Power of Veto Results! “You’re a nerd, so I knew you would be able to spot stuff fast!”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Sept 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 11th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Vic AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 18-24-31-838

Power Of Veto Winner: NICOLE

1:15pm – 6:20pm The live feeds were blocked for the power of veto competition.
When the feeds return – All the house guests are wearing super hero shirts and caps. (It looks like it was the BB comics competition.) Paul comments on how BB gave them frozen fries. I guess they don’t want me to make fries any more.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 18-23-24-052
Vic gives Nicole a big hug and dips her in the bathroom. He then kisses her forehead. VIc says it is what it is. I forgive you. Nicole – asks are you sure. Vic yeah. Nicole – thank you.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 18-27-03-389

6:30pm HOH room – Nicole asks are you mad about your comic? Corey says no. He says that he was watching her on the tv and was listening to music to know that she was the winner before the results were revealed. He says it was Paul, Vic and then you. I was like yeah! LETS GO! You were super fast and you had a good strategy. You’re a nerd too and so I knew you would be able to spot stuff fast too! Nicole says her comic said “This Christmas kiss you A-S-S goodbye because you’re going to miss it.” Nicole – we’ve won 4 of of the last 5 comps! I wish my butt was on the line for that one.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 18-31-19-854

6:35pm – 7:05pm In the kitchen – Paul, James, Vic, Corey and Nicole are talking about the comics. They talk about how Big Meech is going to cry when she sees her comic. She was BIG, REALLY BIG! Paul – she is going to sh*t her pants. Vic – she had vomit and she was HUGE! They sh*t on Big Meech. Corey she was bigger than the town. Paul she is going to cry for sure.. but that’s no news to anyone! Corey tells Nicole your a$$ looked phenomenal in yours. Tiffany’s was something about being an emotional wreck.

7:10pm – 8:20pm Paul – 10 days! I’m glad the comp was like that .. made the day pass by. We eat, we drink, we pass the f**k out. Corey – BB comics! Paul – that was a fun one. Bridgette’s was f**king funny. The cabbage patch kid! Big Meech .. f**kING LARGE! Vic says and she is so self conscience of that. Nicole – yours was great .. Captain Camo.. because you scare people. They talk about the past events of the season. James – they had to have done a segment on Frank smacking Da and Z’s a$$es.

8:30pm – 8:40pm Vic laughs and jokingly says My family owns LA fitness… I get out and get picked up in a Rolls Royce. F**K YOU B***HES! Vic with 10 days left .. if I go to jury I don’t want to talk about game any more. When I get in there .. you’ve got 10 minutes to ask all the questions you want and then I’m done. James – whoever goes .. let Natalie know your boy is a sad as a puppy in there. Vic jokes he would tell Natalie – James was so happy you were gone and said F**K Natalie. You make it to the finale and she doesn’t vote for you.. Na.. I’ll tell her.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-10 20-33-11-406

9pm James, Nicole and Victor – The conversation turns to talking about survivor. Nicole tells James i could see you doing it. James – thank you. Nicole – couldn’t see Paul do it. James – Paul said he wouldn’t even jump off the boat. I would stuff a chicken down my pants and a lobster in my shirt.

Vic heads to bed..

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255 thoughts on “Power of Veto Results! “You’re a nerd, so I knew you would be able to spot stuff fast!”

      1. This season especially for Nicole and James.

        They wouldn’t know how much time it took them to complete the task, there’s no big timer clock there, and noticed this is NEVER on live feeds?

        It’s up to production to cite whatever time THEY deemed fit. I’ve watched this for years, and as always, the outcome is WHATEVER production wants it to BE.

        If those viewers naively thinks this game is not heavily rigged, they are probably in, I’m sorry to add, in “la la land.”

        :: just my 2 cents’ worth ::

        1. I bet you’re the same type who whines about this every year? Did Vanessa win last Year? Did Frankie Win? Did Rachels sister? Lame. Boohoo

        2. The houseguests have watches where they are able to have a stopwatch….
          How can it be rigged if the other houseguests are able to watch it on the TV monitor and time it for themselves? (They also did this last week for the POV and hence Natalie timing the competition)

          I highly doubt this POV was rigged, people are just upset their favourite couldn’t pull through a win…

      1. Nicole says Corrrrrreeeeey! …….we won 4 out of 5 of the last comps!…..thanks to production and another remotely played veto comp.CBS the worst!

        1. Did anybody see the on the show where Corey was talking in his dleep about Harry Potter?…”Harry Potter..Unbelievable Harry Potter”…SMH

    1. Simon and Dawg I am having trouble trying to donate my screen keeps freezing, please let me know what I can do to fix it..I absolutely loved your commentary but unfortunately I will no longer be watching.. I just don’t understand why Big Brother is trying to ruin Michelle and body shaming her with a comic . CBS you owe her an apology. Did she get annoying sometimes sure but she normally apologized and admitted when she was wrong but that’s beside the point. I find it disgusting how this season has just been so full of misogynistic petty ugliness but now I see that it was obviously supported and nurtured by production. I wish you guys good luck you have been wonderful!!!

      1. Sorry, but it was Michelle herself that originated the “Big Meech” nickname, so try to come up with another angle for a comic book cover. Sad Clown, Vomit Comet? Meech would find anything a slam.

      2. Hi Anne, I’m not sure why your screen would keep freezing when trying to donate. I would try opening up our website in a different browser or restarting your computer. Hopefully that helps? :)

        1. nah, derrick lost the final 3 hoh to cody (who then evicted victoria like a chump and in the process probably cost himself $450K), but derrick did make it to final 3 without going on the block.

    2. In That Order says:
      September 7, 2016 at 6:37 pm

      Tomorrow: Natalie
      Next: Victor
      Then: Corey…

      Final Three: Paul, James, Nicole

      James wins final competition, and takes Nicole..

      Final two: James and Nicole.
      **Remember this post when it happens**

      — In That Order

        1. In the polls it appears that is rigged for James to win. I don’t see how since he hasn’t really done any playing in this game.

            1. No wonder I rarely read comments here. Been visiting off and on for years and one thing never changes. If a women is doing well; she is slagged unless she is a dumb dumb following around a CBS employee. Bunch of little boys and cat ladies as the main comment makers here year after year. Bwahahaha

          1. Everyone always screams rigged when things aren’t going the way they want them to go. When things are going good for the fan favourite, everyone is quiet and no one thinks it is rigged anymore.

            Which one is it???

            1. The only time I really thought it was rigged was Frankie’s season! That was the worst , he should have been out earlier! Then when he got evicted Julie didn’t call him on any of the messed up stuff he said and did! But everyone else that made offensive comments or did anything effed up got called out! They let him away with everything because he’s what’s her faces brother!

    1. The best way to show my disgust with how I am feeling is to vote for Victor to get AFP as many times as possible. james and ssssss do not deserve this reeard for their laziness and the obvious advantage they had as vets and beneficiaries of stupid production.

        1. That was an opportunity afforded to all, part of the game!

          What is not part of the game is a pre-game alliance and players awarding each other money if they win against each other – James and Nicole should have have been evicted for breaking the rules or received some sort of penalty. Nicole and James going on about how their families like each other, to not vote each other out is also suspicious as well as both (and Paulie) being groomed by Derrick when no one is to know who is to appear on the show.

        2. AVP James H. recently arrested for not taking care of his daughter. Not only is his “pull out” game weak. He’s a weak man overall.

    1. Corey and Nicole are sitting pretty now. Even though Corey can’t compete in the HOH competition if either one of them wins the next veto they are both safe since there is only one vote next week.

    1. Not only that, Production probably let her study the comics for hoursssssssssss. It isn’t a REALity show, it is BB=BigBullsh*t show.

      1. There’s Little need to show her anything. All they have to do is to cite a timing of THEIR choosing.

        Yes, somebody died and made production King. There’s little use fighting that.

        They put u there, they can easily put u out.

  1. hey simon me an my friends say rigged if Nicole wins hoh this week you know I thought big brother was a fun game but now its not
    I think Nicole knew everything before it happen she knew she was going to win pov if she wins hoh this week
    im done with big brother I say cancle it from my tv

  2. People say Nicole is a waste but she’s slowly winning all the comps she needs to. She’s one more win away from the final3!

    Go Nicobra!

    1. it’s easier to win a competition when the only one that can possibly give you a run for the money is Victor. Like Ivette in Season 6 when the competitors are gone you can win the comps.

    1. It was probably something agreed upon during his contract negotiations to come back onto the show. He is far too confident that he already has it locked up and as a fan, he should know there is no way someone playing the game the way he did this season would have a chance to win it.
      Because of this, CBS has its associates and others flood website polls like these with votes for James so the award can’t be disputed. Comment sections won’t be looked at to justify the result. Same thing was done when the ACP was given to Corey. The public and viewers know he couldn’t of had received more than 15-20% of the vote, but they CBS can point to website poll results to state it wasn’t rigged.

      1. This could quite possibly be the dumbest post I’ve ever seen…… anywhere. Yes, you’re right — CBS has total control over the polls on this site and all other sites that track Big Brother. There are much cooler conspiracies than this to spend your time on…. like UFO’s or Bigfoot.

        I agree, James sucks….. and the fact that he has spoken about “counting on AFP” during the game makes the fact that he’s probably gonna win it all the more brutal.

        But come on — sometimes the majority just doesn’t agree with you. Sometimes you just lose and there’s no grand conspiracy behind it.

        1. “and the fact that he has spoken about “counting on AFP” during the game” is the exact reason I do NOT want James to win it!!
          He has done nothing to earn it….snuggling with Nat, throwing comps and bouncing checks. His two big moves, he was instructed to do so by Paulie and Nat, respectively.
          All James does is sit around calculating how much take home money he will get and exerts minima effort to get it.

      1. Let’s say James is final two. Can he win AFP too?
        And the people that think they are so funny by calling someone they don’t like a molester, you are so wrong! That is not an accusation to take lightly! It just plain pisses me off!

        1. it definitly isn’t true.
          But some of the people here don’t care if it’s true or not. If they dislike a hg then they deliberately twist information to turn others against them.
          Acting just like the HGS we all critisze and villainize.

    2. Don’t make accusations like that about James that’s wrong. If you want to complain about his game then do do don’t call people disgusting names that’s just immature and mean hearted.

    1. She seems smart just not in geography.
      Some people are good at sciences but losey in English. Good at remembering equations and all sorts of numbers but not the name of roads.

  3. If both Paul and Vic to home then I’m done with this show. They rigged Corey’s POV last week and I’m so disappointed. This was the first season I watched. Probably the last. Just sad about it. I don’t think that who they portray as favorites could possibly be favorites, but then again America elected Bush and Obama twice so maybe we are all idiots.

    1. Can someone enlighten me on how the PoV was rigged for Corey last week? I’m not a Corey or Nicole fan but i find it difficult to believe that last week’s PoV was rigged. It appeared to be the most straight forward PoV to me.

      1. cory walked into the comp, went straight for the pipe even before he even saw the manhole

      2. Corey walked into the first room, he went straight to the pipe and unscrewed it, without looking around at all and then went to the manhole, , no way he would know he needed those pipes without first looking around and looking at the manhole unless someone told him!

        1. Not only did Corey walk right over to the wall in the first room but in the second room he opened the bottom lockers first, barely looked in, went straight to the water tank and used the gutter to fill the tube without the chain. He was about 2 minutes ahead of Natalie. Corey is just not that bright. Obviously when it appeared that Natalie was going to win, production was not happy. If she won then James would have been voted out and that would have put a kink in the plans for James and Nicole to go the end.

      3. As soon as Corey walked into the first room, he went straight for the correct bars to unlock the manhole, while everyone else looked through the lockers first, like any logical person would do. Nicole also got help. She said, “That’s nice to know” before going to the water jug. After the competition, she said that she didn’t know to use the water until “they” told her about it.

      4. When you watch the POV episode, each person enters the first room receiving the instruction through the ear bud. Each person immediately starts searching the room for hints with the exception of Corey, he heads right to the pipes needed to unlock the sewer cap. The same thing pretty much happened in the second room they need to escape.

        It is the impression of many viewers that Corey received addition information either from Diary Room secessions or via the ear bud.

      5. Go back and watch the Macgiver comp and decide for yourself. Corey enters the first room and goes DIRECTLY to the pipes. Why? You would first need to see the covered drain, realize that’s the escape route and need to find tools to unscrew the bolts. THEN you find the pipes. I was skeptical of people claiming rigged so I went back and watched. Sure enough. Undeniably rigged. Done with this scam.

      6. He walked right into the room and grabbed the pipe off the wall without even looking at the manhole to see what he needed.

      7. I think people are saying it was rigged because it appeared that Corey went straight to the correct pipe tool without even looking at the sewer lid first in the first room, and in the second room it appeared as if he barely bothered with the lockers (ie opening them all) before heading to the water… obviously we didnt see what actually happened in real time. I noticed the pallet door to the second room was already wet (an obvious sign) for everyone but Natalie who went first, which in itself seemed unfair to her.

      8. When he entered the room he went straight for the bar on wall to turn the floor bolt. He didn’t even look around or anything.

  4. Vic’s a classy guy on the way out. But I’m not. With Vic leaving, I’m done watching, with just a bunch of C-List undeserving bores left in the house.


  5. Yahoo!!!! Nicole won POV…..

    Victor is toast…..

    I hope James/Paul team up and go after Nicole/Corey :):)

    Final 2 Paul/James…… fingers crossed.

    1. Dream on even if they team up what have those losers won. James talk about throwing comps bullshit and Paul all talk no action just like Meech.

  6. I might need to get myself some Kraken. I can’t even have cough syrup without getting loopy, so Kraken will probably kill me!

  7. I’m done watching. CBS of course made it a POV that a vet knew how to do. Nicole was already going over how to do it last night with Cory. The DR must of told her what it was going to be. Bullshit bullshit bullshit!! I’m sure Vic gave it a good shot. I’ll watch next year if cbs doesn’t bring back any vets to win (except for victor of course. Love him!). Thanks for the great daily updates guys. Later!

    1. The comp Nicole was going over last night was the face morph… not the comics. If it is like previous seasons comics.. it was difficult for everyone who just competed in the HOH because their legs were sore… Victor should have had an advantage because he was not sore.

    2. Anyone that has watched the last few years of BB knows exactly how these comps work, and how to win them. It isn’t any big secret, and these are classic BB comps, so you know there is a real good chance they will happen.

    1. It is Simon’s favourite tipple ( rum ) and his best mate when the feeds get too much for him.
      It also keeps him from crackin’ up.

    2. Krakken is a rum. Simon is partial to it, and when a season is turnining into a shitstorm, you need Krakken to get through it. This was definitely a Krakken season.

  8. Well, damn. Guess uneVICtable is gonna be leaving us soon …. for the third freakin’ time. Too bad his showmance was with Paul and not someone who would have been a better, classier influence. I think if we’ve learned anything this season, it’s how some people just don’t bring out the best in others. If James wins AFP (which should be renamed, America’s Most Tolerated Houseguest), it’s due to Natalie. He definitely toned down the crass and vulgar stories while she was around.

    1. IF James wins it’s not because of sssssNicHole, it’s because PRODUCTION wants it that way. When have we ever seen proof, in any way, of what the real vote totals are?????????

  9. As Gordan Ramsey would say after showing how simple it is to make a difficult meal to most! DONE! Haters gonna hate. But Nicole and Corey have cooked the meal and serving it to Vic. DONE!

  10. Just when I thought Corey couldn’t get any worse, here he goes complaining that Nicole is in his comic pic but everyone else’s is just the individual.

    Nicole, this boy is using you like yesterday’s toilet paper.

  11. Unpopular Opinion, I know trust me. I think 100% Nicole has played the best game. Although I would LOVE to see Paul win the game, I think Nicole has them all beat. She layed low and then her and Corey came out of no where with awesome game moves. I wish they would take the blame for their decisions though. I give Nicole props for being able to manipulate everyone so easily this season, Corey, Vic, Paul, James, Day, Tiff and SHE IS STILL A SNAKE. But Dan was a snake too, and he layed low for the first half of the game and blew everyone away with his gameplay. That made him the #1 player of all time. I am no where near saying Nicole is a Good player I’m just saying that she’s played the best game. And for all the people who blame it on “Kraken” need to realize production has interfered with EVERY SEASONS. EVERY SINGLE ONE. This season was definitely a lot more influenced. Well rant done.

    #Vic for AFP
    #Paul for the Win


  12. Love Vic but he really doesn’t know how to play this game :'(

    You have to be a snake and/or have the numbers… they should have kept Meech on their side.

  13. Well….there goes the show. Personally, don’t care which one of these douchbags wins. Thanks for the updates this season Simon and Dawg. I will check in if you cover the next one. Peace out!

  14. Definitely a game, set, match comp. I think this might nail the win for Nicorey. One or the other will be in a really good spot. My guess is Corey will win BB18. Its rare air for a showmance to go all the way, but it may very well happen this year.

        1. Fish mean: A. They are talking about someone that didn’t sign a release. B. Singing. C. Production doesn’t want you to hear what they’re talking about. D. Production is rigging something.

    1. AFP That jackass James is top of the polls again – the casuals will vote for him due to Natalie edit. The top 2 cannot get AFP correct me if I am wrong. If he does not get it due to this he will still claim that America loves him. I wonder who these people are? Why would anyone vote for a player that has pandered to the public 24/7 for AFP since being in the the house. A player who tells America he is their favourite and he deserves it.

  15. You are lying! James have NEVER molesting anyone. Stop with the lies and go back and read what he said. It make no sense at all to say something so hash and make a malicious statement. James daughter will be reading this one day.. so stop with this uncalled for lie. Stop trying to paint this negative and ridiculous picture of him. So not true. You need Jesus!

    1. Also, Corey never injured a goat. Victor DID knowingly get in a car with a drunk driver and wrecked the vehicle. thank god they didn’t kill anyone……I thought Vic was funny but, he shows lack of judgement. A serious lack of judgement!

      1. Tell me how Victor, the passenger in this scenario, could have killed someone in a drunk driving accident. It’s James who supports drunk driving, not Victor. James would trade his first born for the chance to kill someone in a drunk driving accident. He said as much himself.

      2. Sooooo how do you know the goat wasnt injured were you there? Corey is a rich aging frat boy who thought it funny that they poured lighter fluid on a goat then debated setting it on fire……maybe you wouldn’t mind it if somebody put lighter fluid in your hair and threatened to light it but most of us on here think its beyond f#cked up

    2. Then why was James bragging about picking up underage girls? I guess that’s all right with you. You’re the one who needs Jesus.

      1. Did you read what James even said? He said 18! He said that the age of consent in NC is 14. He NEVER said anything about himself doing anything with anyone under the age of 18! Learn reading comprehension, I believe they start teaching that in kindergarten…

        1. Unfortunately, within a day of Nat’s eviction, James conversations included but we’re not limited to: his poor “pull out” skills, having a threesome, checking I.d. on girls to sleep with, and relating that the age of consent in SC is 14. Not saying he’s done that, but saying that while his language may be cleaner than Paul’s, he appears to have some issues with women. His verbal antics will still be on the Web when his daughter is old enough to get on line. Sure, Paul is much more foul, but James has a child to be a role model for.

  16. what if the cast is just a bunch of actors?

    It would explain vic being upset yesterday after dr and before noms – maybe he got his script and saw that he was going up
    it would explain derrick saying how cory is the worst actor during jeff fish clips

    i’m just sayin cause i can’t believe this season’s blatant production interference – i mean why isn’t paul, vic, and cory going off about bullhorn guy and putting james and nic up?
    Nat went off on james right after it happened (bullhorn guy), and production crucified her during eviction night edit. Taking her bedroom scene with james “i will never talk to you again if you work with nic and cory” and when she said she wanted to sleep alone and turning it into something else that had nothing to do with bullhorn guy. Then she recants the whole thing during her exit and interview with julie?
    WTH is going on

    1. YES THANK YOU!!! Exactly what I was thinking and it’s so frustrating. James totally turned that around to put the heat Natalie and cause a distraction from what the bullhorn guy said. James Totally manipulated that situation that night. And when Nat was talking to Julie, she couldn’t address any of it because the bullhorn guy incident was “out of bounds” to talk about and the whole thing ended up looking like poor Jamesey to those who don’t know any better. Really leaves me with a bad feeling towards this whole season.

  17. Say what you will about Nicole. She’s clutch and has been delivering in the home stretch.

    This was bad for James. He is better off with Victor since the key to him making final 2 is for one of Nicole and Corey to be kicked. Victory was his strongest potential wingman for the next round. At this point James best play would be to egg Paul into trying to make a scene (pots and pans) to get under Nicole and Corey’s skin enough to get them to agree to vote him out this week. Assuming the status quo holds James needs for either Paul or himself to win HOH and the veto.

    Paul has a more difficult task and needs to win everything. Or else play a good psychological game where he can convince everyone he would be the safest person to bring to the final 2. Look for him to start talking about how because of his big mouth everyone besides Victor hates his guts on jury. And conversely pumping up James and Nicole. “All the girls will vote for Nicole because they respect her game. In Big Brother being called a snake is a compliment. Plus every guy in the house has a crush on her.” “James played the perfect game laying low while still making some big plays. If he goes to jury we’re all screwed.”

    1. Dan was a snake in an amusing way. Derek wasn’t so much a snake as the people in his season were automatons . As far as Nicole goes, it’s ok that she made these game moves, she just has trouble owning her actions.

      1. Why boast and brag about game moves while still playing the game? That just makes her a target. Talking down her gameplay increases the chance someone else will think they can beat her and take her to Final 2, if she doesn’t happen to be the final HOH. Her Final 2 speech to get votes may be the best time to take ownership of being Queen NiCobra.

      1. Lmao you’re the only one that calls her that. To everyone else she’s better known as ratcole or slutcole.

        Nice try though. Haha

    2. I’ve read this type of comment so many times and it’s a fair one. But my answer always is: COME CLEAN and be honest with the viewers in the diary room. Dan and Dr. Will were snakes but they always came clean in the DR and confessed their dirty strategy, which made things interesting and enhance their likability factor.

      Nicole on the other hand plays this innocent role in the DR and bullshits viewers just as she bullshits the other HGs. Besides, her personality is pretty unbearable: She doesn’t get along with other girls, whines and craves being the center of attraction for the guys, etc. I just find her despicable. The fact that production’s on her side doesn’t help either. The show is rigged.

      1. Or being a fake or bad person doesn’t come as easy for her? Oh yeah and maybe the ego isn’t as Big? PS Will would get destroyed playing now against a house where at least a handful have a clue.

        1. Hahaha so you actually think Will or Dan wouldn’t demolish this house of
          Morons? Please not a single one of them would come close to even having a thought of a chance. You are cancelled from even commenting on big brother if you really think that.

    3. She doesn’t own up to anything and acts sanctimonious. Plus, she got unlimited coaching sessions from Derek and Cody before entering the house, meaning Nichole’s game play was not her own.

  18. maybe corty gets a good edit b/c he burned a live goat.
    Don’t satanists do that kind of thing and isn’t cbs part of the whole Illuminati goat burning business

  19. There’s already a side by side of Nicole… everyone she is laying in bed downstairs in Tokyo there is a cartoon pig on the wall right next to her.. it looks just like her with her minus the glasses and the bun… but i’d rather sit and listen to the wallpaper talk any day of that obnoxious voice of hers

  20. Side by side….You really need some help…please look into getting so counseling because the comment you made about James is sick. Invest your time in getting some professional help that is well needed. Side by side… is sick very sick in the head. Your statement about James is not true.

        1. If you notice on the live feeds, when James is talking to Vic and Paul about his exploits with women, production keeps changing the camera over to Nicole sleeping by her herself in HOH room on all 4 cameras. This has happened more than once between around 11:40-11:49 BBT. It’s obvious production is trying to keep James’ image squeaky clean. The more you listen to him talking about the women he’s “boned” the more disgusted I get. To think this guy is 32 years old, you’d think he was like 20 years old in a frat house. Just disgusting.

  21. if you want to change the show change the channel.
    cbs doesn’t care about live feeders, they care about network numbers ie commercial sales
    catch your updates here or really anywhere, but do not watch the edited version, and do not sign up for cbs over the top

  22. James never admitted to molesting children. This is in your own sick brain. The way you think is the way you are…so he think it…so is he! GO GET SOME HELP

  23. And you forgot this one:

    Side by side’s – Melvin Udall (too busy caring about everyone else’s flaws to recognize his own

    Sheesh! Grab a mirror and take a look.

      1. In the above post Nicole says that her comic said something about kissing her ass goodbye because she wont being seeing it for christmas… that is what I was referring to. The comic nicole was referring to was in the POV she just played in.

  24. This show will get canceled soon. I hope cbs gets sued for production tampering in a show with a cash prize, and having a pre determined winner.

    1. And the ultimate proof is in last week’s veto comp… all they have to do is watch the clip of Corey going for that pipe before even looking at the surroundings.

    2. Big Brother has been picked up for two more televised seasons, and I am sure CBS reserves the right to manipulate the game however they want. They control what the houseguests say (e.g, You are not allowed to talk about production; You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests). The DR producer probably does a great deal of lying and truth-bending to the houseguests.

  25. So Michelle couldn’t stand Nichole. And when Michelle was handed HOH who did she nominate? Paul. And after that week ended who was she going after? Nichole. None of it made sense to me. And then the night with the megaphone, James knew exactly what he was doing. Turning the situation around to put the focus on Nat, distracting from what was said about him & Nic and pre show alliance. And Nat couldn’t even address the megaphone situation since it was “out of bounds” so Thursday’s episode came across totally different from what actually happened. These are the things that are making me super uncomfortable about what is left of BB18. (Not to mention Corey’s psychic Veto moves).

  26. Surprised Nicole won.
    Yes I looked like the HOH comp. was rigged for Corey to win (MEH)
    Wanted Vic to win but his sidekick was a dark cloud

  27. Wtf I’m done with this season I’ve said this a million times Fr I’m done with Vic gone ( hope he gets afp ) let the snooze fest begin . I’ll come back for Simon/dawg updates :-)

    1. Thanks for coming back! I know its tough to watch at this point some times… hopefully there will still be some more drama before the end of the season.

  28. I just thought of something that made me smile: Vic will be a major chick magnet at the wrap party with Paul as his wingman. Corey will be trying desperately to shake Nicole (sssssssssssss) so he can join the fun, and you can bet your ass she is not going to let him out of her sight. He made his bed, now he’s stuck laying in it with her.

  29. iIs it just me or does Victor seem to really like Nicole? He seems to watch her a lot and when he hugs her he really hugs her. Likes to share his food with her too. Secret crush Vic?

    1. It is a defo possibility that Vic likes Nicole, but he knows Corey and Nic have a showmance so he stays back. In BB16 Zach said he liked Nicole but knew that Hayden and Nicole were in a showmance so he stayed away.

        1. I can’t wait for James and Paul to bad-mouth Nicole for flirting around while in a 90-day showmance, like they continue to shame Natalie for flirting on day 4, before she got into a showmance with James. I’m waiting.

    2. My husband thinks she’s hot looking, even with the wonky nostrils, but says as soon as she opens her mouth, it’s a boner killer. He’s a keeper!

  30. Nicole is wondering if Corey’s comic strip was a hint that he was going to leave her after the show. Asking him if he slams her in the DR room and he is denying that he does. This would be a good time for Victor to speak up to Nicole about Corey. Tell her that he is using her and has no plans to pursue her after the show and even wants to be single for the after party.

  31. God people this is a scripted reality show get real. This is not a cash prize contest everyone in it is paid and amount is known by all before the game is ever started. Payout changes continuously and all are informed by DR as to what their job is, Follow the rules get paid more not and you’re gone,

  32. Bring back my thread that was deleted. James wants to say any perverted thing he wants to, than I’m allowed to criticise it. Disappointing Simon. You wavered to James fans

  33. Oh man I look worried after the Veto! Now I am trying to say how much it costs to raise a kid – teeth/ baby wipes/ iPad/ yet there is a warrant/ Court order for back pay?! Huh? What! Oh no! I cannot explain my job! Staffing does what? The girls in the office do it! I do not know how much I get paid! I have no idea what staffing costs! PFFT!

  34. Any negative comments made about James are purposely put there to make sure James wins AFP.
    People bothered by the negativity will most likely vote for him.

  35. For all you people here complaining about big brother, give me a break if you don’t like it and all you do is complain and crap STOP WATCHING IT nobody is forcing you to watch it. Get over it. It’s a game

  36. I hope Natalie never speaks to James again like she threatened. Maybe Nicobra’s played a “good game” but I just don’t like her and and her undercover google-eyed finger toy. Boo! Go back to Uvula or wherever you’re from. And take James with you.

  37. Vic does without a doubt deserves AFP not even close…….but we all know its in the bag for boring James…..if James gets second place however then Vic will be AFP. I’d rather James get 2nd than goatburner.

  38. It just proves, when you try to be a straight shooter 95% of the time (Victor) you will get shit on. When you’re a lying ass, two face hypocrites 95% of the time (Nicole and Cory), people will say you are a good game player. Saids a lot about society. Victor for AFP!!

  39. OMG you think Vic and Paul are chick magnets after paulie they have to be the most chauvanistics in the house. Could add Corey to the list as well these are not nice guys. Only chicks liking them are hangers on like Natalie.who can’t function without taught mt daughter earn your own money don’t be stupid for any guy worked for me and at 27 coroporatly she can kick ass, Lazy concieted dumb asses wouldn’t stand a chance with real women

    1. Have to agree with you Chick Both my daughters probably earn more money then any of the boneheads in the house. People teach your girls they can be anything they want and girls can get along with girls if they don’t have to be validated by some testosorone

    2. Totally agree loud mouthed insecure both guys and girls are threatened by a totally secure in herself woman, Too bad they can’t judge everyone the same regardless of gender, And don’t get me wrong Nicole is not that women but others could have been. Nicole is defiantly a hanger on even tho as a nurse she must have some smarts but still feels the need of a man or more to feel validaed

  40. Can they just start muting James when the americas favorite player talk starts? I’m going to start hearing it in my sleep. Enough already.

  41. I wish I liked Nicole.

    However, I do not care for Nicole at all. It a strong dislike that I cannot explain. I liked Rachel and was happy / excited when she won. Rachel’s season was probably the last season I enjoyed. Rachel was the last BB winner I thought deserved the win.

    Does anyone else dislike Nicole? If so, what are Nicole’s characteristics that elicit strong dislike?

    1. Yup I strongly dislike Nicole too. Reasons are that she is whiny, does not own up to things (gameplay), and is a snake. Sssssssss
      Also spends 90% of the time in bed with Corey doing who knows what, and she has nice hair yet makes it purposely ugly and makes it into a rats nest. Just don’t get it.

      1. FREE PABLO,

        Thanks a ton for detailing reasons that Nicole is just not likable – enjoyable – entertaining to watch.

        It is sad that the last season of Big Brother that I enjoyed was BB13 (The Season Rachel Won Big Brother’s Grand Prize).

        I realize that it appears as though Rachel is either very much liked or very much not liked.

        I was, however, entertained by Rachel. Rachel always appeared to play the game by always giving it her all. Rachel also appeared to be loyal to those in the house that she had formed an alliance with. Rachel was also honest, forthcoming, and did not hold anything back.

        Nicole simply is not entertaining. Corey may be a really nice person, however, Corey is not entertaining. Big Brother is ultimately a game. However, fans of the show have to become invested in the individual game players. For both the game and the show Big Brother to work, fans of the show cannot have feelings of indifference towards the game players. Again, fans are watching individuals playing a game. In addition to the previous fans watching have to be entertained by game players, connect with game players & their individual games, and fans have to be motivated to tune in because fans want to see “what action will so and so take? how will so and so change the game and keep themselves safe? how will so and so react when they are confronted by other house guests about their lies, deception, and delusion.”

        Nicole is a bore. More so, Nicole is a bore that is detached from reality. Nicole believes that she is playing the best big brother game ever to be played. In Nicole’s mind her powers are stronger than Dan’s mist, her showmance is greater than Rachel/Brendan, Jeff/Jordan, Dr. Will/Mike Boogie. Nicole seems to be under the impression that she has out played Big Brother Winner Derrick (never going on the block, each house guest left will take Nicole with Nicole giving herself credit for making house guests believe “sit next to me in final 2 and you will win because I, Nicole, will not get any jury votes.”

        Wish I enjoyed Nicole because if I did this season would be the best! Nicole becoming an interesting game player and big brother show entertainer is not likely to happen. Maybe Nicole will become more interesting outside of the house when Nicole has to explain why she chose to become Corey’s bed buddy, hearing Nicole explain why she would have s e x in the big brother house knowing a large number of viewers were watching her and Corey’s hips moving back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, hearing Nicole explain how she feels when explaining her reaction once hearing the negative things Corey said about Nicole in the house, and hearing Nicole explain her feelings of Corey seeing and dating other people once out of the big brother house (Nicole has already named her babies with Corey. Plus, Nicole’s family seems to embarrass her because it seems as though Nicole does not think her family is good enough for Corey).

        I do hope that Big Brother can produce true entertainers and game players such as Janelle, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Rachel, Britney Haynes, Daniel & Dick Donato (daughter and father), and so on ….

        PS: FREE PABLO:
        Pablo is free and is doing well. Pablo had a nice photo shoot shown on the network that airs big brother. Hopefully Pablo will be reunited with Paul. Big brother should send letters to Paul from Pablo inside of the house.

        Note from Pablo to Paul
        One of the first things I learned is to NEVER TRUST A SNAKE You are supposed to be smarter than an inflatable pool toy Human Dad Paul, too bad you could not understand my quacking i was telling you “nominate Corey and Nicole.” Had you and Vic done this instead of trusting the guy with an iq lower than mine and the girl that everyone has called a snake nicole or corey would be out James and Nat would have worked with you to get the remaining part of nicole and corey out this week you would have made it to the f4 may have won and would have been able to afford to build me the pond of my dreams i am being treated well you should have looked after be better instead of allowing me to get abducted it was scary and i did not like it I did arrange for a human to use a megaphone to shout into the backyard i was trying to clue you in but you kept following the path of foolery i learned long ago NEVER TRUST A SNAKE love, pablo PS use the tip jar to tip simon and dawg for their hard work Quack Quack Quack pelican quack sound

  42. Whoever, probably Paul, stays, I hope they win this HOH and win. These people left, besides the boys on the block, laid in bed 90% of the show. And although Nicole and Corey have stepped up their game, they did nothing in the beginning of the show.

  43. Guarantee you Paul knows exactly what he’s doing. When Vic was sent packing the first time what did he do. Laid back. Got quiet. Fans started liking him then. Myself as well. Became the good soldier who would fall on the sword for them. Now when Nic and Corey nominated them. Back to being quiet Not winning comps. Appearing less threatening. Letting Vic go. Because if he doesn’t then he loses. I have been rooting for Vic the entire time almost. But Paul learned very quickly how to play this game. And has played it well. Fought when he had to. Laid low when he had to. But not once when he was laying low did he ever just stop playing the game. Corey wouldn’t even get up out of bed with Nicole to study when everyone was. He didn’t care at all. That’s what I just can’t watch if it is Nic and Corey in the end. They start playing now. But did absolutely nothing until now. And the fact that you just can’t help but feel production was creating this ending. Not because I want someone to blame but because of comments made by them and the Corey in the McGyver comp not even assessing the room. The only person I can root for is Paul now. Really don’t think I’ll bother watching if these 3 who chose not to play the game until now are in the finals. Hoping for a past winners or finalists season. just ready for a change. No returnees with newbies. All returnees or all newbies.

  44. Nicole just says she thinks Vic would take her to final 2 and Paul would take James. Yet she wants Vic to go. Because she wants to risk it for the chance to be sitting next to Corey. Someone she just met a couple of months ago. Why can’t these girls fight for themselves and quit playing for a boy you just met

  45. kinda tired of people posting on here watch if you want don’t if you like but STFU about all your production rigging etc when show not going your way. Don’t really give a fuck who wins all the players knew what their role was going in and are all being paid .

  46. *James said, whoever makes it to the final 2 its going to be a popularity contest. And there are a few people that don’t like us. Nicole and Corey laugh. James – we’re going to have to make them like us.*

    Yeah, a few people…. more like a few thousand!!! They will be quite surprised how REAL life will be without Prodouchtion dictating their every move.

  47. Sorry but James definitely does not deserve to win AFP. He has played such a WEAK game. That better go to Vic or Paul. At least those 2 have actually been playing the game since the beginning!!! Without them, this would’ve been the worst BB season I’ve ever seen & I’ve been watching since season 7. Vic & Paul saved this season.

  48. Corey im gonna do a bunch of meet n greets after the show, i can just work on my app with my phone anywhere… 1- NO One will show up cuz No ONE wants to meet you!!! You have been the most irrelevant hg this season n creepy.

    Wow this is the final 3 cbs wants- James- Stage 5 clinger most the game! Thats abt it.
    Corey- tried to set a goat on fire, picks nose and flings boogers everywhere. Lived in a bed for 84 days.
    Nicole- Lived in a bed for 84 days, whinned everyday, and slept with Leerch everyday. Yaaay, Not!!!
    These 3 are soo smart that they think vic is smarter than paul and are threatened by his intelligence since theres going to be mostly mental comps and they believe he will win them all… R u serious?????

  49. It sucks Vic is going home. He deserved to win bb he played the game since day one. But Nicole or James will win and niether of them deserve it.

  50. I love how this community will immediately say its tampering if the people they like don’t win. Nicole and Corey were almost evicted 3 weeks ago and were literally at rock bottom when Paulie left, yet they managed to get this far and set themselves up in a perfect position. I could’ve screamed the same thing about how Paul and Victor survived this whole time despite being on the bottom since the beginning. Plus, the only two people that actually got segments of their families are Victor and Paul, so don’t pretend like production doesn’t love them. An underdog story is what production looks for, and if anything they would’ve rigged the show for Victor and Paul to be in the finale. I will also remind you people how much you loved Big Brother Canada Season 3, when Sarah and Britney literally received every single twist and won 4 back to back HoHs, yet not a single person on here was complaining about rigging. And to think, there are some people that actually believe that was a good season. With that being said, I’m also upset that the eventual betrayal had to happen, but do you guys honestly believe Paul wouldn’t have taken the first shot had he won HoH this week? The only reason he is not shitting as strongly on them as he normally does is cause he knows this was the right move, and Nicorey won at a crucial moment.

    1. People whine every year here. It’s like they haven’t figured out social floating till final 6-7 and then playing is how it works. Always lol.

  51. I think Victor is egging Corey on about being single and living the life with all these chicks because it will be a reason for Nicole to breakup with Corey after the show. She’s going to hear all the crap he has said about her. I don’t think Nicole is the type to give chances but since she’s stuck in the house she can’t leave. Nicole will dump Corey first because of the Notgaycorey, plus she’s already skeptical he has a secrete. Victor told Nicole if Corey doesn’t Marry you then I will. Victor likes Nicole and I think Nicole secretly knows Corey isn’t into to her and that’s why she flirt with Vic to make him jealous but it’s actually working the opposite and turning Corey off even more. Or she might be leaving her options open to Victor because she likes them both and Victor seems more interested in her than he does.

    1. Any one else notice how on BBAD last night Nicole talking about keeping Vic over Paul. She’s doing the same thing to Cory and James that she did last week to Vic and Paul. She’ll keep talking back and forth about whats best for them trying to get them to want Paul gone. Might work if she had the full week to work on it. She also slipped up and said Vic will take me final 2 Paul will take James WTF happened to Cory oh yeah guess hes not in final three

  52. Phew finally reached the bottom. So at least nothing has changed in years.

    1. Hate women doing well. Check
    2. Complain about production rigging the game. Check.
    3. End up not having the person win that said game was “rigged” for. Quite soon to be checked unless you include everyone left.
    4. Say you will never watch again; choose new name and complain next year. Future check.

    Get over it. Anyou complaint you have cano be applied to all of them.

  53. Longing for a big brother game with contestants similar to big brother seasons 1-13

    Big brother season 13 was the last thoroughly entertaining season

    Nicole simply is not entertaining

    Fans of the show have to become invested in the individual game players.

    Fans needs of being entertained by an interesting game played by entertaining house guests.

    Fans have to be motivated to tune in because fans want to see “what action will so and so take? how will so and so change the game and keep themselves safe? how will so and so react when they are confronted by other house guests about their lies, deception, and delusion.”

    Nicole is a bore. Nicole is a bore that is detached from reality. Nicole believes that she is playing the best big brother game ever to be played. In Nicole’s mind her powers are stronger than Dan’s mist, her showmance is greater than Rachel/Brendan, Jeff/Jordan, Dr. Will/Mike Boogie. Nicole seems to be under the impression that she has out played all previous Big Brother Winners.

    Does big brother production believe Nicole will become more interesting outside of the house when Nicole has to explain why she chose to become Corey’s bed buddy, hearing Nicole explain why she would have s e x in the big brother house knowing a large number of viewers were watching her and Corey’s hips moving back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, hearing Nicole explain how she feels when explaining her reaction once hearing the negative things Corey said about Nicole in the house, and hearing Nicole explain her feelings of Corey seeing and dating other people once out of the big brother house (Nicole has already named her babies with Corey. Plus, Nicole’s family seems to embarrass her because it seems as though Nicole does not think her family is good enough for Corey).

    Does big brother production believe that such post game events are “fan service?”

    I do hope that Big Brother can produce true entertainers and game players such as Janelle, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Rachel, Britney Haynes, Daniel & Dick Donato (daughter and father), and so on ….

    Pablo Says:
    One of the first things I learned is to NEVER TRUST A SNAKE You are supposed to be smarter than an inflatable pool toy Human Dad Paul. Too bad you could not understand my quacking telling you “nominate bed buddies Corey and Nicole.” Nicole/Corey would be gone. Nat and James would have helped getting the remaining bed buddy Corey or Nicole out. You would have made it to the f4 may have won. A person DOES NOT WIN BY ALIGNING THEMSELVES WITH THE PERSON CALLED OUT OVER & OVER AGAIN FOR BEING A SNAKE AND A LIAR!

    I did arrange for a human to use a megaphone to shout into the backyard i was trying to clue you in but you kept following the path of foolery i learned long ago NEVER TRUST A SNAKE love, pablo

    PS USE THE TIPE JAR AND GIVE SIMON A TIP AND DAWG A TIP Quack Quack Quack pelican quack sound

  54. This is my first time watching the live feeds but I cancelled it as soon as I found out how production interfere the game. It was when Natalie said that “they” want them to team up with Nicole and Corey and cut the livefeeds. From there on, I never cared and its not worth my money to pay for a rigged show. What you see on tv is totally different on livefeeds because tv is edited.

    Based on the comments here, about the recent competitions I would say it is scripted. They want Nicole and James to win.

    I was dumb to think it is REAL reality show because I just literally watched when they air it on tv but as soon as I watched the livefeeds, I found out its rigged.

    Not a Victor fan at first but I think him and Paul deserve to win. Nicole and James are so busy with their showmances. Nicole and Corey spent 75% of their time under the blanket.

    Thank you Simon and Dawgfor all your effort maintaining this site but I am done watching BB for good.

    1. Seems like a lot of people are. I’m the only hold out in my entire family that still watches lol. Unfortunately I won’t watch the end of this one either. I just don’t care for any of the players left. Which is weird, there’s always at least ONE I would rather win over the others. But after victor goes, I can’t seem to root for anyone else that’s left.

      Since my feeds expire on the 30th I’m going to catch the first few days of the online version. Hopefully it’s completely different since they aren’t trying to cater to a tv audience. If not then I’ll just cancel then. I hope Grodner isn’t producing the online version. That would be a good start.

  55. Paul and Vic for “The Amazing Race”!!! I actually hate it when former HGs try to capitalize on their fifteen minutes of fame by going on other CBS shows, but I think P and V would do really well on TAR, with V’s brawn and P’s brain. They’re also hysterical together. Even when thet argue, they crack me up.

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