Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Porsche campigns to Jordan, “I was like Listen B!TCH what are you talking about” **updated

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3:07pm Jordan and Porsche in the backyard Jordan is saying that last week when Porsche had HOH nobody would talk to her and Rachel. They were sad that Jeff had left and they didn’t feel like leaving the havenots room. Jordan points out that the rest of the hose wasn’t upset Jeff was gone so they didn’t expect to have any visitors. Porsche says she tried to talk with JR in the havenots but at the time they made it very clear they didn’t want to talk to her.

Porsche says that Kalia is going to start campaigning to Jordan big time. Porsche doesn’t want to hound Jordan. Porsche points out that Kalia is promising final 2 with everyone. Porsche isn’t going to offer that because she’s just worried to get to final 4 final 3 then they can talk final 2.

Porsche says Adam is voting for her to stay.. but she’s worried that Kalia might offer Rachel something thats too good to pass up. Jordan wants Jordan to tell her before the eviction if they are voting her out because there’s this certain dress she wants to wear on the night she gets evicted.

Porsche starts to nap in the sun, Jordan is exercising in the shade.

3:17pm HOH kalia and rachel this is like a 1 hour conversation of them going through the entire year and all the drama between Rachel and Kalia. Kalia offers Final 3 and pushes crazy hard to stay. Rachel pretty much says no, but does leave it open saying she’ll talk to Jordan
Kalia pushes the argument that a) Adam is a huge floater b) he’s been talking about getting Rachel out since week 5

Rachel saying that the Brigade was the smartest Alliance because they got the entire house to go against BRendon and Rachel..

Kalia says Porsche cannot protect Rachel Kalia can, Kalia will win HOH Porsche probably will not win HOH. Kalia thinks that eveyone in this game has BLANK her. Kalia goes on and on about Adam’s pathetic game play how he does nothing all year. Kalia highlights that Adam has done BLANK all this entire season but still he got to experience his dream summer and saw his real life Idol, he got his stupid elf costume and got all his air time with Big Brother After dark now the only thing he needs to do to complete the experience is to get evicted. Rachel Agrees she says she wants a competitor to be in the end, she thinks Adam has a very good chance to make it final 3 and final 2. Kalia mentions that every single week Adam is sitting pretty he’s floated around the entire season doing jack BLANK, Kalia sarcastically says “He’s everyone cuddly metal teddy bear”.

Kalia bombarding Rachel from all angles, says that Jeff really did throw the cornhole veto. Kalia saying that Jeff wanted to get Brendon out after he had sealed the deal with a couple of his minions (Shelly and Adam). Kalia reminds Rachel that Jeff walked around here with all this integrity but he voted Brendon out to keep Shelly. “even though they’re America’s sweethearts they are still very much playing the game”

Rachel says she’s brought up some good points Rachel needs to think things over. Kalia says before dani left she told Dani that it will come down to Rachel and Kalia in the comps and so far it has. Rachel agrees.

(Kalia hammers Rachel for over a hour she I haven’t heard her bring up the adam/Porsche or Adam/Jordan side alliances I think it would be beneficial in persuading rachel. Still I do not see Kalia surviving this week at all)

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4:01pm HOH Jordan and Rachel They both don’t trust Porsche or Kalia. Jordan says that Kalia is for sure lying to them all. Rachel kinda says that maybe they should keep Kalia. Jordan asks what did Kalia say to you because she must of said something good. rachel goes on in length about her conversation with Kalia. Jordan brings up that Porsche was “kinda” campaigning to her outside. Jordan sys Porsche cannot be trusted Jordan says Prosche was trying to explain to her how things went and Jordan disagreed with her. Jordan impersonating Porsche reply “Umm we’ll I understood it differently” Jordan “I was like Listen BLANK what are you talking about”

Rachel is thinking it might be better to keep Kalia because Kalia and Adam hate each other and they will take each other out. Jordan is agreeing she’s starting to think that maybe if Adam wins HOH he will take out JR because he’s so close to POrsche. Rachel points out if Kalia is around he’ll take out Kalia. Jordan says they have no guarantee that Kalia will put up Adam they hate each other now but she may keep Adam around in hopes to win the game.

Jordan is saying if Prosche wins HOH she will want to take out Jordan. rachel disagrees she thinks that she will be the target. POrsche thinks in Skill and endurance they can beat Kalia but not in questions. Jordan thinks if they evict Adam he will be mad and will not vote for them so if they can get Kalia or Porsche to take him out they gain his Jury vote.

Jordan thinks in Skill and Endurance Porsche has a chance but on questions they can beat her. They start going over all the multiple scenarios.

Jordan is now saying that Porsche in final 2 is better than Adam because with ADam Rachel has a 50/50 shot but with Porsche she’s probably got a 100% chance to win. Jordan brings up that Shelly told her she will never vote for Porsche. rachel points out that Shelly said the same thing about Rachel so it’s really tough to call who Shelly will vote for.

Jordan starting to push keeping Porsche, she says that Kalia is better physically than Prosche. Jordan: “porsche has gotten a lot lazier”
Jordan: “Porsche doesn’t like me I can tell” rachel: “She doesn’t like anyone… she plays that young ditsy attitude”
Jordan thinks that Kalia knows if she makes final 2 she’ll win it so she’s going to give it 100% whereas Porsche is just kinda hanging out and won’t be trying so hard.

Jordan: “as of right now as it stand NOW I want to keep Porsche”
Rachel: “Because next HOH is questions? ”
Jordan: “Yes”
Rachel: “I feel like if we keep Kalia she’ll make it to final 3”
Jrodan agrees.. .

4:25pm Adam and Porche

Adam is saying that Kalia is going to start trying to place doubt in Rachel and Jordan about Adam and POrsche. He thinks she’ll target POrsche more but feels they will both take some shots. Adam still thinks Porsche is good though.
Adam: “Hey you opening pandora’s box helped them a lot”
Porsche: “yeah it did ”
Adam: “damn now my stomach is hurting again”

4:34pm Houseguests are just told that tomorrow there will be a live show.
This means they will tape a show tomorrow and we’ll see it on TV Wednesday.

4:41pm Adam, Jordan and Rachel He’s kissing their asses their blowing smoke up his. Basically he’s swearing to JR that he wants final 3 with them and if he wins HOH Porsche will be the target. They are telling him he has a better chance to win at the end if he takes either J or R. Their reasoning is everyone hates Rachel and Jordan doesn’t have any fans in jury plus Jordan has won once already.

(Adam just soaks it in and floats around the HOH)

5:00pm Rachel gets her HOH Camera

5:05pm HOH Photos

5:12pm HOH pics

5:16pm HOH pics

5:20pm HOH nose pics

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199 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Porsche campigns to Jordan, “I was like Listen B!TCH what are you talking about” **updated

  1. Best case Scenario:

    Kalia goes home, Porsche wins HOH, Rachel wins POV.

    Anything else and Kalia or Adam or will be in the final 3. :(

    1. As long as Adumb or Jordumb aren’t in the final 2. :| I’ve watched BB since the first season and I don’t think I’ve gotten this sick of seeing certain contestants close to winning or getting to the F2.

      1. just read that the big brother ratings have dropped big time.. guess thats what they get when they rig it for Jordumb and ratchel to win… im so over the show.

            1. But according to that link, it also says that Thursday’s low ratings were due to it being pre empted due to football. That’s why it was lower.

              1. That is right that is why they were lower but even with that twist CBS still won the night it says thanks to BB ratings. It says that the ratings are one of the best that they have ever had and it credits BB for CBS winning the ratings contest on the nights it is on.

              2. Finally, someone with the fact of the matter. It’s unfair to rate a regular show like Big Brother when it wasn’t on at it’s regular time and instead they put a football game on. It really bothers me when people call other people names, especially when I’m sure that you wouldn’t like it if were one of your friends or family members. It would be nice if we were all just kind to one another? After all, world peace starts with each of us

            2. I propose that all houseguests concede the game and walk out of the house so CBS can hand Rachel her much deserved $500,000 dollar check so we can look forward to BB14 it they plan on another season. Rachel’s laugh and caddiness irks me but I give credit where its due she steps up and wins when her backs against the wall like its life and death. I truly admire her fight, such a stark contrast from when she hid in the bushes and cried earlier in the season. I will say this, if hell freezes over and she loses this week I’m going to enjoy watching that mean girl smirk she does when she’s pissed.

            3. In number of viewers it was the lowest of the season (and BB12 and most of BB11), but not in terms of rating and share which are generally more important in the industry. Plus it still was #1 for the night. Around here the show wasn’t on until 1:37am due to being preempted by NFL. If that happened in just a couple major areas, it could easily explain the drop off in viewers. Regardless, I don’t think you can really tell anything from that one episode.

            4. I’m not surprised the ratings have dropped, Jeff and Daniele leaving took the air out of the season for me. Only show I watched last week was Thursday and 1/2 of Sunday. Adam just stays up everyone’s cavity, Jordan rides Rachel’s coattails and acts as if it’s her HOH, Porsche’s just happy to still be there, Kalia’s eating, begging, and talking about her usual non sense(too much of the latter), and Rachel is kicking a** and taking names, she’s calling the shots and I’m just over it..

              1. I’m surprised they didn’t drop more… Sundays ratings have gone up though so things may be on the up and up. Wednesday/Thursday are going to be huge ratings days.

              2. They have not dropped at all in fact CBS wins every night that BB is on. They only dropped last Thursday because of the football games and it was not shown in some places at the regular time, but CBS still won the night in the ratings contest. So apparently people are loving the veteran spin.

              3. Jordan, much like Kalia, has basically slept through this season; but Kalia has won two HOH’s. Jordan won one HOH because a few players threw the competition in her favor. Jordan depended on Jeff to protect her and when he was voted out of the house, she switched to depending on Rachel. She really doesn’t feel threatened in that house because she knows that the bigger target is Rachel and so she doesn’t exert herself in any of the competitions in order to win. This is sad and, personally, I think this is very unfair to Rachel. I would love to see Rachel in the final two. At the very least, she deserves to win at least $50,000, if only for having to subject herself to spending time with Jesse.

                1. I AGREE i hated rachel but as opposed to listless a holes who nanced around in their underpants all summer i would rather see old rachole win.

                2. Anita I agree with you and all of you should realize that Jordan has a heart of gold her social skills were excellent her downfall was letting the other people in the game put her down for having a big heart, she may have won before but she also had lost everything in the Hurricane and had to start all over and that money did not go far when you start from scratch she needed it like everyone else maybe she blew the bredon question cause Rachel used her crying I am stupid I am a terrible person she uses each time she has her back against the wall a person like that does not deserve to win playing on a persons big heart that way. Jordan, if you all listened to her audience speech practicly told that she gave the game to people who felt badly of themselfves but they were always using Jordan for her best quality. Reality means that Real and why give the money to someone who loves bacon, or thinks her looks mean everythig or uses people by always crying to them to change their vote to leave themselves for Rachel or blow the game for her. What a terrible thing to do, I hope the producers saw as most of us saw that this game should be won by someone with the best socal skills and her game was good its just that she fell hard when someone cried on her shoulder of course Jordan with her big heart left knowing that people thought they could get to her but she realized that too late, and I wish in some kind of twist the 3rd part included Jordan again giving her the talk by the producers of what is really going on and adam you gave her a necklace of promise then slap her in the face If I were a Jury member no one would get my vote. I wonder if you can say I vote for no one, Porche only won one then turned it on Jeff when he gave her a chance the week before, no one kept thier word in that house except for Jordan, and I hope you see that Money is the root of all evil, you saw that coming out in for Real in a so called Reality game. Please give Jordan a talk of just who she is and give her the chance to fight now for herself in the final round include her its not too late producers. I hope to see her and Jeff again in SuperStars. but if I were producer of that show I would have new rules be use a persons heart to win is just wrong and let me tell you as per all of the blogs I think people could say this as well. Bood luck to the next bb14 game and be honest to yours and others heart and do not lie and hurt someone so sweet who does not need to be used.

          1. Big Brother has had all three shows for the week in the Top 10. Jordan is not dumb. She is just kinda ditsy. Her sweetness is why ALMOST everyone loves her except for the few.

            1. Unfortunately, Jordan is dumb (and I happen to like her). Have you heard some of the things that come out of her mouth? It makes one wonder if her I.Q. is larger than her chest measurement. She’s sweet and considerate and that’s why people would prefer to refer to her as “ditzy”.

              1. Aniita I agree with you, one thing I think Jordan is so compassionate that she gave in to rachels not get her way again game and cries oh why am I such a bad person, and Jordan just says it will be me who leaves to cheer uRachael Rachael uses this tatict each time her back is up the wall Jordan new that question about brendon and the athletes foot question of course she knew it she would not forget a zinger especially brendon rachael or jeff or hers no way, she figured as everyone else constantly reminded her she won before, so give someone else a turn, she has such a big heart, Jordan gave in and the contestants used her this way. Jordan deserved that gaame she blew the brendon question and she look at the feeds already put her head down knowing she blew it before julie even re read the question to tell Jordan she was wrong. I watched her speach to the audience when she got evicted every reason for her evicion was cause somseone used her bih heart. Would it not be funny in the last contest that in some way Jordan was in the game to take if that person lost, I hope so so that Jordan can get what is rightfully hers. Jordan won last time if you remember they lost everything in the Hurricane their home jobs everything, so that money went for them to start living again, even paid for her aunt to get a home, Jordan could have used that money and anyone in there who said she won before she got the money should think what she did with it and how its probably gone. I hope we see Jordan win this game Mr producer with a twist of somehow she was the most honest of all in a Reality show honest thats what we are to teach our children honestly and love and truth and compassion and Jordan had a heart of Gold

                1. so sorry about the spelling this computer is on its last legs it has the sticky keys and the stickey key reminds me of how the golden keys did not work to anyones advantage not even my computer lol

        1. No I think that’s what happens when Dani and Jeff leave in the same night. I stopped my DVR recordings right after that episode. I have gotten more into it again but I usually just come and read info from this website. But football season has started too so that could be the reason for Sunday’s drop.

        2. I am so sick and tired of people saying that Big Brother is rigged for Rachel or Jordan to win. I have one thing to say to you- STOP WATCHING THEN!!!!!
          Either enjoy the show as it it or change the channel!!!!!

      2. The smartest move made last week was Jordan convincing K to vote to evict A and that was all J. Now this week she’s got the ok from RA to vote to keep K even though they all know K is leaving. So last week J stabs K in the back and this week she secures her jury vote! Is J as dumb as we all think or has she played us all and it took 2 seasons for us to see it.

        1. Jordan has the very best social game in the entire house and that is why so many people like her because she just is nice!!! Hate Porsche and hope she goes after Kalia!!!! One wanted to kill an unborn baby and tried to poison another house guest, and the other one is an animal abuser. Kalia and Porsche are just really evil and really wicked to the core.

            1. intent criminal no but not nice or best playing game
              Intent is predictor of personality and porche is about teeny bopper mentality
              I think all will do well at comp and tie breaker questions will be the key
              Like what order were F.T. predictions
              and how many days did Dani and “Dick talk?
              Was Lawon’s national attention?
              How many days Kalia sleep
              OR hardest like
              What two were the same year

          1. Boo hoo leave Jordan alone she’s a sweetheart…please this isn’t Disney channel and she ain’t sweet. She better win to keep those boobs up and that hair shiny cause that’s all she’s got. Bimbo Jordo…please let there be more Danis Kalias and Rachels on bb14 kalia may cry eat and talk a lot but she knows how to be cut throat just like dani and rachel. Weakest season by far.

      1. grow up. Comments like that are what make our daughters hate themselves. P is carrying an extra 10, but she carries it well, and she is a good looking girl. Pick on stupidity……boring people that can’t make friends take cheap shots at peoples looks

        1. LOL I can’t get much older without being on Medicare. What crawled up your ass and died? I can tell by your name that you must be a shrewd, astute ignoramus as opposed to just a simple ignoramus.

          1. “Porsche the Pig” seriously??? you are practically on medicare (your own admission ) lol and that’s what you came up with “Porsche the Pig” ??

            Wow!! lol Calling girls names.. aint you a man!

        1. Jordan gained weight on her first season. That’s why she is so obsessed with working out on this season….Porsche is far from fat and I’m sure she will lose her extra wright as soon as she goes back to her normal life. I’m sure they eat more in the BB house cause they are so bored!

    2. No Way, do not want a person that wanted to kill an unborn baby or potentially poison someone’s drink in the final three, and definitely do not want Kalia in there because she is an animal abuser. Only three worthy of winning the money is Rachel because she is a beast at comps. Jordan even though she has won once has a great social game, and even Adam because he is honest and has kept his word!!!

    3. So help me out here SIMON. When they tape the show tomorrow will live feeds still play? Will we know who will get evicted tomorrow????

  2. It’s funny how Jordan has become the brains of J/R, Rachel was manipulated by shelly last week and almost kept her but Jordan had to talk some sense into her and now Rachel is letting Kalia manipulate her lol not that it matters, who ever they keep K/P will be gunning for Rachel next eviction.

    1. I saw that too. She knows how to get her way. She says, “You decide I will do what you want, but…” or “it is your HOH so I don’t want to tell you what to do, but…” and she gets her way. She did that to Jeff too. She lets them think they are the ones making the decision when in reality it is what she wanted. No wonder she wanted the manipulators out, because she wanted to be the only one : )

  3. Nah Best Case Scenario:

    Kalia Goes Home (:

    Jordan or Rachel wins HoH (If Rachel can play)

    Jordan or Rachel win PoV

    Porsche Goes Home

    Then Adam goes home (:

    Rachel all the way!

    Gets some nudes on here!
    I wanna see Jordan again (;
    and Porsche(;

  4. As you can see…Squabble did work his magic & Porsche is pregnant with Brown Fats baby…if its a boy gonna name him Squabalito & Squabalita if its a girl

    I know theres a lot of pretending to think about it respective propositions but the final 4s gonna be Rach, Jordo, Adam & Porsche… Porsche will win hoh & pov not use it & send Jordon home…

  5. In some ways it would benefit Rachel to have Kahlia, but Kahlia cannot be trusted. The only way Rachel is safe is if she can get the POV. Adam nor Porsche can be trusted.

    1. Somebody mentioned this in another thread and I tend to agree with it. At this point it’s not about who you can trust, it’s about who you can beat.

      1. Exactly. If it was another point in the game, the decision might be different. However Kalia has been on the opposite side of RJ most of the game, has put R up twice and sent Jeff home so…

  6. Like to see Porsche, Jordon and Adam final three, Porsche wins HOH and then evicts Jordon. Adam and Porsche final two and Porsche wins it. Really would like to see Jordon evicted as soon as possible, really dislike her alot.

    1. Porsche will not win against ADAM. Adam will win because Jordan, Rachel, Brendon and Jeff will vote for him as long as he does not screw them over.

        1. not necessarily. it depends if adam won the final HOH and he chose Pinto, then he will loose BB because JJRB will not vote for him. If Pinto won the final HOH and she chose Adam, them he will win BB because JJBR will vote for him.

  7. I really want either Rachel or Porscha at this point, just bc i’m tired of Adam and his flip flopping and Jordan calling everyone a floater and saying they haven’t done anything and don’t deserve it. Like she ‘deserves’ it. What has Jordan done this year? She’s an annoying, going bald little wench.

    1. To me, it seems once Jeff left the house, Rachel’s evil transferred into Jordan’s body. It used to be BR and Jeff who were the self-entitled ones….

      1. Agree. Jordan is like a carbon copy of Rachel now. It’s funny to, because Jordan talked a lot of shit about Rachel in the beginning and now that she needs her and their all buddy buddy.

        1. Well that’s a negative way to view things. I believe that Jordan has mentioned that she sees Rachel in a completely differently light now. People’s opinions change over time. I don’t think they’re buddy buddy –as you say it– because they have to be, but I think they do it because they also want to be given that they have been there for each other when their significant other was evicted. Jordan helped Rachel when Branden left and Rachel helped Jordan when Jeff left. You cant say that its all fake. Besides, they can be friends and still get annoyed with each other once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that.

          1. Jordan may be one of the dumbest bimbos to play this game (who are we kidding, she is dumber than a box of frozen waffles) but she did learn one thing from her mooching mother. Find yourself a man (or woman who you can mooch off of) and grab their dick and never let go. All aboard the money train, CHOOOO CHOOOOO!!!!

      1. no body said she was perfect just nice. is that a bad thing ? She isnt stupid or even needing a man she is going to school and trying to make something of herself she did show for jeff he wanted it not her. She is playing and yes i like rachel and expect her to win I bet Jordon stands up if in second to Ra Ra will tell jurors to give it to Rachel cause she deserves it. Even Jordon knows and has said that to Rachel once. wait and see Haters!!

    1. I didn’t call her a saint…. America and CBS did. That would be the irony in my comment, it is a dig on the “image” not Jordan, which obviously escaped you. Maybe you should direct your soapbox speech to the appropriate people….

  8. yo pacer that golden key wasnt to good for that body how about working out did you find jordans cookie dough or is that all wine and ice cream

  9. Best Case Scenario
    Kaila goes Home, HOH Competition is Question-Jordan wins HOH, Rachel wins POV, Porsche goes home, Rachel wins part 1, Jordan wins part 2, Jordan wins by tiebreaker, takes Rachel F2.

  10. Jordan keeps saying HOH can not play VETO in final 4. She is wrong. It happened her season because Natalie opened Pandoras box. Rachel needs to ask production or even Adam. He knows the game and would tell her. Did Jordan not watch last year or the years before her year or has she really forgotten?

    1. Yes, Jordan is confused. It’s not her fault though, much like checkers, the rules are too complexed for her. Everyone plays in the veto.

        1. Well, in her season, the HOH(Natalie) was not allowed to play, as punishment for opening pandoras box. So, she’s right about her season, but in general everyone plays, of course.

    2. i don’t think she watched the other seasons, if you watched some interviews of jordan before bb11, she said she never watched the show before and had to research it on youtube to learn it. I doubt she watched the whole season last year. i noticed this too and and mentioned it on another thread somewhere.

    3. Current HOH, Rachel cannot play in the final 4. when Kalia is evicted tomorrow, there is another HOH comp with 4 people and Rachel CANNOT play for HOH because she is the current HOH> If she makes it to the final 3, then she can. There will be a taped eviction Wednesday and a live eviction Thursday. After Thursday’s live eviction, the final 3 will be determined.

  11. Its funny seeing jordan trying to act like shes superior or any smarter than porsha LOL. Jordan your an idiot and you never know whats going on half the time.

    1. And what you said is terrible considering that you don’t know who she truly is. Granted that she’s not a genius –are you? People have different kinds of smarts — you can’t call her a “idiot” just because of what you see on the live feeds or television. You don’t know who she is. Calling someone an “idoit” is just plain mean-spirited.

  12. Jordan is so cocky..always talkin shit about ppl to Rachel or Jeff when he was there.She’s the shady one….cant anyone see it?! Damn ppl she thinks shes entitled to the money……WHY?

    1. Were you asleep when Dani, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly were all calling Rachel terrible names and lying about her? Didn’t you see KDP up in the HOH room literally trashing everyone in the house on every single thing? If the 3 were together and one left the room, the other 2 were trashing her as well. They were the mean girls and for 3 weeks they walked around the house like their shit didn’t stink (and of course, Kalia doesn’t fart, unlike the other 100% of the population.) During Kalia’s first HOH, she acted like she had already won the competition. Stupidest move in the BB house I have ever seen is putting up and voting out one of your own alliance members. Kalia ain’t the shit. She’s just shitty.,

      1. I’m referring the the persona being put forth..SWEET SOUTHREN GIRL who is sensitive and generous…the others you speak of NEVER were played up as virtuous as wholesome JORDAN! It’s the profound hypocracy i cant stand.Again as i posted before im from charlotte and i was her fan the first time…now i feel as though i was duped. And please lets be honest….Does she really deserve any money.

    2. Because she thinks she’s a great social player. But only in her mind. Nobody else would agree with that who isn’t a JJ fan.

    3. Talk about feeling entitled . . .Kalia acted as if she was going to win up until this week. Now she’s crying like a baby….please! She made the comment that she’s going to win America’s Player. She is completely delusional!!!

      1. Agreed Kalia does have delusional self importance. But She wasnt played up as AMERICAS SWEET HEART. and at least the others have truely competed in some form or fashion. Jordan has slid right on by scott free.

  13. So we don’t have to hear anymore of Kalia’s campaigning by the end of tomorrow night? Thank you BB! I hope Porsche wins HoH! And Rachel for the veto win.

  14. Adumb is gay. the pic of him sticking his ass out is suspect. what are the odds of him coming out the closet before the season ends.

  15. we have a new Cookie Dough girl in th BB house and her name is Porka.
    Does she ever work out ??? Im not talking about with a knife and fork.

      1. Simon, someone else is posting using the name I’ve had all summer. Can this be stopped? (I am the one who praised your masterful summaries.)

  16. Jordan is a sweetheart (end of conversation) but Rach put alot of work in this season so she deserves to win end of topic, sorry none rach fans as I am also one of ye

    1. I wasn’t sure for a moment, but you’re right. They changed the definition of sweetheart to “a person devoid of any intelligence. A person with a fake personality and is ugly on the inside despite being pretty on the outside. See also REPULSIVE, HYPOCRITE.”

  17. Oh God I didn’t realize how much weight Porsche had actually put on, till I saw that picture. She’s still beyond gorgeous, but she has definitely been hitting the junk food a little much!

        1. LMFAO!! — yeah I was just catching up, and the comments on the POV ceremony blog were crazy. Cat-ladies have nothing to do on labor day I guess.

  18. Heres what I do not get everyone talks about trust but at this point in the game who cares about trust it comes down to comps and comps ONLY! COMPS R UR TRUST WHEN THERE’S ONLY 4 PEOPLE!

  19. The porka and Adam is gay comments are more offensive to ye guys, as ye are more offended that they are on BB and ye need to cope the feck on and enjoy it, for what it is a game show of people you know for 3 mths and in 3 mths you’ll never know again, so don’t be pitty enjoy

  20. Can’t believe Rachel and Jordan think Kalia is a bigger threat then Porsche but whatever I really want Porsche to win this game so plz evict Kalia lol!

    1. I think their thought process is related to the fact that Kalia has won competitions that were questions.

      1. I honestly hope she’s smarter than that. If she brings Porsche or Adam, then she has Jordan’s vote. She also alienated, Dani, and Shelly with those goodbye messages. I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt her.

    1. i would love for her to win, but she need to stop those catty exit messages. remember, she told dani she didn’t need her vote. i hope it doesn’t come back to haunt her

  21. Jordan all cocky now that everyone carried her through the game, now she knows she’s going to win BB without having to do anything, hope Rachel smartens up and knock that little uppity bitch on her ass and send her to Jury…

  22. This just proves Jordan’s point. Porsche and Kalia have both gained a lot of weight by just sitting around eating and sleeping. Think all those offers are going to come pouring in after they see pictures like this? Not in Hollywood, the land of the perfect bodies. The only thing she had going for her was her body, which is why she brought all the skimpy bikinis. Now look at her. And Kalia, just, wow. Porsche looks a good 10-15 lbs heavier. Kalia, on the other hand, looks like she’s gained 20-30 lbs. This should answer some of the questions about who was really playing this game to win and who was there to skate by and just hang out until the end.

    1. haha- you’re so right.

      P’s biggest move this summer was expanding her ass. And her hips. And her legs. And her stomach. Thats def. worth 50 or 500 grand

    2. If thats how it worked Jordan wouldnt of won BB11 considering all she did was stuff her mouth with cookie dough and gain weight. I love how she talks about sleeping all the time when I see her sleep just as much as the rest. Shes just a hyprocite and acts so entitled. Anyone, even Adam, deserves to win more than her.

      1. last season man no cookie dough eating this year jordon admitted it made her gain weight last year this year she isnt eating when nervous

    3. It doesn’t matter that they ate and slept the whole summer. People talk about Kalia’s eating and sleeping, so what? What were the other houseguests doing when she was sleeping…. probably lounging around also one way or another. It’s not like KP were sleeping while the other houseguests were playing for HOH…or VETO. Yes they made some mistakes with their gameplay, but they did win some comps, regardless of how much they ate and slept. At the end of the day I’d rather be the houseguest that sleeps all day but still manages to pull a win here and there instead of one that DOESN’T sleep as much but does absolutely nothing in the game.
      I’d have liked Kalia in the finals, but I’m also rooting for either Rachel or Porsche for the win. How someone eats and sleeps has nothing to do with the game.

  23. Does CBS production have drug testing? As right now, Porsche need to be tested before she can compete. Seriously, is she on steriods or what? I just want to know. Because BB would not allow any substance of Drug from her body. I’m afraid she will win HOH or POV competition w/type of drug.

      1. Seriously because all other HG’s will be unfair for Porsche to be tested positive if she on steriods. Can she be expelled or something? Because we are afraid that she will go crazy on JRA.

          1. Probably Porsche hooks up with Kaila lately and maybe just maybe. K & P probably at the Jury House w/Dani, She will be pissed and KP don’t get the job done.

    1. the hell are you on about now? you mad tha she just might win HOH?? HAHAHAHA I hope she does too, and send Jordan to the Jury house to hang out with Little Jeffrey a.k.a clown shoe….

  24. Why is Adan sticking his ass out like he’s a girl? closet gay boy? wouldn’t be a surprise seeing that he drinks girly drinks and watches girly shows, and acts all feminine when he met Tori….

  25. I love how Kalia KNOWS she is going to win HOH or PoV and is guaranteeing it. Really, you have that kind of superpower, do ya? God, get over yourself already. She makes me sick.

    1. Is anyone not on my side to have rachel and Jordan in the finals? I don’t care if Jordan already won but i cant see 0f these other fools winning besides Rachel or Jordan. Maybe I am bias because I think they are strogger players

    2. she should do everything to save herself. but, some of that crap she was talking to adam about was plain crazy. her points with rachel were valid

  26. LIKE YOU KNOW LIKE JORDAN AND LIKE RAC ARE DOING WELL LIKE POR IS PUTTING ON WIEGT LIKE LIKE LIKE THESE PEOPKLE ARS SO SAD, adam is good and rac and him should be in the finales the only thing jordan has done is get everyone to say like every two words. Jeff and jordan are not a couplee they are business partmers, Jordan is very jealous of rac relationshio and her up comoing marriage

  27. Boy we are really adding in the malicious comments that have nothing to do with the game aren’t we? I agree with the person who said THIS is WHY young girls diet at age 8. Think before you type people.

    I hope Kalia goes tomorrow and I do hope for final 3 of Rachel, Jordan and Adam. Rachel deserves the win though. That girl has busted butt to stay in this game. She has EARNED the win. And I was not a Rachel fan last year at all.

    1. Taped eviction Wed. Kalia is actually getting evicted tomorrow(Tues.) and they will show it wednesday. they will have a taped HOH competition, veto, wednesday and a live eviction Thursday. Then the final 3 is set and the beginning of the HOH competition which is usually a physical comp which sometimes last for hours.

  28. I think Rachel and Porche have had a ‘brigade’ deal since the beginning. Remember when Rachel fought to keep Porche when Dani wanted to get rid of her? I think they have had a super secret alliance since. Rachel wants to keep Porche but doesn’t want anyone to be the wiser so she is saying maybe we should keep Kaliah. Also if it is a tie she will be the deciding vote and can save Porche. Porche is not campaigning like she is worried about anything, ever. Rachel even mentioned the brigade as the smartest in BB11, I am sure she has taken a clue from them on how to operate on the side. I say it will be Rachel Porche final 2 she will even get Porche to take out Jordan so she can keep Jordans vote.

    1. Not going to happen? Kaila will be gone & Porsche will be leaving on Thursday. Jordan win HOH and Rachel POV, Rachel will vote Porsche out.

  29. Question: Jordan keeps telling Rachel that the final 4 HOH does not compete in the veto comp, is this true? (apologies in advance if this has been answered before but I’ve looked and couldn’t find the answer.

    1. No all of the final 4 gets to play in the POV , she’s just babbling dumb shit as usual because she don’t know no better, because Jeff is not there to tell her what to do.

    2. In Season 11, Natalie won the Final 4 HOH, opened Pandora’s Box, got to see her boyfriend but had to forfeit playing in the POV. That’s the only season the HOH didn’t get to play for POV.

  30. I actually think Porsche is a bigger risk to Rachel then Kahlia, Porsche is still wanting to do Dani’s bidding to get rid of Rachel. You have to admit Dani’s brainwashing really lasts. Both Porshe and Kahlia have to go.

  31. This has nothing to do with Big Brother.Today I lost my dear friend.She had cancer and for five years she tried to beat it.When I see some of you being unkind and hateful to people you don’t even know.I wonder why they call us the human race.

    1. You have my deepest sympathy, I lost my mother on Easter Sunday of this year, and you will find that your priorities change, and things that seemed to be so important aren’t anymore.

      1. Thanks so much for your kind words.Sorry to hear that you lost your mom.My mom passed away six years ago.And I miss her more and more each day.My friend was a wonderful lady and with a kind heart.Her husband of 56 years is so broken hearted.

        1. Yes I know how you feel, my mother and I were very close, the pain of the loss will never go away, you just learn to accept it, because you have no other choice

  32. It’s funny on the fan favorite poll Dick is still doing better then all the newbies… And he was there what a few days? Guess it goes to show how much the newbies epically fail.

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