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mia gibson

the mean girls erin gina katlin amanda have ran all their housemate out the big brother house have been disrespectful made rude mean comments about all their house mate bullied their housemate which are Elissa Jessie Howard Candis they have said very hurtful thing about all their housemate like Elissa Jessie Howard Candis and i felt bad for them that they were being treated like that by the mean girls erin gina katlin amanda and all of them should have been gone a long time ago katlin was alway very rude disrespectful to jessie candis elissa howard like the other ones erin amanda gina were the thing comment about amanda calling candice fat and ugly saying she was going to punch candice hit her in her jaw face was really rude disrespectful it used to make me really very mad angry when the mean girls erin gina katlin amanda used to bullie Elissa Jessie Howard Candis and I really wish that Howard Candis Jessie were still all in the house with Elissa