Neda tells Jon best move is Arlie and Allison/Adel on the block Next Week “Are you on board”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

10:50pm Hammock Allison, Arlie, Heather and Adel
(1/2 way through there’s a mute for 20 seconds 🙁 Come of this conversation was in the previous post. )

Adel “Why does the hot tub smell like sh1t.. thats what the gremlins said”
Heather – “It’s not the hot tub it’s the outside”
Adel thinks there will be two more twists in the game, one of those twists is going to knock out one of them. Adel pleads with them to no start getting paranoid.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 19-48-23-064

10:45pm Have nots Rachelle and Neda

Neda says she’s still working to secure the votes. Rachelle thinks Adel will vote to keep her. Neda says Adel is so f*** he’s the one that is campaigning to get her out.

Neda says if they go to the end with “Those people” They are not going to win anything. Rachelle says if she wins she’s going to put Them up. Rachelle Is flabbergasted that Adel is still here. Rachelle asks her if she wins would she put up Adel and Arlie, Neda says yes.

Rachelle – “Then Allison needs to go”
Neda says put up Adel and Allison and they can backdoor arlie.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 19-51-14-603

10:49pm HOH Jon and Neda
Neda talked to Heather and Allison and they seem onboard to keep Rachelle

Neda says she just talked to Rachelle and she said if she wins HOH she’ll put up Adel and Arlie.. Neda – ‘Are you on board with that because I know you have something with Arlie.. yes no.. what”
Jon – “I’m still iffy with Arlie.. I think I can trust him”
NEda – It would be stupid for him to take anyone other than rachelle, Heather or me to the end”
Neda suggest they try and get rid of Adel or Arlie next week because those are the biggest threats to their game.
Jon thinks Allison should go first before they start taking out their inner core.
Neda tells him he’s making a huge mistake she knows if Adel wins HOH he’s putting Jon up whereas Allison wont.

They agree to have Adel stay a little longer she just really wants Arlie gone. Jon points out that once Arlie is gone it’s him who it the big target.
Neda says it’s no the worst idea to take Rachelle with them until final 3
Jon – “I would love to ride rho rho.. that didn’t sound good”
Neda would love to go far with Rachelle
Jon doesn’t think heather will agree with that she will want to stick with the sloppies and if they break that she will be mad.

Neda is sure the other members of their alliance are not thinking about going final 6 with their original alliance.

Rachelle joins them says Allison, Heather, Adel and Arlie are whispering on the hammock (LOL gremlins back their old tricks)

11:30pm HOH Sloppies hanging out
(because of the feed reset I had to combined two videos so there will be a disconnect 15 minutes in)

11:50pm Neda and Jon

Neda says Arlie was talking and said “There better be no cracks in the alliance right now.. Do you think RHO said something”

Jon highly doubts it. neda adds that Arlie looked right at her when he said that.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 20-58-41-040

12:00AM Storage room Heather and Neda

Heather says Adel is really wanting Rachelle gone bad. Neda points out how funny it is that last week Adel wanted Sabrina out but she convinced him Rachelle is the bigger target.

They tell each other they don’t care either way but would prefer Sabrina gone. Heather is worried about Sabrina‘s mouth.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 21-02-19-666

12:05AM have nots
They are trying to figure out who sleeps where. Heather asks Rachelle if she can sleep in the middle between RAchelle and Neda. She doesn’t think her boyfriend would like her sleeping beside Arlie. Heather – “I know you have a boyfriend to.. do yo mind thank you”
Rachelle says it’s fine
(The cold war continues between these to)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 21-15-52-024

12:16AM Everyone sleeping on the feeds

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 21-20-09-686

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-11 23-35-01-623

2:36AM Big Jon wakes up to get soem ice water
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Deli is smart actually

it would be stupid for Jon to get rid of boys right now and keep the girls. Cause girls will bit him eventually


smarter to get rid of players that will be harder to beat, keep players who will be easier to beat in f2


i would put up the gremlins and backdoor arlie if given the chance

team adel

Adel will be the one to boot next that’s piece of trash filth

team adel

Next= neda ‘


So Rachelle suddently becomes conscientious about her sleeping arrangements? Not her spreading her legs in dozens of photos, or urinating in a hottub, or peeing on camera or flashing Canada or even telling Kenny how horny she is?
Ya, we’re buying that – but then again if anyone is dating Rachelle, they can’t be that bright.
What a brat! I want her to eat something ‘off limits’ so bad and deal with the consequences of her horrible behaviour.
Allison; what can I say – the Shield or WTF t-shirt is enough for me to dislike her (she LOVES Peter) but on top of that she was attracted to the guy who picks his nose while preparing food and calls women ‘dumb’ and ‘stupid bitches’.
Do I like Allison? Probably as much as I find Rachelle detestable, Allison is a close 2nd to Sabrina (we don’t have enough time for that one).


I don’t think they’re done using the war room yet. Allison knows about it but gets evicted if she tells. Could it be that the next few evicted houseguests are sent to the war room and then Canada votes on who goes back into the game for another shot (a la Gary)?


i find it annoying when they say the whole country is watching. this isn’t big brother usa. the average ratings for this are 700k which is not very impressive considering this is big brother.


This is a similar argument to folks who rant about money here. We have about 1/10th the population of the USA. Lets say 1/9th to be safe. so 9x700K= 6.3 million in US terms simply put. The show runs on cable and not mainstream like CBC, CTV ect to boot. I think the numbers are pretty decent. And lets face it the Wednesday/Thursday shows run up against American Idol, ect in Atlantic Canada. No idea about EST competition. Add in the Olympics which kept mainstream shows starting their season late BB can has done ok IMO.

I can complain with the best about production, ect. But the viewership seems pretty good to me. Not saying it’s going to be around 5 years from now but we’ll see


with 1/10 the population of USA, 700K extrapolates to 7mil viewers in US which is about the viewing audience on CBS. And note that BBUS is on a network and not cable with less subscribers to Slice network. IMO, BBCAN is a success


Note also- as a Bell customer in Ontario, just last week Slice channel was moved up to only being available in the most expensive (‘best’) pkg. I’m not willing to pay an extra $30-40 to keep Slice….. Already pay a fortune for the “better package’. I may have turned the air blue when I discovered this at 9pm (show time) last Wed. night. I can still watch it online, but not until the next day. Not sure if on-line viewers even get counted in the grand total of viewers- if not, there may be a bunch of people like me, waiting for sloppy seconds the next day;) Thank goodness for Dawg and Simon keeping us in the know!!

ihate sarah

there is no one left to hate..and there is no one left to like…this is pretty BORING!!!


Still hate Sabrina, Allison’s a close second. She’s so annoying and slutty! Still like Adel and Heather.


ha ha you havent heard of sabrina?

the most hated ever in bb history


Neda is getting way too cocky. Scheming this early in the week is a rookie mistake. She needs to wait for VETO results and see where things lay before openly plotting. This is going to get back to Arlie and then she’s screwed. Rachelle will tell Sabrina, because she’s a moron…..and Sabs will use it to fracture the sloppies. Neda….I thought you were smarter than this……


Agree – after winning the HOH comp and putting Kenny up, Neda grew a nutsack. On top of resenting Jon for spilling about her sabotage on the have-nots, it definitely put a dent in their trust. I think Jon is willing to ditch anyone as is Arlie. They’re both playing, no emotional attachment while giving the impression of caring. Both are good at it. I was starting to think Arlie was going to be in the ranks of Dr. Will but he came ‘out of character’ and lost traction. I still think Heather is playing a really solid game and has had to overcome the most adversity in the game so far. Not liking Neda’s tactics in this game very much.
I don’t get why people go on this show to jump start their acting careers – what happened to auditions and getting an agent? Isn’t this exponentially harder than trying out for a role? Confused.


meh, wait and see

by the way they are all rookies, for everyone its their first time playing on big brother


Yeah, I think she’s playing too strong too fast. At this point Jon does want Arlie to stay in the game, and in my opinion even over Neda. He’s certainly not loving Neda throwing Arlie’s name out there.
My guess is news of Neda’s scheming will get out there and will put a target on her back. She was sitting pretty before, but probably not for long.


it would be dumb going after players you are likely to beat in f2

arlie is a major threat, physically and mentally, and likely will beat anyone he is up against in f2


They need to get rid of Neda cos she’s screwing things up for their alliance!


when the hoh comp was being played neda told arlie she wanted to throw it but arlie threw it instead lol….Neda thinks she is the Peter of the house, pulling strings without getting blood on her hands but she isnt masterminding anything they decide on everything as a group. She will not win if she is in the final because there are stronger players like jon or arlie who will get the credit for the moves in the house simply because they are stronger players and competitors. Its hard to convince people u were the one that did this and that when in reality it was the alliance


what are you talking about?

neda doesnt think she is peter…peter was one of the worst gamers ive ever seen

and when did peter pull strings? never

she gets to play next hoh anyway, likely an endurance that she could do well at, so its really not a big deal

so many people dont want to give neda credit for being the smartest female player in the house, with great mental discipline and self awareness

is she expecting to win the game? probably not…if she comes second and makes 20k will she be super happy? i think so


neda/jon, and heather, and adel were aligned well before arlie jumped ship, and were always going to be together no matter if arlie wanted to turn on first 5 or not

arlie is a touch overrated in my opinion

its the outsiders accepting arlie, he is lucky he had another ship to jump to, same deal for allison, both very useful to eliminate the side the outsiders were targeting…arlie wanted to keep sarah, but jon wouldnt allow it

with gremlins and sloppy seconds the only ones left, its pretty much almost every man/woman for themselves now


I’m not liking Neda’s moves right now…but they are moves. We’ll see where it get’s her.


i appreciate neda alot as a house guest

ive laughed so much watching her antics with sloppy seconds crew, messing around and their pranks

and seeing her crush sabrina in arguments is sweet

a f3 of adel, jon and neda would be awesome, i have been greatly entertained by them this season on the feeds

Stooge Banter

i couldnt believe on the live eviction show they didnt show sabrina getting crushed by neda twice, both on monday and tuesday

i personally dont give a sh1t if kenny is gay or not

far more interesting were the verbal clashes between sarina and neda

great to see kenny get knocked out of 2 mental hoh’s by neda, and neda was the one to backdoor the supposed mental genius

neda is awesome in mental comps and im looking forward to see how she does in the endurance hoh with her little body and small weight

i want to see sabrina get crushed by sloppy seconds

team jon and neda


I think Neda is working to have sabrina voted out over rachelle if POV isn’t used; however if Rachelle wins POV, Neda is going to push for arlie,allison or adel to be put up and than she is going to try to sway the house to NOT vote out sabrina….because she knows it only takes 3 votes to evict and she wants to make a big move this week….


It’s Jon’s hoh, not Neda’s, so what’s with all this stuff about what Neda’s wants? She should back off with her agenda because she starts to look like Sabrina and Kenny now.


ha ha calm down bro

there is only one sabrina thank god

why is everyone having hissy fits about neda?

its big brother, are players not allowed to consider discuss any and all strategies and scenarios?


So Neda is beginning to be exactly what I have said she is. 🙂 Boy is she transparent about it to. Arlie, Adel, Allison for eviction next week. At least she hasn’t come out against Roro and Sabby up. Don’t think she won’t look to backdoor if either comes off the block. Surely Jon can see she wants the guys out and eventually that includes him. Don’t think he’ll figure that part out in time.

My best guess is Jon will scheme at some point to get out Neda. Problem being by then he won’t have the votes. Looking like an all girl final if they can win a couple HOH’s. That’s the tricky bit about Neda getting out Arlie/Adel/Allison next week. Who’s winning the HOH comp next week? If it’s endurance Roro and Allison seem like front runners maybe. Neda herself may be competitive also. Questions are clearly a luckbox crap shot and physical looks like Allison, Arlie and Jon. Christ even Jon could go out next. We’ll see next HOH where big Jon sit F2 either Arlie or Neda maybe. The feed vibe swings toward Arlie the TV edit is clearly Neda. And lets not forget Jon has no power next week. For the guys Arlie needs HOH. I have given up on Adel winning anything this season. I said this a couple evictions ago Neda is set up to flip the house to bat sh*t and back!


if jon is dumb he will want to take arlie final 2

last time i checked jon is not dumb, despite adel sometimes calling him dumb dumb

i think adel or arlie could beat jon

a good final 3 for jon would be with heather and neda


they all suckkkk


Apparently Neda is highly favored on here lol The last few comments are pretty dead-on, it’s easy to see the thin line between influencing other’s for your own game and pulling a Sabrina by creating so much traffic, everybody starts to notice it.

If she keeps up at this pace, she’ll end up losing Jon’s patience, let alone Arlie/Adel/Allison’s.


there are really 4 pairs

i would like to see the original 4 outsiders united

jon, neda, adel, heather

forget about what arlie and allison want, joining the party late for numbers to get out sarah and kenny

rach and sab are a pretty weak pair

the outsiders should unite to get out arlie and allison next, as they are massive chances of getting to the end and winning comps, especially arlie

with jon not able to play next hoh, i think he should be having a long hard think about backdooring arlie this week if the chance presents itself after veto

the people pushing for jon to get out neda, its strange, because if jon did that he would lose her almost guarenteed jury vote, and why would jon want to keep arlie who would cut jon in a second to win, over neda who he trusts more than anyone who jon would beat in f2

once arlie is gone, the 4 outsiders crew can steamroll to final 4, but the longer arlie remains, everyone elses chances go down, because he will beat anyone in f2