The Exterminators ‘She’s a robot whose circuits are programmed for lunacy’

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Sept 7*
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 9th*
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


6:13pm HOH GM and Spencer
Spencer says he’s so ready for tomorrow. GM can’t f*** wait.
(Feeds cutting in and out they are talking about Amanda)
GM – ‘that is dirt nasty.. she f**** a million different guys how does that feel’
GM mentions that Amanda said she told people she had a boyfriend because she didn’t want the girls to be intimidated by her
GM – ‘I’m so intimidated by your big F*** jewish nose and your flat a$$.. “

JUDD rolls in says McCrae, Amanda and Elissa are getting on his nerves.
JUDD – ‘I said get the f*** away from me Elissa.. I can’t stand her’
Andy comes in “JUDD You gotta keep your cool.. you just told Elissa to shut the f** up”

Andy says he noticed that Amanda was being a f*** b!tch to GM when she was up in the HOH. GM says Amanda thinks she runs the entire f** house.
JUDD – ‘it’s so obvious they are together’ (Elissa/Amanda)

Andy says on eviction night he’s going to say “I vote to exterminate.. oops I mean evict Amanda”

JUDD tells GM they (Elissa/Amanda) are talking about her being a b!tch. GM doesn’t care she knows Amanda is going home.

Andy says both JUDD and GM need to cool down. JUDD doesn’t care reiterates that Elissa and Amanda are now working together so what does it matter anymore.
They say McCrae might be around for a week.
JUDD – “long haired son of a b!tch.. ‘

JUDD brings up a time when Elissa and Candice were laughing at him, “when she’s (Elissa) up to something she cannot hide it she’s a f*** idiot b1Tch”
Spencer mentions how Elissa told him it was hard for her to be in the spotlight all season and she wishes someone else had a Big Brother Allum as a sibling.
JUDD – ‘did she really say that’
Spencer – ‘ya’

Andy mentions how McCrae and Amanda were saying to him they can’t wait to see the look on GM and Spencer’s face when the vote goes down 3-1. Andy laughs says the vote will be 2/2, “I’m feeling giddy”

JUDD – ‘I want to cuss all three of them’
JUDD – ‘I can have them all crying in the DR in five minutes..”
JUDD says he will never touch them just yell in their face.

Andy says after JUDD told Elissa to shut the f** up Elissa was saying how disgusting JUDD is for talking to a woman like that.
JUDD – ‘I f*** hate Elissa slater.’
Spencer and Andy both say they went on a rant about Elissa in the Diary room

JUDD – ‘They thought Rachel was bad at least Rachel had a personality.. she’s (Elissa) a brainless plastic doll’

Andy – ‘She is a robot whose circuits are programmed for lunacy.. if America votes her for America’s favorite I will die.. that will enrage me in the finale’

Spencer – ‘me to.. I dread that.. I would rather David’
JUDD – ‘anybody than her’
Andy – ‘and Amanda is walking out with Elissa’s ring.. what if she follows Amanda out and she gets evicted’
JUDD – ‘ Nothing will happen.. she can go to McDonalds and back without getting in trouble’
Spencer – “Elissa said .. don’t you hate packing your bags when you are not going anywhere.. “
They all start laughing. Spencer adds he might just not pack.

They joke about the HOH being a yoga competition. ANdy says he will walk right out if that is the case.
Spencer – ‘Just sign her the cheque’
Andy – ‘Then she can lose it and not worry because it means nothing to her’
Spencer – ‘She’s competing for 500K in toilet paper’

GM – ‘talking to her that’s like talking to a five year old kid that is slower..’ GM can’t think of the word..
Andy – ‘down syndrome’
GM – ‘no’
Spencer – ‘that is what I was worried you would say’
Spencer ‘brain dumb’
GM cannot think of the work, “They look normal but they are not.. like autism.. I work with kids like that they are not as quick’

GM leaves
Spencer mentions GM saying Amanda Had a big J$w nose he was trying to tell her not to say that, ‘There was a child like innocence with GM when she talks’

GM comes back says if she knew Elissa was going to be like this she would have put her up.

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6:55pm McCrae and Elissa
MC saying he can’t wait until tomorrow, the look on JUDD’s and GM’s face will be priceless.
Elissa says JUDD is aggressive towards girl she is shocked he cussed her out and called someone a b1tch in the diary room.
MC – ‘he’s aggressive to everyone.. He’s going to be knocked off his pedestal for sure’


7:12pm bedroom Amanda and McCrae

Amanda says Spencer doesn’t look worried at all. McCrae says that doesn’t matter, “When you feel the most safe in the game is when you go home”

Elissa joins them “Oh my gosh”. They start talking about GM being 33 and doing the things she’s doing with the Nick shrine.
Elissa leaves.
McCrae says if they get Spencer out this week and get the HOH during the double JUDD or GM will go. MC – ‘Would be awesome if I own this first HOH and you won the second won.. or vice versa’
Amanda – ‘Would be awesome.. would be awesome if I stayed here’
MC – “ya would be the biggest f** you to GM”
Elissa joins them “Oh my gosh.. I’m going to bed at 8” Elissa leaves

McCrae and Amanda start joking about GM and her love for the Nick Bed. THey treat that NIck Bed/GM is like a showmance in the game a power couple. McCrae pretends he’s nominating the Nick bed and GM for eviction. “we need to break up the power couple, it’s not fair that you get this bed.. that bond is too strong to keep in the house, I don’t have a bed that will be there for me till the end”
Amanda – ‘ I can’t believe she called me crazy’
MC – ‘pot calling the kettle black… god I want this to happen so bad’
Amanda – ‘When I walked into the room she had that why are you coming in her look’
A – ‘should we go up there’
MC – “no, cause you just want to start shit
A – ‘It’s gotten me this far’

Amanda says that she hopes when she GM’s age she has at least one kid. She looks at McCrae says she wants to be pregnant in two years. She talks about the cons about moving to Minnesota and how it would negatively affect her career.


7:25pm Elissa and Andy Bedroom
A – ‘I’m going to take a shower I think’
E – ‘Oh my Gosh’
Elissa points out that GM put her Nick shrine and her socks on the bed ELissa’s been sleeping in all week.
E – ‘Oh my gosh’
Andy ignores her says he’s going to keep wearing the same clothes tonight because they are still clean.
E – ‘I feel like if you are giving your room up why are you trying to take the bed I am sleeping in.. like sleep somewhere else’
A – ya
Elissa – ‘Oh my gosh.. I am so tired of dealing with stupid people.. it’s so annoying’
E – ‘It’s a waste of breath to even talk to them’
Andy – “What”
E – ‘it’s a waste of breath to even saying anything’
Andy – ‘hmm umm’
E – ‘Oh my Gosh’
Elissa asks if JUDD said anything in the HOH
Andy – ‘He’s just crabby’
Elissa – ‘I don’t care if you’re crabby you don’t cuss a girl out that is totally unnecessary.. don’t you think’
Andy – ‘ya’
E – ‘I just want to know where these people come from.. like my mom would kill me if I acted that way.. sam with my husband’
Andy leaves while Elissa is still talking


7:29pm HOH Exterminators
Andy comes in tells her under no circumstances should she give Elissa GM’s bed tonight.
Andy mentions how ELissa was talking about JUDD getting agitated with her and she said she doesn’t want to waste breath on these people.
Andy – Elissa is mad she doesn’t want to give up the bed
Spencer – you are getting your bed back
Andy – ya you’ll get your f***** bed back.. it’s you versus Elissa who do you think is going to win that.

Spencer says she should put lotion all over her body and jump in the bed.
Spencer just doesn’t want it to look like they are all working together. Andy says it’s just a bed not worth exposing things. GM just doesn’t want Elissa to rub it in her face.

Spencer suggests GM let Amanda and McCrae have the bed tonight that way she runs Elissa off of the Nick bed and make her sleep in the hallway with Spencer. Spencer adds she hates that room and he’ll be farting.


7:49pm Amanda and McCrae

Amanda mention how Andy has told them Spencer is campaigning. She’s a bit worried by that.

Andy joins them. Amanda asks if Spencer has campaigned to her at all. Andy say no because he thinks Andy is 100% voting Amanda out.
Amanda asks if he is questioning anyone. Andy says Spencer is confident he is staying.
Amanda – ‘Thats so weird’
MC – ‘he feels safe’
Andy – ‘He feels really safe’
Amanda says ELissa now hates JUDD because he told her to shut the f*** up. They all laugh agreeing it was funny.
Andy tells them that Spencer still thinks he has ELissa’s and JUDD’s vote.
Andy – ‘I don’t even think he thinks I matter… He still thinks he has me’
MC says Elissa being pissed at JUDD is awesome for them because now he doubts she’ll stick to that side.


8:07pm GM gets her bed

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Wow I almost can’t finish reading this. Judd STFU! What the hell is wrong with him? This seems like a sweet valley high episode. They hate on one person one day and another the next. Stop the damn whining bitching and crying and play the damn game.

In other news

Tonights top story spencer hates the bed and he will be farting, now I pass it over to Jeff and Jordan for the latest big brother weather news.

Spencer's therapist

I said this about Spencer on another update but it bears repeating: I hope the dickhead does what he does last week and doesn’t pack his clothes. He’ll be scrambling as he’s heading for the door and won’t have a bag of clothes to take to the jury house.

Even though he’s confident he is staying, I can’t help but think his twisted little mind is internally panicking that he could be going, like a rat on a sinking ship. It will be sweet when the women in the jury house rip him a hundred new assholes. Hopefully his employer is utilizing the company attorney to find a way – any way – to fire his ignorant ugly red-haired ass. I’m not worried about Marilyn because I think she’s been a figment of his imagination. (I mean seriously, what woman would debase herself so much to be with a pig like him?)

A final bonus will be if Julie gets to inquisition him about his comments about women, minorities, and abusing children. His head will still be spinning from having just been blind-sided that he won’t be able to think straight. I love it! Cannot wait for tomorrow night!


GM for America’s Player!!!!


i would like to support your idea of GM for Am Player, and then she goes and rips on AM for having a jew nose, or says Helen is unforgettable
bec. all Chinese look alike, and is ignorant that Helen is Korean. GM is adorable, has been a great HOH, and has more strength than andy/spencer/and judd
put together. but she is a bigot. so no, not Gm.

Jew Nose Exterminator

Go go go GM, do it for Julie Chen! Exterminate the inferior race houseguests!

Wow. CBS lawyers must be hating this show for all the extra work they’re dealing with.


I can’t believe GM is ranked last on the “Who’s the most crazy now” Poll. She just insulted Jews when Allison Grodner is Jewish, The head of CBS is Jewish, and probably most of production is Jewish. TMZ (owned by jews) had a field day with Aaryn already..
Does she not remember what happened to that girl from BB8 (was her name Amber?) who insulted Jews? They even shot down her dreams of modeling on the show. The New York Times (also owned by Jews) even interviewed HG’s about the “anti-semitic” comments.
You go on TV insulting Jews, then you are the most crazy………
I don’t agree with it, but that’s the way the world is…We live in a zionist controlled world. And they are pretty ruthless after being insulted.



You need to record the epic fights and moments in the house so we can flash back on them. This GM Amanda fight at 9:30 PM was awesome. I was wondering if one of them was going to kamikaze the other by getting evicted!

Shame on you Elissa

What the Amanda fans never understood is that a lot of us weren’t Elissa fans but rather we just really couldnt stand Amanda at all. This whole Elissa now sidimg with Amanda is sickening. The whole time she complained about how evil Amanda was and she didnt deserve to win anything. Now she is helping her out for what??? Elissa doesnt need the money yet she rather throw out her precious “morals” she so had claimed she has to keep someone like that…for what??? Amanda was even going after her family. Thats why i no longer have any kind of respect for Elissa. I wasnt rooting for anyone to win this game rather i just had people i wouldnt want to see winning it (Amanda, Andy & Mccrae) and now you can add Elissa to that list. Although i think i will have the most joy when Andy is evicted.


I totally agree. I felt bad for Elissa when she was being attacked by Amanda but THIS is such an extreme low for Elissa. She took herself from being in a bad spot to an even worse spot. I honestly despise her for walking around the house laughing and chit chatting with this bitch who terrorized you a few days ago. Elissa is such a tool. She knows damn well, the Rat is not to be trusted yet she’s putting all her faith in his vote backing her up. What an idiot. I’m over this season. I do appreciate GM’s performance tonight on the feeds ripping Amanda to shreds! It was Epic and she deserved it.


Well, Amanda is back to her A$$HOLE self. 9:20 approx.(I think) she starts a yelling match with GM. People don’ t like to be around that so if anyone was going to flip she makes them think twice about it. She thinks she is safe so she goes back to being the nasty bitch that she is. I can’t wait to see the look on Mcranda’s face when it comes up as a tie and GM is the deciding vote and they realize she should have been kissing GM A$$ rather than picking a fight.


The mastermind

Not going to happen. The vote will 3-1 to keep Amanda. Ratboy will be the single vote to keep Spekcer and he will be exposed as the lying rat he is. He or GM will go home second tonight, and the remaining Asswipe will be heading home next Thursday. Final four will be Elissa/Judd/McCranda. Watch and see. (Up to now it’s just been Judd and Elissa; McCranda has no idea that Judd is with them and will find out right before the show tonight. Can’t wait to see Ratboy, Spencer’s, and GM’s ugly faces when they learn shady Judd has played them all.


Team AGM-65 Maverick:
Just blow the whole house to smitherieens. CBS, start over please.


love your Sweet Valley High reference…classic!

Amanda fan

I’m watching BBAD right now seeing Amanda lay into McCrae. If she doesn’t watch it I can see him saying eff it and voting Amanda out tomorrow. That’s where this is heading unless Amand shuts up. I’m 100% for Amanda to win this but now she is getting on my nerves. She can’t leave it alone. Be quiet already Amanda!


U Amanda fans r a bunch of idiots….. I pray that GM wins this whole thing…. Send the dirty nasty Ho- bag back to Florida or where ever she from….she’s so gross. Crying about the personal attack,,,,really, did she forget what she did to Ellisa. Come on people


Andy deserves to get evicted i want amanda to stay!!! Andy is a rat and ruined everyones else’s game

Who would you leave your child with?

I don’t understand how some people here are rooting for the spineless, dirty, vulgar, bully, cursing HGs. I don’t care if Elissa speaks slow or if she has money. I have no money and I’m happy for her that she has a great life, I don’t want others to be miserable without money like me.

If you had a child who would you leave the kid with for a night? That’s what you have to ask yourself.

1) Spencer the pervert
2) Mccrae the pot head dirty sleeper
3) Amanda the crazy bully and pervert
4) Judd the unstable nervous person
5) Gina Marie the childish crazy person
6) Andy the lying con man
All the people mentioned before have cursed and bashed Elissa like crazy.
7) Elissa who defended Candice, made food for the HGs, even Amanda when they were not getting along, talked to GM about her food problems, and helped her when she injured her back, etc. She kept her composure when Amanda got in her face. She just laughed.

Some here would prefer to leave their kids with Spencer, etc. Well then that shows where your priorities lie.

Elissa for the win! I just like nice people to win. I know some say it’s just a game. But I guess your true colors come out in “THE GAME.”

Thank you.


Excellent post “who would you leave your child with”!!!!!!!!

Elissa for Americas player!

After ready many comments and the bashing of Elissa from the beginning I have come to the conclusion she should be Americas favorite. As many times Amanda and Andy have threatened to slit their wrist etc or crap their pants, walk out and now Andy be crazy pissed if Elissa is Americas favorite, I now want her to bee 100%. I was thinking before it should be Jessie or Vandice just to Piss them all off. Now after today’s events and Andy’s crap comment. I want Elissa to win Americas favorite. Andy deserves the door just walk out. As much as I dislike Amanda, I actually think Ellisa is trying to make a big move. Look at Dan and his funeral, he was saved! Andy will not vote for Amanda and be exposed. I am hoping Gina is still on board with Elissa and is acting. It will be so great to see everyone’s face if Gm voted to save Amanda. If that somehow happens, I will root for Gm and Elissa to the end, even though Gm’s mouth gets her in trouble. If it fails, I will root for Elissa and McCrae. Unless Judd somehow is playing Andy and Spencer. Who ever is on Andy’s side I want gone. Elissa is trying to mix things up without being hateful. She has a grand plan and I want in on it!


Elissa for America’s favorite. She has played the game, albeit poorly at times. But she has tried to make some big moves, like trying to evict Amanda after putting up Aaryn and now trying to save Amanda. I think she is being played by production, but also she is probably getting $100k to be a minion for A.G.’s production goons.

Vote Elissa for America’s Favorite and see Andy the Rat and Spencer the Molester shit their collective pants!


Gina cannot vote for evict Spenser or Amanda because she is HOH. CBS please let America vote who to evict. We can vote online or text.
There would be no voting with the house. Game would be much better. Andy would find out he is NOT America’s favorite, so would Spenser
and Amanda.

The pyschoanalyst

Elissa is playing the game too. Did it ever occur to you that SHE is putting on an act? Or that she was a judgmental snob this entire season until it started to get to jury members and only then she started being nice (and only when they are on the block)? She is courting these fools for their vote in the end if she makes final two. She couldn’t care less about them and is laughing at each and every one. But she obviously has her glorifiers duped that she is such a nice and sweet REAL person and all the others are craven parasites. Oh, and to answer your question, I wouldn’t leave my child with Elissa because she wouldn’t be bothered. That’s what nannies are for in her world.


Yea, it’s ok for Elissa to say people are disgusting an and gross.. Calling them stupid.. but the minute someone calls her out.

The Bledding heart Rachlissa fans start crying


1) Your description of McCrae doesn’t make him a bad person/ player. (I’ve been Team McCrae since Day 1. Hate me.)
2. Your description of Elissa is bogus.

Who would you leave your child with?

A pot head dirty sleeper wouldn’t be a good care taker for a child. I’m surprised you think it is.


Whether its Ellisa or Gina Marie,, I pray one of them win this ……the rest r not worthy for sure


I am going to vote or Elissa for Ameica’s favorite!!!


Exactly and Elissa’s true colors came out as well and I would not leave my child with her for fear of them picking up her horrible attitude and behaviour towards other people. She is on the same level as the rest of the HGs so don’t kid yourself that she is a nice innocent person.


I love how fickle you guys are. Judd was one of the more liked HGs but now that he dared say something negative to Elissa you can pile on the hate.

No Eyebrows Andy

My hate for Amanda far surpasses my love for Elissa. Therefore, I hate Elissa.

The pyschoanalyst

Tonight’s BBAD confirms this is a big soap opera. I never saw such bad acting when GM and Amanda were going at it. The three guys just sat there the whole time while the cats clawed each other. When GM breaks the tie tomorrow and evicts Spencer this will all be revealed (that Amand/GM/Elissa are in an alliance). Now Judd is being a shady asshole (again) and listening in on Amanda/McCrae? What a pathetic loser. Go back to the jury house already.


There is no way Elissa, Amanda, and Gina Marie are in an alliance. If they were we would already know. They would have to communicate with their minds only to be in an alliance.


I’d want either Candice to win America’s Favourite house guest, for her unfair treatment and being the bigger person by hugging and wishing that witch GM a happy birthday. Or Jessie, just to see the look on Amanda’s face. I would hate to see Judd win it, he is so vulgar on the feeds about women, which is shocking since this is something I’d expect from Spencer, considering the show is giving him such a good edit.

Bro Guy

“No Eyebrows Andy says:
September 4, 2013 at 8:23 pm
My hate for Amanda far surpasses my love for Elissa. Therefore, I hate Elissa.”

That seriously had no coherent connection between the two. You would think, that the most basic level idiom made are of that which reflects the simple rules of parallelism – which that statement did not showcase, at all.

This comment is a fail: so illogical, irrational, and undermining.. I’m scared for you.

Please never post again.


I find it rather startling that of all the poorly written commentary on this board, you attack mine! If you had any inkling of a comedic bone in one’s body, you could infer that my statement is meant to be dramatic, yet FUNNY. While I understand humor is subjective and occasionally not understood by many, it does not warrant you from telling me to not post again. I’m scared you didn’t take your happy pills today, BRO!

100 Percent

Judd’s starting to put his plan in place. Fake fight with Elissa. I think he will wait until right before the live show to out Andy to Amanda and MCrae and get his old spot back in the final four. Judd is no dummy. He’s tried out for the show 5 times and knows how production on BB works. If he can align with Elissa, he can ride that crazy robot all the way to the end.

Oh yeah J U double D likes to party Dardy

Oh yeah be afraid of Judd’s master plan bb15 house guests, it is not like he was already voted out. I know one thing you can not hit Judd with a blindside he is one of the smartest big brother players ever.


Judd wouldn’t have a master plan is it was handed to him in the DR. He’s so dense you could hit Judd in the side of the head with a brick and all he’d say is ” UH jklklj joiiz kj WHAT oilwxx lewo yenvc joogy JUST iqnk; kksd HIT ioikl ksawq; ME ? “


Well Elissa would of been out in week #2 but Production came up with the MVP idea.

Maybe if Production bent over backwards for Judd he wouldnt of left on the double eviction.


that’s the kind of miracle i’m hoping for. fingers crossed. final 4 E, J, Am, M

The last word

I wish that was the case… but that d.b is clueless he’s going to follow ratboy until he gets blindsided by him.


Judd is all over the game and is the only player that doesn’t make sense.

Look at all the pretty butterflys!

I think most of the animosity this season is because of RatAndy scurrying back n forth stirring the crazy pots. Not that these people couldn’t be nasty on their own, but if not for him the nasty just wouldn’t boil over so much.

Judd the ass

If Andy can do this on a show he is like this in real life. If Ratboy has any friends out there, beware. You can’t trust him.


It truly makes me wonder how he is with friends, colleagues, students, etc. and how they’re going to behave towards him after this show. I think he’s going to have to do a lot of soul searching as his on camera actions cannot be good for his career and life going forward in general.

He’s a disgusting person who, unlike Judd, has not said anything to the persons making racist, homophobic and perverted comments. Disgusting person to say the least.


Scorpio’s don’t “soul search”. And Andy is a Scorpio.

The psychoanalyst

Ratboy is an enabler. By staying quiet, or indeed sometimes laughing or offering a comment to instigate further vulgarities to be spewed, he is just as bad as the one making the comments. He’s a POS and now the laughing stock on campus at his part-time job as a wannabe professor. I wouldn’t take his class if that was the only one available and I needed one credit to graduate. Seeing his ‘game’ and listening to him talk I would’ve guessed he never graduated high school.


You do know that he is playing a game to win $500K, right? As frustrating as it is to watch him thwart everyone else’s game, he has actually played the best game of all. He was completely honest when he said at the very beginning his talent is “lying to your face without you ever knowing it”. He’s the only one who hasn’t veered from their original game plan. Even if he is considered a floater, he’s a damn good one. Do you know how exhausting it must be to watch what you say 24/7 for weeks on end? After hating him for the majority of the season, I find myself kind of in awe of him.

...about Andy

Sounds like a typical catty queen, if you ask me…it’s all about the drama with the gays…I should know, I live with three of them and they behave very similar to Andy…Blah!


You live with three of them and call them “the gays?”


So True. If The Hgs Think Keeping Andy & Sit Next To Him The Final 2 Is Good For Them, They Are Dumb As Door Knobs.

I Can Honestly Say This Will Be The First Thursday That I Have No Idea What Is Happening And It’s Killing Me!!!!


This season has been so boring and predictable. I am so excited that for the first time, I just cannot figure out what is going to happen tonight. Some uncertainty is long overdue. I don’t know if Judd will succumb to pressure from DR and vote to keep Amanda. I don’t know if MC, Elissa or someone else (maybe Andy because the Spencer and Judd have been talking about how no one can beat him at final 2 because he has so many friends in jury). It is so nice to be on the edge of the seat for once.

Andy sucks.......literally!

The thing that’s is most annoying about this while Andy situation, is that the “exterminators” know he is playing both sides!! It makes no sense that they wouldn’t make him choose a side because if Macrae wins HOH, Andy will float over to him and the other 3 exterminators will be picked for nominations. He’s the only one sucking ass that gets away with it. The only one that seems to not put up with it is Elissa. Judd and GM need to figure out that they are the target if Macrae wins HOH because Andy would bend over for him…..literally. I hope Amanda calls him out before she leaves and then Macrae wins HOH and Elissa wins veto so he can feel the wrath of Amanda in the jury house!


True, they all know, except for McC and Amanda, that he’s playing both sides, not wanting to win POV’s etc so that someone else gets blood on their hands. He even admits it to them and they’re all good with it. This pack of ingrates, deviants, perverts, racists, homophobes, misogamists etc. are about a stupid a bunch one could expect to find in a dumpster.

Well ……except for Elissa.


Three reasons why they are letting Andy play both sides this week. One is that they may be afraid that if they insist that he picks a side, they might lose him to mcranda. Two is that they may want him to just agree with voting Amanda because they were afraid of having Amanda going crazy 24/7 for the whole week and figured that if she thinks she is staying she can keep her peace (obviously she then started going at it with GM)

Besides, they figured the look on Amanda’s face when she realized that she is leaving would be rewarding coz it would be priceless. Andy also made the case for the fact that at the end of all this, Elissa will be framed and MC will set his sights on her and not the exterminators.

We're only friends

Andy and Spencer have this weird thing going on. Anyone notice it?

Amanda's dog Woofie

How romantic.




Andy is Marilyn.


Awesome good job! Gingy lovers


that photo is exactly the type that use to appear on the CBS BB site some years ago. There was pages and pages of that type of photo and they were hilarious. Wish someone would start a similar site. So much to work with — especially McCrusty trying to bite his toenails thru his smelly socks.


I asked earlier what the hell McC was doing and now I know…… chewing off 60 days of growth of gnarly yellowed toenails.

As my name says ….YUCK….


Yes, I noticed it and I told my wife weeks ago I thought Spencer was gay but still in the closet. I bet if someone shows up as Marylyn she is a big girl. I don’t know what it is about closet gays but they ALWAYS use big girls as girlfriends to cover them being gay.


GM always can never think of a word. I wouldn’t talk about anybody if I were here.

GM's psychoanalyst

So GM has expanded her repertoire of vulgarity by now making fun of Jews’ noses and autistic people? And leave it to Ratboy to encourage her by feeding her the words ‘down syndrome’. The exterminators are disgusting ignorant assholes. Production has to be pulling their collective hair out saying there is no way we can give any of these pieces of shit $500,000.


Yes this makes me so mad. I have a son who is autistic (he has Asbergers) and he is FAR from slow actually he is so smart was putting together legos for 16 year olds at age 5!!!! This tops the cake from the racist now religion and autism……:(


Jen – I’d hazard a guess that your son is a lot smarter than GM…

I can't stand that rat Andy

My grandson is autistic and there is nothing funny about it. She claims to work with autistic kids and then uses their disability to make fun of others with. I wonder what the parents of these kids would think knowing that racist vile disgusting GM was making fun of their kids disability.. I hope wherever it is that she is working with autistic kids they dump her hood rat ass……..

lesser of the evils

I dislike both Amanda & elissa for different reasons but totally agree that none of the remaining HG’s other than them deserve the win. I am disappointed that so many floaters made it to this point of the game

Jew Nose Exterminator

Here’s how GinaMarie defines of a total floater I bet:

Black person with a Jew nose and Puerto Rican dirt after she’s done with them and thrown them in the river and their eyes swell up and make them look Asian.

Heckuva job CBS casting department.

derick alaska

and so I don’t give a fuck who wins this shit anymore.


You know Derick, I am almost there too! I was rooting for Elissa, missed a few days this weekend, and am now trying to figure out WTF is going on with her and Amanda and McCrae.Hope she’s running a game on them with Judd!


I’m right there with you. All I can ask is that the remaining HG’s get that disgusting rat Andy out. His fake crying, and veiled looks of concern for players makes me want to bloody scream, but I don’t need a blood vessel popping at the side of my head landing me in the hospital.

What a disgusting piece of shit.


You all are A**WIPES for not voting Dawg. Period.

Ring Scenario

Elissa did not give Amanda her huge diamond ring…but rather a band. Lol someone please confirm this for me!!!

100 Percent

She gave her a diamond eternity ring.


I’ve Seen Elissas Wedding Ring In Her Wedding Pictures. It’s Huge. What She Gave Her Could’ve Been A Band But I Question It’s Part Of Her Wedding Ring Due To The Fact Elissa Said Rachel Told Her Not To Bring Anything She Cared About Into The Game. No Matter, She’ll Get It Back. She Only Told Amanda She Could Hold On To The Ring Thru The Double Eviction.


Even GinaMarie knows not to capitalize every word in a sentence.

Low Low studio

Gm when I though you could not go any lower you make fun of kids with autism disgusting…


Unfortunately, Gm probably has such a low IQ she doesn’t register the depths of her idiocy. This is a true case of a dumb, dumb, bordering on severely disabled emotionally, unable to see the forest for the trees. She won’t get it, just like Aaryn doesn’t get it and Spencer doesn’t get it. This is a cultural phenomenon going on in this house. Amanda and GM are going at it! Fighting!!!!!


In all fairness, GM was not making fun of autism. She’s just an idiot. A disgusting idiot. Ignorance does not equal a pass for mockery, but she wasn’t mocking. She’s just stupid as shit. Her attitude/ personality is the definition of unattractive.


I disappointed in Andy, why is he being loyal the exterminators or is he? after watching the veto show I am really bummed. the exterminators are not impressive. i hope there’s a good twist coming and amanda stays. and elissa wins HOH or AManda wins. It’s her turn to win. Praying for a miracle.


I hope Amanda is voted out tomorrow. GM, Judd Andy are too funny. By far are the most entertaining, just wish GM would stop with her racist comments she has no filters.

100 Percent

Never fear. You don’t need a miracle when you have BB production on the job.

Ummm hmmm

Love your name. Thumbs up


If you have it DVR’d please replay it. Andy obviously threw that veto. Still playing both sides, still a weasel. Why not just say, “No Amanda I’m not voting for you to stay”? Or ever say anything to anyone’s face? He calls her a bitch behind her back and kisses her ass to her face Just like he does to everyone every time. When anybody with balls has something to say about someone, they say it to the person’s face. Yes, I know he is trying for jury votes, but how can he stand to look in the mirror? He is such a spineless pussy, he really disgusts me.


Andy throws all vetoes! The only balls the guy can’t handle are the balls to take a side. (Not a homophobic remark, just too good a joke to pass up.)


No let the bitch go home( the look on her fave will be priceless) she will wonder if she should have kept her mouth shut. Then hopefully Elissa will team up to take on those weak ass exterminators. ( GM & JUDD will regret teaming up with Andy & Spencer) Elissa was a lot better competitor than both of them put together. That’s what happens when you let personal feelings get in the way of gameplay. The exterminators will be exterminated starting with the rat. The slugs next


Why is Andy loyal to Exterminators? Because they have the numbers/ power/ control. It’s what he does.


Forgive me for my ignorance, but what the hell is going on with Elissa?

Elissa's abs

I really do hope and think Elissa is going to expose Andy. What does she care about a band, I’m sure it doesn’t mean much to her otherwise she would never have given it to anyone. She listens to everyone’s conversations. She hasn’t trusted Andy in weeks now. I really really think the vote will be 3:1 vote Amanda out and Andy will be exposed.

Seriously though, how stupid are the exterminators to allow Andy to play both sides? It will only make him look good to the jury because everyone will think he stayed true to them!! Except Elissa is sneaky enough to sneak around and find out the truth. Man, I hope she exposes him!!! And I would like Judd to join team Elissa :)

Elissa for Americas player!

As much crap as Andy, Gm, Judd and Spencer talk about Elissa saving Amanda. How is it that Elissa, Amanda or McCrae haven’t heard anything. Crap goes around the house so fast and they all have big mouths. I am amazed Amanda has kept her mouth shut about Elissa and didn’t say anything or try to save herself my talking to Judd or Gm. There is something fishy going on.

The psychoanalyst

Amanda has campaigned to Judd. And to GM before GM replaced McCrae. Amanda isn’t overtly playing her hand bc that’s the way production wants it. I noticed a couple minutes ago on BBAD that Elissa and GM are in the HOH room and they go into the bathroom. The cameras then switch to McCranda. I’m wondering if the live feeds are showing GM/Elissa’s conversation? Because if it isn’t, then that means production directed them to go into the bathroom where they can compare notes and plan their strategy for tomorrow night. If this is production trying to direct a certain resolution tomorrow they obviously control the cameras and what gets shown on the live feeds. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Elissa and GM are aligned and are going to flush out rat Andy tomorrow. And evict Spencer in the process. That would be priceless to watch.

Elissa for Americas favorite!

I sure hope so. I sure hope that is the case. I was wondering why no big game play conversations between GM and Elissa lately. I wonder if the fighting between Amanda and Gm isn’t staged for a show for Andy the Rat and Spencer the pervert. I really do not like Amanda but Andy is 10 times worse. I want Andy exposed and out after Spencer. Then let the games begin to get rid of Amanda!


Yes, this! And Amanda goes to jury and tells them all how Andy played each of them, and ruins any chance of his winning the votes. And McCrae & Elissa take him down. Hopefully Julie will have a box of tissues for his crying eyes.


She’s just still an idiot…. and better than everyone else. Wonder if she’s gonna throw one of her “I’m leaving” parties when the shit (and her game) hits the fan tomorrow night. As much as I dislike her “holier than thou” personality, I’m sort of rooting for her to win that first HOH so that we’ll get to watch Andy squirm.


I’m so sick and tired of Amanda and Elissa always trying to play victim every time they are called out and using them being females as an excuse……Equality you bitches wanted it


lol So true.


There will be a Veto comp. No host. There is a Veto Comp each week until down to final 3. Then there cannot be a replacement so just a HOH comp.


Someone correct me if I am wrong. That was the last veto competion right? It takes 6 players and a host and after the first eviction there will only be 6 people going into the second eviction so I suppose they will go straight into the HOH comp minus veto comp???


Nope – they’ll all play for veto until we’re down to final 3.

The psychoanalyst

Julie will be the host for tomorrow night’s competitions. Sometimes they will bring in a celebrity for an upcoming movie or a famous singer for a private concert or even a former HG to play the host.


Elissa’s been whining all year..

“I’m allergic to slop”

“My hip hurts I need a comforter to sleep on even though Im a have not”

“I need a yoga mat”

“If I would of been voted out early production would of brought me back”


I am actually pulling for GM to win now…..FUCK IT!!!

The last word

G.M? No way !!! What she deserves is a swift kick in the ass for that mouth of hers…. I say Elissa or Judd.




Oh Ginamarie. Your words are poison. Pls don’t say any word again till u leave the game. Because most things you say are very insensitive. Best solution, put a sock in ur mouth. Pls, for ur own good.


Please let the sock be one of McCrae’s dirty ones.

Judd the ass

Who the f mikhjgbk does Judd think he is? But for production his sorry ass would be in the jury house. Now he’s acting like he owns the place, that he isn’t giving McCranda/Elissa a hug when they are evicted, he’s going to yell in their face, etc. This DUMB ass is so arrogant. And he was harping all last week on Amanda for calling Elissa names? And now HE is doing it? I pray Spencer and Andy go tomorrow night and that Amanda/Elissa get HOH so they can put Judd up for next week’s eviction. That turd needs to go back to the jury house but I want him to sweat it out all next week.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Judd always gets like this when he’s stressed. He will probably start yelling at Howard to go back to Africa again. GM will say I thought he was from Foodstamp, Mississippi. Good ole boy Judd. Come out of that closet, son. You’ll be all right.


I believe Judd is acting…well, pulling an Andy if you will and talking trash about them. As much as I don’t want this to happen I believe Amanda will stay and it’s E, J, Mc, A – final 4 deal.

Queen Bee

Andy might be a rat but if he makes it to the end then he deserves to win the game. He’s not a floater and he’s taken out big players in the game. This week he has the power to save Amanda, just like when Jessie wanted to flip the house but he shut that plan down. Only this time he’s actaully getting rid of Amanda instead of staying loyal to her. I guess he knows when to turn on his allies, it’s gotten him this far.

II’ thinking strategy here, not personally. Personally he’s a rat that has pissed me off a few times but strategically he’s playing a good game. Right now he’s good with both sides, the Exterminators and Amanda/ MaCrae/ Elissa. Playing both sides is not a respected move by players in the game but look where it’s gotten him.

I wanna here your opinions, people. Do you think Andy is a good player or you think he’s just a rat. Me I say he’s a rat that’s playing good.


Thank you. That’s what I’ve been saying for weeks. Like him or not, he’s got the social game down and he knows how to maneuver through all of the craziness in the house. Yes, he’s a rat, but he’s PLAYING. Who else in the house, except for Amanda, has actually been playing the game this whole time?


I will give my vote for Jesse to win America’s player. My reason is that she tried really hard for three consecutive weeks (twice when Amanda was on the block and again when she tried to get her to be replacement nominee) to get rid of Amanda and hit a wall with Helen saying “it is too soon” and with all the other players foolishly voting to keep Amanda in the house. She took a lot of bullying from Amanda for this reason, fell out with her allies who were afraid of Amanda and got evicted. I like that she tried. Jesse for Amarica’s player yo!


We will see Thursday night but I don’t respect Andy’s game so far cause he wanted to make a big move but he never really did. without Amanda or Helen he would have been gone already


I know this isn’t saying much, but he’s playing the best game in the house right now. His strategy is not a respected one, so I think the only way he wins is if he’s against Spencer or maybe Elissa. He may have friends in the jury house, but they will find out he was playing them and turn against him. Just like Natalie vs. Jordan in BB11.


The jury might vote for Andy to win if he is in final 2 mainly because Andy never got into fights with people. So they may dislike him and even hate his guts when they figure it all out how he messed up their games. But there is no animosity towards him by the people so far in jury at all. Well maybe Helen a bit. He has a good chance of winning because people remember times when they got extremely offended in the context of a fight over something they just found out in Jury which is a more relaxed atmosphere where they can think more rationally.


rat bastard andy is a floater. he floated from the demanda alliance to exterminators because of the power change.

and he’s a f’n pussy too. if elissa gets blamed for his vote and something happens to her, i’ll be rooting for elissa’s hubby to punch him in the face at the finale. no balls to even own up to a vote. but i’m not surprised, he’s acted spineless all season and apparently thinks doing so should get him america’s player. would love to be a fly on the wall when rat bastard scans the internet hoping to see how beloved he thought he’d be by america to only find out we hated the MF’er.

you may think its gameplay, but i call it him being his true self all the time.


We’ll see. Andy has never had a target on his back yet. If he votes Amanda out then Elissa will be gunning for him because he will lie to blame it on Elissa. If McRae believes Elissa then McRae will be after him. Those 2 have probably a 50/50 chance of winning HOH. So it will be up to the house to see who goes home. Put up Judd with him and you would probably split the vote and Elissa or McRae would be the deciding vote. So rat boy you better cross your fingers because you might be taking a ride( to the jury house). P.S. He will cry more than Amanda did.


I think Andy had a real chance to show he wasn’t a floater this week by sticking by Amanda and McCrae after they bailed him out but he didn’t. Everyone is going to realize that he was playing them and it’s going to cost him votes in the end.


If Andy were as smart as he thinks he is, he would have considered the possibility that Elissa is playing him. Yet, it has never crossed his mind. If McCrae is the only one that votes for Amanda to stay, Andy’s plan to blame his vote on Elissa fails. McCranda turns on him. Amanda goes to jury and ruins his chances of getting votes by letting each juror how Andy stabbed them in the back. McCrae and Elissa, who are the frontrunners for HOH, go after him with a vengeance. His whole game could be blown up with one vote from Elissa.



So long Amanda, Enjoy one day stay at big brother house because you will get blindsided. Oh yeah, take Andy with you!!!! I can’t wait Andy will be exposed!!!! I’m enjoy Elissa ruin Amanda & Andy game!!!! Bye Bye Amanda & Andy!!!!!!!!!


I know, the look on their faces will be priceless. I can’t wait. . I’m like a kid waiting for Santa to come.


This is going to be a calculated move tomorrow. Amanda leaves, then Andy wins HOH and sends Elissa out the door! Then Spencer wins HOH and puts McCrae and GM up, then Andy can start exterminating the exterminators.

This is one of the most dramatic seasons yet. I’ve been watching since season 3 and this is my 2nd best season.

Go Andy!

100 Percent

Don’t be so quick to celebrate Amanda leaving. Judd has all the goods and a tip about a certain wedding ring that he can use to make a sweet final 3 deal with McCranda, and throw in a couple of packs of smokes.


Judd is not acting right now. He hates Amanda, Elissa, and McCrae as much as he appears to. I wonder if anyone that’s buying into the “Judd’s gonna flip” pipe dream actually has the feeds.


I don’t think so. He was already in alliance with Mcranda and they screwed him . He hates them so why would he get into a final 3 with them when he is with the exterminators. Elissa has no one so she has to go to the only people who will take her because she is saving them. The only good thing is Amanda will probably go home so maybe McRae will work with her because he will also be by himself. Those 2 against Andy, Spencer & Judd for the HOH gives them a chance to get the rat boy out, but it will be priceless to see the look on Amanda’s face when she goes. If the rat goes also then he will cry more than Amanda. This could be a GREAT nite.

Exterminators better be going tomorrow

If Amanda and Elissa leave the show the season is over because nobody gives a eff about any of the remaining pieces of excrement. I will stop watching and won’t even tune in for finale. I just can’t stand to watch ANY of the exterminators. Equally worthless turds.


I totally disagree. When Helen left I thought the season may be over, but with Andy’s gameplay and Spencers funny antics the show has not disappointed.

Spencer is becoming on of BB’s ultimate survivors and Andy is becoming one of the smarter better gameplayers.


Spencer can suddenly win???


I wasn’t sure who to vote for at the beginning of the season…then all the vile disgusting shit came out and I felt compelled to root for Elissa, against my better judgment…..these past several days, I regret that decision. My Lord, does she HAVE to talk like that – Valley of the Dolls. And Andy is disgusting, Spencer is worthless. I cannot understand a mf word Judd says, even though I think he beats the rest of these losers out as far as personality. Ugh, who to root for now? Floating may be a strategy to some, but to me busting your ass and winning at comps counts for something. Look at the real world; you don’t get to slide by just because you are a lazy disloyal slob. You have to really work and sweat to get ahead out here. Not in the BB house, though….


GM not sleeping in HOH and just decides I’m taking any bed I want no matter who has been using it, DOUCHEBAG!! I was warming up to that Staten Island dumpster but after the crap about El’s son and commenting about AM and a big jewish nose, WTF! Loudmouth and likes to posture until someone gives her a throat punch and she’ll run crying to anyone who will sympathize.


Just wait until she see;s Elissa in Nicks shrine bed EEEEEE!!!


GM has been sleeping in the same bed all season I’m pretty sure. He keeps it clean and it dont have Mccrae’s cum all over it.

If Elissa wants a ben she should just go crying to Production in the DR like when she got the comforter as a have not. They will but out and get her a Craftmatic Adjustable bed for her aching Hip.

The last word

I H8 ratboy more than demanda !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really h8 that he looks like a rat too…. At this point I don’t care who wins, as long as it’s not THE RAT ~

yet again

Gm need to go to school or something, but wait it didn’t do no go for Aarin


You should take your own advice.


Bahahahaha!!! So true!


It was truly the most pathetic display I have ever seen to watch Elissa whining to Amanda about having to “deal with these trashy people.” This bitch has got to be kidding. The one person in that house who actually doesn’t need the money is willing to whore herself out to the woman who tormented her for two weeks, and all the while she was crying to Judd and GM. I would be a horrible BB player because I wouldn’t spit in Amanda’s face if she was on fire if she treated me like that.


“Whore herself out”? Woah, calm down, it’s just a game. Judd and GM were never loyal to Elissa, in any way. In fact, they formed an alliance behind her back, leaving her out. What is she supposed to do exactly? Sit there by herself?? Yeah, that’s going to work on Big Brother.


She hasn’t whored herself out to Amanda – she did that with production


As Name says ” it’s all a game ” and production is very into introducing twists and turns to rile up people and get them telling family, friends, colleagues, the pastor just how nasty the HG’s are in hopes of :

(a) bringing back viewers who left in disgust,

(b) making a rather dull, up till now, show into something more exciting or more than likely

(c) inciting the citizenry of North America, through subliminal messages flashing over and over during BB, to go out and commit house invasions (news of criminal activities in the suburbs brings in huge revenues for CBS).


Oh my goodness Judd is being such an ass! I hope it is just a strategy of fake fighting with Elissa because if he is really like that, then I don’t think that I like him after all!!


I also hope Elissa has something else planned and is not that naïve to align with the disgusting Amanda after everything that has happened! And I don’t understand how no one is catching onto Andy’s phoniness! He is soooo irritating.


Something is going down. Expect production to push the HG to keep Amanda, and if that doesn’t work, mccrae or Elissa will definitely win the HoH. One of the exterminators will be gone tomorrow. Probably GM.


OMG if he isn’t acting then he is the biggest dummy I’ve ever seen in my life. I did not want him to come back, then I started to like him, now I can’t stand him again. He talks about Amanda? I would say he’s not acting too different from her, running around calling people terrible names, tell women to STFU including Big Brother staff? Seriously Judd, get a grip. Just like he said in DR about Amanda, he’s showing his true colors.


I think the stress (& lack of smokes) is getting to Judd


At this rate we will not be able to understand a single word that he says, not that it’s that easy now.


I feel a master plan coming by Elissa her DR secession might actually explain the madness of switching to Amanda(well other than production telling her too) although I am still curious of her reasoning.


Man… Elissa is dumb as a rock!!!


And you’re a tad bit obsessed with her. What does that say about you??


Anyone else think that Spencer might be Santa Claus? His name is S. CLAWSon and looks just like a 30 year old Kris Kringle.

Could this mean that Marilyn is the 10th reindeer?


Spenser looks like a ugly version of Yukon Cornelious from Rudolph the RRR


Spencer looks like the guy who sits in a broken down van outside elementary schools, playing with himself. He probably only dates women who have kids. He gives me the serious creeps. Something is not right about him.


Lmao, did you guys see CBS’s edit tonight? They totally blew all that McCranda drama over proportion! The sad music in the background constantly playing, the never ending tears coming from McPu$$y… In all honesty, I found it more comical than tragic.

Kelli Jo

At this point I don’t give a shit who votes which way as long as Amanda goes to jury.


Hopefully, because this season is very boring, BB will start showing what’s going on in the jury house. It would be great seeing Jessie, Candace and Helen fasten Amanda to a very heavy chair with duct tape and mock her day and night.


I liked McCrae until tonight’s episode. What a pu55y! “I won’t have my lover in the house anymore” lmaooo!


He can always go back to his former girlfriend, his right hand!!!! I will bet good money his “former girl” was much more satisfying in the sack.


McC …. come on dude, that’s why God gave man two hands; to see if he could change hands and gain a stroke when furiously beating off.

It’s suspected Spencer is a Grand Master of the Art.

Amanda's Imaginary Florida Boyfriend

She never fooled me. Who would jump in bed with a feminine looking pizza boy when you live sucha high life and date big money guys and have a relationship? Hello! People are watching. She had no man. Never fooled me.


Dedicated this song to Amanda & Andy double eviction:


Yeah!!! This song will blindside Amanda & Andy!! Elissa will set up the trap for Andy, McCrae wins HoH puts up Andy (Target) & Elissa (Pawn)!! Elissa wins PoV takes herself off and replace Spencer. Andy blindside 3-0!!!!! Bye Bye Rat Boy!!!!!!!


First time posting..this is how i see the game…andy is digging himself deeper everytime he opens his mouth……gm is still working with elissa, she told gm pretend we aren’t is playing her part, judd is in on it so it will b gm, elidea, judd final three…they will take Amanda down lt…spencer is outa there, then Andy, followed by mc and Amanda. Yup haha


JUDD – ‘I f*** hate Elissa slater.’
JUDD – ‘They thought Rachel was bad at least Rachel had a personality.. she’s (Elissa) a brainless plastic doll’
Andy – ‘She is a robot whose circuits are programmed for lunacy.. if America votes her for America’s favorite I will die.. that will enrage me in the finale’


Judd and Andy forget that outside the house there are people who love Rachael and will probably hunt down them two and well, let’s just say there’s a lot of mentally disturbed people roaming the streets. And Andy mentioning he’d die if Elissa won America’s favourite ” Andy I’d be careful for what you wish “


thumbs up if you want elissa to win Americas favorite to piss the hgs off and thumbs up if you want a 3 to 1 vote for Amanda to be evicted


I do just to piss off Ratboy. In fact, I’m going to tell everyone I know that watches BB to vote for her now.


can anyone tell how andy is going to vote?!

Pandora's Box

Maybe Elissa, Judd and Gina Marie has all teamed up and on board to expose the rat come Thursday and Judd and GM are just acting like they are piss at Elissa! Right?? No?? Hell I don’t know lol


I am tired of all these losers this year. What a lousy season of BB. Rat face Andy talking about exterminating Amanda when he is the biggest rodent in the house and needs to be exterminated the most. Jerk. I am so sick of Andy and his floating rat ways. I will be glad when this season is over. I never want to watch again and I have been an avid fan. Under which rock did they get these contestants?


agree, 3m got andy this far he’s really turned on his own alliance and i don’t like it either. like he’s a totally different person.


Andy just laughed at GMs complete attack on amanda, i know mccray noticed and amanda noticed maybe this is the beginning of an out on andy finally. i hope judd was so disgusted with GM just now that he votes spencer out and teams up with mccray Amanda elissa and then get gm or andy out on double evict.


Under which rock did they get these contestants?


Makes one wonder, that with a US population of approximately 350 million people, of which let’s say 20% are in the age category sought out by the producers, how they could have chosen such a pack of degenerates, racists, homophobes, etc. It truly boggles the mind unless:

(a) that’s the type of person they were actually looking for, or

(b) that bunch is a true representation of the mind set of that age group.

Either way, it’s disgusting, but if it’s B, then heaven help the next generation.


Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. ENOUGH! Is Judd going to screw ratboy, perv & hoodrat and him, El & Mc vote out Spencer? I think they all have everyone confused right now. AM is disgusting but ratboy needs his comeuppance.

Okie dokie hokie and pokie

Mcrea (0kie,okay,yup) should win the whole thing then dump Amanda and stay in Minnesota to avoid her as she thinks that’s a loser place to be, dokie (Spencer,doh) hokie (Judd, no reason) and pokie (Andy for so many reasons) GM and Elissa final two

E has a plan?

So okay if Elissa gave Amanda a fake ring from DR or whatever.. She gave it to them saying she is voting for Amanda to stay, (But she really isn’t going to) Amanda and MC are dead set that Andy is voting to keep Amanda right? What if Elissa just did that and she is going to vote out Amanda… And MC and AM will be like “WTH?!? Andy thought you said you was keeping us?!?” ……… But I have a feeling they will just be mad at Elissa not Andy.. -sigh-


Elissa simply isn’t slick enough to pull that off. She’s not gonna buddy up to Amanda/McCrae and then vote Amanda out. She’s got no poker face, deception skills, or social game. You can always tell where her allegiances lie by who she’s hanging out with.


Elissa simply isn’t slick enough to pull that off .

……but, but, but, production is and it would make up for the dull and predictable season up till now….


JUDD telling Elissa to stfu? That should make her want him to win the next HOH then…Amanda cusses her out, cusses her & her husband & kid out & Elissa & Amanda are BFF now…..really funny McCrae talking about playing his own game, blah blah, I mean after 2 months of laying in bed, then he thinks Amanda is staying & he goes back to being her sarcastic snail trail….I wonder if Julie says anything to Amanda about her racist comments like she did to Aaryn or is CBS really gonna let Aaryn be the poster girl for the season, Amanda has said a lot worse than Aaryn but I guess Amanda was “just joking” & let’s not forget, since Elissa is wanting to save Amanda now I haven’t seen any more outrage about Amanda “trying to kill her with the door”….hahaha….


Anyone have a link where I can watch tonights episode?

Go Elissa

My hope is that the vote will be 4-0 , knowing that Elissa does not want to keep Amanda , With Andy thinking he could VOTE Amanda out and take credit for the vote that he thinks Elissa is going to cast , to keep on Both sides with McCrae thinking he did ,and the rest of the crew thinking he didn’t .I seem to recall the guys talking about putting Amanda and McCrae on the block together to vote out Amanda so McCrae’s hands would be clean when the time was right ! McCrae thinks their will be 2 votes for Amanda to stay ,so he could take credit for one of those… This plan would still show McCrae that Andy was not loyal to him , while showing the rest of the house that Elissa voted the way she said with them.It is clear that JUDD does not want to keep Amanda . I only hope the Ring was a fake (or something she brought in as a just in case she needed some help along the way ) I don’t think Any of the HG’s would expect that !


I’m voting Elissa as America’s favorite so that Andy can die…


I think Judd may just be playing the Exterminators…I think he may just be the ace in the hole for Elissa plan to save Amanda.

Okie dokie hokie and pokie

Oooo, maybe a final twist would be call a do over and bring back the first 2 eliminated to play it out…nick and um the surfer dude David, with the real final two ….GM would luv it!


Surfer dude David, while trying to surf to Hawaii (yes, it’s impossible but remember who we’re talking about), was eaten by a great white shark.

It's Me

Why would anyone wear an expensive diamond set in the BB house? You know you’re going to be rolling in mud, goop, and who knows what. Maybe Elissa’s actually just wearing cubic zirconia rings for the show. Or maybe production gave her a band to give to Amanda. I would think she’d be worried her husband would kill her for giving away their engagement ring.

Someone did mention here that they thought it was an eternity band. I just googled fake diamonds and saw ebay has eternity bands for $18.99. LOL No wonder she gave it to Amanda.


GM is having a melt down right now in BBAD. She might spill the beans hopefully. She should say something about Ratandy to Amanda.


Hopefully production will wave 100 crisp ” Ulysses S. Grant ” bills in her face later tonight or early tomorrow morning and give her some new and game changing marching orders. And perhaps throw in a five or six ” Benjamin Franklin ” if she strangles Andy during breakfast.