Rachel Tells Porsche she’ll Vote to keep her if it’s a tie, “Big B**bed cocktail waitresses can do something to”

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5:51pm Adam and Porsche Adam telling her in order for them to get to final 3 they have to win the Next HOH and POV. Porsche knows. Adam :”It’s going to be blood” Adam: “You know JR are taking each other” Porsche knows.

Adam: “I tell ya.. I know you’re a bit shaken up about the show but it’s a good thing” He explains that right now he believes they are safe but give things time and yo never know what happens. He also thinks given time Kalia will drive him crazy.

Adam: ‘My first snap shot for the season was rachel walking in with that Big Red hair and white dress”
Porsche: “It was purple”
Adam: “Oh I remember it to be red… I remember turnign to Dom saying My girlfriend is going to kill me”
Porsche: “why ”
Adam: “I like foxy red heads.. my girlfriend said before the show I HOPE SHE’S (rachel) NOT ON IT… then I saw Dick walk in and was like… HOLY SHIT IT’s DICK 🙂 .. Holy shit it’s dick 🙁 ”

They start talking about previous season of BB.. Adam hated Cappy from BB6. HE points out how annoying Ivette was saying “cappy” all the time.. the thinks Kalia calling Dom “PT” was almost as annoying.

6:35pm ADam and Porsche walking laps

Adam is saying he’s pretty sure they are going to keep POrsche. Adam thinks the worst that could happen is Jordan makes Rachel do the dirty work and vote out Kalia. PORsche wonders if Kalia is trying to sell Jordan and Kalia a final 3 deal with the promise she’ll win HOH and Take Adam out. Adam thinks it’s a possibility but eviction is tomorrow..

They start going over who can beat who in the final 2. Adam thinks he has a chance against Jordan but not Rachel. Adam adds that Rachel will not get Dani’s vote regardless. Porsche knows Dani will not vote for rachel and she thinks it won’t look good on Dani’s part.

(Their walking back and forth in the backyard.. Their counting when they hit either the house or back wall. each time they hit a number that coincides with a special date in the big brother house they explained what happened.

Live Feed Screen Capture Gallery

6:50pm Purple Room Rachel and Jordan Jordan is fighting for Porsche to stay. She really thinks that Kalia is going to win HOH.. Jordan is convinced that Kalia or POrsche will take Adam to the finals so keeping POrsche is better she will not win HOH. Jordan thinks POrsche will get flustered during the HOH and Faces. She also points out that Porsche never studies. (Porsche studying all the time actually) Jordan saw Kalia studying the memory wall she was talking to herself and is sounded like she really knew her stuff. Jrodan is sure she can Beat POrsche in the next HOH and Veto but isn’t sure she can Beat Kalia in the HOH. Rachel doesn’t know what they should do.. Jordan very much wants Kalia out of the house.

6:55pm purple room Porsche and Rachel

Porsche tells Rachel that she’s worried Jordan will vote to save Kalia to try and get a jury vote. Porsche says if it’s a tie breaker and rachel keep her she’ll do everything in her power to keep Rachel Safe next week. Rachel and Porsche Shake on it, Porsche: “I swear”. Rachel doesn’t trust Kalia and Kalia has lied to rachel the entire season. Porsche points out that

Rachel: “do you have a final 2 deal with Adam?”
Porsche: “No.. I don’t think Adam will choose me over Jordan”

7:07pm Porsche stretching rachel running laps moments before Rachel started running POrsche says the only way for her to stay in this game is for her to win HOH this week. Rachel doesn’t think that is true, she believes that for some people keep Porsche around is a good idea. Rachel starts to run.

Rachel: “you know if Miami screws over las vegas there won’t be a summer music festival, electric bikini Jam…”. Porsche laughs (these are events Rachel and POrsche had planned week 2 and 3 when they were best friends)
Rachel: “Big Boobed cocktail waitresses can do something to”
Porsche brings up Adam saying he has a thinig for “red heads and big jugs”

7:12pm bathroom PA
Porsche tells Adam she made a deal with Rachel that Rachel will save Porsche this week if it’s a tie and in return Porsche will not take out Rachel if Porsche win Veto. Adam says this next HOH and POV you got to win it for you I got to win it for me. Adam explains that this is the way he wanted it everyone has to win the comp for themselves, he believes they all have a equal chance right now.

Porsche brings up Rachel asking her if she had a final 2 with Adam. Adam knows that Kalia has been telling Rachel and Jordan maybe thinking that. Adam says they have no final 2 deal they’ve always were cool with each other and jsut wanted to see what happens.

Adam tells her whatever happens happens. Porsche brings up that if she has Rachel and Adam’s vote this week she’s not going to campaign for Jordan’s vote. She wants him to know if He wins HOH and she wins Veto she’s going to take out Jordan.. She doesn’t want him to be upset she knows they are close. Adam is cool about it, in his mind everyone from here on in needs to win comps to deserve to go on. Porsche thinks they all deserve to win at this point surviving this “HELL summer”

Porsche mentions that she didn’t have to make a deal in a long time, but had to make one with Rachel just to be sure.

POrsche starts walking away.. Adam: “Hold up hold up.. whatever happens happens.. but if one of us makes the money that person pays for the Bourbon Trail”
Porsche says “Yup deal
Adam: “thats a deal we can make”

7:40pm backyard Jordan and Adam they are talking about Jordan favorite topic…. Dani. (Rachel and Jordan talk about dani more than Porsche and Kalia do)

Jordan also saying that Kalia will win the end because she can say she got out a strong player Jeff. Jordan also adds that the best case is for Adam to win HOH then they know he’s safe for the week and they can get out Porsche. They start going over all the past BB11 and BB13 comps.

8:33pm Outdoor lockdown called..
Rachel saying she ways in the shower so isn’t wearing any underwear or a bra.

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All Knowing One

I would eat Porshe .


I would eat porsche while wear a bib….

Team Shortbus

I would eat and plow Porsche


Although you could consider getting Jeff, Dani, and Brendon out (twice), the biggest game changing moves in this game come down to:

Porsche’s Pandora Box – causing her to eliminate one of her own alliance.
Jordan convincing Kalia to vote Adam out – giving Adam an excuse to vote Kalia out tomorrow
The biggest move of the season — Kalia not getting Rachel out and instead getting rid of Lawon. This by far is the worst move this year (I don’t understand how anyone thinks Kalia would really win if making it to the final two. Come on – she got Lawon out!

The newbies shouldn’t win anyway. After looking at the 2 HOH’s by Dani, 2 HOH’s by Kalia, and 1 HOH by Porsche, they got rid of Brendon, Lawon, Jeff, and Shelly (2 good moves and 3 terrible moves).

I should say I am on team floater. It doesn’t matter who wins. We have had a great run this year. We had five of the final six. Only Rachel isn’t a floater. Everyone else is. I just wish some of these people would stand there and proudly admit that they are floaters and not ashamed of it!


Kalia and Porsche both made some dumb moves. Kalia should have gotten Rachel out when she had the chance to. Porsche shouldn’t have open Pandora’s box this late in the game because you never know what surprises big brother has in stored for you. It’s a chance she took and now she had to deal with the consequences. I guess when you are greedy for money, this is the type of sh** that happens smdh. Now it may be hard for them to get out that crazy a** red headed b***h. Jordan always talking about who she want out of the house like that is her house to make that decision with her dumb a**. I am so sick of watching her whinny a**. Adam should have used the veto to get her silly a** out. These idiots are playing this game to personal and very very stupid. I believe that’s why they are making dumb a** moves smh smh.

Team 500 G's

Still dont understand why Rachel is sticking with Jordan….if final 2 against Jordan I think Jordan wins…

dumb Mf@ck3rs!

Next HOH only matters for the person who wins it for it keeps them safe for that week…but it doesnt matter who they put up bc the biggest deal is POV bc it keeps that person safe and they decide who they want to keep (even use it a bargaining chip to save somebody)…So if I was Rachel it wouldnt matter to me who wins HOH…she has to win the VETO otherwise theres no guarantee she stays safe


POV comp would probably be the one where HG will be tempted with good prizes, but the winner will go to the person who took most of the bad stuff.


so they tape it tomorrow and air it on weds?




Here’s a thought Big Brother. Why not let every HG play in the HOH competition. Including the outgoing HOH. It would defiantly make things more interesting. Then you can truly say the best man or woman won. Just a thought.

Team 500 G's

I smell a Rachel fan….you never know, production just may give you your wish….it isnt like it hasnt happened before….just sayin’


This week’s HOH is almost irrelevant; all it does is keeps that person safe. The person who really has the power this week is the POV winner. The POV winner decides who will be going home this week.


the HOH keeps you safe just in case you don’t win the pov


and you’re right, the pov winner will send the person home.


no not if the pov winner is also the hoh


you’re absollutely correct


Thats what I was thinking. I think its only fair that everyone has a chance during final 4 to fight for their lives. It would force everyone to go balls to the wall. That would be some twist. everyone is thinking Rachel cannot compete and then boom Julie Chen says houseguest the fortune teller has a message for you. Please go to the purple room. THen they all go to the purple room and the Fortune teller says houseguest, I forsee you all in a challenge, return to the living room for Julie and then Julie tells them houseguest theres a new twist, u all get to play in HOH omg, it would seriously go crazy in the BB house. Come on BB let it be this way.let everyone fight for their final 3 spot.


please, no more twists. enough of them already. the game just need to play out and end


This is why you don’t work for production. Part of the game is putting up two people for eviction and one will be staying and may be gunning for you. Makes you concider who you put up. (or it should) If you knew that you could participate in every HOH and may not have to face the music for your actions, then this show looses part of the tension and drama that makes it interesting.

Sounds to me like you want this to be “Urban Survivor”


As for right now, Porsche is stay for one day and leave on Thursday. Adam or Jordan wins HOH on Wednesday and take out Porsche on Thursday to make it a final 3:JAR. That way Porsche would lose on Thursday which Rachel will win POV.


Keep hope alive homie, but Jordan or Adam are not going to win HOH if it’s endurance


It will not be endurance since the first part of the final HOH (with the final 3) is endurance. They will not have back to back endurance challenges.


Actually, the next HOH is question which Porsche can’t win this one but Jordan definitely get the advantage to win this one just BB 11 and POV is a morphing memory as well either three way toss up Jordan, Rachel or Adam win POV so that Porsche will be gone on Thursday.


Oh, come on! There is no way Jordan is winning the HOH competition. Get a grip.


dani and rachel are the only 2 who actually PLAY bb how it’s supposed to be played…brendon and jeff gets way too personal and it’s just irritating


I actually like Rachel when Brendon is not in the house. Can’t freaking stand her when Brendon is there with her


Since Brendan’s eviction, Rachel has come into her own. She is calmer, more focused and does not spend the majority of her time whingeing. Actually starting to like the Brendan-less Rachel.


Are you nuts???? Dani and Rachel play 90% emotional most of the time. Dani screwed up her game because she was “bored.” That is not how to play BB. Jeff does play emotionally, but his game does have logic to it. I would say 70% – 30%. Brendon plays comps. Rachel has been WAY better without Brendon.


i know what you’re saying about jeff…but if hes gonna be all honest and have all this pride that he’d never lie then don’t backdoor someone you told you woudn’t…and i like dani cuz she actually wins shit and makes her own decisions on what she wants to do for herself and she’s smart as shit…yeah she was dumb in the second week this season but still i like how she plays…and yeah rachel is deffffffff way better without brendon in the house i can’t believe i’m actually pulling for her haha….it just pisses me off that little miss southern belle is riding her coattails juuusttt like jeffs and is saying no one else deserves to be there…bitch please you have done NOTHING.


I always thought that there was an alliance b/t ASP. Once Shelly’s game flamed out, Porshe and Adam continued to share info. Of course Porshe has never received the Fara Necklace, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t Adam’s CZ ring.

All Knowing One

I’d eat Porshe


I still miss Jeff’s balls.




Is it possible all 4 contestants will play for HOH and veto. I think whoever wins veto controls who will leave. Jordan is right on that point.


Yes the hoh can compete in the final veto. I just watched season 8 (dick and danieles season) on you tube. Him and her were on the block. She won veto. And the replacemtnt nominee was the only one left in the house. So therefore if someone who is on the block during final four wins veto, they control who goes home. If hoh wins veto, the only remaining houseguest controls it. For instance, rachel wins hoh. Puts up porsche and adam. Jordan wins pov, she controls who goes home. If rachel wins pov, jordan still control who leaves. If adam or porsche win pov, jordan goes up because she is the only remaining HG, and then they control who goes home. Simple. 🙂


no shit retard where have you been?


Dude, you need to watch your mouth. Because don’t call people R word and many people are mentally handicap. BB is suppose to be fun and not call each other.


Damn that was rude. I’m sorry that you are so angry that must suck

Tired Of JJ

the politically correct term is “JJ Fan”


i think it would be fckn fabulous if CBS did read these feeds and pick contestants based upon those of us who are regulars and put US all in the house together! Whatcha think of that!!!


It would be worse than this season


lmfao @ Squab

Judging by your history of posts we don’t agree on much – but it’s good to see we agree on SOMETHING! 🙂


If Kalia or Porsche win then I am not watching anymore. Neither have any game on their own unless they follow Dani’s playbook and are just ugly human beings. Definitely Rachel, Jordan and Adam for the win, and whether Jordan won before or not she calms Rachel down and with Jordan Rachel has gained a lot of fans. Definitely would pick Adam over Kalia or Porsche because at least he has honesty on his side.

Midwest Fan

Jeff and Jordan helped to send Brendon to the JH, so they should have helped Rachel out
after he was evicted. lol


Anyone who uses “Jordumb” or “Adumb” or any other name to make fun of Kalia, Porsche and Rachel are bitter people who greatest achievement in life is coming onto a site each day and make comments to pump up your otherwise pathetic existence.


You’re forgetting CONTEXT, Stephie…

Adam said that in rebuttal to Kalia’s argument that he should use the veto because the fans “like big moves”. -I- wasn’t offended by his response in that context because what he was saying was basically “the fans won’t win me 500k – IIIII win me 500k”. It was an overdramatic statement to shut her down, not a direct insult. At least I didn’t take it that way, and anyone who did needs to grow thicker skin or reread the feed recap (and not just Simon’s titles – sorry Simon I’m throwin’ ya under the bus 🙂 )


Hooo-weee calm down gurrrrl! You is actin’ CAH-RAY-ZAYYY!!!

Defensive much? I can how Adam’s remark upset you now.


I could be wrong, but it seems that maybe Rachel is mulling over trying to take Porsche to the end, I hope not, she will lose and the only one in the house that deserves the 500K is Rachel. She played the game,, while the others took naps, slept, ate, and backstabbed.


I think you’re falling prey to propaganda. As for Rachel, once kalia is gone Porsche is the biggest threat to Rachel. She’s just making sure if Porsche gets pov that she doesn’t take her out


I hope you are right, do you know the fortune teller is working???


So is Rachel going to flip on Jordan for Porsche before it’s over or is she just covering her bases? I think she’s probably just covering her bases b/c she thinks Porsche has a decent shot of winning a veto comp. I’m thinking Jordan might not make it to the final three whereas before I thought her and Adam were basically a lock.


lol Adam just said he was star of the show. I spat water out of my mouth


he just wants to be a celebrity. ain’t nobody checking for him. just wait til farrah tells him how JJ and the *fans* really feel about him.Can’t wait for him to see the tapes


I think kalias only way of staying making Rachel realize that Jordan has two people fighting to keep her that is Rachel and Jordan and Rachel only has Jordan if by sum miracle porshe wins hoh and Adam veto Rachel is gone! Because Jordan has him but if Rachel has kalia and she wins pic then Jordan or Adam r gone


Meant jordan has Rachel and Adam*


Rachel deserves the $ more then any 1! She had people in the house treat her so mean. Even J&J was talking sh!t! Rachel to win the $!


I agree rach has not had it easy what with everyone just assuming the worst. If not her to win then Adam.
Adam has played the game so calmly and cool (with no drama or backstabbing) he deserves to win that’s for sure.
sick of the ass hoes that cause shit always winning.
team rach-adam


i wish rachel would wake up and smell the coffee and realize jordan is riding her coattails. if rachel gets to the final 3, she really needs to put friendship aside and think hard if she can win against jordan


« She [Porsche] wants him [Adam] to know if He wins HOH and she wins Veto she’s going to take out Jordan.. »

OMG I’m so happy to find this out.. this means that Rachel actually has a GREAT chance to make it to the final 3! I was so worried for her. So basically, it would be the best if Porsche doesn’t win HoH but wins the veto so that she is the deciding vote, and hopefully Jordan doesn’t have HoH so Porsche can evict her. Best case scenario: Adam HoH and Porsche PoV. I wanted Rachel to win the PoV because I wanted her to be 100% safe and make final 3, but if Porsche wins it and evicts Jordan, then it makes it way better for Rachel. R wouldn’t win against J in the f2.. but she would probably lose JJ’s jury votes if she evicts Jordan.. so if someone else does it instead of Rach, that would be great! Rachel would only have to win the final HoH, and take Porsch to the final 2 and she would win having Brendan’s, Jeff’s, Jordan’s, and probably Adam’s votes (Adam said he’d vote for Rachel if she was in f2). GO RACHEL FTW GIRL YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I just wanna know. What’s the deal with the fortune teller? Are HGs supposed to do something? Is there a magic phrase like ‘that’s what she said’. Did anyone thoroughly search the purple room? What’s going on? It’s way late in the game.



Aqua Bernie

the fortune teller is giving clues for the next HOH. You have to remember what she says word for word.


Yeah, I was zoning out watching the feeds and that question just came to my mind. Then 3 minutes later the thing starts talking.


i know for a fact, that if jordan wins, i will be lost as a BB fan forever. I will truly be done with the show

Midwest Fan





Damn that thing sounds creepy


It seems we are the only ones watching the real feeds, most people refuse to accept reality when it don’t conform to their limited perspective. From one who never drank the JJ Kool Aid to another we can only hope they change this rigged show or end it. This way the JJ fans can go back to their cartoons and “pull my finger jokes”


So true, so true. And don’t forget their Pump Kin contests!


whatever happened to production telling them not to sit on the counters? Jordan was just doing that, sitting Indian style so feet were on it also, plus playing with her hair and getting it all over, she’s been the biggest offender this season, but of course, she’s the golden child so can do whatever she wants.

chief c

ok bear she cleaned it might as well sit on it too you related to kalia?


Jordan played with her hair on the counter, while walking,sitting at the round table…. it was like a repeat motion…grab the left side of her hair and smooth it down with her hand., , grab the right side of her hair, pull your fingers through and then smooth it out, smooth that flap over, then pick it up and twist it,…and then start all over again. It was like watching someone driven to repeat over and over. She really concentrates on that flap-over. I am begging cameras to go somewhere else…I’d even settle for Rachel slinging food in her mouth. Just not Kalia talking.


Study ppl study..Fortune Teller finally makes it interesting yea! i love the LAUGH she has! No sleepin in house tonight. HAHAHA


it scared the crap out of me! sooo awesome!

The one about porche is probably going to be the funniest.



Only "rigged" for viewership

I’m sorry, I can’t stand it, but wow, the fortune teller finally talked 🙂 It was pretty exciting!!


So, fortune teller decides to speak and say her name is Crystal and one of you in this room is going to win BB. DUH!! when you hear he laugh you have one minute to come into the parlor to get a reading and then you must leave. Fortune Teller then says you won’t be winning HOH!!


i wish jordan will leave her hair alone for 5 seconds. i know it could be a bad habit or nerves, it’s very irritating


She went psycho on it after the fortune teller! it has to be a nervous tick! It’s pretty weird to watch.

Midwest Fan

Still laughing ……..lol


so fortune teller says that in 2017 pinto is moving to Anchorage, Alaska and buy an igloo with an eskimo named ernie


So fortune teller says shelly’s writing a book and make millions in 2018 and book will make #3 on all time best seller list


fortune teller is full of shit. in 2018 shelHE finally has a sex change and officially becomes a man 🙂




name of Shelly’s book is how to get the perfect tan ,you can too


Fortune teller says in 2014 Jeff will disappear from society . he will be seen wandering Chicago streets muttering only 2 words “CLOWN SHOE”. Funny. Jordan didn’t laugh at that


now that was funny 🙂 Lmao maybe this fortune teller is real 🙂


JDOE, love that script but something to be add with:
I have gotten hold of a transcript of a conversation between the Diary room and KP.

[begin transcript]

BB pages Kaila & Porsche to Diary Room

DR: Hey ladies, glad to see ya.
KP: You too. what’s up?

DR: Well, remember when we spoke a few days ago about making sure that you two are going to the Jury House?
KP: Really!

DR: Sorry, those are something with you and your girlfriend. That’s Dani and Shelly. Anyways, you kinda start packing your bags of going there. Producers almost bought Taco Bell & Box of Chocolates. Kaila is supposed to lose it.
P: Oh, sorry ’bout that. I thought it was more like she is really want to eat at Pizza Hut.

DR: Ok, I will order Pizza Hut Pepperoni or Sausage. We have to make sure to have more satified your craving, and continue to order some drinks. Things were okay of having more fast food order. I just want to make sure you’re still want second.
K:Yes Please I want some more.

DR: Don’t worry about it. We will order more fast food like Wendy’s like Cheeseburgers w/Bacon
K: Yes, I would love to eat and make out with Porsche.

DR: Hang on – [2 minutes later] – Ok, here’s the idea. Because you want to eat, Porsche I want you to dress hot and sexy for Kaila. We were going to turn off the camara and don’t show everyone about it. Apparently the Marriage proposal of you and Kaila are doing that time. We can have that it in Big Brother hot. What do you think?
P: Okay,can Kaila still kiss me?

DR: Sure! Porsche, We will turn on the music! Dani will be enjoying it at the Jury House!
P: Okay, I will make my fanasty came true!

DR: C’mon Porsche, we don’t have enough money to have sun tan beds. Who do you want us to bring in?
P: Hmmm…ok, I got it. Bring in dozen of roses, Kaila wants McDonalds, nice bed so that me and Kaila can sleep together at the Jury House make a 3 some with Dani

DR: Uh okay, Eval Dick Daughter? You got it, I will get hold of Dani at the Jury House. Kaila do you want a Happy meal toy
K: Well, I probably say yes. I would love have a Happy meal toy.

DR: Ok, done deal. Just don’t get to cozy and you two will have a lovely romantic time.
KP: [clapping her hands together & High-five] Yess!

[end transcript]

Wow JDOE! I love that script and It would be fun for DKP. I totally agree on this one.


Sorry, but my webpage translator’s not working. For some reason it says the dialect is “Hillbilly”, and I don’t have a plug-in for that.

Let me guess. You’re related to Jordan, right? Are you her brother? Cousin? Uncle? Or all 3? Hopefully they’ll add on another room to the school house so that you can move on past grade 6. I know it’s probably been the 3 best years of your life, but you need to move on.

Good luck in the public fool system 🙂

Go Anybody But Adam (or Jordan, or Rachel, or probably even Kalia)


lol jdoe… even a longtime JJ fan can appreciate the humor

Can’t approve of your use of the “C” word though – I was raised by women, I can’t help it. 🙂


Cpt…. we’re rooting for the same end-game, but I gotta say… give up on the attempts at witticism. You’re bringing a limp hot dog to a machete fight in here and more often than not I end up just feeling sorry for you. 🙁

On another note – PLEASE stop the “I went to school with Jeff” act. It’s quite obvious in every post you make that you’re from Thailand or some Asian country and using Babelfish to translate for you…. your awkward conjugations of verbs and misplaced pronouns cannot be explained away by simple laziness – the grammar is just too far off the mark for English to be your native tongue. I’m not making fun, mind you – I’m just pleading with you to drop the act; you’re not fooling anyone but yourself, and if your intent is to stick up for JJ, you’re not doing them any favors.

Be a fan, but don’t be a liar. 🙁


I’m also a Autism which I suffer my learning disability. I’m not acting and I’m really serious. If you still convince me, look at my FB. Look at my profile and if I tell a truth.


Fortune teller says in 2014 after sleeping for 19 straight days and making national headlines(couldn’t catch the name, maybe kilia) has her drean job as a mattress and pillow tester


Fortune Teller says on Oct. 15 2011 at 3:42 p.m. dani and dick will reconcile. on Oct 15 2011 at 3:49 p.m. they will go back to not speaking


Fortune Teller says in 2016, Lawon will take N.Y. Fashion Week by storm when he launches his HANDSOMEFIED Lines of hats and jackets


Fortune Teller says after taking 9 years to earn his PHD, Brenden will shock scholars and physicians alike after discovering the cure for an ailment that has plagued him his entire life—Athlete’s Foot. LOL


Fortune Teller Says in 2020 Adam will file for bankruptcy after investing his life savings into a line of Bacon Scented Heavy Metal Teddy Bears for children


Fortune teller says in 2018 Rachel will give birth to a 9 pound 6 oz bouncing boy named Bukie Jr. after his proud father


Fortune Teller Says in 2012 Cassi will land a role alongside international megastar David Hasselhoff, in the Bay Watch Reboot called River Watch


In 2015 Evel Dick will start a Christmas tradition by bringing gifts to heavily tattooed orphans changing his name from Evel Dick to Old Saint Dick


In 2013 Dominic will grace the cover of Seventeen Magazine with the headline of Total Domination. He’ll dethrone pop sensation Justin Bieber as America’s favorite heart throb


Im through with this fortune teller, she talks to dang gone much

chief c

thats the idea info overload then ask a question like how many minutes in what year did eval dick and dani make up for?

chief c

answer 7 minutes oct 5 2011 I win!!


The more I listen to Adam the more I think that he actually believes all this garbage he keeps spewing…I feel dumber for listening to his nonsensical “fight to be in it” and “I wanna beat the best” game talk

I really believe that dumbass thinks he is playing a great game! He will truly be SHOCKED at all the hate he will receive when he finally gets out


i think it’s funny that B and J are gone and the 2 girls are still in the house they told J&R that they shoulnt talk to anyone w out them there and the girls have been doing way better w out them. Have always been a Rachel fan and do believe she deserves to win and for the first tine this season am looking forward to them battling it out …. I really need to apply for BB14 … Go team big boobies I wouldn’t be upset if Porsche made it to the final 2 w Rachel

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

Porsche’s butt is getting extremely ‘large’. What’s she been doing….stealing Adam’s bacon?