Donny says she could have cut my throat and I would have never known!

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 09-15-18-618

Big Brother 16 Live Feed FREE TRIAL – Use the FLASHBACK feature to watch everything you’ve missed!

9am – 10:10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. Frankie comes down from the HOH room. Donny says HALT Who Goes There?! Frankie hugs Donny. Donny says he’s been up patrolling since 5:30am. Donny asks if Victoria was up there with him. Frankie says no. Donny asks well how did she get by me and go into the bathroom? Donny and Frankie go into the bathroom and ask Victoria if she saw Donny when she came by. Victoria says she walked by him when he was staring out the backyard door. Donny says oh I guess I wasn’t doing such a great job then. Frankie says you can’t win em all! Donny says she could have cut my throat and I would have never known! Christine joins Victoria in the bathroom. Victoria says she feels nauseous, felt like throwing up and had to see the doctor each time. Christine says that’s awful. In the kitchen – Frankie tells Donny I think you’ll enjoy my speech today. Donny asks you have a speech prepared? Frankie says I have to for the person I’m putting up.

Frankie raps:

“Alright Zach-Attacks I’m going to do it better because your sh*t was kind of wack! I love you so much and it would be fun for you to stay but if I didn’t put you up I would have to be crazy! Because I’m not quite sure if you’re the saboteur but what I know for sure is you better walk out that door so Zach Rance please have a seat! Its time for you and Julie Chen to finally meet!!”

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 09-19-43-478

10:20am – 10:30am Frankie tries to comfort Zach in bed. Frankie asks what do I do? How do I fix everything with everyone else? Zach whispers but doesn’t have his mic on. Frankie says you don’t think everyone would be coming for me hardcore? Zach put on his mic and says you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Frankie asks are you the saboteur? Zach say no. I wish I was! Put up Victoria! Frankie asks how Victoria would react to being up. Zach says most people would be understanding. Caleb and Derrick wouldn’t care. I don’t know about Derrick or Christine. I don’t think Cody would care either. Do what you gotta do. But please put Victoria up I can benefit you more than she can! Frankie says okay I’ll think about it! Frankie leaves and talks to Christine in the bathroom. Frankie says that Zach just begged me not to put him up. Christine says how awkward! Frankie says I told him I would think about it. I mean I had to. They laugh. Christine says he’s going to be a terror. Frankie thinks maybe he shouldn’t do the rap.

Donny asks Cody in the kitchen – How did they decide that Caleb comes off and you stay on the block? Cody says that’s a good question. Donny says Nicole wasn’t wrong when she said that they want you out before Caleb. I don’t think you’re going out but I think it shows you the pecking order. Don’t say anything, they’re already after me.

bandicam 2014-08-18 10-53-59-574
In the storage room – Zach talks to Frankie. Zach says I know I said it before voting out Victoria is a waste but I can help your game more than she can. I promise I will never put you up and never vote you out. If I go to jury later I will vote for you to win. Frankie says literally everyone will be coming for me. Zach says okay you feel that way. Its fine! Zach leaves. In the bathroom – Zach talks to Frankie again. Frankie says it would take a lot of good behaviour for you to stay. I don’t think its impossible. Zach says I’ve had your back since day 1! And I still do. Frankie says seriously?! I just feel like its been irreparably damaged. Zach says fine do whatever you want. Go with your gut.

Zach lays in the hammock alone. He says well big brother my big brother life is about to be over. The veto meeting is in about 10 minutes and I’m about to go up. Frankie of all people is about to put me on the block next to Cody of all people. What are you going to do. Nothing, I already pleaded my case. I told him I would never put you up and never vote you out. Just please put up Victoria!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 11-01-35-585

11am Big Brother blocks the live feeds…

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Teri B



but the good thing is he’ll come back i mean production is’nt willing to let the drama and the most interesting part of the season stay in jury there gonna give him another chance i’m pretty sure the comp will b physical and all the competitons nicole won were mental so then her and jocasta are’nt in the running so its zach and frankie will regret putting him up and try to mend fences with him since he’ll win HoH and take frankie or derrick which is what frankie should’ve done but he’s 2 much of a pussy 2 make a big move like that god i fucking hate frankie hope hes the one that leaves next week


Could these house guests be any dumber? Their combined IQ’s of all 8 house guests cannot total 100!! Seriously, BB cast imbeciles this season!

Cocoa puffs

I’m not sure this is a done deal. Zach has been in Frankie’s ear I think something may happen between now and POV meeting. Maybe Derrick may finally sit in that hot chair everyone has been in besides him. You can only hope I guess.


Frankie and Zach in bathroom. Talking. May be hope!!!!!!!!


Awwww. I really do feel bad for Zach. But it’s just too sad that he still thinks Derrick is a saint. Derrick is the one that wants him out because he doesn’t want to lose Victoria because she is his puppet. Poor Zach.


At this point I cant even imagine who I would like to WIN?!?! Zach is gone this week, Donny cant be far behind him. Cody is such a pansy – I still cant get over him not putting Caleb on the block when he had the chance… Caleb has grown on my a little bit but seriously with the Amber infatuation = CRAZYYYYY….If Frankie wins I am literally NEVER watching the show again… so who is left? Derrick?!?!-YUK… Christine??-DOUBLE YUK!

I hope Victoria wins! LOL… how sad is THAT?!?!?…

worst season I can remember since Maggie won


How about Derrick? People on here hate him. But no one can deny he deserves to win more than anyone in that house, period. He has misted the house like Dan, to the point where winning comps doesn’t even matter.

Love or hate him, Derrick does deserve to win.

Now let the thumbs down begin.


I agree with you… I just don’t like him as a person…and he’s making the season predictable


Derrick’s whole game is the power of suggestion, and while it might be brilliantly effective with the current cast, it is not entertaining to watch.


I agree he does deserve to win, but so does Donny.

I can’t stand Derrick but I don’t think it’s for the same reason that most people on here. My thing is this: lie, manipulate, whatever you need IN THE GAME, but when you’re in your DR sessions or talking to the cameras and trying to BS us fans, that just pisses me off. Either A) he thinks we’re as dumb as the people in the house, or B) he’s just THAT much of a conniving prick – either way, much like Mike Boogie – I despise Derrick for that reason. That said, given the fact that the only person I’ve heard mention his name for going on the block is Donny, I don’t see Derrick losing this game. These people are idiots to the umpteenth degree.


I have to agree that Derrick is playing a better game then any of them. I also no that there is lying and deceit, but what Derrick and Frankie are doing is not game play. They make shit up about people and they are very hurtful. Saying we can use Zach for one more thing, saying he is a sabetour, and that all Nicole ever did was lie, I could go on, but you get the gist of it. Frankentroll is probably the most disturbed person I have ever seen on big brother. I want to stab Zach in the heart and watch his blood slowly drip out. Who says shit like that and gets away with it. He is not in the least bit entertaining. Vile, repulsive, maggot.


The way zach is going to be evicted is horrible!!! He is being put up by his “best friend” he didn’t have a chance to save himself, people are blaming him for stuff he didn’t do and this happens while people make fun of him behind his back… It’s fucking disgusting I hope he gets back in and him and Donny go to final 2!


I agree

Don't go zach!

I feel so sorry for poor zach
they have treated him so awful since the 1st TA mission blaming for everything he deserves to be In the bb house more than devil Derrick or troll Frankie


I’m not sure about that I think they may have another plan.


Donnys body language while hugging Frankie says it all. I don’t think we will see them cuddling anytime soon.

Boreal Bag Lady

omg LOL!! Thanks for my morning laugh 🙂


Donny is cute holding his post as to who the thief is Gotta love that guy.


Based on that corny ass rap Frankie betta stick with YouTube. He sucks and he probably mad cause Zack won’t have s#x with his raggedy ass. I hope Zack comes back but he shouldn’t go back with derrick and Frankie etc. If Caleb had any sense (he don’t) he would listen to Zack bout the detonators and team up with him and Donny if Zack get back in the game. Derrick and Frankie are the only two who believe they can win it all yet they not trying to get each other out. #morons

Maybe I should be on youtube

I have to agree, his rap sucks
With Zach being gone, I could give 2 f*cks
The only hope left, is Donny for the win
Or Zach re-enters, and let the games begin


I wish Zach had a chance to join up with Donny too.
Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Christine and Derrick will probably make final 5 Why because they thrive in a group setting and loyal to the cause.

Derrick – police force group
Cody – the Hot Male Group + fitness group
Caleb- military group + fitness group
Frankie- Gay group (I base this on his passionate shout outs ” this is for the gays”
Christine- ugly girl group (all the guys realize this and why they sympathy for her Zing)

Victoria- the lost let me tag along group. – but really no group.
Zach- no group that’s why it’s easy for him to throw them under the bus. (And they hate it!)
Donny – no group

It will be hard for them to break free from the loyal to the cause mentality. They will only break their thought pattern if Donny wins HoH. Then the rats come out. Rat Frankie, Rat Christine.
Next the mouses- Cody and Victoria
Next the Pit Bulls – Caleb and Derrick- under the right conditions they will lock jaws on those rodents and eat them alive.

IMO final two Derrick and Caleb.
I hope not but but I think it will prove to be them.


That firkin little pink poodle is such a biatch. He flaming well knows that Zach is the closest “friend” Donny has in the house and he is giving him the speech to upset Donny. Sod off you nasty pillock.


Hey Patrick, let’s find that jagoff and beat the hell outta him!


Lame, Frankie, just plain LAME! Don’t quit your day job!

Farking Fr@nk!e thinks he's Farking king or what?!?!?!

It’s so dreadful that B!tch Fr@nk!e throws his weight around whenever he goes.

Even just this morning, DR had to call him numerous times before he finally decides to head there.

At the football event, it was reported he was throwing his weight around, demanding coffee.

In the house, he expects everyone to kow-tow to him, or he’d cruelly take revenge on that individual with all his farking bloody might. His none stop ruthlessness and stupid-arse demeanor and attitude irks me to no return!!

Poor Zach refuses to bow down to him, plus farking Fr@nk!e realizes Zach is high on the popularity poll, hence his need to rid of Zach by hook or crook.

That Fr@nk!e is a tyrant and he thinks he’s king or what $h!t… and in reality, I’m pretty sure he’s much despised by many around him.

*God save Zach!!!*


Don’t forget his demand for his makeup bag. What a troll


Can’t big brother realize everyone wants Zach in the house. Ridiculous


Frankie is a nasty human being. Game wise he is doing okay but he really needs to look at DERRICK.


What is with all these lame speeches… talk about trying too hard.


One word for Frankie…….pathetic.


When your “superstar” sister, who doesn’t even watch and understands BB, tweets that you should NOT put Zach on the block and you still go and DO IT, it just shows you are a major mega moron! This is the time to make a big move, Frankie… YOU MORON! Get rid off Cody and Derrick, you silly @ss!


What does his sister’s tweets have to do with anything? It’s not like he can see her tweets and he’s ignoring them. He can’t see what we can see… you get that, right?

mr ed

Wake up Annette! I’m sure production is keeping him in the know about theses things! Don’t you get that this ALL rigged !

Zach's Dime Piece

The houseguests are absolutely clueless as to how they are being perceived. Take Derrick talking to us on the cameras for example.

During Nicole’s exit interview with Jeff she started answering fan questions. First question was from somebody named ZachAttackFan or something close. Nicole was completely flabbergasted that someone would use a name like that. She could not fathom that Zach could have any fans and she took Jeff to task over it. Jeff said “I don’t know, maybe he’s got that one fan”. Jeff was trying to cover up the screwup of letting Nicole know that Zach might have some popularity simply because of the fan’s name.

Even CBS can’t comprehend how clueless these morons are, so why should we be expected to make allowances for them?


I still have a glim of hope that Zack will do something that will turn the house against Cody and gets him (Cody) voted out. Zack is unpredictable. I haven’t given up on him yet.


Have I mentioned how much I hate Fakie!!!


Yes, on several occasions but that is OK. Not good to hold your frustration and anger in. Please feel free to vent.


Frankie you are completely WACK! Seriously who still uses that word.

Only good thing about Zach leaving is the chance he gets to come back. Using the sabetour reason to evict Zach is pure spineless crap. Be a man and just say WE want you gone. Hopefully Frankie will get evicted in the next few weeks and we won’t have to see or hear from him.

Caleb has definately become the house idiot. He really thinks Frankie is his ally, but his best chance at winning would be with Zach (not that I want Caleb to win).

I still don’t see how Cody is floating by and people would actually vote for him.

My daily rant…


Hoping zach gets a diamond pov somehow


Frankie has a VERY small “clitty” thus he is the woman in the relationship. Now since Zach is going he is letting Cody use his man pussy in the HOH room. I bet Derrick hit it in the porta-potty out in the back yard since it has no cameras. Zach calls it the jerk-shack I believe. I bet Frankie has relieved all the guys of a batch of baby batter in there at least once (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)


B!tches better be ready when Zach comes back into the house!


Can they please STOP telling people they are going home. Also, can those people stop accepting that they are going home. Makes for extremely boring show. No surprises…everyone holding hands and playing together. They should not be able to tell people they are going. Should be a penalty. Ruined the show for me this season.


It’s possible they are using it as a strategy. Wait and see. I hope I am wrong though. They know of a stupid rule that says you cannot tell a HG they are going on the block. Its the Ultimate cheat of using Production as a strategy if you ask me by telling them early, in hopes they get a Production excuse to not put someone they like on the block, but make the house think otherwise. The HoH needs evicted for knowingly breaking the rules.


They need to remember these people are not going home, they are going to the jury!

Zach Attach

For the love of BB, if Zach is evicted and does come back, please please do not align yourself with that deplorable, vile, human being that has Neapolitan ice cream hair!!!


Weird thing is I think he would still align himself with Derrick. Zach likes Derrick a lot. Zach’s target would no doubt be Frankie.


Which is why, as much as I like Zach, I’d rather have Hayden come back – more likely to align with Donny & better competitor.


Long post, but here is my thoughts. They are going to try to pull some kind of renom-rule or something. As much as I hope that does not happen, if it does, the same thing did in fact happen with Donny this week, and with PowPow (sp?) earlier in the Summer. If you have not been following Twitter trends, apparently after the live feeds one night, people found an obscure, and only used once rule, that says as HoH, you cannot tell a person to their face before the PoV they are going to be put on the block. Of course, no one would have brought this up, had it not been for Ariana G. tweeting ” Frankie is so smart! He knows about the renom rule, so he can keep Zach, .” Obviously, this goes against the intelligence he has been feeding us in the feeds and in the Diary Room about how he wants to get rid of Zach. But, he will lie and claim strategy… Catch 22 – Its using Production as strategy. There is absolutely not fair way to justify using that rule now, not when the same happened with Donny and PowPow. ( They were both told, more to the extent of Derrick telling Donny which was a sure fire rule break ). If CBS picks and chooses on this one, and calls a renomrule or whatever its called, you are guaranteed to be watching a rigged season for ratings only. Possibly to the extent they have some kind of back room agreement with the Grande’s. Both sis and mom made the same post on Twitter. If that the Grande’s have done in swaying too many votes. If CBS does use it, which I pray they do not simply due to being FAIR for once, then Donny and PowPow need to protest, if by lawyers about rules of fair play or something. No, this show is not bound by gameshow rules unfortunately. Its a reality show loophole, so they are allowed to manipulate it. I think we’ve known that by now. However, this would be the ultimate nose flick to the people who watch it. The only time the rule has been enforced was like season 11 or 12 with Brenden. Not to mention, if at any point Frankie then later lies, and says it was his plan all along, then he is a proven cheater against the main rules using Production, and needs thrown out of the house. That would be the ULTIMATE use of production as a strategy. Now Its coming clear why they told Frankie and Zach you cannot use production as a strategy one night. CAveat it was a couple weeks ago, but Zach was a target then. They may have been planning this. But its the ultimate cheat, and penalty needs to be eviction of Frankie if so.


Coddy, Crustine, Derprick, and Fakie will all get their comeuppances either on the show or after they get back to their lives…God help them!


they will when zach comes back in and teams up with donny,caleb and maybe victoria


You people are so dramatic. What exactly is going to happen? They have their friends and family before they went in and still have them after they leave.

The public and strangers before they entered the house meant nothing and they still mean nothing. I don’t give a sh*t about what people think of me. They shouldn’t either.


#renomrule was trending worldwide last night….pretty crazy that many people were ticked off BUT completely understandable. Frankie and the whole house will have a rude awakening when they get out. What would be funny is if Frankie had less followers then he had before he entered the house. #unfriendfrankiejgrande

frankie's a dummy

doesn’t he realize he is kicking out his ONLY true ally in the game right now? what a dummy, i hope zach wins the buy back next week and comes back in to give frankie the BOOT!!!


Is it bad that I actually like this season?

zach goes



its also interesting how ariana was telepathacily to put up derrick i know i spelt that wrong sorry


It’s sad when I am now including Victoria in my favorite 3 on the poll.


Zack Attack needs to have his own YouTube Channel—with more followers than Frankie by Finale night.

gonna be interesting

Let’s make that happen!


So, if the rule was enforced in the past but nit consistently in every season, did the HGs in the seasons where it was arbitrarily enforced, file a complaint? I guess if this happened in the past and production was able to enforce it( like with Brendan and his season) than it could be enforced this season or it could not be enforced. Seems like BB can manipulate rule enforcement to some extent, unlike in a gameshow where they are contractually and statutorily bound due to past fixes on game shows and the resulting legal suits. Anyone know what the response from HGs was from previous seasons where this rule was not consistently enforced?


They have no legal grounds. They sign all their rights away to CBS when they do BB with the understanding it may not be a “fair” fight for entertainment purposes.


The way this season is going, watch Jocasta be the one who re-enters the house LOL.


The way this season is going I won’t be surprised if Jocasta is the one who re-enters the house.

gonna be interesting

If the remaining Houseguests get to pick who comes back (like in previous season) it would be Jacosta


Frankie is so damn dumb everyone in his so called alliance is protecting their close person. Yet he is serving Zack up on a silver platter while saving Caleb who couldn’t even beat Donny with noballs Cody.


Frankie is a backstabber he doesn’t care at all about Zach and Zach knows it! I hope Zach comes back once they evict him!


Not a Derrick fan at all.. But did he seriously convince Frankie it would be in Frankie’s best interest to get rid of Zach and keep Victoria?!? If only they had Donny’s intuition…They would realize that Derrick is the leader, and they’re all his minions.


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calenb please stop calling yourself beast mode cowboy. Your not even close. What you’ve won like two comps. Frankie and Donny are the beast modes not you. GOD get over yourself plz. I just want to throw something at my tv when Caleb keeps calling himself that. Plz production duck tape his mouth for a day plz.

Cocoa puffs

Lol. I agree with your comment. He is so full of himself. Like all television world will be after him when this is done.


BUT he ALMOST wins every competition!! Doesn’t that count for anything? Almost…..everytime!:)O

gonna be interesting

When Zach, Nichole or hayden come back through the door, maybe as the second HOH.

BB addictied

I soooo would love to see Zach stay and Victoria go!!! Then final two be Derrick and Donny, that’s the dream!!


I totally agree…Derrick & Donny would be a great F2….I wonder who the jury would end up voting for, Derrick for game play, or would they be upset at themselves too much for trusting him, or Donny because they like him and he made it through with integrity in tact?…..Very interesting


Derrick may have a hard time – he was in a big alliance (which he would have helped kick out) that protected him while Donny was all alone. Plus, Derrick’s manipulations have convinced most of his sheep that a lot of the ideas/game play were ones they came up with, not Derrick.

Caleb, Put A Sock In It

I’m having to switch camera views on the feeds, now whenever Caleb pops up. Those preposterous stories of his are actually making my ears bleed…

Yes yes please duck tape tiny feet tiny brain beastmode cowpad.
Also duck tape christinks hands and bag her face.
And keep pigface on slop permanentley!!!!!


I believe that just is just as relevant/capable as Victoria would be as far as using him to their advantage. I know Victoria is an all-round loser as far as competitions though – I just hate the thought that he is going out before her. She deserves nothing in this game and has treated it like it’s a trip away from home and a place to bawl her eyes out when her ‘feelings get hurt.’

The Greatness

I would ABSOLUTELY love to see Vic (even tho she doesn’t bother me much) put next Cody! I really would like to see how Derrick handles that situation! Not a fan of Frankie-stein but that may be a wicked move since he is too “skurd” to take out Derrick….


Zach………..please stop begging Frankie’s glitter-filled ass!!!!


I know but I feel really bad for zach

Pretzel Twist

If Zack goes up for eviction and he’s voted out a great twist would be if the opposite happens. The nominee that gets voted for eviction gets to stay and the other goes. That’s a fantastic ending for the floater just as he thought he was once again floating on by.

Good idea

Here’s a thought…… Victoria gets sick enough to leave the game, zach gets saved and then Donny and him clean house ( especially if Hayden comes back) 🙂


This has been the most boring predictable season ever. If any of these morons had even the slightest bit of intelligence they would realize that derrick needs to go. Lets be honest the only reason most of us hate him is not his fault. Its the fact that everyone else in there is so stupid they blindly do his bidding and ultimately are going to let him lead them all into their own evictions and probably thank him when he does. The truth is its frustrating and boring knowing that if anyone had a brain they would be like donny and see whats going on .If Frankie had any clue he would put Derrick up and then boom… id like to say derrick wud be blindsides and voted out but these dummies would evict cody, who has done nothing all game besides snort and touch christine. If that miracle happened then donny zach n victoria chance . But thats just a dream. The most predictable boring season ever and its partially derricks fault but at the same time just as much blame if not more rests on the shoulders of morons like Caleb and the rest of them that follow derricks commands . And dont get me started on Caleb. He may be the most loyal and at same point dumbest person ever to be on bb . Wow is he stupid.


Frankie want’s Zack out because of the fan’s yelling- they love him, he can’t take that so Zack has to leave, what other reason all of a sudden would he want him gone so fast? It’s all about Frankie this season. Can’t wait for him to leave,