Loveita wants Cassandra evicted “I don’t even care if Christine is gunning for me”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 14th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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12:20pm Loveita asks Jared if he can talk in the havenot room. Jared heads into the havenot room and says forgive me father for I am about to sin. Loveita joins him. She says I talked to Kelsey and I know she really values Cass. Jared says I’m happy to keep the nominations the same. Loveita tells Jared that he doesn’t trust Cassandra. Jared tells Loveita that he respects her nominations. I am going to try and win because that’s the only way to guarantee anything in this game. If I win it I won’t use it. Loveita says the reason why I don’t trust Cass is because Kelsey trusts her so much. I know what went on last week. Jared says that Kelsey and Cassandra kind of had a falling out. Cassandra was being very rude just because she was on the block. She was like Jared you have to keep Kelsey on a leash. He says if Cassandra goes it forces you guys (Kelsey & Loveita) bond to grow stronger. I don’t necessarily want her to go but that’s the game. Loveita says I don’t even care if Christine is gunning for me. Jared asks you’re just more comfortable without Cassandra in the house. Loveita says Cassandra was willing to get rid of Kelsey, so you can’t be someone’s friend and… Jared says she flip flops a lot. Loveita says I have nothing against Cassandra personally. I just can’t trust her.

In the bedroom – Christine and Nikki are talking about life outside the house. Nikki says she wants to be a mom but doesn’t think she would pass the criteria to adopt. Christine suggests she try fostering a child first. Nikki says I think I would be a fun mom.

All the house guests are lazing around waiting for the power of veto competition to start. Nikki comments on how they waited around all day last week and it didn’t start till 12am. Tim says that in big brother Australia he nominated a girl because she pissed on a plant. Big Brother said they weren’t going to show that but had to after he said that was his reason for nominating her. Tim says she pissed on his plants because she didn’t like him. He says the plants died.

1:15pm In the bedroom – Cassandra says the only reason I’m up is because I made that comment. Christine says Loveita said its not personal. Cassandra asks well then what is it. Christine says I’m saying its okay Loveita, its a game. Meanwhile I’m thinking f**k you c**t!
Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-12 10-15-09-159

1:25pm HOH room – Nikki tells Loveita I think you made a good decision. Loveita says don’t say anything but I just don’t think I can trust Cassandra after what she said after I won HOH. Just because people voted for me to stay, it doesn’t mean they like me. Some people think keeping me in the house would keep a bigger target in the house. People thought I would put up Jared & Kelsey. Loveita says I already know 2 people who said they wouldn’t use the veto (Jared & Ramsey). When Cassandra said “That stupid b***h won again” to Kelsey, I was like wow she’s not my friend. Loveita says I don’t see Christine as competition. Nikki says Cassandra is sneaky and unpredictable. I think you made the right decision. Loveita says I feel like Tim is trying to help her. Is he? Nikki says Tim said if he won veto he would feel obliged to use it and I don’t want to. I didn’t do what everyone wanted me to do because I’m not dumb. I’ve watched every single season of this game. I’m playing my game, not the houses game.

Christine tells Maddy that everything about Loveita is fake. Her hair, her t!ts! Well her t!ts are real but she has a triple push up bra.

1:45pm In the bedroom – Dallas tells Cassandra if he wins the veto he is going to use it. If I do win it! I will use it!! Cassandra says thank you. Loveita said something pretty rude to me last night so I can’t wait to go in there with the chain around my neck. Cassandra asks what did she say? Dallas explains how he went in there asking why she put you up and she ushered him out. After I win it, we’re going to drill Loveita to put the brothers up there. You’ve got to stay loyal to me after this. Cassandra says I will. Cassandra leave. Dallas tells Maddy that if Me, Jared or Loveita win the veto the noms will stay the same.

1:50pm – 2pm In the havenot room – Cassandra and Joel are talking about what the veto competition might be. Joel says it could be a spelling one or a counting competition. Cassandra talks about the competition where BB made lots of noise building and when they went out to the backyard there was nothing there. And that Canada voted. Cassandra asks do you think Canada would like me over Christine? I’m nice, I’m funny. Unless you’re Ramsey. Joel says he’ll go talk to Loveita and say that Christine and Maddy were super pissed after nominations. Cassandra tells him to say how Christine said it was a spineless move. That’s the difference between Cassandra and Christine. Cassandra is just mad at herself and Christine is after you. Just make it so evident that you can trust me. Go talk to her and save me a$$. Joel says If Christine is in this game I just don’t feel safe. Cassandra says “Operation make everyone else look terrible and make me look like an angel.”

Maddy and Dallas promise Cassandra that even if she is up next to the brothers they will vote them out over her. Maddy says people would be stupid to not do it. Dallas says we just have to wait until we have the veto to set the plan in motion to get Loveita to put up the brothers. Ramsey joins them and says that he’ll take anyone off the block. I don’t give a f**k what anyone says. Dallas tells Ramsey that Loveita cut a deal, that’s why they’re (Jared, Kelsey, Raul) aren’t up there. Dallas says we need to stay together and work with Christine. Dallas says the brothers aren’t in our plan. Ramsey says okay then lets cut them. Maddy says Phil is a piece of sh*t. I don’t give a sh*t about Phil. I don’t give a sh*t about anybody but you 3. Ramsey says there’s only 2 of us. Maddy says the 2 of you. Dallas says lets win this POV and bring them to their knees. Dallas leaves. Maddy tells Ramsey I want to get these brothers out so bad.

Loveita asks Raul who he wants to stay? Raul says Cassandra. Loveita says HMMmm. Raul says and she won’t come after you. Loveita says I want to work with you guys I just want to make sure we’re on the same page. Raul says if Christine is still in the house she will come after you and that affects us because we’re working with you. Cassandra won’t come after you.

2:35pm Kitchen – Phil tells Nick that no one is your friend in here.. especially not that SL*T! We’re playing a perfect game…. well I’m playing a perfect game. Phil says if she doesn’t win the veto it will be very hard for her to stay in this house. I’ll make sure Cass leaves. Phil says I don’t give a f**k if I lie to Loveita. She’s a f**king psychopath. I had to give her enough information for her to trust me.

2:40pm In the bathroom – Jared tells Tim I don’t think she would put me up. She told me this morning she wouldn’t. Tim says I wouldn’t trust her. She told Cassandra literally before she went into the diary room to make her noms that she wasn’t going to put her up and then she did.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-12 12-00-11-251
2:50pm HOH room – Loveita says I really trust Jared and me and Kelsey will need to work on it. I don’t trust Cassandra. Number 1 when I saw what she said it was not a joke. Mitch says I’ve just heard her talking about master plans. I went into the bathroom and Tim was talking about your trustworthiness because he said you Cassandra wouldn’t go up and then minutes later you put her up. Loveita says what a sneaky guy. He was the one that suggested that Cassandra would be a good one to go up. Tim is stirring the pot. Mitch says I would just be super careful. Loveita says they must have put a sociopath in here. Tim is a sh*t disturber. Mitch says take your conversations with him as a grain of salt and just know he could go tell others what you say. Loveita says We’ve got to be careful with him. Loveita wonders if Jared would use the veto to save Cassandra. He told me he wouldn’t use it. Mitch says if Jared wins veto and takes Cassandra off .. then you know who you have to put up (Kelsey). Loveita says b***h you’re so right!

3pm Big Brother tells the house guests to report to the head of household room. Tim asks Loveita if he can try on one of her wigs? Loveita says its not a wig its a weave.

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I think Loveita actually made the right choice with the nominations. Maddy/Dallas are pissed because Loveita wasn’t willing to go against the wannabes, but what they fail to realize is that Loveita is alone in this game becasue they turned their backs on her last week, so Loveita has no reason to care what they want. They have already said multiple times that if Loveita was to have put the wannabes up, next week they would have come after Loveita and they would have been scott free, Loveita is definitely scatter-brained but she knows this lol she knows she’d be the scapegoat and everyone would come after her, so I think she made a good choice. Now the 3 wannabees will be after Maddy/Dallas/Ramsey and the brothers, and Mitch/Joel/Nikki/Tim wont even try to be HOH and she will hopefully make it further.

Watching the feeds right now and seeing how quick Cassandra is turning on everyone and is so desperate to attach herself to someone.

I can’t stand Maddy, she is a dumbass and needs to go.


Lol Jared cracked me up going into the chapel and asking for forgiveness before talking to Loveita.

I guess Dallas is just blowing smoke up Cassandra’s a** (unless he’s lying to Maddy… again). So far it sounds like the only people who would use the veto are Cassandra and Christine.

Joel has just involuntarily been made the new Sharry by Loveita lol! XD


Loveita is getting more and more annoying to me. She is an EXTREMELY catty girl by the looks of her actions as HOH (nominating 4 different women and ONLY women). I don’t even think a guy has been on the block yet lol. This is DEFINITELY a guys season as they are the only smart and likeable ones in there besides Nikki. I usually find myself rooting for the strong game-playing women like Vanessa on BB17 and Sarah from BBCAN3 but this year there are none unfortunately. Most of this cast is kinda unlikeable for me, and has been kind of boring for the most part. Thank buddha for Tim and Nikki. Anyway, if Loveita would’ve put up Jared/Kelsey/Raul than she wouldn’t have made any more enemies and NO ONE would be going after her in week 4. Here’s to hoping the veto gets used and Loveita has to make more enemies!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen 4 women go home the first 4 weeks in a BB season before, but it looks like it’ll happen this season (with Love going next week).

Sask fan

Jared also put up two girls, one of which was Loveita. Why is she getting the blame for all the girl nominees?


because 4 of them are hers

Guy From Canada

Vanessa was a nutter, bully, and a strong talker in the DR but a flail around the house. You never knew where she was going to smash. Sarah cried most of the time and was not socially active in the house. Sarah even needed multiple twists to stay in the house. How are either of these strong game players regardless of sex?

tims glaring white chicklets

33votes down? I’m sorry but I tend to agree, you watch any of these reality shows and it just seems to be “safer” to vote out women first instead of men.


Loveita’s gameplay is such a gamble. I wonder when next week comes if it was the right decision. Only time will tell for her case. I find it funny though how everyone wants to play an honest and faithful game… HAVE THEY SEEN BIG BROtHER?


Lol Jared cracked me up going into the chapel and asking for forgiveness before talking to Loveita.

I guess Dallas is just blowing smoke up Cassandra’s a** (unless he’s lying to Maddy… again). So far it sounds like the only people who would use the veto are Cassandra and Christine.

Joel has just involuntarily been made the new Sharry by Loveita lol! XD

Loveita and Nikki’s conversation actually shows that Loveita knows what she’s trying to do. She finally caught onto the fact that the Floaters wanted her to target Third Wheel for their own games.


It surprises me that Dallas and Maddy still seem to think that Cass is a number in their corner, seemingly just because she sleeps in the same bedroom as they do? Did they fail to notice just how much time Cass spent in the hoh or otherwise glued to the terrible trio last week?
Maddy before eviction last week said she’d been trying to pit Loveita and Sharry against each other for kicks, but didn’t think it would hurt her game. Now she’s surprised that Loveita didn’t want to talk with her?
Dallas’ retell of his talk with Loveita is funny. From his retell you’d almost think he walked in like a cute and fuzzy cartoon teddy bear offering her a pot of honey and she exploded on him and shooed him away like a servant. Not like his first words were “what the f*** was that?” setting the tone for a defensive posture to counter the aggressive engagement.
They don’t seem to realize that four or five people were pushing for them to be nominated. That or they wanted her to maintain the status quo tit for tat so that they would be safer with the heat on Loveita, and don’t understand why she wouldn’t take the heat.


Wow. The Brothers had an opportunity to play both sides of the house flawlessly.
And he fact that Phil pretty much hates Maddy is ruining their game. Up until two days ago, Maddy trusted Ramsey and Nick the most. But now that she knows Phil hates her, she wants the Paqs to go. That is all on Phil.


yep. the target on the brothers is growing by the day thanks to phil. its funny because he thinks he is playing such a great game but his being anti-soial with that side of the house is really causing them to resent him and want him out and by association nik. i an almost guarantee that if they were separat players nik would last way longer than phil.

of course if the brothers do go this week phil will find a way to blame it all on nik. nik might not be the smartest strategically but socially he is great . if he was alone he’d be like one has him on their radar


It’s pretty easy to see that Phil has a problem with his own ego. Even if people openly said he was sketchy and taking information without giving anything while sticking his finger in everybodies pies, he’d refuse to see that he’s overplaying the puppetmaster routine.
He believes he is playing the perfect game, his only downfall being his brother. Weird, nobody seems to have a problem with Nick. Nick is practically invisible when it comes to player radar, while everyone in the house is wondering about Phil.


because nick is playing very good socially.,he is probably just being himself and thats working out well for him.unfortunately i do think he’d be lost without phil because he does lean on him for strategy. phil is a dick to half the house but sees no problem.


im kind of confused on dallas. he is telling cassanrda he would use the veto but telling other people he wouldnt. the thing is that you dont know who he’s lieing to. the other thing is that he does want the brothers out, badly so this would be his opporotunity to get it done and we know how easily loveita can be influenced.


Thoughts on Loveita and Mitch talking about Tim:
Why are they surprised that the guy that said in his season of bbau he was the puppetmaster is playing mind games with them?
Guess the illusion that Tim isn’t playing has been lifted.
About time somebody compared notes.
It was getting embarrassing. Entertaining but embarrassing.


Maddy wants the brothers (Nick) out of the game, Loveita is now in a sort of alliance with her nemeses, Christine is acting like a school girl. Something must be wrong with some people in that house.

Sask fan

Everyone seems very immature in the house but Christine is the worst. Not just a school girl, but a mean, foul mouthed school girl. She’s embarrassing.


christine acts like a mean super good looking highschool girl when in reality shes an old hag whos only good for cleaning


So we have Loveita going on and on and on about not putting up Turd-Wheel because she is ALL about love and forgiveness…but wants Cass out of the house because a comment she made? The hypocrisy runs deep with this one…

Haha Tim

Mitch and Lovita YASSSSS!! I love this duo. Loveita is coming off as a scatter brains but she has definitely shown that she knows how people are trying to play this game by using her to make the dirty moves. I really hope Mitch and Loveita can continue to work together, because since Sharry is gone this is the final 2 that I want. I didn’t think so until just now. I really did think that Tim was going to be able to play them all the way to the end, he probably still can but at least he’s on someone’s radar.


I never thought it was possible for me to hate a middle-aged mom so much but Christine is the worst all she does all day is lay on her ass that tacky cheetah print and make vulgar and bitchy comments all day. Cassandra is just as bad, but at least she’s 15 years younger


Christine is pretty nasty. Can’t imagine that woman being a mom.


I’d find Loveita’s choice more palatable if she used the argument that she hadn’t forgotten Cassandra pretended she was her friend week one, said she’d vote with the plan, then voted against it. Then she’s being friends again, then saying her comment after the hoh win.
In that context, I’d be thinking yeah, you can’t tell where someone sits if they flip around that much. Still wouldn’t think it was the best idea, but i’d see that she isn’t being overly sensitive, foolish, and grasping for straws to justify herself ala bb17 Vanessa, loose weave holder hat notwithstanding. She isn’t likely to give Cassandra full credit for her staying, but her reasons seem so flip and lacking in grounding for her game.
Christine? Sure, tell someone you don’t like them week one. Tell them not to waste their breath when they offer you a deal week two, then complain when they nominate you week three. Makes perfect sense.


joel and cassandra would have voted their way in paige eviction but switched when sharry tried to bully both before voting


Or so Cassandra says. It was pre-feed, and Cassandra was building a friendship with Kelsey. In addition, Cassandra has said in pre-season interview that her plan was to emotionally and psychologically manipulate everyone.
So Kelsey cries victim, Cassandra justifies her flip by saying bully, and we didn’t see the bullying to judge if it happened. All we have to go on is first night of feeds where Loveita and Sharry are saying you can’t trust people that say one thing and do another, and Cassandra saying she had Kesley’s back the whole time (getting in good with the alliance of three in the process) saying they were bullying her to do it but she came to her senses. Then we have Christine saying she knew once Cassandra told her how they were pushing her around that they were bullies and a couple curse words.. All of it hinges on what Cassandra says was happening, and she prides herself on her ability to lie and manipulate.
If someone is playing the manipulator game, and there is no feed to back up what they are saying, can we trust it isn’t just a manipulation?


i don’t like anyone except Tim, Nikki, Mitch and Phil. Mitch is smart to catch onto Tim’s game, but I think Mitch and Loveita should align with Tim and form an alliance….i think those 3 could go far if they take the chance…but Tim has his own game up his sleeve…he said he doesn’t care if he wins…he is here to have not surprised he tells stuff to everyone…but soon it might get him evicted if everyone catches on.


I like Mitch, Loveita, Phil and Niki. I think people will catch up with Tim in a couple week if he continues opening his mouth like Jeff last US season. People let Tim pass last week because he got immunity last week.


Loveita’s nominations showed one thing, the girl over thinks everything. K/R/J were already targeted by everyone else in that house, so aligning herself and being bottom dweller in that alliance gives her nothing. Nominating Cass fine but nominating Christine? really that does nothing but make Love even more isolated. Ram/Mitch/Joel/Tim/Nikki all know now that Love is just not an asset for them and now she will have Maddy/Dallas/Cass or Christine(depending who stays) after her as well…good going Love lol


Go home Christine and Cassandra. Now you are calling Loveita a “cunt”. You both are sad excuses for women. Go home!

sunny dee

anyone, man or woman, who calls another woman that c-word name is pretty much a piece of garbage.

if you combine that with the arrogance of not making a deal (remember, one of the noms gets to stay, christine, you basically asked to be put on the block the next chance whoever was left was HOH or influenced HOH , christine was always an easy nom, no one would object much because they aren’t really working with her. and she won the 10k brick game, so easy.

but christine is not loveita’s target, which goes once again to show how little she understands the people in the house. well, nothing new for HOHs,

i remember a couple of these seasons where the HOH is saying they for sure know something, and we viewers can see the exact opposite is happening.

and once again, she is running around telling everyone who her target is, and once again she’s going to be sitting there while her target is saved and the other nom goes home. but at least this time, she wouldn’t be putting up a potential ally friend on the block, the other nom is even more worthy of being kicked out. too bad that kind of language isn’t cause for instant eviction. that crap is nasty.


So, this year we’ve got one two-faced woman whose strategy is to flirt her way to the end, another few who have incredibly bad cases of trash mouth, and a woman that seems to have a problem with other women period. Where did they send the recruiters this year, back alley ditch diving? Usually I would complain about all the nominees being female so far… but in the case of these women, I’m starting to think I don’t care if they just form a line at the door. Maybe they can take the ones making hushed homo comments with them.
I don’t want or expect kumbaya, but at least a little bit of self respect, self restraint, and basic respect for others wouldn’t be too painful. Or at least watching the trash talk a little. Some of them curse every third word out of their mouth in every conversation. It’s trashy.


Aww I feel bad for Nick. Phil is clearly the more dominant brother, you can tell during their conversations 🙁 Nick actually seems really sweet. I hope he does well!


Christine and Raul, they belong to the season of Aaryn Gries on big brother US. so trashy