Paul – I’m just going to go into a I don’t give a f*** mode..

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Sept 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 11th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Vic AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 00-01-53-762

12:01AM Vic, Paul and James
Victor – 9 days and a wakeup left
Chatting about the remaining schedule
James- all I know is we have 9 days left and we need to get rid of 2 people to stay on track.
James says Austin was only in the Jury house 1 day before they had to “Pack up their Shit”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 00-41-38-819
12:36am Paul and Victor
Paul – I feel like goign out fourth is lame..
Victor is pretty positive he’s going home
Paul – bro if one of us win the next one… F*** YOU
Vic – trust me I know
Victor says the round table idea is cool he thinks Natalie is talking James up like crazy and the round table will be a time you can point out James hasn’t done anything in the game.

Victor – I want to see after the show what happens with them
Paul – Oh nothing
Vic – I know I just want to see what happens with them.. their relationship
Paul – who cares
Vic – you don’t get what I’m saying .. will they hate each other will he talk to her at all.. like all this in here for what.. secluded themselves from everyone else for what.
Paul – hey they’re here..

Vic – everybody else hates them
paul – true
Paul Says Nicole and Corey may be portrayed well on the show but the super fans wouldn’t like their backstab.
Paul – technically they haven’t done anything

Vic – the seclusion of the couples.. that annoys me. I don’t like that
Paul says sarcastically that Nicole and Corey will get married..
Victor says no way “they way he talked about that girl shawn.. was it shawn.” feeds cut
Victor thinks the fans hate them because they never got the care package.

Paul – who did you hate the most this season
Vic – I got a real bad taste in my mouth for Natalie after my goodbye message.. It was uncalled for.
Paul – it was a left field comment
Vic – tiffany was just weird
Paul – I didn’t ghate Tiffany just thought she was weird
Paul disliked Michelle the most.
Vic was disappointed in Michelle.
Paul – her personality is some kind that I dislike a lot.
Paul says he gives Michelle too much credit, “that girl awww man”
Vic – that girls she did not make sense..

Paul isn’t going to interact with Michelle after the show. Vic will give her a chance he thinks her personality would be different outside. Paul disagrees.
Paul – I’m just going to go into a I don’t give a f*** mode..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 01-07-00-903

12:55am HOH Nicole and Corey
Nicole says Paul’s ideal final 3 include her and James.
Corey – we have to have all our bases covered.
Nic – I’m not making any deal with anyone.. If I thru that HOH and went home.
Nicole Says if Paul and James win the next HOH/POV one of them are going home, “We have to suck it up”

Nic – we can’t predict if James is winning that Veto or not..
Nic – if James pulls out a HOH and Veto we’re fine
Corey – he’s not going to .. It all seems to good to be frickin true
Nic – don’t go do something crazy making some deals with Paul to take out james.. If i wanted to somete against someone in a mental comp it’ll be James.

Corey is is wondering if making a deal with Paul is a better play because Paul has a better chance to win that next veto.
Nicole says the jury doesn’t like James, he’s not good at comps and he’s not good at speaking those are the reason they should take him over Paul final 3.
Nicole – this is was Derrick did he made sure the person he sat next too had no votes.

Nicole – do whatever you want to do if you want to make a deal that fine I don’t want part of it
Nicole – I do understand what you are saying because if I win HOH you lost my vote.. You’ll need James.
COrey says they could make a deal for them not being put up together
Nicole says nobody will hold up to that deal, “They would be crazy not to put us up.. IF they cant’ get you they’ll get me”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 01-08-31-434

1:07am Paul and Victor heading to bed
Victor says he hated the shirt he wore on his memory wall picture. Says production made him wear it.
Feeds cut.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 01-16-24-676

1:17am Cereal Nicole is explaining how the 3 part final HOH works.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 01-38-22-963

1:37am Corey and Nicole going over scenarios. . In the London room James is telling Paul and Victor a story abotu a girl that asked to stick a figner up his a$$.
James – you’re never going to stick your you know what in my booty hole again
Paul – no girl has asked to stick their finger up my a$$
James- it’s not that bad man

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 05-57-10-692
2:36am London room James, Paul and Victor Chit chatting
James is talking about Natalie. brings up telling her “you are not the centre of attention”
Paul says Natalie hated him because he would call her out on the stupid shit she would do.
James says he told Corey and Nicole to vote him out, “I told Natalie about it and Natalie said I did it with Victor and Paul and sealed my fate”
JAme adds that Natalie wasn’t happy with what he did so he offered to throw himself onto the sword to Victor eventhough Victor was the one that put him and said he was Victor’s target. At that point Natalie told James if he really cared we would have done that already.
James – at that point I knew .. because she said You woulda done it by now.. trying to make me feel obligated and guilty.
Victor – not only that the fact she only came to talk to us after the veto so sound like the hero because she knew she was going home
Paul – Dude I was tearing her apart.. don’t make it seem like you were coming to me to get me to vote you out was voting you out already .. don’t act like a hero like you are rolling over to die for James when the day before you were shitting on him
Paul – I’m voting you out because you are shitty not because you are telling me to (Fries never forget)
James- Like I said Victor when I was up there with you I was trying to keep her off the block as long as possible..
Vic – ya
Paul – Natalie dug her own f****g grave
James says after his last argument with Natalie he realized. “You straight up played me”
Victor and Paul says they saw it early that James was gettign used by Natalie but didn’t say anything.
James – I don’t know why she would do all that in the end
Vic – if you think about it that’s what Paulie tried to tell you
James says the entire season people were trying to tell him.

James says if Natalie is trying to be sweet to TV but really doggy him out “that’s the evilest thing”
Paul – I don’t want to be the dick head to say it but I really think that’s what she did

Paul and James bring up Natalie saying that her an Lauren are ‘Polar opposites” … “she’s so sweet”
Paul – Natalie had a lot of inconsistent statements
Jame s- we were supposed to be in a damn showmance
Paul – you slept in that bed more than you slept with her
James- she was very distant
Paul – I don’t know dude..

James- action speak louder than words
James adds that Natalie hasn’t shown any action in a long time, “I’ve been waiting hand and foot.. making sure everything is good for you.. following you around”
Paul says Natalie was playing for America’s sweetheart
Paul – I tell you that last taped package before eviction ain’t going to get you sh1t
James- I don’t care honestly if I don’t win AFP it is what it is but I don’t want to been seen like I was shit on by Natalie (CBS has your back you got this in the bag)
Paul and Victor bring up Natalie’s bullshit reasons why Victor went out on her HOH, “It was a mistake”
Adds the day Natalie came up to the HOH to talk to Vic and Paul about her HOH reign and putting Victor/Paul up.
James- she waited until I was sleeping

James- when we get to this wrap party.. I’m not going to be running up to her.. she better apologize.
Paul – dude you best believe she is a f****G firecracker outside this house if You think she’s all sweet she’s not..
Paul says the real Natalie is like how she was when they had their “Kumbaya” with Natalie and Michlele and Natalie would say “I’m a bad b1tch”
Paul – that’s the real Natalie.. that’s when Natalie came out .. when she was like YO I don’t give a f*** that’s Natalie
Paul – you feeling me.. that’s what you are going to get out of the show
James- if that’s the way it is go back to Texas

3:13am .. still talking about Natalie
Paul – the vaginal is a strong thing ..
James is thinking that Natalie played him.
James is hoping that Big brother put some good clips together
Paul- I’m really curious whose America’s favorite will be it can’t be Michelle .. it might be Bridgette.. she’s a sweet chick and she’s feisty

James going on about gettign in a showmance and getting ‘Played out”
James says Natalie cares for him and has feelings but it’s not the same page. She’s more friend level.

3:30am they start talking about Nicole and Corey. Paul tells James that they will probably want to take him to the final 3 because they’ll think they can beat them.
Vic – the best bet is splitting them up if you have the chance.. that way everybody has a 33% chance of going
James agrees
Paul – you are fighting 1 instead of 2
James – they are going to steam roll
Paul – it’s a HOH and a veto next week
Paul – James if you or I don’t win that HOH
James- 1 of us is f***d
Paul – yup.. no Veto
Vic – you still have the veto..
Victor explains as long as one of them can win the Veto they can get 1 of the Nicole/Corey out.
Paul – James will get to 3 no matter what.. unless me or Victor win HOH and James doesn’t win the veto
Paul – well James better turn the f** up
James – i’m trying

3:54am Still chit chatting.. Jame is talking about getting on the show the second tiem and having to keep it all a secret. james adds that he had to lie to a lot of people because if word got out they would drop him and go with the alternate. (lol the one time we want you to not keep your mouth shut and you don’t)

4:24am Zzzzzzz
5:00am Everyone sleeping..
6:00am Everyone sleeping..
6:45am Everyone sleeping..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 09-27-50-919

9:30am LIghts on but not much going on.
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James. Prostate exams don’t count as being with someone. Silly.

Go Nicole. Not because I’m really rooting for you but because watching the women hating boys err I mean men here and the lonely Jeff/Jordan loving cat people come up with nasty comments and conspiracies is funny.

Watching a Reality show

People need to get a grip on here…Corey is not my favorite player, but his nominations of Vic/Paul was his best game move all season…
Corey’s conscience is clear because he handed Vic $5000 with no real strings attached, and he was always more loyal to James than Paul…

Nicole (also far from my favorite) won comps when she needed to (or production helped) either way…this is how the chips are falling…

This is not the Knights of the Round Table or Game of Thrones… where honor, loyalty and respect are valued or expected..this is BigBrother…a semi-scripted reality television show where players compete for cash.

With that said, Vic and Bridgette were my favorites, and looking forward to the jury questions on finale night!

Lyanna Mormont Rules

Where did honor get Ned Stark?

Jus me

Wondering if the boards are changing ,getting petty, because CBS has lost a lot of their nicer viewers because of how horrible the guest are to each other; this season the guys have been bad but production seems to being writing their lines that way. If they wanted people back maybe they should rethink production not their casting just sayin

Pendulum Swings

It’s good to see that others are Watching A Reality Show
-Well articulated comment


I am so unclear as to why James is at the top of this poll. I am not shutting about about this – who the hell is voting for him – it seems that everyone here is kind of on the same wave length of Victor being the favorite.

sunny dee

my only hope then is that james is F2, to ensure that Vic will be the next highest score and get AFP. Originally i thought vic would be F2, and i would vote for paul over Vic anyway.

i am literally shocked that james is getting votes from people on this site tho. i was shocked to see them also voting for corey on the care package.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Speaking of loyality has a female alliance ever made it all the way through a season?

Tiny Trump Hands

It’s really weird how much Paul hates Natalie.

Lying Hilary For Prison

Paul had Natalie pegged as fake all season long.

Don't like Paul but...

I know people are going to dislike Paul for his language but he was really torn up the first time Vic left.
He felt as if he betrayed him by just keeping silent.
Paul seems to have a high code of ethics about using people, especially thoses he’s close to. That’s why he hates Natalie so much because she does it without giving it a second thought.


No Paul really hates Michelle or its sexual tension. But it was only because she played with him the way he plays with others I like to rib the guest but this year has been over the top. I think production was so harsh to Michelle because they love Paul he talks to them on the live feeds and you can see they like him. I agree with people that Nicorey and James are getting a good edit but so is Paul. This is crazy but I would love to see Paul and Michelle on Amazing race. They would have to get along and I think they have a weird chemistry. When they were talking about people having babies first thing that came to my mind was the evil genius baby with attitude that Michelle and Paul would have LOL


Why didn’t Dawg post after the Pov comp?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

He was busy with Jessica Alba.

Hey Simon

I see that Sept 15th is listed as the next hoh on your matrix.
Is that date really the next hoh or is it televised on Tuesday Sept 13th?
Is the eviction on Sept 13th taped from another day? Like today?

James likes the finger?

James, if you like the finger, how’s about my foot up your a$$! James and Nicole final two, two snakes, pfft.


I’ve got a finger for James. One he can share with Nicole and Corey.


The “texas code” James talks about is unlawful contact with a minor


Now look here Squabble! I’m a Texan and don’t want you stereotyping my state.

And stop posting James hate under multiple aliases. We get it. You hate James.

The only person you are “fool”ing is yourself.

*Granny puts her cane back down, and begins swilling her Milk of Magnesia
“Bunch a dern fools, DERN fools”


First thing to go is the brain in your case your sense of humor preceded it.
I have no reason to use other names, unlike you I have an opinion and just don’t care if it offends you. It offends me that CBS is trying to sell us a harlot and a pervert as the winners of this show. Yeah I know you support this type of thing but there are people that can help you, they even make visits to convalescent centers and old folks homes.
The switching to Ensure.


A harlot! You must be from the Middle Ages? Or 90 at least.
And pervert? James cards the girls he goes home with. And he was joking about having those types of teachers when he was in school. He’s not talking about under age girls.

Min O'Pause

You tell ’em Granny! But go easy on the Milk of Mag. You remember the last time you were swillin’ that stuff. I still haven’t got the couch cushions back from the dry cleaners.


Sorry about that Min. You know these idiots get my girdle in a bunch.

Oh, and your new couch is on the way. I feel just awful about that. You know I can’t eat cheese! (Leather is much easier to clean with friends like me….Okay, you know it’s pleather, but you truly are worth the real stuff, Granny’ s fixed income just can’t wing it.)

*simmering down now….realizes you can’t fix stupid


Nicole can go down as a true baller If she pulls one move, doesn’t take Corey to final 3 or final 2 I would be like damn girl is playing for keeps since I think he would be the only one left that could beat her

Yet Another Hillary Lie

It is hard to tell who these jury members will vote for.


Yet, there is no question about who YOU will be voting for in November. So juvenile!

Leave the politics off this board, please. And stop with the multiple usernames. Just ridiculous!


What a fine example of an Hitlary supporter.
Unlike what your hero says people have a right to speak their minds, we have freedom of speech and you have the freedom to not read the post.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Sorry you didn’t like my post Granny but did you notice that it was about jury members?

Min O'Pause

Granny! Put the Milk of Mag down! I can hear your stomach clear over here!


I would also be equally impressed for Corey not to choose her…either way would be fun


It would be a shock if Nicole convinced James and Cory to keep Vick like she tried to do last night.
Paul is so articulate that whoever sits next to him is going to loose.


Ultimate dream, Corey vote Nichole out final 4, then James, Paul or Vic whoever’s left, don’t take Corey. Payback.

Heart hurtssss

I would love to see Nicorey NOT in F2. They just don’t deserve it. In an ideal world…. but I also want 5 million dollars, a sexy husband, a mansion and size D breasts in my ideal world. And I see how well that is turning out for me.


I hear u

Deez Nutz


Hope this is the last BB rodeo for James

I’m so disappointed James is still there. Hoping for a miracle for Victor. I’m tired of the pity parties James holds, all he cares about is getting AFP. Hoping this show is his ‘last rodeo’ on BB.


Pity parties LMAO, James is one of the most realistic in there…and not a sore loser like most…he knows it’s a game and doesn’t get all twisted about it like many in that house


James realistic? I still don’t think he realizes Nat the Brat was using him and had no feelings for him whatsoever and that they aren’t ‘soulmates’


Have you watched the Youtube montages of them? I think you’re mistaken. There is a human factor in every relationship. I broke up with my now husband 3 times before I married him. We worked at the same company and it was like BB house because it got that I couldn’t stand seeing him EVERY day and he was clingy as James was. I do recall Nat being mad when he didn’t pay attention to her but every now and then people need space. Time will tell, plus realizing the geography might have kicked in for her. I still think she wasn’t playing him though.


Have you watched the Youtube montages of them? I think you’re mistaken. There is a human factor in every relationship. James was clingy. I do recall Nat being mad when he didn’t pay attention to her but every now and then people need space. Time will tell, plus realizing the geography might have kicked in for her. I still think she wasn’t playing him though.

Hope this Is the last BB rodeo for James

James floated the entire season, he never played the game but rather spent his time either chasing a girl who obviously had no interest in him or begging to the viewers to vote him AFP. He told Victor he’d probably get AFP again (lol) and Victor nicely replied,, “We all have an equal chance.””
James grooming is disgusting, his stories about threesomes and minors are horrible. He is disgusting.
I’m hoping Victor gets AFP but really anyone BUT James!


In lieu of AFP he should get an award for ECT (eternal-comp-thrower).

Massive suckage to the big brother game; A floater’s delight.


I hope this is James’ last rodeo on CBS. No Amazing Race, no Survivor. Go back to Wal-Mart.


Pick up on aisle 7

Nicole for the win

I hope Nicole wins it all. For those Who says she won the PoV Because it’s rigged you can all suck it <3


Idk it was weird how she was acting right after the comp. She even said herself she doesn’t think she went that fast. Which is odd.


That’s what we are doing

Beast Mode Nicole

First Paulie was controlling the game. Paul then pulled the strings but Nicole and Corey are on the throne now.

Nic Holier Than thou

I think Nicole is getting soo much hate, not because she is a female but her attitudr…As a true BB fans we respected Dr. Will’s game play because he owned it…he knew that all his actions would have him displayed as a great BB villain and he didnt care…and once he owned it it was hard not to be a Dr Will fan.

Nicole, has lied, gone back on her word, or backstabbing, but then has the hideous tendency of turning it around like someone wronged her….
Listening to NiCorey talk about Victor being a liar, and playing a bad game was beyond me..because out of all the HG Vic has probably been the most loyal…and Nicole knows that….but thats how snakes move i guess… slithering around the truth…

I dont hate NiCorey, just felt that Vic was deserving


yeah, owning your game means a lot to the bb community. look at vanessa who played a great villain game but fans hated her because she never owned her game (well, and all the crying).

Art teach

As much crap people talk about James this year not playing the game and wasting the summer with Natbrat why is he leading AFP? Dude was my choice last year but hasn’t done anything this season to even get me on his side. Vic’s my man. Cool dude, loyal bro, funny, all around good guy. All the haters don’t think he should be in the house but the game let that happen this year and he took advantage of it. Never been a fan of casting vets (unless it’s an all star season) and don’t want Nicole (who also has had 3 chances now in the house over 2 season) or James to go to final two. Hoping these fools make the wrong no decision to keep Vic and he goes on a tear and wins this thing even though it’s a long shot. Vic for AFP!


America does love an underdog. I think it’s between James and Vic, for sure.

I bet Paulie thinks he has it locked… he completely lacks self awareness. I amaward him America’s Worst Player.

I truly believe Nat had a chance until this last week. She knows she blew her own game when she trusted CoCo would have her back. She’s angry with herself for not fighting for keeping Vic. Still, she’s happy James still has a chance to win this game.

I wish Johnny Mac had won AFP against James last year, but I choose James this time around! I just like the fact that he doesn’t talk badly about the other HGs and he has taken every disappointment like a man. He’s an up and up kind of guy. He knows it’s just a game and would never be a poor loser.


This is why I like him. Cory may win if he makes it to final 2 over Nichole. Victor or Paul should win for their game play. They have played the entire game. James is a good guy and normally good guys are chosen for AFP. Natalie is just a high maintenence girl, not necessity mean girl.

rewatched this season

Quite obvious that snacole, borey, not cody, and that pervert lames were in a preordained alliance. That’s why everyone hates them. Go see for yourself. Every game move they made doesn’t add up. Not to mention the rigged competition’s as of Late.


I have always loved BB, it’s my “guilty summer pleasure”. BB several years ago, had come out and explained that the comps are scripted{they had which comps were going to be played each week}……….but not towards anyone to win,. Nor did they care who won! I guess this is not true. I noticed this season right from the start with the first roadkill, there were some underhanded things going on. I tried to turn a blind eye, but the last veto Corey won was such a blatant fix, I could no longer watch. It took all of the pleasure of the show from me.
I, like everyone else, have my favorites, hate to see them leave, but if they get sent out on a level playing field… is what it is. This year, between people getting together before they came into the show, making deals, and BB slanting the coverage towards certain people……..toooooo much.
I would like to thank the guys for their delightful reviews……..BB could learn a lot from you 2, in fact if they had any sense they would hire you two. Both of you are creative geniuses that could make BB worth watching again.


All Vic does is pat his self on the back and talk crap about people!! Maybe if he was a little more humble I would root for him to win! And he needs to let it go about Nat’s fist goodbye message get over it all ready he keeps saying how he is going to shit on people but he can’t take it when it is done to him!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

It will be interesting to see Paul’s strategy after Vic goes. He needs to latch onto James to survive.


You’re playing early game in the late game.

Paul needs to win HOH or veto and other than that needs to show the others he has no jury votes. Being friends or allies with James means nothing. Alliances and friendships are over. It’s about who can I beat. James might fear Paul more than Corey or not, but that will be his consideration. After Vic goes, everybody knows they want to take Nicole to the end…and she wants to take Corey. If either James or Paul want a scenario where Nicole wins and takes one of them, then both will want Corey out next, but if James and Paul think they can beat him in final 3 easier than each other and think Nicole has no chance in the final comp, then they’ll target each other.

But there’s no social play left, just figuring one’s own odds, and who they see as the easiest to beat.

Marvin Gaye

Something stinks and it has production written all over it….. The week Michelle went home on Nicole’s HOH WAS ODD….. James didn’t go up there not once and also told Nat n Michelle not to go campaign cause Mivole told him Michellexwasnt the target… James knew all Long Michelle was going home and kept lying to her about his gut feeling….. Just like he knew Nat was going home last week….. Now Nicole is telling Corey not to make a deal with Paul to get rid of James


What I love about conspiracy theorists is how they always ignore the logical explanation preferring the illogical?

James thinking was simple…because he’s a “simple” guy. He believed Nicole and Corey were with him, not Nat and Michelle. He hoped they’d do what he wanted and dump Paul or Vic, but if they wanted Michelle, he was not risking their alliance to save her. Michelle was not part of his game beyond a number. The last think he wanted was Michelle and Nat campaigning and unwittingly blowing up his spot, so he kept both on a short leash of reassurance, which both played into because they’re dumb and always needed somebody to tell them what to do.

Now if James wasn’t simple and was smarter, he’d have channeled Paulie or Paul and managed it better, even than them. Ultimately it didn’t matter since Vic won the following HOH, but he could have gently pushed Nicole for his agenda while being clear Michelle could go too and he’d make Nat be fine with it. James could have assured them by managing Nat that he was with them over her, true or not. Again, this only would have mattered had Corey won next, to set up Paul or Vic next. Vic winning meant his passivity didn’t matter.

He didn’t need production’s help for such simple thinking….and if they were going to get involved it would have been to liven up the week and create some drama, some suspense, not hide.

James arrested

for neglecting his daughter just last year. I would kick that midget in the teeth if I ever saw him


Lucky for you you won’t ever get the chance, he’d beat your ass. Baby, Baby Mama, and Baby Mama’s other
baby live 1200 miles away from James.


I have been thinking the same things about James. James played Michelle by convincing her she was not the target and not to campaign. Michelle trusted James when she should not have. Similar thing with Natalie. He was not honest with Natalie. Natalie suspected it and it drove her literally crazy. James was only trying to save his own behind. He followed her around so she could not talk to anyone to campaign. He was not a love sick puppy. He just did not want her to campaign anymore after she went up to the HOH and sank her own boat. Which he encouraged her to do and it worked out much better than he thought. He knew loyalty meant some thing to Victor. Whether she meant to throw James UTB or not remains to be seen. James was not heartbroken in the least after she left. But he was tired having to babysit her all week so she did not talk to anyone else because he was too afraid he would get sent home instead. Michelle and Natalie are big girls and at the end of the day they made their own choices but they trusted James who like Nicole are not trustworthy people on this show.

Lying Huckleberry Hillary

I think James really believed that Nicole/Corey were not going to evict Michelle.

James knew all along

There was a clip of James eating a Turkey Sandwich while talking to Michelle and Natalie in the bedroom. Michelle began to talk about the possibility of getting voted out instead of Paul. At the very minute, James said “hmmmm this is a good turkey sandwich” trying to change the subject.

He knew all along that both Michelle and Natalie were getting evicted but played dumb.

Lying Hilary For Prison

Maybe it was Butterball.

James knew all along

No, that’s just one example that James knew all along that Michelle and Natalie would get voted out. There are 100s more…..


If that is the best you have out of 100’s more, then that’s pretty weak.

sunny dee

i never understand why people flat out try to mislead others just because they dislike a HG.

If you read recaps or watched After Dark rather than just the show, you’d see both Nat and James CONSTANTLY telling michelle to go and talk to nicorey, and michelle over and over refusing to do it. until an hour before, and having nicole saying well you never once came to us.

PP Paul/ Pablo (and the fries)

Maybe Vic will stay. Paul noted that BB gave them frozen fries. He surmises that “I guess they don’t want me making more fries” something about the oil maybe? BUT it could be that he will no longer be in the house to make them. Maybe production will convince Nicorey that Paul should get the boot this week!! Pablo will be so happy. 🙂


When I saw about the frozen fries, I thought the same thing!!
I do want Vic to stay but all we’re doing is prolonging the inevitable….Vic won’t make Final 2 because he would win against Nicole or James. Corey could give him a run for his money but it doesn’t seem as if Corey is expecting to go much farther in the game.


I dont agree. I think anyone facing off against vic wins. He made horrible moves, no big moves, and he was in power lots. He was ultimately not even in charge of his own hoh’s. He followed his loyalty, that got him sent home twice. His name has been brought up every eviction he was there. His social game is weak. If you are voting solely on who is a comp beast, he will win…. But I cant imagine someone coming in twice, then aligning w/nic corey.. she has been called out all season! She is an obvious liar, and the entire house is aware of it. She was behind his 2 evictions as well. I still cant believe her ass was never on the block. I also still cant believe Paul/vic was stupid enough to go to that side. I get that Nat/Meech/James betrayed them, but they were better to go to the end with. Social games are over, and its down to comps…. Vic has not made a good move for his own game this entire season, he played emotionally, and claims loyalty. He cant win. His resume sucks.
If Nic is f2, she wins. Nic is the person to beat at this point, and that has a lot to do with vics decisions.

FryGate Part II

That is one possibility or it could be production’s sinister way (come on we know they are evil) of letting Paul know not to unpack his bags when Vic goes since it is the fast forward and the rigged comps they planned will ensure he goes right after.

Leopold Stotch

As a side note – production doesn’t want him making the homemade fries because he was dumping the oil down the drain. The frozen fries can be baked.


Nicole is getting to f2 with James Paul and Corey, we should just give her the 500k alredy and call it a season

Only can wish

I noticed how Nicole and Corey are coming out the room more now since they have been winning. I’m so over those 2.
I feel bad for Victor. It’s like he fought back for nothing, to lose to 3 HGS, who literally just start playing the game when 6 people were left in the house. James still throwing comps. SMDH
I’m still convinced of Nicole and James undercover alliance. Even if, one of them don’t make it to Final 2. They still had a behind the scene deal.
BB need to get it together or they will lose viewers.


I’m hoping Vic returns as a future all star.

Brutally Honest

He already had 3 chances, fuck him.


He just played by the rules he was dealt. Sorry (not sorry) you have a problem with that…

Also, Simon has asked us to not use profane language – so f**k you!

Flip Floppers

I hate the one-sided people who keep pointing out Vic had 3 chances when this also happens to be Nicole’s third chance, and production is doing all they can to ensure she wins this time.


And now Jamesey shows us his “true colors”, to use the same words he used on Nat. The moment she leaves the house he wastes no time revealing what a pig he could actually be. His conversations now are polar opposite of the image he played up all season long. As if he doesn’t have to play that role anymore and can now be himself. With no worries about how he will look to his precious “America” because the things he says are so dirty they could never be shown on television.


Why what did James say recently? I haven’t been keeping up with the updates.


James talks about nasty sex a lot. He did last season too. But, you won’t hear most of it unless you watch the live feeds. I hope it’s just James trying to “fit in” with Paul’s mind set since he’ll be moving on with Paul in this game. His private sexual encounter talk is just gross and Granny sure doesn’t like that side of James. But, we all have an unsavory side. At least he doesn’t torture goats. He’s a stand up guy when it counts.

The best guys this season are James and Victor. Vic has a good heart and has often refused to go along with Paul’ s cruel ugly plans. Too bad he gets evicted this week, but the comp beast should have won that veto, and he didn’t.

James mugshot

Don’t even put Victor in the same sentence as James. Vic is a better person. James is a pervert


I was a newby for BB15, and witnessed an unrelenting savaging of the HGs by people on this forum. Players lives were interfered with. A lot of it seemed way out of line, but for the most part, posters were allowed to express their opinions. This season, it seems things have changed. One hg has revealed things about himself that some of us find rather disturbing. Yet when we comment on those things our posts get deleted. It seems like an effort is being made to protect this person from scrutiny.
The issues that are arising around this guy are very important. We have a real problem with predatory behavior in this world.
Please give us some guidelines concerning what is acceptable to say about this guy, who is, at the minimum, a creep. And possibly, something worse.
Thanks for your hard work.


Got it, Simon. Thanks ..


WHAT???? Hate directed toward you? Am I really that naïve? How could anyone hate on you or Dawg? You two provide some of the best entertainment on the web and the occasional very nice pics of Vic. HEH HEH HEH
I have always found this site to be fun and love reading different theories on events in the house. Not always fond of some of the language but it is what it is. I may be older than some and initially it took a bit to become accustom to the language but heck, its not as though I have never heard the words before. It is also enjoyable to see posters from a previous BB season returning to this forum and how many of the posters share in happy and not so happy events in others lives. I can recall when a certain moderator became a father. Everyone was ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssso pleased. If someone mentions they are celebrating a b/day, people respond in droves with best wishes. I admit to feeling sad when posters that have been around for several years, no longer seem to post. It makes me wonder if they have given up on BB or if a dreadful event has occurred. BIG KENNY, that is a shout out to you.
Thank you Simon and Dawg for everything. I have made one donation but must wait til the OAP comes through again for another donation. I hope everyone will donate what they can.

Michelle's double chin

I miss some regulars too…like where did “Arianna Grande licks donuts and hates amiercans” go? So many MIA this season.


Does anyone know what Nicole was doing after Natalie was evicted? The guys were watching Natalie’s picture gray out and Paul yelled to Nicole to “stop that”?


Totally unsure of your intent Woofie!!!

I’ve never seen Corey comments deleted….

Now, disgusting user names has been a problem in the past, and some posters say horribly malicious and disgusting things. There are even some blatant campaigns going on.

But, this forum’s comment section remains the sole product of what posters have to say….good and bad. There is no manipulation of posts going on here (other than yours, I suppose).

I’ve been coming here for years, always get my feeds through the link on this site, and believe the blog posts on this site are the most authentic when comparing to live feeds and other BB blogs.

You need to contribute to the tip jar, especially for that nonsense!

Misty Beethoven

SIMON!!!!! EWWWWWWW!!! Why did you have to remind us?? Brain bleach, now!!


Everyone always wants to pick on James all the time…your boys…Vic and Paul were chatting in the convo too…and making lots of jokes…guys will be dicks sometimes, nothing new here…everything gets so blown up…and picked apart…


Not picking. Just noticing the real James from last year is back and not this over sensitive “when you’re in a relationship you need to communicate” BS he’s been selling the first 80% of th season. You really think he’d be talking up his past “experiences” like that if Nat was in the house??? True colors.


I’m thinking this is locker room talk between 3 horny dudes (at this point) trying to ‘one-up’ each other, shock each other, or gross each other out. I wouldn’t bat an eye if it was coming from Paul, Vic is no angel either, but coming from James it just seems a little disconcerting because he is older and a dad. James is obviously trying to fit in with these young bucks and show he isn’t some schmo getting constantly fooled by women. While I wish he’d just be quiet I’ve never been locked in a house for 3 months with primarily guys.


The last “twist” this year will be ……”James was a secret Saboteur of the entire season!!!” Yeah, that’s not gonna happen! But I will still watch next season too. I still like concept of show even when it goes very very very wrong!!


If Vic is leaving, I don’t want one of the vets winning and nobody who was in a showmance. Come on Paul, send Nicole to jury.

Fact Check

Paul is in a showmance with Victor.

No really

You’re in a showmance with Vic


It doesn’t matter how they get to the end this is big brother and the goal is to get to the end and have the most votes!!! It’s a psychological game mire than a physical one so to say they didn’t do anything to get to the end is dumb!!! I don’t care for either of them but they played the game even if their strategy was to lay low to get to the end that’s what they did

Min O'Pause

The editing of the jury discussions always leaves it up in the air if the winner will be determined by game play or emotion. In the end, it’s usually game play except maybe the year of Jun and Alison when more than a couple of people said they didn’t want either of them to win but just picked whoever.


Anyone know when the AFP voting will start


Voting is already over (no it’s not) and Paul already won (no he didnt) but you can still vote for Paul! Like him or not he put more effort into it than anyone else. So.. If your truly a a Big Brother fan how can he “not” win AFP?


How can people vote for AFP???

Lying Hillary Left Our Troops To Die In Benghazi

The CBS voting for America’s Favorite has not started yet Victoria.


I think it’s hilarious that Nicole claims no one in jury likes James. She has such a false sense of reality. The truth is that she could maybe only garner two jury votes herself: Corey and Paulie. Oh wait! Corey would vote for James, and likely Paulie would too. Her only hope is to go against Paul because his game will be completely crapped on in jury once the HGs talk and realize he was just playing follow the leader.

Corey would win against Nicole
James would win against Nicole

Nicole is just delusional. I feel sorry for her. She even thinks her relationship with Corey is solid. Poor thing! Corey is not ready to “wife up” because he hasn’t met his “quality” girl yet (his words). If only she saw the truth.

I’m afraid all Nicole is going to get from Corey is pregnant. She said she hasn’t had her period in 90 days. Oh gosh, Nicole. She even said she isn’t good enough for Corey….that he’s too good looking for her. He has even said that himself. Corey is going to ruin that girl. Nicole! Just stop!

Heart hurtssss

Granny, Nicole also said a couple weeks ago that she was cramping really bad, and her periods were really bad bc of the stress. The girl lies to get attention…..she wanted to be the only female, and she got it. Corey is going to ruin her. You’re right. The first show, he kept talking a out how sexy the men were on the show…. I thought he was gay! Then he hooked up with Nicole and I was so confused. He’s possibly Bisexual…. and nothing wrong with that! I’m just stating maybe he hooked up with a vet to take him farther in the game. I am just so frustrated with this season, I was hoping Paul or Vic would win. I guess they all deserve it since they made it on the show to begin with, but the true heart and soul of big brother, the game play,…. the win should go to those who played the most all season . Paul , of Vic leaves, is who I HOPE AND PRAY wins the next HOH so he can at least get Nicole or Corey out…. and hopefully get F2.


Heart- I remember her talking about cramping and at first thought she was talking about stomach cramps, but then thought, oh good. The girl’s nit pregnant.

I agree that Corey is confused about his sexuality. I think Vic is, too, even more so. It wouldn’t bother me in the least, whichever gender they prefer….just doesn’t matter. What does matter to me is being dishonest about intentions and leading people on. That’s just lower than a snake’ s belly (no pun intended to Nicole).

I’m not a fan, but truly do feel sorry for Nicole. I’d love to see her wise up and evict Corey asap.

I used to like Paul a lot. But, live feeds show us much more, and I’m disappointed in his desire to make people miserable then claim “friendship”. He can be so funny and loveable one minute then a complete maniacal jerk the next.

I disliked Vic day one, the minute he intentionally took his shirt off during his chat with Nicole like it would mesmerized her or something. But he’s grown on me and I believe he and Nat have the strongest character of all the HGs.

I guess I just appreciate people who don’t backstabbing and talk smack about others. Vic has talked badly about Nat and vis versa. But, in the end, they are the nicest HGs.

Vic has proved himself in comps, but he’s naive to a fault. His social game was lacking, and in the end, all he has in his favor is that he can win comps.

Say it came down to James and Vic in F2 (Granny’ s dream)

Would you respect the player that got there solely due to winning comps, or the player who got there by orchestrating a F2 by intentionally losing comps and playing a strong social game. I’d have to vote James because he was never “saved”. He remained in the house versus a player who was evicted twice.

I suppose I love BB because it does sort of mirror our daily lives in that often we have no control over what happens. But when outcomes are strictly up to us as individuals, our true character is revealed: some of us are weak, scared, and look for others to blame (Nicole, Nat, and Meech) some act as if they are entitled and the Gods favor only them (Paulie, Rachel, Frank, and Vic to a small degree), some accept things for what they are while owning their part in the outcome (James and Jeff), some stand by in disbelief that people are watching and loving their game, that they are appreciated and respected (Donny and Derrick).

I love that BB brings out the best and the worst in people.

Min O'Pause

Last I knew Nicole said her ” monthly bill” was 90 days overdue. So did it come? Did she pee on a stick? Do I need to crochet some booties? What?!


Min- Honestly, I have no clue. But, a pair of booties on hand isn’t a bad idea.


James told P and V last night he had to go through the application process to return this season. That and the fact that the vets were paid extra to return leads me to one conclusion. . .slim pickins’. I’m thinking 95% of the former HGs have gone on with their lives and had no interest in playing BB again. Earlier in the season, James also said Da’ was paid the most to return. Um. . .why? She was voted out second last season and her social and comp game sucked. Maybe because they really needed that fourth vet for the teams and had to take what they could get? Just sayin’.


Janine- what’s the timestamp on that conversation? I want to see/hear that for myself.


Prediction is Production will doing everything in their power so Paul does not win HOH or Veto this week. They are already throwing Corey under the bus with the comic strip comp. Nicole is wondering if it meant that Corey is leaving her after the show. Most likely Nicole will win next comp and vote out Paul. James will win the last comp to vote out Corey so Nicole does not look bad. For Jury Votes: Nicole will have Paulie, Corey and I think Zackiyah will follow Paulie. James will have Natalie, Meech and maybe Victor because he was talking about how James needs the money because he has a child. Have no clue how Da”vonne, Bridgette, or Paul vote for.


Meant to write Production will be doing everything.


James is sticking with Nicoery to the end. Even if it means throwing a comp! Whatever pregame deals they made, they both are holding on to it! Watch out Cory


100% agree. I don’t know if it was planned this way, but it worked out that neither had to play the first 2/3rds of the season, being on opposite sides of the house and knowing they would keep each other safe. Voting Paulie out actually worked to their advantage. . . then they controlled the votes.

Has anyone else noticed that when they talk about who to evict, Nic always says, “I don’t care. I’ll go with whatever you decide. BUT. . .”

Heart hurtssss

I just think Nicole doesn’t deserve it bc she and Corey laid in bed all summer. Barely made any moves. Corey got Bridgette out…. ? Like, whoop Di-do. Nicole I guess played at the end, but Paul and Vic played THE WHOLE TIME. James threw comps, was so far up Natalie’s butt, he lost sight of it this year. Loved him last year! Out of who is left, I hope Paul gets it, or Vic, if he’s not sent home….


I am not a fan of Corey, but winning the double eviction was pivotal given the split that was going on in the house at that point. Without that win the dynamic in the game would have been very different. You have to give him credit for that. He’s won when it’s been important.


You’re right. And I fear she will try to take credit for things Corey did as in her mind they are one. Sorry, girl, doesn’t work like that. She didn’t need to do the backstabbing she’s done to make the moves she’s made.


Vote Victor for AFP!!!!!!!!! James doesn’t deserve it.


too bad for Vic..he at least should get AFP…
Paul if he can make it to the end..could win game.
..looks like a Nicole gets 2nd no matter who with except
james who hasnt done anything so nicole..knows she would win against him

Pendulum Swings

As the weeks have wound down to a matter of days..the momentum has shifted and will shift again…

It is foolish to remain overly invested or hateful towards one player…as competitions, player social games, and production will alter and shift the outcomes.

Think about who you cheered on a month ago…maybe different from who you cheered for two weeks ago…and now with days left, it appears that people are undecided..

Remember its a game, but more notable, it is a reality game show with a cash prize…

Pendulum swings and will again…


Wondering why VIC isn’t FIGHTING to stay. V is smarter than this but he is just rolling over. This is Big Brother, Honey!! There IS hope. Wake up and play!

VICTOR! Come on. Go “bro” it up with Corey and James. Tell them anyone siting next to Nicole in any F2 scenario gets 2nd. Use HER own words about you against them. Tell them “Would anyone really vote for me? I’ve been evicted twice.” Nicole casually but outright predicts her win in EVERY F2 scenario to Corey. If any of these dummies hopes for a chance, they need to vote her snakey ass out!

The HG’s don’t know this, but seems like Day is giving Nic her props… which I didn’t expect. And I predict The Legend (Dr. Will) will advise them to vote for Snakey bcz her end game HAS been flawless. (Not a Nicole fan at all. In fact, I loathe her personality type and her game play. But it will be played up that she’s not been nom’d and that she’s won 1/2 the comps at the end.)

The problem here is that Vic just doesn’t KNOW the game. He’d rather roll over than to make an unclassy move like turning C against N. He doesn’t realize that the best of the best have done it and have done and said worse to win.

Agh!!! Bullhorn, where are you?

It's a F*cking Pelican!

It’s no wonder James can only get a woman for one night. Natalie is 100% justified in being angry at James after the whole bullhorn incident. That’s when she laid all her anger on thick. The CBS edit makes it like she blames James for being on the block, but she’s mostly mad at him for having a final two with Nicole before the show even began that he never explained to Natalie. He should be thankful she still wants to be friends with him. That might change after she spends a few minutes with Day.
And no one has been able to explain how Natalie used James. James didn’t do a damn thing to benefit Natalie’s game. He threw every competition, while she was going hard on every competition. He put up her best friend (Bridgette) on his HoH. He gave terrible advice to Michelle, her other best friend, when Michelle was on the block. When did James ever protect Natalie from the block? When was anyone thinking of putting Natalie up, until James swooped in to change the target?

This Right Here

This right here is exactly what I was thinking but couldn’t articulate…..


Woman? I don’t remember James using that word. He talks a lot about girls and guurls.


Well said, and he also told Nicole that Meech was coming after her. Through Natalie under the bus when he told Corey that Natalie wanted to keep Victor over him. Natalie had to admit to Corey, yes I did want to keep Victor. He always protected Nicole more than Natalie. In return Production protects James with good editing and made Natalie look really bad. Also had Julie saying in an interview that her behaviour was bratty and a little psycho in the way she treated James.


Amen to that. James has zero personality. I find that extremely off putting in a man. I don’t know how Nat tolerated that wimp.


Rigged HOH COMP.
Nicole and Corey’s lane had cords…


what was his mode before?

Odd couple

My chihuahua is humping my cat again.
The funny thing is – they’re both girls, and spade.


It has nothng to do with sex or procreation and everything to do with establishing dominance.

Seriously, though, there’s no reason for your post. The cat was evicted, and so was the Chihuahua. So, why?


Lol. The same thing happened to me. My vet said humping is not always about procreation. It is also a way to show dominance. If you have more than one dog, there always has to be a “leader of the pac”. So that’s what they’re trying to establish.


Hoping for a Reset Button or Pandora’s Box for Vic – DONT GO VIC!! 🙁


I actually cannot wait for Victor to get out of the house and realize that America really liked him. He has gotten far for being evicted twice already.

captn my captn

I awoke this morning to find t nachole won pov and i thought what a revoltn devoltnt devolopin this.
Rachel riley was we all love to hate
Amanda was the stomach vitrto tous we kept hoping to find a cure
Nachole is the concert we bought a tichet to and the main act never showed up

Buh bye

Again, was that English?? Do people not proof read anything anymore?
And tell me this, why is Paul still in the house? What has he done (other than make fries)?

N E1

I was fine w theirs – it’s yours I feel the need to reply to .. Your an A$$


I’m a Nicole hater but the more I hear stories from the guys about fingers up their ass and boning 48 year olds and having threesomes……, the more I’m starting to root for Nicole.


WHY WHY WHY is James number one on this poll for AFP? Victor should be on the top and James should be halfway down AT LEAST.


I really really was hoping Victor would win this game. I’m pretty sure they will vote to evict him. There’s no way the final four P, V, C, N will happen. Noms will stay the same and Victor will go to jury because he’s a comp beast. In my books he’s one of the best bb players (competition wise). If somehow miraculously he stays, I hope he wins the whole game. If not, I hope he gets AFP.

Ditch the Dependocrats

I see Jozea has moved out of the basement and passed Z in the AFP poll.


Is he the guy from season 3?


Yeah! All houseguests are up by 11am BBT and are able to go outside! Too bad the feeds didn’t last too long and have now gone to fish and then Jeff with Derrick. I wonder if they’ll be doing the POV ceremony soon and then do an HOH competition tonight? This week is weird because after tonight the show will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, then no show until the finale on the 21st. Any ideas as to how and when they’ll get the next 2 evictions in?


They won’t do an HOH until after eviction. Julie said there would be eviction and HOH on Tues followed by another eviction.

Odd couple

Love BB.
I’m bored.

It’s gotten redundant.
What do you care?


What I found really interesting and clever is Nicole trying to sell James on the idea that the jury will be voting on a final 3 rather than a final 2 (and thus has no reason to fear Nicole and Corey not selecting him). Clever sales pitch to the dimmest light bulb in the room.

Nicole also seems to be toying with the idea that maybe Victor might be better for her game because he might be more likely to bring her to final 2 than Paul. She is of course wrong despite Victor’s flirting and perhaps potential interest when the show ends. Neither will bring her over James. Nicole has been portrayed as a lovesick puppy being played by Corey. But particularly after making it clear to Corey nothing is guaranteed once the show ends (the birthday conversation) I think she has her eyes wider open than people give her credit for. And she may actually be the one doing the punt kicking.

James likes having his prostate massaged. A question I never asked and never wanted an answer to. If he was smart he would let Corey know this. A “final 2” deal of some sort might be possible.

me too

Nicole is doing the same thing she did last week going back and forth between the 2 names pushing for Vic to stay and then backing off. If eviction was a normal week away she’d probably be able to get Cory and James to think it’s best to get rid of Paul and think it was their idea. Same tactic she’s used all season and whoever she want’s out usually goes. Unfortunately time is not on her side this week and Vic is going.

Bolt Uprite

Hey Victor, here’s a record for you, Only Player Evicted Three Times in One Season. YAYYYY!!!!! You get the belt!


Does anyone know what Nicole was doing right after Natalie left the house that had Paul yell to her to “stop that”?


Pls remove one of my posts above that talks about my husband. I don’t want him to read it and know who said it. 🙂 Thanks.