Power Of Veto Players Picked! Tim “Dallas is all hot air. All bark and no bite!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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9am The house guests are waking up. In the bathroom – Jared says I just really wish I knew where Tim’s head was at when it came to the veto. Phil says yeah. Jared says no one really knows. Phil says who knows what Tim is thinking. Jared says yeah its this whole him not wanting to make the decision. What if its not up to him. Its up to fate. That’s the problem. Phil says even if that’s the case he can’t make someone else do it, its his role. Phil asks Jared how his relationship with Mitch is? Jared says good. Phil says good with me too. Phil asks and Raul? Jared says that’s a given. We’ve kind of separated a bit more since Kelsey left. Phil suggests they have a 4 way activity some time soon. Jared agrees. Phil asks how things are with Cassandra. Jared says we all think we’re good.

9:40am Loveita and Kelsey are talking about how frustrating it was they were going after each other. Loveita says to compare what you had with Raul and Jared I had with Sharry. If I went back in .. in my heart I would want to keep Jared safe. Kelsey says he is someone that is true to his word.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-26 07-10-14-188
9:45am – 10:10am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power of Veto player pick.

Power of Veto Players:

Tim, Dallas, Ramsey, Cassandra, Mitch, Jared

POV Host:


***(Tim decided he isn’t letting the veto winner choose the replacement nominee. He’s telling the house guests that big brother said he couldn’t do what he wanted to, when in fact they didn’t he just decided it wasn’t a good idea.)

Tim tells Cassandra its a random draw you have to fight. Cassandra says I am, I just have to get my ankle taped. Tim says Maddy would have killed to play.

In the bathroom – Tim says I don’t know know why everyone put all the votes on to one person. Tim says in BBAU you can’t talk about nominations. Its instant eviction if you do. Some people would write on each others backs under the sheets. Tim says you just never nominate the top two people because you know everyone else is voting for those people. So you go for the next people in line unless you’re okay with the top people. Giving one person all the votes was not the right strategy at all. All Dallas needed to do was put his four votes on a person and get 1 more person to put their votes on that person. He tried to beat the system by making it fail… no use the system to your advantage.

10:25am In the bedroom – Maddy says I think if I were to win HoH I would put Jared and Tim on the block. Fuck Tim! Maddy says apparently Tim is not going against Jared at all. Maddy says its not right for Tim to bring BBAU into big brother canada because they have all of australia and we don’t. Maddy says f**k Cassandra the admin… she said she knew. Dallas asks what do you mean? Maddy says she knew the results. Dallas says I think Tim’s POV trick is going to be where the winner gets to pick who goes up. Maddy tells Dallas that Tim said he was told he can’t do what he wanted to do.

10:20am – 11am In the HOH room – Nikki comments on how Tim says they didn’t tell me I couldn’t do it, I just decided I couldn’t do it. Nikki says good. Its good you didn’t tell them. Nikki wants Tim to put up Maddy if the veto is used. Tim doesn’t think so. Tim says that Dallas is all hot air. All bark and no bite. Without him she could be usable. He just always pulls the card Maddy I’ve always been there for you. Tim says he wants to win the veto and thinks he will. Nikki says Dallas is going to go hell for leather to win it. If he does Maddy needs to be brought down a peg or two. Tim says Maddy is only playing Maddy’s game. She won’t be loyal to anyone. You don’t just make a move without consulting them. All she wanted was power and what did she do .. a selfish move. Tim says we sort out this Maddy / Dallas thing .. and the next thing .. Jared might slide right through to the end and I would be happy with that. The next big thing will be is going to be Phil and Nick or the silent players Mitch & Joel They’re big threats. Everyone thinks Jared is such a threat but he hasn’t won anything yet (not true he won HOH). Jared joins them. Tim says he doesn’t want Dallas in jury. Jared says he doesn’t either. I think he would vote for me in the end but I don’t want him in jury. Dallas is just really good at these competitions. Tim says I’m thinking Maddy goes up (if Dallas wins Veto). Both Tim and Jared say they don’t want Ramsey to go.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-26 07-34-42-861

12pm – 12:25pm HOH room – Mitch, Ramsey, Nikki, Jared, Joel and Cassandra are talking about the possibility of a house guest coming back. Someone says they think Loveita will come back. Jared says I think she would feel awkward coming back here. Tim says I don’t think Loveita would feel awkward anywhere. The conversation turns to Nikki and Tim talking about the differences between BBCAN, BBAU, BBUK.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-26 09-08-41-706

1:10pm – 1:20pm Tim says that Joel is the first out of all of us to go. Once the whole Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey are gone. Cassandra and Phil agree. Tim says ideally I would want Dallas gone this week, then Maddy… Cassandra says then Ramsey. Tim says that’s if we keep winning. Phil says that Maddy annoys him the most. Tim says she would be the backdoor this week if Dallas wins veto. Cassandra says then I would be one of the last women left. Tim says then you’ve done well. Ramsey joins them. Cassandra asks if he’s nervous. Ramsey says I just got to get myself out of this.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-26 10-12-41-559

1:30pm – 2:10pmJared arts and crafts makes a parachuter ..

Unfortunately for the next couple of days our live feed updates will be very minimal as we have prior commitments that conflict with our ability to monitor the live feeds 24/7. Simon will be posting the results of the power of veto competition and some videos. Anyone wanting to post transcriptions of conversations or summaries of are free to do so in the comments.

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I wasn’t aware that fat had become a nasty adjective. Someone fill me in. Did short become a ‘bad word’, skinny, broad shouldered, stalky? People who are fat (or skinny) know they are. Why is it not ok to say that fat girl (in private of course), or that skinny girl? People have their panties in a twist over an adjective? I’m short and soon people will feel like banishing that word too – let me know so I can find a place where freedom of speech still exists. Oops!!! it still does. exist.

BBcan is baaaaack

Nobody said fat was a bad word, STUPID. They’re playing a game, what does her weight have anything to do with being in the game??? Sure, have your freedom of speech, but calling someone fat, was that necessary? Yes, people who are fat, skinny, short, tall, already know they are and they may not like how they look, so calling them what they are, is it supposed to make you feel better about yourself by calling someone else down??

Next time, use that little brain of yours before posting shit. You may have thought you sounded smart or had some kind of justification. Sweetie, you got it all wrong.


You just called someone you don’t even know, stupid – does that make you feel better? double standard much, ignoramus.

BBcan is baaaaack

Doesn’t matter if I know them or not. If someone says something so ignorant, like yourself, then yes, damn right you’re stupid.


Is this the only place you feel powerful? Sad life eh?

BBcan is baaaaack

Well thank you! I’ll take that as a compliment since people I know tell me that’s one of the things they love about me. Wise and powerful when it comes to people saying dumb shit. So thanks!

Nah, my life is grrrreat actually! Seems like you have nothing better to do than write your little updates and opinions all day. Mmmhh wonder which one has a sad life


AMEN! I totally agree with you. Thank you for saying all this. People shouldn’t acknowledge these players by their image, they do have names, yenno. This is a game, theres no need to make fun of Cass’ weight. BTW @Anonymous, she’s not fat. Remember this is only a game, let’s just keep the updates going, and keep these characters images to ourselves.


Oh I see, you’re one of those people who surround themselves with a$$ kissers to make you feel better about yourself. Who’s more desperate, you or them? Feeling like you have to tell me, a complete stranger, you have a great life, seems very insecure, like maybe you are trying to convince yourself? Feel free to stop these stupid posts to me and get on with whatever life you have..Byeeeee


Weren’t you the one that asked? Hahahahahahahah… Doesn’t seem like this person has insecurity issues, he/she is just stating facts and what is right.

BBcan is baaaaack

LMFAO wtf does desperation have to do with aaanything??? You asked, I answered… But oh man can’t handle anymore of your stupidity.


Tim with a great read on the house there. Maybe this move wasn’t so bad.

Mr. Clooney

and I hope Dallas wins the veto comp and refuses to use it (in protest). whatasook


Dallas would be dumb not to use it…he may be a bit uncouth but I don’t think he’s dumb


Is Loveita deathly afraid of silence? These two girls have talked about every single thing over and over. She still insists. Good morning – let’s talk and talk and talk GAME.


i applaud Love for wanting to talk and play the game of Big Brother. Some people are only in it to look pretty.


Yeah but you do see only one other person in that room right? She’s watching the others play, exchanged every single thing she knew (which is far too much to share with Kelsey IMO), She’s sharing way too much to a girl who still thinks ‘her side’ were the ‘good people’, the ‘more secure’ (as she said) people’, the more ‘solid’ people. She disdains Loveita and holds grudges.


Yes, Tim has a great read on the house, but the house is catching on to Tim really fast as well. The way he has used his HOH this week did not sit well with people at all. Mitch, Joel, Maddy, Jared, Phil/Nick, Dallas have all made statements in the past day or so which leads me to believe his time in the house might be limited. I guess the next week or so could bring him to the forefront depending on who wins HOH.


The majority will never go against Tim unfortunetely. Phil said if one goes against Tim then you would be done. Shame really that him and Nikki came in as ‘celebrities’ and got too much respect from the others so they stopped playing the game.

Kay W

tim hasn’t stopped playing the game. contrary to what he’s told the hgs, he’s playing to win. poor nikki, seems like she could just as easily go home now and be perfectly fine with it. i think she’s only staying for tim, he’d love nothing more than him and nikki to be final 2.


I’ve lost all respect for Tim. He is not the person I watched on BBAU. Hey Tim why don’t you go hang on to Cassandras double chin like a monkey? You are worthless now.

Tim to win

He is not different. .he just realized how the two games are different. In BBAU he had to be more social but here he actually needs a strategy. He wants to fly under the radar. He is a talk of the moment as he did an HOH different from Canada version. When Kelsey or Love come in…all the heat will be on Mitch Maddy Ramsey cass and the brothers. Joel Jared Tim and Nikki may end up going till the end with love or kelsey.


Tim told them how he became Big Brother in his Aussie version; that he made himself a part of every ‘scene’ so it wasn’t hard to see that he did the same right from the start with his incessant stories while others gathered around in awe. Damn us Canadians – we’re just too polite. They all don’t want to be the one to be mean to the self-absorbed celebrity. They’ll probably turn on him all at the same time.


One thing I have noticed recently about Tim is that his memory isn’t as good as everyone thinks it is. The thing about Jared not winning anything yet and then when people asked him questions about his sisters ages in the HoH room after getting his key! To me that sends out red flags! There were a few other instances earlier in the game as well – To me that is the time to strike at someone is when they can’t keep all their facts straight or get lost in their lies that they keep seeping out all over the place that you can point them out to the other house guests and use it to your own advantage. It may seem small but things add up eventually and others can be persuaded by those very clues.. Use it and bring those who support Tim to dethrone Tim. – If only Loveita heard some of those mishaps. I am sure she is smart enough to pick up on all of it!


Thanks Dawg and Simon…for all youz do here..Have a great Easter weekend…by getting some people to post updates in the comments is great idea..i would if i could but dont get live feeds i think cuz i live in a border city..the states are spitting distance away almost…and it says my location the problem…etc..


Most Definitely!!! Every Season uze are here for us!!!


You can download BB viewer, it’s just like the live feed on official page except it’s on this program. I use it since I’m in Europe and it works great!


If you are having a problem with ‘location’, as many have had, go to your settings and adjust your location. It’s just a minor problem many have had and once adjusted, reboot, and it should be fine. Good luck.


Loveita knows and can predict the way Mitch thinks, “what’s gonna take him far and how’s he going to win.” O M G Alert the media. Um – did she say she watched every single season and knows this game. What was her end goal? A kiosk where she can sell toques maybe.

White iverson

Oh yea!!! That’s where I recognize him from… the Rihanna 777 tour special.
Once an attention whore always….


I hope Dallas win pov so bad …. Am willing it into existence…..I want Maddy out…. POINT BLANK AND THE PERIOD.—as Davon use to say.

Truth be told am kinda disappointed in Tim this week I don’t see how this move benefits him—-it benefits a lot of people Jared,rail, Mitch ,the brothers ,Cass—-wait a minute is that half the house ?!!…..yep it is !!!….. So if Tim gets rid of other people’s target for them he becomes the target — I thought last week what they kept rambling about was keep both sides enemies there so they can go after each other and The middle stays safe —what happened to that idea — I will tell you HoHtisis….in my opinion the middle is now fractured trying to regroup there are no more sides it’s just a group of people scrambling —-Dallaz leaving is only good for one person …not Jared ….but the puppeteer in training —Mitch !….Time hoh is /was the perfect case scenario for Mitch — Mitch is building an army and Tim is so clueless it’s funny —-this week Mitch gets to put doubt about Tim in the brothers ,he has (always will have )Raul and grooming Jared , and Joel …Rasmey if he stays can’t stand cass and now Tim —Rasmey will align with Mitch — Tim that leaves you Nikki ,Maddy(a nonentity) and Cass — your odds dude are baddddddd—-however you look at it ….Tim I am super disappointed in you —you should have tried to get rid of Mitch while you had the chance…you will regret this move—I reckon 🙂


I agree everything so far worked perfect for MItch…until the BB twist with Kelsey/Loveita which can and probably will destroy what he’s built around him…It will be interesting to see Loveita/Kelsey confronting him and exposing how sneaky he really is to Jared/Raul…


I forgot about the twist…..but I am still sceptical…because Mitch has really gone to work with Jared,the brothers,Ramsey and Joel…..it ‘s going to be an uphill battle to get Mitch out now !!…if anyone sits on the block with Mitch they are in trouble ….I don’t see anyone staying over Mitch he has the numbers …that’s the problem!


Yeah, but the twist is bigger than Mitch, they could show clip of Kelsey/Loveita in the suite and once Loveita starts talking to Jared/Joel about him they won’t doubt her. Mitch can then only rely on his social skills and try to justify himself…after all he was only playing a game as he said he would – by adapting. At least they should give him props for being one of the best players in the season. It’s funny, Kelsey and Loveita aren’t even that mad.


I don’t blame Tim for the attempt to manipulate the game in his favor as HOH. Every HOH does that. I agree with the house guests who have said the manipulaton is unfair due to the fact that in bbau the voters were the public. I blame him for his hypocricy. He has stated over and over how he is against going with the in crowd. Until he is the messiah of the in crowd. Guess he realized the public doesn’t get to vote weekly so he can drop half of the facade he played with in bbau. He can be one of the turds he complained about to Nikki week two because he doesn’t have to court the public.
I do think that Tim is, in part, a production tool. Instead of calling in nominees to the diary room to pep talk them at the point they want them to campaign (frequently done in season 2 and season 3) they call Tim into the diary room every week and immediately he leaves the d/r and goes to the nominees to pep talk / advise. Three weeks running he gets the d/r call, immediately goes to a nominee when he exits. Coincidence ceases to be a coincidence when a pattern emerges.


the ‘Messiah of the in-crowd’ i agree. His worshippers are not independent thinkers. He shunned Loveita and now Joel. Mitch will be after that. They were all independent thinkers who wanted confidants/partners to play the game with. Tim can’t handle that…


Why is the whole house atmosphere different with Loveita gone?
Um, well, Cassandra isn’t interjecting into conversation in every room every five minutes that Loveita is so rotten, so mean, so crazy.
Yes, Loveita’s arguments were foolish. The rest of the time she was a non-entity because she was hiding. but the public perception was altered by the near constant Cassandra blame game that the house adopted.
Even now her fixation continues to a lesser level. Loveita wasn’t fixated on Cass to the whole house. Cass was fixated on Loveita. 120%.


Cass is delusional. She keeps talking about the applauds on Loveitas eviction and how she is hated and Cass fan favourite. Loveita should just when she re-enters go up to Cass and whisper in her ear… “not everything is what it seems…”


Kelsey would go back into the house thinking summer camp would resume, while thinking she knows everything and was right about everything, and we’d have to listen to another “I’m so smart. S-M-R-T” moment. She has no intention of seeing reality. She doesn’t realize that the Jared and Raul relationship she thought was concrete is already cracking after 3 days. Jared is climbing into bed with Tim and Cass deeper than sticking with Raul. She makes excuses for Cassandra even after acknowledging her game. I don’t see her return as anything more than disregarding everything negative she learned about people she likes because everything is about “friendship” to her. When she watches the feeds, it’s all about look at my friends playing. See, they still hang out, because they are the morally superior nice people. if they were on the block, she’d be seeing a totally different dynamic and be making excuses for their bad behavior.
Waste of an opportunity to send her back in. Loveita might be a revolving door, but she’d be a revolving door that actually causes change in the game and cracks to form. At the very least she gives the people not in the Tim camp a week to align. Kelsey just stops the momentum of game if she enters, imo.
The way i see the momentum shifting in storyline is the Tim contingent of Cass, bros., Jared vs. Joel, Mitch, Raul, and whatever is left of the pink room all unaligned but realizing they should have to. The true in crowd with a f.e.s. against the outsiders. Total highschool that follows the norm pattern that Big Brother loves when they craft their storylines.


ok updaters…do ur stuff..with simon and dawg unavailable…
stop the cass, loveita, dallas bashing and give some updates?
thanks 🙂


Honestly I’m losing interest in this season as Tim manipulates the game so he can win it. With the Love/Kels twist all that will happen when they return is Mitch will be targeted to leave.

It’s looking more and more like production want a Jared and Tim final IMO.

Jared has the brothers, Cass, Tim, Mitch, Raul, Nikki and Ramsay all wanting to work with him. Meanwhile the way the show is shaping up Joel/Mitch will get targeted as soon as Dallas leaves. And can someone explain to me how Maddy didn’t get any vitriol from Ramsay for voting out Love especially now that he’s on the block. She could have been someone who could have won POV and saved one of them OR been up in their place.

Somehow the brothers are skating by and will go deep.

I’m also a little annoyed Tim changed his mind about allowing the POV winner to select the renom. That in itself points to him lying about not making decisions. He wants Dallas to go so he can turn the others on Mitch/Jared and with Love/Kels returning that is likely going to happen. Sure feels like the powers that be are telling Tim what is going on and what to do.

Either way, I’m finding the cast boring and predictable. As much as I wasn’t a fan of Dallas at the start I’m hoping he stays otherwise it will just escalate into dullsville.


Cassandra lied to Maddy. Said Loveita was going to backdoor her if Dallas used the veto, and that Loveita was crazy and couldn’t be trusted because she turned on Cassandra who was completely innocent and honest and nice to Loveita.
Maddy got her back up. Maddy and Ramsey discussed backdooring Loveita two days before the instant because he believed Maddy, and didn’t like that Loveita ended the tit for tat battle with Jared, Kelsey and Raul (she played the Ramsey game and Ramsey didn’t like it).
So Maddy didn’t get any harsh words from Ramsey because Ramsey was already aware it was going to happen.


say what you will about Dallas but it takes strength and guts to be as lonely as he is in the house. Still he is outspoken, unpredictable and dares to go against Tim, Jared and while still being on the outs with the group he keeps talking to people when he can.


Nikki is so easily manipulated, and so wishy washy in her opinions on people.
It’s almost disturbing just how easily she is swayed.
Cassandra and Tim feeding Nikki negative information or creating unease in her about people personally is just too simple.
She’s now pro-Jared, pro-Raul, and pro-Cassandra. She’s now anti-Loveita in absentia. Now she’s anti-Joel.
Worried that Joel has belief that they should be romantically linked and he believes she’s been playing him. That’s some other-worldly delusion. And Tim and Cassandra encourage her to feel that way, but discourage her from speaking to Joel about it to find out if it’s a joke.
It’s sad that she’s so ridiculously malleable.

m green

Interesting series on you tube about Tim and Ben a fellow BBau contestant
check it out. It is called the Graceland Happiness Project!


So Kelsey and Loveita started rehashing. UHHHH-gain. And of course it was ALLL about week one. Of course it was. Like that horse isn’t hamburger meat already from all the beatings.
Some would say well Loveita just won’t stop talking about game. True. They’re there to play Big Brother. She’s trying to work past the disagreements of the past and give either one of them the chance to further themselves in the game. Naive but commendable when dealing with a grudge carrying princess. She ends up million mile talking because she’s constantly having to go back into rehash mode instead of devising a tactical plan because of course the prom queen Kelsey isn’t willing to let go of the grudges and wants to assign blame and get back to her slumber party to help her boys in the game.
Kelsey keeps bringing up week one and how hurt she was. boo hoo, it’s week five.
The main reason this won’t go away: every time they say their points of view, Kelsey holds on to her grudge. It is Kelsey, not Loveita that brings up week one twice a day.
She begins each time with “I don’t mean to be mean but..” that’s called passive agressive right fighting. She does mean to be mean. She does want to keep going on this silliness because She wants to be right. Like Loveita, she believes only her point of view is valid. If Loveita were to answer her with a string of truths that don’t fit together but are all justifiably truthful Kelsey would have her validation, and might be shown her own character flaws she refuses to see: “you know what, you’re right, I did target you. I did want you gone because you walked into the house playing the flirt for a showmance game. I saw a pettiness and an unwillingness to be flexible in you, like you felt that everyone should just bow down and hand you a tiara and let you and your showmance dictate how everyone had to act, had to vote, who they could talk to and who had to be excluded at your whim. You sit here now saying you were nice to me so many times, but we both know you walked away and trashed talked me to the first person you saw.” Kelsey would be able to claim the moral victory she so desperately wants and would probably ignore that she was indeed the mean girl pretending to be nice. And after the third or fourth rehash in two days of “in week one you made my life hell” I’d snap. Somebody’s got to be on the block the first week. Suck it up.


I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

another name

I assume that there are a couple of reasons why Loveita and Kelsey’s feed went down after a while during the pov.
1) Emmett is doing his visit with them to coach them on how to get back into the game for Sunday’s show. Knowing Emmett’s game style and his personality along with his choices of housemates to support in season 2 and 3, he is pro Kelsey. Though his widely publicized view that you only get one life in Big Brother makes him a silly choice for a coach to get back into the game.
2) They are getting to watch the pov with sound, and the show doesn’t want it revealed.
3) They finally got to have a shower, and maybe some laundry done while everyone is locked out doing the pov. Maybe even a root touch up for Kelsey and a weave repair for Loveita. They got their spa day.

another name

Ramsey has won the power of veto.
In the pantry Cass the brothers and Joel discuss who they think is going to be renominated.
They want Tim to choose the third in line. They all suppose but won’t say it’s Maddy.
Cass pumps Joel for information on who would vote which way. Cass wants Joel to be more social and not stand off to the side under the radar.
Cass lies that nobody knew about the backdoor Loveita plan. She and Tim had planted false information in Maddy’s head hoping it would happen.
Tim comes in and asks to book a massage.
Ramsey enters and asks if they are game talking. Cass gets condescending, and dismissive of Ramsey.

Bb anonymous

I think this is the first big brother that hasn’t had any set alliances and or names …. Everyone is pretty much all over the place this season ….

winner winner chicken dinner

I have not seen anyone comment on Cassandra telling Jared yesterday she thought Tim has a crush on her. Gag me with a spoon please. She has to go. I so hope Lovetta comes back in the house and tells everyone Canada voted her back in just to see Cassandra’s face. Another peeve is Jared. Why is everyone following him and scared to vote against him. I see no great game player in Jared at all , he is a pretty boy…. plain and simple His best move was he hooked up with the gorgeous blonde the rest of the guys wanted.


The real Jared is coming out now. He’s making an alliance with Tim, Cass and the brothers. He has a final two with Cass. He’s trying to get Raul to turn on Mitch because Tim and Cassandra want Mitch gone. He’s already discussed getting rid of Raul with Tim, Cass and brothers.
Real Jared (Jealous poor loser backstabber Jared) has a problem:
If Raul tells Mitch, expect that Mitch will switch his vote and keep Dallas. If Mitch is able to sway Raul with their “Queer Nuts” final two deal, that could change Raul’s vote. Raul already went against Jared in the nominations.
the brothers are still on the keep the bigger target line, and if the renom is Maddy, could switch their vote.
Joel would rather keep Dallas in his gut, but has Cass in his ear saying to get rid of Dallas. It depends on what Mitch thinks at this point. That leaves Ramsey. Can Dallas sway Ramsey with Mitch, Raul and Joel on board contingent on getting rid of Maddy?
Nikki would vote out Maddy in a heartbeat.


Maddy is dumb as rocks,


Maddy just makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve been watching the feeds tonight and her and Ramsey laying in bed…. I just wanted to puke. She was taking about her “burning hate” for nick and Cassandra. Every second word out of her mouth is F this and F that… Then she’s all telling Ramsey how she will give him a blow job if he votes to keep her (if she’s named replacement). They seemed like they were about to go at it. Finally big brother cuts their feed.