Rachelle complains the Hot Tub smells like chemicals

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

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8:38pm Hot Tub Heather and Neda

Jon tells them he’s never seen someone campaign as hard as Sabrina. Heather says she cannot believe Sabrain is trying to make deal to keep her. Gremlins join them for a second.. Jon leaves with the gremlins.

Jon leaves. The girls start talking about how potent Sabrina is. Neda mentions how Sabrian is able to make valid points when she talks and it makes you forget all the Bullsh!t she was involved. They both agree Sabrina is much more dangerous than Rachelle even though Sabrina is useless in compe her social game is on point.
Neda – “With rho.. nothing is there.. nothing is there..” (Rho is Racehlle’s nickname)
Heather – “she might be book smart but that is all she got going on up there sometimes.”

They both agree to talk to Allison and get her onboard then go to Jon together.
Heather – “Adel will have no problem with it”
Neda – Jon doesn’t give a F*** which gremlin goes.
They agree Rachelle would come to them once Sabrina is gone and they could use her to get rid of a bigger target.


8:47pm bedroom

Neda tells Rachelle she’s talked Heather to keep her all she needs to do is work on Allison, Jon and Arlie. She recommends Rachelle fight like hell for the POV cause it’s hard to get the votes.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 18-09-53-010

9:00pm Adel, Heather and Neda

Adel tells them if they want to get any information out of Jon now is the time because she is really drunk.

Adel leaves. Neda wants to run through scenarios, “Who will Arlie put up if he wins HOH.. I think he’ll put up a big target”

Their conversation ends prematurely as Jon and Allison come in and out of the room. Allison stay for a bit chit chat…

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 18-28-55-617

9:15pm Gremlins
Talking about the smartest thing for Jon to do is to backdoor Arlie.
Sabrina points out how Heather and Neda are now best friends.
Rachelle says she hates heather “She gives me the hebejebes”

Rachelle says she will be furious if Heather makes it to final 2. Sabrina doesn’t see it happening she thinks Heather is the next to gto.

Rachelle says in the Jury house she is going to be mean to Heather,”I’m like that I’m mean to people.. umm I’m nice”

Rachelle – “It stinks like f*** chemicals in here”
Sabrina laughs says it might be because they are trying to sanitize the pee.

Rachelle says it feels different that Kenny and Sarah are gone.
Sabrina – “Ya it feels magnificent”
Sabrina says Sarah and Kenny were so mean to her she doesn’t care they are gone.

Sabrain – “They are gone because of everything they did badly” they did in the house.
Sabrina – “I’m here because everyone knows I didn’t”
Sabrina says Allison is the worst she hopes Andrew never talks to her.
Rachelle – “She’s so weird”
Sabrina brings up Allison saying she has low self esteem, “I can see it”

Jon listens in on their conversation walks in while they are talking about him.
Rachelle is saying she cannot believe theses are the final people. Sabrina and Rachelle agree Jon is a secure guy. Sabrina says she’s sure he’s said sh!t everyone has, “He was the one that said Neda is wrapped around his little finger not Neda” .
Jon walks in.
Sabrina puts on a smile “Oh we were just talking about you”

Sabrina – “can I ask you a question do you trust Arlie”
Jon – “I’m not going to answer”
Sabrina – “do you think Arlie will take you out”
Jon- “ Yes “

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 18-57-22-345

9:58pm Bedroom Heather, Allison and Neda

Talking about how dangerous Sabrina still is in the game. Allison says she only has one angle left she’s trying to talk Jon into keeping her and offering up the gremlins as puppets.

Allison – “her game is her mouth.. unfortunately for her she let her mouth go too far if she could control it she would have made it to the end”

Neda says she wants Sabrina gone before Rachelle, “Rachelle is book smart.. Sabrina’s mouth f*** scares me”

Heather mentions if Sabrina wins she will take out their strongest person but if Rachelle stays and she won they could persuade her into nominated who they want.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 19-05-51-042

10:04pm Hammock Adel and Arlie

Arlie says sooner of later Allison has to go he knows Sabrina is bad for them he’s not sure that Allison is.
Arlie – “Sabrian is bad for me and you and she’s not bad for Jon and Neda.. Allison has to go to obviously”

Deli says he’s not talking to Allison because in his mind after the gremlins go she will.

Adel says when Jon is drunk he gets on everyone’s nerves, “We have to let Jon to keep getting as drunk as possible”

10:19 Jon and Arlie Hammock

Jon says Allison and heather scare the f** out of him.
Jon proposes they keep Rachelle and if she wins the endurance competition next week she will come up to them and owe them for

Jon – Holy f*** we have so much sway right now”
Jon – Allison makes Heather cocky as f** and more prone to make the big moves”
Arlie – Allison is scary

10:28pm Bathroom
Sabrina tells Rachelle she thinks Jon is going to go through with keeping them because it’s his best chance to get rid of someone BIG. Sabrina points out that Arlie is acting weird right now. Racehlle agrees she’s noticed Arlie acting different right now.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 19-33-57-985

10:30pm Hammock Arlie and Heather.

Arlie tells Heather that him, Adel and her would really start looking our for each other.
Heather thinks they should get rid of Sabrina this week. Arlie doesn’t have his mind made up he’s open to anything.
Heather says the one thing about the sloppies that she likes is they are all stand up people, She’s still on board with going to final 5 with them all.

Arlie says heather and him were the start of the sl*ppy seconds.

heather says me you and Jon, ”What do you think of JOn”
Arlie – I don’t know”
Heather – “Well he’s trustworthy that is why we picked him”
Arlie brings up that it’s coming down to it soon… Arlie is a bit worried of Allison.
Heather says Allison is a good person she thinks she’s strong but will be a problem later.

Arlie asks her who she feels better with Allison or Deli. Heather says Deli.
Arlie agrees 100% “It’s very important for me and out to stay with him.. this week is good one of the gremlins is going home this week”

Adel joins them says he’s worried that someone is going to jump the gun and try to get “sketchy and Loopy”
Arlie says a gremlin is going home this week 1 hundo. Arlie wants both Gremlins gone first.
Heather warns them about Sabrina’s mouth.
Adel – “I’m not believing her I don’t give a F***”

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Neda makes my skin crawl.


Agreed. Neda makes my skin crawl too. What really disturbs me is how many people like her and are falling for her fake innocence act. She’s the most conniving bitch on the show. I think her and Sabrina are either equal or Neda is worse.


Sabrina is so Delusional! First she think they all kept her because they know all the lies were coming from Sarah and Kenny, then she think the gremlins are safe!? WTF!


Jon now has no problem with Rachelle being thrown the next HoH. To a sane person just the idea of this would send terror signals through their whole body.


How Neda? I think theyre all scrambling to figure out who to pick off from the Sloppy Seconds first.


Good!!! Go Neda:)


Omy god..that one photo of Sab it’s cracking me up lol it’s so funny ( in hot tub right under Heathers pic)


This is crazy. If Allison is put up and she uses her Scarlet POV, then Sloppies might get upset that she was able to lie so well and it’ll definitely be the first shot at the demise of the Sloppy Seconds.

I agree, the cracks are definitely forming. They just created their alliance name and they are thinking of going against one another (but that’s the name of the game?).

If Sabrina does go this week (hopefully) I think Jon, Neda, Rachelle, will end up teaming up against Arlie, Adel, and Heather.

Allison will still be in the gray area and will be that deciding vote. I just want her to leave next week.


Surprise triple eviction coming up – Both Sabrina and her 2 chins will be evicted this week (fingers crossed).

And I agree with Simon, Neda is jumping the gun and trying to make a big move when there’s no need this week. She has been suggesting a big move to take out one of the sloppies since the past 2 weeks….


The whole time during the double eviction I was wishing it was a triple!


Well, it’s interesting to hear the convos. Everyone’s name as come up as being someone that needs to go EXCEPT Neda.

ihate sarah

i hope heather and neda are at the end..all the guys suck jons yeasty!!


These people need to open their eyes. Neda literally looks like the most scheming conniving and backstabbing piece of work you could ever meet.

Adel on the other hand is too busy hobbling around on his fake injured foot.


Where can I watch Wednesday and Thursdays episodes beside slice? I cant get hola to work on my phone to watch on slice an someone use to post them on Jokers another bb site but they changed their policies an no longer allow posts about episodes an im dieing to see the last 2! The links use to take me to dailymotion or firedrive but they would only be up a short time before bb had them taken down!

Poetic Stanziel

Does Sabrina never have a finger halfway up her nose?


Sabrina is a fat piece of garbage seriously. She wakes up Jon just for a couple fish candies after she committed gluttony several times just prior. First she sees him sleeping and says sorry. Then she still asks for the F@*#%ing candy anyway. She has no self control. Someone needs to tear her a new one and make her lose her mind. Break her down and let her stupid family help her rebuild her brain.

Poetic Stanziel

Does Sabrina never not have a finger halfway up her nose?

Russ from Van

I’d like the Sloppies to take out at least one of the Gremlins, before turning on each other. I’d feel safer keeping Rachelle around, because at least she not as volatile and ready to flip and scheme as Sabrina would be.

And what a bratty kid Rachelle is, to pee in the hot tub, and then complain about the chemicals to sterilize it. Aside from her appearance, which I only consider to be above average, this chick has to be one of the most unattractive women I’ve ever seen on this show. Just brings nothing to the table. Brains, strategy, awareness, maturity….nothing!

I just rewatched last nights episode. I almost thought in Kenny’s eviction speech he said for all the boys in Montreal to get ready, because he was gonna need a really stiff d*nk, instead of stiff drink. LOL.

ihate sarah

lol…i think that was what he was getting at without accually saying it…


…. Seeing Marilyn manson boss rachelle around in the slums. “Move over”. “Get up for a second”. Haha. Then rachelle falls over. HAHA RATCHELLE frign zombie


Sabrina needs to wear the hotdog suit rest of her stay in the house. If i see her in hottub or anything one more time I’m gona go hump a guy.

My wife sent me to have nots

I’m on slop at home tonight and the maple syrups all gone. Sleeping on the couch eating instant oatmeal and watching Arlie sleep. I know he’s gona rape rachelle tonight.


Is it just me or has Jon become unbearably annoying?? They are all getting on my nerves! Neda thinks she is pulling strings but honestly she is not doing a damn thing..if she goes to final 2 there is noooooooo way she will win because she cannot say she did anything. She throwed all comps, and is under the radar too much, now is the time to make moves and she is letting others make moves in the house then they will dispose of her…for someone who thinks they are really smart she is naive to trust jon or anyone for that matter, if she took control of her own game she would make moves instead of relying on others. I can already see her being interviewed by Arisa saying what her downfall was etc..

Another one that is annoying is Adel!! He is the underdog and i am rooting for him but he is not savvy at all. I have never seen someone throw competitons so poorly! He is another one who is way too naive and trusting of his “alliances”..after the gremlins, first person they will go after is Adel, because if he gets to final 3 or 2 for sure he will win. Makes me cringe that he is not taking any initiative to control his own destiny in the game and relies on Arlie.

Why do these people not take into account who they want in jury?? It makes the most sense to keep Sabrina around for at least final 3…no one likes her and she can’t win anything even if her life depended on it. Makes more sense to get rid of rachelle because she is capable of winning comps and can be easily swayed in jury. If I was Adel, Neda or Heather I would get rid of Arlie, Jon, Allison and Rachelle first chance I got. I don’t think Adel can win anything though, come on man DO SOMETHING!


Rachelle’s an idiot. The more a pool/hot tub smells of chlorine, the dirtier it is! That smell is actually chloramines, a substance that results from a mix of chlorine with bacteria, sweat and urine. So don’t pee in the pool!


I am literally in hysterics right now laughing at that photo of Sabrina in the hot tub!

another name

dear big brother:
don’t you wish that the chemical added to pools to make urine turn bright blue if someone pees in the pool wasn’t a myth?
don’t you wish you could make jon wear oven mits so he couldn’t CONSTANTLY play with himself?
don’t you wish arlie would be padlocked into a full body jumpsuit so he wouldn’t constantly drop his pants?
don’t you wish that all of the houseguests had to wear remote control behavior modification collars that gave the houseguests a mild shock when they cursed too much or broke production rules? (some people would look electrocuted by now). can’t air hours and hours of content on the actual episodes because of that one.
don’t you wish you didn’t have to raise your production costs by purchasing condoms and feminine hygiene products and condiments that are just going to be used as toys?
don’t you wish that you didn’t have to actually become a contestant in the game in order to insure that you could retain viewers?
don’t you wish you didn’t have to edit so much in order to make all of these entitled childish despicable people seem more palatable? I mean, you’ve had to edit out parts of entire plotlines just so you can distinguish between the two sides.
don’t you wish? yeah… I do too.


Is Sabrina thick in the head? This chick’s delusional notions of self-importance is out of control! Does she feel that by continuing to throw Kenny and Sarah under the bus is going to help her game? FYI Sabrina, Kenny and Sarah are BOTH GONE, and everyone knows you’re a liar, so you can shut up now!

The only person listening to her is dumbass Rachelle, who’s poor brain is still trying to figure out why the hot tub smells of chemicals AFTER SHE PEED IN IT. Sabrina and Rachelle need a new nickname, instead of ”The Gremlins”, how about “Dumb (Sabrina) and Dumber (Rachelle)”.