Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS! “He smells of sh*t, that’s how much his head is up your a$$!”

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

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10:10am – 12pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Veto Ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return – we learn that Heather used the veto to remover herself from the block. As Head of Household Jon then nominated Adel as the replacement nominee.

12pm – 12:30pm In the bedroom – Sabrina campaigns to Neda and Jon. Sabrina says you have a bigger chance of winning against me in the end. Jon asks in comps or in the end? Sabrina says in comps and in the end. Jon says No. Sabrina asks you don’t think you could beat me in the end? Jon says I don’t know. Sabrina says if you send me now, I cannot fix any of the damage that Adel does in the jury. Jon says so you’re saying send him now and you after? Sabrina says they will listen to me over anyone else. I am not going to allow the bullsh*t that he has pulled in here and there! He will go after people that you are closest to. He smells of sh*t, that’s how much his head is up your a$$. I am more trustworthy over him. If you do something for me I will do it back for you. I will be there for you guys if you guys are here for me this week. Jon asks so you think keeping you is better for all of us? Sabrina says I believe all of you will win over me. I have two jury votes. None of you will vote for me. All three of you (Heather, Neda and Jon) will win over me, Adel won’t. Sabrina leaves and says she is done talking. Neda says that she is leaning towards keeping Sabrina. Heather says she is too. Heather says if we take Adel he has a chance of beating us in the next competitions. Jon says if Adel stays and wins one of you will go if you don’t win the veto. Heather says that she thinks Adel is going to be mean to make us change our votes. She says you (Jon) got solitary confinement so that you can’t stop him. I’m not allowed in the HOH if I win HOH because that’s where I would go and hide. Jon tells them that Adel asked him if he wanted he would grab the girls by the hair and make them cry. Jon comments on how Sabrina has f**ked up every question competition. They all agree that they need to all study. Neda says I have a feeling that once you come out of solitary we will have to vote. Jon says I we won’t have any contact. Heather thinks he will go in today and be out tomorrow after 24 hours.. so we’ll still have Wednesday. Heather asks would we tell him before had that Adel is going home? Jon says no. Neda says he would blow sh*t up. All I am going to do is keep saying I don’t know. Heather says that’s what we should all do.. They talk about how Adel saying he can’t read well is a lie. Jon says as long as 1 of us beats her in veto.. when all of us are playing .. then she goes home. Jon then says I am not leaning towards anything any more .. I want Adel gone. Neda says the only reason you want him gone is because you want to beat Sabrina in the competition next week.

BBCAN2-2014-04-28 09-16-16-031

Out in the hot tub room – Sabrina says I’m like a cat, I’ve got 9 lives ..and this is my 7th, so I’ve still got two left. I’m making it to final 2 baby!

BBCAN2-2014-04-28 09-23-53-044

12:40pm – 12:50pm Heather and Neda head into the storage room and find the Sabrina’s slop. Heather yells and tells Sabrina her slop is here. Salsa, syrup, BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, sugar, etc. Sabrina asks them to make sure she doesn’t eat anything else because at this point in the game I could get a vote against me and I would go. Sabrina asks are you guys thinking of me staying and him going? Neda and Heather says yes. Sabrina says I swear on my head that I won’t go against you. Sabrina leaves. Neda tells Heather how Adel told her he was going to try and make a final 2 with you just to see if you would tell us. He is going to make up so much bullsh*t the next 36 hours because he has to stay up. Heather tells Neda that she will tell her everything that Adel says but for Neda to tell him that I’ve told you nothing. Neda agrees. Heather says I can’t believe I can’t go in the HOH room any more. Jon and Heather head into the storage room. Jon tells Heather that Adel is going to try and make a final 2 with you. Heather asks does he actually think I’m stupid. Heather tells Jon she’ll tell him whatever he tells her.

Sabrina leaves the hot tub room and comes back .. she motions to the camera that Adel is sleeping. She continues to motion to the camera because big brother doesn’t do anything about Adel sleeping.

1pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds…

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Yes! Keep Sabrina more drama

Now next week’s veto is do or die. I like John/Neda but I really want them to sweat bahaha

Bye Adel. Glad Heather is safe this week(:


These people are ridiculous, they made an alliance that they backstabbed instantly and they keep lying to themselves firts and foremost. Please, what is Sabrina still doing in there. As much as I cannot stand her I can now see that she will make it to final two because these sloppy seconds completely underestimate her persuasive capabilities. They also are two busy backstabbing each other than paying attention to the game. Sorry Neda and Heather, but I am starting to think that you will not win against Sabrina in F2. No way. And Jon needs to wake up: he is being totally manipulated and playing the game for Neda…it makes him look really desperate at this point.


Jon doesn’t look desperate, his only loyalty is to neda, and he mistakenly assumes her only loyalty is to him. He has never seen BB before and even if he had he would probably still assume she has to be loyal to someone (him). It’s been working well so far but next week if he doesn’t win veto his game is over. Luckily he knows that. Hopefully he doesn’t think a veto win for Neda is equivalent to a veto win for him.


oops sorry for the typos

just an opinion

No worries, it happens. We are all guilty of that 🙂

A Name

Jon’s such a liar! Adel NEVER said he’d grab the girls hair, are you kidding me?!?! He said “I’ll make them cry just to ensure you get the votes” OBVIOUSLY he was bluffing. I can’t wait for Neda to destroy his game next week. BYE


You don’t know that though, the feeds are off more than they are on.
He could have said that, we just didn’t see it during the many HOURS the feeds were on hush hush.


I agree, even with the feeds, there’s a lot more that we don’t get to see. I feel that production tries really hard to give Adel a good edit, but my guy tells me he’s not as nice as they portray him to be, sometimes you can definitely see his ugly show. To be honest I’m not surprised if he said those things, especially with his twisted “strategy” to be mean to everyone. It don’t even think it’s for game, I think that’s just how he justifies it to himself to be mean and awful to people. As annoying as Sabrina can be, Adel has definitely crossed the line in being plain awful to her and even goes out of the way to be rude to her. Like last week in the hot tub when the six of them were smoking cigars in the hot tub and just talking about first impressions of each other, Adel went out of his way to cause shit and bring up Sabrina being mean to Heather even though it obviously upset both Heather and Sabrina. So for me, indefinitely do not buy the whole Adel is the nice guy crap.


as much as I want Sobrina to go, seeing Adel (chicken..yes he looks like one IMO) will be so much fun. haha

He’s annoying as F


jon is obviously giving away the money to the girls…. if he thinks neda is not going to take him out next week his a freaking moron….


I hope its Heather that takes him out.


WTH is Jon thinking. Adel is probably the only one who will take him to the F2. I believe it will be Heather and Neda in the final 2. I am pretty sure Neda will vote Jon out as she is really playing the game. They so misinterpreted their letters by guessing they were being warned about the S2nd. You have Arlie and Allison in the jury house who are super fans ……. I think they will respect the game of Neda and vote for her to win. They figured it was her who was manipulating Jon and will respect her game play. Jon you dumb ass you only have a chance against Heather or Adel!!! If it comes down to Heather and Adel they will take Jon to the F2 I am not so sure Neda will do the same after her session with Emmett and Jillian.


I wonder if sabrina will still tell heather everything that if she didnt win the veto she was gone … if sabrina tells heather that game change … IF sabrina snitch on neda adel stays because heather will tell neda lol.


I think if Sabrina somehow miraculously wins the final HOH comp, she can win the whole thing. The one thing that she has had going for her this entire game is her loyalty and no one on the jury can really blame her for their eviction.


im thinking heather kinda suspected this anyways, if Sabrina tells her that the plan was to get her out, im sure she would not be that surprised …


Hope Sabrina wins. She is a survivor. She is a great negotiator and is playing the game. Everyone has their strategy and that’s hers. People are saying Sabrina is a slob, but Neda is too! Drinking pickle juice from the jar? WTF That’s gross.


I wish some of the other evicted house guests had played the game as hard as Sabs when they were on the block


heathers punishment is the easiet.. big deal u cant go to the hoh room anymore,,,


im guessing the reason for so many hush hush is that production are telling them to stop doing something..


Face it, next week nobody is safe unless they win HOH or POV. Anything can happen because there is only one vote, the person that isn’t on the block. Even if Neda is HOH next week, Jon can still go home, and it wouldn’t even be her fault. Even if she were to nominate Sabs and Heather, if one of them wins POV, Jon has to go up because there is nobody else. Sabs would probably vote to keep him, but Heather would probably vote him out, and this is the best case scenario for Neda because her biggest threat is gone, but not her fault. Neda is in a good place in the game, if she was on the block next week with Heather, Jon would keep Neda. If she was on the block with Jon, Heather would keep Neda. The only way Jon is doesn’t go home next week is if he wins Veto. If Neda is the only vote against Jon and Sabs or Heather, I am pretty sure, fingers crossed that she votes him out, but I am not so sure. Neda is safer than any of the others, but things can change so fast.


Neda is starting to realize that Sabs could beat her in final two. The one problem I saw was that Sabrina told them over and over that they would all win against Adel. Maybe they should ensure that she is in jury then, after all she is very persuasive.

The Truth

I agree Evo. I don’t understand Sabrina’s logic. If she believes that Jon, Neda and Heather would win against her and she would win against Adel doesn’t that put him at the bottom of the totem pole. Therefore he would be their best chance at winning based on her own logic.

bb is a house full of crazy

Jon just ruined his game for not putting up Neda. He’s gone next week. Why is Sabrina still there? I couldn’t tell you but she has a great chance to be in final 2. Jon… dumb ass…he’s a good individual but he puts too much of his game on Neda’s decisions and game play. Her game play is to get him out before final 2….how can he not realize that??? The signs are all there. Neda is increasingly sketchy when it comes to their conversations and Adel has warned him a few times now.

A Name

Jon is a moron. Can’t wait to see him in the jury house next week!

team adel

Lol why doesn’t adel tell heather they were planning to take you out, they are lying I don’t understand how keeping sabrina is good for Jon, he should be campaigning for adel to stay. Sorry but Jon , has no brain and he is actually worse then rochelle, so controlled can’t wait for neda to back stab him

another name

the only problem with Adel telling Heather about the conspiracy is that Adel was part of that conspiracy. Since Heather trusts Adel least of the three (I’m not saying he’s the least trustworthy, I’m saying she trusts him the least) ever since he stopped talking game with her two or three weeks ago, she would erroneously believe Neda over Adel. If he tells her about the plot, he assures his exit from the house.


I Know exactly what you mean Jon is obviously not playing to win because he would have put Neda up. Adel tried to get him to understand that he’s playing Neda’s game for her but he doesn’t listen. I will laugh so hard when he goes to jury after he sends Adel, his only ally .


Couple things Sabrina still looks like the penguin. Second she has not won a single comp in that house. I agree Adels win was luck but at least he knows when he is lying. It clear something is wrong with Sabrina with the clips from last week when she lied about the sugar. She needs to go. Make the final four a battle between two sides. Split up neda and jon. Make this season worth it.

Nana Jo

Heather’s punishment is easy compared to the rest. I guess it was difficult for production to come up with something, and she does like to get away by herself there and listen to music. I think she would have found it harder to be without make-up, though. If it was me, I would totally love Jon’s punishment… 24 hours of blissful solitary aloneness after 2 months of craziness!

Sabs is already bitching about being on slop and it’s only been about five minutes! She’ll be a basket case by tomorrow. I wish it were for longer!


It is best to get Adel out- Sabrina cannot seem to win a competition, physical or mental.


Smarter move for Jon would’ve been to get Neda out, Adel would stick with Jon over Sabrina and maybe over Heather.

another name

strategically, getting neda out is a wise move with the information we have. but we have more information than jon has. given his information and false trust in neda, he would be thinking it would wreck him in the eyes of the jury when they ask the inevitable question “you stabbed arlie in the back, mr. nice guy, so tell us, who were you loyal to?” loyalty is almost always one of the questions that gets put to the finalists. he can argue arlie’s strengths sent him packing, but if he does the same thing during both his head of households (getting rid of his most longterm ally), my opinion is he thinks he would lose at least one vote in jury. i could be wrong if I’m giving him too much credit for thinking more than one move ahead without someone pulling his strings.


I would vote for him with the argument that his loyalty is to himself and the game. But others might not.


In Jon’s mind no one is with him except possibly Neda. If he cuts her this week, It’s him against the house. He doesn’t really believe Adel wants to go to the end with him, just that Adel might actually pick him over Neda at final three, whereas Heather definitely wouldn’t. That’s small chance and her being stronger in challenges was why he was chose Adel over Heather. But now that Heather’s not an option, the weakest player Sabs becomes his best bet to take himself further.

heather has no game

I don’t understand all the Heather love. She has no game. I’ve watched Big Brother for years and I personally do not consider someone who just survives by winning veto if they’re on the block a “gamer.” I cringe when I watch these videos because Heather thinks that Jon and Neda are actually considering her opinion, which they clearly are not. She sucks! I don’t understand all the love Heather is getting whereas Queen Neda (the best gamer in there BY FAR…) is getting so much hate these days! Heather is so boring to watch and even Sabs will beat her in the final two!