“Psycho psycho psychopath psychopath” .. “Drop it like you drop your pants Amanda’

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Sept 7*
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 9th*
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


8:30pm Kitchen GM and Andy


8:51pm Kitchen table JUDD, McCrae and Spencer

JUDD asks McCrae if LEissa is still pissed. McCrae says he thinks so.
JUDD tells McCrae he wasn’t cussing ELissa out. Saying f*** you one time isn’t cussing someone out.

JUDD says before when people would talk about how annoying Elissa was he thought they were exaggerating. He thinks when you don’t like someone you tend to exaggerate. Thats what JUDD thought everyone was doing about ELissa but now he realizes they weren’t.
McCrae – ‘It’s super annoying’

They start talking about Board games. McCrae says he really likes playing settlers of catan
JUDD says he likes scattergories.


8:57pm bedroom Elissa sleeping in the nick bed

9:09pm Kitchen
MC tells them about Kaysar getting a hookah when he won HOH. JUDD is joking around says he’s pissed that they won’t give him a pack of cigarettes but they gave kaysar a f**** hookah.
MC says Kaysar was an all star, Andy points out that JUDD was a returning player.


9:30pm kitchen everyone but Elissa

Amanda asks GM what is going on with the bed and Ellissa. GM asks her why she is smirking, “What’s so f*** funny.. I talked to Elissa’
A – you’ve had a freaking attitude today’
GM – I already spoke to her
A – Why are you telling me this
GM explains to her what Elissa and her talked about when it comes to the Nick bed.
Amanda – ‘I don’t care GM it’s not all about you’
GM says she was smirking so GM is going to explain, “I was nice enough to give you and McCrae my F*** room tonight”

A- ‘I don’t care don’t… what are you talking about’
GM accuses Amanda of making her look stupid.
Amanda denies.
GM confronts her about telling everyone she makes herself throw up.
A – Aaryn was the one telling people that’
A – I don’t want to fight with you right now.. I think you just want to fight with me.
GM tells Amanda She jumped in the sack with the first HOH
Amanda tells GM she on a roll tonight.
Amanda calls GM psychotic tells her everyone knows that Nick wants nothing to do with her, “Thats how you are portrayed in this house as the psycho’ .
GM – ‘and you are a dirty dirtbag wh*re’
A – ‘I’m a wh*re that’s been with the same guy all summer’
GM – ‘You’ve f*** a billion guys.. McCrae I feel bad for you bro’
A- what are you worried about GM you seem worried.. i’m going home what do you care.. .honey you have no power tomorrow you can’t even vote.
GM says Amanda has multiple personalities she’s on 50 pounds of medication.
GM says Amanda has a cocaine problem.

GM – ‘you are a psychotic b!tch who takes medication’
Amanda – you should be on medication
GM accuses Amanda of using McCrae in the game she calls her a dirty b!tch
Amanda – ‘how did I use him mature 33 year old woman.. it’s OK Gm you are going to marry nick you and Nick are going to get married’
GM -’hows your yeast infection’
A – ‘hows your two cl!t rings.. you’re a 33 year old woman with a tongue ring.. class act’

GM – ‘How about your tramp stamp’
A – yes that was a mistake’ ..
GM – ‘I don’t know what looks better your tramp stamp our your f** face’
A – ‘you’re 33 year old and single’
GM – ‘I just broke up with my fiancee”
A – 3 years ago
GM – 2 years
A – NIck wanted you gone.. he slept with a pillow between you wearing a hoodie.. Psycho’
Amanda – ‘Psycho psycho psychopath psychopath’
GM – ‘F*** yeast infection.. extra f** cottage cheese pu$$y.. F*** in every room of the house.. nasty’
Amanda- ‘You are f*** nuts I know why you are single.. you are f*** nuts’
GM -’Am I on medication for being nuts no’
Amanda – ‘you are f*** nuts’

Amanda – ‘why are you attacking me..’
GM – ‘I’m attacking you .. after you attacked everyone in here’
Amanda – ‘we’ll see who gets that last laugh’
GM – ‘we will oh we will.. you don’t leave tomorrow you will leave next week’
Amanda – ‘oh my god you are way more psychotic than I thought’
GM – ‘you’re f** vagina must look like 50Lbs big like your mouth..’
(Andy, JUDD laughed at some parts of this conversation it was pretty over the top)

CBS Interactive Inc.


A – ‘you’ve been iona bad mood all day
GM – ya because my fuf** foot hurts you dumb b!tch
Amanda says Nick is probably embarrassed by GM
GM says Amanda’s mom is probably embarrassed from her showing her T!Ts around on the feeds
Amanda says GM has been a b!tch all day and she was teh one that wanted to fight.
GM tells her to shut she’s trying to play Jenga Jenga Je je je Jenga. Amanda gets in her face Asks GM what is she going to do. Amanda eggs her one “Do something”
GM – “Brush your teeth’
Amanda says GM has a busted ugly face
GM says Amanda has cellulite.
A – ‘You are the dumbest f** girl’
GM – ‘you s*** c*** for money’
A – You are you.. you know me.. you know me now.. you are the most immature 33 year old I ever met’
GM tells her to drop it, “Drop it like you drop your pants Amanda’

Andy starts laughing, Amanda – “you’re enabling her horrible f** behavior Andy.. ”
Andy says he’s just laughing and the crazy talk nothing in particular.

Amanda starts to cry

GM – ‘Ohh lets start with the water works… the academy award goes to Amanda.. oh waterworks with out any tears maybe they dried up from all that medication you take… And scene big brother cut to a comercial break’
Amanda leaves.

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9:46pm Have nots room Amanda and McCrae
A – you just sit there let her degrade me
MC – what am I supposed to do
A – “Anything,. you sit there like a pu$$y and enables her.. you sit there and let her take these digs out on me”
MC – If everything goes as planned it ill be f*** fine
A – Andy is laughing… Spencer is laughing .. JUDD is laughing
Amanda says she never did anything to GM and all the guys were enabling her.
A – ‘what hurts the most is you just sit there.. there comes a point where you f*** be a man.. you stand up and you stand up for me.. you are sitting there like a big pu$$y’
A – I need a man.. you see her attacking me for no reason and you just let her keep going.
A -’ if any other man with any other woman was here he would not sit there and let this happen.. you were like a little boy you are a grown a$$ man’
MC – ‘I f** playing a mother f*** game’
A – “She doesn’t have power next week.. it’s disgusting.. you love me and you let her call me a wh*re”
Amanda tells him if anyone talked to him like that she would go to war.
McCrae tells her it’s that attitude that has put her on the block.
Amanda – “you sat there and watched it.. ” Amadna storms out.


9:52 Kitchen everyone but McCrae and Elissa

Amanda says they were laughing while GM degraded her looks, personality and her sexuality.
GM – ‘you went low to Amanda’
ANdy says he wasn’t laughing at one particular comment I was laughing we were playing jenga in the middle of it it wasn’t against any other of you.
Amanda – “Thats disgusting’
GM – ‘If that was disgusting you better backtrack all the things you said to everyone in this house”
Amanda – ‘I did.. I apologized to every single person I got in a fight with’
GM – “you want me to Apologize.. fine I apologize Amanda.. “
Amanda leaves tells GM it doesn’t sounds meaningful
GM – “I do apologize.. I know it’s a tough week’

Amanda says the worst thing about it was there was 4 gross a$$ men watching and laughing. JUDD steps up says he’s not going to get involved in a girl fight. Spencer says the same.. they try to explain to her if it was a girl and a guy it would have been different.

GM goes into the have nots room to apologize to McCrae and Amanda.



10:28pm HOH JUDD and Elissa
JUDD – “Elissa.. that was for show.. I didn’t mean that it was for show.. just keep acting mad“
JUDD – ‘Just don’t really be mad at me
Elissa – ‘I don’t think it’s funny you don’t cuss at me’
JUDD – I didn’t say anything about you
Elissa – you said Shut the f*** up Elissa
JUDD – ya but it was for show so they don’t think we are together
Elissa – you don’t have the right to cuss at me

JUDD – I couldn’t tell ya I wanted you to be really mad
GM, Spencer and Andy come in

10:57pm Amanda and McCrae Bedroom
Amanda says she upset that everyone laughed…
Amanda – “I did instigate her” (LOL)
MC – ‘That is why I Was pissed off you wanted me jump into a fight that you started’


11:00pm cockpit Exterminators – GM

They are going over their plan for the next HOH. If McCrae wins HOH they tell him ELissa leaked the plan to vote out Spencer and voted to evict Amanda.
If Elissa wins HOH they will tell her McCrae was trying to start a boys alliance he voted Amanda out and leaked the plan to get out Spencer.

Andy – ‘We can do this’
Specner – ‘We are going to do this’
JUDD – ‘I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.. I’m not’

11:26pm ELissa and GM HOH
GM tells her about Amanda getting up in her face. ELissa says she has never ever met anyone like Amanada.
Elissa – ‘I’ve had enough of Amanda after this.. ‘
Elissa says McCrae and Amanda both have to go. Elissa adds that JUDD is being weird. GM says JUDD is worried about the double because that is how he went out last time.
Elissa – ‘Oh my gosh’
GM – did he apologize
Elissa – “yes just making excuses for it.. I feel like everyone just blames the game i’m just like.. I dunno”
E – Judd gets to me sometimes
GM – I know.. he got snappy with Andy one time
Elissa – ‘Oh my gosh.. is this the colour of makeup you use’
Elissa – “Oh my gosh.. I can’t believe this is real life.. my husband never yells at me like that’
GM mentions that Amanada always tries to herself look like the victim. Elissa agrees.


11:44pm Loofah Head

11:54pm Cockpit Andy and Spencer

Spencer say he does trust JUDD.

Spencer will not be cool if he goes up as a pawn the initial nominee.
Spencer – ‘I’m tired of being on the block.. I mean that’s crazy’
Ansy – ‘I just want tomorrow to be over with’
Spencer – ‘Ya me too’

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ugh, these people :(

This can't be right

Gina Marie is 33 and the oldest in the house? Spencer is supposed to be 26 years old how is that right? Spencer looks around 40

Googke It

Spencer is 31


In Dog Years


That is sooo bad, but I totally just spit my drink out reading that. lol


So let me see if I have this right. Amanda terrorizes Elissa for 5 hours and verbally attacks everyone in Elissa’s life last week. Elissa tells Aaryn, that she made a mistake and should of put up Amanda. Gina might be with the Exterminators, but she felt some loyalty to Elissa, and didn’t put her up as a replacement this week. Elissa then comes out of DR this week, and is back in love with Amanda. Elissa wants to give power in the house back to Amanda/ McCrae. Elissa wants this to happen so bad that she even gives up her wedding ring. Amanda being Amanda then gets into a fight with Gina on Elissa’s behalf over Nick’s bed.

Elissa is now upset again with Amanda’s behavior and wants Amanda out. Wow! Ah, Elissa, I don’t think its that easy. What little trust you had with Gina is gone and Judd the madman is upset. You went to the dark side to Amanda/ McCrae that have no loyalty to you and gave them the ring. Now you want Amanda out again. You are literally in no man’s land.


This just confirms what I’ve thought, Elissa never intended to vote for Amanda. This is her plan to out Andy. I’m so certain of it. And I was starting to hate GM for her terrible comments but after this fight, I respect her more. Amanda is down right bat a$$ crazy!!! Seriously, she picks fights with every girl and then acts like the victim. Can you say, CRAZY!


in all seriousness think mccrae just realized theres no way he could deal with the drama from Amanda long term he sees she starts the fights and told her that’s why he didn’t do anything and if she cant realize she starts the fights you could never have a rational conversation with her when times are tough


@Joker I think Elissa is just playing the game. Elissa is telling GM what she wants to hear just like anyone else would whether they mean it or not. Elissa did tell Judd that she was through with Amanda as a friend after this game is done. Judd told Elissa that he is through with Amanda either way. I think Judd genuinely likes Elissa. Judd said he wanted to throw everyone off and make them not think that Elissa and him were working together. @Mastermind I have more respect for GM too. I still don’t like the racists’ side of GM. GM said a lot of things that America is glad she said. At least, she stood up to Demanda.


the thing that bugs me the most is how demanda goes on and on about someone needing to step in. that bitch has the nerve to act like that the way she has bullied people?

i will give her one thing though about people enabling that kind of behavior. they all do it, all season.

but the nerve of her trying to act like that was the first time anyone had enabled bullying and fighting and whatnot.


It was a BB highlight this season with GM giving a tongue lashing to bully/whore/bigoted Amanda. Guess we come to expect that from GM even though she is all over the board with her diarrhea mouth. Wish she didn’t have to make negative references to those with autism and the size of Amanda’s Jewish nose.

BB, can you sign her up for classes at a charm school since she will have time in between standing in lines at the unemployment office?

RIP Philadelphia Collins

LOL….you are offended by the Jewish Nose comment? What about the v*gina comments, tramp stamp, piercings…..on and on and on.


Amanda has a classic case of narcissism. She has no empathy towards other people. She cannot put herself in their shoes and so she attacks and provokes people and then doesn’t understand when they attack her back. GM is the only person that has really given her a run for her money so of course the only way she can “control” the situation is to flee and then to complain to her inner circle about how awful everyone is treating her. She’s a piece of work. If I was McCrae I would run as fast as I could.


Amanda is so ENTITLED! I was on Huffington Post and saw a video of Dr. Phil talking about his book. This describes Amanda:

1.) Arrogant entitlement – really believe they are entitled to your life
2.) Lack empathy – don’t have any feeling at all for what you are experiencing/don’t know how to stand in someone else’s shoes
3.) No remorse/guilt – the other person (her victim) is always right
4.) Irresponsible/self-destructive – even while she is on the block and should be trying to stay
5.) Thrive on drama – always stirring up stuff – MC told her he did not want to get involved in a fight she started
6.) Brag about outsmarting – you will hear them brag about the last person they screwed over
7.) Short-term relationships – fill in the black space
8.) Fantasy world/delusional – always putting others around the drama to side with her against the person she is attacking


Still Have No Idea If Amanda Or Spencer Is Going Home. 8Pm Can’t Come Any Faster. Can’t Wait For The Episode To Play Out.


Id be shocked if Amanda stays. Andy has flipped for sure. I actually dispise him more then Amanda. Going to tell everyone what everyone says just to stir up sh*t, that’s not even game related. He’s the biggest bitch ever..


Buffalo Bill where are you? Tomorrow is D Day for your Jewish Queen. I’m the only one who cares about your Vegas money! lol

OK in all seriousness I still pick Ellisa as the 1st evicted Thursday night. Amanda is either drop dead Pchyco OR she has a power. I’m still betting on Grodner and the fix. Other wise how do the get Amanda back in the game if she gets evicted? Production has to believe that Exterminators(Andy) are pretty solid on voting out Amanda. Unless they are going to offer big money to Andy to flip getting Ellisa to flip doesn’t accomplish much except drama!

If Amanda does go Thursday we still have someone to root for for eviction and that’s everyone dear friend Andy. Our season will have gotten better but not a forgone conclusion. From Helen’s eviction on the season has been worth watching again. We’ll see how the double goes. I like most enjoy double eviction nights. Amanda plus MC/Ellisa would be a big night for BB nation. Spence and GM appear most at risk if Ellisa or MC win HOH. If 2 Exterminators are the choices unless the unlikely pair of Andy and Judd are the choices either Spence or GM go out second today.


Watched the fight on quad cams. Too funny! All of it!

Just write the check out to . . . A-maaan-duh!


Then, Amanda put herself in time-out in the have-not room! LMAO


Dat’s right, GM! U de baddest bit*h in the house now!


Too bad she didn’t go behind the trash can again. Can you imagine how much fun GM would have had with THAT!

Elissa for the Win

yeah first in the havenot room then the photo booth! hilarious! poor poor damanda! she made herself look even more foolish last night! hope she goes 1st, then the red rat bastard right behind her!!!

RIP Philadelphia Collins

…..and in the Photo Booth! LMAO


I laughed so hard watching this fight, GM said some very funny comments, although low blows they were funny and Amanda is getting what she gave, so fair is fair. I was wondering why MC didn’t tell the girls to cool it and get Amanda out of the situation, he certainly doesn’t stand up for her which is the only thing Manda said that I agree with, but thanks GM for finally giving us some funny entertainment, don’t blame the guys for laughing, those comments are so funny.


How are these people the ones left in the house?!
Amanda makes me miss Helen
Andy makes me miss David
Spencer makes me miss Jeremy
McCrissy makes me miss not puking my lunch

I say

This is not a reality show. I don’t hate anyone on this show. I dislike that they have coached these actors to behave subhuman. I do not believe that all of them are actors, but they are using the mob mentality of everyone joining in and hating on one person. I feel the plants are Elissa, Amanda and Andy. Plus would like to add/ask one thing that REALLY bothers me-How can any one of these people eat anything Spencer has touched when he constantly has his hand(s) down his pants stratching his or playing with his privates? Just saying…yuck!

Ginger RAT

Last night’s episode was so boring. When the Rat Alliance were in the HOH doing their exterminating motion – ugh! They look just plain foolish. The Rat is really something else: not only does he lie so effortlessly but he goes the extra mile and elaborates on the lie.

Amandas Vagina

I’m gonna slather the house with my juicy love. I aint goin nowhere fools!


Omg! Watching this fight tonight was hilarious. McCrae is such a wimp. At one point he was hiding around the corner, lol. I get that he doesn’t want to screw up his game but he should have at least tried to break it up. It was nice to see Amanda get back what she’s been dishing out this whole time though.

Yep haha

He was around the corner biting his nails lol.


These two won’t last 2 weeks outside the BB house. And neither will that half a mill if Amanda gets her hands on it!


If it look like a pussy, act like a pussy an smell like onion pussy…….guess what McCrea you are a pussy. How dare you allow that man to call you out and you are biting your nails like a little girl. lol Ring ring……..hello this is Mike Boogie can I speak to the pussy in the house, hold on………..MC telephone.


Amanda is …. mental. As for McCrae, he has game sense, but should have let Amanda alone in her self-assigned despair (grin). He has earned the McPussy title, following her around, but at least he did give her a few much needed comments. Then as is typical, Amanda turned off her self-pity tears and became animated Amanda. McCrae will have no fingers left one of these days, ya, yup, ya…


LOL McCrae is such a wimp of course he wasn’t gonna say anything. Amanda knows she’s the man in their showmance. But McCrae has no emotional attachment to Amanda, it really is purely game for him, so it doesn’t surprise me he just sat there quiet. The fact that Production had to force him to cry in his DR sessions and I’m sure they fed him sappy lines, it was so pathetic, I was cringing.


Nice to have someone grow on you who continues to make racist remarks. Just the other day she said “all asians look alike. Wow someone to root for!

Elissa for the Win

Yeah Production probably gave him a whiff of damanda’s onion to make him cry! And omg, wish Production would put cayenne pepper on his finger nails and hands! If he wasn’t chewing on his nails, he was chewing on his knuckles! What is wrong with him??????? And he thinks CBS will want him to work for them after the show like they did with Jeff, Boston Rob and a few others? He’s almost as delusional as damanda!


SO F*CKING HILARIOUS!!! I think I have just forgiven GinaMarie for all the sh!t she’s said for going in HARD on Amanda! It is f*cking awesome that someone finally stepped up and put Amanda in her place. Call me crazy but she is really growing on me. Wouldn’t mind her and Judd final two!!!


You seriously just articulated everything I have been thinking!!! WTG!!!!


THANK YOU!!! That’s what I am saying, GM and Judd all the way. And for the moment, GM is my HERO!!! Amanda is such a little bitch!!!! She just got the first dose of what she is going to face from other people for a long time to come. YOU ACT LIKE A CRAZY PSYCHO BIT**CH WH*RE, YOU GET TREATED LIKE ONE…BITCH! Way to go GM!!!


Amanda instigated the fight maybe she thought Ginamarie is like the others but nooooo. Amanda lost this one. GinaMarie put her in her placed the Bully who met her matched. LOL.

The illustrious Skidd Marks aka Jack Schitt

I’m no McRae fan, but I have to side with him on this one…you don’t get between 2 women fighting. Especially when it’s “your” woman who started it. It’s not like she’s really his wife or anything. Mcrae might be starting to finally get it that this girl has some kind of imbalance, and she’s going to screw his game. The best thing he can do if he should happen to win the money is run back to Minnesota and never contact her again. He actually missed out on the perfect chance to break loose from her when she challenged him for not defending her.

If this kid isn’t smart, Amanda is going to fly him out to Florida, take him for whatever he has, emasculate him even further than she already has, trap him with a baby, and drive him to commit suicide.


That’s hysterical !!


like you said fly him to florida he has no money like before she said would you pay if we went out he didn’t say yes he said if he had the money that means he never has money


Howard stepped in a fight between three women and he handled it with class. That said, I can’t see MC tossing Amanda over his shoulder. ;)


Class huh? Personally I would be pissed as hell if someone threw me over their shoulder like that


Sooooooo Funny!!! See This Is Why I Don’t Won’t Amanda Gone. She’s Great For TV Ratings. CBS I Totally Get It!!


Don’t Get It Twisted, I Don’t Want Amanda To Win

Horse Duvers

Yeah, I’m totally okay that this fight was hilarious, and it may or may not be some kind of set up acting job like in wrestling.

I have a much more serious dilemma here that nobody is mentioning – Andy is spelling his name out with Play Doh on the dining table! WTF Seriously?

First of all, why in hell would there be Play Doh in the Big Brother House? And nobody on this site is mentioning it, I must be really out of touch!

I’ve been around 7 or 8 year old kids that would do that, but not a 12 year old like Andy! I don’t get it. Somebody please reply and tell me this was just another
acting job by Andy, just like the main event the big Amanda/GM blowout.


Now, I an idea of that fight, nothing said there that’s worst than what Amanda has said about others when they were fighting, so why is she playing the victim yet again??


Apparently, it’s one of her favorite things to do.


Yes, Amanda loves playing the victim and she loves f*cking nasty ass McCrae on live TV even though she means nothing to him, except an easy piece of ass… it’s clear McCrae has already realized the negative impacts she will have on his game and life… I think even McCrae has had enough of the easy whore, ahh at least she served a good purpose for him while stuck in the BB house all summer, easy P*ssy… so much p*ssy, he has turned it down many times…lol…lol…lol!


Wow, watching BBAD! Amanda is making a huge deal and crying about GM doing the same thing (but not quite as bad) as Amanda has been doing to others all season. Guess she can dish it out but can’t take it.

Amanda's Therapist

name* A m a d na – did not fool anybody!!
GM WAS Sôoooooooo OBVIOUS!~!

Dr. Phil

Now I’m gonna need you to hand over that therapist licence before you hurt yourself.


Amanda’s been sucking McCrae’s dick all season and the guy wouldn’t even stand up for her during the fight. He sat there as quiet as a mouse. When Amanda finally walked off he stayed and watched GM finish playing Jenga, lol. What’s the point of being with a man who is as soft as a woman? I couldn’t stop laughing. That whole scene was priceless.


MissCrae is a woman herself, what could she do???? LOL


I doubt McCrae would even stick up for MCCRAE during a fight! I think Amanda has punched a lot more people in the face than he ever has.




*nibbles on cum stained fingers*

Get the popcorn

The two house guests I dislike the most get into a big fight, it was great I wanted to start playing some mortal kombat music FINISH HIM well In this case finish her.


I hate both GM and Amanda equally.


Them two Amanda and GM are nasty and I hope they feel shamed and hurt from the stuff they said to each other because they both said some truth in that lil cat fight! it was funny and I liked it that is was psycho bitch Vs psycho bitch!


it had everything that could never ever be inside the shooting
script of GREASE in the early 80s or even WEST SIDE STORY
in the late 50s. the bitchin’ fight is the condensed version of
the tru~fan “cat~people” fights here and at other BB net~sites!


Yeah right! It’s actually hard to pick which one to dislike more! I think it depends on the hour. I will say that GM has prob said the most vile things, but has also provided way more comic relief


Andy needs to be found out. WTH is wrong with these losers !


Amanda could be much more entertaining if she can take what she dishes out, but she’s only crass when she had the numbers in the house(power), as the numbers dwindled down she began to play innocent more and more. If this argument happens 4 or 5 weeks ago, Amanda wouldn’t have ran away crying.

what the fuk

that was funny!


Amanda’s 80% chance of leaving just went WAY up. Anyone smell cheese? (Andy walks in)

Andy's Yeast Infection

Andy reminds me of a pr*ck with ears. In what world does a man call women c*nts? Little fudge packing cry baby.

Lets get ready to rumble

If prince Harry take a dump it would look like andy


Seriously!!! Andy freaked out when people called him a F Blank G, But calling people a Cee U Next Tuesday is Okay?!?!?! I think not!!!


This guy Andy needs to go. I pray he and Spence don’t make F2




Also, there were A LOT of unnecessary low blows. Insulting someone for potentially being bulimic or dissing someone for being on medication for their mental well-being is just wrong. Both women need to grow the fuck up.


I would just like to point out you can add Elissa to the list of women who needs to grow up, seeing as she basically used the fact that Jessie took medication to hurt her in a similar manner. A couple houseguests even called her out for the insensitivity. Her defense was that she was “looking out for Jessie.” Obviously, no one with a brain was buying it.


Judd and Elissa are in a scret alliance????




I dont’ think so.i think he’s just saying what Elissa wants to hear so that incase she wins HOH she wll not nominate him. He seems to be genuinely involved with the exterminators


They did have an alliance and Judd was true to it. But when Elissa started trying to flip on him with Amanda, my dude got PISSED! He is just fed up with the same things he was doing this season. I think Judd is straightened out and has woken up to the truth, but still he get’s mad at stuff he did earlier in the game.


Amanda – “what are you worried about GM you seem worried.. i’m going home what do you care.. .honey you have no power tomorrow YOU CAN’T EVEN VOTE.

Oh will Amanda be in for a rude awakening when it ends up being a tie.


I think a napalm bomb on the BB house would clear things up fairly well. We just need to make sure that there are a bunch of BB production stooges there when it drops.

The Real Housewives of….

So true, especially about production – definition of Reality TV: television programs focusing on members of the public living in conditions created especially by the program makers. Definition of program: a planned series of future events, items, or performances. What a colossal mess BB 15 has turned into – I said it earlier, CBS should have hired Andy Cohen as this season’s producer and editor. But it is what it is – hopefully tonight will at least be entertaining.


Loved it. So glad to see her get her butt handed to her with some New York attitude. She did smirk, whatever her reason was. And she kept attacking GM right back, instead of walking away like an adult. I don’t feel sorry for her.


did judd tell mccray that amanda may have his vote tomorrow in their bedroom,, it cut to commercial on the after dark and i missed it. is elissa and judd planning to keep amanda and go to final 4 and blow of exterminator crazies? and calling out andyrat… would be so nice. sweet.


As far as I know, Judd’s vote will be to evict Amanda. But was he smoking when they came back from that commercial? I’ve got a feeling he’d do just about anything for some cigarettes. Amanda can give him one pack now, and 9 more on Friday!


BBAD didn’t catch that judd’s comment, I doubt he said anything like that, unless he was telling them what they wanted to hear. Maybe the live feeders caught it…


No, thats not going to happen. Judd is clearly w the new alliance Exterminators. He’s covering his tookus.


Look at the McCranda Drones downvoting… Awww are you mad Amanda can’t take back what she dishes out????

Just as delusional as Brenchel Drones.


Ha Ha Ha…GM Was Talking Like Amanda And Said…”GM Save Me And I Swear I’ll Give You My First Born Child” Ha Ha Ha


This is o FAKE! Just putting on a big show or he live Feed and BBAD for ratings and rush for sign ups. It’s was so boring production had o get something started.


So I saw someone somewhere make a comment that Judd was just acting being mad at Elissa. I thought wow that would be genius and really help him play both sides but I couldn’t really see Judd doing that. On the other hand his anger seems so out of place and I can’t ever see what she has done to piss him off so now I am getting my hopes up that this is really true. I really don’t want Judd to be a stupid two faced floater I really want him to be “playing” the game!


Does anyone else think Judd is playing everyone or is this just my BB wet dream? Also when Elissa came out of Dr with her revelation that she should keep Amanda she told Amanda “I just feel like I can trust you and Mcrae and Judd”. I wonder if she was supposed to say Andy but she is such a bad liar she forgot. Then Judd has all his angry meetings in DR. Is he acting or really pissed that they suggest he align with Elissa? If he is smart he will play the exterminators and secretly align with Elissa, that nearly guarantees he wins all the money. People love Judd and Elissa and hate Amanda they are good for ratings everyone else is just there. Production will seriously get fired if they end the season with a bunch of floaters. This is tv, reality or not nobody watches boring. I certainly hope they are doing their best in DR to convince Judd to make this move he has to if he wants to win otherwise his game play is just mediocre.


Sorry, but Judd is a stupid two-faced floater. It’s a season of floaters. From day 1 no one is a friend, no one is to be trusted that is how you play the game.


Amanda is a whack job. I can’t believe she thinks her behavior is acceptable anywhere. I really hope that Andy votes her out tomorrow. I think he will. Andy knows he has no chance of winning if he stays with 2AM.

Cut the Feed!

The craziest part was what production was trying to censor:

1. Talking about GM’s vomiting
2. Amanda’s drug use
3. References to Howard and Amanda
4. All the medication Amanda gets
5. Criticism of production for choosing certain HGs and not vetting them

I can’t believe GM didn’t hit her, to tell the truth.

The Stuff

I don’t think it is possible to accurately discern what production is trying to censor.

Amanda's Therapist



I can’t afford Showtime or a therapist.


It’s an automatic dismissal if you strike/hit someone. I think GM/A was hoping that this would happen.


GM is the only one who has the guts to stand up to Amanda! I can’t stand Amanda and I hope Mccrea will wake up to how awful she is. But he is a wimpy guy. I would never want a guy who would not defend me. Although I would never act like Amanda…lol.


Jessie wasn’t afraid of Amanda either and stood up to her.


Jessie WAS afraid of Amanda, but she still stood up to her (she may be insecure, but she is not a coward). Really Jessie (despite what GM thinks) had the biggest balls in the house, as she wanted to get Amanda much earlier in the game – she just couldn’t find anybody to back her up, and never managed to win an HOH when she needed to.

Elissa for the Win

Elissa stood up to her in the classiest way–laughed in her face several times! WTG Elissa!


Amanda love playing the “guilt trip” game with MC. I get so annoyed with that tactic. And then earlier she naming all the cons about living in Minnesota where McCrae lives. I’ve seen manipulative women in my day but man she takes the trophy so far.

Guilt trip and being Manipulative, fella have to pay attention to these type of signs when coming across women like Amanda.

you know ok...

I have not been keeping up with the feeds and I am confused as ever. So is Elissa really working with Amanda and did Judd fake a fight with Elissa? Are Judd and Elissa working together on the sly? Is Elissa planning on outing that Rat Andy with is punk ass?

Oh Ya

That fight was hilarious payback. Amanda doesn’t know you’re supposed to shut your mouth if you want someone to stop.

Couldn’t believe she complained to Elissa saying “she got so personal…criticizing my face, my family, everything.” Oh Boy. Does she so easily forget what she dished out not so long ago?

Selective memory.


Sooo, Amanda instigated that confrontation with GM? She was expecting GM to run away and hide like Elissa and Jessie did huh? GM stood up to her and gave it back to her, and she ran away to hide and cry, plying the victim card… McCrae was right not to get into it, why ruin his game because of her?


I think we all knew who would win in a battle of words between GM & Am – did Amanda really think she would back down? Hey, if you are going to instigate & start this kind of stuff don’t go off crying & whining afterwards. As much of a pussy as McCrae is I wouldn’t have got involved in that either (could have really escalated things if he had)

wiseone says..

After Judd’s talk with Elissa, I don’t think the “exterminators” are going to know what hit them come tomorrow night.
I do believe he made a final four deal (with production) to get back into the house.


Spencer says marilyn likes that he was cool in high school (over a decade ago) and she likes being with a cool guy.

BAH hahahahhahahahahahahha


What the f**k is wrong with that girl ? if she even exists/ and if she does, wow that’s even more scary! Can you even imagine what she looks like?


I read spoilers on here about McCrae being told to cry and get emotional in the DR. Well after I watched the show tonight I can safely say he is not one of the actors. His DR were so funny after knowing they were trying to get him cry. It was so fake. I am so sick of hearing Amanda blab away. She sounds like a man and it gets old.

J U Double Wha???

Judd is one crazy dude–I have no idea what that guy is doing at any given moment because of all the different stuff he says to everyone….he hates Elissa, Fuck Elissa, oh no it’s all an act elissa. No wonder he got evicted the first time — guy is all over the map and nobody can figure what the hell he is doing


“Amanda says they were laughing while GM degraded her looks, personality and her sexuality.”
what a fucking hypocrite.
coming from the girl that made fun of Elissa’s face, her personality, and her being with her husband just for money, what a joke.



plus she instigated this whole thing. GM gave her what she gave other and added or own twist.. It was hilarious.

Don’t mind the vownvotes, they’re just from delusional McCranda Drones



Big Brother Fan from Canada

I’m not going to lie. That was pretty entertaining to read.

Oh Ya

And even more entertaining to watch. GM is so quick. She got in everything, from the yeast infections to blowing every guy around to doing it all over the house to how proud her mother must be of her to telling McCrae he’d better get checked when he gets out (for an STD I would imagine) to how she used that kid McCrae and jumped into bed with him after one day and how she’s treated everyone in the house…


This was absolutely funny. Amanda fucked up, trying to start some shit with Gina Marie. That worked on other girls who got intimidated by her but I knew if she crossed that line with Gina Marie, her ass would get ripped a new one. Boo Hoo Hoo, she’s being mean to me. Shut up Amanda, you deserve that and more. I wonder if GM would have gotten evicted if she hit her since she defending herself against A”man”da??? BOL!!!!

Production MadeMe Do It

I’m excited Judd is working on a plan! Especially if it send Judd & Elissa to final 4! Yeaaaaa! Production. Thank You. It would’ve been so boring otherwise! Hope the good people win!

Oh Ya

Hope he is and if he is it isn’t very detectable.


I’m no Amanda fan, but GM was saying things that were way worse than Amanda was. But of course the die hard Amanda haters would never admit that. GM is worse than Amanda, more racist, including what she said about Elissa’s son….and I am not an Elissa fan either. Seems like a lot of people are willing to forgive GM for her sins just because she put Amanda and MC on the block. Get real.

...about GM

GM reminds me of this Mexican woman I knew in Albuquerque NM…getting into random arguments & saying nonsensical things…and always in your face…I got out of that marriage & divorced the bitch…dang…was I whipped.


CBS might enjoy the all the buzz this season is getting but I hope people aren’t looney tunes enough to pay for live feeds after this abysmal cast.


Amanda and GM look like two crazies…the so called men look like whimps….and Elissa is the one who actually has engineered this entire two weeks of mega drama. She deserves to win if she can last.


Too bad Elissa wasn’t in the room, it may have reminded her why Amanda has to go. Elissa hates the loud confrontations. I still hope Elissa votes to evict Amanda and ruin Andy’s game.

Drop it like you drop your pants! hahaha


girl fight. Spencer says the same.. they try to explain to her if it was a girl and a guy it would have been different.

It was a girl and a guy!!! A-Man dude and GM. They are all nuts and blind.


Andy has to go ergo Elissa has to win HOH in the DE. Andy’s worse than arsenic, why would anyone take that weasel to F2? He would win, he should be the biggest target then. I’d rather see Spencer winning than Andy.


I can’t understand what Judd is saying half the time but I sure like him! He seems like the nicest guy in the house and would be fun to hang out with. The rest of the guys are duds….lol.

wiseone says..

It also seems to me that Elissa knew what was to happen and did not want to have any part of it.
She was the only one taking a ‘nap’ when all that screaming was going on right down the hallway.
She was not sleeping, on tv she was laying there with her eyes open.
She was keeping her distance from the gutter talk she knew was coming, I just don’t think the guys knew what was about to hit them…

Butters Mom

I think Judd’s anger lately at “the ghosts” comes from them controlling his game since they let him back in the house… they probably paid him a bonus to let him in as another pawn in the game they can control. He doesnt want to vote for Amanda tomorrow and send Spensor out… so he is mad about it because he has to. I think Amanda is staying and Spenser is going… it will be a 3 to 1 vote with Elissa, Judd and McCrae voting to evict Spenser. Andy will be blamed for Judd’s vote. Elissa is also Productions puppet and McCrae already admitted that he also thought Amanda could be a hired actor put in the house by Production so they could script the show… which is what many of us already thought. Andy, GM and Spenser are the last of the non-scripted houseguests and they will be picked off one by one…

that is where I would put my money. looking forward to tomorrow night to see if Im right. I dont care who wins at this point… BB15 basically destroyed my love of this game… its like finding out Santa Claus doesnt really exist! lol


Production manipulates things in the house for sure but things like one of the jurors making a deal to come back in seems pretty silly.

Stan Marsh

Oh my gotch, Santa Claus isnt real. This has been a bad day, first this show is fixed and now i learn Santa Claus isnt real. Oh wait it doesnt matter because im jewish. Thanks butters mom


Why defend someone you know is acting for the camera. She came out he DR an that was GM Sign to start. They need a standing ovation for bad acting.

America is not stupid

They could at least wait a bit after coming out of the DR before they start stuff. Every time they do things right after the DR it is obvious they were told what to say or do . Does BB really think viewers are that stupid that we would not connect them being involve right away.


I don’t normally condone this kind of behavior more especially from grown women but I think Amanda had to get a little taste of her own medicine. Such a cry baby. I think Andy the rat is the one who pushed this fight. He has been fueling Gina with all his gossip to pump her up. He is also trying so hard to cause a fight between Elisa and Gina. What a rat! McCrae is so disgusting, he does not want to take a shower even when his girlfriend tell him he stink, that is so gross.

Butters Mom

I think McCrae not taking a shower is his defense mechanism to keep Amanda from wanting to have sex. lol

Oh Ya

That an re-wearing his dirty socks to save his clean ones (like for tv days?)—so he doesn’t have to do laundry. She’s always saying his feet and shoes stink.