The PUNISHMENTS have Officially Started! “Jail would be brutal! Maybe I can have a conjug@l visit?!”

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

The House Guests each took a punishment to see their loved ones yesterday:

  • Jon is on solitary confinement for 24 hours – He got to see his Dad
  • Neda had to give up all her clothes & wear the onesie – She got to see her sister
  • Sabrina is on slop – She got to see her sister
  • Adel has to stay awake for 36 hours – He got to see his friend
  • Heather can’t use the HOH room – She got to see her boyfriend William

BBCAN2-2014-04-28 10-30-06-445
1pm – 1:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the feeds return – Jon is on solitary confinement in the HOH room. Jon says to himself – “Jail would be brutal! I don’t know what I would do if I was in jail! Save me! Help! Help! Maybe I can have a conjugal visit?! NOPE! Worth it but it still sucks DAD!” Jon starts to sleep and big brother wakes him up. Jon yells what the f**k am I supposed to do?! Meanwhile Sabrina and Neda are in the bathroom. Neda comments on how Adel said this was the worst puinshment ever. Sabrina says at least its going to be super easy for you to get ready in the morning. Neda says I am going to be super depressed I’m not going to move all day. Neda says the worst thing is .. I have to stay in the onesie all week. I can’t wash it. Sabrina says oh that is bad. Maybe you could wash it while you’re in the shower. Neda says yeah that’s a good idea. Neda and Sabrina pack up all Neda’s clothes and makeup and take them to the storage room. They then head out to the hot tub room. Neda talks with Adel and Sabrina about how she can’t even borrow other people make-up. Adel asks so Heather just can’t go in the HOH room? Neda says that Heather’s is the easiest one. Adel says its just not listening to music. The hardest one is the slop. Sabrina tells Adel that they’ve been in here so long that he is starting to look hot.

2:15pm Jon takes a bath in the HOH room. Its obvious that Jon is already super bored. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Sabrina, Heather and Neda talk about how Jon isn’t really an alone type person so this punishment will be hard for him. The girls start talking about random things. Adel is praying outside the main bedroom.

BBCAN2-2014-04-28 11-09-45-611

2:30pm – 2:40pmUP in the HOH room – Jon builds a fort. Jon finishes and says this is a sick fort! He crawls through it and gives a thumbs up. He then comes out and asks now what do I do?! He then puts Twistos Sacks on top and inside the fort. He says that’s a sweet castle! Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Sabrina talks to Heather about whether or not she will keep her. Heather says I am strongly considering it. Sabrina asks if Heather would make a final 2 with her? Heather doesn’t answer. Sabrina continues to campaign and Heather says give me like a day to think.

BBCAN2-2014-04-28 11-31-00-860

3pm – 3:20pm Jon is sitting in the HOH room bathroom bored out of his mind. He lifts up the air vent and looks inside (Trying to look for an escape?). Adel comes to the door and starts yelling! “I don’t know where you are but I MISS YOU! Where are you, you big dope!” Adel then goes to the main bedroom and Sabrina & Neda hold the door closed. Adel says I can’t even move it you BIG BOOTY HOE! They move out of the way and Adel charges in the room. Adel starts hexing Sabrina. Adel says that he is going to keep Sabrina up all night. She says you better not, if you do I will come and lie next to you n@ked. Adel says okay do it! Sabrina says okay I will. She then starts to take off her shirt. Adel then follow Sabrina out of the bedroom. She tells him to stop harassing her. She says she is going to go throw out all the food so he has nothing to eat. I will shove slop down your throat. Sabrina says if you don’t stop following me I’m going to punch you! Sabrina says over and over again stop harassing me. Adel says I’m not. Sabrina goes into the diary room. Adel heads back to the bedroom. Sabrina comes out of the diary room and goes to the bedroom and tells Adel to continue to harass me, I want you to and wake me up in the middle of the night. Adel says I won’t. Are you trying to blackmail me? Sabrina says you don’t even know what that mean.

BBCAn2- 2014-04-28 12-09-20-918

3:20pm – 4pm Story Time with Sabrina:

3:45pm The live feeds are blocked for five minutes in the HOH room and when they return Big Brother has given Jon food.

BBCAN2-2014-04-28 12-44-41-575

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Jon and Neda are such whiners!


Adel and Sabrina have the worst punishments with Jon close behind. Neda is complaining being smelly by having to wear the same clothes all week? Solution shower more often! Heather’s punishment is a joke. It’s actually a punishment for Jon, Neda, Adel, and Sabrina to know that Heather did not even get punished!


Neda and Heather got off easy! WTF. How is wearing a onesie a punishment? How is not having an HOH room (if Heather wins) or not allowed to go into the HOH room a real punishment? Let them swim in the pool every hour like Jon had to do, or even better yet, both H and N have to watch Jillian and Emmett’s make out sessions from last season every 3 hours!!

team adel

Sabrina will win this game.



Team Kenny

kenny sarah or andrew should have won this game but canada messed up this game with that stupid canada is hoh this week


so Adel is definitely going home this week right?


It’s Monday this is “production needs footage” for Thursday’s show on slice day. As will be Tuesday as well. As I tend to say most weeks don’t buy into anything said today and tomorrow. It Irons itself out usually Tuesday night or Wednesday. Remember the Arlie talk Monday and Tuesday til the evening was about keeping him? At some point the talk should go back to evict Brina. Adel could still go on Thursday but I wouldn’t count on that yet. At minimum Heather should give production footage centered around voting out Sabs instead, thus the convo where Joneda are deciding to evict Adel any way with or with out Heather’s vote. Because Jon’s doing 24 hours it has to be tomorrow at the earliest and likely a late night convo like yesterday with Neda as I’m sure everyone will be together after Jon gets out.

Other than Neda who may have a complete plan to the finale no ones thinking about each action they need to get to the end. I’m not sure Neda has a complete plan either. Unless the Jon and Neda F2 plan is completely real and they are committed to protecting each other we are not getting a full picture on any ones plan. Who wins POV and stabs who F4 for example? One thing you can fairly say is nothing seems completely settled to the finale. Neda fans don’t trust Jon and Jon fans don’t trust Neda, ect. I think Canada’s vote is up in the air as well unless Sabby is F2. 😛

Entertainment wise this isn’t BB USA 14 F5 down and a lot of snooze time which comes off boring but at least all the remaining decisions aren’t a given.


Heather’s punishment is kinda stupid. She can’t go into the HOH room but Jon’s punishment is solitary confinement which means he has to be in the room all by himself and no one can even go in the HOH room. Obviously production never thought this through.


Well, she’s endured so much already…


How long can’t Heather go into the HOH room? A day? End of this HOH? End of the next HOH? Until the end of the game?


Solitary confinement should’ve been in the half not room.

Total fix

This game is soooooo fixed by production. Poor Heather can’t go to HOH… sad…..Neda had to wear a onsie…Give me a break.
Heather will act like it is the worst thing ever and bitch and moan in that annoying voice. I wish her punishment was not to speak for the rest of the show. That would be great!


It’s too bad Jon didn’t listen to Adel and put Neda on the block, that would’ve been great to see considering how she treats him like her lap dog with intentions of backstabbing him when she gets the chance. Sabrina was talking to Neda in the bathroom last night and Neda admitted she wouldn’t take Jon to final two, so why the hell didn’t Sabrina go tell Jon this info? (Then again, he would believe Neda over Sabrina if it ever came out) I guess none of it matters since Jon will be gone next week unless he wins the Veto, they all seem to want him out. Right now I’m hoping for Heather and Jon in final two, Neda played a great game so far, but her snotty attitude makes me not want her to have $100,000 to gloat about, at least Jon and Heather would handle the win with some class, I can picture Neda pointing and laughing at the losers and rubbing it in their faces, that’s just her personality.


Well if the shoe fits, and it certainly does fit Jon, so be it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jon, but tell me one big move he made that wasn’t actually Neda’s idea. He always had the choice of listening to her or not, and so far he has always listened to her. Not her fault, you can’t fault her for trying, instead I applaud her because so far it has worked. And what is Neda supposed to do this close to the end? Remain true to a guy who isn’t even a showmance, has a girlfriend, lives on the opposite end of the country and that she has only known for a couple of months, or get the job done and win the game? I really don’t get how people expect these players to get to the end without making unpopular but big moves to win. That’s the point. It’s like hating on a poker player for bluffing and sucking in his opponents. It isn’t about getting your best friend to the end, its about winning the game, and if your best friend will beat you, you have to take him out.


How can anyone who is a true BB fan dislike the comment????? They clearly don’t understand how the game works…..this isn’t a happy go lucky 2 month kumbaya singing vacation, its game about wits, persuasion power, competitions, lies, promises, making and breaking alliances and most of all having the competence the to do whatever it takes to win!!! WAKE UP CANADA!


very eloquent zena


OK, if I was talking to Sabrina, the person who can tell Heather that the plan was to vote Heather out this week, and keep Sabrina, and knowing that this week’s plan is to vote Adel out, i so would be telling Sabrina something Sabrina wants to hear. Same I will tell Heather what she needs to hear. The only conversations i actually believe are Jon with Neda, because many times they’ve said things to each other, then the thing happens. They talked about talking to Adel about voting Heather out, and it was decided Jon would talk to Adel after that, then come to Neda and ‘talk her into’ doing that as well. She was to fake hearing it for the first time, and being on board tho reluctantly.

And that is what he did, he didn’t go to Adel and say she already knows this but you Adel have to act like you don’t know she isn’t hearing this for the first time.

The episode tho showed it quite differently, wouldn’t be surprising if the audience who doesn’t watch feeds or come for these recaps would have a different impression of those 3.


Yeah, I would suspect that only the conversations Neda and Jon have together are actually serious. The rest is just plan B talk, I think. But we’ll see, I guess.


I would like to see the better player(s) in the end. And that could change within the next week.


I am totally over the baby costume. That was no longer funny after the first 24 hours, now I am just annoyed with BB thinking it would be funny all week long, it isn’t.


Jon went nuts when Neda was gone overnight in the War Room, not sure how he’ll get by without her for the day lol.

Which is also why he’ll never vote her out, he can’t function there without her. I have a friend like that, they can’t go anywhere or do anything alone most of the time, you end up on these random trips doing things you have no interest in because they don’t want to be alone when they do it. Jon seems very much like someone who can’t function alone.


Nasty!! I am pretty sure Neda has plenty of time to wash that onesie before having to start the punishment. Does she wash it prior so she won’t have to at least for a day or so until she really has to? NO?!!?! I guess her onesie will get washed as much as her actual body does. Yuck!!!


*Had* plenty of time to wash…..

She and most of these houseguests remind me of nasty Natalie.

Winner winner chicken dinner

Man next year im gunna have to go on BBCAN to be pure entertainment. not even compete for the money, these people get so boring, they really don’t appreciate the fact they are entertaining so many people and we just get to watch them sit back and pick their noses


And how, pray tell, would you be entertaining?


I think heathers actual punishment is if she wins next how she doesn’t get the room .


Sorry auto spell if heather wins hoh


Adel it will be a miracle if you can make it through this week!


Adel is so disrespectful with a vulgar mouth. Calling Sabrina a hoe, not cool buddy! Why preach when you have such a potty mouth? I hope Jon gets some sort of enlightenment while in confinement, however unlikely as that may be.


Not trying to condone name calling when it is intentionally to hurt someone but ‘Big Booty Hoe’ is from a song and it didn’t look like he was saying that to Sabrina in any sort of callous manner. I certainly wouldn’t be offended if someone said that to me (in the manner Adel did to Sabrina) and she didn’t seem to be particularly bothered by it either. Some ppl are just taking things too far on the bully train sometimes imo


Best case scenario Heather wins HOH and POV, nominates Jon and Sabrina, uses POV on Sabrina and gets her to get rid of Jon. Takes cred for the whole week and has an awesome plee to the jury. This is pretty much what Neda would do in my opinion if she won PoV.


Adel goes home this week
Neda wins next hoh puts up sabrina and heather
Jon wins POV – does not use it ofcourse!!!
Heather goes home

Final 3 – Neda, Jon, Sabrina
Final 2 – Neda and Sabrina (if Neda wants to win)


Sad, but will what truly will happen


It is the stupidest thing that ANY of them would consider keeping sabrina around at all! If she makes final 2 she will win… she has allison’s vote, she has gremlin # 2’s vote, she might even have arlie’s vote if he’s got a grudge (maybe even the others if they get stabbed din the back too..which they will by Neda and Jon) … plus.. sabrina has done a lot game wise in the beginning and to still even be there now.. the last of the first five.. the one woman they all wanted out… says volumes too. So she can argue for her game overall to those that . They are not thinking about jury votes here at all as far as i am concerned. There is no reason to keep her but every reason to get rid of her over any of the others left.



Your vote counting is a little off. Like way off. Allison is a possible vote as is Arlie depending on who Sabby sits beside. But she won’t be getting 2 Gremlin votes as Sabby is Queen Gremlin! 😛 Your counting Allison twice above if you count her vote then consider it a Gremlin vote as well. Adel NEVER votes Sabby, Jon and Neda vote each other so Heather must vote Sabby or Canada. I hate to say this but Sabby has no shot at Canada’s vote. Though she will get mine if she is F2. I’ve tried so hard in my mind to manufacture her getting 4 votes and winning if she gets to the finale and cannot come up with it. Her best hope would be Adel but one of those 2 is leaving Thursday. Sad but I believe it’s reasonably likely the remaining 3 will all be able to beat Sabs F2. To go a whole season without an HOH or POV win and get the money would be epic!!!

Not happening


Sabrina goes home this week
Adel wins next hoh puts up neda and heather
Jon wins POV – does not use it ofcourse!!!
Heather goes home
Final 3 – Neda, Jon, Sabrina
Final 2 – Neda and Sabrina (if Neda wants to win)

same result


That’s not right at all dear


Unfortunately I’m also not following your logic. First you state/predict Sabrina goes home and then you list her in both F3, F2. Yikes!


Jon…..why are you giving your game away! You need to get Neda out through the hands of Adel and Heather.

Adel is NO THREAT.

Sabrina’s gonna win. -_-

A Name

LOL at Adel hexing Sabrina!

Pinocchio Obama

That was funny.


they got to see their loved ones? what??

Like Andrew last season when he couldn’t speak to his brother?


No. They traded luxuries for a 2 minute conversation.


Nope, each got to speak with their respective loved ones for, at least, a minute. Anyway, that’s my understanding of how it went down. We’ll see on wednesday.


Does anyone else find the Sabrina/Adel feud is getting old?


It’s more of a playful feud the past few days, they’ve been getting along since Ro left and their banter is funny.


John does what ever Neda want because she gets all pissed with him. She has him wrapped around her little finger to bad he does not see through her


Heather’s smartest move at this point could be to vote for Sabrina, as–assuming Neda votes for Adel–it would force Jon to have to break the tie vote and openly betray either Adel or Sabrina. At this point, I don’t think Heather has anything to lose by forcing Jon’s hand, except maybe the possibility of a F2 with Sabrina (assuming Sabrina stays this week).

another name

i believe it is still a 50/50 proposition as to which of Sabrina or Adel will go home this week. given that episodes have edited out that the original plot last week was to evict adel before jon won the hoh, i don’t think production has weighed in on the subject yet.
if they were playing the loyal alliance game, they wouldn’t have gotten rid of arlie. playing the strong four card after plotting to get rid of each other for at least a week is almost too bitter a pill for anyone to swallow, but not beyond the way things have been edited in the past.
take heart fans of adel. nothing is written in stone yet.
take heart fans of Sabrina. nothing is written in stone yet.
one of them has to go, but nobody has heard from the biggest alliance in the house yet, the production team. 🙂


Does anyone else find that Jon’s girlfriend looks a little like Lisa BBC1? Also does it seem that production is trying to seperate Jon and Neda a little example War room and solitary confinement so that they can play there own games?

The Truth

Adel is going in on Sabrina.