Last Night in the House “it’s going to be a blindside no matter what happens”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Sept 7*
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 9th*
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


1:30pm HOH Amanda and McCrae

McCrae is worried that ELissa and Andy could use their plan to vote out spencer against them. McCrae is worried is not going to work out for them on eviction night. 
Amanda – ‘WHen has andy betrayed you ever.. when has he betrayed me.. he’s not going and I have Elissa’s diamond ring’ 

MC – ‘I have to be pliable and malleable.. regardless of what happens’ 
Amanda – “GM getting me out of this house.. what a travesty’ 

McCrae asks her what she is doing tomorrow, is she going to meet up with Elissa. AManda will reconfirm with Elissa. AManda wonders what JUDD will do if Amanda stays. McCrae thinks JUDD will still think McCrae has his back, ‘GM is a better competitor and she is coming after you’
McCrae would rather JUDD stay in the game than GM. McCrae adds if their plan doesn’t work and she goes home he has to become JUDD’s best buddy. 

Amanda says JUDD probably looks fatter on TV. 
MC – why do you even say stuff like that’ 
A – he does… ugh Ginamaire you are disgusting
MC – ‘I’m pretty much going to be shocked either way regardless of what happens’

MC – ‘it’s going to be a blindside no matter what happens’

Amanda – either way no matter what happens I love you and if I go to jury you have my vote
MC jokes says if he doesn’t vote for her tomorrow does he still have her vote. Amanda laughs says no. 

Amanda tells him a midnight every night she will tell him she loves him from the Jury house. 
Amanda – ‘but I’m going to stay here.. it’s going to be the double eviction.. it’ll be the world against JUDD’
MC – he said he was going to go hard
Amanda – whatever he always says that 

MC tells Amanda she never thinks ahead in this game. says it was silly getting in a fight with GM the night before the vote when the power to keep Amanda could be in GM’s hands. 
A – ‘it doesn’t matter with her she’s already dead set on getting me out of the house’
MC – ‘IF she doesn’t get you out she’s just going to laugh in your face’
A – ‘Oh thank you for that.. she started with me.. she did start with me’
MC – “Umm OK.. it goes both ways”
A – ‘She’s so disgusting.. she farts and says I have to take a sh!t.. what woman says I have to take a sh!t… you don’t even say that’
MC – I say I have to poop
A – ya
A – she has web toes… gross
MC – she can’t control that

Amanda says Andy is really funny he will be America’s favorite. MC agrees says Andy really does deserve to win America’s favorite.


2:00AM Exterminators playing cards


2:00AM HOH Amanda and McCrae

Amanda – ‘God I hope I stay I’m afraid to go’
MC tells her the show ends on the 18th because that is when they are out of fish food.
Amanda and McCrae are confident ELissa will vote for her to stay. MC doesn’t see any reason why Elissa would be lying to them unless she is trying to set up Andy and even then it’s not a very good plan. MC adds if she votes out Spencer Elissa will have Andy and MC coming after her.
A – “She gave me her ring’
MC – ‘Andy won’t flip because … because just as much as he could blame it on ELissa elissa could blame it on him and then he would lose credibility with everyone’

A – I hope GM and Spencer go tomorrow.. she does not deserve to be here… I cannot stand that girl.. dumb a$$’
MC – if you stay I want to laugh at her’
A – Spencer does seem so confident it obnoxious.. he just throws his stuff in a bag doesn’t even think he’s going’
MC – that is good once you feel too confident is when you are going’

Amanda says if they survive this they got out of the plan to backdoor her and the plan to split them up, “Thats huge”
MC thinks they are going to be even bigger targets after this week.

MC says the GM and Amanda argument was on afterdark. Amanda laughs at GM making fun of her having a yeast infection, “What girls do not get a yeast infection’
Aamanda says the TVGN is censored they would not show the entire fight between her and GM. MC doesn’t think it is.

Amanda notices that the exterminators are going into the cockpit. She thinks it’s weird that GM, JUDD< Andy and SPecner are all hanging out together. Amanda mentions to him that "Word on the street" is her veto episode was an amazing episode. (hinting that production told her) CBS Interactive Inc.


Exterminators cockpit

Andy wondering if it’s a double eviction they stick to the same stories. JUDD says yes. Spencers says hopefully it’s a double eviction and they don’t need to put up with a week of McCrae being pissed at them. They agree if its a double go to McCrae and tell him Elissa flipped the vote.
JUDD says MC told him he is going after Elisssa.
JUDD says Elissa will put up MC and him up. Andy thinks it will be Andy and McCrae.

They start scheming about thing they can tell Elissa and MC. If McCrae wins the HOH GM is going to go to him first and tell him ELissa told GM everything. If ELissa wins JUDD will go to her first and tell her McCrae wants to start a guys alliance.

Andy says Spencer and him will play in the dark. JUDD tells them he thinks ELissa bought the story that he told her to f** off for show, “I told her to keep acting mad”
JUDD heads to bed.

They continue to go through all the possible scenarios.


2:30am HOH MC and Amanda MC mentions how GM must already be thinking that Amanda could be staying. She said things during the fight tonight.
MC – I’m worried Andy will flip’
Amanda – he’s not going to flip.. he wouldn’t you are his closest ally.. you think he will flip on you’
MC – he can blame it on ELissa..
Amanda says it doesn’t matter you have to stick with people in the house that you are close to, “It’s too early’

MC says it’s perfect for them if they can get to final 5 because then you only need 2 votes, “We can do whatever we want’
Amanda – ‘Gets going to be so f*** boring only 4 people here.. at least with me you have some entertainment.. seriously if I go.. or GM all the entertainment goes out the door’


6:15am Sleeping

9:00Am ZZZZZzzzz


9:41am lights on

10:00AM McCrae and Amanda come downstairs,

Amanda grabs a banana out of the storage room and heads back to the HOH. Elissa in the kitchen asks them how their sleep was. Amanda says it was great.

10:05am Bathroom JUDD and Elissa

Elissa – “Oh my gosh I need to cut my hair so bad.. it’s really stringing and gross”

10:09am Kitchen Spencer and Elissa
Elissa – ‘Oh mu gosh did Amanda throw away all those grapes..
Spencer- ‘MMMM chocolate milk in the morning’
ELissa – “I don’t think i’ll ever drink chocolate milk again after this’
Spencer – ‘ya I know’
Elissa – ‘oh my gosh’

10:14am HOH lockdown Trivia
11:28am HOH lockdown Trivia

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Yeah Amanda, you’re not only one will be be blindside. Andy as well will be blindside. Andy, I hope you have box tissue because you’re going to the jury house.


Oh Yeah Andy, you’re so dumb and stupid that you exterminators will turn on you as well. Don’t worry, you will cry at the jury house.


Andy is probably dumb that Elissa just evicted Amanda and make look like he be the one who thought will keep her and voted spencer. Of course Andy, you’re falling into Elissa traps.


Huh? I hope English is your second language, Wedgiehead. Elissa is not setting any “traps”, she’ll be just as blindsided as Amanda tonight when Spencer stays as Elissa believes that she, McCrae, and Andy are all teaming up. There’s nothing going on under the surface here even as much as you wish it were so.

But, I do think Elissa will immediately realize that it was Andy who betrayed her (despite Andy’s planned attempt to blame McCrae), which should make it really interesting if Elissa’s wins the HOH.


Not going to happen. The only blindside is Andy, he will be following Amanda. So, your comments doesn’t makes sense. Andy will be blindside!!!!!!! Elissa is not going anywhere!!!!!


I’m pretty sure McCrae will take his frustration on Andy. Elissa will set the trap for Andy and McCrae blames him or voting Amanda out. I would love to see Andy’s face red!!!!!!

McTacky is a Dirty, 50's Trailor Trash Housewife

And, Amanda is a sociopath. For real – look up sociopath!

Big Sister

Did you see how she threw the door open after Spencer told her that Elissa was listening in on the convo? Elissa would have been seriously injured if she were still standing there. The force that went into slamming the door open against the outside wall was unreal. Amanda would have been ejected from the house if Elissa had still been there. She needs anger management help!


Surprised no one has called GM out for the antisemitic racist remarks directed at JEWISH PEOPLE ?


Hey Cap, now I thought you were finished with that anger. Don’t be like Bob. I really need to help him. I jusr want to shout out to my house help. Thank you Maria, Ana, Carlos and Alberto for setting up the BB party. There will some extra money in your paychecks this week. GM is going to be shock when Amanda stays tonight and she goes on the block. Love everyone on this site, even Bob.


OMG, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! You’re an idiot!!!!!!!!

Amandas Vagina

I own you wedigieface me and my meat curtains are gonna be here till the end.


I think the ring is fake. After watching last night, Amanda was still so crazy toward Elissa. Right after she came out of the diary room she changed her mind. To be honest HOW F&^KING STUPID is Amanda that she’s not picking up that Andy is definitely not on her side? There is no way she could be that dumb (nobody could). Then you think about all the talk with actors. Will Amanda get “Blindsided” and be totally “unable to talk to Julie much and it’ll be a quick interview and she’s gone. (Almost like that’s their way of “getting her off the hot seat like Aaryn”.

Anyway I bet the Ring is fake and Elissa is doing it #1 – To keep Amanda from going psycho on her and #2 To expose Andy as a Rat which will shift McCraes target to Andy and will also look like a fantastic game move. After watching the show last night Elissa has to know what’s going on. She sees Andy whispering and hanging out with Spencer and Judd and GM all the time. There is NO WAY that Elissa, Amanda and McCrae can all believe Andy is with them 100%

So the vote will be 3-1, Andy gets exposed. Maybe Elissa even says its the only way I could show you he turned on you, but Andy will be in hysterics (unable to win the HOH). The Chance of McCrae or Elissa winning HOH will be pretty good. They put up Andy and somebody else and Andy goes to jury right behind Amanda. Hopefully then McCrae or Elissa win the 2nd HOH and get Spencer or GM out next week.

I could be totally wrong, but from what I’ve read, seen and heard, how can somebody not be skeptical about Andy. He’s win the exterminators 90% of the time, laughng and joking.

Andy is such a RAT! Scurrying back n forth all the time carrying tales, always wanting to be everyones best buds. It will be so awesome to see Andy go up on the block and sent to the jury house with the double eviction. Amanda first, Andy second, GM next followed by Judd!

I say

A blindside would be when one doesn’t know what is going to happen…I think a couple people will act surprised and be truly bummed because they are not going to get that extra stipend from production!


Donations are in order to the host of this site! Thanks for the recaps as I dont know how much more I can take watching Andys ‘deer in headlights’ facial expressions or threats of pooping his pants/slitting his wrists whenever he’s asked about what his game move would be . Has the house forgotten what BB used to be about where floaters were the first ones to go? How is it Spencer and Andy are skating by? If either of those win i’ll poop my pants.


I REALLY hope Elissa is working to expose Andy.


This SUCKS! It doesn’t matter if she exposes ANDY! It will only be to McCrae MAYBE and everyone in the house already knows! So if McCrae wins HOH and by some chance puts up Andy none of the rest will vote him out! Amanda will go to jury thinking it was Elissa and even if McCrae figures it out Andy might still get enough jury votes! Ugh I hate the way Andy played this game and I hope production does SOMETHING to make sure he doesn’t win.
AND STUPID STUPID Judd told the exterminators he was just pretending to be mad at Elissa so that blows my other theory that he really was just pretending I guess he is as crazy as those other fools. Judd needs to get in a real alliance and NOT the stupid Floaters alliance. I don’t know who to vote for America’s favorite player now?????????????


EXACTLY what I’ve been saying. Andy DOES NOT get “exposed’ from Elissa doing this at ALL. All of the exterminators already know he’s playing both sides and lying to McCranda so there is no exposure there and in the event, MC gets upset, Andy will have all of the numbers on his side. I personally don’t think MC will be upset with Andy for voting out Amanda. He’ll chalk it up to being best for his game. Even if Amanda goes to jury upset about Andy voting her out, she’ll be over it by Finals and just think he had to vote with the house because Elissa flipped at the last minute. There are a billion things he could tell McCranda and they’ll believe every last one of them. All this “plan” does is expose Elissa and make the target on her back astronomical.


The “Elissa is exposing Andy” nonsense is just a feeble attempt by the Elissa worshipers to frame this move in a positive light. Makes no sense since Andy’s true allegiance was always gonna be revealed by this vote anyway.


After Helen left Elissa was doomed. She never really had much game play and most of the house was lukewarm,at best, towards her or outright hostile. So she really had no chance of a genuine alliance after all the people she connected with left (Helen,Candice,Howard).

The house only gravitated towards her when she had power,otherwise she was always disposable. She only made matters worse for herself by supporting the really dumb plan to try to keep Amanda and align with the likes of Andy who never passed on an opportunity to be two-faced.

In the end, any ‘expose’ won’t amount to much when it comes to how the rest of this season plays out. One thing for sure, Elissa will be leaving shortly after Amanda,unfortunately.


At this point in the game, I’m thinking about JESSIE for MVP because she was the first one who openly had the guts to challenge Helen and Amanda and I don’t remember saying any vile thing. Who are the rest of you thinking of voting for for MVP


OOPS, I meant Americas Favorite Player!


Out of all those people I don’t know who I would vote for including Jesse. She did some entertaining stuff at the end but always resorted back to not following through and being pathetic and inconsistent. Those attempts to get Amanda out were out desperation after making more than one pathetic attempt to get back in the fold on the bottom of the totem pole. She is just as guilty as some of the others from enabling Amanda and even reporting information back at one point. I remember one conversation in particular that Candace and Helen were having in front of Jesse and her going back to report to the queen for brownie points only to not be accepted. Too bad players like Howard, Jesse, Candace, and even Elissa couldn’t get it together before people started voting out people Amanda wanted out.


I will vote for Jessie for America’s player. She tried really hard to break up the mcranda but Helen, Andy, Judd and everyone else frustrated her efforts. Plus Jessie was unemployed so she could use the extra cash. I cannot bring myself to vote for any of the remaining houseguests.


I agree .Besides, I like Elissa but think she has some great master plan in place to expose Andy. She already knows he’s working both sides and if she hasn’t put great emphasis on that to Amanda over the last couple of days than I’m not buying she has a master plan. Her only master plan is that she has to win HOH or the Veto.


That’s just not the case though. She’s trusting in Andy, not trying to expose him. But you can at least look forward to how upset Elissa is gonna be at Andy tonight after the vote, will funny as hell to watch him squirm if she wins HOH. It’s also interesting that McCrae is semi-anticipating Andy flipping and blaming it on Elissa. Can’t wait to see McCrae’s reaction to Andy when the Rat does just that.


I don’t think that’s true at all. Elissa must have said it 20 times at least in the last 2 weeks. SHE DOES NOT TRUST ANDY. She saw what he did to Helen, Helen told her to not trust him no matter what. And I don’t think she does, at all. She’s said it to every single person in the house, multiple times, with the exception of spencer and andy. So where you get that she trust him is beyond me.


You’re right that she doesn’t trust him wholeheartedly, but she believes he’s gonna vote to keep Amanda tonight. She “trusts” in his loyalty to McRanda and believes herself to be joining that team….. that’s all I’m saying.


I do hope its 2 -2 and I would like to see Julie say gm who do you vote to evict and gm say Julie get Amanda out of my house boom

Floater will win

And this show is gonna suck hard without her…

Miss May

Daaaaling, have they all gone completely mad?


A glimmer of hope for Elissa because now Mccrae actually sees that Andy might flip and blame it on Elissa.

Good game move by Reily, Mccrae will come after andy in the double eviction, him and Elissa can go to the end if they play together.

At some point I wanted Amanda to stay, I know she is horrible but she is entertaining , do you really want to see the exterminator in the final 4 ? Possibly the worst finale ever, I don’t blame CBS for trying to save Amanda because we might have Andy and Spencer sitting in the F2 and trust me I don’t think anyone would want to watch that finale.


Agree. If Amanda and Elissa go it will be completely boring. While i think they are both bat sh!t crazy, they both have moments of good play. What suprises me most is Amanda has been pretty on top of things and she can’t see Andy is with them. It seems so obvious. Either way, I hope Amanda goes. I’m tired of her at this point, but I do think she played a pretty good game. If she had more tact and reservations, she probably could have went the whole way. As much as I hate Elissa, I hope she stays to final 3 otherwise it will be so boring.

Also, I hope Julie grills every house guest the way CBS had her grill Aaryn. They are all knuckleheads with a lot of growing up to do. Aaryn wasn’t and isn’t the only person in that house with issues. Everyone of them is bad.

Ginger RAT

Actually if Amanda didn’t have McCrae as her sounding board, to talk things out with, she is another Helen. They both have bad read on people. How many times did Amanda say Elissa would never vote me out when Elissa was full on board with Jessie and Candice to get Amanda out. Amanda wanted to keep Candice after Candice had that blowup with Spencer because Amanda thought she could control Candice but it was McCrae who said they have to vote out Candice or else they’ll lose GM and Aaryn since they wanted Candice out. McCrae trusted Judd; Andy, not so much, but it was Amanda who trusted Andy and got Judd out. When rat was HOH, Amanda suggested he put up Helen; McCrae told Amanda not to push that on Andy because Helen was his one vote; in fact that was Andy’s talking point that Helen was targeting Amanda but Amanda never targeted Helen. During GM’s first HOH, Amanda wanted GM to backdoor Helen but Aaryn told her GM would never put up Helen; Amanda also wanted GM to backdoor Judd but again Aaryn told Amanda that GM won’t even consider it. Even now when McCrae questions the rat’s loyalty but not Elissa’s, Amanda shut it down.

The difference with Amanda’s game play and Helen is that Amanda had McCrae and the rat and Aaryn to bounce ideas with but Helen only had the rat who sabotaged her every chane he had.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSS…. *sigh* Thank you Ginger Rat. I could not remember all the specific examples to fully support some of my previous comments, but you seriously just nailed it. I have never been able to respect Amanda as a “strategic” player because she’s made so many decisions or moves based on personal vendettas or short-sided game play rather than strategically thinking of the big picture and long term effects. The few times she made a good move (or rather, stopped a bad one) was thanks ENTIRELY to her other allies redirecting her.

Now whether it was luck that she had McCrae and Andy on her side or production’s potential “actors” as a plant, who knows, but I fully believe that is the only reason she’s made it this far.


I think you just finally got a group that don’t give a sht what America thinks they aint playing


There is nothing entertaining about Amanda. I’ve gotten used to just fast forwarding past those two.


Getting ready for my big BB pool party tonight. It is going to be amazing when my Christian Queen and my Rainbow Warrior save my Jewish Queen. It’s going to be a glorius night for Amanda, when she not only stays but wins the next HOH. Love you Amanda, Love you Elissa, Love you Allison, Love you The Captain and Love you Bobbie.


OMG!!! Are you still dumb? You don’t get it, Amanda is gone and so is Andy!!!!! Both are getting Blindside. Keep losing all your bets because everyone including me knows that you are going to lose.

Calm Down

Easy there Captainwedgiearchnemesis…it’s just a reality tv show…


Reality? It would be more truthful if the network updated its name to CBS Manufacturing

GM's Baby Daddy Nick

You stupid

Pinocchio Obama

At least all this speculation will be over tonight. Hopefully it all ends in Amanda and Andy leaving the house.


Andy isn’t going anywhere. Amanda will be blindsighted and the one to leave tonight.


…that’s blind sided :)

Amandas cootch smells like onions

its double eviction, Andys rat ass could very well be out the door right behind Amanda

I say

If that happens, would love to see Amanda’s reaction

Production mole

Judd is going to rat out Andy before eviction. He’ll go to McCranda and reveal the Exterminators and say that he knows about Elissa’s wedding ring and that Andy is not going to keep Amanda. Judd aligns with Amanda, McCrae and Elissa to evict spencer tonight. The Exterminators will be blind-sided, Spencer evicted, GM can’t play for HOH, only Andy can play against McCrae, Amanda, Elissa and Judd. If Andy wins HOH he puts up Amanda and McCrae (or Amanda/Judd, McCrae/Judd) They all play for veto. If any of those 3 wins they take down the other and Andy has to put up GM because she’s all that is left. GM goes home. Next week a power will be unleashed in the house.


I hope you’re right! Amanda, McCrae, Judd, and Elissa would be awesome. If that happened the looks on Andy’s rate face and GinaMarie’s racist face would be priceless!

Production mole

GM isn’t a racist. She is terribly ignorant about her vocabulary, and doesn’t understand the idea of being politically incorrect. But her intent isn’t to hurt people. and she has no fear about standing up to a bully.

GM is Beetlejuice

Stop making excuses for a 33-year-old hater, of herself and others.


Put away your pitchfork, Beetlejuice. I’m pretty sure you’d be guilty of a few disagreeable actions and utterings if recorded 24/7 for the last 80 days. Piling on doesn’t help anything.

Just A Thought

I agree with you about GM’s ignorance. She is culturally ignorant, unlike Aaryn and Amanda who know exactly what they are talking about when they make racial “digs”.

Floater will win

HUH?? She grew up in America! She’s not “culturally ” different..she’s from the US. Being from long island or wherever that wingnut is from is not another country! She’a racist..plain and simple.


That would be awesome and smart on Judd’s part but I don’t think he will do it. I think Production has been trying to get him away from the exterminators all week and he refuses. He should trust Elissa and McCrae over the others, Elissa is a terrible liar so he will always know her next move and Mcrae doesn’t have anyone else. Unfortunately I don’t think there is anyway Judd will flip but I will be hoping for it. I don’t even have any feelings for the exterminators they are just plane lame

Production mole

Judd did agree to evict Spencer. It was the only way Elissa would agree to give up her wedding ring (it’s real).

Production's 2nd Mole

Yes, believe the Production mole. I’m the 2nd production mole and I say it’s true.


Too bad wishful thinking isn’t reality.


I can’t wait for the two of you to be completely wrong about what Judd is going to do. This season sucks there will be no drama, noone in the house is that smart to do a plan like that!


Damn, now that would really be something :)

A. G.

Okay Production Mole – How did my plan get out? Did you wire the the DR room?


This is what i’ve been thinking all along. It would be the best move for Judd and Elissa. The targets would be off of them, and no matter who won HOH, they could slide by and stay true to their final two deal. They have a better chance to Win the money against Mcranda than the other three. As much as Amanda repulses me, this would be the biggest move of this entire crappy season of BB. Judissa for final two!!

Cat Farm USA

Evidence that the production Mole really is in production… decide :) Will Judd change his mind? Or did BB already change it for him….

3:04pm In the bathroom – Judd talks to Amanda. He tells her that he is nervous. Amanda asks why are you nervous. Judd says because I am always nervous and plus because it’s a double eviction. Judd tells Amanda that he is thinking about it (Voting to keep her). Amanda says you should, it would be in your best interest. Judd says if I did, you better not f**k me! Amanda says I won’t. Judd goes into the toilet. Elissa comes into the bathroom and tells Elissa that McCrae just broke the news to Spencer that he is voting him out. I said he would never get laid again. Amanda tells her that Judd is in the washroom. Judd comes out and he smiles. Amanda asks what are you smiling about. Judd says I love you.

Leading From Behind

How ironic would it be for McCrae and Elissa to take control of the house?

McCrap is a 1950's Trailor Trash Housewife

He’s a Filthy, Unsanitary, Uneducated, Redneck, Half-Wit.

And, he’s pairing with Amanda: Sociopath.

The planet does not deserve a real life couple like that.

Twerk Miley Twerk

Well this season has been the worst one ever so why not top it off by having the worst final 2 ever?


I don’t want to watch a finale with Andy, Spencer, GM or Amanda in it. Oh boy I am dreading finale night

bb is a house full of crazy

Just watching BBAD right now and the fight is on. GM is nuts. What a whack job.


Gina Marie is nuts?

Mean Girls

I am kind of in the middle with Gina. If she would cut out all the racism then she would be my clear favorite. She has a lot of problems, and that’s stating the obvious. Saying she just broke up with her boyfriend, when it happened 2 years ago is a red flag. This eating then forcing herself to throw up is another red flag. Not understanding the affliction of the kids that she works with is another red flag. Gina has trouble expressing herself and resorts to street vernacular when she gets confused.

So my heart goes out to Gina, even though she may be a racist. Amanda knows that Gina has issues, but she intentionally picked a fight with Gina, because she had the audacity to put Amanda on the block. Amanda wanted to emotionally hurt Gina by bringing up the Nick thing, living with the mother, and her education. I hate when people take advantage of others when they know that person has limited faculties or mental issues.

So I understand Gina and know she comes with baggage. Hey, if this money helps you address some of those issues, you have my support Gina.


Calling herself blonde-hair-blue-eyed when she’s a brown-eyed-blue-contact-wearing brunette Italian is a RED flag. Calling people out on their weight gain while she scarfs food and barfs it up is a RED flag. When she’s calling people cellulite cottage cheese legs/butts is a RED flag. Telling Elissa that she never heard racial slurs out of Aaryn til she said “swarm” while in the same breath calling someone’s kid a Puerto Rican dirt bag is a RED flag.

I didn’t know makeup made THAT much of an impact on people. She’s a two different person with/without makeup.

I read before that GM broke up with her fiance 5 years ago. That engagement proposal is from 2008.

Mean Girls

I am not absolving Gina of anything that she said. Its just in my opinion, I think deep down that she has a good heart, but has emotional issues. Because of those emotional issues it manifest itself into racist comments and inappropriate actions. I am not going to hold an emotionally ill person to the same standard as a normal person. However defining what’s normal would require writing a monologue.

If you can’t get beyond her racism, then she’s not the player to back. However, I hate to say it, but all the remaining players have a few warts that can cause revulsion. Pick a player and I can make an argument of why not to back that person. Lets take Elissa for example, I was a supporter of her until 2 days ago. She is now really coming across as a Romney wanna be and looking down her nose at everyone. The other day she stated the house guests were a bunch of losers and all they do is talk about successful people. She went on to say that you are not successful because you are a loser. Wow! That statement rubbed me the wrong way. Elissa also joined in on the bashing of Jessie. I never understood this hate of Jessie by the other house guests. However, I thought Elissa was beyond that, but she’s not. Elissa also starts fights by making snide comments and then running away as if she did nothing. I am sorry that Queen Elissa, is playing with common people that are making by from paycheck to paycheck in their real lives and have a different economical perspective. However, if Elissa going to come at them, they might not reply back in the same manner she was expecting.

So yes choose horse/player based on your likes and dislikes. If you want to hold that hate close to your heart about her racist comments then Gina is not the player to choose, but I am going to pull for her to the end.


Just GM? Why don’t you go just a few steps further, you’re so close, and realize that all of these people are good people with issues like everyone else. They are in an incredibly stressful environment and they’ve all said and done some stupid stuff. Elissa’s defensiveness reminds me very much of Aaryn’s. People really don’t learn when they feel attacked, we have built in defenses to protect our egos from negative reinforcement. If the haters on here really wanted people to learn and grow they are going about it in completely the wrong way. What they really want is for people to be punished because they are angry. But what are they really angry about? They want it to be simple, good people – bad people, but that isn’t reality, or reality TV. I read something recently that made me think perhaps it’s because of all the fucked up stuff happening in the world right now, all the obvious injustice. I wonder if people are just furious under the surface because they feel they have no control over it. I’ve certainly never seen the behaviour in the house attacked so vehemently before, I don’t think it’s just this year’s house guests. I think the viewers are extra sensitive to behaviour that wouldn’t have bothered them not that long ago. Something is stirring in the American psyche and I hope you all find a better outlet for it than this.
This message is not about the people that love and hate houseguest for fun every year and like to top each other with trash talk, this is about the really serious people that seemed to invade the comment sections this season.
P.S 3AM forever!


I like GM. For some reason. Just until she opens her mouth!
I don’t feel bad for her for what Amanda said to her because GM herself has does
not have any qualms talking badly about children with mental issues. She talks about
things people don’t have a choice with like the color of their skin, autism etc.

I loved it when she put mcranda up for eviction but she soon lost me with the vitriol.
I really want to love her urgh!


You mean just like when Gina tried to hurt Candice on her way out of the house by saying “Her (birth) mother/parents never wanted her” …real classy woman GM is and you emphasize with her when Amanda mocks her about Nick who is a nobody in her life( they knew each other for a week+ he doesn’t even like her lol)…We all have good hearts but we still must be held accountable for our actions.


Gina is the heavyweight champion of BB15.

She made Amanda cry, lol.

Thumbs up, Gina.


There’s a part of me that really loves GM. She’s a good egg – apologized to Amanda after the blowout even.


Both times it was fake based on the faces & gestures she made before & after any of her “apologies.”

i'm tall

is it time vote yet? damn!

Pinocchio Obama

I know I am tired of waiting to see what really happens. I hope by Sunday’s show that we get to see some jury house action.

I say

Can someone please wake me up when this is over? It just isn’t fun to watch, anymore!

Amanda's dog Woofy

Good morning Viet Nam


They will all be shocked with the play backs, of how Andy portrayed them ALL. Andy will win BB this season, and I HATE IT.


This is turning into an excellent game. Andy is controlling things and will once again be a swing vote after tonight. His game is getting to an elite status in Big Brother History. He once again has everybody fooled. He is setting out to finish what he started………….Win BB15!!!

Go Andy!!!!

Ginger RAT

Who’s Andy?


Type in “RAT” into google. That’s him.


The best gameplayer in the house after tonight. I’m going to sit back, eat some sushi and drink some wine and watch Andy do it again. I think most of the people on this site are jealous and feel threatened by Andy. He’s a smooth player. There is going to be NO BACKDOORING ANDY!


Who is Andy? Well, duh. He is the virtual reincarnation of Howdy Doody.


This is true but he’s such a rat and because of it, he most likely will win.


I have to disagree. I think Andy is in trouble once the exterminators are in the final four. I don’t see any member willing to keep him in the finale due to his relationships with everyone in the jury. Sadly I think Spencer is in the best position.

Then again, this isn’t exactly the brightest group in Big Brother history…..


I’m so ready for tonight!! I hope Amanda goes first them McCrae. I have no favorite amongst these HGs but I don’t want McCrae to get HOH. I really hope Judd gets HOH. Since he went out on double eviction, it would be a sweet revenge WIN! I wish GM would control her (religion, race, etc) mouth. I could like her. UGH.


It’s going to be epic. She thinks she is staying! “Hahahahahjahha”
Her face is going to drop when she learns is a tie and that “nasty gross woman”
She dislike (Gina) is voting her out.

Catfight Central

First year that I am not cheering for a particular HG to win. The remaining players all have some serious warts.

On the other hand, this group is as entertaining as any group.

GM: average looking woman that thinks she is a beauty queen..and when she opens her mouth, she becomes ugly fast with that accent and her verbal illiteracy

Amanda: complex woman that can be funny, but she is fighting some demons that are express with an extremely nasty streak; I did love many of her early DR sessions…very funny

McCrae: a wimp with no self-motivation, the biggest wimp of all

Judd: a woman-hating hick that does not speak English, he mumbles English

Andy: Decent guy that is also a wimp; done an interesting job playing both sides…and who is truly lying to now…he has postured himself that he could vote either way tonight and come out smelling like a rose

Elissa: an emotional wreck that seems to enjoy looking stupid…and all the “needle touch-ups”…what is it about that family that has two sisters so screwed up mentally; she has done a decent job trying to take the high road

Spencer: He may be the most sane…a pervert…like 80% of males in the world…so you can not hold that against much….seems like a decent person overall


Why is Judd a women hater?

Look at the women left in the house.. none have any class.

Gina Marie has a big mouth and her comments go way to far at times.

Amanda – Racist, loud, emotional wreck. Broken beyond belief. She can dish it but cant take it.

Elissa – Stuck up Elitist who feels she has the right to do whatever she wants because her sister was on BB. She feels she is the “star” of the show.. cause CBS went after her had to be on the show. Even went as far as to make up the MVP twist to keep her in the game. It’s ok for Elissa to call people disgusting losers but she cant take when someone returns the favor. She then runs to DR to cry to Production.


Judd a women hater? Far from it!

He got mad at Jessie because she was a stalker that wouldn’t leave him alone and was always trying to create a showmance with him.
Elissa, well, that chick deserves to be told to shut the f*&* up because she thinks she is better than everyone else and looks down on people for not having what she has (which by the way, probably isn’t nearly as great as what she says or she wouldn’t have left her posh lifestyle to play a game). We should thank Judd for telling Elissa to shut up because we have all thought it many times before. Poor Elissa always the victim – NOT!

Oh Ya

I’m disappointed with Judd. He’s pulling Andy’s; acting like a rat fink.


AAAACCCKKKK!! The famous “it’s too early” line is haunting us once again!




Andy winning America’s favourite? HAHAHA, what a joke! Just like you’re all sweet and innocent and always the victim Amanda :)! Reality check heading your way Amanda, CANNOT wait until it happens :)

Amanda's dog Woofy

America’s Fave is Miss Louisiana/NFL Cheerleader because she keeps it real in Candyland and has a nice ass.

clownie is alive

Amanda about GM – “She was web toes – gross”. At least her snatch doesn’t smell.

I loved it when GM said “Drop it like you drop your pants!”

Nobody would step in because all guys love cat fights. What a turn-on.

As per usual Amanda gets into a fight and wants Pizza Boy to help her. Her parents really have done a great job bringing her up. Start a fight, expect anyone else to come to your defense, then cry and say that you are a victim. Getting very old. Ma7ybe production will help her. Why not, she ihas been entitled her whole life.

GM is immature, but does know how to stand up to a bully. Get over it Amanda. Amanda makes fun of GM – but what about this month’s boy-toy? Where does Pizza Boy live?

Remember – CBS Cares (gag me).


Agreed! Amanda is on her back too MUCH.


I haven’t been this excited for a live show in a long time. I still loathe all of the HGs and wish they could all lose, but at least they started to play a bit this week! As exciting as it would be to see McCranda’s devastation at being betrayed by Andy (and realizing that they should have kept Aaryn, oops!) when the vote is 2-2 and Amanda walks out the door at GM’s hand; I fear how boring the game will be in the upcoming weeks without her. Depending on who the second eliminated HG is tonight, it’s going to be a long two weeks until Survivor starts!


CBS loves the “expect the unexpected” – maybe they’ll take pity on all of us and she’ll announce tonight that ALL of the houseguests are evicted and the grand prize goes to America!

Mean Girls

Judd is off his meds again. He always get brave when he’s off his meds. He wanted to cuss and fight Howard but Judd was not totally insane yet. However, a woman, like Jessie he felt free to let it rip. What did Jessie do to deserve such a heated attack from Judd? Jessie tried to play her own game. Elissa who has short term memory loss, obviously has forgotten that Judd/Jessie despicable exchange. Jessie didn’t deserve those hurtful words from Judd. Judd after his Jessie exchanged ran to Andy/McCrae and said he was just joking. Fast forward to the Elissa/ Judd exchange, Judd is now saying he was just pretending. Now Elissa is so shock that Judd cussed her out. Really Elissa, you had no idea that Judd was capable of such behavior? Its obvious that Judd has anxiety attacks, and lashes out at anyone that he percieves as being on the opposite side. Oh Judd, you are so brave, why don’t I see you ever having these attacks face to face with a guy. I notice when its a guy that’s the target of your frustrations, you have them behind close doors.

Judd the Crud

Judd’s always biting his tongue because he’s a BB superfan and he wants to be the next “Jeff”. Personally, I don’t at all get the appeal of Judd: he’s borderline illiterate; looks like hell (now there’s an arguement for makeup for men); is he really in his 20’s? Hate that tired ole “J-U double D ready to party” crap. Where else except in a Bizzaro World does Judd have a chance with Jessie? (Remember, he makes 400 a week!)


What is your basis for his being illiterate? You are just making that stereotypical assumption based on his manner of speech. As for the money he makes – he apparently owns properties & is a property appraiser – around here they make megabucks – prob a lot less in Hicksville Tenn, but I bet he’s not hurting BESIDES I don’t see that as relevant any more than Elissa’s apparent wealth that she is constantly flaunting

Amanda the Stupid

The smartest move Elissa could make since Amanda’s going home anyway because Andy’s not really voting to keep her, is to vote out Amanda also and when the vote is 3 to 1 Andy will be outted as the Red Rat and there will be no hole for him to hide in. He will finally be exposed, that way neither Amanda nor Mccrae will give Andy their vote if he goes to the final two because they will feel so betrayed by Andy who they trusted more than anyone.


You hit on a great point. Perhaps this is why the ghost(production) convinced Ellisa to support Amanda despite all the douchebag things Amanda did to her! They are giving Andy cover for evicting Amanda! LOL Ok I’m not buying that but y7our right if Ellisa makes it 3 to 1 Amanda out then Andy gets exposed. If Amanda stays you might as well right off your summer as a waste of time!


That’s just it though, Elissa doesn’t BELIEVE that Amanda is leaving tonight. Elissa thinks that she, Andy, and McCrae are keeping Amanda in the house and that the four of them will team up on Judd and GM. Elissa believes this switch is gonna put her in a pretty good position in the game.

You gotta admit it’s funny that Elissa got so upset with Andy for turning his back on Helen in favor of McRanda, and now the minute Elissa finally decides to come over their side, Andy chooses to turn his back on McRanda. Elissa is gonna be angry as hell at the Rat tonight.


No she’s not going to be angry – she’s not capable of that depth of emotion – besides, why should she care= it’s a tv show for which I’m sure she is being handsomely compensated


Actually this could be exactly what happens tonight but Elissa didn’t think of this on her own I can guarantee you that. But it would be nice to see Andy outed to McCrae.


None of this makes sense to me – who cares if McCrae finds out – it will only matter if he wins HOH & he already suspects it anyway. As smooth a liar as Andy is, Elissa is the opposite & it will be obvious she’s not lying


You are giving Andy way too much credit. He’s not a smooth liar. It’s just that these HGs are easily duped. None are leaders,just followers who do and think as they are told. So if one person says Andy is a stand up guy, he’s a stand up guy in their eyes,no questioning it.


And Amanda will try to get the jurors to vote against Andy too, by telling them how he stabbed each of them in the back, And McCrae and Elissa will try to get him evicted. It will be lose/lose for RatFace, but he hasn’t even thought of this as a possibility. I have been hoping for this for days!


Using the word smart and Elissa in the same sentence is not right. It wasn’t her idea it was Production.


That’s just it though, Elissa doesn’t BELIEVE Amanda is leaving tonight. Elissa thinks that she, Andy, and McCrae are gonna vote to keep Amanda in the house and that the four of them will team up on Judd and GM.

It is kinda funny that Elissa was so upset with Andy turning his back on Helen in favor of McRanda, and now Andy chooses to turn his back on McRanda the minute Elissa finally comes over to their side. Elissa is gonna be really angry at the Rat tonight.


Exposed to who?

Only Elissa (he could always say he changed his mind at the last moment for some reason) and McCrae. All the other people know what’s up with Andy’s move against Amanda, and those are the only ones he cares about at this point.

I don’t get this ‘expose Andy’ theory so many of you have. The group he’s working with already knows he will boot out Amanda, and also that’s why he has a plan to tell McCrae later it was Elissa who didn’t vote to keep her. I think McCrae will sooner believe him than Elissa anyway.

So the only person he really has to worry about is Elissa. So, again, I don’t understand this whole ‘expose’ thing.


Not so sure about that. Elissa had given her 14K ring over to Amanda as proof that she will indeed vote her to stay in. She can also scream “Andy is a rat, a big one” should he try to turn the tables and frame Elissa. We shall soon see..

Andy is a Rat

I am hoping that Elissa votes in front of everyone, that would be awesome. If she stood up in the main room like she was headed for the diary room, but stopped and said I have to prove myself so I vote to evict Spencer. OMG, Andy’s face will just fall, he will turn all red and start crying. I so want him to be exposed for the rat he is, I can’t stand him!

bb is a house full of crazy

Don’t feel bad McCrae. I just sat there and watched it too. I hope GM and Amanda are around for another week…just for the cuh-razy entertainment.


Once that whole argument between GM and Amanda started last night, we all knew it was going to end in tears for Amanda. She is far more emotionally fragile than her big mouth leads one to believe.


Of all the people in the house, the only one who has play with some class and integrity is Elissa — the rest are vulgar, profane and do not deserve to be rewarded with anything, exception eviction.


So aligning yourself with a gross disgusting racist bully who uses people and manipulates them is a classy thing for Elissa to do huh? You brenchal army people are conveniently selective with your judging of people. Your angel has sided with the devil this week and you chalk it up to good gameplay but when others align with aMANduh you label them disgusting human beings and scum

Amanda is still leaving

I’ll take the profanity of the others over the “holier than thou” personality of Elissa any day of the week. The people I dislike most in the world are those who consider others beneath them.


Was really hoping amanda saw that Andy was a rat .. She had a great opportunity when she saw them go into the cockpit to ease drop … She is going home for sure but it would have made great live feeds to see her exposé Andy the RaT!!!


She will find out he’s a rat tonight, when the only vote she gets is McCrae’s. Elissa is playing them (I hope).


Thumbs up if RatBastardAndy should win “America’s Favorite House Guest”

Botox Pelosi

With all those thumbs down it look like you should change your name to AndyHater.


If he cries like a little girl on his way out, RatBastardAndy should win “America’s Favorite Eviction”

Wonder Woman

MC is smarter than Amanda, she’s such a fool

Amanda's Therapist



Is there a reason all of your comments are in caps? Is your cap lock key stuck or do you always yell everything you say?

Amanda's Therapist

name * Sorry , and NO … I am not yelling !!
I use CAPS bc I have the use of one eye -my
other eye is a glass eye. I lost an eye many years
ago, in a farming accident .
I worked every summer in my early teens, for my
uncle on his farm. It was the summer, I was sixteen,
and I lost my eye – when another worker, didn’t
know I was in the truck AND he caught me in the
face/eye with a pitch fork…and end result
was the – loss of my eye.
With the sight of only one eye, it easily gets strained.
I ONLY use the caps to help me, see better.
Again, sorry to cause you or anyone – any problems.

Teri B

Nice Haiku!! Been wondering the same myself.

Dirty Harry Reid

If McCrae wants to prove that he is smarter than Amanda he has better get tested right away. I wish Big Brother would interview the boyfriend that Amanda HAD when she entered the house.


Ugghhh just like I thought! Judd is so pathetic! He goes right into an alliance with Andy? Really? You’ve been warned HOW many times? The other hg are right, Judd has no business being back there. He should’ve stayed in the jury house where he belongs. Him and rat boy both need to go. I can’t stand either one of them.

Disappointing Season

McCrae is secretly hoping Amanda is voted out!


So, Amanda see them hanging out all together, and McCrae says nothing about it. Why doesn’t McCrae find this weird? I hope McCrae finds out that Andy turn his back on them and McCrae goes after him. I would like to see Amanda gone then Andy follow right behind her. Like to see Judd and McCrae final two.


I think Amanda will definitely be going tonight, but I would love for it to be a tie so GM can be the vote that sends her home!

GM's Baby Daddy Nick

Yeah, Amanda what girl doesn’t get a yeast infection when they’re jumping on a guys dirty #ick every second that doesn’t ever bathe or using nasty filthy unwashed bath towel’s.


Its gonna b an epic night in the bb house…can’t wait to see Andy walk out the door!

Another Liberal Loser

You mean slink out?


Haha how bout scurry like a rat…..i like how judd said exterminate rats..

Amanda's Ass

If Amanda get some kind of power to stay this show is so not worth watching anymore. Production has ruined this show.


A special power would be obvious…lets say the diary room talks Andy into keeping her. Maybe promising him a spot on BB18?


Having Andy back would not be good for their ratings. Not many people want to see him again.


Even though the rat will try to blame Alyssa for voting out Amanda, I don’t think they (McCranda) will believe him. This is a perfect time for the double eviction. McCrae will retaliate by putting up Andy, depending on who wins HOH, and I hope he realizes Alyssa is trustworthy. As far as GM, Spencer or Judd being put up beside Andy, doesn’t matter. Break up the exterminators and definitely vote the rat OUT!!!

Debra S

Remember, Elissa is known in the house for not being able to lie well … the only one. When they see her earnest reaction, hopefully McC will realize that Andy is lying … if Andy does indeed vote against Amanda. And, then the rat is exposed.

Jesse James

Andy has revolutionized the floater position. You have to hand it to him he’s lied through his teeth to everybody, and the rest of the house just doesn’t see it aside from Elissa, and nobody listens to her, anyway. It’s quite funny how highly Andy is perceived by the other house guests. Everyone thinks he’ll be America’s choice. This whole group is in for quite a shock when they re-watch this season.


actually, Shelly did it first.

Dog Days

Speaking of America’s Favorite, There’s no one I want to vote for. Any recommendations?


I am personally voting for Howard. He was lied about in really vicious ways. Amanda claiming he wanted to rape her was just so far beyond game play. People mocked him for his faith and unwillingness to turn on people. Spencer is right, Howard was too good for the game, he was too good of a person. His reputation was majorly damaged, when he did nothing wrong except bite his tongue. He was the least threatening, yet he had to deal with racism in a very mature way. The rest of these folks are terrible. Why would I give it to anyone else? No one played a good game, so I can’t base in on game play. Helen could have been a great player, but she didn’t have the gut instinct to win, she just had the paranoia to lose. No one played well. Amanda I would say was the best player of the game, but her emotions completely made her unrealistic to how it really was and is. Her mean streak was too much, and she got too cocky in telling people they were going home in front of the house. GM? Please. Elissa? How can I vote for someone who is the production puppet, and LITERALLY screwed herself with the DUMBEST game play all season by trying to save Amanda. Spencer…yeah right. Andy? Nope. McCrea….If McCrea survives he will win the Final HOH and take Spencer, the floater.


Actually if you take your emotions out of it, McCrea may be the best player, yes he is a wuss, but he has done one of the best jobs of using a bigger target as a human shield. Amanda kept him looking like the nice guy, but he still wins comps if needed. In fact is he survives I see him in the final 2, either someone takes him to look like a better choice. Or he wins the final HOH because he can win comps over everyone else.

Real Scandals Phony President

I’m amazed that only Elissa has figured him out. Hopefully everyone thinking so highly of him will put a target on his that gets him evicted.


“Amanda – ‘Gets going to be so f*** boring only 4 people here.. at least with me you have some entertainment..”

Stinking up the house, leaving stains on every bed,sleeping most of the day, bullying people, then playing the victim when you don’t get your way isn’t entertainment.

“A – I hope GM and Spencer go tomorrow.. she does not deserve to be here… I cannot stand that girl.. dumb a$$’

Translation: I can’t get my way, I can’t handle getting what I dish out, it’s unfair, it doesn’t make any sense that I can’t control everyone anymore,Whine, Whine, Whine.


It’s amazing how Amanda still cannot see that Andy is with them. That is Amanda’s downfall (among other things). The floaters are all on the same float. They are floating away while McCranda and Elissa are sinking. I wish Andy would fall off though.


you have to remember. Amanda does not understand why everyone just does not do as she tells them to. So, no big surprise that she believes Andy will do as he is told. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do in Amanda’s delusional mind…


“Amanda laughs at GM making fun of her having a yeast infection, “What girls do not get a yeast infection’”

Um, Girls that doesn’t intentionally fuck men who doesn’t take baths.

Not All But Most

A yeast infection (or candidiasis) is not considered a sexually transmitted infection. In fact, they are a very common and normal part of women’s lives. An estimated three in four women will have a yeast infection in their lifetime, and many of these women will have recurring infections.


I am almost 60 years old, and i have never had one, nor have either of my daughters, who are 31 and 34. and yeah i hang out with you kids to see whats going on in BB. and one old lady joke, i will pop you in the left ear with my umbrella (broke the cane on the fedex guy)….


I agree! Im 27 years old and have never had one and have a very healthy sex life, its called being hygienic, the fact she thinks its totally normal makes me wonder how much she gets them….eeeewwww


They really are normal though. Like the above poster said 3 out of 4. In college I remember lots of my friends talking about having them & they mostly were not sexually active at the time & were all very super clean people.


You can get them from douching if you are sensitive. Or baby wipes. Or scents. but it still helps to keep everything clean down there.

EarthMother replies,

Some women and men can spontaniously get a yeast infection simply because the yeast occurring naturally in the body is out of balance. Due to many outside and internal causes, this is very common today. It can even occurr because of ones diet. However, if this is the case hygeine is as important as onesd diet and sleeping habits.
I truly feel sorry for Amanda. She appears, albeit I am not a Ph.D in sexual disfunction or abuse cases, that she is a product of extremely low self esteem possibly brought on by early childhood sexual abuse or the other extreme of too much sheltering and not enough socialization. Either way it is very sad for her. Ginamarie on the other side of the coin I believe, in my ‘opinion’ only, is slightly developmentally challenged, with several birth defects.
Including, but not exclusively, webbed digits (which sometimes occurs in Downs Syndrome children, along with multiple heart defects), the inability to retain verbal communication skills, low self esteem, short term memory, short temperments, extreme strength for their size ,and a dismorphic body image.
Shame on CBS for putting these otherwise sweet and fragile people on their technological version of a “carnival sideshow”.
Amanda and Ginamarie’s families should all be considering their ‘options’, once this debaucle is over.
I applaud McCrae for truly loving Amanda in spite of all of her shortcomings. I do hope he wins something, if not for the very reason of loving and caring for a very sad and damaged little girl, residing in an adult womans body.
Elissa, I give you my accolades for regonizing this and trying your best to “mother” them both.
You deserve a medal at least, for treating them all as you would your child, and you so very young yourself.
Been there done that and didn’t even get the T SHIRT, says EarthMother.

Amanda the Stupid

Amanda, Andy deserve’s to win America’s favorite, why, for duping you and Mccrae,that’s still not a good enough reason. Andy has done nothing but scurry back and forth delivering information to both side’s of the house throughout the game. I think he would make a better delivery boy then that lazy attached to the bed Mccrae, Andy sure as heck don’t act like a college professor.


For the first time this season I honestly have no idea who is going home tonight. It sounds as if Elissa’s plan is back firing so I would be surprised to see Spewer (not misspelled) go out the door first. Everything will depend on the HoH and if McRae or E do not win it I believe they will be up on the block against one another. Due to how quickly they do a double eviction I don’t think Andy and Judd will be able to convince either Mc or E about flipping votes or starting new alliances. I would like to see Mc win the first HoH putting up Andy and Judd with Spewer as re-nom if need be. And then E winning second Hoh putting up whoever is left from the rat pack. Alas however, this season has yet to live up to my hopes.

Real Scandals Phony President


Your right tonight is going to be great and this is the first time eviction night actually has some suspense.


What did happen to Judd? He used to be so cool… now he says derogatory stuff about women and has a weird attitude. When he returned to the BB house, I had the impression he was gonna work with Elissa, and now he’s practically the leader of the exterminators. WEIRD! After telling Elissa to shut the f*ck up, we went to apologize and said he has to pretend to others they don’t get along… but hey: they have been apart for a while now and he has dealt and planned a lot of stuff behind her back with others. He’s just playing her, right?


This is why I wanted Jessie to come back. Judd is not really that smart.


Basiclly, because right after JUDD told Elissa it was all for show he ran up and told GM and the rest of the exterminatiors what he told Elissa about it being just for show. I think its to set up the plan the Exterimnators have in case Elissa wins HOH. In that case they’re talked about how JUDD should approach Elissa and tell her Mcray wants to have a boys alliance in order to put him up on the block.


Tonight is going to be EPIC, as long as production don’t get to anyone else, we know they got Elissa, they had her all summer.\

“When you’re too confident, that’s when you go home” Ironic, that Stinkmeaner feels super confident, know?

Amanda's dog Woofy

Good morning, Judd’s Mom. Good morning , Amanda’s Mom. Good morning, Aaryn’s Publicist. Good morning, Rachel. Good morning, GM’s social worker. Good morning, Andy’s agent. Good morning, Spencer;s union rep. Good morning, McCrae’s dope dealer. let’s PLAY BALL!!!

bb is a house full of crazy

Thanks for the laugh. Too funny. But, McCrae’s dope dealer won’t see this. He won’t be up for a few hours I’m guessing.


really hoping thurs leads to the downfall of rat bastard andy

Another Liberal Loser

Me too. I am looking forward to the footage from the jury house where he explains to everyone how he masterminded the game this season.


PLEASE! I do NOT want Andy the rat to win this game! I wonder what Andy will say as Amanda is leaving? And what will Andy say when Elissa & Mccare confront him? AND PLEASE! Andy is faaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr from Americans Favorite Player! I think Elisaa will win with judd in second and Helen in third. Whata you gusy think?????

Botox Pelosi

I’m not sure about America’s Favorite Player. I have to think Elissa will win since she got all the votes for MVP but I totally agree with you about not wanting the red rat to win the game. If he wins any prize money this year they should pay him in cheese.


He’ll probably cry like the little bitch that he is.


Andy will fake cry. He did it when they were nominated and later giggled up a storm about it. All of these folks (except Elissa) are really sad, vile, despicable displays of human life. But Andy takes the cake because he takes such glee in his rat-fink talents. This guy is a professor? Who the hell would want him to teach their kids. He has the worst character; no integrity. I know this is BB, but he is the lowest of the low. Can’t wait for the exterminators to be exterminated.


Lets just hope there is not a Maze competition. Rats are very good at that.


oh you are so right! As much as I have disliked Amanda up until now, I actually now dislike Andy so much more! wtf?


Simon/Dawg is Judd working with Elissa or not? I can’t believe that he’s the one that’s got me confused.

Also, I love you guys but that cat fight had a lot more to it. Did you guys just not want to get into the nitty gritty of it? I watched it and loved every moment and every word.


Crush a thumbs up if RatBastardAndy should win “America’s Favorite House Guest”

GM's Baby Daddy, Nick

I think the viewer’s will survive without you, Amanda or GM to entertain us. I’ve watched enough of your antic’s on BB to hope that the show will never ever cast someone like you EVER again. I do agree with Amanda on GM’s immaturity, has anybody noticed the children’s play doh container’s I believe that came in GM’s HOH room basket as one of her requests. GM does not have a childlike innocence as Spencer think’s, she’s just plain ignorant.


I’m so hoping that Judd & GM (ignorant racist who will need serious psych help) are secretly working with Elissa and that Elissa is trying to reveal Spencer & Andy and their rat-gaming ways.

If she had stayed w/the Amanda evict, the players would have gone like this:



GM (not able to play for HOH)

So, on a double-evict, Elissa would most likely go. WIth her flipping (and hopefully having Judd & GM in her pocket) she has the numbers:



GM (not able to play HOH)

Second evict would be Andy and Elissa would still have the numbers.


I’m still a team McCrae! My favorite scenario would be

Final 3:


Think I know why Judd is mad at the ghosts, and I really hope I am wrong, but they clued him in to his role will be the first player to go out in a double eviction twice in the same season, don’t think its happen before, hope i’m wrong, but BB15 has been all season. fingers crossed I am !!!


If I was production & wanted to catch Andy in the RAT-TRAP,
I would make them do Face to Face nominations. BAM! Goodbye Andy


There is no way Andy is America’s player. McCrae Andy is. Flipping he needs to be your. #1 target.


This has by far been the worst season of BB with the worst people. I don’t genuinely like anyone left in the game. Spencer is the ultimate floater and Yes Man…a person would be smart to take him to the end because he literally and admittedly has zero game. Gina Marie has issues for sure and her hateful bigoted comments mean I cannot support her even if she was the one who finally had the balls/ovaries to put up the dirtbag duo. Judd in general seems like a fun guy and he’s actually called out others on their vicious, bigoted attacks…so he’s tolerable but when he gets nervous he can get nasty…so I have lukewarm feelings of support for Judd. McWart chomper came into the house as a big fan and with a fire under his ass….a fire that Amanda quickly put out. He became a complacent, sloppy (in multiple ways) player that you just can’t root for. I immediately thought Elissa would do nothing but annoy me this season, and she has many times but it is NOTHING compared to how much others have more than annoyed me with their hateful, vile behavior. Elissa is fairly tolerable…and she will remain tolerable if she is doing what I think she is with her new found friends McRanda. I think she figured that in order to make it further she had to pretend to be on Team McNasty so if Amanda goes, she has McWarts supporting her…and she realizes that pretty much EVERYONE hated M and A and being next to either in the finale is a great spot. If A somehow stays, she had two allies…and maybe a 3rd with Judd who would do anything to stay in the game. Andy will be shunned by M or M and A IF A stays…making Andy a target. Elissa feels her best option for getting to the end is to lie down with snakes. She is actually playing right now…I almost respect that (even if it’s nauseating to see her buddy up to A). Andy is not a floater, he’s a game player, a manipulator. He knew he wasn’t going to be a competition “beast” so a social game combined with skillfull manipulation and side switching was his best move. He has said some nasty things about others, but isn’t a disturbingly hateful bully….so though annoying at times he has played the best game. Amanda….where to begin. It’s all been said, she has serious personality issues. She is a vulgar, bigoted, nasty, childish, insecure, oblivious bully. Before her true self emerged I found her comic relief enjoyable and appreciated her trying to get through to Aaryn to make her see her racist comments were not ok….but then the reality became clear. Amanda is not a game player, the fact she has come this far is due to the fact that this season is full of spineless fools. She is lucky to have survived this long, lucky. Her behavior, in my opinion, should not have been tolerated by production…she should have been dismissed. She is an embarrassment and needs help. Speaking of production, it’s indisputable that they manipulate the houseguests and the game…while the show isn’t outright rigged, it is completely manipulated to present the best “show.” Big Bro needs to rethink their policies when it comes to casting AND what behavior is tolerated by HG’s. This season has been disgraceful all in all. I would LOVE if next season America could be more involved. I’d love a Penalty Box type feature. If a HG’s behavior is disgusting America can call them out by putting them in the penalty box where they are punished and made a Have Not outright. Players would keep their behavior in better check and the other HG’s seeing so-and-so penalized would make them really think about that player…maybe it’s a friend and the shock of seeing them called out by viewers would rattle them and make them wonder if the can trust that person…because they are clearly doing something shady.


I think next season they should make a GZ squared penalty. (Gries, Zuckerman, Zimmerman). Anytime a Houseguest goes over the line with racism or bullying- America gets a chance to vote and make them sit out the next comp. If the person is already HOH and can’t play in the next comp already, either they get havenot for a week or they have to sit out the next comp that they otherwise could have played in. Any thoughts on this?


One way or another I believe the fans should have more power…to balance out the BS manipulation of production. If production isn’t going yo step in and step up to punish vile racism and incessant bullying and threats America will. Amanda who is the least self aware person I’ve seen in quite awhile is in for a rude awakening when she realizes that the fans find her behavior deplorable. She literally needs therapy in addition to her meds because the meds are clearly not enough.


McCrae&Elissa FTW!