Rachel Reilly’s new Gig Stand up Comedy “enterpainment”


Big Brother Winner and The Amazing Race 20 super competitor Rachel Reilly joins the Raging Artists Comedy Troupe this weekend. First thing you’re probably thinking is WTF I know Rachel was funny on the live feeds but stand up isn’t that more Britney Haynes domain? It’s not exactly what you think, This isn’t a last minute carrer change from “reality royalty” to stand up comedian. Rachel is suppose to host the event.. but the troupes head writer says he’ll be writing her in to perform a full set to see “Reilly take the plunge”. Sounds like a blast

The press release calls Rachel “reigning queen of reality competition.. A effervescent and
beautiful young lady” Get ready for a night of bold comedy as a troupe of up-and-coming yet battle-tested comics bring their A game. The Raging Artists Comedy Troupe appears on March 11, at 7pm, in the Main Room at Flappers, which is located at 102 East Magnolia, Burbank CA, 91502.

Raging Artists Head Writer & CEO Justo Diaz
“We met Rachel while shooting a comedy pilot and took to her immediately,” “She is all about drama, which is the essence of comedy. We go out of our way to add a layer of reality to our work, converting pain into entertainment (‘enterpainment’). Rachel totally embodies that spirit.” Raging Artists has been changing the face of stand-up by writing material for people who haven’t performed but are willing to take the stage. As Head Writer for RA, Diaz has co-written and work-shopped stand-up material for Angyan, Noh, and Rephun as well as his own material. He’s eager to see Reilly take the plunge. “Rachel’s duties don’t demand that she perform a full set, but I’m writing one for her regardless!”
Press Release

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I like Rachel….well as long as she’s not whining and bawling….but stand up??? Really??? I have a feeling she’ll do about as good as Slade Smiley on the Real Housewives of Orange County….he sucked balls!!!!


Simon I clicked on the Raging Artist’s link and a warning popped up blocking me from going to the page…it said the page has a malicious attack called a Blackhole Exploit Kit. Doesn’t sound too good. =/ Here’s a link that explains what a Blackhole Exploit Kit is http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/webthreats/info/blackholeexploitkit/

BB King

Let me tell you guys something about comedy and comedians. You don’t necessarily have to be born funny or have a sense of humor to be a comedian. All you need is a good group of writers to write your jokes for you. That’s why late night talk shows like the Tonight Show and Late Show and Daily Show hire writers because they know the comedians on these shows (Leno, Letterman, and Stewart) can’t entertain the audience alone. Hence, the entire shows are scripted and the audience is told with signs when to laugh, more importantly the audience is carefully selected.

All these comedians need is to know the timing and the delivery i.e., stuff like tone of voice.

In a stand up situation, of course it helps if you have quick wit and can think on your feet when it comes to hecklers but those too can be solved by great writers. You predict what the hecklers will say to you in advance based on the content of your jokes and prepare a rebuttal.

Of course there are always universal rebuttals that work in every situation like mom jokes, fat jokes (if the heckler is fat), ugly jokes, sexual orientation jokes, moron jokes, etc.

So Rachel doesn’t necessarily have to be funny. She just needs a good team of writers, know timing and delivery. She can do the last two because I heard she is taking acting lessons.


I agree that a team of writers helps the comedian but once they hit the stage they are on their own and that is something Rachel isn’t good at.
If she gets heckled she might need a tree to go hide behind.

BB King

She could wear an earpiece.


Very glad for Rachel. She is truly using her 15 minutes of fame. I hope she can get more TV work.


What’s next Saturday night live? Can’t wait one of the SNL Cast will be Canned!!!!

Not a PHD student

Brenden was driving in a car with Boy George. He told her to stick her head out the window and see if the blinker worked.

She stuck her head out and said, ‘Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes…

BB King

I just want to make a survivor comment. Did any of you guys notice the ridiculous amount of racism in Survivor One World, like I did? It’s coming from Colton.

I am very sick watching this show and I probably will stop watching. He makes these racist comments directed at Bill, which are not condemned by anyone around him or by the producers. He called Bill ghetto trash and other things at the tribal council meeting. The most shocking and bigoted one was that the only black person he knows and likes is his housekeeper or something to that effect.

BB King

Yeah for real. What’s even more upsetting is that Colton’s tribe is submissive around him and turned him into this feared despot and dictator. Educated people like Greg (I assume he is the plastic surgeon) go as far as defend him and his comments.

I also saw in the ads for next week’s episode that Jonas said he will be Colton’s b*tch. WTF!!!


I like Survivor and last nights episode was troubling and weird.
What is up with reality shows and their casts trying to out do people on the STUPID METER, BB13 Lawon asks to be evicted for a power that doesn’t exist and last night after winning immunity the “mens” tribe (for lack of a better word) gave up the idol and decided to go to tribal.
After that bone headed move not one of the men deserve to win.


I am disgusted by Colton. I really liked him at first, but after he got the idol, he has become a true azz(or maybe he was an azz all along and I just didn’t notice). He is a true racist and idiot and the other men are just as stupid as he is. I guess he forgot that the idol was given to him by a black woman. I am on the fence if I am to continue to watch this show or not, but I am truly disappointed that Survivor would allow something like this to happen. Very unfair and very unjust. As much as gay people have been discriminated against, Colton should have been the last person to discriminate against someone.


Very well put CHESSIE_K ,


Reminds me of Chima, because he is in a “minority” type group he feels it is fine to be racist and demean other people, Lief for being short and anyone for being older than him.
He really makes me sick and his comment “yes I have black people in my life (laughs) she’s my house keeper” shows what a puke he is.


when colton made that staement on survivor i was so angry with him . he thinks he’s above everybody else its like everyone is beneath him … i just want him GONE . rayzor is another a hole he defends this man action wow they are a class act tsk tsk tsk


Minus all the eating


LOL!!@ Simon Taking a page out of Kalia’s play book

BB King

Simon, I don’t think Rachel will be solely a comedian or host for this show. Tv grape vine says she will also be a producer.


When I see the picture for this update, it looks like Carrot Top is having a bad hair and makeup day.


Who likes that shrieking laugh, that annoying personality? Not me. I don’t like Rachel, never have, probably never will. She is prob the worst reality star of all time.


Comedy? if you mean her poking fun at her horrible plastic surgery job and living with the cum stain leaving neanderTALL, added with her whining to the world when things don’t go her way then yea, i guess it will be comedy gold………. ill watch


The press release calls Rachel “reigning queen of reality competition.. A effervescent and
beautiful young lady

whoever wrote that got MADD “jokes”… that’s hilarious

let me get the definition


(of a liquid) Giving off bubbles; fizzy.
(of a person or their behavior) Vivacious and enthusiastic.

? ?[byoo-tuh-fuhl] Show IPA
having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind: a beautiful dress; a beautiful speech.
excellent of its kind: a beautiful putt on the seventh hole; The chef served us a beautiful roast of beef.
wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying.
the concept of beauty (usually preceded by the ).
( used with a plural verb ) beautiful things or people collectively (usually preceded by the ): the good and the beautiful.
the ideal of beauty (usually preceded by the ): to strive to attain the beautiful.

These are 2 words, that should never, ever be associated with Rachel Reilly


don’t get me wrong really happy she won, nobody else left in the house last season deserved it, but still people tell lies about her……………