Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Why wouldn’t I take myself off!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 17-48-08-646

5:20pm The live feeds return from the POV competition.

POV PLayers are -> Paulie, Tiffany, Natalie, Corey, Paul, DA’Vonne


Havenot room – Natalie is talking to James and Tiffany about how she’s gained weight in the house. Natalie says she’s excited to lose weight. She leaves.

5:20pm – 5:40pm HOH room – Paulie, Michelle, Paul, Nicole and Corey are talking. Paulie says this week is in the bag! Tiffany is going home. I’m the tie breaker. Who would vote for Tiffany? Him and Natalie will vote which ever way James does. We have 6 votes to get her out. All we need is 5 votes or 4 I’m the tie breaker. DaVonne joins them. Lets just relax and focus on next week. Paul asks so are we using it? (Veto) Corey says I’m one of the biggest targets since day one why wouldn’t I take myself off. Corey says its obvious Frank won it (roadkill). There’s no way Tiffany one it. (She did) We’ll see who he puts up. If I pull myself off we’ll still get out Tiffany. Paulie says I just want to make suree Z and Da are on board. Michelle says they should be. Michelle says we can’t let anyone know that you’re using it. Corey asks why does it matter? Michelle says Keep them off their toes. That’s what I’m doing for my nominations. Corey says I know Day wants me out. Paulie says I’m confident all of you can win next week. And throw them out. And if Day is with them .. then she gets clipped after Bridgette. Paul says lets say you don’t pull yourself off.. you have guaranteed Nicole, me, Michelle and Z. There is no logical way you get voted out of this house. I would rather cut my dick off than vote you out of this house! (lol) Davonne joins them and says if he (Corey) comes off, I am going up if Frank has anything to do with it. I’m just going to stay cute until the veto ceremony. I lost on my own .. I don’t want anyone to think I don’t trust them .. at this point my life is in my hands. COrey says I trust my team that they wouldn’t send me home over Tiffany. DaVonne says when I walked off and was crying it was because I knew I was the next in line to go up. Paulie says we’re in power right now and all we need to do is win HOH next week and put up Frank and Bridgette. Get one of them out and tag the next one the week after.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 17-49-20-734

HOH room – Natalie joins Paulie and Paul. Paulie says the Bronte situation was a mistake. Paulie says the plan next week is still to get out Frank. And the way we can do it is if we stay in teams.

Havenot room – James and Tiffany. Tiffany tells James I hope you make it really really far. James says thanks me too. …but this is harder than last season. A lot of players .. a lot of flip floppers. Tiffany tells James that she won the roadkill. James asks if Day knows. Tiffany says no one knows. James asks does Frank know? Tiffany says she knows, I thought you meant does she know I want to put her up. I’m still thinking about it but I’m mad she f**ked me over telling me to put up Corey. Telling me he is targeting me.

In the bathroom – Nicole says that Paul made everything worse. Michelle agrees. Nicole says it worried Corey because people were worried about going up. And he was like why would they be worried if Tiffany is going no matter what. They get Corey and go into the safari room to talk. Nicole tells Corey she is proud of him. Zakiyah says I don’t know what Paul said but I am happy for you. Corey says people saying all I need are 4 votes …. I don’t want just 4 votes, I want all the votes. Nicole tells Corey I swear to god I wanted you to win.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 18-09-22-710

6:05pm Bedroom – Tiffany tells Frank that she barely had any time before coming here that she was going to be on the show. I only had 1 hour to talk to her (Vanessa) and it was only about basic stuff. I’m not as smart as her either. Paul joins them. I’m trying to find out if I’m going up. Frank says I am f**king annoyed that people keep looking at me thinking I won (the roadkill) so don’t look at me thinking I’m going to tell you that you’re not going up. Paul says I know you didn’t win, I know you (Tiff) won it. Paul says at the end of the day last week I was lied to and they played with my safety. Tiffany says it was a last minute decision to send Bronte home. Tiffany says talks about possibly putting up Da as the replacement nom. Paul says so I’m obviously not in with them. Tiffany says you’re safe this week … and they’ll use you as a number.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 18-29-37-152

Paul tells Zakiyah… f**King IDIOTS THEY’RE TELLING ME EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!!! Paul and Corey go in and talk to James. They’re telling me everything. I’m in! They’re telling me about an eight person alliance and now there’s a 5 person alliance. Saying they’re just using me. Paul says they don’t ahve the numbers. They count me as a number. She (Michelle) thinks you’re evil. Michelle laughs. Corey says who ever doesn’t vote out Tiffany is crazy. Paul says I’m pretty sure they’re going to put up Da. Corey says I think she’s going to put up Nicole. Paul says she hates you and Nicole.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 18-40-48-256
6:30pm – 6:45pm HOH room – Frank, Paulie and Zakiyah. Frank comes up to the HOH room saying he is pissed everyone keeps saying I won the roadkill. Tiffany just told Paul she won it. Frank says some of my alliance voted the other way last week and lied to me about it. If I see an alliance member on the block that I think lied to me I might just vote the other way. At least Tiffany has been honest with me. Z says lately. Frank says well that’s because she was lied to in the beginning about me coming after her. I think there might be a bigger threat in the grass and she (Tiff) is alone. Paulie says its only a matter of time before she take a shot .. especially now after I called her out and put her on the block. It would be dumb of me to keep her here this week. Frank says but you if yout hink about it if that lied had never happened we would still be an eight pack and making to past jury. Who is the worst person .. someone who got lied to (Tiff)or the person that made up the lie (DaVonne). Tiff is alone on an island right now. I’m not trying to talk you into it .. I’m just giving you food for thought. Frank says I don’t trust anyone right now. Everyone is avoiding me right now. The last time we talked was in the storage room when you accused me. Frank says there is a leak of information .. still to this day information gets to Tiff. Zakiyah asks Day. Paulie says I’m worried about the same person you’re worried about. (DaVonne) Frank says what is the biggest threat? What caused the biggest fire? (DaVonne)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 18-34-07-935

6:55pm Corey and Tiffany are talking. Tiffany is talking about how DaVonne is the problem and needs to go. Tiffany says she tried to f**k my sister over last season too. Corey says I can’t believe you won that damn comp. Tiffany says I just want to be able to trust people. Corey says I am glad I won at thing. Tiffany says you would have had the numbers anyway. Frank joins them. Frank says I know you were a big proponent to keeping the 8 pack together and it all started from a lie. Frank talks about the lies Day has told.

7pm HOH room – Paul comes up and tells Z and Paulie .. your boy just put in work. They told me everything. Paulie says if anything came from this I believe Day is more with us. I am all over them I know what Frank is up to and I know what Tiffany is up to. Paulie says you think I am going to keep Tiffany in this house again!

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Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

How the hell can those people sit there an listen to Paulie babble on and on in circles? That guy never shuts up in that weird mono-tone voice.


Paulie for 2 weeks non stop talked about how Frank is cocky, arrogant, rude, confrontational….blah blah..he is as bad if not worst than Frank. Paulie annoys me he needs to have his ass on the block


Ughhh a Tiffany fan


Being from Jersey I do just love Paulie but have to admit the annoying cough, cough cough is getting to me…


He was defending his brother’s decision to take Derrick to the end earlier. Acting like it was noble. Nope. It was, is, and always will be stupid.


Hope this plan doesn’t flip this week.




If Paulie attempts to bully Corey out of using the Veto then he will have proven himself to be biggest hypocrite. He can talk all the shit he wants about Frank, he is clearly NO better. If Corey does not use Veto then I hope we get a Marcella’s moment 2.0…if he does I hope Tiffany nominates Nicole. Tiffany’s chances of staying are slim to none, Nicole being up is her only true chance of staying


Yeap put up Nicole and then try and get da’ to get Zak or Michelle on board with the double cross.


How the fuck did this happen, smfh

Corey's slippers

Hello Frank! Want to take a shower with me and the POV winner? Nicole wants to watch!

sunny dee

looking forward to seeing who Frank, i mean, Tiffany puts up to replace Corey. we wouldn’t know unless he takes himself off the block, so it is better to use it and find out. not many option, and almost anyone who does go up would have voted the same as corey will be voting, i imagine. the wildcard there is davonne, i’m not convinced she would pick tiffany over corey, but if corey isn’t there and paulie isn’t there, she is unlikely to vote out nicole, but rather go with the flow and vote tiffany out and not draw any more attention to herself if she wants to avoid being anyone’s target.


It is Paulie who will name a replacement. Right?


No. Tiffany will.

Shelli's Chompers

No, Tiffany gets to nominate since she won roadkill and Corey was her nominee.


If the road kill nominee is removed from the block the road kill winner, Tiffany this week, replaces them secretly.


No, Paulie would not re-nom. Since the RK winner nom’d Corey, she (Tiff) gets to re-nom if Corey takes himself off the block.


Well, no it’s Tiffany because she nominated Corey. Paulie only names the replacement in the event that either Tiffany or Natalie gets off the block.


Tired of Gnat talking about herself all the time. She is good looking but the me, me, me, me, is unattractive.


Nicest girl in the house. Not even close.


If you’re giving this thumbs down then tell me who it is that supposedly nicer. This should be good.


More thumbs down but no answers.


And then you made shit up. She asks people about themselves all the time.

An ornery mouse

At least Nat has not yet resorted to trashing anyone/everyone else in the house 24/7 — which eventually becomes the norm throughout….. year after year. As a matter of fact, I can’t come up with another houseguest who has talked LESS shit about her peers while playing the game since I’ve been watching the show.

Natalie is not good at this game – and she’s the first to admit that fact. But, after watching this group operate for 30+ days now….. I’m fairly convinced that she’s the best human being.


Kelly is so right. Natalie is quite insecure. She frequently talks about her appearance. She has stated she didn’t want to be curvy. She equates curves with being fat. She also stated that she’s stressed from being on the block and she’s afraid she’s going to get wrinkles.

Seriously. You’re spending your summer playing a game on TV, likely in an attempt to use that fame to launch a career. Natalie needs to learn that looks are not everything. She seems nice but way too concerned about her appearance.


And now you’ve made it clear that you dislike her for being pretty. You’re reaching for reasons to dislike her. Caring about your appearance is not a negative trait. I care about my appearance. Most people here probably care about their appearance. You know what is bad? Constantly trash talking people behind their back. Which she does none of. It’s time to wrap your head around the idea that a hot girl can sometimes also be a nice person.

Big brother

Are you serious? Natilie is fishing for compliments. She knows she’s pretty but she wants people to tell her she’s not fat or ugly. It’s for attention. She seems very nice and all but stop with I’m fat. It’s so annoying

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Agreed. Natalie is the sweetest person we’ve seen on BB in awhile but she’s doing that “I’m dumb and ugly” but so people will compliment her. Just insecure. Z, Michelle and Bridgette on the other hand are a$$holes. Nicole and Corey are dumb and Paul is now the new dictator. He needs to learn a lesson from watching Frank and shut his stupid f@@king mouth!


Nat is from the cheerleading world, I could see why she is unhappy about putting on weight (or getting wrinkles- which was probably a half-joke)… Have you ever watched any of those NFL cheerleading try-out shows? (They are brutal, they trash girls openly and cut them for the most minute flaws.) In her world, a few extra pounds are a big deal. –That does not mean that she has low self-esteem and is fishing for compliments (like a couple of other girls in the house who shall remain nameless). Just about every woman I know would be complaining openly if they had gained a bit of weight- what else is there to focus on in that house? Lol Food and looks.

Really don’t get where all the Nat hate comes from, she seems to be a genuinely nice person- her true colours would have otherwise shown by now (as they always do). Nicole on the other hand…. (Yikes! That girl is jealous of everybody for everything! She edged Da out because she was upset about her being better friends with Z, always quick to Jump on the ‘dump on the pretty girls’ train, and even freaked out when Michelle started talking to Da more – as Michelle had been her minion for the first few weeks.. There is a reason why she got on well with Christine- just because she was ‘nicer’ didn’t ever mean she was nice.)


Um Corey no you are not a threat LOL! You follow Nicole all day. Anyone else notice he gossips way too much?

BB is life



I still think Tiff made a critical mistake in not putting up Nicole instead of Corey. She would have had a better chance to win the POV. Then she would have had better options.


The roadkill competition is useless… The nominee never goes home!… Tiffany won roadkill yet she will be evicted on Thursday…


The roadkill nominee went home last week.


depending on the numbers, the fact road kill can be kept secret, road kill can cause some craziness. Smaller number makes for interesting dynamics. Imagine if Da’Vonne goes up now, how many people will consider the option of removing her? Many think Frank won so it’s logical and may get Da’Vonne sent home with Tiffany able to deflect blame, especially if she had kept her mouth shut to Paul and Frank.


Paulie really thinks he’s the godfather. All that’s missing is the Marlon Brando voice. I hope he goes soon.


When he was talking about gambling earlier today he mentioned a friend of his who’s “connected”. My eyes almost rolled out of my head. That doesn’t impress as many people as you think Paulie.


However, it does explain why he is so determined to get out Tiffany. Talk about gambling connections!


When Corey said he “was a threat from day one” I spit water out all over my laptop. No surprise. He’s in denial about his sexuality so why not this. Continue following Nicole boo.

Didn't Corey say that he was going to use it on Natalie?

I mean, it would be stupid if he didn’t take himself off but I thought that he didn’t want to use the POV on himself so that Tiffany/Frank wouldn’t be able to pick a replacement nominee.
Question now is, who would Tiffany put up as a replacement nom?
By the way isn’t Da with Frank and Tiffany right now?


Aw well at least Tiffany has a 50 percent change of coming back in the game if voted out


No way. It’s Glen time baby. He’s coming back in and pulling Nicole and Zak away from the douchebag brothers Corey and Paulie.


Da is going up and possibly getting evicted. Pretty sure Nicole, Corey, Frank, Bridget, and Z will vote her out. She better find a way to talk her way out of this


Read different places that Tiff has officially turned against Da and putting her up as RK replacement nominee

Sgt. Hartman

Paul looks like he’s wearing a woman’s pubic hair from the 70’s on his face.

Min O'Pause

If it was from the 70s it would have a ‘fro comb stuck in it.

Sgt. Hartman

No one asked you scumbag!


I know supposedly Tiffany should get evicted now no matter what, but we’ve seen how things change, and we’ve seen Da’vonne talk herself into trouble when she’s safe. I’m afraid if Da goes up she goes home, and there’s no way she’ll win the battle back, so I’m very worried right now.


day;s gotta go


What the hell happened between last night and tonight? I thought DaVonne slept most of the day. Did the mere possibility of a spot on the block opening up cause the paranoia to make her brain short circuit. Why would she be so bitchy to the person who will be making the renom? Tiffany is done. Even if she puts Da up as renom and tells Corey and Nicole about Da’s shenanigans they won’t vote DaVonne out. This is Paulie’s HOH. He wants Tiff gone and no one is going to disappoint the king. I think James is freaked out now because Frank and Tiff told Paul everything. And Paul the snitch is back in business with word vomit spilling out in record time. I can’t wait until Thursday so this damn house can reset and will these people pick a side and stick with it.


They screwed the king, er queen last week by keeping Tiffany.


i’m a little rat bitch


Paul is a little bitch snitch. Can’t stand him ,,he’s trying so hard to be relevant. He lies too and exagerates everything he’s told by Tiffany and Frank and he’s being told the truth lol what an idiot. He must be related somehow to Dawon:)


Remember that its the same guy who only watched last season of BB…so his knowledge of the game is very low. Otherwise he would know he is in the king pin position this week to decide who goes home, he can also use it to get much further in the game but he HAS to pick a side. Either go with Paulie or with Frank…he cant play both


trying so hard to be relevant–exactly


Paul was getting his game back from his nightmare week 1 that could have easily sent him home. Now he is way overplaying both sides, telling Frank/Tiffany/Bridgette he is with them then going to Paulie/Corey/Michelle saying the opposite and calling himself the “spy”. He should know he is part of really neither side, both can/ and have been using him as a vote..he needs to pick one side and stick with it or he will get squeezed out like a rat. He cant keep playing both sides of the House like that without one side finding out what he is actually doing


I love the way Paulie keeps taking credit for voting Tiff out as a way to prove to Frank how honest he is. But he never mentions that he cooked up the 5-4 vote and assigned who would vote each way.


I do not get how everyone keeps going on and on about showmances need to go but no one is mentioning James and Natalie. Is everyone just dumb to not realize this or what?


I’ve seen it discussed.


nat’s like victoria she’s only a vote, and she’ll probably end up dusting james for paulie group

Here's a challenge

Present one piece of evidence supporting that. I’ll wait.

King Friendship

Natalie is not really into James, just using him to protect her. She REALLY likes Corey.
It has to be true, after all Corey told everybody… except James.
Such a tough guy, only guy tougher is paulie.


Was ready to thumbs down before I recognized sarcasm.


Unlike Nicole/Corey or the Paulie/Zakiyah and even the Frank/Bridgette couple, neither James nor Natalie are actually in charge of anything and are background players to whoever seems to have the numbers. They both just check in and get the marching orders and then they go back to acting like 12 year olds on a first date.


I was kinda hoping Tiff won to keep the drama hot. This week too easy taking her out, then what? Fail a few weeks in taking Frank out?


Shoot. I wanted Tiffany to win. Maybe she will put Nicole up if Corey is smart enough to take himself down.
Paulie is worse than Frank because he has seen too many Godfather movies and Sopranos reruns. Thinks he knows all about mafia.
Hope Frank can persuade James and Da to save Tiffany. Be still more fireworks as they switch sides to further their own games.


Why is it that no one thinks Tiffany could be the one that won roadkill? I am shocked that Corey won veto, so if Corey can win veto, why can’t Tiffany win roadkill. These houseguest reasoning powers are non existent. However, their ego size has increased ten fold.


It does seem that some of these people live totally in their own imaginations. I think they believed whoever told them, “If you can imagine it, you will become it!” They seem to have ignored the part about actually working for and attaining the results/skills that go along with the hype.


Damn! If Frank pulls this off and gets the house to vote out Da, he deserves to be there. He does have good points though.

1) Tiffany is pretty much alone.
2) Do you trust the person who was lied to or the person who did the lying and broke up the 8 pack

Both good points and could keep Da there another day.

Question. Why is it Paulie can repeatedly say that Tiffany has to be like her sister but no one has told him that means he has to be like Cody and will ride coat tails to 2nd?


I actually liked Paulie at first until his head started getting so damn big. Now I’m definitely rooting against him because he needs to be humbled, but I think he is a wayyyyyy better BB player than his brother. Paulie is running the house right now. Cody never ran anything in BB 16. Paulie called out Tiffany… All Cody ever did was talk about calling people out, but never actually doing anything lmao. Plus can’t forget about possibly the dumbest decision in BB history that Cody made LOL


Cody should’ve done what Derrick was going to do if he had the choice and taken Victoria.

Min O'Pause

Well crap Creepy Corey dodges the bullet. He’ll probably celebrate with a burnt sacrifice.


You mean a “sacrifice bunt”? After all, he is a baseball coach! He might still follow through with his original idea of using the POV take down his stalker Natalie!


I meant could keep Tiffany there another day.


lol, it’s been a while since we’ve had another straight shooter in the house. I hope someone eventually catches Paul on all of his shit. Guy is like some sort of Shelly/Zach Rance hybrid.

Fuzzy Num Num

Maybe with a sprinkling of RatAndy on top.


Anyone notice how much Paul is aware of and plays to the cameras? Constantly.. What a douchey a-hole he is.

Misty Beethoven

If I could, I’d vote both Frank and Paulie out, I’m so sick of listening to them. It’s like Lord of the Flies meets PeeWee’s Playhouse.
But the one sliver of light is that it’s bugging the crap out of Frank who voted Bronte out. I hope it drives him nuts.


Frank and Tiffany are the only ones in that house to have the guts to stand up to Paulie the rest are sheep. Paulie can’t manipulate Frank and Tiffany as easily as the others and he knows it. Tiffany and Frank would confront him if they have to the rest of them seem to be intimidated by him or want to be in his in crowd.


Votes for Da, Frank/Brig definitely. Nicole has to see this as her opportunity to get Da out without getting “her hands dirty”. Corey will follow and I’m sure Paul could be roped in. After all Tiff really has no friends so she could go next week. Make a deal with her. If you win HOH next week you won’t put us up and we will vote out Da.


Paulie is so stupid…he wants to go down and do this big confrontation with Frank/Tiffany/Bridgette….does he know that Frank knows WAY more info then he does…like 1) he knows Paulie has had a plan to BD for 2 weeks….2)Frank knows about the Fatal 5 …3)Frank has figured out who exactly voted to keep Tiffany last week…..if Paulie thinks Day will want to light up a huge fight with Tiffany he should rethink that…Does Day want Tiffany to tell Paulie how Day has talked with James about breaking up Nicole/Corey/Z/Paulie ? Does Day want Tiffany to tell Corey/Nicole that Day wanted Corey up?….in this big argument Frank/Tiffany/Bridgette can only gain..Paulie is so far up his own ass he thinks he has the whole thing figured out…then you got Paul who can be called out for being a rat…keep it up Paulie you are blowing up your own game


I’m praying he does it. Frank and tiff won’t back down from Mr. Expert at all things in life. He thinks he’s such hot sh*t, can’t wait for him to be brought back down to reality.


I would LOVE to see Tiffany put Nicole on the block if Corey uses the veto, but the smarter decision would be to put Da up because there’s a chance she could actually get voted out. Either way, I hope Tiffany wins the battle back if she’s evicted & then wins HOH!!

Min O'Pause

Twenty bucks says Creepy Corey does a victory dance wearing a skin suit he sewed himself with a tuck back.

Misty Beethoven

Tuck back? Is that RuPaul would call “hiding the candy?” Involves duct tape and a pair of tight underwear? If so, yep I can see Corey doing that.


I have no idea who will leave Thursday. I would assume it will still be Tiffany but this could cause the house to start dividing in completely different ways. Corey originally wanted to stick to the plan of keeping the 8 pack plus Paulie and getting rid of everyone from the other side. Nicole hasn’t trusted DaVonne for a while now and battled between working with Frank or working with people that wanted Frank out. James knows things that DaVonne said about the couples alliances. He also knows things that were said in front of Paul and will know if Paul is lying. I’m still shell shocked because I was really hoping for a James, Da and Tiff alliance. This really could be another Thursday that we won’t know what will happen. Paulie has a lot of people on his side but, at the same time, there are people who have not been trusting DaVonne and they might resent being told not to make the move that benefits their own game. Damn it. I really hoped Tiff and Da were gonna pull something off and stick together. And once again, words of wisdom from Paul, “I hate bullies.” He literally said this seconds after Paulie said that he will go downstairs every day and say that Tiffany is going home, she’s not getting a second chance and everyone is voting her out.


Not a huge fan of Frank but he is spot on about Tiff and Da…


I need help accessing the live feeds from Canada. I followed the steps and got an American Express prepaid card and I have hidemyass and I went and signed up and it worked I bought the feeds but when I go onto CBS and click Big Brother live feeds it loads them then says restricted in your region even though hidemyass is turned on to the US. Any ideas what I can do to fix this Simon or Dawg?


Tiffany fans are the worst. Tiffany herself isn’t even as bad. It’s like Elissa all over again, people fanning out over her because of her sister. I’m not supporting her until she actually does something to deserve it.


What do you mean? She has been tearing crap up this week. Lmao.


Da going home this week, she causes way more problems than Tiff.
House will flip by Thursday, led by Nicole wanting to get rid of Da


Paulie can never stop yapping…he is going off again on how he is going after Frank..hello you been going after him since your first HOH and Veto week how has that worked out? Paulie “Frank has gone after too many of “my” people “…who are these people you are talking about? Frank has targeted Tiffany(who your side decided to keep last week and threw under the bus right after the HOH comp Thursday) Day who has been targeting Frank from almost week 2 so no shock Frank did the same…Jozea, Victor, Bronte went home none of them where your people….Paulie is just a nutcase who wont stop rambling on….its gonna be an interesting next few days…great board on here many people bringing up great points and game play love reading them

POV rigged

Rumor is that this competition was performing a reach-around on Zingbot.


It looks like Tiff is going home. Which makes it even more of a stupid move that Michelle told James that Nat was the backup plan earlier. She lost him right then and it wasn’t even necessary.


I’m so happy Crory won POV