


Allison hasn’t been self evicted ? What happened to the clearly stated rules of the game just before she entered the Big Brother house.