Corey – “you would be crazy to think that was a bad move, best move possible”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 11th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Vic AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 13-16-19-710
12:20pm Corey and Nicole studying the wall

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 12-46-03-684

12:46pm Nicole and Corey
Kitchen making food chit chat..

Nicole – sssss
Corey – Honestly
Nicole – SSsssss
Corey – Literally
Nicole – SSssssss
Corey – dylan
Nicole – ssssssss
(The above was just a joke I don’t hate women)

Corey – dude this is brutal what if they make us do some crazy cmop where we have to run around in circles
Nic – well we’ll know who wins
Corey – yup
Nic – no surprise they’re

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 12-45-22-245

Nic – that’s annoying.. You say it all the time.. You say it at least 20 times a day
Corey – just to annoy you
Nic – it’s part of your vocabulary you can’t stop it
Corey – you don’t know that
Corey laughs.. “You hate it”
Corey – what are you going to say
Nic – I’m not saying anything
Nic – I do hate it..
Corey – OK
Nic – coreeeeeeey
Nic – Some people know things.. What colour is my hair
Corey laughs..
Nic – exactly .. you going to be annoying about it
Corey – Nicole you’re hilarious
Nic – yes I do know
(sorry I don’t understand some of that’s.. It’s there for historical reasons 🙂 )

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 12-46-40-241

Nic – I dreamt about Derrick again last night
Corey – oooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh
Nic – I can’t remember I think he came in here to give advice.. but I don’t really remember..
Nicole tells him right as soon as he comes out they’ll let them all know if they said something that caused controversy.
Corey – wait what ..
Feeds cut..

When we’re back
Corey – I think I have
Nic – not meaning too.. innocently..

Corey – egg whites creep me out if they’re slimy
Corey – what was the most controversial thing said on your season
Nicole – I don’t know if I did know I wouldn’t bring it up … its hard because you guys ask so many questions

Nicole says her first season she was so innocent.
Nicole – I came into this year ready to play.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 12-52-52-270

Corey they prepare to eat.
Corey says he would be stupid to send James home
Nicole – yes
Corey saying Nicole makes good egg whites with onions and mushrooms.
They joke around..
Nicole – you love to pick on me

Corey – you would be crazy to think that was a bad move best move possible
Nic – no one said it was a bad move

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 12-55-03-884

Nicole says her dad is going to love James
Nicole – he loves Caleb a lot ..
Nicole adds that her dad will love Corey too.
Nicole – I don’t think my dad will come this time.. He got sick last time on the airplane.. He does not like to leave Michigan.. He was overwhelmed..
Nicole tells about a story where they were in a rowdy party with her parents after BB16 and her leg got cut. Her dad didn’t handle it well. He also didn’t like everyone “Tugging” at her.
Nicole – I wasn’t in a good state when I came in here..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-10 13-31-07-215

1:14pm Feeds go to Jeff… POV Competition YO!!!!!
Let me know in the comments who you want to win!

BTW I miss Trivia

2:26pm NO

4:48pm NO

5:25pm Still nothing yet..

6:05pm You thought the feeds would be back by now.. lol

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I want Victor to win the POV

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Vic’s life is on the line. He needs this veto.


Victor is good at comps but he’s been evicted twice and really shouldn’t even be there. Paul has lied, backstabbed, bullied his way, he should have been out long ago.

Pre-Op James

Will Vic fans pull for Paul after Vic gets bounced?


Bbfan1 – not sure how big of a bb fan you are but I think Victor 100% deserves to be there. He busted his ass to get back in there. A lot harder than Nicole and Corey did all game laying on their backs making out and cuddling. I’m pretty sure I read Nicole saying Vic doesn’t deserve to be there cause he had to many chance. Seems to me she forgot she’s had as many chances as Vic. On bb16 she got voted out, won to get back in, got evicted and now is back in the house again. She’s had three chances just as Vic had three. Also another time she said something like she doesn’t deserve to go on the block because she was on the block so many times on her other season that she had payed her dues haha. Wth? What kind logic is that? That’s the logic of a spoiled entitled little brat. Please for the love of god don’t let Nicole win.


Nothing against Victor. Yes he has won comps and fought to get back. But it’s crazy for BB to have two house buy backs. There are too many twists this season which gives PRODUCTION control. That’s my point. And his constant bragging is a bit much.. FYI: I’ve watched BB since Eddie won the season, since the beginning.


i totally agree with you about them letting two evicted guests back in, there should only be one in my opinion. With that said, it’s BB, it’s not Vic’s fault they gave him two chances to come back so to say he shouldn’t be there is wrong. He deserves to be there just as much as anyone, it’s just how it goes with BB. FYI I to have watched BB from day one (but dont quiz me on details as its been on so long lol) and as a Canadian have watched BBCAN also from day one. VIC FOR THE WIN!!! Love my fellow Canadians Simon and Dawg, Yay Canada!!!


Victor to win veto….hopefully is able to throw HOH to James on the live show, takes a giant gamble on next POV….wins POV….stanky bun has a seat….and Victor votes that rat snake b*tch out the house!!!!!


BBMOM: I am going to take your comment and a mega phone and drive down to the CBS studios.


Just remember, Paul DOES NOT want to go to Final 2 with Vic. He knows he will lose. Watch him throw Vic under the bus. He hasn’t had loyalty to anyone in this game. AND STOP WITH THE,” YOUR BOY.” You’re not our boy, PAUL.

There is still a way out for V & P

As said b4, V or P win veto, one comes down, J goes up cuz P & V already told her the are voting C for the win. Nic talks C into voting out James, cuz she will have James vote. Then Nic gets C on the block voting him out so she can get C’s vote, cuz P & V are standing firm on saying that C gets their 2 votes. Then all is fair in the Vic Paul Nic showdown and whoever wins would well deserve it! DONE


Dream On


Go Vic!

Lying Hillary Left Our Troops To Die In Benghazi

Victor has to be the favorite to win this veto.

Never cared

Did not even read your comment because I was in such a hurry to give a thumbs down for your stupid political garbage username. Do you even watch BB or are you just a pathetic troll who surfs from site to site trying to look as ignorant as possible with your irrelevant drivel?

Lying Hillary Left Our Troops To Die In Benghazi

Can’t handle the truth?

Lying Hilary For Prison

Never cared shouldn’t you be erasing emails or laundering illegal campaign contributions?

Never cared

Ouch, ha ha, you really burned me with that one! I’m laughing my @ss off at clowns like you whose only political involvement is making up stupid usernames and insulting anybody who doesn’t agree with your deluded views. Simon and Dawg, you guys are awesome! Vic for AFP!!!

Granny Mixes Meds

Victor might get evicted this week but he has a great chance of winning the $25,000 for Americas Favorite Houseguest,

Canuck Chick

Wow…the conversations between Sssnake and Ssstupid make the Kartrashians look like rocket scientists.
Is it Tuesday yet????


This season is equivalent to playing poker with deuces,jacks, threes wild. So many variables for Production to control the game…not one but two house buy backs, really! Did you ever wonder why they constantly say, “you’re not allowed to talk about production?” Love to hear what they whisper certain HG’s ears.


Not that it will happen…….Victor. Can’t stand the rest of them.


Go Victor! I like Paul, too. Sure he’s foul-mouthed but he’s funny and basically a good guy. He’s worked hard at this game, unlike the snake and the goat abuser, who both just recently woke up. They say things like ‘gosh’ and ‘golly’ and pray before meals but they are horrible people who justify their actions with the ‘we’re good people’ card.


they pray before meals? I didn’t know that, nothing wrong with praying. I am just surprised because of the playing under the covers. It is obvious what they do under the blankets.


Let’s go Victor! Win that Veto!


Victor’s ego is through the roof. Calling himself unevictable and then threatening HGs. A bit conceited. Ability should go hand in hand with humility, Victor.


Nicole-the one true Original Sin.



Hillary Accepting Bribes 24/7

Is the veto comp going on now?


Victor Absolutely!

Hillary for Prison

Team Victor

BB fan for life

If Corey had a brain at all he would’ve put up James/Paul then tell them separately that they’re pawns, to BD VIC!! There needs to be some big game moves at this point. These ppl are about as interesting as a pile of bricks outside. I hope Vic wins POV then takes himself off the block and then take Nicole out!! I mean that’s what Corey wants anyways is a sausage festival!!! GO VIC!!!


If Corey put up Paul/James and Vic wins veto, he takes down Paul. Nicole goes up against James. Corey had to put those two up. Best move on his part.

Min O'Pause

James for the POV. Just to stir the pot.

Grandma G

That would be very interesting. James would hold complete power. He could determine final 3. If PaVic could manage to convince him that either one of them would take him to final 2 James could pull either off and they have the power to send Nicole home (who stabbed him in the back). Corey can’t play in HOH and one of those 3 win and send Corey home. Not going to happen but would be interesting.


yep, nicorey has done their part and probably convinced james not to use the veto as fun as it could be to watch.


If victor doesn’t win the veto, all hope is lost for a happy ending to this season.

Tiny Trump Hands

I want Paul to win, so he’s even more of a target next week (Miss you Nat Nat)

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The survivor between Vic and Paul will be the target next week unless they win the HOH. Since there will only be one vote next week the veto holder decides who gets evicted next week.


Don’t lie now we all know it’s impossible to miss that conceited spoiled rotten bratty ass bitch

Tiny Trump Hands

Love what you did with the HG chart.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

And it looks just like her.

sunny dee

I just saw this, too funny. Made me LOL as loud as when i saw all the Nicole – sssssssssssss

still makes me laugh just typing the ssss’s




Would like Corey to win veto. He’ll keep noms the same & I want to see Vic or Paul go. Hopefully Vic cause he’s the stronger player.


Victor all the way!!!!

Vic the Dick

All the way home.


You made a funny, you da man, don’t you have homework or video games to go play?

Vic the Dick

Mic drop


Fist off … LOVE the pic of Nicole … gave me a good laugh .. at one point I wanted Vic to win ..why, because they gave him the boot and he kept on coming back, But his attitude started changing in to Paul`s and that is just down right appalling …Pauls mouth and most thoughts should be taped.shut.. Corey and Nicole , well all they did was play hide and don’t seek us in the bedroom .. now they have no choice but to come out and play .. so that leaves James… One,… he is my favourite player .. he is not appalling like Paul… he may not have strong game play or comp play .. but the guy sure has heart … he doesn’t go around making up stories , (Lies) .. be mean to players… or judgemental … so looking at the players left I would Love to see James for the WIN ..

Corey's slippers

When you started your comment “Fist off” I thought is was going to be just about Corey and Vic! Disappointed. Holla!!!


I love James, he’s a sweetheart, just got mixed up with conniving Natalie. Wouldn’t mind seeing James and Nicole in final 2.


thank you .. I feel you don’t have to be a mean ass or jerk , or a beast comp winner to win big brother .. and I agree those are the two I would like to see .. didn’t like how Paul became such an A hole .. or Vic`s conceit , and I just don’t know what to say about Cory .. and for Nicole even tho she is called the snake …lol.. she knew when to strike… but dang she just don’t like girls. lmao ..even tho she has been a wee bit sneaky it kept her off the block .. so bottom line a non major cut throat foul mouth stab you in the back game players I would love to see Nicole and James at the end …and as for the Paul lovers keep your thumbs down to yourself I really don’t care.. kiss kiss


Nicole is Cory’ beard .

John Walsh

I wish someone in L.A. would contact LAPD and tell them to watch last nights feeds when James was talking about picking up underage girls with fake IDs. I bet he used a fake badge to scare them. Cali takes predatory behavior seriously, not like Texas. Would love to see cops shoe up at finale and cuff him. Julie would say: Biiig Brother. Expect the Unexpected!!


James cannot in his wildest dreams get 2 girls like Meg & Nat to look at him twice outside the house. He takes them under his wings and gets delusional becuz they have to pillow talk about ‘game’. Both Meg and Nat are very high maintenance ladies. MEG NEVER led Jamesy on, Nat did. For him to think he had an inkling of a chance with either lady is childish. They are forced to stay inside a limited area James. They are not willingly at your home everyday to be near you. If the bb house is the only place you can ‘believe’ someone like these 2 have the hots for you, and not in an entire universe you can’t find one on your own, you should reevaluate your thought processes. Now, as far as not knowing the age of some of your underage ladies??? Think Jamesy, think, YOU HAVE A DARLING LITTLE GIRL!! That little heartbeat will be out there soon enough, and I’m praying now her mama has more sense than you do. A real man would distance himself from anything that isn’t what it seems, not gravitate to it and claim, ‘stupid’ later…grow up!

Froot Loop Dingus

Vic for the Veto.

Loyal fan

Victor is the most kind, loyal, & honest player big brother has had for seasons. He deserves the money just for those reasons. He’s had to fight so hard to play this game. Victor for winning big brother!


Donny BB16 would $#!7 on you if he had a mean bone in his body!


You mean except of course for the FACT that every time he’s been HoH and had to have the nomination ceremony he has specifically gone out of his way to make his nominations as extremely personal as he possibly could…..Or ya know his general attitude of getting butt hurt when the rest of the house actually finally figured out that IF they wanted a chance to win they had to get rid of Victor……yeah LMFAO such a kind caring douchebag

Lying Hillary Left Our Troops To Die In Benghazi

At least Corey didn’t throw beads at Victor.


If Vic had thrown him the beads Nicole would be on the block


cuz he’s scared of him.

If they told Killary to haul ass she'd have to make 3 trips

He would have if he’d get an eyeful of his package in return


Sssssssssssssend Paul to jury!


I hope James wins the veto and uses it so nicole goes up.

Pablo Pissed

you think James would do that – he will not miss out on gifted $$$ from Nicole – as they both said they would give each other money if they won!

Grandma G

I’d like to see Victor win and Paul go home instead. I think it will be Nicole or Corey that do win and leave noms the same., I really want to see Victor play the game and campaign against Paul. Paul has no problem campaigning and already has been but I’d like to see Victor beat him at his game.

Nicole Rocks!

Go NiCobra! I like it! NiCobra for the Win! Way to show respect. 🙂

Can't wait for Tuesday

Victor to win pov!


is derrick in allstar no
until he play big brother with dan or Rachel or
dr. will or boggie or jannel he a good player but not an alstar
in will somebody anybody tell Nicole quit whining derrick said this derrick said that why don’t you just giving him the check to him in his wife at home the way they talk about him every other day


Go Vic!!!!!


Want Vic to win !!!!


Hey Simon….how about pics for the rest of the housepets?

Paul………….Phyllis Schlafly (#1 anti-feminist)
Corey………..Snake Charmer (self explanatory)
Victor…………Andre Drummond (rebound champ)
James……….Red Arrow (aka Roy Harper – superhero dad)

Or…… your own. C’mon Simon, don’t neglect the rest of the housepets!

Pablo Pissed
Dirty Old Lady

Please Simon — do an old lady a favour and post the pics I asked for earlier. HEH HEH HEH


My choices would be:
Victor- Jesus or Jon Snow
Corey- A goat or an Ice walker of Game of thrones
Paul- Duck dynasty guy or Tyrion lannister of Game of thrones
James- A rodeo clown or that guy who was friend zoned by Khaleesi lol

Yet Another Hillary Lie

My pic suggestions:
Paul- Gimli from Lord of the Rings
Corey- Gomer Pyle
Nicole- Medusa
James- Gollum
Victor- Leisure Suit Larry


Give me a V! Dot the I! Curl the C! For VICTORy! GO SITTING DUCKS!


Aaaa! James


Nichole wouldn’t be where she is right now on her own! So NO she’s not a great player by any means. Its easy im sure when production is rigging it for you! I think ppl are so mad because its not fair game play. Theres obvis favourites getting huge benifits and info/advice from production that the other HG’s dont. Theres lots of sneaky lying players that are loved by fans, problem is shes not having to go thru the ups and downs/ struggles that they did cause no matter what she does the show will fix it all for her to win! I like fair game play. Some editing and rigging for entertainment value is ok. But this season its wayy too much for one person!

Nicole for the win

Neither Derrick would have won on his own. NO ONE CAM WIN ON HOS OWN. That’s why there are alliances and strategies. And the show is not rigged, get over yourself.


Vic for the win, Paul my 2nd choice – I can hope I guess. Unfortunately, what everyone has been saying, is looking true – it’s rigged for Nicole, James F2….ugh


Simon!!! Dawg!!! I LOVE the conversations of Nicorey ….. It’s so perfect too …. sssssssssssssssss that’s exactly what I hear as well. The picture of her is Snakin’ fantastic!
I’m rooting for the one and only “VICTORY” VIC for VETO please and thank you! I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the snake and her snake charmer unless there’s some anti-snake venom in their plans!
I’m anxiously awaiting the results ….


the new picture of the blond is actually better than the old one


James for the veto win..he might play now that girly girl is gone..

Nicole for the win

The people Who hate Nicole are the same Who Thinks both of her HoH’s were given to her. Sulla people. In her First Hoh se manipulated Tiff and Corey and in the other one she would have won either way. JAMES WAS SHAKING. She was solid. This means she is strong both strategically and Phisically. And for these Who says she laid in bed, do you want to know Who did not lie in bed? THOSE WHO ARE IN THE JURY HOUSE AND OVERPLAYED. A wise houseguest would know when to stop playing and lay low. Those Who were not able to adapt were voted out. Very simple.


Dan, who is considered the best player of all time, and I agree, did nothing for the first half of the season! He was great because he knew when to strike and when to lay low. Just like a snake, but It’s good game moves. Nicole is doing the same thing, but people wanna hate her and say it’s rigged because the people they like are on the block. I am #teamPaul but I can 100% say Nicole has played the best game. Manipulating Corey, Vic, Paul, Day, James, and they blame it on “Kraken”. Kraken seasons are every year. Production has interfered since season 1. People still make there own decisions, and Production can’t FORCE them to do anything. Please just stop with the hate :v


Still cheering for James

Victor's man bun

Victor all the way !!!


I want Victor to win POV and next 2 HOHs. I just can’t stand the thought of either Nicorey winning BB.




I want Victor to win. Sucks that Victor and Paul won’t be final 2. If James wins POV I hope is persuaded to use it and Nicole goes up.


Simon and Dawg,

When did you guys change Nicole’s picture to the snake? Too funny! Do you guys dislike her? I know I do.


Yea… lastnight’s posts were savage


I agree James win Veto, pull Victor off put Nicole up BUT Paul go home!! He’s a straight up dick turd!!!! Or same scenario above, but Nicole goes up and gets evicted especially on Corey’s HOH!!! That would be hilarious! I can’t wait for her to see what America has been saying about her!! She’s a SNAKE/LUT (SNAKIE SLUT!!!) ???? Oh, and of course her Dad isn’t going to come, imagine how embarrassed he must be!! Victor to win!!!

Just here for the entertainment

In a fair competition I’d root for Vic or Paul.

As things stand now either Nic ,Corey ,or James will win and the noms WILL remain the same.

Enough said?


I really don’t understand what ppl love about James…. he did nothing but lay in bed kissing Nat’ s ass. She made him look pathetic. If that guy wins AFP I may just punch my TV. I want to see VIC get that honor while Paul wins the game. Just my opinion but cannot stand to hear Nicole whine anymore about how innocent she is… Her voice is my ears #1 enemy.

Pre-Op James

Get ready to punch your television. James is a lock for AFP.


Nicole has a dream about Derrick? Amazing Corey is oblivious to this connection between “Nicole, James and Cody and Derrick”, I wonder did he hear the bullhorn about them?


Nicoles dad didnt like all the tugging on her at the wrap party lol. Wonder how he feels about all the tugging going on under the sheets this season by a goat burner who wants to be single by the wrap party. So funny

Julie's puffy cheeks

Late breaking news from the jury house: Meech has consumed all the food. She just ate Mr. Jenkins. Oh the humanity. Also, Meech will be on next season’s ” My 600lb Life”.

Vic fan

I’m going to be heart broken if victor does not win POV!


I hope Victor wins and gets the hoh next week! There’s no way 2 vets should be anywhere near final 4!